Dragon Ball Super episode 97 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 97 : “Survive! The Tournament of Power begins!”


  • http://omgfreedom.boards.net/ OmgItzIsquidi

    Why New DBS Episodes always be released at weekends? Why not weekdays, I waited a week for each episode *sighs*

    • Robert Dwight Spaulding

      I mean you’d still wait a week regardless even if it were released on weekdays…Like what…? LOl

    • space_spectre

      Because new episode air in japan at 8pm their time we get
      Em unsubed 8pm Saturday nite

      And with subtitles Sunday at 3in
      the morning

      • Arunzaptive kannan

        Actually we get subtitles usually between 9-10 PM on saturday. You can just Search the dragon ball super episode with subtitles at around 9:30 and you will get it.

        • space_spectre

          Good luck watching it with toei
          Pulling a Viacom or Sony music

    • Triggered

      Just watch it on weekdays after it was released like seriously

  • JT Da Towns

    will they play it live here?

    • dead pool

      it’s live right now

  • Streak Balmor

    why no subs

    • dead pool

      they show the live first before putting subs in recorded version

    • Zordo

      It’s almost always within 12 hours of the release, lately it’s been within an hour of release, idk why people keep asking that when it’s always flooded in the comments.

  • cj

    the butterfly is fodder lol

  • Am’s Jay

    wh u cant watch it the video like it was gone? anyhelp?

    • dead pool

      it was live without subs and now they’re adding subs to it

  • Krešo Bužančić

    hello is it coming out in 28 ?

  • Josue Ramos

    What’s with the publishing in progress?

  • Brett

    The guy is going to put on the subbed video that’s why nothing is up while he is doing it

  • Jano Jek


  • Chele

    Why aren’t there subs

  • Minorsy

    Where us the sub?

  • Minorsy

    Wait found it

  • inHumanReactions

    what the fk is this… when they fall from the ring, they return to the benches… here i was hoping for some serious shit. fk this

    • victorhino

      I mean they still get erased if they lose

  • stefan milosevic


  • Isaiah Halloway


  • Ahmad Imaduddin

    Did you guys feel that on your forehead at the end of the video?

  • sonicino

    The episode says it’s in Colombia I can’t watch

  • Quackquackz


  • Ade Kristian

    they said farewell 🙁

    • MrYeps

      bro its an ending song. you know that goku’s universe will win and then they will use the super dragon balls to wish every universe back into existence

      • Sidhant Gupta (Insane Phoenix)

        lol it is all fixed

      • Naakg

        If they did lose then dragon ball GT would have been a alternate universe 7 in its entirety which it was not

        • MrYeps

          oh god I hated GT

          • BM MB

            they are making it canon now tho

          • ZuhanBlitz

            Since when are they making GT canon. Because they mentioned Uub? Uub was in the last episode of DBZ, not GT.

          • Naakg

            couldn’t agree more

  • Quackquackz

    That all happened in the first minute aparently dam xD

    • William Owen

      it still felt like it was rushed though

      • MrYeps

        man some people are never satisfied. quit bitching.

        • William Owen

          seriously how can someone be satisfied when 2 people where knocked out of a fight with 80 people in total where knocked out in less than a minute if it was within 2 minutes then it would have made sense

          • MrYeps

            you’ve got 80 people out of all the universes and they are the strongest of the strong, and you want more than 2 people to get knocked out in one episode? if more than 2 got knocked out that would mean that they aren’t really all that strong in the first place. you’ve gotta remember that whatever the hell a tak is, it for sure isn’t standard earth time. think of it like that room where vegeta goes to train for every big fight. One minute in there is way more in real time. the void is probably the same. why complain when you should be thankful that we are going to get more episodes. if they felt like it, they could actually rush the show and give us like 4 episodes and that would be it. that would fucking suck. I’m sure that eventually there will be more than 2 people getting knocked off per episode, like in the next one you can bet that at least half of the people that are ganging up on goku at the end will be knocked off.

          • lavel lee

            I think it was rushed because they said dbs is 100 episodes so hw are the gonna do a battle royal in 3 ep

          • MrYeps

            I’m sure that they’ll extend it or if there really is only 3 left, they will make them like an hour long or more each ep.

          • MrYeps

            maybe they’ll extend the episodes to be like 1 hour long, but i can see your point. i had forgotten that they said it would only be 100 ep. long.

