Dragon Ball Super episode 83 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 83 : “Title”


  • Neeraj pal

    First ………………..☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • Bruno


  • Bruno

    Where is the episode??

    • David

      Anime lab is way better for watching super, no adds,free and on time ?

      • Bob Smith

        lol thanks homie

      • lol

        Fuck anime lag it’s only available in Australia and New Zealand.

        • David

          Good thing im in australia then eh haha

  • NeerajPal


    • Nitin Rajagopal

      Poda __________..

  • Bob Smith


  • Hex

    Can’t Wait !

  • Junaid Ali

    no trailer…huuh

  • Rafay

    Atlast <3

  • Zardock

    The world’s about to end better train in the hyperbolic time chamber right?…right??!?? Nah this is DBS not DBZ , so instead let’s take a fucking vacation around the world for 3 episodes to find characters we’ve already met. Great idea

    • Klyce

      We saw krillin taking on the wolf that was around buus level when he hasn’t even been training much. no one needs training in DBS they just instantly become as strong as the plot requires. At this rate gohan will instantly go ssrose when the tourney starts

      • ImHonor

        The wolf wasn’t around Buus level Buu kicked his ass… That wolf was probably around Perfect Cell to SSJ2 level.

        • Klyce

          It’s still ridiculous as hell. He can barely take on normal humans as a police officer even if he was strong before he can’t just go to SS2/Cell level in a month or two. Now we see it’s just Gohan and Goku imagining them fighting.. but knowing DBS that’s how the actual fights will be as well. Android 17 and 18 aren’t even close to Cell’s level but guarantee when we get to the tournament they are somehow way stronger now.

          • Frozen Kiba

            You act surprised, Z was always like that, hell most Shounen are like that. Who cares? We don’t watch Dragon ball for its training and logical power boosts, we watch it to see fun times and people fighting

          • Luiz Fernando

            krillin fighting against super sayan blue ……..
            LOL !!!!

            i tought super sayan god and ssgss transformations were both much stronger than a ss3, so how can a krillin survive against it? a ss3 could wipe him out of existence with a single blink of his eyes ……….

            WTF is this dbs bullshit and how does so many people support it ???? W T F !!!!!!! ??????

          • darkracer

            it’s about technuiqe’s
            didn’t you see that krillin has new attacks.
            they even invite master roshi.
            it’s not about strength. it’s about skill.
            they refused trunks and goten because of their lack of skill.
            even though they are much stronger then the other fighters.

            freaking grow a brain ffs

          • Team X2

            darkracer THANK YOU your’re the only smart one here lmao

          • dqhg

            He can be the most skilled fucker out there, and it wouldn’t matter, krilling is weaker than android nr 18 and android nr 18 is weaker than base form goku, so he would just get deleted, but prbly not cause dbs logic.

          • Gabe Hill

            Think about it this way just because krillin was picked because of his technique doesn’t mean he is more “powerful” or any thing like that. The entire tournament is for who has the best skill and best technique. If it was for the best power then killing would be allowed but it isn’t. That is the only reason krillin was picked his techniques can be put to use and the same goes with master roshi. This is a battle of the mind if anything now.

          • Zardock

            This is Dragonball, and no amount of skill is going to put Krillin above Cell’s level, you are the one that needs to grow a brain if you deny that.

          • darkracer

            why do you retards keep bringing cell and powerlevels into this shit.
            solar flare.
            tri beam for example allowed tien to control imperfect cell for a while.
            even though tien was nowhere near the strenght of the androids. and the androids were nowhere near the strenght of imperfect cell.
            so technuiqe > strenght.
            like i said before. THEY EVEN INVITE MASTER ROSHI
            probbably the weakest of the 10. but deffinatly the most fighting experiance out of all of them.
            trunks and goten are stronger then any of the human fighters.
            hell they are even stronger then piccolo… but goku freaking refused the 2 boys because of????? LACK OF EXPERIANCE
            now shut your retarded pie hole and accept that it’s not about powerlevels.

          • Zardock

            It’s called a reference point so we can make actual arguments instead of screaming at the top of our lungs like a child.

            You could easily argue that Gohan and Trunks are more experienced because they’ve fought much stronger enemies than the humans have.

