Dragon Ball Super episode 98 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 98 : “All in Vain! The Universes Despair!”


  • john

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  • Taha Khalid

    i cant wait to see this video

    • Jr Springston

      no. I am the one who cannot wait

      • Tony Delahoussaye

        You’re both clearly mistaken. For i am the one who truly cannot wait.

      • Taha Khalid


    • 💪DEBO👊

      No PUNK it’s my Wait!

  • oculairmedia

    wonder how long they will drag out this contest

  • Bipul Amatya

    who knew goku is the villian of the seriesand responsible for billion of deaths

    • cj

      except hes not

    • Jwill

      He´s not he gave them a fighting chance Zen oh was just gonna destroy all the weaker universes Whis sister already tried to explain that, I guess you are not really watching this arc are you? Do you even DBS?

      • Bipul Amatya

        i dont know bro…zen uh is a villian and goku the pure of heart is acc to this arc his sidekick

    • Carlos Ramos

      billions? we’re talking universe here bro. Our planet alone has billions not including animal life.
      Goku is responsible for a googol of lives.

      • nyuu

        damn, you people really dont pay attention do you, vados already said if it wasn’t for goku this tournament wouldn’t have happened and they would be erased anyway, this at least gives them a chance to survive

    • EX㊉ÐIA☥ 💥-={ OBLITERATE }=-💥

      You mean Decillion, the amount of lives combined in every galaxy in that universe lost

    • Misanthrope

      Lmao stupid

      • Bipul Amatya

        f u sucka

  • caos effreg

    How did Vegeta broke the arena?

    • Mohd Shuhada

      because he’s vegeta.

    • iTigerDerp

      because hes a god.

  • Mithras Kuipers

    What terrible animation. Again.

    • Carlos Ramos

      idk what you mean by animation. is it the story or graphics? cause you could change the quality by clicking the HD button that’s next to the fullscreen button on the media player. 380p is good enough for me.

    • Parth

      What are you saying !!this episode was amazing

    • SigmaNote

      I thought the animation was fine.

  • Zuhria Alfitra

    What a stupid decision to take on universe 7 strongest fighters first. They should’ve let Jiren, Toppo, or Hit kickin goku’s & vegeta’s asses, while they fight lesser opponents. :facepalm

    • Saber

      ikr, bunch of idiots

    • Zachariah Pini

      and then what stand back and wait to get fucked up by jiren and co. Maybe they know that if they cant fuck vegeta and goku up they definitely wont fuck Jiren and co up.

    • Lukas Kuzminskas

      ikr, all they have to do is just tease the time untill the tournament ends
      is not like it’s the last universe standing, it’s time limited so if u teaso the time untill the end , there can be multiple universes still standing.

      • hammahead

        yeah well ill come fuck you in your ass

      • ReadyandAble

        I think it said one or two episodes back that at the end of the time limit the universe with the most warriors is the winner and the rest all still get erased..

      • Bob Vaillancourt

        agree but its still 1 universe remaining at the end if many still standing i guess we will see a few 1vs1 fight to make only 1 universe left this tournament cant end with a draw

  • Quackquackz

    That smile after they were erased Grand priest and most of the angels are evil plotting something i suspect

    • Zika Mercer

      Zeno was smiling to

      • Daniel Beddow

        Zeno has the brain of a child

      • shade825

        hes always smiling

    • Benny Wong

      indeed, I’ve a feeling that’s what those angels master plan – having this tournment to wipe out the whole universe. I believe they’ll deal with goku’s and his pal once rest of the members from other uni are gone 🙂

      • Bob Vaillancourt

        still have to deal with 3 remaining universe at the end of the tournament there is 12 universe . 10 warrior per universe , only 100 warrior fight . as explained the 2 most powerfull universe dont even have to fight they are already saved from destruction

        • Rj Keating

          There will be 5 universes at the end of the tournament. Four were exempt from participating. Universes 1, 5, 8, and 12.

    • Suraj Gothwal

      those who looks like whis is planning something big…because at last they’re the only who will remain at last with the winning universe…..