          • BM MB

            97 of the whole series but its only the 29th of DBS

          • Naakg

            Actually if you looked at them tapping in the god tablet more people were taken down we just didn’t see

          • William Owen

            Naakg by knocked out I meant knocked out of the tournament

          • Naakg

            Makes more sense in that way

          • Brian Aka Ryuu

            No one universe only went in with 8 fighters, thats why there were two blank spots on the “god tablet” for that team

          • Naakg

            They did mention that in the episode when i watched it a second time, but didn’t bother with deleting the comment

      • BraveKido

        At this pace there will be 46 more episodes

    • Bartek Włodarczyk

      Apparently Frieza is the one counting time.

      • Bruce Wayne

        ahahahaha true, the goku vs freeza 3.5 hr screentime fight ..lmao

  • Gladiator77

    man those cliff hangers are so annoying

  • Raj Pandey

    Why the fuck is it showing private content in place of video

  • Imam

    Why Goku don’t use Instant transmission? Why Lavenda change his target quickly?

    Entertaining Fighter in this episode Basil, Hit & piggy Monk 😅

  • Mushahid Ahmed

    Its amazing . I am excited to watch DBS ep 98

  • Arsh Khan


  • Technocality

    This entire episode took place in the span of a single minute. Classic Dragon Ball… I still think this Battle Royale concept was doomed from the get-go.

    Guess this means we’ve got 47 episodes left before the Tournament reaches its conclusion.

    • http://www.blisscheese.com BlissCheese

      What’s the problem? Lol I’m diggin the action

    • Benny Wong


    • Lashaun P Beazer

      No. There’s about 12-20 more episodes. The logic that if I had to run 100m. And in the first 3 seconds I ran 3mph, that I cannot accelerate, is fucking DUUUUMB

      • MrYeps

        yeah thats earth logic though, does the void universe look like earth, you’re DUUUUMB.

        • Lashaun P Beazer

          Lol. You’re obviously an idiot. It’s not “earth logic”. It’s logic in general. There have NEVER been an anime where the episodes are exactly timed to a fixed amount of time. Idiot.

          • MrYeps

            you can’t say its logic in normal you retard, DBZ logic is not normal logic, so in this case it would be our earth logic, and you’re calling me an idiot. its there never HAS been an anime… not there never HAVE. you fucking stupid motherfucker. our logic doesnt pertain to DBZ logic. fucking black retard, no wonder police shoot you.

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            damn wtf dude chill on the race racist

          • MrYeps

            did i say the n word, nope. the black people that have been shot, did something idiotic. even in the cases where the cops plainly murdered them, if that one dudes back light wasn’t broken he wouldn’t have been pulled over in the first place. if that one guy wasn’t selling cigarettes on the street, the cops wouldn’t have bothered him. you have to do something idiotic to get the cops on your ass. doesn’t matter what color your skin is, it just so happens that the past 3 years it has been black people predominantly that have been doing idiotic things. telling someone to chill with the non racist comment while you call me a racist for pointing out the obvious. you thin skins are fucking pussies. all hurt over some words.

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            It seems you’re the only that’s hurt.and just because you didn’t say the N word doesn’t mean it isn’t racist. why you had to put race in it to begin with? You didn’t had to call him a black retard. Just a retard. So you’re saying all the black people that been shot was all their faults. You’re so ignorant. And most of the time it’s cops being ass. Theirs racist cops in the police force that abuse their Authority. Retard

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            And it’s just not black people. White people do that stuff too

          • MrYeps

            yeah why do you think i said it doesn’t matter what color you are, its just been mainly black people in the past few years. not saying that all black people act that way, but it only takes a few to stain the many.

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            like how all whiten people are racist

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            let me rephrase its just been mainly white people in the past few years. not saying that all white people are racist, but it only takes a few to stain the many.

          • Caviaye Williams

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          • MrYeps

            dont blame me for how a portion of your people behave. i love how you automatically assume that i am privileged or “white”. nice job stereotyping.

          • Caviaye Williams

            Okay? Nice job acting so privelaged like you have the right to talk down to someone and call them a black retard. I didn’t assume anything, you’ve already made yourself known by being ignorant and rude. Don’t reply back to me, your not worth my time scum. But I know you will anyway, but i dont care. Have a nice day!

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            just because you didn’t say the N word doesn’t mean its not racist

          • MrYeps

            someones sensitive, overly positive does it offend you by what i typed?

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            not really

          • MrYeps

            so then why are you commenting here?

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            Because I can. Just because it doesn’t onfend me personally doesn’t mean. What you said was right idek why you had to point out his skin color to begin with. You could’ve insulted him with pointing out that he’s black. Again idk why you had to. Do you think that’s an insult? Being called black? I think he knows he’s black. Like why. Wait I know why you pointed his out his skin color because you wanted to be racist. I wouldn’t have commented if you didn’t bring race into it. Clearly you’re white. I just don’t like racist people like you that’s all.