            I’ve already said skill matters, but there’s a limit to how much it matters when power scales as much as it does in this universe.
            To make a reference point to Cell’s level. Could Krillin do anything but get 1 shot by Perfect Cell? No, he can blind him, but he can still be sensed and would die just as fast.

            The reason to compare to Cell is because that is what I estimate the weakest Trio De Danger wolf’s power to be at. This is estimated because he could do great damage to Buu, but was no where near being able to defeat him. This makes his power level somewhere between Frieza and Fat Buu.

            Now I believe they said there is no killing allowed in the tournament, but a strong enough opponent can incapacitate them in no time, so while skill plays a part, the huge scaling of power levels in the universe makes it matter less.

          • darkracer

            trunks? you mean future trunks?
            you know he was an inexperianced little shit when he joined dbz right?
            just fucking wait till the tournament will you.
            and be prepared to eat your damn words

            oh and i bet krillin will kick cells ass now
            especially if they get a while of training in whis’s dimention where your movement is limited when you leak out ki

          • Klyce

            You’re acting like skill alone can defeat an opponent that is relatively indestructible compared to you, especially in the Dragon ball world that is always shown to be false and hence brainless to think that. Techniques have always been shown to be mostly ineffective when the power difference is high enough in DBS. That doesn’t mean skill doesn’t matter, but it doesn’t matter when the power difference can be so huge as it can be in Dragon Ball

          • Shabz

            Skill will be required to knock them off the stage which is the objective not trying to destroy them, so not just power is needed but a mix of both.

          • darkracer

            except we don’t know how strong the others are.
            from what i have seen untill now. the fighters from universe 7 are much stronger then any of the other fighters
            other then a few exeptions. (hit. toppo, the alien, female legendary super sayian)
            in this exhibition match the other universe cheated (was allowed this time but still)
            and still universe 7 was basicly toying with them.
            and other then hit universe 6 was a bunch of weaklings aswel.
            krillin is more then strong enoegh.
            as long as they don’t accept yamcha it’s fine.

          • Natsu Dragneel

            krillin could be secretly using the hyperbolic time chamber though

          • Tanishq

            I think Vegeta Destroyed the Hyperbolic Chamber when he was training in it to beat Goku Black Super Saiyan Rose. Just check Youtube.
            Though there are still chances that they may have made it again.

          • Benny Wong

            Even tien’s stronger than him although Tien’s a mutant(Triclop) as far as everyone know……

          • Matas Kubilius

            no hes not hes a human who meditated for so long he got a third psychic eye

          • Aionwolf


            “While one of their descendants, Tien, makes regular appearances in the Dragon Ball franchise, the actual pure Three-Eyed People never appear in the series. The Three-Eyed People are first mentioned in the Daizenshuu books,[2][3] and later in the small description booklet in the boxes for Dragon Ball Z Season 1 and Dragon Ball Z Season 4 DVDs, both mentioning that Tien is a “Descendant of the Three-Eyed People”. Tien’s origin is also referenced in the Dragon Ball: Raging Blast what-if story “The Top Earthling Tournament” where, after defeating Tien for the title of “strongest earthling”, Krillin asks if Tien is even from Earth. Tien’s profile in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 mentions the Triclops as being an alien race. Tien’s voice actor Hirotaka Suzuoki also noted in an interview that Tien was not an Earthling”

          • shade825

            hes surpressed when working. and been around legendary fighters and u kno a training montage/filler episode is coming to show what they forgot

      • Matas Kubilius

        remember future trunks? yeah..THAT bullshit

        • Klyce

          I will never forget the time Future Trunks went from (SS2/USS2) to SSBlue level in 3 episodes, and then easily defeated an opponent Goku and Vegeta SSBlue was struggling with.

          • G.Rose

            Well he got his ass whooped like 9 times and they get stronger each time right 😀
            And Krillin is top flight security he hasn’t even used unlock potential.

    • Derek Hitchmough

      Well, they ‘do’ need to get the people involved to know about the tournament, and thus put their affairs in order. It’s a necessary plot step, duh

      Plus, Vegeta destroyed said chamber in the last main arc. If they haven’t fixed it yet – of which we have no proof either way – how could they use it?

