Dragon Ball Super episode 93 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 93 : “Title”


  • Christian Paley



      Wow, you must be cool.

      • Christian Paley

        i am 😉

  • vineet gaur


  • Funny DanTDM Clips


  • Nuragna

    Great job everyone kindergarten class is dismissed we have learned to count to 3! I’m so proud of you. Now next time let’s see if we can get to 10! [;

    • dbz…….

      just let them be kids be kids

    • Carlos Ramos

      haha, I’m currently teaching myself how to make neural networks and well I came across an issue that involved math…. so factorials where on my mind and your comment was that much more funny. just saying 10! is a very high number for kindergardeners ahaha

  • mxm

    how long does it usually take until the subbed version is out?

    • Norris Kilgore

      usually out around 9:30 for play..streams a little bit before that as it is uploaded

  • Redhawke


  • Carlos Ramos

    no0o0o0! why no stream again? I need to watch that again ’cause it got cut off the first time

  • Mofiz

    lmao kale is lesbian with Caulifla?

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      Kale could be her little sister.

      She calls her sis so Idk. Although if Japan is just like Korea that calls a lover or guy they are close to Oppa meaning ‘Older Brother’/’Big brother. Then don’t doubt that Kale secretly in love with her, lesbians, or just jealous of sharing her friend.

  • Carlos Ramos

    Thanks, I appreciate you uploading the non-subbed version ahead of time.
    that part I missed was just before the best part were, I think her name is geru, is told to go super sayan. Then when it came back…. oh god when it came back I was all, “waaaahht!, now i gotta know”

    But other than that I’m just trying to learn Japanese and if I notice the subtitles I tend to cheat. I’d rather watch twice than cheat twice.

  • Kyle Brown

    holy shit MasakoX’s theory was right super saiyan is tied with the chakras!

    • king

      yeah its the balance of energies maybe why the bible says remain sober to tap in to those energies who knows just like when your around certain people you could feel thier energy like tingling sensation on your head or else where or seeing static run through your hands when you first wake up or the electricity feeling on your hair

      • Karthik Eyan

        thats a KAIOKEN


          OHHH YEA NICE

  • wowlock

    Soo there is a mortal who can beat a God of Destruction that is stronger than Beerus…. I wonder if it is the guy that Toppo keeps mentioning or someone new.

    Since we saw Vegito against Zamasu, I kinda wanna see GOGETA in the tournament if they wanna face against this powerful opponent.

    • king

      jiren the grey

    • truck not trunks

      sorry dude but gogeta is non canon so they won’t fuse unless they make it canon

    • Gintoki Sakata

      dude, beerus dies if they lose tournament :/, seeing its DB universe cant u tell that much

      He’s just talking about winning the tournament most probably

  • Matthew Baker

    A female Broly and danger for Beerus coming soon. Overall a good episode.

    • Mithras Kuipers

      If you’re into Digimon and other kiddie shows, yes.

      • Aqeel Zaidy

        An entirely nut and lame episode it was
        Fuck so easy Saiyan and what’s more that lamo kale became legendary super Saiyan of Rage like brolly heck they could have put another evil brolly of uni 6 instead of that lamo gal

        • Илья Камехамеха

          It’s good, u r just bad at skipping shit parts

    • Deathstar

      Female Broly reeks of PCness and Mary Sue syndrome.

  • Kevin

    It would have been nice tos ee more scene with Frieza, but I guess some scene with U6 cannot hurt too, I hope they are going to focus on Frieza next episode though.

  • dbz…….

    pfff fuck this man already waiting like 2-3 months for the tournament and still nothing more like episode`s white way too much fillers…. come on man just fucking start the tournament……. i know dragon ball super is like a big money maker it doesn’t matter how much fillers you guys make people while still watch this…… but make some episode white some action because if this bulshit wil ceep on going i will stop watching tish crap and i’m sure a lot more people will stop as well ….

    • blarghman

      nigga what this aint filler you clearly dont know what filler means. Make some action? you fucking dumb you literally had an entire episode full of action 3 episodes ago. Plus every episode has a short of action. Instead of complaining about dumbshit and crying just stop watching until the tournament arrives

    • Carlos Ramos

      Exactly, what blarghman said… just stop watching for a few weeks then come back.
      This is a 20 min show, if you can fill an hour with just dragonball you’ll feel a lot better.
      I know your pain, but I can’t feel it right now cause these episodes are actually pretty intense for me. naruto fillers, are the true definition of filler. this is nothing compared to that

    • Casey Paskel

      This isn’t filler. This is legitimately important information for the story to continue.

    • Zardock

      The last 10 or so have been mostly filler, but 90,91,92,93 were not even close. These are the type of episodes they should have been doing before 90.

  • Luis Twallin
    • Madara_ Uchiha

      why are you and kodak posting porn pics?

