Dragon Ball Super episode 9 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 9 : “Sorry for Waiting, Beerus-sama! Finally, Super Saiyan God is Born!”


  • คอรี แม็คกิลล์

    did they seriously just make the first episodes of this series the same as that fuckin movie…. lazy fucks

    • Parker OBrien

      they changed some of it

    • dan88131

      i think that the movie was to see if the interest was still there, they had a story, but made some changes to make a movie to see if adapting it to a show would be worth the time

  • Gia

    their battle faces though…..

  • Gomen

    I was cumming in my pants during the whole Super Saiyan God transformation scene.

  • Larkspur94

    i loved his red colouring during the movie. so happy to see it again. XD

  • Max

    this still wasn’t nearly as good as vegeta cooking octopus..

  • Mirias Gates

    Wait, so a fucking INFANT, not even out of the womb, BECAME A SUPER SAIYAN? THIS IS MORE BULLSHIT THAN WHEN GOTEN DID IT.

    • bill

      pan is not a super saiyan because then videl would the yellow hair is probably just a effect of the god ritual.

  • XSilverREAPeRX

    To be honest with everyone that is “dissappointed”! this is a fiction show! you accept it the way the creators give it to you. You dont like it then you should step up and make something as creative as this show! All you do is critisize, sit at your computer, watch tv, go to your regualr job, spend time with family, and expect this show to be something so dramatized by your own imagination that you dislike it becasue its not up to your standards of a show! I love this show and have been watching it ever since i could remember. You can’t make everyone happy, you have to take the good with the bad. At the end of the day you still watched it wish certain things could happen but you still love the show. Don’t make expectations because you will always be let down.

    • kys

      not a single person cares

  • David An

    doesnt this mean that Pan was a super sayian BEFORE she was even born?

    • Someone

      no, but you need 6 saiyans and not super saiyan, but Pan can be a super saiyan in the future.

  • yo boi cu mm

    @Gomen same i need a change of pants