Dragon Ball Super episode 87 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 87 : “Title”


  • Душа Бандита Бандита

    so in 2 hours gone show db super 87 serries ?

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    wtf =/ ?

  • Tyler Bourgoin

    Wth! English subbed my ass

    • DBLeon

      There subs just came out, it takes an hour for them to air, this was first aired live

  • Zarys

    I really hope they’re not sticking to the original quote of 100 episodes if they’re going to waste time on this stuff

    • Nao

      that was just a rumor

      • jknh

        a rumor lol have you not seen dbf there clearly was filler.

        • jknh


    • DBLeon

      Waste time? dude, DBZ had filler to ya know right?

      • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

        yeah but not as bad as dbs

        • DBLeon

          Dude, you have to be kidding me, Super has had about 3 episodes of filler, DBZ had 7 to 8

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido


          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            Plus DBS isn’t done with the show so there’s gonna be a hell a lot more.

          • DBLeon

            Dude, that’s stupid, first of all, DBS most likely wont make as many episode as DBZ, second, like I said, Z still has more filler, like ALOT more, also, the filler we’ve gotten hasn’t been that bad, the arc just started, give it time.

        • DBLeon

          DBZ has more filler in DBZ COME ON!

        • DBLeon


          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            Yeah that’s what I said

    • DBLeon

      Plus, the more filler we have, the more time the animation will improve later

      • Akmal Faisal

        anooo , wtf is filler rofl

        • Cyak

          how do you not know what a filler episode is????/

      • William van Helsing

        People like you annoy me, not because they are not in an intense battle means it’s an filler episode.
        Them recruiting the members is as much canon as goku black is. a

        • MrSky Boy

          It took goku 2 episodes to go to android 17 and recruit him .. I call this bs

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido


        • DBLeon

          That’s true, this episode was more fillerish, but other then that, I’ve enjoyed these episodes

    • 0.o


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    • Naz

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    • Naz

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    • A Nameless Hero

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    • 123 B

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    • witty

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    • http://startupinacar.com/ John

      Even though you can turn the chat off, this site is really bad. The popups, the chat, the ads. I’m uncomfortable visiting the invasive ads…

  • ser0

    the best thing about this episode was the preview of the next episode

    • naz

      4 real

      • lance

        its because goku is controlling his ki, he matched it up against krillin and android 17 y’all dont know the facts

        • TJEDWARDS18

          Thank you! They’ve explained all that shit before why can’t people follow along.

        • Rajaggopal Sankarasubramanian

          This is a lame ass excuse after all… How can he even sense 17’s level to match him? there is no way… If Gohan was super powerful as a SSJ2 against androids, then why would Goku even need to go to SSJB to match 17?? Totally flawed logic….

          • Taha

            as dende say that now android 17 is much stronger then b4 and goku is not using his full strength even in ssb so it dooes makes sense

          • Rajaggopal Sankarasubramanian

            Don’t get me wrong… am a die hard fan of DBZ and I even like DBGT to an extent, but I always get the feeling am fed a lot of bullshit with DBS… The difference in power levels is too high for anyone other than the SSJB to even be a participant in the universal tournament… I mean, if Piccolo, Yamcha and others were simply blown away by Perfect Cell powering up and they could not even land a punch against Buu, how on earth does Akira think he can make the fans believe they can participate and hold their own in the universal tournament… Neverthless I continue to watch DBS with the hope that things would turn out better down the line…

          • Kevam

            He didn’t say that Goku sensed Android 17’s energy. If Goku fights with 17 then he will know what energy level he is fighting.

          • DBS

            So I see how krillen and 17 go up against SSB

    • JusticeRaptor


    • Benny Wong


    • LegendaryUub

      you got that right bud’

    • CiscoTheSoto

      So sad, yet so true. All these episodes have been is absolute logic bullshit, with Krillin somehow matching a SSGSS kamehameha, and somehow its the same for Android 17. I just want some character development and for something new to show up.