  • kodak black
  • kodak black
  • kodak black
  • Chirag Bhavsar

    Why the fuck they are making a joke out of super Saiyan?? Just focus your energy on back and you’re a super Saiyan? They also made super Saiyan blue look like useless when Goku used it to fight krillin. Now , first time I am loosing my mind in DB series. This is ridiculous.. How great was the transformation of Goku , Gohan , vegita , future trunks. I can get it Goten and trunks become super Saiyan directly because they had super Saiyan blood but this stupid kids don’t deserves to get it that easy !! This is ultimate shit ever fuckkk itt now I won’t keep DB super on the top of my favorite anime list. This is just stupid

    • Carlos Ramos

      I almost thought the same thing, BUT (big but)… during the fight between Champa and Beerus, both universes picked their strongest opponents, remember? That kid saiyan from the other universe was one of champas choices AND he never even knew about super saiyan. They’re strong, they just needed a push. Who knows? if they got that far without super saiyan they might be stronger than goku.

      and I’m pretty sure goku didn’t need to go blue against krillen, I think goku was just helping his friend grow

      • Chirag Bhavsar

        Well , I am satisfied that boy became super Saiyan in the fight with vegita. But the way they were talking about super Saiyan looks like 5th graders talking about some stupid random trick. And broly was the legend. Just like our universe don’t have someone like hit , they should not have someone as badass as broly. Moreever another girl turned into super Saiyan 2 without any training and that’s making me more mad..

        • blue green

          actually she does have training. Remember she’s the younger sister of Cabba master and she’s a leader of a “gang”. Universe 6 sayians fought for what they taught was good under Frost leadership so they are Military style hence why Cabba wears the old saying uniforms.

        • Blk Nelius

          I feel you on that. That is crazy though because those kids are full blood saiyans too unlike gohan, trunks, and goten. And the female broly actually turned into the legendary too. But why didn’t they have to make her transform exactly like him though. They forgot all about cell. He was in hell to. Oh well that GT cell would have been a good pic to but Frieza is better considering his new form

          • Matas Kubilius

            you know cell would be like super saiyan 3 or like majin buu before universe survival arc power in terms right? and potentially he would be a good pick but i think he would be counted as cheating because of his tail way of fighting. srsly he can let Kale, Caulifla and Cabba team cell and if he used instant transmission right before getting knocked off he would already be able to beat the 3 of them solo

        • Kyle Joultz

          She is a Genius and #1 Saiyan from Universe 6, her Prodigee is #1 in genetic potential.Stop projecting

          • Chirag Bhavsar

            Stfu.. it’s stupid and disgusting

          • Kyle Joultz

            SORRY BRO! I’m American!

          • Chirag Bhavsar

            Oh! Nevermind then..

        • Matas Kubilius

          wow, nice spelling and no they aren’t talking like 5th graders and you can’t talk about them talking dumb shit because they are amatures when it comes to transforming. And Caulifla is stated to be way more powerful then Cabba and you being mad about Kale being literally Broly just makes me laugh at how little do you know of dragon ball z or super. So many kids wanted Broly to be cannon that it was outrageus so ofc he’s gonna make Kale into a Broly because of the community and don’t talk about them not being unique because universe 6 is the TWIN counterpart to universe 7 and talking about Hit look at the androids and or Majin Buu and Cell. They are unique in their own ways how hit is himself. Not every pea in a pod is the same so is even a twin universe you know, B?

        • Dan

          The legendary super saiyan (Broly) was originally a girl.

        • Mark in Darkness

          Broly went legendary super sayin as soon he was born so you cant hold it against her for goin ssj2 this quick.
          But yes. Getting her as a replacement for kickass broly is a kick in the nuts for fans

      • Jay Macabee

        in actuality he was showing off for krillien and letting him know what force he would be fighting in the tourney.

    • Milan Babic

      There are some good explanations on youtube why they are easly achieving super saiyan. But the thing i know is that they are different, they are not war thirsty saiyans but protectors of their family and planet where Goku and other bunch are craving for fight no matter the consequences.And those two females are genius and prodigy which make some sense why they are learning it all that fast.

      • Blk Nelius

        They should have a couple episodes with vegeta as there teacher. Once they see the next level of the saiyan its over with especially with gokus transformation. Based on the female broly I bet she will be the second saiyan that can transform into a ssj3. Goten and trunks can but they have to fuse to do it.

      • Daniel

        Look. I know my girl can get mad with the drop of a hat so it kinda makes sence that girls can turn eaiser If u nerds have ever had a girl u would know that. I think dbs is awesome. Afterall if there wasnt dbs what dragon ball would u watch rhat isnt super old and u have seen a million times. STOP BITCHING NERDS

        • Arpan Kumar

          Such a lame reply and reason. Duh

    • Daniel Martin

      They never explained the really technical aspect of transforming into a Super Saiyan. This is what we’re getting. The TECHNICAL aspect of the transformation.

