Dragon Ball Super episode 92 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 92 : “Title”


  • Asad Siddiqui

    how to remove the ad

    • kerath

      Ad Block Plus.

      • ELiiiX

        ad block plus doesnt do shit for me on this website..

        • kerath

          It works just fine for me. >.. I don’t have any issues with it.

          • Zardock

            No he’s right, it doesn’t block all of them, still have to have 2 open before you can even click the video.

    • longwalk

      it was live when u where watching it kind of hard to sub something before it is aired give them like a hour or so after air time and it will be up try thanking the guys who sub it instead of complaining

  • Miran Mannay

    asad siddiqui get an ad blocker

  • Wayne Tucker

    Why no subs

    • longwalk

      it was live when u where watching it kind of hard to sub something before it is aired give them like a hour or so after air time and it will be up try thanking the guys who sub it instead of complaining and sry did not mean to post this on asad siddiquis post

  • Lotto

    These commercials need subs.


    Holy sht

  • Paulo Sein Hlaing

    frieza !

  • Aleksa Radulovic

    Next episode with ” Ruler ” of Universe will be sooo interesting!

    • Benny Wong

      I’ve a feeling freiza may eventually gained his ‘wish’ and become ruler of hell 🙂

  • Jason Liu

    more talent than all the saiyans so far
    I mean it took her like 2 minutes to learn the super saiyan transformation
    In addition she forcefully transformed without any anger or stimulation just pure fucking instinct

    • Jo

      Fuckin cringe dude…

    • Dark Lord

      Just like Kid Goten and Kid Trunks

      • Vasanth Kumar

        its because their fathers are already ssjs..,
        there is nothing similar between these two cases

        • Daniel Allen Stanford

          except for the fact that Trucks wasn’t born with the super saiyan gene…Trunks was already born and a baby before Vegeta went super saiyan the first time

          • Vasanth Kumar

            i think vegita first became ssj when he was training in capsule.corp… which is before he fought with android 19 and which is way before when trunks was born when vegita and others are training in hyper bolic time chamber..

          • Scales Evony

            Vegeta first went super saiyan after he impregnated Bulma, and bailed off on a moon somewhere. It’s on YouTube, “The first time Vegeta goes super saiyan.”

        • Boogieman

          Not true.

    • Sangro

      Not true. You must’ve not heard of Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan.

      He was born with a power level of 10,000….

      • Swatsec Has You

        non canon tho

      • Mr. Plomo

        Would have been intense if broly was around to fight in the tournament.

    • Korgarath

      It’s like a Super Saiyan bargain sale.

      • Chanmaster

        lol best reference ever

        • Alvin

          She’s basically just a female version of Goten 😛

          • Faze

            Nah, hear her. Her power overflowing, maybe the female Broly as in Broccoli, and her name is Caulifla as in Cauliflower,

          • Lesedi Ellison Kgadisa

            I think Kale is the version of Broly. Shyness and anger.

          • Mark in Darkness

            Vegeta as in vegetable and Kakarot as in carrot???

          • Jason

            And don’t forget Raditz is a Radish :DDD

          • Mark in Darkness

            Bardock and napa and pasha?

            Btw toma was tomato

      • Justo Orozco

        Haha yes!!

    • Simond C.S

      The reason why the Chick saiyan got it quick is because she got the right mentor… That was the best explanation of how to become a super saiyan ever… Not training, not concentrating on things but basically concentrating on what really matters… The tingling sensation… Most of the time the best teacher comes from those who are low performers.. Coz they know more on how to screw it up than doing it right, so they know more about the technicalities of stuffs..

    • Boogieman

      Well, yeah. They have to make these noobie saiyans somewhat powerful in order for them to even have a chance against people from other universes who are 10000x stronger.

    • Greeno

      dude, you’re forgetting Goten

    • ed

      but kale is stronger than her 😮

    • Matthew Carrasco

      You’re weird.

