Dragon Ball Super episode 95 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 95 : “Title”


  • Aw Wai Kit

    Hi Happy Sunday

  • Andrew King Shawn

    They just took the video down before I can even watch the whole thing SMH shit is crazy

    • Carlos Ramos

      Does this mean we shouldn’t be expecting a timely upload?

    • William Owen

      its back up now

  • Prince_OfAll_Saiyans

    This is BS where is the video

  • sadam ro

    where is the fucking video

  • Yijun Yang

    I am calling off Jiren finishing off Freeza

  • Ralphmedino

    What the hell wheres the goddamn video

  • Ocarina Of Crime

    back up , with subtitles lol

  • Nash Corp

    oii babi mane subtitles?

  • Nash Corp

    where is the fucking subtitles?

    • Zayn Mansuri

      I cant even see the video

  • Zayn Mansuri

    What the hell is wrong, we wait so curiously 6days and by the time we watch, it hasn’t been uploaded

    • William Owen

      try refreshing the page

  • stevew

    its a good episode no subtitles
    next episode is the tournament

  • stevew

    honestly a bit boring but we get some good interactions to set up things later

  • Matt

    Not happy

  • Lactaid

    The fact that Freiza, Vegeta and 17 match Goku is pissing me off

    • Ale Jandro

      You forget about kayoken x10, no one match Goku. And don’t forget about Gohan, I have a feeling that he’ll be the hero.

      • Rhidian E. Guzman

        Apparently he’s also getting a new transformation above the 10x kaioken eventually near the end of the tournament of power.

        • beerusfan

          but… the gohan or goku will get a new transformation?

          • Rhidian E. Guzman

            Gohan will get a new unusual god mode transformation with colour purple instead of blue like Berry’s but can only contain the power for a minute since it’s not perfect

          • d3rd3vil


        • Sammy Der Boven

          in intro song goku is fighting Jiren and appears to be going in god mode like when he fought beerus in the movie

          • Marshall Law

            No his hair is black when he was in god form his hair is red and so does his eyes.

      • PokemonLeader

        The reason that Goku came alive after he died is because the Anime of droping when Gohan was the hero and then they brought back Goku and the Anime Started to grow up again.

        And the reason Goku didn’t use his full power because he doesn’t want Freza to get mad that Goku is still mad at him.

    • Saber

      i get 17 but vegeta traiins even more than him and Frieza is just something else. when goku first turned super saiyan he had trained for years but frieza had not trained for even a day so it makes sense that he can match goku with good training

      • Benny Wong

        I’ve a feeling frieza may eventually kidnapp these young babies form bulma or gohan, and become their master…:)

        • PokemonLeader

          well i guess that won’t happen because Goku said after reseructing Frieza he will kill Frieza

          • MrYeps

            no what he said was that they would just beat him again. remember goku never wanted to kill freiza, even when they were in space.

        • Saber

          nah. too dark for dbz

          • Yannick Bamona

            loooool naaaa u didn’t get it (remember Piccolo and Gohan)

          • Saber

            oh okay. i get it

        • Lalait Attikpo

          Hahaaaiii nothing like that will happen.freiza can do any demn thing but he will never kidnap babies.haha lolz

      • Louis Belmonte

        Frieza is stronger than everyone. In the old school original DBZ. He is ruthless and evil who had never trained before because his arrogance made him lazy

        • Marlon Coates

          Spot on! never trained a day in his life but has crazy potential. If he actually trained all those years ago, Goku would not have beaten him.

      • Matthijs Quekel

        U think destroying planets is not training?;)

        Y, I know what u mean. He didnt do any unneeded stuff.

        Messi = Goku
        Ronaldo = Vegeta

        U guys agree?:D

        • PokemonLeader

          no ur wrong its
          Ronaldo = Goku
          Messi = Vegeta

          Real Madrid won the Laliga Finals and now there 1st which makes batca 3rd so Goku is Ronaldo the person standing on the top in the football laliga for team

          • Shaikidow

            Then which warrior of U7 would be the prime version of the OG Ronaldo (Luis Nazario)? 😀

          • Lalait Attikpo

            Thanks bro.

          • Sean Marlisa

            Ronaldo is to much of a dick to be compared to goku id rather have him compared to dbs frieza :’D

          • PokemonLeader

            well everyone has different opinion so lets just ignorre the fact about Ronaldo nor Messi

            Lets say through football anime
            Goku = Endou

        • Saber

          yeah probably

        • Lalait Attikpo

          Ronaldo = GOKU
          messi = krillin
          Do u agree?