      • Jerk Offington

        Super Saiyan Blue is all about ki control, that’s why he can use Kioken with it. He was controlling it as to not overpower them (Krillin, 17 and 18) They explained this shit in the first tournament, just because you are too dumb to keep up doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

        • Chrysalis

          I hate that lame ass excuse. Are you telling me the previous super sayians had close to 0 ki control? I thought that’s the bullshit people used as to why the planets weren’t instantly destroyed when a ki blast hits the planet from casual planet busters like Goku & Vegeta. Nah, I guess it is bullshit. I mean if they haven’t perfected ki control while using super sayian forms then everytime they fought the planet would be fucking destroyed.

          • aurora kk

            The super saiyan transformation is attained through rage, so no, the previous super saiyans didn’t have much ki control (demonstrated by the super saiyan of legend destroying himself). The reason goku did during his battle with frieza was because he had basically mastered the kaioken, which requires immense ki control. However, it isn’t just ki control that unlocks SSB, it is also containing your energy, but still letting it get stronger. So, increasing your energy but making your opponent unable to sense it.

          • James Lowell Hinderliter

            umm he said less not none. I find it reasonable, I mean you wouldn’t use all your strength to lift a bottle of water, same idea, goku won’t use all of his power while fighting krillin. The only reason he went blue was to keep krillins blast from ringing him out, it did no damage to him but it wasn’t supposed to, it was supposed to push him back.

          • Jerk Offington

            Alright, let me put it this way then.
            In every episode, including dbz, whenever they would need to mask their ki to make it hard for people to track them, what would they do? They would decrease their ki until there was nothing to pick up on. Now, did you ever see them doing this while in super saiyan form? no, they would always have to go down to their base form, and then some.
            Because SSB is a mastery of ki, they are able to stay in SSB and decrease/increase their ki however they see fit.
            Now, as for your planet busting theory, they may not be able to control their body strength, but they can control how much ki they put out into each blast.
            Look at it this way, if you have a mouth-full of water, will it all come out at once, no matter what? or can you control just how much and at what intensity?

        • Baphomet

          why u gota be so rude

        • Ruben cruz

          What you talking about in the first show down with the other universe he did it, but not for long because you need to go back where he first fought vegeta and carefully listen to king kia about what the up and down of using kioken. Come on dude u really need to go back you skipping episode you jerk off-ington

          • Ruben cruz

            One thing i do agree is all about control

          • Upthedose

            Super saiyan blue has better ki control as has been stated numerous times, Goku is less likely to fry his best buddy in SSB than regular SS. Get rekt.

          • Ruben cruz

            No he always had ki control if he didnt he wouldve kill chichi with a cum shot .

        • Zardock

          Things are not thoroughly explained at all. They’re too worried about where they can insert their new fillers ideas instead of actual content to flesh out the world so people actually understand what’s going on.

          There’s also an assumption that SSB has better ki control than Beerus, which is never explained. SSB Must have greater Ki control than Beerus, or the episodes where SSB training with 17, Gohan, Krillin, etc make no sense whatsoever. If you look back at Battle of the Gods, it’s clear Beerus doesn’t have perfect ki control if only one hit completely incapacitates SS3 Goku.

      • Wafi Mohammad Hossain

        To be honest I wouldn’t call it complete bs. If you think about it, freeza was able to reach god level in 4 months. 17 had 10 years… He was also a lot stronger than freeza when he started so it makes sense…In the case of krilin he was just being tested. I say the only time to get really triggered is if we see master roshi get god level

        • CiscoTheSoto

          It’s just that Goku’s power level is SO high in comparison to Krillin, that it makes very little sense how Goku’s kamehameha wave, which should be in the possibly tens of billions, was able to stay on par with Krillins kamehameha wave, which is in the hundreds of thousands at most. I mean, what would be the point of transforming anyway? The purpose of transformation is to increase the power, so then why would he transform into SSGSS if his power level was staying the same?

      • warlock22041

        so according to your logic, beerus should have used 100% of his power against goku when the fight was looking equal? or you are saying that was too bullshit, how can a new god match upto beerus level?
        people are really dumb that can’t understand simple things. Goku raises his power according to the needs. If he just start fighting with 100%, there won’t be a match.

        • James Lowell Hinderliter

          Dude read, he said less ki control not none whatsoever.

          • warlock22041

            may be you should first see who i’m replying to

  • Revanth Reddy

    this outro is killing me….

    • JusticeRaptor

      It is indeed good.