    • Jason Liu

      yeh, if we’re considering talent and age then goten and prob trunks have the most potential. But it feels like Akira Toriyama just forgot about them…
      i mean they arent even joining the tournament 🙁
      so if we’re assuming that that these new super saiyans will attain more transformations and not remain stagnant then this new chick has more potential.

    • Aryan Mandal

      saiyan chick does have resemble with broly. broly too is a beast….. a born powrfull beast. just defence is (he and she).

      • Memes are for Nerds

        thats what im thinking lol she resembles him so much and she picked it up instantly like she has the same power as broly in her veins.

        • Alvin

          If you look at the clothing, female Broly will probably be Kale, the other female Saiyan.

    • Dragons Den

      And then she goes ssj2 in next episode -.- i mean, its in the preview afterall

    • P Fierce A.B.P Music

      she is a female she always mad

      • Mark in Darkness

        Hulk said almost the same thing in avengers

    • JustANiggaWithARocketLauncher

      Goten and Trunks did the same thing at a younger age

    • Fanuru

      I honestly thought her boobs might be levitated like the rocks and hair get from the power-up.

      • Илья Камехамеха

        She got hair on her puss levitated

    • Ankit T

      Do you not remember Goten’s transformation?

    • Илья Камехамеха

      How many times have u fapped on her already, when it’s such a drunkfest?
      Be honest with us and yourself :> :> :>

  • RocketBar

    omg FRIEZA!!!!!!!

  • Gerderion D’Shun Sells

    Frieza sama teaming up with Goku and his friends. And I love how casual Goku sounded when he said that he was gonna recruit Frieza.

    • Rias Gremory

      its because goku thinks frieza is trash compared to him but is good enough for the tournament of power

  • naruto is better

    wow this show is so inconsistent it takes goku watching his best friend to go super saying now they reduced the transformation to feeling the tingly feeling in your back.. toriyama shitted this out for sure

    • naruto is better


      • Eli Ko

        Not entirely true. Goku’s IQ isn’t all that high and he was only able to teach super saiyan based off the instinct that you have to have pure rage. However, the saiyans of universe 6 are actually pretty smart. And in teaching the super saiyan transformation, Cabba stated that once you’re used to it, you focus your strength to the mid back and that it’s like a tingly sensation. Caulifla just happens to be a genius and was able to transform after Cabba’s explanation is all.

        • DBZ4Life

          Goku’s IQ isn’t low. People mistake being pure and innocent with stupidity, if he were dumb, he wouldn’t be such a great fighter.

          • Eli Ko

            Being pure and innocent doesn’t have any correlation with IQ. However, in this case, Goku actually is dumb. Fighting is the only talent he has. A talent doesn’t have correlation to IQ either. This is why people in the DB universe tend to forgive and forget for all of Goku’s fuck ups. For example, Beerus warned him that reminding the King of All about the tournament was going to be a bad idea with consequences. Goku’s argument was that there was no way the King of All would do anything bad. Even Goku admitted he fucked up, but looked to the silver lining that he now gets to test his mettle against fighters from different universes. This is why Goku looked to Gohan for advice after the fact of learning that the universe has a possibility of being erased, because Gohan is an accomplished scholar and knows better. To verify this example, a previous episode showed vagabonds looting and pillaging because they found out their universe might come to an end. Exactly what Gohan predicted might happen if word spread in their own universe.

          • Vishnu Gopakumar

            King of all was going to destroy it anyway , goku managed to give each and every one a chance to fight for the universe.

          • Eli Ko

            Where in ANY episode does it say the King of ALL was gonna destroy the universes anyways. He DID say there’s too many and wanted to get rid of some, but that doesn’t imply he was going to destroy all of them. As pure and innocent the King of All is, he’s really just a bored child looking for something to do. Having met Goku, who is about as innocent as he is, he took a liking to him and wanted Goku to play with him. But Goku knows that he’s basically just a child and doesn’t want playing with him taking up his time to train. What does he do? Travels through time to get the future King of All and brings him to the past alternate timeline so that the King of All can play with himself. Someone capable of matching his power and status. Also the only other being that he’d actually be able to get along with.