      • AugustAPC

        Yea, I’m calling complete bullsh*t on the “Freeza never trained a day” thing. That’s just some garbo, retcon writing.
        The fact that Freeza can fight at all shows that he’s trained. Let alone the fact that he has transformations that have always been repeatedly alluded to as things Freeza’s race obtains through growing stronger or training.
        None of the characters that hold a candle to Goku even make sense at this juncture. Even Beerus should be nothing to him.

        • David Fiegel

          there are people that can play piano without having learned a single note.
          you should apply this rule to young frieza times 500.000.000.
          However, i do agree that Dragonball Super just did and does not make any sens about the power and is simply poor written. Plot and Character wise its a desaster indeed.

          • Sean Marlisa

            agreed man!!

        • Saber

          beerus trained with whis for who knows how long. he should obviously be stronger. and frieza clearly said that he hadn’t trianed a day

          • AugustAPC

            Did you even read my post before going into shill mode?

          • Saber

            relax, i get your point. im just saying that beerus should be stronger

        • Filipo Bellinghieri

          Broly never trained and he could also fight

          • AugustAPC

            Broly is also a god awful, noncanon character that panders to the worst aspects of Dragonball and the ravenous fan demographic who only want to see new, shiny transformations and give no fucks about the actual process of obtaining the form, which is what gives them significance.

        • Stephen Hursey

          Freeze himself said he’s never trained a day…

          • Stephen Hursey

            So coming from his own mouth it must be true. Obviously it’s an anime but yes, frieza admitted he never trained a day in his life

          • Stephen Hursey

            And look at broly. He was born like that and was gifted his ability to fight. Just saijin (see what I did there?)

      • David

        He did train.

      • Marlon Coates

        Its different levels of Arrogance going on, Frieza was Arrogant to the point that it made him lazy, and Vegita is Arrogant to the point that it makes him to darn proud. Vegita will not move forward fully because he refuses to train with people. Training by yourself is a slow way to gain progress but when you train with people, everybody pushing each other, progress comes quicker. Goku is a prime example, look how many people he has trained with. Vegita trained with Whis and look what happened, he got stronger. Most of the time his stupid pride holds him back.

    • Dustin Amayas Dollin

      that’s because you’re stupid , 17 trained for like 15 years

    • Willian

      They do not, Goku didn’t want to reveal his power to frieza specially when he cannot yet trust frieza.

      • Tyler Mathis

        you dont know that will

        • JNoww

          Come on man, that’s literally been Goku’s style since the original Dragon Ball

        • d3rd3vil

          Well it was Goku SS Blue and Beerus said they are evenly matched….but Goku can at least do the Kaioken so thats pretty certain he is stronger. BUT why didnt he get out of the gods power and Frieza did? Anyway hopefully we’ll see some real power soon 🙂

          • danker

            haven’t u noticed frieza was at gold mode while goku was simple sayian while struggling with that energy

          • d3rd3vil

            Yeah but if he wanted to get out he probably wouldve transformed in the bubble that shouldve worked….but its true stuff like that happens in DB. Goku doesnt have to proof anything if he powers up during the tournament.

          • Lalait Attikpo

            He was at base form before freiza attacked him but freiza got out because he was at his final come GOLDEN FREIZA.so if goku ,at his sjjblue then he will surely had moved out from that energy.thank you.

      • Marlon Coates

        W&B both know he is evenly matched with Goku man

    • Benny Wong

      thta’s how you tell the story to get audience’s attention 🙂

    • Ifrinpls

      Yeah, let’s just keep the shitty “unmatchable” hero trope because knowing what’s going to happen all the time and being the most predictable anime in the world is very entertaining and interesting.

      • Shaikidow

        It’s not about knowing or not knowing the result (which we all get pretty much spoiled about if we aren’t very careful), it’s about the sheer awesomeness of the realisation of that result. Those who want a deeply intelligent plot in DB should probably question their own unacceptance of the flashy straightforwardness that Dragon Ball IS, similar to Star Wars.

    • Vijay Appaji

      u forgot buu.