      • Chirag Bhavsar

        Technical aspect is shit.

        • Daniel Martin

          They’re not exactly much compared to Goku and Vegeta though.

          • Chirag Bhavsar

            Goten and trunks should beat their ass

      • Rishabh Verma

        bullshit this is a shitty technical aspect of transforming as if they have never got angry before that’s all crap. i hate how power transformations has very low level in super whoever whenever wants some transformation he/she gets that so easily something that was supposed to be lagendary has became so mare bullshit to achieve.

        • Victor Lavon Richardson

          Hey we have to admit that it all started with Goten and Trunks.
          Think of it like this; generations ago TVs were rare and it reflected economic status. Now? Everyone on welfare has one.

    • Manuel Coentro

      Super Sayian God is the ideal transformation for ki control. They explain that in the anime, Goku used SSB on Krillin because it made him control his kamehameha easily so he didn’t accidentally obliterate his friend. You have proof of the control thing if you watch a couple of episodes before when Goku fights Bergamo, the kamehameha is much much larger then. You have to think beyond power levels or you won’t understand Super’s logic which is much better imo

      • Chirag Bhavsar

        I already know about that. But , Super Saiyan blue is Goku’s best form and they are making him use it again and again and remember how 18 just smashed the Kamehameha wave? Even if Goku was not using his full power that looked so stupid.. they should have just made him go super Saiyan 1

        • Josh Perusse

          I gotta side with the control thing, because remember, Goku even in just standard form, a single punch almost killed Krillin. He tempered that Kamehameha SO MUCH that Krillin would be able to fight against it, and 18 is MUCH stronger than Krillin.

        • Manuel Coentro

          Again Super Sayian is a power boost, ssj blue isn’t. What they have been trying to show with this arc (and Super in general) is that raw power doesn’t matter as much as skill and brains. It’s a bit more like what the original Dragon Ball did and though I love DBZ, I like what they are doing here

    • Waleed Khalid

      Actually nobody care about ur opinion (favorite anime list) bark as u want

      • Chirag Bhavsar

        You cared enough to give a reply..

    • Technocality

      I agree. They ruined the canon, not to mention Caulifla transforming into a Super Saiyan 2 after she literally just learned to transform in the first place. I hate the “strong-independent-woman” trope; I never imagined they would go SJW in DBS.

      And Master Roshi is no longer a pervert, which was an essential part of his character.

      • darkracer

        it’s funny that you really believe he is no longer a pervert. especially since he got a nosebleed when he said it.

      • Lexxi Chen

        since now we have female super saiyan….so is there a super saiyan b/g fuck fest? lol

      • Mithras Kuipers

        Indeed. I see DB Super as a bootleg DB series.

      • boricuamixn216

        Well guess what, it’s A.T.’s show so it’s still CANON so wipe the sand from your vagina and deal with it.

      • Cunt Muffin

        Oh shut the fuck up you edgelord. Seriously? DBS has turned “PC” because after 20 years, Toei finally decided to include an SSJ female for the first time ever? You’re ridiculous. I can understand the fact that you’re angry about how easily they were able to transform. Don’t get me wrong, I’m rather pissed off about that myself. However, don’t you dare drag in politics where it’s not involved.

    • Blk26th

      I understand what you mean by this. Do you remember when trunks showed his dad that he can turn super Saiyan in the gravity training room. Vegeta said the same thing about it being a joke but there kids. Trunks and goten was the same way like these kids. Only thing is there from a different universe and they learned how to transform a different way from universe 7. I thought is was good considering they finally have female saiyans that can transform but I didn’t like the fact that the tried to use broly for a female saiyan but it’s good to know the tournament will be a good one

      • Matas Kubilius

        you, sir, are completely wrong. Why did Trunks and Goten learn how to turn super saiyan easily is because of their genes. And why is it when Cabba and Caulifla explain it to Kale is because they are amatures when it comes to turning super saiyan and not only that but they are the only super saiyans in universe 6 so they find it harder to learn about a mith no one in their universe proved right or even knew about.

      • Chirag Bhavsar

        That makes some sense. but , trunks and Goten had genetics of super Saiyans so it was quite obvious in their case.. moreever broly was born with power level of 10k and he was stronger than all saiyans but it doesn’t looked like that girl was strongest of all other but after her transformation she became stronger than everyone else there.. they could have kept it in better way!

    • Michael Borean

      Aren’t you making a joke of super saiyan? You just have to get REALLY angry to go super saiyan? Really? This explanation (in the episode) makes quite a bit more sense as they actually HAVE a godamn understanding of super saiyan now that it’s not just an accidental transformation.

      • Matas Kubilius

        you know the whole point behind it is because they are amatures when it comes to transforming. Hell Cabba barely mastered it and Caulifla learned it like an hour ago so of course you wouldn’t go making a fluent explanation of how to turn super saiyan. Like how Goku tried teaching Gohan how to turn super saiyan it was fluent because he mastered that form the same goes to Gohan when he was teaching Videl how to fly. They were experienced.