          • Christopher James Jensen

            Actually, it’s stated a few times that Goku saved the other universes by requesting the Tournament of Power by the Great Priest when the other kaioshins and gods get shitty at Goku. Go back and watch the preliminary tournament episodes again.

          • Eli Ko

            Again, Zen-oh wasn’t going to destroy ALL the universes 1-12. He wanted to get rid of some because there were too many. Goku bought some time for a fair fight to determine which ones would be worthy to stay.

          • Kenneth Jenkins

            I’m loving this thread I’m done trolling. It wss mentioned a few times that Goku gave them a way to save one universe. When at first they were all gonna be destroyed.

          • יובל חשמונאי

            How do you not understand that all those weak dbz characters and the new super sayians in universe 6 suddenly got so strong in dbs is because the makers of the show had to give the main character some competition. Think about it, how do you explain that fucking Kirilln was even able to hold his own against ssj Goku, or Android 17 matched not ssj2 Goku, not even ss3, but fucking ssj blue, Or that that new sayian girl just achieved ssj in an instant? The creators of the show have want to keep the old characters and introduce new sayians so they make them unrealisticly strong so they could rival the power Goku, Vegeta and gohan have achieved. It makes absolutely no sense but that’s the reason in my opinion.for example, i also bet you the for same retarded reason that new sayians caulifila or what’s her name will rival mystic Gohan as when she herself, is only ssj1.

          • Eli Ko

            This is true, the writers do need plots and with the requests of fans over the years they decided to bring even Gohan back. But in case you haven’t noticed, they strayed away from power levels a LONG time ago. It holds no relevance to combat potential and was just a random number thrown out to give readers/viewers some sort of measure. Sure SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSG, SSJ Blue all tend to upgrade power and speed. But lets say for example, if Yamcha was a Saiyan and was able to turn SSJ Blue, he’d still be useless against Goku in normal form because of combat potential.

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            you have a point

          • Jjo

            if he’s an idiot tell me how the fuck did he managed to counter attack Hit’s move? when he’s stopping the time? and that;s only one example, he managed to outsmart almost every enemy he had since Dragon Ball.

          • Eli Ko

            Goku’s a combat genius, not a regular genius. Being a combat genius doesn’t take a high IQ. Can Goku count to 20? Can Goku read a book? A magazine? He actually displays signs of Asperger Syndrome, which is in the same category of autism. Austistic people can have talents too but does that mean they have a high IQ? There’s an autisitic guy (real life) that draws detailed panoramic landscapes through memory, but that makes him an artistic genius, again not a regular genius.

          • animefreaklover

            I think everyone is forgetting that Goku had a head injury as a child. Which is without a doubt the leading cause of Goku’s stupidity. He isn’t autistic or dumb guys, he has brain damage. Being stupid or autistic and having brain damage are in 2 completely different categories.

          • Eli Ko

            No, I haven’t forgotten about his head injury. I stated it as a blanket statement towards the saiyans in universe 7. If you look at their history, they’re basically Neanderthals. They don’t build any of the tech they utilized. They only operate them. They’re smart enough to utilize their own brute force to overpower a smart but weak civilization to enslave them to do their bidding.

          • Allen Franklin

            Also homo neanderthalensis werent unintelligent either; they had the same mental capabilities as homo sapiens. The major difference that possibly resulted in them dying out, compared to modern humans, was that their vocal cords werent as developed. Because of this, language was far more challenging… which means passing on ideas is greatly limited. Modern Humans are where we are because we’re a social species that passes on ideas and build upon those that came before us.