    • Matthew Wise

      i think its going to be a power struggle between the angles after they get rid of all the strongest in said universe, there will only be one left, and then they will make their move to take over power from zeno Kappa

      • Bob Vaillancourt

        3 universe left (only 10 fight in the tournament) 2 most powerfull are already saved

        • Rj Keating

          Actually only 8 participate in the tournament. 10 warriors from 8 universes= 80 warriors in total. Universes 1, 5, 8, and 12 are exempt from participating in the tournament due to their inhabitants having an average mortal rank above 7. So there will be 5 universes left in total once it’s all over.

    • Silky Ink Studios

      I know! I’m thinking the same thing!

    • Betrand Russell

      Especially the angel of universe 9..the guy looks dubious

      • Yannick Bamona

        it’s true but don’t forget that even Whis smiles and lols at the fact that the angels will not get erased, for me U-9 angel’s smile was like “lol y’all got erased but I’m still there, too bad for u, that’s what it means to be an aaangel yo” it’s like they are amused

  • Dexter Fox

    1080P Uploaded

  • Nikhil M Wayne

    How can I download this episode?

    • Dexter Fox

      Download Link Added.!!

      • Nikhil M Wayne

        Thanks a lot! You guys are the best. Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Dexter Fox
  • Kuchiki Byakuya

    Isnt this too dark man that grand priest’s face at the end and the zeno oh’s laughing while destroying an universe its just i dunno too much

  • Boogieman

    They probably just hid the universe and made it seem like it was erased to make all the fighters fight to their best ability.

    • Daniel PoeticDaequan Hawkins

      Yeah that’s probably true because what doesn’t make sense is why if the universe is erased why take off killing what difference does it make

      • Reuben D. Spiteri

        Zen doesn’t want anyone to steal his kills.

      • Technocality

        It’s simple really: say on the off chance that Universe 9 had won, with Bergamo as the last one standing, then their Universe, as well as their fighters, would’ve been spared from erasure, so there’s no point in letting anyone die until the end result is clear.

        If everyone falling off the stage would die instantaneously, then that would defeat the purpose of the Tournament’s rules. Besides that, then killing would’ve been allowed from the get-go.

        • Nicholas Burroughs

          Idk the extent of zenos power but surely he can create life aswell. If such a thing was a problem then couldnt he bring everyone who dies in the universe who wins back to life?
          Idk but restricting killing really screws with people like Hit, as goku mentioned during the last tournament

          • Dbz

            I think it has something to do with the time limit of 48 mins.. that’s how far back the grand priest can rewind time. So they are getting erased but time will rewind prior to erasures.

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            grand priest is whis and Vados father (dont think they are related with any other angels in other universe) well if im right whis can rewind by something like 5 minute maybe grand priest power extand to 50 minute (or even all angel combined effort extend their power togheter for time rewind) 5×12=60 minute . . . let say it if tournament last 48 minute they surely at the end will talk and maybe debate about things to do so the extra 12 minute is not useless

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            dont know if he can create life but he already erased 6 universe in the past as mentioned by whis before they were 18 universe now only 12 and this tournament will drop them to 3 . . . and all explaination about every universe go in pair and must give 13 (1+12=13 , 6+7=13) ect . . . that dont work with 18 universe so i wonder what was the “pair” and “rule” about it in the past and what that will be with only 3 universe

          • Thomas Steele

            1, 5, 8, and 12 were spared from the tournament… When there is a winner, that will mean 5 universes still exist.

      • MrYeps

        it doesn’t matter because they were erased anyways if their universe lost. so there would be a no kill rule, but if you lose then you basically die anyways.

        • shade825

          no strategy involved, and that dirty dog woulda have a severely unfair advantage. and frieza would wreak havoc(would love to see btw) boring also

          • MrYeps

            the tournament is for the strongest not the smartest.