      • Chirag Bhavsar

        You can become super Saiyan after training hard like vegita , keep fighting your opponent and push yourself to super Saiyan or even if you’re already gifted with such ability.. That explanation looks shit

    • Behind Infront Hide

      i pretty much agree with everything u said just wanna add that idk what are they trying to do copying brolly cannon with female version like wtf they could’ve made special cannon for brolly alone would be more interesting than those fking females sayains fking fanservice

      • Matas Kubilius

        oml another kid who’s raging about Broly being female. Oh wow big deal the gender is different you feminist. This seems to be like those kids who didin’t get what they wanted for christmas because it was to expensive so they got something similiar and they now hate their parents (AKA: Akira Toriyama) for making it different. Just accept what you got and don’t cry not getting a male Broly. Toriyama granted 2 wishes of the fans: making a broly that’s cannon and making female super saiyans so don’t you dare to talk shit about it being bad.

        • Mark in Darkness

          It’s not that we don’t like having those wish granted it’s just that… WTF dude. WTF is the tingling sensation and because of that u become Legendary ssj? Seriously? If it just the tingling that mattered then future gohan died for nothing to make future trunks ssj

          • Chirag Bhavsar

            Turning Super Saiyan has became a joke now

          • Mark in Darkness

            It truly has.
            And supporting cast is as useless as ever now that everyone can go Ssjb

            But gohan can only go ultimate sayin which doesn’t even have hair color change

          • Matas Kubilius

            it’s probably because of two reasons:
            1. them being amatures at explaining the transformation style
            2. Toriyama forgetting the original concept of the transformation like with trunks’ hair

    • Cooldudeachyut

      If you start watching other good animes, DB Super won’t even reach top 50 to begin with, let alone top 10.

      • Chirag Bhavsar

        I have watched over 20 animes but DB series will be always on top as I have some childhood memories and it was my first anime which I watched..

    • Saiyan

      Put it this way if something hasnt been shown to you its hard to come across when someone shows you how its almost natural also shes the legendary saiyan so super easy for her and cabba was taught

    • João Carmona

      ” Now , first time I am loosing my mind in DB series.”
      I’m guessing this is the first time you have watched a db series without a huge bias towards defending it

      • Chirag Bhavsar


    • fallacies

      Don’t be fooled. You’re not mad at the Ssj trainees. You’re mad they wasted your time with more filler. Get on worth the tourney already, and stop forcefeeding us these talk-a-thons! Now next week we have to watch this bs about the mouse’s plan against Beerus / Freiza counter.

      I would love to see how the local supporters come out of the screenings after an episode like this… are they pumped up and fulfilled? (Or are they annoyed, like me, that they got bamboozled into wasting time (and their money) on a pointless episode?)

    • Droidboy

      Well isn’t universe 6 stronger sayians? Better genetics or something?

      • https://twitter.com/OneKyleAway Kyle Win

        I wouldn’t say better genetics, but two episodes ago it was revealed that universes parallel each other. Universe 7’s parallel (the one with Goku and everyone) is Universe 6 (the one with the two saiyans who can now transform). The only thing keeping Universe 6’s saiyans from being as strong as the saiyans we know is the fact that they have much less experience, but the roughly the same amount of potential.

    • PENIS

      This isn’t the same universe.Why would you just assume the same rules apply?

    • Rishabh Verma

      yeah man this is bullshit tingling thing on your back as if they have never got angry before that’s all crap. i hate how power transformations has very low level in super whoever whenever wants some transformation he/she gets that so easily something that was supposed to be legendary has became so mare bullshit to achieve. and goku uses his ssj blue kioken in front of everybody wtf man that is a god form a single punch should kill a person easily but everyone is able to fight it and match it’s speed.

      • Chirag Bhavsar


      • Mark in Darkness

        It’s like there is no point of ssj blue. (Cause they are gonna come up with another transformation soon enough I think)
        First they make ssjb the strongest transformation then all of a sudden everyone is able to catch up

    • Dwayne Greaves

      Hater alert

    • Mark in Darkness

      I never knew there was tingly part to become super sayin. That’s y I haven’t been able to go super sayin all these years

    • boricuamixn216

      Wipe your vagina. Sounds like you have sand in it.

    • Big Bear

      it seems that you do not have an issue with the story or writing specifically, you have an issue with the way the transformation was portrayed, every fighter is not going to transform under the same circumstances, Kale, Kabe and Caulif are very young fighters, they’re immature, they arent as literate or knowledgeable on the sayian power as earth sayians evidently, and they shouldn’t be, but its not whats important to be completely honest, what was important was that we briefly saw how they transformed, if we saw them turn super sayian in the middle of the tournament with no explanation at all, then I would understand your frustration, I wasnt a fan of how they transformed either however it does make sense.