          • Allen Franklin

            Intelligence is your ability to obtain, retain, and reapply knowledge. Its not about how much you know, or what kind of information you know. Goku is most definitely a genius, as his skills in martial arts show. He learns extraordinarily quick, with barely anything to teach him. Like him learning kaio ken, kamehameha wave, ect. ect. Simply sees someone else use the technique, and he understands how it functions and how to use or counter it (Hit).

            Thats some nearly supernatural stuff. It doesnt matter that he doesnt know what marriage is. He hasnt exposed himself to academics or anything related to it, so he’s never bothered to learn it. If it doesnt have to do with fighting he simply doesnt have any interest in understanding or remembering the information.

            That doesnt mean he has a low IQ. In computer terms… Intelligence is more akin to processing power, not the capacity of the harddrive, or how much data its storing.

          • Amaris

            Sure, he’s so smart, he thought ‘marriage’ was something to eat.

          • andthebraindamage

            Goku is from another planet remeber?

          • Amaris

            He sure is, but I don’t think that necessarily matters, as he pretty much grew up on Earth. And there were marriages between Saiyans anyway.

            He never was and never will be a savvy guy.

          • Minime010

            Knowledge and intelligence are two different things.

          • asdasdasd

            Well tbh Goku did not take school he was alone when he was a kid granpa goku died yeah he may be dumb but here on super he learned a lot

          • Rajaggopal Sankarasubramanian

            agree to DBZ4Life comment… Goku is a genius (high IQ) when it comes to fighting

    • Kevin

      Maybe that’s how it work for U6 Saiyans, but it might not be the case for U7 saiyans.

    • Amaris

      Not exactly. Cabba said it himself, he needed the anger to transform. But once he figured out how to transform, he can do it on command. So can Goku, Vegeta, Gohan,… they don’t need to be provoked or extremely angry anymore.

      Cabba just told Caulifla how he can do it normally. It’s probably the same way Trunks and Goten did it.

      • Rajaggopal Sankarasubramanian

        Then why the fuck dint Goku teach that to Gohan in the first place… they had to train rigorously in hyperbolic time chamber for that and he almost killed Gohan too… This tingly feeling is bullshit

        • Barkóczi János

          Because you need to get strong enough to achieve ssj level. These saiyans are much more powerfull and experienced than Gohan was

          • Boogieman

            That’s just not true. Gohan’s potential > kiddo’s from another universe.

          • Barkóczi János

            Even Cabba’s base form is much stronger than Gohan’s base form was when he turned SSJ. And the other Saiyans from that universe are stronger than Cabba.

    • Fisnik Hoxha

      no you didn’t

    • LegendaryUub

      go and watch naruto then, bitch!

  • Nicholas Burroughs

    God yamcha must be down in the dumps right about now. Not one person considered him.

  • SV

    It will be more interesting than buu. Because he (frieza) will meet up with other frieza in the 6th univerze

  • David Camacho

    I have a feeling this is gunna turn somewhat a huge plot twist at the end of the fight. i have a huge feeling about that.

    • Wildreamz

      I have a feeling Feeza is going to betray them, lol.

      • EX㊉ÐIA☥ ?-={ OBLITERATE }=-?

        If he’s smart, he wouldn’t because that arena will be surrounded by deities that can make him disappear by 1 word.

  • Juni Fer Ras

    ok. this episode its make me confuse a bit. well we know that buu is not enter the tournament so its a stories that can make frieza join. or akira will make good story for buu after this arc.

    • kostikas drift

      I think that buu actually manege somehow to enter to the tournament cause we see him to the intro between the other 9 fighters

      • Daniel Allen Stanford

        that means nothing. that simply means at this point in the series he is a regular character. same as hercule.

  • Vishnu Nair

    Broly would be better,only if that were possible!

    • Kevin

      Broly would be way too weak to make any difference at this point i’m sure Krillin can beat him. lol

      I would rather revive Super Perfect Cell than revive Broly, since Broly would be impossible to reason with and he would kill people for sure in the tournament.

      At least with Frieza or if they decided to go with Cell both of them can be reason with if you bride them with the right thing.