    • Prince of all saiyans

      kids love goku 🙂 legends love vegeta 😉 no one wants a clown 🙂

      • PokemonLeader

        non love Vegeta exept Bulma and Vegeta don’t love legend to

      • HellG

        Whats up with this retarded Facebook shit? kids love X legends love Y, let people like whoever the fuck they want to

      • Łukasz Kwiatkowski

        you dumb as fuk im watching this since i was 14 now im 28 and i love goku so im kid you dumbass …

      • Daniel Owens

        There has to be solid reason the writer hasn’t included vegeta into at least 5 percent of the storyline since Black passed..

        I have a feeling we will see 3 new saiyan transformations in the tournament gohan goku and vegeta, oh and its obvious the female broly saiyan was written to crush frieza.

        • Daniel Owens

          he is going to go for saiyan in another universe.

      • Collating

        im 28 bro been a fan for like 22 years and i still love Goku more than Vegeta so i guess Im just a dumb little kid for that right?

    • Kleistah Mrech

      Frieza is probably the strongest evil in DBZ, the fact that among top villains in DBZ he didn’t absorb anyone and purely relied on his own power is a fact that he’s a genius warrior, the only other prodigy villain is probably Broly.

      • Collating


        • Peluche

          Except he doesn’t exist in the real storyline. I don’t mind broly as a villain, but he’s always been extremely overrated.

    • wearyaxe

      Oh no, Goku isn’t the strongest! Whatever will we do?

      • d3rd3vil

        I hope he will be the strongest at the end of the tournament with a new transformation fighting Jiren 🙂

    • wowlock

      Yea 17 being on the same level is bullshit but Vegeta trains just as hard and only lacks Kaioken.

      Frieza was actually a bit stronger than Blue when he got to Golden but didn’t know how to handle his stamina so he lost. If he would train like Goku, he would probably surpass him and that is scary O.o

    • David

      They don’t. Remember that Goku still has kaioken x10.

    • Tyler Mathis

      lazy writing…but hey at least this episode looks fuckin AWESOME! very rare for this show

    • Lalait Attikpo

      They did not match Goku at all.let me help u understand well.when freiza overcome the energies of destruction,he was in his final transformation “GOLDEN FREIZA” but when he attacked goku with it, goku was at “BASE FORM” please remember that.so goku at his sjj blue matche freeza maybe BUT think of sjjblue + “KAIOKEN” then Freiza is dead.Freiza and 17 don’t know about goku “KAIOKEN” thank you.I just love episode and when vegita saw goku using kaioken agains HIT,he said that goku is always one up ahead of him.95 than other episodes.

    • BOB ROSS

      but vegeta has trained just as much as goku and maybe even more…. i do get your point about super 17 though but goku was just fighting him in super Saiyan 1.

    • Илья Камехамеха

      It was explained, Vegeta training wasn’t realistic that’s why he got shit on by Goku through years, but not any more, and Frieza is like a Naseem “Prince” Hamed, barely training coz lazy af, Gohan wasn’t growing naturally as well, being pushed by Goku and didn’t think about how to do it maybe better.
      That’s the point of this, showing realism, showing, that some even not smart ppl can still feel naturally things that a lot smarter ones have to research for years…

    • Илья Камехамеха

      The only shtupid fact is ye, androids’ power growth being not explained.
      Did he change his body parts or they were designed to rebuild themselves like Cell, or just the energy being consumed for eternity went from quanlity to quality, or its’ a power increase from his flesh parts growth? Who the f knows…

    • Silas Coley

      and gohan in normal level too >:( upsetting

  • A Glass of Water (IN VR)

    The video is up with subs and is running fine. Try actually having a PC and NOT a potato …

  • Saber

    I actually like Frieza as a character. evil but BADASS!

  • Rouge Krama Macaluso

    It is the rare shiny golden Frieza I have a master ball with your name on it.

  • https://youtu.be/I-A8TwsPqlk Kamesenin Butan

    Frieza is super sinister af… Beware if you are going to bang make sure your condom is not Frieza-like.

  • Mushahid Ahmed

    I am waiting from a weak and i have warched it
    What happened let me watch it

  • Mushahid Ahmed

    I love it upload the ep 96

  • Caio Fernando Mota Calil de Fr

    oh god. I need a game where you can play the tournament of power xD

  • Nenad Spengler Milenovic

    Remmember this guys that guy Jiren will knock out frieza out borders and Goku and Jiren will fight alone

    • Don de Dios

      I think Goku and Hit will end up fighting alone

  • Minamino

    Well Vegeta has even surpassed Goku a few times in this series. Notably against the last fight with “Goku Black”. 17 being able to match Goku is good for the series everyone is tired of just seeing Goku surpass everyone which is why Naruto became a more interesting series than DB because of the story which DB is just now getting

    • PokemonLeader

      Ya i know right. n Naruto’ Naruto wasn’t able to surpass Sausake and at the end he managed to defeat him with the power granted to him from the Sage Of Six Parth and became the Hero of the whole village.

