Dragon Ball Super episode 88 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 88 : “Title”


  • Markei215

    well well well first comment goes to me

  • Akubax

    lol did they stop the show?

  • Krezy

    Gohan Mystic form!!! :O

  • Zardock

    The fight scene training between Gohan and Piccolo is not much longer than what they’ve shown in the preview. The rest of the episode is filler, wait another 2 weeks or so for actual content.

    • Beast

      How do you know?

      • Zardock

        Okay, I was wrong, it was about 3 minutes, then 1-2 minutes of Krillin and Cabba and the rest of the episode was filler of nothing actually happening

        • Black Goku Matters

          Stop whining like a little bitch. The episode was lit af

          • Jesse Curtiss

            Doesn’t appreciate the story line one bit. Try waiting until they are all out and then binge watch them.

    • LegendaryUub

      Did you really expected to get a full episode with Piccolo and Gohan fighting aka training? C’mon, we all know that wasn’t going to happen’. But on the other hand the filler was much better than the last episode: that part when we see Beerus freaks out becasue of Bulma, was way too funny. And also the part when we saw that girl, Caulifla was good.

  • Rajaggopal Sankarasubramanian

    holy crap… just cant wait for the legendary saiyan girl… i hope they dont introduce a lame ass nerf to that like they did for the fusion…

  • steve styless

    honestly, this live shit is really getting annoying. What the fuck, i cant simply watch it online to support official release? now i have to pay a 3rd party for content? Now they have shit on live with youtube without subs until 9? or even later? I sweat these people getting money hungry, im glad im back on this

    • Norris Kilgore


      • haras norris

        lol my last name is Norris too also whyd u tell him stfu?

        • ShadyLoki

          because he’s bored

  • Jordan Day

    Awesome episode!
    Mystic Gohan back and theyre making him stronger!

    • LegendaryUub

      at long last!

  • memeies

    Glad to see that they fixed Tien’s shoulders in the preview, Now they’re looking how they SHOULD be looking like. Fucking boulders.

  • Fractorification

    Man, Caulifla already looks to be a fascinating and memorable character!! The previews made her look like the innocent little girl archetype that hulks out when angry. But based on that little scene they presented she looks like she’s already a fierce and feisty character in her base form and a leader of what appears to be a group of Saiyan bandits no less. I love the concept!! I wanna know more about her already!! They really blew our expectations with her!!



      • Otaku killer dragon kana

        Yep i said it cock sucker!

    • Benny Wong

      indeed, she’s gonna be the female broly once she get pissed…..

      • noone

        lool thats what i was thinking, brocoli and coliflower

      • Ifrinpls

        She is not the female Broli, Califula is petite, the female Broli is a tall woman and she is from another universe, the 10th if I recall correctly.

        As you can see, also Califula is some sort of gang leader, while the female Broli has the same type of personality Broli has: very calmed and seemingly depressed look in their faces.

        • Nitin Rajagopal

          not from another universe!.. its her the one standing near califula in next episode.

    • Matthew Anthony

      Why is a Legendary Super Saiyan leading bandits?

    • Neoluce

      The hulking saiyan girl is obviously not Caulifla. Pause at 1.02 you’ll see that she’s with universe 11.

      • Fractorification

        That’s not enough evidence mate.

      • Zbomb

        So the Boobs that this Legendary SSJ has means nothing?…. pause that shit, those are muscle boobies…

        • Syed Mustafa Adnan


      • Zbomb

        Also thats not her, hair is different =P

  • PGGamer

    Things we know from this ep:

    Gohan will get a new transformation
    The female lssj is called Caulifla not yurin (or could be possible their not the same)
    Master roshi max power is on par with goku’s god base form. prolly why goku asked him to join the team.

    • DBLeon

      I highly doubt Roshi is on his level, Goku just knows he’ll be good for the team.

    • ShadyLoki

      Pretty clear Roshi’s power is being amped from that tag on his face, his color is even different. Most likely from that girl we saw. I can see them pulling the ssjg, where the power Roshi got from being controlled was adapted into his body, allowing him to keep the power he had when he was controlled.

    • Nam Nguyen

      gohan doesn’t necessarily gets a new transformation but whatever.
      master roshi max power is not on fucking par with goku. wtf do you mean ? the reason is that goku asked him to join the team ? like wtf then everyone (krillin, c17 and everyone else) is on par with goku ? no wtf is wrong with you.

  • EX㊉ÐIA☥ ?-={ OBLITERATE }=-?