      • Bryan Palmer

        i dont think its all that good at all tbh

  • ThatGuy984

    Its kinda asinine that 17 is anywhere near goku’s lvl…he shouldn’t even be stronger than super saiyan 3 if all he has been doing is fighting is poachers overs the years….

    • finieh67

      It’s been rumored that Vegeta has been training him. Because episode 86 17 said oh you can transform into that too and the only other Super Saiyan blue is Vegeta.

      • Daniel

        I think what 17 meant in his comment is that he knew that Goku can turn super saiyan but now Goku can also turn super saiyan blue.

    • Abdurrehman

      That’s what I was thinking man

    • Abdurrehman

      That’s what I thought man I mean how can he be

    • William van Helsing

      No one said, he got stronger by fighting poachers.
      They only said he did fight them, he could have trained any other way.

  • Mofiz

    So 17 can kill Gero threatening to blow him up but an advanced 17 can’t do that with a random ass alien?

    • Kian Ronald Grey

      he didnt care about him dying, he was worried about the animals, thats why he told goku what he told him because he was going to die for the animals dude…..

      • Mofiz

        You completely miss the point….
        17 was easily able to fight off a possible bomb by simply being fast. He could have just ripped off this guys arm and its over

        • xxx

          too far, too risky.

          • Mofiz

            But 17 was able to immedietly assault him without him noticing and pressing the button? He moves faster than this low level alien could possibly notice. He could have cut off his arm just as easy as grabbing his arm. Stop justifying bad writing. They fucked up.

  • JusticeRaptor

    I swear this episode is too plot convenient. I went to DailyMotion because the clock is gay. Also episode 88 looks lit, but I won’t be streaming on this site. Bye.

  • Abdullah Javed

    seriously goku died with ship blasting even frieza didnt edie when planet namek blew

    • Piyush Datta

      thats cuz frieze can breathe in space and goku can’t

      • Nax

        When goku fought with beerus they went in outer space with no problems…

        • MrSky Boy

          They were around Earth not completely outer space lmao , there is still oxygen there even if it’s not that much

      • Ayoub Amine

        He did when he fought berus.

  • notallama

    Them invasive species though…

  • Benny Wong

    hopefully we’ll see 17 turned in to hell 17……..:)

  • naushad khan

    Fucking boring episodes coming i thought i will skip 2 months

  • Mi GG

    Power levels are rubbish in dbs. To get to SSJ blue it takes 20 years of fighting the strongest guys, long trainings and it is something extraordinary, but Black, Kriling, Zamasu C-17 and other achieve this level without effort…

    • ssj

      the only person to achieve it without effort is black as he stole gokus bodies and hence his abilities. the others only seem to be on par with it because goku is clearly holding back as blue form gives him complete control over his ki and if he had gone full power he would’ve ended up killing them. Seriously retarded if you can’t understand a simple cartoon.

    • William van Helsing

      Krillin, zamasu, nr 17 and the others didn’t achieve it.
      Goku was just holding back.
      Remember beerus fighting goku, he was holding back and acting like it was full power.
      Goku did the exact same thing.

    • Deus

      you need to understand what ssj blue is first of all, ssb is not a transformation of power, its a transformation of pure ki control, meaning that once goku goes ssb he can make his body as strong as a super saiyan god or as weak as a ssj1.
      with goku going ssj blue instead of ssj2 in fights with krillin and with android 17 meant that krillin and android 17 were more powerfull than ssj1 goku but weaker than ssj2, so goku instead of going ssj2 and potentially injuring one of them he goes ssj blue which allows him to control his ki a lot better and not kill anybody by accident

      • ♔King_Sims♔


    • Chris Hawker

      Black could use it because Zamasu took his body when Goku could achieve SSJB already, Krillin certainly is nowhere near that power.

  • xrist0s4 .

    The old good dragonball died…

  • Biswarup Ghosh

    I Lov this

  • Harvey Azra

    lmao…wtf was the point of this

    • Chris Hawker

      F.I.L.L.E.R its there for a reason, get over it

      • Zardock

        Lol when we get a relatively pointless episode then “It’s just filler”, but when everyone complains about 4 filler episodes in a row it’s ‘IT”S NOT FILLER’ make up your damned mind.