      Also Broly isn’t canon and doesn’t exist, the only thing close to Broly is obviously in U6 and it’s a girl who is the complete opposite of him.

      • Pure Shqiptar

        Wtf are you on about Krillin can’t beat Broly your power scaling is off the charts.

    • Ivan Martins

      Shen Long can revive people right…?
      I’d say Paykuan and Uob lmao…
      Krillin being stronger than Broly is a ridiculous statement and I dont believe Perfect Cell would be stronger than majin Buu…

  • Randy Rethlake

    It will be interesting to see vegeta’s reaction to all these super Saiyan transformations.

  • Vasanth Kumar

    i bet there’s gonna be atleast another 2 episodes before the actual fight in the tornament begins.. iam soo done with this shit mann

  • Lucy077

    Did anyone else see a character that looks like broly in the preview

    • kostikas drift

      Yes.. she is Kale the scary girl of universe 6 who we saw in this episode

    • Gardevoir_Jessie

      xD hey that’s the girl that just learned how to go super saiyan :3 SHE shall be the Broly xD and it’s gonna be awesome

    • Kevin

      That character appears every single fucking time in the opening of every single episode…

      • Kenneth Jenkins


  • startthetournamentalready

    Frieza’s gonna be the next Piccolo or Vegeta of the Dragon Ball Series. Goku’s arch enemy turned ally turned friend of the family. A hundred episodes from now he’ll be babysitting Vegeta’s daughter Bulla

  • Bill

    Yoooo what if caulifla and kale do that fusion dance ???

  • Technocality

    They’re completely ruining the canon! Fucking Toei!!!

    Master Roshi is not him if he’s not a pervert. For God’s sake, he was the one who started the pervert stock character trope. And now you can transform into a Super Saiyan without getting angry? Unless you were born with Super Saiyan genes like Goten and Trunks, it doesn’t fit in with what’s already established.

    • Daniel Allen Stanford

      except for the fact that Trucks wasn’t born with the super saiyan gene…Trunks was already born and a baby before Vegeta went super saiyan the first time.

    • Daniel Allen Stanford

      except for the fact that Trunks wasn’t born with the super saiyan gene…Trunks was already born and a baby before Vegeta went super saiyan the first time

      • JGarrick

        Fetus Pan didn’t need much motivation to turn SSJ either. Trunks and Goten are part human (like Gohan) and it’s apparently the reason they’re potentially stronger than pure blood Saiyans. Universe 6 Saiyans have a different physiology also (it was said they evolved differently), so that could explain their ability to master SSJ so fast. And I don’t think there’s actually anything like a SSJ gene (except in Brolly, maybe).

    • Roberto Lopez

      Considering what SJ actually is, it is unsurprising and not unreasonable that an actual technique can be found besides “get really really angry.”

    • Boogieman

      No such thing as super saiyan genes. It is called being a half saiyan that makes them more emotionally unstable because of their human half for them to easily transform into ss. Full-blooded saiyans have more pride and because of that, it is way more difficult for them to get angry to transform.

    • Richard Caisido Belen

      i agree they changed things that’s too contradicting first thing how come that it takes too long to discover that a girl can go ss? y just now? that’s too annoying so they will make pan become a ss too and master roshi will not be pervert is equal to boring dbz ahahaha so true

  • Gardevoir_Jessie

    *facepalm* i saw the frieza thing a billion miles away cmon guys…

    • Carlos

      I didn’t. I thought Buu was definitely part of the lineup because of the intro clips. They always depicted Buu as part of the group of 10. So this was a deliberately misleading. I’m ok with that

  • Kush

    This will be so interesting!! Freeza and frostbite teaming up on all sayins

  • Rias Gremory

    why was there broly on the episode 93 preview part?

