Dragon Ball Super episode 94 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 94 : “Title”


  • dbz…….


  • Dan a Dan

    Fuck white people You guys are so racist I am from Jamaica

    • J-Fee


    • nate1999

      I’m Jamaican and I LOVE white people! 🙂 Why are so many black people like this smh. I’m black too but without that mentality. All you awesome white people thank you for existing! ^_^

  • Car Melo

    why is gotta be like that im white im not racist why must i pay for the actions of the few so horrible does this sound familiar lol. This is about dragon ball we all bleed red my man chill out.

  • Bilal junior

    Why can’t they just get the tournament to start

    • Benny Wong

      indeed, but tnat’s what akira enjoy to do….

    • d3rd3vil

      I could live with it with maybe 2 episodes a week or more….but this is hard to take

  • oculairmedia

    stop with the cancer popups

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeoLuureKrjxE5I2VnOJxQ Infinity Kiyen

      Its 100% content with cancer…..
      Deal with it….

  • Gerderion D’Shun Sells

    That Frieza transformation was amazing!

  • ayeeeeelmao100

    GODtube. LMAO

    • codetaku

      We’ve known about godtube since the end of the universe 6 arc….

  • Marshall Law

    That mouse liar he lied about universe 7 going after universe 9 can’t believe that old geezer believe everything he says!

  • jh

    I love to see frieza. But i love to see buu fighting more. Haha. Dragonball super keep preventing buu from fighting. Something must be not right,

  • Mitchell Mccray

    i hate the tease at the end why do they do that is beyond me

    • Allen Franklin

      to build suspense, so you tune in the the next episode

  • Ryan Summers

    Thanks for spreading malware you cancerous douchebags, may you die a horrible death I wish you the worst!

  • Gamer Girl Angelica

    Thi sucks! No fight! They only wasted time in this episode ?

    • Marshall Law

      Well the fight start next Saturday

  • TheDendeWasHeavyAsFuck

    shitty plot holes to make people stronger and big ass fucking teaser that make you wanna commit suicide is akiras way of fucking us for complaining about filler….

  • sugabus ejava

    they should recruit arare

    • LegendaryUub


  • Lord Pookie

    animation this episode was on point

  • wowlock

    Those idiot Gods of Destruction really think they can hide such plots from Zenoh and the Angels ?

    • Footpauler

      those guys are probably watching them on GODtube right now xD

  • Apathy Venom “Aka Venom”

    THE TEASE!!!!

  • Apathy Venom “Aka Venom”

    Why cant they just start the tournament 🙁

  • Apathy Venom “Aka Venom”

    They wasted 7 episodes or less (or more) :/

  • Kumtael DemonLord

    fillers + some main action why not we can w8 for 5 episodes of tournament xD

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    from the next episode preview it’s obvious that those goons are just a distraction, the real assassin would be the one who throw an energy ball from below frieza, wonder who that might be?

    speaking about assassin, does anyone else also wonder if there is a universe 7 counterpart of Hit hidden somewhere?

    • Michael Raberts

      Wouldn’t that person be Cell? He was afterall created to assassinate goku.. and cell does look similar to hit

      • Technocality

        I think Hit looks a lot more similar to Frieza. I actually thought he was Universe 6’s version of Frieza at first.

        • Waseem Sako

          I think he looks more like Cell.

        • pasta12

          They’ve shown the Frieza counterpart (looks just like Frieza). He’ll be in the tournament.

        • Lashaun P Beazer

          Hit looks like Piccollo actually.

  • LegendaryUub

    buffering like shit!

  • Untouchable

    Godtube really!!? lmao. boogie back boogie back 0-0

  • asdf

    don’t understand the their equation- just how the hell freeza is equal to majin bu… if they want then cell is also a good but freeza why?

    • Blurr4life

      Cell was had to be completely disintegrated by gohan, his very being, or soul doesn’t exist in heaven or hell. Gokus kahmayhamayha killed frieza but he still had remains to resurrect, his soul just left his body(hell or heaven). Notice everyone wished back, actually died n bodies were still left behind, souls were just gone. And regardless, Cell would have to absorb 17 18 to get perfect form. Lol do you really see that ever happening again?

      • http://heith-livern.deviantart.com/ Pseudo Transcendant

        Not really since he came back after imploding himself in perfect form. I think his cells were able to memorize the “data” from C18 and so he didn’t need her anymore after being reborn stronger due to the zankai boost from his sayans cells. And no matter how he died, Gohan can’t obliterate souls so he’s dead like every other dude and was sent in hell but he’s less popular than Frieza I guess. Buu was Spirit bombed still got a soul to reincarnate, Frieza got kamehameha’d by SSJ Blue Goku who is far stronger than Gohan was when he killed Cell but that still didn’t destroy his soul.