  • Harvey Azra

    real meal for 5 bucks real meal for 5 bucks finger licking finger lickin goooood

  • Harvey Azra

    wtf was this

  • Harvey Azra

    some absolute bullshit

  • Harvey Azra

    we should ignore dbs at this point…what a effin joke

  • Cc3xX ML


    • MrSky Boy

      how retarded are you bro ? or are you super drunk ?

      • Cc3xX ML


  • Clark44

    What they need to improve is Goku’s ridiculous facial expression! We’re all used to badass goku in dbz. In dbs he looks like a 5 year old kid in his adult body, i am sure you all agree with this…

    • rika

      true, he always been kinda immature but not as much as in super

    • EX㊉ÐIA☥ ?-={ OBLITERATE }=-?

      Agreed, Akira loves his old dragon ball animations too much.

  • Glenn Quagmire

    Man fuck this dragon bull shit FILLERS??? FUCKING FILLERS?? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU DO THAT in this damn age if you resort to such ridiculous strategies you will surely loose money. fuck this shit i’m out

    • Ferdi Türkyilmaz

      this is not a filler 😛

  • Will

    Why didn’t Goku just dash over and grab the remote?? He is super fast now…

    • Ra1d

      Cuz it’s pretty much filler bs, he could’ve IT’d behind him and took the remote.

      • einar

        He should be faster than the aliens could react, but its inconsistant horseshit

  • Norb The Torb

    I think people misunderstand ssgss. Goku only uses this form against c-17 and krillin as it gives him full ki control. Which means he can alter his power level, he does this in order not to kill the people he is recruting

  • Andy [Insert Last Name Here]

    The Best Universe 7 Team:
    Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu, Gohan, Piccolo, Android 17, Android 16, Future Trunks, Arale and Freeza,

    • Angus Gielis

      i’d Replace android 16 with cell.

    • haras norris

      UM what about UUB????

      • rika

        he is still too young to fight

      • Chris Hawker

        Dende went over that when flying the Lookout to 17’s island with Goku

    • Alan Valdez

      Arale is kinda filler and android 16 is dead so no

      • Chris Hawker

        So are Cell and Freeza. Dragon Balls exist for a reason.

    • Chris Hawker

      Remove 16 and Arale and add 18 and Cooler

  • wowlock

    Come on, Gohan needs an Ultimate Blue Form 😀

  • Simon

    im just gonna ignore super’s bullshit from now on there is no way you can watch this anime and even dream about it being anything else that 1 big joke. you would think dragon ball super were announced on april 1st

  • haras norris

    the drawings are such shit. They dont look sexy at all and im disgusted and wtf is the song at the end of the episode also all the characters back in db dbz dbgt were considerably attractive body face how they acted (they were actually cool it made us wanna watch and see more WHEREEASE now it feels like a task to watch becuz im still so bonded) and these episodes have just been weird (vegeta is the only one who is still thriving in the draws) iknow no one knows what i mean but now everyone else looks the complete opposite and talks acts -for examples etc). gokus dumber ,everyone sounds like a girl, the drawings aint hot, all the episodes are shit! its just lost its spatrtl -(not a word)

    • vasu108

      i hope they don’t add family stuff because its not family entertain

      er.dbs suppose to be action,epic story,entertainer. its not for people who watch feelings stuff

      • ylmc

        That’s just world building.

        • Zardock

          World building is fine, until they spend an entire episode (or 3) on the Z fighters/Pilaf gang sitting around doing nothing and then claim it’s not a filler episode.

    • Baphomet

      what in the hell are you even saying man. english. learn it

  • Pure Shqiptar

    Good episode =D

  • LegendaryUub

    ladies and gentlemen we present to you, the power of the filler episode

  • Meshbish

    Did he just say no.18 was his BROTHER

    • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

      no he said krillin was his brother in law since he married no .18

  • mantazzo

    Well, a good continuation to the last week’s episode, but again, a few key points:
    1) 17’s sacrifice. Looks like 17 is ready for anything, so this may make him even stronger in the final battle.
    2) King Kai’s throwback. Man, that felt nostalgic… Although also funny. Enjoyed this part.
    3) Goku himself. Surprisingly he said himself that he only wants to fight and haven’t really looked into what will happen, but he can’t stand innocent people or animals dying. I think Goku is finally starting to understand what the win price is…
    4) Next episode teaser. That should be fun if makers don’t mess this episode up. Yet again we’re still on 8 confirmed people out of 10, and nothing new in the next episode… With “21 hour” left… My theory of 10 so-called “filler” episodes before final battle still stand, we’re currently (after this teaser) at 5; don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these episodes because it’s not battle-action-filled-all-the-time episodes which are needed IMO, but I just think they should move on with recruiting and then do the last episodes for “all universes preparing”.
    5) Animation quality. Black saga had animation improved already, but still not up to par; tournament saga is bringing much better animation already but it’s still not perfect, some places are still worse in comparison, so there’s room for improvements.