    • Mohit Adhikari

      no she is that super saiyan girl , her hair look like it
      but i would be happy if they take broly in too and that kid who was evil buu

      • Christopher James Jensen

        It’s Kale, not Caulifa. Caulifa is a red herring. Her attack, that looks almost the same as Broly’s, is also a red herring. You can tell it’s Kale by the clothes she’s wearing. Plus, if you go back to the announcement promotions for this arc, you can see her transforming from base form in one of the clips.

        • Mohit Adhikari

          wait there was two saiyan girls in universe 6 and the one just reached super saiyan level and the other who was hiding are you talking about her

      • Rias Gremory

        oh lol, it makes a lot of sense now.

        • Mohit Adhikari

          yeah like every body have same people in universe 6 , broly is also in universe 6 as that chick

  • Mohit Adhikari

    i would suggest 10 players should be

    1. GOKU
    2. VEGETA
    3. GOHAN
    4. BROLY
    5. FRIEZA (for his clever evil mind)
    6. ANDROID 17
    7. EVIL BUU OR UUB (but he is a human kid now as UUB)
    8. PIKKON
    10.CAPTIAN GINYU (he could change his body with an enemy and then kick out his own membersand other too except universe 7)

    • Karthik Eyan

      i’m sure that piccolo is stronger than android 17
      and u forgot Cell

    • Richard Caisido Belen

      yeah why didnt pikkon join in did they forgot about him

      • Mohit Adhikari

        well, its just that akira toriyama want to make it more trouble for universe 7 to surviuve but we all know that no world is going to be explode at the end, but i want that there should be explosion and rest all the worlds get erased

    • Mohit Adhikari

      well didn’t you see the new power of android 17 and also pikkon knock out buu , frieza, and all ginyu force in just one attemps.. so cell is not that of a power full and now on he haas not emerged like frieza

  • Benny Wong

    And I’m wondering when is the next DBS movie release? honestly they should consider put this tournament as a movie 🙂

  • Russ

    Boy they’ve really cheapened the whole super saiyan thing. I want to like this show but it just keeps giving me too many reasons not to. Hopefully after this tournament we get some more serious story line.

  • Vik Nik


  • G

    Didn’t that legendary ssj in the preview look like that Kale girl?

    • Amaris

      that’s because it is Kale.

    • Rajaggopal Sankarasubramanian

      *facepalm* of course its Kale…

  • Kevin

    Frieza might ask for immortality as bride for him to join or if he got pass this immortality thing he might ask for Goku death.

  • mrpuppy2003

    Think about it. Goku just tells frieza that he won’t get revenge on Goku if the universe is erased, and ta-da!

  • Иван Якубов

    wow. Probably, that little scared girl from universe 6 is somehow going to transform into Broly!

  • Jerome Huskey

    Lord freeza I can see that lord beerus can keep him in line zeno would keep him in line everyones fighting to exist and goku is a good lier but he is good at keeping promises I can’t wait

  • shak

    I don’t know where to start commenting in this episode. After seasons and countless episodes of killing and defeating Frieza, the epitome of evil. Goku and Frieza will become best friends & *hug buddies* and then sleep in the same bed, and if we are going with that logic why not kick Tien or Krillin off the team and bring in Cell??? In episode 90 it ended with 4 hr and 30 minutes left till the tournament, and episode 91 ends with like 4 hrs and 29 minutes till the tournament, what is going on in this show??/ Where is the logic and consistency>????

    • Eli Ko

      I think you watched a bad sub if you don’t understand Japanese. Eps 90 ended with 4 hr 30 mins, Eps 91 ended with 4 hr 10 mins. But there’s a lot of flip flop between events and those events could happen simultaneously. We can’t watch all those events at the same time so it may seem longer.

  • Ĵîñkêz

    Kind of getting annoyed that frieza keeps coming back.

    • Eli Ko

      He’s actually the only villain that’s come back multiple times. Trunks encounter was the first time he came back, then Resurrection F. GT doesn’t count because it’s non canon.