      • Allen Franklin

        theres actually an episode in buu arc, where you see cell, freiza, and a couple other villains in hell watching the tournament. And… yea… lol there was never any kind of indication that Gohan destroyed Cell’s Soul.

  • Untouchable

    they have to add a few episodes, I can’t imagine a tournament this big with only 4 episodes.

    • Zardock

      This was a great episode but I won’t be surprised at all if the actual tournament will be shorter than the recruitment arc.


    That transformation THO

  • Dante Squid Corbett

    The ending cut scene transitions were amazing! It Def built up tension. I’d love to see Frieza vs #17 at their fullest.

    • akhil kumar

      For me there a lot in this episode. Comedy, sentiment and story as well. Vegeta defending frieza, Roshi training and his talk after that, the exchange between 17, 18 and krillin to tip off the handshake scene between 17 and piccolo and the best of all Goku and Frieza’s conversion and the transformation. One heck of an episode….. <3

  • Alex Brown

    Freiza is going to be erased I believe. Just like vegeta and goku feared when they came back to fight buu. If the soul is destroyed they can’t be wished back. And if he would be in the arc wouldn’t they have changed buu from the roster from intro and mid show?

    • Marshall Law

      Maybe because Buu will join after all maybe that they didn’t change it!

  • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi


    • Lavar Jr.

      those typos would also be in the title

    • VegetoRose

      (Gone Sexual) (Mortal W/ God Ki)

    • Kevin Cazad

      Know how videos like –
      “Universe 6’s Special Method to Awaken Super Saiyan Brolly Within you!”

  • moha bengriche

    11:21 “godtube” lol

  • Raiyyan Shaikh

    so maybe Toriyama is planning to turn the evil side of Frieza into a good one in the coming arc as I feel by the things shaping up for Frieza to be staying alive and well into real world. I just don’t believe how good Frieza was behaving with Goku, So Cheeky yet So Friendly. He just may find goku good to live by just like how piccolo turned out to be, how Vegeta turned out to be. I think Toiyama just might make Frieza turn out to be good after all this time, think about all the chances goku gave frieza in the Frieza Saga to be good again & spared him. I feel if that really would happen. It will be Awesome and just hope that DBs Fans turn out to like it too. Hopefully .

    • akhil kumar

      Yeah sounds cool, but I doubt it will be that way. I wish for it though.

    • lijpeshtouwe020

      i think it would be awesome and beside that frieza would be a really great training partner for both goku and vegeta!

    • Technocality

      No way. I’ve always admired Toriyama for managing to convincingly turn two of his protagonist’s biggest nemeses into his allies, and later his friends, which hasn’t been replicated in any work of fiction to that extent since, but Frieza becoming a good guy, would be like Jason Voorhees quit cold turkey with killing anyone who enters Camp Crystal Lake. It just wouldn’t feel right at all. Toriyama has only enforced that notion in this episode, where we see Frieza sucker punching Goku, the minute he enters the mortal hemisphere, and again afterwards where he intentionally fired a Death Beam to scratch Goku’s chin.

      Vegeta may have been evil during his youth, but he’s water compared to the evil Emperor himself. Frieza is like the Joker; both are too far gone to ever turn over a new leaf.

      Tl;dr: it would be fan-service of the worst kind if Frieza went the route of Piccolo and Vegeta.

  • F.E.A.R.

    The master that invented so many techniques and a K wave, doesn’t know how to fly, ggwp Roshi.

    • akhil kumar

      Hahahaha laughed out real loud in that scene. Typical master Roshi lol

  • Vasanth Kumar

    well atleast this episode wasn’t boring…

  • akhil kumar

    Hands Down one of best episodes overall. Loved it <3

  • theXpertZeus

    20:47 that moment when you release your all?

  • dbs_sucks

    i swear men goku is a fucking idiot look at him with his big head

  • LTU-Shot16

    i wonder what will happen if frieza uses too much power? 😀

  • Carlos Ramos

    I have a feeling that the tournaments gonna be about 10-15 episodes long. I wonder what they’re planning for after the tournament. Freeza’s prob gonna get resurrected (again) and buu is a lot stronger now(even though he’s back to being chubby).
    Whatever happened to Uub? I’m guessing he won’t show up until pam grows up.