          • MrYeps

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          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido


          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

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          • Lashaun P Beazer

            LOL. One grammatical error, and you’re ready to swallow my dick whole. But hold on? Faggot. What the fuck is “in normal”? And you repeated it in your comment. You’re really that stupid?

            Oh, and you didn’t capitalize the “You”… Then, that was a WHOLE sentence from ‘you’ to ‘anime’? Talk about fucking run-on sentences. Lmaooo. Quit life, faggot.

          • MrYeps

            well if you were not an retard you wouldn’t have made the mistake. grammar and spelling are different. who gives a fuck about grammar when you can’t even spell correctly. if you can’t get the message across just keep your goddamn virtual mouth shut.

          • Lashaun P Beazer

            And where exactly did I misspell anything? You’re the one who brought grammar up, by the way. LOL I’m dealing with too many retards daily. I think it’s affecting me.

  • aryan

    why is the universae 11’s god of dstruction taking part in the tournament isint their team strong enough with toppo and that white guy who behaves like hit

    • danyoon

      wtf he isnt dumbass

    • Kardock

      Its universe average strength, not just a person ffs. Did you not catch anything in the first episode of the saga when they were explaining it?

  • Chaitanya Talegaonkar

    Shit episode, not one good fight!

    • danyoon

      called development kid

    • William van Helsing

      The tournament would be stupid, if it was just one good fight. Everyone needs his shine

  • Girish Harish

    What one universe dissapeaars in the next episode I can’t believe it to be this fast

    • danyoon

      its only been a minute since it started lol

    • MrYeps

      the fuck are you talking about, just because the ending song says the words farewell. doesnt mean anything.

  • Akaalis Aristorenas

    Just from 14:36 alone you KNOW 18 is winning that 1……………..

  • Raghul Ganesan

    How to download this episode?

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    fucken hell so short

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    if that was 1 minute then it means 47 more episodes XD

    • PsycoMani

      47 Weeks too

      • MrYeps

        thats a good thing though. thats just short of 1 year.

  • Hasnain

    So basically this 47 minutes left will be like 5 minutes of Namek exploding hahahaha. That ending was good tho and finally i am used to this animation

    • Trystan Scott Pyle

      dragonball has always made the biggest sceens last the longest remember the freexa saga 5 mins took like 20 episodes rofl

      • Blendon Çoçaj

        Thats because dragonball characters have a combad speed faster then light. 5 minutes is not allot but to show everything they did while fighting at FTLS in theory you need even more episodes.

        • Noobz Threefortyseven

          I’m pretty sure it was because Toriyama didn’t have the story completed and animators were asked to extend the scenes to give Toriyama more time.

  • ruby walia

    i am interested in seeing what master roshi does with girls…

  • Trystan Scott Pyle

    goku always has a plan.. conserving energy for the strongest is why he hasnt gone ssj yet. even though we dont see it goku always prevails with something at the last minute.. thats when he fights best… under prssure.

  • Elvin Hodžić

    It would be awesome if Vegeta and Goku fuse 😀 😀 omG 😀

    • MrYeps

      true they limited flying as a no go, but didnt rule out fusion or they may not even know about it.

    • d3rd3vil

      No that would be shit….a Goku Vegeta fusion vs. Jiren for example would only show how much stronger Jiren is it would be SHIT

  • Michael Levens

    Did anyone catch the time?!! This battle is 48 earth minutes. There’s only 47 minutes to go…. all that fighting was equal to one minute in this episode. At this rate… 47 more episodes to go…

    • justsomeguy

      well also alot of that stuff happened simultaneously but its anime so gotta be in different frames. i hope they dont extend this arc but the series altogether. this arc should be 10-25 episodes tops. maybe an origins of buu arc or that would be nice.

    • THAKIDD707

      Is dragon ball super a new season ? I think I already seen this idk tho may be confused ?

  • Michael Levens

    Also, if universe 6 has a female Broly, then wouldn’t that mean universe 7’s male broly is canon?

    • Dick Tingler

      Not really. The universe 6 saiyans are the comete opposite of universe 7. Not to mention they reside on their original home planet

    • Faraz

      seems people dont yet know what canon actually is. in general, anything in the manga i.e the main story is canon. All the dragonball movies were not in the actual manga and they werent written by Toriyama either, hence they arent canon. Until you see a male broly in the actual story (manga) , it isnt canon. You may however imagine that Broly exists in a parallel universe 7.

      • justsomeguy

        the manga isn’t even written by toriyama, its based off the anime. the db super manga is/was actually behind the anime during the black goku arc at one point.