      I do sympathise with you, i think better choice of epic music for their transformations, better camera angles and none of those terrible gold bubble effects would have made their transformations far better – but dont be discouraged, at least we understand why and how they are able to change, this wasnt even really about them it was about all of the tournament fighters assembling.

      Be patient, because in 2 days you would have forgotten about this.

      • Chirag Bhavsar

        Yeah exactly , the way in which transformation was portrayed made me mad..
        But , It’s been over 2 weeks and I am still mad at it.

      • Chirag Bhavsar

        I just hope caulifa won’t became super Saiyan blue in the tournament or I will actually start hating this series

    • Adrian Lobo Santacruz

      okaaaaaaay??? lmao what im thinking too is that super saiyan works different in different universes. and i mean you wanna complain about them making it a joke but noone complained when goten and trunks went super saiyan back in the day like itwas nothing and they were kids sooooo whats the deal?? lol also how they went super saiyan 3 while fused like goku had barely done it after years of training and they just did it by fusing. If you didn’t have an issue with that then i don’t think you can complain about dragonball super and its flawed logic.

    • Shahryar khan

      Actually you are stupid

    • Илья Камехамеха

      Don’t skip your spine day of training skinny jeans boi

  • Zardock

    Damn, even though Kale looks a little too much like Broly in that transformation, very nice episode. Starting to feel epic again.

  • Techo

    Trash episode

    • Илья Камехамеха

      Nah ur just trash at skipperino fillerino framerino

  • Kush

    How on earth did caulifla become ssj2!? Do female sayains develop faster than males????

    • NeverTrustCrazy

      I think SSJ in general is easier to achieve based on how strong you are, the saiyans of that particular universe just never knew it was a thing, and since they tend to be peacekeepers I would assume they have a lot less anger in their heart in general that could have led them to finding the transformations to get started.

      • Kush

        true .. and they could be slightly diff from our saiyans since they have no tails

        • NeverTrustCrazy

          Oh yeah, good point, so no Oozaru… or maybe they do away with their tail at birth becuase they’re “Good” and know how dangerous and unstable Oozaru is.

          • Kush

            lol wat a valid point ryt there… though these saiyans reach these power levels with ease.. could it be that mybe they are more elite compared to saiyans of u7??

          • NeverTrustCrazy

            I don’t think there’s a doubt in that regard.

            u7 saiyans were scum who used every trick in their genetic arsenal to the service of Frieza. Meanwhile every sayian in their universe was a mercenary hero without a tail that has a power level comparable to frieza himself.

          • Kush

            I agree with u like 100%… Flip I can’t wait to see this arc light up now …

    • Benny Wong


    • Travis Twyford

      Isn’t it obvious? Women can achieve Super Saiyan much easier than men because women are always mad and angry.

      • Kush

        loooooooooool best response ever

    • Milan Babic

      True Super Saiyan 2 Grade 5.

      • Kush

        lol or plain ssj2

    • Sid

      Just like the Kryptonian race

    • OnyxSinon

      how did u know that was ssj2 not ssj?

      • Tom Restaino

        blue lightning in the aura

      • Edmar Penalis Ponce

        ssj1 is a yellow hair only! ssj2 adding flash lightning on it! ssj3 got long hair and rare circle yellow aura with flash lightning outside! ssj4 is the is black hair with red body and red color part of hes eyes! ssj5 is like ssj4 but the hair color is white and body is yellow! with white yellow aura!

        • OnyxSinon

          ssj5 doesn’t exist what are u on about mate

      • Kush

        she had three devil horns . and normal super s had 2 big ones if im not mistaken and the hair color is difrent

  • Mahir Mádam

    now days, becoming super saiyan is too easy like children works………..

    • https://youtu.be/I-A8TwsPqlk Kamesenin Butan

      Since Goten and Trunks in DBZ………. hmmmmm……

  • SupaBadSwag

    I think she went super saiyan by jealousy with the green aura. imo

  • Pradeep

    Kale look like broly ha!!!! Cool its would be more interesting in seeing her in

  • Patrick Brown

    What if that God kills Beerus, and makes Frieza become God of Destruction, then he couldn’t compete.

  • Che Murdock *EWN Tag Champ*

    Really solid episode.

  • A Dweik

    I’m going to have to keep it real with everyone, including myself. Whenever you see something and think, “Damn that isn’t logica- oh fuck wait this is a kid’s cartoon show.” Enjoy the goddamn nostalgia motherfuckers! Super Saiyan changed your life and after watching this episode, you will probably have wet dreams about including Kale in your diet.

  • Marc Marte

    I kinda agree, if you think about it, this series is more F#$# then Dragon ball GT. The fact there is two zen o sama, when one is suppose to be destroying or making universes. Thats means there suppose to be more Zen o samas, which is Bull. The female broly makes sense, since broly was timid as well. The fact they can become supersayin from tingle on back is a joke

  • Riddler

    this is bullshit, nobody wants to see lil asian kiddy bitch sayians , why is this even in the show ?