    Just my thoughts and some observations from this episode, don’t kill me in the comments pls…

  • riz

    the best thing was seeing NO.17 smile

  • rika

    If Ultimate Gohan is not coming back im going to be so pissed.

    • Justin Bray

      this is the only reason im still watching dbs

  • AndrehS86

    1:04 there are the 10 warriors from universe 7. We got them no need to watch 6 episodes to know them xD

  • Flax94

    Man these episodes are barely worth watching, just start with the tournament already. I feel like there has been little to no danger to earth in the DBS episodes. In DBZ we had a lot like Freeza (Namek), Cell and Buu the name the strongest ones. In GT we had Baby/Omega Shenron. Step it up Toriyama!
    However im happy Dragonball is back.

    • Sydney Wellock

      Even though,counting the BoG and RoF arcs, DBS has had Beerus, Freeza, Goku Black, and now Zeno/Everyone in the tournament of power, DBS has had 4 imminent threats to Earth/existence. What you are watching right now is filler, it spreads out episodes and adds more suspense to the upcoming tournament, filler generally doesn’t have any cohesion.

    • Alan Valdez

      Dude C’mon gt is trash and we all know it bc its fake and trash here watch this video

    • Chris Hawker

      Its called filler for a good reason, it pads out the series so it doesn’t all happen at once and end in like 30 episodes. They want the characters to have down time for R&R.

  • shak

    I like how the time goku goes to visit the island and an evil alien appears to come outta nowhere to steal a fucking cow….

  • Shirkeira Sinkler

    Wait so Goku doesnt care about saving the world anymore lol ? This is stupid ! Goku always wanted to save planet earth and the world from being destroyed. Now all he cares about fighting strong guys and not saving earth ? Who the fuck is writing this shit ? This isnt even DBZ no more lol.

    • ylmc

      Goku said “I’ve never been aware of saving it, I just came this far wanting to fight strong guys, but I can’t stand when innocent people and animals are being erased”, don’t overly twist the words, you understood the opposite. Goku is actually beginning to understand the consequences of the Tournament.

  • FlippeR FlappeR

    i wanna see 17’s wife and kids…

  • Sydney Wellock

    I need that Limit Break x Survivor tropical remix right now

  • Sydney Wellock

    From now on I will affectionately refer to Krillin as the “Mini Monk”

  • The Wrestling God

    Can’t wait to see how strong piccolo is!

  • stotal

    So android cant be swayed by money to participate in tournament, but super dragon ball to wish for a ship will do???? realyy??? such lame script..

    • Pradeep Kumar

      he does it becos Goku saved the animals..he owes Goku one. so he joins more than the fact dat he needs a ship….i guess so

  • Gora Gaming

    The word on c-19 shirt MIR on croatian means peace.

  • Heero Yuy

    my prediction is Universe 7 wins,and goku asks for all the universes not to be erased,or he wishes them all back with super dragon balls,then gets Hercule to buy #17 the boat he wants

    • Jabameha

      Or Bulma. But I Agree

  • nh

    so glad i skipped it all. Bad.

  • Sexual Predator #SUSgang

    fuck this happy hero saves the day bullshit where the fuck is dat sexy bitch broly??

    • Chris Hawker


  • Alfred Williamton Pennyworth

    This fucking sucks

    • Chris Hawker

      Go back to licking Batman’s boots then

  • Big Merch

    wouldve been so much better if android 17 was a anti hero.

    • Chris Hawker

      But he was never inherently evil or bad, would be funny if he was like Deadpool though.