    • Vamsi S

      Your thinking is similar to mine

    • jgjg

      honest they are all coming back with the dragon balls

      • B3dIntrud3r

        Dragon balls are only as powerful as their creator though. I don’t think Zalama is more powerful than Zeno-sama. So I don’t think the Super Dragon Balls are capable of restoring entire universes destroyed by Zeno-sama.

        • Rj Keating

          Keep in mind that Zalama is the dragon god that made the super dragon balls of Universe 6 and 7, with that in mind he may have either been powerful enough to make a set for each twin universes which means he may have the power to grant this wish, or perhaps there are an even stronger sect of dragon balls that expand across each universe under Zeno-sama’s creation.

    • Ronjon San Jose Rodriguez

      i think universe 7 win ofcourse and goku will wish to bring back all the destroyed universe

      • Loading Mank

        Yea that’s typical Goku but it’s zen we talking about. You think he would allow the dragon to do that . The dragon scared of gods of destruction so I know they not gone disobey zen

        • MrYeps

          Zeno said that the winner could use the super dragon balls and wish for ANYthing that they wanted.

      • B3dIntrud3r

        They said that the winner gets the super dragon balls, right? Dragon balls are only as powerful as their creator. So that would mean Zalama would have to be more powerful than Zeno-sama in order to undo the destruction of a universe caused by Zeno-sama, right?

    • MrYeps

      nah, why would the guy that can do anything he wants and set the rules, break the rules just to trick everyone. Zeno likes to have as much fun as possible. he wouldn’t make some pussy consequences like that. if he wanted to trick them by doing that, why would he limit their powers by putting in the no kill rule?

  • rolly serdan
  • EX㊉ÐIA☥ 💥-={ OBLITERATE }=-💥

    The Angels are up to something, I knew this saga will have a twist.

    • Ron Martinez

      They definitely are up to something

  • Amar Sing

    thx a lot , nice work, the best

  • Joshua Ogunmefun

    Those evil little shits

  • Leee

    Only true db fans could endure .1 min of action n 20 min of shit talking back n forth,stating the obivious and explain the fighters’ moves. We all know universe 7 gonna win n use thr dragon balls to wish back all the erased ones.

    • ItxHuNK


    • CrashOver Ride

      and then it will be goku and the rest vs zeno and the gods

    • Anton LeMisroi

      Again, do you think that Super Shenron can undo that which Zeno-sama has done?

      • Ron Martinez

        Yes i do if shenron can bring back all the people buu killed in the universe. I think super shemron probably could bring back some universes but not all i say about 2-4 tops

        • Anton LeMisroi

          Buu didn’t kill everyone in the universe though. He pretty much just killed the people of earth.

          • Thomas Steele

            Before Kid Buu fights Goku on the Supreme Kai’s planet, Buu flies from inhabited world to inhabited world looking for Goku and Vegeta, then blowing proceeds to blow up the planet when he doesn’t find them… Goku and Vegeta power up to get his attention and stop his rampage when Buu is about to blow up the Grand Kai’s planet…

          • Anton LeMisroi

            That’s still not everyone in the universe lol.

          • Thomas Steele

            I never claimed it was, I was just confirming it was more than just the people on Earth

          • Anton LeMisroi


      • SarosUnlimited

        Super Shenron’s entire purpose is to grant anything equal to what Zeno can. They literally explained that when they first used him.

        • Anton LeMisroi

          They never said he could equal or exceed Zeno-sama.

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            right and they also never mentioned who created super dragonball (on namek it was the guru , on earth it was Kami then Dende) we dont know who created super dragon ball and if he have anything in comon with the namek race (a super namek maybe ???) i doubt its Xeno cause those dragonball will not be limited between universe 6 and 7 and there is no dragonball in any other uiverse , the person who made super dragonball must live somewhere between universe 6 and 7 (maybe Zuno the guy who know everything and bulma ask for info about super dragon ball)