  • Riddler

    Why so many frames of Bulma in the outro sequence ? Too much Bulma in this fucking shows…and the bitch is annoying as fuck nowadays

  • Sunny Paul

    no one noticed that caulifa went super saiyan 2 without any rage or technical aspect


      umm everyone noticed. its all over the comments

      • Arpan Kumar


  • Emmanuel Delgado

    So uni 4 trying to corrupt Frieza to betray uni 7????

  • Mithras Kuipers

    Dragon Ball Super is a pathetic show. It is even shittier than Pokemon season 1. Terrible animation, terrible story telling, terrible character designs. Each episode, the characters are off-model at least 3 times. I rather watch an episode Shin-chan.

    You Dragon Ball fanboys are too forgiving. It is like your brain just stops being critical when you’re served with an episode of Dragon Ball Super.

    The show is intended for a specific audience: 4-6 year old children with severe cases of autism.

    • The Reverse-Flash

      Damn, you sure are a salty one.
      Animation has improved a hundred times since the beginning of the show and now beats DBZ in nearly every aspect. The story telling, for most of the time, is way more deeper than everything DBZ ever had to offer, so is the character design. DBZ basically was the same shit over and over again with different colored enemies, Super on the other hand has many different characters with unique abilities and techniques. DBZ could never hope to show that much diversity.

      • Mithras Kuipers

        I am salty, you are a fruit.
        Although the animation has improved a hundred times, it is still a million times worse than the best DBZ had to offer.

        It is a shit show, not intended for an adult audience.

        The corresponding manga is OK and fun. The anime is for autistic kids.

        • HellStorm Demonoid

          You swine. You vulgar little maggot. You worthless bag of filth. I wager you couldn’t empty a boot of excrement were the instructions on the heel. You are a canker. A sore that won’t go away. I would rather kiss a lawyer than be seen with you. Try to edit your responses of unnecessary material before attempting to impress us with your insight. The evidence that you are a nincompoop will still be available to readers, but they will be able to access it more rapidly.

          You snail-skulled little rabbit. Would that a hawk pick you up, drive its beak into your brain, and upon finding it rancid set you loose to fly briefly before spattering the ocean rocks with the frothy pink shame of your ignoble blood. May you choke on the queasy, convulsing nausea of your own trite, foolish beliefs. You are weary, stale, flat and unprofitable. You are grimy, squalid, nasty and profane. You are foul and disgusting. You’re a fool, an ignoramus.

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          True, these are rudimentary skills that many of us “normal” people take for granted that everyone has an easy time of mastering. But we sometimes forget that there are “challenged” persons in this world who find these things more difficult. If I had known, that this was your case then I would have never read your post. It just wouldn’t have been “right”. Sort of like parking in a handicap space. I wish you the best of luck in the emotional, and social struggles that seem to be placing such a demand on you.

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          Shut up and go away lest you achieve the physical retribution your behaviour merits.

          • Mithras Kuipers

            Thank you for the copy paste. I saved it and can’t wait to find a victim to send it to 😉 😉 😉

          • Anthony St Louis

            You don’t know how autism works so don’t use it as an insult. from your comments, you basically think it just means “retarded”. no. it doesn’t. it’s a broad spectrum and some of those that have it are quite intelligent.

        • Zak Hanratty

          Than why the fuck do you keep watching it, oh wait, is it because you’re fucking autistic

      • Mark in Darkness

        But it’s animation in itself was something to love. Even if the animation has improved in the new series, the old animation gave the series it’s own flavour

    • Zardock

      Animation is by far the least of DBS’ problems. I could deal with an amateur making the animation as long as the plot and scaling is at least somewhat consistent.

  • Bauer Norbi

    Well, did u guys see that Caliufla became SSJ2? He had the lighning around him when he blocked Kale’s blast.

  • Anas Kramech

    fuck krillin sien and master roshi some weak bastards instead beerus should bang up buu and they can bring Cell from hell they aint getting nowhere with the perv and the two weak boldis

    • gh

      hell yeah fuck em 🙁

    • Joey Stackz

      goten & trunks. make tien watch the island.