    • Carlo Gloria

      universe 7 broly’s has been defeated and gone long before 😀

    • Furymantzis

      The other saiyans have also evolved differently. their bodies and eyes are very different to our saiyans and they are no longer born with tails.
      they also seem to be able to use and master Super Saiyan a lot faster (once learning of the forms existence)

    • napoleonic sp007rz

      broly this, broly that, I’m more interested if there is someone in U7 like Hit.

      • Lashaun P Beazer

        The HIT in U7 is Piccolo. He’s equivalent to the Freeza of U7. And U6’s Freeza is equivalent to U7’s piccolo. They switch the power levels.

        • BM MB

          i’m confused

  • James MustWatch

    I bet that Tablet Zen Oh Sam’s is using can finally playbReal Life GTA San Andreas…

  • Untouchable

    So will there be more than 100 episodes or what?

    • MrYeps

      oh did you figure that all out by yourself. seeing as we’re already at ep. 97.

  • Clairvoyant

    I didn’t expect to see E. Honda on DBS

  • Carlo Gloria


    • THAKIDD707

      Bro when’s the next episode I know it says like in 3 days but I could’ve sworn I already seen more fights in this tournament and this is suppose to be the first fight right ?

  • Shakir Hussain

    IMO,Freiza and Goku will be last ones to Survive and Frieza will turn his back on Goku and they’ll have an Epic Fight xD

    • Dana Muhamed

      they use to be in a same team so the remaining of them will end the tournament

      • Shakir Hussain

        IK,it’s just a crazy thought xD

  • Nikhil M Wayne

    Guys, how do i download the episode?

    • Uday Upadhyay

      use idm or go to clipconveter.cc paste the link of video and u get download option .

  • Nikola Sokač

    alo ka je to barem da traje 3 sata a ne 20 minuta bog mater

  • El neeeegro

    They better not make 48 episodes of this tournament… all that happened in just one minute

    • MrYeps

      you have to remember that 100 taks is equivalent to 48 EARTH minutes. they aren’t going by earth time standards. and why not make 48 episodes of the supposedly greatest and strongest tournament of all the universes. you think a tournament like that would take only 15 episodes or less.

  • PsycoMani

    Ohh mann , its so fakee -_- , one day goes there and still they say it has gone 1 minute WTF -_-
    48 min there = My life

  • sandy

    Better give vegeta what he deserves and let him kick hits ass

    • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

      ikr lol

  • xostrowx1991

    “1 minute” Apparently Taks are the same as Namek time…go figure ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Lewis B. Lindley

    Does the girl actually go ‘brolly’ mode in this episode?

  • Freezy Pop

    finally put in my boy frieza to that opening

  • Aerisot

    They should have all practiced fusion with each other in case they get stranded together.

  • Jomh El Manuel

    Goku will transform to Oozaru.

  • Dhruv Mahindra

    what is the white aura on goku in the privew

    • Rageeeoo

      Goku turned into cell and absorbed gohan

  • Someonenamedleo

    I’m just here to read all the bitching and whining comments…

  • d3rd3vil

    It was a nice atmosphere its damn fun but on the other hand we wont see the extreme fights for weeks now…..there is lots of skirmish ahead. I wish we had more than 1 episode every week 🙁 And what about the end credits scene? Goku injured next to a fresh Gohan what the hell are they planning please no Goku and Gohan vs. Jiren or sth 🙁

  • Daniel Alejandro Uson Atton

    48 earth minutes…. 5 minutes until Namek explode….. we have 3 seasons of tournament by that Logic.

  • Marshall Law

    I wonder why 18 not fighting with her husband she knows full well he isn’t the strongest fighter? Maybe she feel like that he holding her back.

  • jp

    at the begging it the two zenos remind me of pokemon eating pokemon food just munching away

  • Husayaman

    Only 1min all that so there’s 47 more EPS b4 dend

  • Baphomet

    episodes are not long enough

  • https://midnightwind.wordpress.com/ Adrian Mihai Stratulat

    What happened to Krillin’s Kienzan from minute 15? Nobody got cut?

  • Matthew

    Everyone seems so surprised that this all happened in one minute, guess they all forgot Freeza was in the tournament.


    goku did nothing the end wait for the next episode

  • sus 1

    New Leaked Episode Here 👉 http://bit.ly/LeakedDBSEpisodes .

  • Jesse Cohen

    Dragon ball loves milking things… It took so many episodes just to get to this point, and we know if goku surpasses blue, that will be like 2 episodes of him screaming..

  • Matthew Vikingbread O’Conner


  • Bruce Wayne

    fak , just 1 minute passed…lmao

  • Deathstar

    They should’ve made the furfag trio the first to lose.

  • Og Rush

    Goku is always getting his back taken its annoying

  • Lee Walton

    Master Roshi be like,”BEGOOOOONE THOT!!!!!!”