    I’m assuming Caulifla might suffer from a multiple personality disorder, one side is innocence the other is the fierce Saiyan rage.

    • RustyEBK?K9 Unit

      you the real exodia??

      • EX㊉ÐIA☥ ?-={ OBLITERATE }=-?


        ?-={ OBLITERATE }=-?

        • RustyEBK?K9 Unit

          Come back to Worldstar fam!!

          • EX㊉ÐIA☥ ?-={ OBLITERATE }=-?

            Facts bruh, it ain’t been the same since Q died tho

            ?-={ OBLITERATE }=-?

    • Jappa

      I agree. Such as Broly when he saw kakarot. If this is the genderbent Alt Broly from another universe heck yeah bring ’em back! LSSJ!

  • haras norris

    OH Of COURSE MASTER ROSHI GETS A NEW FOUND POWER ALSO why tf arent they recruiting FREIZA and UUB????? But theyll recruit krillin and tien. Thats the last straw!

    • Angus Gielis

      Uub is like 4 years old at this time

    • igotbanned999

      And Freeza is dead…

      • F.E.A.R.

        Umm so what? , revival is always an option.

    • f

      why arent they recruiting Arale? idc if ‘shes not cannon’ bullshit

      • Rakcoon

        arale is cannon.

        • Kevam

          She isn’t. Those episodes were a “Crossover” for two different shows. She isn’t a DB Character. If they can call Arale in the Tournament too, then better call Flash and Superman too.

          • Rakcoon

            everything in super is cannon.

          • SegraveX

            Not everything in super is cannon arale is the character of the first manga that Akira Toriyama created

          • https://youtu.be/jFH9AyuBNs4 Rakcoon

            except everything in super is canon.

          • Kevam

            Then spiderman is canon too? Arable is a different character just like Spiderman. Why don’t you people get it? That episode was just a crossover between TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS. Might as well call superman if every other show is canon for DBS

          • https://youtu.be/jFH9AyuBNs4 Rakcoon

            everything in super is canon

          • Kevam

            Oh so you wanna play with me? I can do that too, replying just your stupid argument without any source or actual information. Let me reply to you : Everything in super is non-canon

          • OA

            Don’t waste your time and brain cells arguing with that imbecile.

          • https://youtu.be/jFH9AyuBNs4 Rakcoon

            Same goes for you, you fucking retard.

          • https://youtu.be/jFH9AyuBNs4 Rakcoon

            No, you are talking out of your ass. Arale is from a different Toriyama story, so is Jaco. Everything in super is canon, that is a confirmed fact. Get that through your stupid little head you fucking monkey.

      • Nam Nguyen

        if they would no one would stand a chance as she is undefeatable because she is a gag character. it wouldnt make any sense.

      • LegendaryUub

        you are just as stupid as this norris guy is, with this Q! c’mon, use ur brain dumbass!

    • Nitin Rajagopal

      Omg .. do you ever wondered why Tien could hold off CELL and Freiza? .. coz he is strong!! He is underrated in this story ,its time he find his place!! And krillin.. he is a whole other Dumb-o.. ??

      • LegendaryUub

        when did Tien holds off Freeza ?

        • OA

          He’s just saying that tien would be able to (I’m also assuming namek saga frieza)

    • Nam Nguyen

      they mentioned uub but said he still didnt find his powers but has incredible potential. Freeza is dead. krillin has power and thinks more in a fight than only fight with his power which could be getting in handy for the tournament. tien is waaaaay stronger than you think, also he obviously was training as well just like piccolo who overcame gohan ssj2. so please just shut the fuck up if you dont know what you are talking about.

    • Kevam

      Are you a 4 year old just like Uub? Why would they recruit a baby and someone who doesn’t exist anymore in a Tournament on which all the Universes depend for existence? Are you THAT much retarded? And you think Tien is nobody? He held freakin cell down . CELL. Do you read that? He isn’t a human. Go start watching DB again from the start. This carries for that other retarded comment of yours too.

      • Benny Wong

        honestly I hope akira would start talk more about history about the three eyes race, Tien’s exist still remain a mystery….

        • Joey Stackz

          actually tien is a human … its anime so the humans look different . notice how some of them look like dogs and shit lol….

    • LegendaryUub

      why can’t you just shut the fuck up? you are complaining in every comment like a bitch! don’t watch it if you don’t like it dumbass!