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            well Zuno do mention who created them but we dont know him and where he is : The Super Dragon Balls are the original set of Dragon Balls, created by Zalama in Year 41 of the Divine Calendar. These Dragon Balls are the size of planets and their star marks remain the same no matter from what angle one looks at them, which was patented a year later. Each ball has a diameter of about 37,196.2204 kilometers (which means they are almost three times larger than Earth). To summon the Dragon of the Gods, one must chant, “Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish pretty peas!” in the language of the gods. After a wish is granted, the Dragon Balls are scattered throughout both Universes 6 and 7. Granting a wish drains the Super Dragon Balls of their light, and in order to grant another wish, one must wait the lifespan of a cockroach (one year’s time)

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            The full extent of Zalama’s power is unknown but he was able to create the Super Dragon Balls and their divine dragon Super Shenron with no limitations to the wish that can be granted, though he is only allowed one wish granted per summoning

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            well that said i guess the “no limitation” value is only for universe 6 and 7 . . . if universe 6 or 7 win they can bring back the other universe but i doubt they can for all 12 (10 in fact cause the 2 most powerfull are already saved) at the end of tournament of power 3 universe will remain for sure we will see what hapen for the 9 others

          • Anton LeMisroi

            I believe they said it was the Dragon God who created them.

        • Anton LeMisroi

          They never mentioned Zeno at the time.

    • Conspiracy Brother™

      true, i just wanna see gokus new form already

    • Bob Vaillancourt

      i doubt the dragonball will be involved those as mentioned have limited power

    • d3rd3vil

      Its true that bullshit talking during the fights is horrible.

    • TheGoldenDunsparce

      Dragon Ball Super? More like Dragon Ball Banter.

  • Aerisot

    Dang, anyone remember when Vegeta’s Final Flash almost destroyed the planet while trying to take out perfect cell? Now look at it, it just took out an entire universe.

    • Hasnain

      Haha savage Vegeta

    • iTigerDerp


    • The Reverse-Flash

      “That still only counts as one!” – Gimli

    • Bob Vaillancourt

      in fact that was a Final Kamehameha not fused in Vegito

      • shade825

        i almost died laughing when he said FINAL……..HAAAA

    • MrYeps

      you blind, and not see goku next to vegeta?

  • Random one

    I don’t really think they get erased I just think they’re saying that so everyone can fight their hardest like their lives depended on it and did you see how the guy was smiling after his Universe got erased I believe he knows what’s going on

    • Alex Lai Hon Cann

      You sure it’s not erased? Gotta watch til end and see.

    • Daniel Martin

      We’re talking about petty gods here. Zeno is a child-minded deity with all that power. When you give a child that much power…it always ends badly.

  • Alex Lai Hon Cann

    O my goodness! I can’t believe it Universe 9 just got erased.

    • hammahead

      ill bend you over and fuck you

      • Myron Mason

        Do you not belong in Spider-Man?

      • Alex Lai Hon Cann

        Haha very funny. Can’t you tell I was shocked that they got erased

  • Alex Lai Hon Cann

    I hope Universe 7 is the last one standing. I really love that Universe

  • jeff

    this is srsly fcked!!

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    anyone noticed that they put caulifla and kale as the main spectator of that final flash kamehameha wave? I know such scene will mean nothing, but can’t help wondering what would those two new fem saiyan think from seeing ssb goku vegeta attacks? 😀

    also can’t help thinking what’s going to happen with freeza.

    • Aerisot

      Frieza is my favorite part right now, he is the wild card.

  • Parth

    This was the best, amazing episode I loved every bit of this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • d3rd3vil

      First I thought the same then always that Champa Beerus and the other guy bullshit nonstop with their talking and talking during the fight….that really drags down the best episodes 🙁

  • Bilawal

    If really universe 9 is erased then surely after winning tournament goku will use super dragon balls to wish them all come to life

    • Anton LeMisroi

      Do you think that Super Shenron is greater in power than Zeno-sama?

      • Zuhria Alfitra

        Definitely no. But I think restore universes should be an easy peasy for Super Shenron.

        • Anton LeMisroi

          We’ll see.