  • Jazlyene Rivera

    hey when did we has people become so ungrateful so we get dragon ball franchise back and all we do is say the shit is cheesie first off i like the fact that we get the saiyan race back okay say we got female saiyans hey news flash we always had female saiyans so this should be nothing new to any of us beerus was a old character if you dingdongs payed any attention to beerus and whis convos during vegeta vs frieza fight u would have caught when vegetas say you destroyed my home planet the one i was destine to rule and whis went on to say i wonder what the prince would think if he knew you order the destruction of planet vegeta all im sayin is i love super and i think its good that there going in depths with the whole plot line of super has there going back in time towards where goku now knows theres more universes out then just his own if no one caught on then i will point out frieza says immediately goes out to say your plotting something arent you and then goku goes out to say yeah i am people when do we know goku to plot me never in all my years of watching dragon ball have i knowned him to so what if the animation is a little off remember this, these streaming episodes when there done are going to get fixed and streamed anyways we just got to hang on and keep giving the franchise alot of love and support so that in the future we get a better outcome in animation

  • Marshall Law

    Look like next episode is when all members of universe 7 leave to the tournament judging by the preview when Marron wave her hand standing next to trunks and Goten! Can’t believe buu won’t join thanks toei you sucks!

  • Matthew Anthony

    We haven’t seen anything from Vegeta, will they finally give him his own power and form during the tournament or just keep him as a second rate Goku with no special abilities? That’s what is pissing me off. Goku and Gohan both have unique forms, Vegeta needs one.

    The Female Legendary Saiyan transformation was underwhelming and since when can a SSj2 block a Legendary Saiyain Ki blast???????! Underpowered much?

    • Michael Borean

      Probably around when SSJ2 was more powerful than Cell, and showed up after the movie Brolly was in.

  • Mihael Terziev

    i dont get why frieza is the one to be ressurected.. a much better choice is cell or even in some way the actual Broly happens to join this epic battle… this female broly is just a joke…its just nonsense…

  • Christian Paley

    Everybody make you’re back tingle and you will become a super sayin

  • Christian Paley

    15:48 Cabba punches female brolley in the titty

  • Zardock

    Other than Kale being an exact copy of Broly with boobs added, even gestures and attacks look the same as Broly’s…. great episode.

  • Mario Ellis

    I don’t think they are making a joke about going super saiyan. Think about it. Goku learned to go super saiyan cuz frieza killed his people and him getting angry transformed him. Vegita turned because his anger reached that point after constantly being second to goku. But although its never stated or implied they both focused that anger at those moments and that is what actually transformed them. This episode only shows what actually happens when focusing and transforming. Where goku and vegita got to SS through emotion, they were already trained fighters so focusing their energy was something that they already knew how to do and wasn’t something they had to think about. Where as these new saiyans have never needed a reason to get to that point. So I can understand why they would need to be taught how to transform and cabba only told them how he focuses his energy. caulifla is a fighting gienus and so picking up this sort of thing should be easy for her. Especially if she is exceptionally talented but has never been pushed to her limit. As far as kale is concerned, she is that universes broly. Broly was a naturally overpowered saiyan, if I’m not mistaken his power level at birth was on par with nappa when he first reached earth. just my opinion.

  • Baphomet

    everyone complaining but im here smiling ear to ear because of the convo between goku and freiza . just that convo made me happy

  • Mick

    Stop complaining about ssj2, when Goten and Trunks already made ssj a joke and Gotenks went ssj3 with no training even though it took Goku 7 years. DBS ruined a lot of things but Super Sayian has been a joke since DBZ.

  • bill nianias

    goku and vegeta they did a lot of training to become super saiyans but dont forget that they didnt have at their side some veteran saiyan to train them how to become super saiyans ,they discover that power on their own .Unlike cabba who learned from vegeta exactly how to achieve that power so if you think like this it makes some sense why the saiyans from universe 6 became super saiyans easier than goku and vegeta.

  • Arpan Kumar

    Tingling feeling on my back, KISS MY ASS!!
    Super Saiyan is like a fucking joke now.
    Disappointed but holding onto it becoz of Frieza & the Mortal stronger than the God of Destruction, who is even stronger than Beerus.
    Its a Roller Coster for me right now :/

    • d3rd3vil

      Yeah who is stronger than Beerus, who is it. Is it Jiren? Should be, could be….Hopefully it is then Goku can show during the tournament that he surpassed Beerus IF he wins 🙂

  • Allen Marshall

    It’s a super saiyan bargain sale

  • d3rd3vil

    A female Broly holy shit thats crazy…..but 1 hour and 30 minutes left 🙂 Let the shit begin! Who did Whis mean by mortal stronger than Beerus? Very interesting…..Jiren?

  • K Peter

    Everything is drawn out, all now the tournament can’t kick off! Kmt. Full of shit like crab

  • Airius Devon Hunt

    My only complaint is she look way to much like Broly they i enjoy the concept of a female Broly but they could have do a little better job making a custom character somebody a little more feminine. I don’t understand why everybody is complaining about those three becoming super saiyans so easily from what we know from the story they are all heavily trained saiyans and supposedly the strongest in there universe so it makes sense that it came so easy to them after they were taught to do it. Think about it if goku went super saiyan with the original fight against freiza at that power level. And Cabba went head to head with vegita in the first tournament so in regular form their power level was comparable so once again it makes perfect sense it was and easy transformation once it was explained

    • Droidboy

      Yep. They clearly have more potential. Just unused because they didn’t know about the other form.