    • OA

      Cuz frieza is an evil bastard who would never work with them and who wouldn’t handle the no kill rule. And uub is weak af, has no experience, and is an infant. Everyone in the lineup has been constantly training in some way except gohan, krillin, and maybe 18. Besides, sheer power won’t do the trick. A lot of it is based off of how well the participants can work together as a group. Frieza, uub, or basically every other character that we’ve seen who could be considered for the tournament either work alone or hate all the z fighters.

  • tribeam

    Caulifla aka Female Brolly :”)

    • LegendaryUub

      I don’t think so ! Female Brolly’s name is Yurin and she’s not from universe 6

  • tribeam

    pause between 1:08 to 1:10 female brolly

  • haras norris

    BOI univverse seven has female brolly, Hit, and other strong people to universe 7 will only wi becuz of the show or becuz zeno like goku but its obvi others shold be stronger than have of univese 7s team and now theyre hiking everyones power level up to make it seem fairish lazy af

    • Void Master

      Universe 7 is beerus’s universe, universe 6 is champa’s…

      • Kevam


    • Nam Nguyen

      who said that ? nobody. also no one in universe 6 is as strong as goku ssj blue kaioken so they obviously need an ace. they could have lost but do u think this would get exciting if they lose like garbage in that fight ? no. and obviously they have to get the power levels up. goku started a fight with that justice guy in ssj blue kaioken form and didnt win. obviously the others wouldnt stand a chance so they have to train andget stronger so what do u fking mean.

    • Kevam

      LOL you don’t even know which universe is which and you’re criticizing them for their errors. And obviously Universe 7 is going to win. Why not? Is this a show about Hit? Is it about Cabba? Is it about Champa? Why would they win? Ever seen action movies in your life?

    • LegendaryUub

      stupid comment as always! let’s just pretent we don’t see this guy’s comments! he’s completely brainless!

    • OA

      Dude only one person is stronger than goku, but based on the intro goku’s getting a new transformation. Literally everyone else is weaker than goku and probably vegeta, save hit and the leader of the pride troopers of uni. 11 (forgot his name.) And besides, your not even talking about the right universe

    • Chaegrim

      What’s also obvious is… Yes. Universe 6 will win, and because of Goku, he’ll use the super dragon balls to wish back all the other universes, just cause he wants to fight them all again. We all know that’s what’s going to happen.

      • haras norris

        Glad you said it 😀 but im still exited

  • haras norris

    Not that i like dont like uni 6 but this show is getting dumber anyways it usto be way more epic its still ok now but we all know it couldve been better in a couple ways but idk it still has a place in my heart.

    • Nam Nguyen

      wtf is wrong with you. these are just preperation and the other universes are way stronger than you think. Its not like everyone is as strong as goku and could hold up so they have to get a little powerspike to overcome them with strategy. its also a battle royale and doesn’t necessarily mean u only need power. these are just preperations. dont talk so big about universes if u dont even have seen their power.

      • LegendaryUub

        just ignore that norris bitch!

    • Rakcoon

      If this wasn’t dragon ball, nobody would watch….. The manga is actually a lot less dumb than this.

  • Swapnadeep Kapuri
    • LegendaryUub

      I don’t get it..
      should it be a joke or something?

      • darkracer

        i have not watched pokemon in almost 15 years and even i still know that’s a masterball (for catching legendary pokemon)

      • SuperSandLesbian

        Just a regular TFS Refference on how Nappa wanted to catch Chiaotzu.

        • LegendaryUub

          got it. thanks

      • Heero Yuy

        hey nappa we have a LEGENDARY Uub over here for you to catch as well XP

        • LegendaryUub

          very funny 😐

  • braden3221

    this fucking intro, you gotta admit, fucking rocks.

  • ShadyLoki

    Really good episode, I like the fact that Vegeta is straying away from his brute ways and becoming a better person, while still grumpy. A lot of you might hate dbs (haras norris), but I find it to be quite entertaining. I’d prefer if Toriyama would not make dbs’ plot like a children’s cartoon where things coincidentally happen at the right time and place, but meh, I still love it. I love the fact that the side characters are getting stronger( some not through more realistic means, but you could simply call it coincidence), and I love that they’re bringing in new a interesting characters as well. The new goofy Goku, is quite refreshing if you ask me, new Vegeta, very refreshing and the other new z fighters, just great. Guys don’t let nostalgia and your “make sense’ attitude get in the way of this fun experience. Thank you for reading my essay on DBS c^:

    • Kevam

      haras norris is a joke.

    • LegendaryUub

      heck yeah! this summarize my personal opinion about this show!

    • Coffee Junkie

      yeah, I also really like this show since the beginning :). Poor souls who can’t enjoy it like we do

    • YoungBaller23

      Exactly what I was thinking dawg.