      I’m sad tho Naruth ended but Boruto Started but still it didn’t get that interesting(this include episode 11 too)

    • Don de Dios

      wow, partly forgot about Black

    • d3rd3vil

      Well they can tell stories and they can show great fights but that doesnt mean Goku shouldnt be the main character and all in all the strongers. I think thats wonderfully fine. And Vegeta surpassed Goku during the “black fight” cause he was training for a year in the spirit chamber….and still Goku has the kaioken which boosts him usually above Vegeta

  • Louis Belmonte

    I think Frieza has every right to be equal to him. Frieza is a rare alien who never had to train

  • Matthijs Quekel

    Messi = Goku
    Ronaldo = Vegeta

    U guys agree?:D

  • Sleepy Champuru

    The Ads just keep coming.

  • Kenlix

    Im so excited next week!

  • vagina

    I do not want to see Frieza becoming a good guy in the end just because goku or any from the team saves his life during the tournament. That would be pathetic…

  • Djowius

    In this episode it becomes all clear, no more need for discussions: Beerus is still truly something else. Waaaaay stronger than Goku and Frieza. Love it!!

    • PokemonLeader

      IKR hefelt sleepy when Goku was in the Destruction ball

    • Fraser Stewart

      Goku was holding back. That’s why Beerus said “What are you doing?”. He knew Goku could have easily broken out of that ball if he powered up enough.

    • d3rd3vil

      Well not sure if thats true…..anyway there is supposed to be someone stronger than Beerus during the tournament so in the end Goku probably has to surpass him anyway. Hopefully its Jiren

  • PokemonLeader


    And I have a feeling that Universe 7 will win and wish that they need all the Universe back from the super Dragon balls.

    And Goku might turn into the SSGSSR(Which he used to fight Beerus With) and he won’t need fusion. Do you guys remember when Beerus used the destruction ball on the earth Goku became SSGSSR without fusion or It might be kayoken x10 with the SSGSSR or it might be kayoken x10 with SSGSSB with the power he absorbed when he was caught in the Universe 9 Destruction ball.

    I guess Gohan will manage to get a SS3 with the training he got from Picolo. I have this feeling because he was able to lay a punch on Goku when he Goku was in SSGSSB. Or he might have a wired transformation that would allow him to use SSGSSB or SSGSSR for limited amount of time.

    And Frieza might try to help Universe 7 win so that he could resurrect back to life and come out of the hell which looks like heaven. And he might also try to attach Universe 9 first to he could take revenge for not taking him to their team.

    Who knows it might be true lets see whether i’m correct in next Episode(96) and confirm or it might not be next but the other Episode(97)

    Give this a like if you like the Spoiler and don’t get mad at me i gave Spoiler Alert. Knowing that and reading this has no right to blame me and if didn’t see that i don’t take responsibility for your laziness to read a small sentence like Spoiler Alert!

    • Michael Blub

      The first part of your comment is quiet obvious and alot of people speculated it the moment the Super DragonBalls were the price of the TOP.

      The one Goku used against Beerus is a weaker version of SSJBlue. The one he used against Beerus was called: Super Saiyan God.
      When he transforms into a SSJBlue was originally called a: Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.
      So a Supersaiyan form of the one he used against Beerus.

      Gohan won’t obtain SSJ3, since Mystic transformation of Gohan > SSJ3 transformation.

    • Kyle Joultz

      SSB and SSR for short.

    • Entropy

      “SPOILER ALERT!!” —> “I have a feeling” —> “Goku might” —> “I guess” —> “And Freeza might” —> “Who knows it might be true lets see”

      Where was the spoiler again?