  • Carlos Salazar

    Cant tell if they getting stronger or weaker…or what…..
    so dr gero was cleary way more powerful that that green guy….
    so..dbz he holds remote to activate the body bomb…….17 flashes,grabs it and destroys it
    dbs…this guy has a remote….and he just stands like he cant do anything? …….yikes….

  • MrSingle89

    Beerus thought Goku died!!lol

  • AnimeNerd93

    Goku just gonna easy on them. He actually a lot stronger . He just not using his full strength until the tournament . Goku is strong af

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    lol when he called krillin a mini monk

  • Ur new dad

    The quality here sucks

  • Just A Fan

    So… 17 had enough time to push that frog out the window and commit suicide, but not enough time to grab that remote out of his hands?…. DBS. Dragon Ball Shit.

  • saitamu

    LMAO HOW DID 17 Survive that SSB Kamehameha? THis is fucking bullshit. I’m already done with this series. SSB was supposed to be special, it’s really just so pointless now.

    • My man brotopia

      Man you should really understand how SsjB is just control of ki right he just leveled it to 17’s power meaning he used like half of ssj2’s strength to label 17’s power

  • jayfok

    jaco such a fuck boi

  • Marko

    You guys need to understand that krillin have been training really hard and he was able to catch up to the levels of the gods thanks to the training he has been doing

  • Zardock

    I’m all for fillers, they have their place, but can we please stop this cycle of 4 fillers, then 3-4 relevant episodes, then 4 fillers again, I’m getting seriously sick of waiting a month or more between actual new content. At this rate over 50% of Dragon Ball Super is pointless filler, and that’s being generous.

    First 30 Episodes – remake of movies into episodes, essentially 90% filler

    First Tournament Arc – relatively low number of filler

    Magic Water Arc – considered filler, but great idea wasted with an anticlimatic rushed ending.

    Black Goku Arc – 50% was filler, flashbacks, reused animation clips of showing Black destroying stuff, and showing Pilaf and gang jacking off, only to rush the ending with asspull powerups which could have made sense if they spent episodes on training instead of constant fillers

    Tournament of Power – so far we get 4 great episodes, and like 8 fillers

    We are on Episode 88 now, which will probably be filler too, but even diehard fans can see the way they are abusing fillers to make ‘air time’ even if the content in the episode is nil just so they can say ‘We made a new episode this week’ to make more money and stall for the actual content.

    • Klyce

      The only defense people have to this is that we’re saying everything that’s not fighting is filler. No, that’s not what we’re saying at all. This 17 episode was important, but it could have been easily combined into one episode, that’s the kind of shameless stretching out, ‘fillering’ to make less content into more money we’re talking about, by constantly adding ‘flash backs’ or camera panning or just standing around looking at eachother for a good majority of the episodes.

      Instead of making a fully fleshed out episode, than not making one episode for a week, they take one episode’s worth of content and stretch it into 2-3 episodes, more money for less work, but it’s sadly very obvious.

  • Local Hooligan

    im about to fuck up the creator of these bullshit filler episodes.

  • Thatonegirl

    So. How did it turn from Goku fighting Gods with Super Saiyan God, but he struggles with Android 17 and Krillin in Super Saiyan Blue.

  • Jamie Hambly

    they are picking all round characters, its not all about strength ? plus wat would db be without picalo and krillz ?

    • Zardock

      Piccolo and Android 17 at least makes some sense, he continues to train and he is far beyond a human’s strength, even Krillin. Besides Krillin was shown struggling against human weapons lately, he should not be anywhere near SS level.

  • BBQ27

    either they win and all is good or if they loose the dude will decide not to erase his universe anyway

  • falstonc

    Androids were an inconvenient plot device that should have been left in the Cell saga. I felt this was the perfect opportunity to incorporate the characters of Dragonball back into the story and give them a more prominent role

  • dragon taicho

    hahaha earth dragon ball can handle no17 wish

  • Zardock

    I like how they keep deleting the comments because over 50% of it is complaining about the excessive padding,stretching out, and inconsistency of episodes.

  • Mirza Rakhmadianti

    no.17 calling Krillin big brother is kinda weird xD

  • Bradddd333

    lovin it :DDDD

  • Vivek Keshri

    The episode was pretty good

  • Nolases

    Android 17 has really grown on me with this episode. I look forward to seeing more of him in the tournament 🙂

  • Nathan Bongertman