    • Jordan Tampa

      this is true character development. loving it so far

    • Christopher Michael Rossiter

      I agree with you homie. I’m loving Super so far.

    • haras norris

      @shadyloki:disqus @kevam:disqus Of course i still *LOVE IT* so much and I totally agree with everything you said *1000%* i just wanted to point out some things I kinda wish were different, or were maybe a little different as well as how some things seemed kinda ridiculous. I *dont hate dbs* at all! and still like/love alot about the entire show I just HATE super predictable endings and thats manly what that rant was about lol xD

  • Fred2040

    Next episode reminds me “The Gods Must Be Crazy 3” Movie with

    Jiangshi (some kind of Chinese vampire)… c’mon guys

  • Cory Parsons

    so now we have the female broly and its only 9 hours from the tournament, this is so fucking lame! i mean so master roshi is gonna enter it when he couldn’t even stand up to broly and hasn’t trained in like years and tien is like a fucking joke like yamcha, 17 is back which is not really that great but i get it, and now another pussy tournament is underway even though cell tournament was better. i miss the old DBZ when everyone fought and the power levels were okay.

    • Nam Nguyen

      what do you fking mean. ur reason why this is lame is stupid. you are like the person who said dbs is so garbage and then goku came with ssj blue kaioken and then everyone liked it. no. just no. master roshi obviously can be strong as he is the trainer of the stongest in the universe 7. just admit the fact that he didnt train for years and actually can become strong. tien is not like a “fucking joke”. he fought against cell etc. and could hold them off. also he was training in the past years just like piccolo and im sure he overcame some of the characters u like as well. it won’t be a pussy tournament just because it isn’t based on power. you actually have to have some strategie in this tournament to survive as not all the characters in universe 7 are as strong as goku. so now dont be a pussy and accept the fact that dbz ended and this series has at least a little bit of a thought than dbz. – not a dbz hater

      • Cory Parsons

        first of you little bitch, you don’t know shit about DBZ and second of all, if you ever followed the timeline you fake ass DBZ hater you know the DBS is just a rip off of GT af, tien barely ever trained and if you watched the episode it tournament of power not tournament of master roshi or tien who are suppose to go up against another universe that is stronger than them when the could barely handle hit alone, do the math you jackass, the power levels don’t match even krillin could barely hold up against goku. watch the episodes you and timelines.

        • Kevam

          Maybe we could handle this without abusing? First of all, Tien is not a “fucking joke”. He held off cell. And Cell is not like some joke villain either. That guy is around SSJ2 level. Considering that Tien always kept training to get stronger, he must be easily pretty much above SSJ3 by now. Second, Master Roshi isn’t needed for his power. He is an old martial artist which means he has lots of experience. This would greatly help in the tournament because its based more on strategy than power. And the most obvious thing : we don’t have a female Broly. Where is she? That girl? Just because she has same hairstyle doesn’t make her Broly. Even Future Trunks looks like Broly in SSJ2 but that doesn’t make him Broly.

        • dbsd

          Nigga y u gotta be so dang rude. Calm the hecka down just because the other person said something it’s cuz u had it coming. Even if it is an argument y’all don’t gotta take it seriously dang. And honestly if u don’t like this’ll show then don’t watch it obviously. My god common sense.

        • Nam Nguyen

          First of all, learn how to write english properly. Secondly, I watched every damn episode of DB, DBZ, DB GT (even though it’s non-canon), DB Super, all movies. Now what the fuck do you want ? It’s definitely not a rip off, as it is a whole other story so please shut your mouth if you don’t know what you are talking about. Now how do you want to know that tien barely is training ? It’s not like he is getting much screen-time so he could do whatever the fuck he is doing. You neither I know what he is doing but I’m for certain the Toriyama will say that he was training the past years if he is going to enter. The same thing with Piccolo. Nobody knew what he was doing but in this episode they told us that he was training in the past years and now he was even stronger than Gohan SSJ 2. Also the tournament isn’t based off strength. It’s based of strategy and how you can overcome people who would actually be stronger than you. Hit also was the strongest in Universe 6 so obviously people like Krilling or Tien couldn’t beat him. Now to the topic of Master Roshi. What do you actually know of him ? Literally nothing. Toriyama didn’t tell us much about Master Roshi and if he is getting stronger now due to training or a special transformation then let it just be and get surprised. Also, if you actually believe in those retarded power levels you are actually the retard yourself. Power levels didn’t make sense back in DBZ and won’t make sense now. Deal with it. It was the stupidest idea of Toriyama to add powerlevels but what do you know, people actually make mistakes.