      • PokemonLeader





        and Universe ……. will win

    • danker

      gohan will not get any other super sayian transformations he said he is aming for ultimate form without a need to transform

  • jeramy

    17 is not even close to goku, there is no way he could become that strong without goku,vegeta,beerus, or whis noticing which means that even tho he got stronger his power is nothing to impress them, goku was just playing with him. Krillin was able to hold off super blue kameha but hes obviously not as strong as goku , goku was just testing them, he could destroy frieza at any moment

    • sfjsdljfoi8eksdifje

      The z fighters can not sense an androids ki and to top it off we dont know how strong 17 is or if goku is stronger which is likely to happen but anyways when goku and 17 sparred it was kinda hinted at that both of them didn’t go full power.

      • sfjsdljfoi8eksdifje

        Although it is very possible that Whis and Beerus could have found out or maybe they just don’t care.

  • http://www.katanabattlegirls.com Luis Martínez

    Awesome animation on this episode!!

  • Luis

    Fathers day present would’ve been 2 episodes 😔😔😔😔

  • guest

    how can goku forget about monaka? according to Goku still he is the strongest in universe 7?

    • LegendaryUub

      he didn’t! if you watch the episode after the zen exhibition match, episode 83 if I am not wrong, Beerus tells Goku that Monaka is sick and cannot enter the tournament

    • peluche

      He mentioned Monaka when they were first thinking of who to enter. Beerus instantly made up that he was sick and won’t be joining

  • AugustAPC

    They really just don’t give a single shit how bad their writing is when trying to rationalize power increases, do they?

    “I got stronger by sitting in a cocoon for a long time and thinking really hard.”
    Fuck off, that’s even more bullshit than Freeza somehow obtaining his stupid new form that surpassed SSJB in 6 months.

    • Fraser Stewart

      Not stronger, just better at regulating his energy levels. Works for Piccolo when he meditates.

      • AugustAPC

        He literally says that he’s become more powerful.

    • Jason Mueck

      It not BS that Frieza got his transformation he was already stronger than nearly everyone without training a day in his life now when he does train you are surprise shock or don’t believe that is possible for Frieza to achieve such a transformation but you need to realize even if you don’t like him Frieza was a genius or blessed with a very very high power level without doing anything he was born that way you add real training to Frieza then nearly anything is possible being that Frieza was already that strong already it not shocking the only shocking thing I see is being as strong as he was and he never trained.

    • danker

      4 months to be exact 😛

  • Sunny Paul

    you all forget about goku’s limit breaker form

  • Don de Dios

    boogie back

  • http://www.blisscheese.com BlissCheese

    You can never really tell who is on par with goku… he has the kaioken and could multiply it by however much he’s willing to risk his life.

  • Jizzle203

    Let’s not forget the super saiyan blue kaioken 10x that goku has

  • Apathy Venom “Aka Venom”


  • ryan jopling

    i see them wishing freeza good or something. this show has a tendancy to make bad guys good eventually. piccallo, vageta, 17&18. all examples

  • Itamar Hag


  • gatuzotuski

    vegeta already has a new transformation im tellin yall

  • Cohnen Thompson

    Goku only used blue, Frieza knows nothing about blue kaioken nvm his soon to be limit breaker form.
    He has always done this, he never shows his true full power until he actually needs it. I do agree that it’s getting really stupid that people are just suddenly on the same level as blue (because they trained a little) but that’s just confirmation that Goku’s new form is gonna be insane just think SSJ3 when it first happened.

    • d3rd3vil

      Wtf is the limit breaker form? Where does that name come from?….

      • danker

        the exhibition match between u7 and u9. Goku was about to show his power above his limits when the match got disturbed by grand priest

        • d3rd3vil

          Yeah ok but that mightve been just a stronger kaioken. We’ll see what its gonna be. Maybe at first a higher kaioken and then when he still cant win a new transformation? Well its gonna be wild cause the universe is on the line. That pushes pretty gppd

  • Larry

    I love the show but I don’t get it I would think at this point in the series the children should be stronger than frieza

  • Daniel

    I might be late on this but I think after watching this episode I figured out Berrus’s weakness, Goku. not in the sense of Goku being stronger than Beerus but the fact that people can use Goku to manipulate Beers, whether thats by threatening to kill Goku or whatever. Not only has this been shown in the Tournament of power saga where it actually makes sense why he would care for his strongest warrior but you can clearly see from time to time Beerus attaching himself to Goku. So now that there’s an attachment there’s a weakness and freeza showed me that in this episode

  • AdiS

    Sad thing is that in DBS Goku is a complete clown that doesnt care about anything at all. He was a clown in DBZ as well, but when things were getting rly serious he was getting serious as well. In DBS he is shown as a brainless creature that wants to fight with everyone and doesnt care if his universe will be deleted, family killed etc.
    Power levels are kind of bullshit in DBS as well. Especially Future Trunks was pain in the ass that I couldnt stand. I thought “Why is this piece of crap able to fight on same level as Goku – even when he was pissed off he shouldnt go further than SSJ3 power level” Still now it doesnt make any difference, since C-17 can fight with SSJB Goku. Real bullshit.