          • TheYoungGod

            for the super drangon balls to be spread across universes zeno must have created them

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            only in universe 6 and 7 (both have normal dragon ball) not all 12 universe got dragonball (and the other kind of dragonball who spread in space like in GT dont really exist in this timeline) well if you remember the universe 6 and 7 tournament 3 dragonball was in universe 6 and 3 was in 7 the last one was between them where the tournament hapened

          • B3dIntrud3r

            The super dragon balls were created by the being Zalama in the year 41.


          • Anton LeMisroi

            Actually I believe it was the Dragon God. After all, it’s not just Zeno who can travel between universes – both Zamasu and and the Angels were able too.

      • Conspiracy Brother™

        the super dragon balls grant any wish

        • Anton LeMisroi

          They said that about the regular dragon balls till they found their limit.

          • Conspiracy Brother™

            yea but those cover a planet, these cover the whole world. they also said goku was the strongest ‘in the universe.’

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            super dragon ball still limited in 2 universe on 12 Zeno power extend on all 12 universe

          • Conspiracy Brother™

            Then how is it the prize of the tournament if it only extends 2 universes? What happens if another universe wins?

        • Anton LeMisroi

          And so, supposedly, could the regular dragon balls.

  • Varun Myadam

    looks like we might have goku-gohan duo show

  • Anton LeMisroi

    Well watching Universe 9 get erased made me a little sick to my stomach. Not for their Supreme Kai, but because of the fighters, and all the all innocents destroyed at the whim of insane children.

  • Skor TheFuture

    when the canon episodes are as exciting as fillers…

  • Hasnain

    I think the grand priest is plotting this , all the universe was erased but the Angel remained and he was laughing , this is going to have a plot twist , maybe the gods of destruction combining and fighting zeno

  • Dan

    Stop trying to think that the angel was plotting something, he just hated the supreme kai, he had to put up with him for who knows how long. He’s just the type of angry that you never show but keep it deep down inside yourself. He is just relived that he got fired from his job.

  • Ethan Anthony

    What if… Zenos power isn’t to erase but to contain the powers of the universe itself. What if the real enemy is the Future. Zamasu became a universe and was easily erased even though he was immortal. However the Angels have never been fully explained to what their powers truly are since they are not being erased, however we know that there were 24 universes. What happened to the other 12 Angels if the Angels are not supposed to be erased, why did the others get erased? I have a feeling the Future is contained in the Zen-chan from the future. And with only one universe the Angels which are supposedly Immortal have a plan that a few may not know about since they do think for themselves and are not a hive mind. The Master of Angels understands time more than any other being and is not hesitant at all. Zeno never mentioned the rules himself, but let the Master Angel make them or say them without us mortals knowing.

    I think knowing Zamasu became a Universe the Angels are plotting to assassinate the Zen-chans, release the contained power but wish to have the ability to rule thus making Zeno useless and forcing the other Angels good or bad to fuse permanently with them right near the end of the tournament creating a paradox in the Void.

    They will gain all the powers from all the erased universes and beings throughout time itself.

    This Theory is only because of the ending which seemed to be different from the first tournament episode where the purple alien looked angry, now looks relieved. Alien that looks like Beerus and champa was smiling and the big guy’s veins in his head look much smaller.

    Since the Void can’t be changed which is stated during the finishing of the stage, all erased warriors will be returned to the void to help fight whatever evil may arise.

    And maybe, just maybe. Freeza will see an evil even greater than himself and realize what he has done. Join Goku and Vageta as a neutral character and help revise a way to win with all the remaining warriors.

  • GoRico

    Universe 9’s face at the end. Haaahaa
    “Hey, Shit happens” hahaaa

  • Danial Izat

    I swear zeno is so annoying!!!

  • Mithras Kuipers


    • LegendaryUub

      hahahha epic fail TOEI

  • Jamie Legends

    That final kamehameha combo was lit as fuck.

  • VenoM

    Damn Sidra accepted his fate like a boss.

  • Benny Wong

    Dragonball always like that, the villians will never be get their ass whooped by another tougher villians, just look at Frieza, he’s still playing around and not being manhandled by other badasses….