    • LegendaryUub

      dude, if you don’t like it, stop watching! stop bitching around! this is too pathetic

  • Prassy Salvador VG

    I like the new powerlevels. In the original DBZ, only saiyans were growing more and more powerful. A lot of people thought it was unfair and I was one of those.

    • LegendaryUub

      it’s a bit unrealistic if you’ve asked me, but I kinda like it too. the way piccolo goes in par with a SSJ2 is a thing!

      • SegraveX

        And even with mystic gohan

        • d3rd3vil

          Yeah well….it is ok if he can somehow fight with a SSJ2 but the fact of the matter is even a SSJ1 can compete with Goku/Vegeta and their godpowers! Its all blurry and shit anyway regarding powerlevels. SSJ1/SSJ3/SS Blue doesnt really matter anyone can somehow reach anyones power even after days or whatever. Its all fucked.
          When Goku fought HIT I really thought this is a new era with these techniques and powerlevels….but now its far back to basics

          • Jordan Butler

            Well, you have to understand that anyone could technically train to be as strong as they wanted to. SSJ is just a transformation, increasing one’s power for the time they are transformed. The reason for these characters to appear weaker during DBZ is because they were training the same amount as the saiyan characters, but the saiyans would get another transformation, thus becoming “stronger”. But now that the other characters have been training while the saiyans have been off worrying about other things, they have had a chance to catch up. We haven’t really seen how much more the characters like Tien and Master Roshi have been doing, so they could possibly have been training more often and harder than our “main characters”.

      • Mesut Ramsey

        picollo was already between SSJ1 and SSJ2 during the cell saga. so at this point of time, if he can match gohan’s power esp since he’s been training while gohan studying, it does make sense. the inconsistency lie with SSB like wat d3rd3vil said. n now we also have master roshi joining the tournament. idk wat kind of bs they gonna come up for him.

      • Jordan Tampa

        they finally realized power levels are bullshit. i like it

  • The Chosen One

    If HIT joins in with killer intentions then everyone screwed because HIT can just eliminate the weaker ones with 1 bloody move, then his team can just you know move forward

    • Lordendermen

      In the tournament you’re not allowed to kill anyone. Only knock them out and throw them out of the ring.

  • The Chosen One

    When piccolo loves being savage ;3

    • LegendaryUub

      DODGEEEEEE! <3


    this episode whas awesome i cant wait for episode 89

  • Zanyar Mahmoud

    Welp.. This show is going downwards

  • Super

    mystic Gohan is back!!!!!

    • somerandomdudeordudette

      And he’s only going to get better, much much better.

    • LegendaryUub

      finally! it’s about time!

  • somerandomdudeordudette

    I can’t wait till the tournament starts and definitely looking forward to some nice surprises.

  • Jesus M. Vazquez Rosado

    That scene with the dino’s tail, brought back some good memories. Love those kind of references from the old series. 😀

    • LegendaryUub

      the same old dino :)) his tail was shorter than the last time, lmao

  • Dejan Kostandinovic

    that grand priest guy is a real dick he gave them just 2 days to recrute people and get ready for such big tournament i mean even Cell gave them 10 days and he was evil

    • Ass

      This priest is more evil than cell…..

      • Davo Jackson

        I promise he is

      • Lexxi Chen

        priest is not evil…he is gay and a jerk… like his gay son whiz ..

        • haras norris

          whis is daddy first of all and if hehad a son hes probs not gay hmm…

  • darkracer

    hahahah vegeta dad of the year. “diaper huh?” *woosh woosh woosh. tadaa*

  • darkracer

    i see they used adobe after effects for the rain effect

  • Untouchable

    Boogie back boogie back..

  • Untouchable

    So what will Gohans new power be… Blue? anyone laughed at the dinosaur that was to funny and Yamaha..

  • TerribleJohn

    Such a Great episode! Gohan is back!

  • wowlock

    Mystic Gohan is back but I kinda wanna see Mystic Blue Gohan 😛

    • dra6o0n

      Seeing how Future Trunks managed to get ‘Angry Super Saiyan’ form, I’d say that the next step up to Mystic Gohan is Raging Mystic Gohan.

      But if the point is to have Gohan utilize his power but used in a tactical and cunning method, then the power up he needs is likely something to hold as a trump card so the opponents won’t find out until the end.