    You know what’s really been bothering me though? The z-fighters don’t use telepathy as much as they could. Maybe that could be useful in the Tournament of Power!

  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day™

    im so hypeeeeeeee

  • Mike

    Man, talk about a filler episode. That was bad…

  • Syed Talha

    For a filler episode, this was really awesome *_*

    • Kevin

      There no such thing as filler in DBS this isn’t DB or DBZ…

      DB and DBZ were merely following the manga trying to copy it, DBS got pass the manga and pretty much write the scenes how the fuck it want.

      The Manga and Anime are the same story told in a different way with minor difference like with the battle against Hit and Goku, in the Manga they still use SSJG in the Anime SSJG no longer exist.

      • Zardock

        They may still be canon, but many episodes especially before 91 were pretty much filler. They added nothing substantial to characters or story at all, and can pretty much be entirely skipped. 91-94 however are getting really good and actually building up the story and characters properly now.

        I still worry they’re going to spend less episodes on the actual tournament than the recruitment arc though..

  • Jimmy Miller

    Can we all just appreciate 17’s fucking joke. I love that guy and I love his interaction with his sis, krillin, marron, and even Piccolo

  • Vio Dranau

    FUCKING SHIT M8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay Macabee

    epic. can’t wait till next week.


    YES….Frieza transformation was OWSOM!

  • Kevin

    I can’t believe there still people thinking DBS has filler… They are not filler guys the manga and the anime are the same story told in a different way with
    minor difference like with the battle against Hit and Goku, in the Manga
    they still use SSJG in the Anime SSJG no longer exist.

    They might look like fillers but they are not no matter how bad the episode may be.

    • Zardock

      Most of the recruitment arc was indeed filler by adding nothing substantial to characters or story, but 91-94 have gone up in quality by far. It’s like a whole different person is writing these latest episodes.

  • James Deveaux

    If Frieza really is part of the team now, they should cut Buu out of the opening and edit Frieza in there.

    • Marshall Law

      Maybe Buu will make a surprise return,

  • omega imortal

    Bruh, Episode are short it’ll make me bored

  • CrashJack799YT

    dbs logic

  • Daishinkan_Sama

    Hahaha wa kami-kan de tsugi no episōdo o matsu koto ga dekimasen <<<<>>>>

  • d3rd3vil

    Oh man….they are really really taking their time this is unbelievable….next week probably another filler with Frieza fighting the nonames…..damn 🙁

  • Andy

    That was one of the best episodes of Dragon Ball super I’ve ever seen.

  • Lexxi Chen

    this is stupid!! why cant they just go to the future and ask future trunks to join them??? present bulma already have the knowledge from the diary to make a new time machine!

    • Marshall Law

      They need a blue thing don’t know what it called and time machine! Beside beerus told them no more time traveling no matter what!

    • Bilal junior

      yeah, that’s what i’m thinking too

    • Johnny Fapelbon

      They only had 40 hours to find 10 people. I doubt Bulma could build a fully functional time machine, travel into the future, and travel back in less than two days.

  • Giannis Xania


  • Giannis Xania

    its taking far too long

  • Alvis Lavrus

    Frieza aint got time for those scrubs

  • Michael Levens

    Why is the other universe allowed to have a “broly” but goku’s universe’s “Broly” isn’t canon???

  • Marc Marte

    Friezza saved DBZ today!!!!

  • AndrehS86

    GodTube…. dont know whats happening with the writers.. but ok…. xD

  • Kevin Cazad

    I love when they bring up “I watched that on Godtube” lmao they have a youtube for gods on here.

  • Faraz

    Hell yeah! I hope they make a frieza arc after universe tournament ends. And a real dark one.

  • Sabatorbi

    when they did the hand slip thing i got so much memories just flooding back to me and a blast of nastaugia

  • FatEatingStayAtHomeMother

    i know damn well that all of this cannot happen in 9 hours

  • Илья Камехамеха

    Well, that team gathering series were good as a training background, anyways 😀
    Let’s move on to the real stuff huh? 😉

  • Илья Камехамеха

    This feeling when u like the openning only coz it contains Kappa

  • Илья Камехамеха

    Frieza comeback line is amazing truly

  • Lee Walton

    It’s good seeing Feeza remind us why he’s the best DB villain of all-time. I refuse to believe DBS ends at 131 eps

  • Spookie Boogie

    I love Frieza! Definitely one of my favorite characters of all time.