    • d3rd3vil

      Yeah well they want the “older” characters to return and be meaningful SOOO they now improved a lot (too much for my taste….) and now Goku and Vegeta and co. have to improve again to be out of their league again. Its what it is. Still Goku and Vegeta and also Gohan probably will be far stronger than C17 and stuff, I hope

  • mantazzo

    Well, at least they managed to change the outro to actually have Frieza instead of Buu is something…
    And hey, I was almost correct – almost 10 episodes of filling up (after the exhibition match) before the tournament…

  • Tyler Mathis

    so who ever drew this episode should do the entire show

  • Tyler Mathis

    this is by a wide margin the best episode of the entire show. first epsidoe iv seen to have good animation the entire time. good story too

  • Tyler Mathis

    this is better quality then the movies……………and people were defending supers shit before? LETS KEEP IT LIKE THIS HOLY FUCK

  • Wc

    Guys, stop complaining about stupid power levels! Just enjoy the episode…
    It was just incredible! One of the best episodes I’ve seen of Super. It is full of suspense, you don’t know what will happen a few moments later. Great episode.

  • truents1

    I’m looking forward to the tournament.

  • Nathan Minor

    Dude it was literally stated that he trained for 6 months you guys are ridiculuois LOL

  • http://www.allanime.co.uk/ NaruTachi

    Plot hole – when Goku was revived for 24 hours, his time was cut short by going SSJ3, yet Freeza’s power far exceeds that?

    • Entropy

      SSJ3 leaks energy a whole bunch and is really inefficient, which is what caused it. Golden Freeza has perfect energy control like SSB so that doesn’t affect him

  • Jon

    Longer episodes would be a dream,
    I wonder how freizer will react when he see’s the other friezer looking dude, its obvs clear that last 2 standing will be Goku n the Red dude in the intro 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • d3rd3vil

      That would be fantastic. Goku and Jiren fighting for their universes with a goddamn super deluxe power! I doubt it though its too obvious….for example should Hit really lose? He should be standing in the end too…..

      • danker

        something will intrude the tournament it will appear there are 12 guys like omni king each has 12 destruction gods and there is a omni fu cking king of all above that

        • d3rd3vil

          No one wants a damn tournament intrusion ^^

  • SEAD
  • SEAD
  • d3rd3vil

    Oh man YES the tournament is starting and the fighting is already beginning? Fantastic! And hopefully its true and Goku can show us some real power 🙂

    And this episode was pretty intense really good!

  • Syed Rizvi

    No one has speculated that maybe Vegeta is the strongest. he seems really composed and chill. I really think this is because of all the hard work he’s done he seems self focused he isn’t comparing with goku for once .I really hope they show him as the strongest in the tournament because Goku has really turned into a really dumb character it seems. He makes a lot of silly mistakes and he seems like he lost 30 IQ points from the original dbz. Not hatin just statin the truth. remember the teleportation kameha against cell .That goku seemed wayyyyyy smarter than this one.

  • Tion Gosha

    Idk none of y’all on a personal level but fuck what y’all talking about Jiren about to fuck this whole power level scale up and I can’t wait to see what the writers going to make Goku pull out his ass to top Jiren power

  • danker

    i got a feeling and hope that the tournament will bring us some fusion

  • Villacarlos Elieze

    Dragon Ball Super episode 96 pls:)

  • hammahead

    i need a blowjob

  • Spike Ist Gut

    Just gonna say that Frieza is going to end up a god of destruction.

  • Quentell Gipson

    Where do we go for the live episode?

  • Deathstar

    In hell Frieza looked like he was busting vains and yet he says he managed to concentrate better? It makes no sense at all.

  • Ayleid

    In hell Frieza looked like he was busting vains and yet he says he managed to concentrate better? It makes no sense at all.

  • K3i

    Come on! I can’t watch, My internet is suck!

  • Lee Walton

    Frieza is ultimate dark-horse material! He’s behaving himself for Beerus, remember?