Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F – Future Trunks Special Edition Subbed

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Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F – Future Trunks Special Edition Subbed


  • Wolfnrun


    • GhoulKiller9001


  • Shikamaru Nara

    WTF is this?

  • BlackS

    Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F – Future Trunks Special Edition will be later online, it thought too be at 9 PM japanese time but it didn’t came, so hopefully it will be raw placed so everyone can see after it aired.

    • Zeno

      we got another 8 and a half hours until it airs in japan

      • Yuri Sama

        Thank you!

  • Dominic Jones (DominicJonesOne

    Starts airing in 15 minutes.

  • Sick Bastard

    That quality better look, well, better once the airing starts

  • Goku-chan

    What is this nonsense?

    • DonFolk

      it’s ah TV special obviusly

  • APB

    no subs -_-

  • wendell gameplays

    already over? or will even start?

  • wendell gameplays

    ja acabou ou ainda vai começar ?

  • steffe

    fuck is this i had to reload my browser and now its fucking pigeons…

  • April Cox

    this is not subbed 🙁

    • Eric Lawrence Matthews

      you’re a dream

      • wusi

        You’re thirsty af and disgusting

  • Angelus Dobari

    Clickbait bullshit.

  • Darkthagoras

    the ads have made this virtually unwatchable

    • Angelus Dobari

      There is no real video, it’s the original res of F added onto the first part of the movie to bait.

      • GhoulKiller9001

        did someone say bait?

    • Daniel Ionut

      You come from the Past ? We invented AdBlock for all browsers 🙂

  • LegendaryVegeta

    i swear this is the same as the movie

  • Super Saiyan Blue

    Subbed huh.
    I like how this website clickbaits shit….

  • Dustin Godin

    My only question is when will it be in subs?

  • Rishikesh Samala

    its is showing format not available thus us making the dragon ball all time page shit and im not able to get some episode 30,43,45 maybe they are deleted bt i would like to request you that restore them as soon as possible

  • Rishikesh Samala

    yes really anime is shitting this season

  • CoJaGa

    it wasn’t subbed…

    • GhoulKiller9001


  • GhoulKiller9001

    This isnt subbed..

  • Deady on a pool

    Just jump to 1:42:50 for the 2 minutes and something of Future Trunks.
    There is no subs in this and is pretty much click bait. Not watching this won’t make you hate yourself because it only shows why Trunks is short in fuel/energy/whateverthatis to travel in time.

  • Jesus Nicolas

    When is this gonna gets subs?

  • lionel Tavares

    still not subbed? lol the movie has like 12 min extra footage and the movie is already subbed and dubbed …..d
    amn you guys are wack af

  • CiscotheSoto

    There is literally no reason to watch this at all. First of all, all this is just a rehash of events that have already transpired. Second, this isn’t even subbed. Third, if they are going to rehash this, they should at least make it dubbed so some people might watch. Although I do have to admit, I kinda like the way that they updated or enchanted the visualization of the previous moments from the Frieza saga.

  • Ilyes Yk

    There’s no Subs :/

  • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi

    Oh god, my memories in HD, this was so beautiful

  • 本纳森

    Toei pulled it on copyright grounds?! BASTARDS!!
    I was waiting for that for hours!!

  • Anon Ymous

    Why did all this is happening?

  • Jacques Jr Roux

    Well, that was a waste of time .. though I enjoyed seeing parts of the Frieza/Goku fight with improved visuals, the rest was just Resurrection F pasted right after … DBZ’s filler episodes may have been bad but at least they were not rehashes of movies everybody has already seen. -_-

  • Norris Kilgore

    im 20 minutes in and cannot figure out wtf is going on different than the movie…thought this was going to be the future timeline of frieza being resurrected and trunks defeating him but it is clearly the same timeline…wth. and after fastforwarding…it is the same god damn movie! wtf!?

  • Zarcus

    Why everyone say’s that this isn’t subbed? Its subbed for me.

    • satvik

      same for me too

    • Ricardo Vr


    • Schädelbasisbrecher(Gönner)


  • Jesus Nicolas

    Finally subs thank kami

  • Daniel Wellstood

    how shit to chuck this up, trunks special edition huh? ffs I will use a different site from now on, waste of time

  • SameSame

    Same, but different, but still same

  • xiva

    Dafuq, trunks special?
    didn’t see much of trunks..

  • Butt it

    Omg stop screaming noobs it’s literally a directors cut they put future trunks special because it’s narrated by trunks so stop whining

    • MadaraUchiha

      We’re texting how can we be screaming …. we need logic here

  • http://www.topanime.eu TopAnime

    it is subbed for me, dunno what u guys are talking about :O

  • FalxSalvera

    It’s subbed for me…

    Also, Trunks appears after the credits.

  • http://justyaoitime.tumblr.com/ WEEBabe

    Everyone says its NOT Subbed! Well, too Bad for yah, Its SUBBED for me ..lol

  • Soul Uchiha

    its freaking dragon ball super episodes besides the first 10 min

  • Lolleman

    wow freeza saga re-animated for 10 minutes

  • Silverkyo


  • https://animotime.com/ AnimoTime

    Subbed Is Available Now..

  • https://www1.dragonballtime.bizm/ DB Time

    Subbed Is Available Now. 🙂

  • Ahmad Farhan

    C’mon I can’t play the video?!!

  • Kenneth Rivas

    Great way to buy time into making a new episode….
    By giving us a movie we already watched, and a story we already watched on DBS episodes

  • Nagato Uzamaki II (Got banned)

    Terrible. I thought trunks would fight or at least be seen

  • jh


  • Son_Gohan


  • Liam O’Malley

    link for Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F – Future Trunks Special stopped working around 6 months ago anyone know where can watch it ???