    • Benny Wong

      unless they’ve a showdown between Hit & Frieza 🙂

  • Banana Man

    Vegeta in this episode for some reason is giving me Raging Blast 2 vibes…

  • vegito universal

    its awesome to see final flash and kamehameha together

  • sandy

    Who will be the final three?
    1) Goku 2) Topo 3) Hit

  • King Jezrell Reese

    This one was really good.

  • Selim Alijj

    what is soundtrack at 20:00 and all time when they destroying them?
    btw. Grand priest and ”angels” are villains here,,,, they manipulating with Zeno,

    • Selim Alijj

      I found it … Earth fate ost

  • Matthew Anthony

    My Prediction: Freiza is going to take on the Saiyans. Vegeta will fight Hit while Goku fights Jiren. Toppo is going to be taken out by some cheap attack.

    • d3rd3vil

      Maybe Gohan vs. Toppo

  • Mastr Sculpter

    right in the dick….

  • Xxxx

    The real Z team would prevent any universe of erasure. Dragonball is not what it used to be :/. They stand for justice and peace and not for destruction and murder. Wiping out a whole universe to save their own is not what they would do. That’s what cowards do. And that’s not what they stand for.

    Please Akira Toriyama make your homework. Please re-watch all the dragonball and dragonball z episodes again!!!

    • Marc Marte

      I think that is why Goku and the angel looked at each other, he knows GOKU wont stand for that shi#$#

  • Abdi Kalif

    You know you’re ruthless when you just took out an entire universe by raising your hand and said “Squish”

  • Enix the redneck

    worst cuality ever

  • Marc Marte

    Zen oh sama, have to much power and dont deserve it. Those being are no good and they need to be dealt with. Gods of destruction should be in charge of that. They really out did this. I feel bad for universe 9.

  • Marc Marte

    Guys dont worry we have gogeta Super Blue coming to take care of the angels and Zen oh sama, FK Zen and the angels.

  • Michael Anthony Adams

    this will end with universe 7 on top and use the super dragon balls to restore all the erased universes and then Freiza will try to steal it and be sent back to hell. and Zeno-Sama gets pissed about it all.

  • Mike Aleman

    its just like they are fighting with SSB Vegito . That “Final Kamehameha” is <3

  • Andy Chia

    Universe 9’s Angel smiled when they vanished…. That was a pretty huge tell they are actually fine.

  • Trystan Scott Pyle

    gokus universe is natuarlly gonna win and goku is gonna wish them all back. he just wanted to fight the strongest to know how strong he can really get. remember buu used to erase entire galaxeies. and he beat kid buu.. now its other universes. what i really wanna see is goku and vegettas reaction to coliffas transformation… thats gonna be the highlight! anyways we all have our theories lets enjoy and keep talking about what we thing will happen.. drangon ball universe beats all others.. lets get em horahh!!!

  • Conspiracy Brother™

    i bet the angels are looking for a God of Destruct replacement. or something like that… it wont be a simple plot, prob something like the kais when they arrived to earth about majin buu

  • Lee Collins

    this is a good saga, i hope it continues to be good.. i wonder how goku will respond once more universes have been destroyed will he use the dragonballs? even if its against zeno’s or the high priests say so i wonder if universe 7 will learn teamwork especially vegeta and goku

  • d3rd3vil

    Pretty good episode 🙂 The next one doesnt look that good 🙁

  • CiscotheSoto

    My theory: The two Zeno’s never actually destroyed the universes, and in fact no universes are being destroyed, but they simply lied about it so the fighters could fight at their maximum power. The angels are in on it, and Whis lied about the universe being erased. Instead all of the fighters are teleported back to the supreme kai world. I honestly have no idea if this is true, but I’m just guessing

  • Silky Ink Studios

    Man, something’s not right here…there has to be a sinister plot in the works. The angel from Universe 9 seemed satisfied that his universe was erased.

  • triple h

    goku is selfish for wanting to fight the uinverse top warror…and now universese 9 got erase it’s all goku fault!