  • Lashaun P Beazer

    Still buttfucking Yamcha even in Super. Lmao.. Smfh. I feel so bad for the guy.



  • Giorgio Eternity

    Hi people, does anyone know if watching this in Germany would be illegal? I know you can get fined for illegally downloading and/or streaming files but I don’t know if this would apply.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

      then don’t download it

      • Giorgio Eternity

        I don’t, I just stream and watch.

  • USFimage .

    Poor Yamcha…

  • Master Anon

    This tournament is going to be freaking epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shak

    wasn’t gohan the strongest when he fought cell, when his anger level reached a climax and reached a super sayian 2 level? or when he fought buu in his mystic form? Im just curious because I dont know which power level is stronger….

    • Lala

      Mystic is stronger, that’s when his ‘full’ potential was unlocked. Not sure if he has more potential than that hah

  • Mak Pop

    idk guys but it would be soooo easy to make the remaining sayians all gods, like they did in the movie. and have 5 ssjg at the tournament

  • SuitMonkey

    GREAT Episode!!

  • Sharon J. Hawkins

    Vegeta: Master Diaper Dispenser!

  • DarkSlayer3D

    Yamcha is the new Zoiberg lol

  • Recky Yacine

    yamcha sucks

    • Dendeweyachuwa

      Give the guy some slack, he’s already in denial

  • d3rd3vil

    Yes Gohan will reach a limit no one has ever seen in… 9 hours 😀 Of course of course…..Anyway next episode we have our 10 people then I want the shit to START!!!

  • Heero Yuy

    i still look at BOTG and Super as fan made b/c it forgets so much from the original DBZ.
    like for example in the old DBZ we know that planet namek was wished back as new namek but yet in super they say there are no namekians except piccalo,so ether 1 super should be considered fan made/non cannon 2 alternate time line/story 3 something happened after new namek was wished back and we have not been told what destroyed them again

  • RacerX

    Okay…so..Super Saiyan White= Gohan. :p A dude can dream.

  • A Dweik

    Who else is waiting for the moment Gohan rages into a new form during the tournament ? FUCK. I am excited !!!!

  • Trevor Gates

    Thought gohan goin ss3

    • Untouchable

      Thought the same thing..

    • Drakks

      Same, nearly dropped my jaw but seeing mystic gohan back gave me more feels

  • Technocality

    Mystic Gohan!!!

  • McCree

    whoa there!

  • Justin

    at 1:09 is that Broly?!?! in Dragonball Super?! omg so psyched!

    • Nitsu

      A Broly with bewbs, yeah. Look it up from google, she actually starts off a cute innocent girl lool

  • Freeasabird

    O_o!? …Did…Did Piccolo Always sound like that? Hm. :/

  • Noman Nazar

    may gohan could reach over super sayan blue… i wish he could….

  • Anish

    Haha lmao..!! I miss DBZ

  • Naudii-Chan

    Lol first dumb ass cock

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    why do people even like yamcha hes an arrogant ass hole with a ego the size of china

  • Salad Fingers

    Just wanted to say.. I used to have my ad-blocker disabled for this site because I was getting free content and it seemed fair. Lately they started filling this up to the brim with intrusive ads like clicking the video 10 times and getting 500 pop up malicious websites and all those shady tactics of making a quick buck. Well, too bad, because whatever little money the owner of this site had been making from me is no more. I blocked your shit. And if you want to close this site down as a result, nobody cares, there are always alternatives. Play nice and you get respect. Play dirty and you get shit on like the discarded trash you are.

    • Sasha Logvinov

      — promiflsh .ru — Watch anime online, English anime online – Anime subb and dubb – promiflsh

      • Salad Fingers

        nope, fuck you and your spam

    • Zardock

      They also delete negative comments about the show, cause most of it is negative feedback so they just delete it.

  • Zardock

    I like how they keep deleting the comments because over 50% of it is complaining about the excessive padding,stretching out, and inconsistency of episodes.

  • Shane Grant

    i knew it mystic gohan is real and not just something game company’s used to separate between the original and mystic gohan in your face youtube well toriyama you proved youtube wrong

  • vineet gaur

    lovinggggg itttt

  • Mirza Rakhmadianti

    the return of mystic gohan!

    • THAKIDD707

      How come I can’t see it 🙁

  • Bradddd333


  • mister san

    dbz was more serious. everyone should be mad at goku, not pleased at this challenge
    but that will stain his image
    i think it shouldnt be gokus fault.

    • Lee Walton

      Oh, but Toryama’s made us hate characters we shouldn’t….

  • Over Nine Thousand