  • Karthik Eyan

    ANDROID 16
    ANDROID 17
    ANDROID 18
    all these characters are legit and canon (DBZ)
    this would make a perfect 10

    • Eli Ko

      I don’t think 16 would be allowed since he’s full machine and would probably be considered a weapon according to tournament rules.

      • LegendaryUub

        U-3 warriors are machines too. Even their Hakaishin is a robot machine

        • Eli Ko

          True, but I think in this universe event, it has to do with having a ‘soul’ or something. Even if they are machines, if they have a ‘soul’ then they are actual beings. I’m just speculating at this point because they haven’t really touched base about that. Even the Metalman in fight between 6 and 7 wasn’t entirely clarified.

          • Medo Hisham

            17 is a modified human being not a full machine so technicaly he has a soul

          • Eli Ko

            17 and 18 are brother and sister, originally human yes. 16 is full machine, he’s what we were talking about.

          • Karthik Eyan

            Android 16 actually is dr.gero’s son, so he has a soul too.

          • Eli Ko

            Wrong, 16 was modeled after Gero’s son not a resurrection of him with machine parts. He’s full robot.

    • LegendaryUub

      actually it should be like this:
      1. Farmer
      2. Mr. Popo
      3. Dende
      4. Master Korin
      5. Pilaf
      6. Shu
      7. Oolong
      8. Puar
      9. Turtle

      They are the strongest warriors of U-7

      • Greeno

        i think you mean:

        • LegendaryUub

          good one! :))

  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day™

    im excited asf for next episode

  • Lee C

    instead of finding another 10th guy…isn’t it easier to dump Buu in the hyperbolic time chamber to sleep that 2 months?

    • Antonis Krass

      What chamber? the one Vegeta just destroyed? XD

    • Christopher James Jensen

      That was my first thought for that and the power-up ceremony.

  • Eli Ko

    I just find it funny how they named universe 6 saiyans vegetable names too. I think they should’ve gone with fruits for them instead to mirror universe 7’s vegetable names. Like Oran (Orange), Lim (Lime), Lemo (Lemon), Banan (Banana), Kiu (Kiwi), Tomat (Tomato), Apa (Apple), Guab (Guava), etc. The list goes on.

  • The Reverse-Flash

    DAMN! Was that the girl who was with Caulifla? She looked like f’ing Broly oO

  • BraveKido

    Who is the badass red shirt buffed Sayan at the next week’s preview??

    • pan

      that is kale my friend, the shy one.

  • nine cariaga

    how about ARALE? even Vegeta is afraid of her

  • Danny

    Why was Broly at the end scene? If they were smart they would kick off a weaker member like Krillin then bring back Broly and just release him and let him destroy as many people as he could, he’s defiantly one of the toughest villains out there, it would take a lot to destroy him.

    • pan

      thats not broly, thats kale the prodigee of califla, shes even stronger.

  • Joshua Pierre

    SSJ trophies for everyone. Everyone wins…. they really need to fix that, I know the z fighters are getting way too powerful but having people catch up to them within minutes is just cringe.

  • GeraldOngSL

    Technically if Goku & vegata fused with the rings, then Gogeta only counts as 1 person 😀 Then Goten & trunks can do the same too yo~ Then Let Buu eat them all up then we can save tons of spaces yknow…. Then God Buu can start eating everyone in the tournament cause he’s like Pacman on FIRE

    • Kenneth Jenkins


  • Mr. Plomo

    Wonder who is going to focus their energy to their back and turn super saiyan ??

  • JustANiggaWithARocketLauncher

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  • Aerisot

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  • Mark in Darkness

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  • Mark in Darkness

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  • http://xphantom.com/ xPhantom Cs Go Hack

    This is such bs … she shouldn’t be able to transform that easily … most of the time dbs makes absolutely no sense… Btw google xphantom if you want an awesome legit cs go hack. I know it’s off-topic but I feel the need to tell people about it xD.

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    • https://soundcloud.com/broken-mask Broken Mask

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