  • Kevam

    *MAJOR SPOILER WARNING* Universe 7 is not going to win, I read it in atleast 5 different articles.

    • d3rd3vil

      They have to win

      • Kevam

        They won’t, I think there will be some twist after they lose or something.

  • AndrehS86

    Grand priest and the angels are evil o.o that smile on their face bruh .-.

  • geo

    I think the smile from the angel of Universe 9 was because he didn’t like Universe 9 their Kaio-Shin or God of Destruction. You can plainly see how he reacts to them when they were looking for warriors. And tbh I don’t blame him the universe seems like a cesspool. As for the Great Priest he seems more like he is an emperor watching gladiators fight to the death. Enjoying the sight from high above.

  • Vishal Vaish
  • Jacob

    Universe 9s Angol planed something he was chuckled after the universe was destroyed and the grand price was to 🤔🤔

  • Jacob

    He chuckled I mean

  • DBSuperFan

    Goku wins and wished for all universes to be returned back to before they were erased.

  • Charles Malo

    My thoughts on future episodes:
    By having a deadly tournament like that, SOME angels are actually happy because that means less warriors to group against them.

    Evil angels have had this grand scheme and evil plot to OVERTHROW Zen0Sama’s spoiled-brat ass (probably by tricking him into deleting himself or trapping himself), and after universe 7 prevails in the tournament, they will proceed to try to save Zen0Sama because of the bond goku has with them.
    In fact i think that the angels might actually try to trick one Zen-Oh vs the other ( why else do we have 2 of them now bcos of the future time line?)

    Frieza might see this plot as a chance to become alive again and will side with the evil angels since they have a lot of power. Whis and his sister will feel betrayed by the other angels (such as universe 9’s snickering guy), but ultimately goku and co will have to surpass their own limits, higher than blue god level, in order to survive not the wrath of gods, but the scheming of angels an goku might get than transformation using the help of Whis and his sister.

    I’m not sure if their father, the grand priest will be on the evil or gd side, as i see him willing to overthrow zen0sama and become the supreme being since he’s doing most of the work but at the mercy of 2 little brats… while at the same time i can see him being loyal to the zen0hs and being betrayed, forcing whis and his sister to side with goku to avenge him.

    Yamcha will somehow find a way to die.
    And most importantly:

    VEGETA will STILL be the HYPE ( and the stubbornest of all), but i can see that since goku might be busy with the angels, vegeta might be the one to FINALLY take down Cell and have his moment.

  • Mark Stephen A. Bernal

    I think the High Priest really plotting something like stealing Zeno’s place and overthrow him….but first they need to eliminate strong warriors and God of Destruction across the universe….Also i think there’s another Galaxy and have own Universes and Zeno like being a ruler….i heared about God Of Saiyan on spoiler

  • TheGoldenDunsparce

    Woah wait, when did they switch Buu out with Frieza in the opening?

    • Damon Jackson

      same time it happened in the show

  • luoi sant

    As much as I despise the Supreme Kai from Universe 9 and the 3 brothers, I kinda feel bad that they got erased. Zeno Sama must be stopped, I’m thinking that Goku is gonna get super strong because maybe he’s part of a certain prophecy or something.

  • Hagen Derrote

    Well, the tournament is finally here
    and it’s really enjoyable,
    but still, I am a massive fan,
    I know the powerlevels and strengthcomparisons by heart
    and it really hearts my soul to see Goku always going from normal Saiyan to SSBlue.
    I’s utter nonsense even by Dragon Ball standards.

    but I can’t blame them,
    the only logical way would be that the strongest fighter does a massive power up
    and blows everybody else of the field, but that would be a little boring to watch.

  • dean ambrose

    Budgeting, Forecasting

  • BaconPie


  • Saeed Mustafa

    Squish! *universe disappears*

  • Indratoashura

    Zeno-sama can really make an entire universe dissapear in an instant…

  • mr jama


  • Lee Walton

    Darwinism and gods don’t mix very seemlessly, do they? Buuuh-BYYYYYYYYYYYYYE!!!! Kek