  • Justin

    I cant believe these characters put Goku to shame, Goku took forever to transform to Super Saiyan where as these characters were able to access it through a “tingly-like” feeling in the back. are you insane..

  • Rishabh Verma

    This is bullshit tingling thing on your back as if they have never got angry before that’s all crap. i hate how power transformations has very low level in super whoever whenever wants some transformation he/she gets that so easily something that was supposed to be legendary has became so mare bullshit to achieve. and goku uses his ssj blue kioken in front of everybody wtf man that is a god form a single punch should kill a person easily but everyone is able to fight it and match it’s speed.

  • Aaron Christopher Smith

    No one noticed that caulifa went super saiyan 2…to stop the blast from kale….just like that she went ssj2..?

  • Saker Mahmud Tanim

    ami unununu

  • Dan

    its going to be weird seeing freeza stand by goku’s side instead of facing of in front of him.

  • Currency Music

    someone please explain to me how you literally go up two saiyan levels in the same battle come on now it took gohan a while to train for super saiyan and was then pushed to super saiyan two by cell like how in the freak do you get two saiyan levels in the same episode ?? like super is completely a joke

  • https://twitter.com/OneKyleAway Kyle Win

    To people hating on this… just shut the fuck up and enjoy the free anime that is provided to you. Toriyama works round the clock and constantly creates new content just so immature “men” who think they’re the best damn critics in the world can complain. Broly was never canon, so a female Broly is an amazing way to bring him/her into the mix and so are female super saiyans. If male saiyans can transform, females should be able to as well. Even though they didn’t transform via tragedy or anger, it’s clear that the anger swells up energy inside them (in their backs) which causes a transformation. These technical explanations are actually really useful so you kids can’t bitch about it three arks later.

    As for the ease of transformations/strengths of other characters, you have to remember that these are ALTERNATE UNIVERSES. They can, AND WILL, have powers that rival Universe 7. Saiyans from other universes are no exception, these ones just have less experience but possibly more potential. Suck it up and move on if you can’t handle watching an anime that has continuous growth and an endless plot.

  • Jose Madrigal

    wtf is this a female broly?? XD

  • Mithras Kuipers

    I really love the 2 frames per second animation of DB Super! It gets me rock hard everytime.

  • Mithras Kuipers

    I really love the faces the saiyans make in this show when they turn Super Saiyan. Head tilted backwards, faces filled with 90% mouth. Great artists..

  • Thatonegirl

    I can sense the gayness tingling from Kale and Caulfia..


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  • James Deveaux

    Once again, they force logic out the window in DBS.

  • fzx

    People is missing the chain reaction
    Vegeta has begun, think about it, what if they learned how to summon the SSG, they have a planet full of sayans. They will be unstoppable

  • Fzx

    People is missing the chain reaction
    Vegeta has begun, think about it, what if they learned how to summon the SSG, they have a planet full of sayans. They will be unstoppable

  • Michael Levens

    Why is the other universe’s broly canon but goku’s universe’s broly is not?

  • Kenneth Abe


  • Sheldon Gibbs

    To me the super sayian transformation was alway based on the strength of the sayians body and emotion. When the sayian’s body is strong enough experiencing strong enough emotion will trigger the transformation. Sayian males don’t experience strong emotion during battle that much. They are usually happy to face someone strong but I suspect that females of the sayian race are way more emotional. When Frieza was control of the sayians. He would destroy sayian teams when they got to a certain strength level. I also suspect that there were few females remaining because of Freiza prostituting the entire race down to babies to takeover planets. So when a sayian female’s body was strong enough I think they would have an easier time transforming because their wider range of emotion to their male counterparts. Broly is a perfect example of how much emotion matters in the transformation. Just Goku crying is enough to make him really upset with intense anger, crazy obsession and mood swings. The device they put on his head suppress his emotions and power level. With it on he could stub his toe and barely react. With it off he would destroy the room or building.

  • Mirza Rakhmadianti

    oh Beerus’ rival is born

  • Sabatorbi

    why is everyone complaining about the way they show super saiyans man cause if they never brought anyone up to scale with goku gohan and vageta first of all the fight agaisnt krillin goku can hold back up to like ss2 if he wants in his blue form and even if he didnt in the tournament when they got to it it would be like just vegeta gohan and maybe piccolo but everyone else would be out right from the start

  • Nerdygummies_c

    Frieza is one of my favorite villains because he’s just pure evil and he is just special. you’re a special boy Frieza!

  • bigboiz

    freeza got cucked a little here

  • Илья Камехамеха


  • Илья Камехамеха


  • Илья Камехамеха

    That Frieza Goku meeting scene was so romantic, all that rose petals…

  • https://soundcloud.com/broken-mask Broken Mask

    Thus, Broly became canon… in the form of a girl from another universe. Huh.

  • Nathan Bongertman