      • Jeice

        Which they can do in one episode, especially with instant transmission they can easily find them all in less than an episode. Dende and others have recreated the time chamber before, but that’s not really the point, they’re not training just standing around.

        The plots for next 3 episodes have already been revealed and all it is is them looking for android 17 and 18.

        • Derek Hitchmough

          Except wrapping it up in one episode would be bad writing; it’d be like Goku being sick with the heart disease for only an episode. While (actual) filler can sorta-get away with that, this is a main saga – the build-up is as equally important as the fighting, even in this franchise.

          Anyway, not everyone is standing around. The preview for the episode shows Krillin’s been training in secret, and we can only assume quite a few others have been too just for the heck of it, particularly those inclined to doing so (ie Piccolo and such). Plus, there’s only 39 hours to go; for conventional training, that’s not enough time for any significant increase, and even usingthe time chamber, everyone couldn’t get their turn anyway – basically what they have now is what they got. It’s that simple imo

          • dra6o0n

            I think the tournament of power is not literally about power, but also about team effort and tactics. It’s less of a battle royal and more of a war… An 8 universe team deathmatch.

            Moves like solar flare and such has crippling effects of certain enemies, so it’s possible for Universe 7 to use tag team moves to throw them out of the ring or such to defeat them more easily… But the same is said for their opponents as everyone is out for Goku (and less on the rest of Universe 7).

          • Zardock

            Which is why I said they should at least be strategizing about the tournament. It’s like no one even cares the world could be potentially erased.

          • walkerjonny

            What also might be a cool move is a Group-Mafuba right at the beginning. That way they could throw out the weaker half of the opponents at once. Directing the whirlwind right o the outside of the ring would be enough.

          • dra6o0n

            In the OP you see Roshi doing the mafuba, so yeah thats the trick.
            It works on stronger enemy as a surprise attack.

          • darkracer

            not everyone would have time if they went in for a full year. but taking turns they should atleast get a few months each.

          • Derek Hitchmough

            And that’d be great, if we had proof it was fixed – thus far though, we haven’t had a view of the Lookout since Vegeta destroyed the chamber in Episode 63

      • Kyle Joultz

        We have proof that it’s fixed. It was used during the Goku Black saga a.k.a Future Trunks saga lol. These episodes act like a filler but by no means are they filler. In the contrary, they act as a plot device that informs the audience about the new turn of events. Yes, we can already see where things are going so these episodes don’t add much. But for a younger audience it is crucial.

        • Derek Hitchmough

          Used during it, yes. But Vegeta destroyed it during Episode 63, ie four episodes before the Future Trunks Saga ended (not before)

          And where’s the actual proof that it’s fixed?

          • Kyle Joultz

            i guessed i missed the part where Vegita destroying it, i can vaguely remember the scene which was pretty much Vegita flying away and i guess destroying it?. I thought you were referring to the time where it was destroyed by Piccolo.

          • Clone07 Vernon

            Popo probably fixed like he did in the past bro.

    • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

      There’s still enough time for both finding and training. Thanks to Whis.
      Also, assuming the time chamber wasn’t fixed yet. Thanks to Whis again, he can create similar dimension.

      • Zardock

        That’s possible, Zeno would probably destroy them if he knew about it, but I have a feeling Whis might be willing to risk it.

        I just wish they were doing something right now, planning what to do with the tournament or something, it doesn’t take a whole episode to recruit one character.

        • darkracer

          why would zeno destroy them. it’s not against some kind of law to train.
          nor did zeno say it was not allowed to train before the tournament.
          stop thinking like a weirdo

          • Zardock

            He destroyed Black Goku and Zamasu for manipulating time. Do you even watch the series? Don’t comment if you have no idea what you’re talking about

          • Bob

            he destroyed them because Goku called him and decided that Zamasu was evil, he never knew about the manipulation of time until Goku called him

          • darkracer

            first of all. it’s against the law to TRAVEL through time.
            and then zenoh just gets in the TIME MACHINE WITH GOKU to travel back to our time line. after he destroyed zamasu
            so what you just said is complete bullshit.
            and zenoh destroyed the entire universe because an evil entity had become one with the universe. time travel had nothing to do with it.
            and WHIS HIMSELF has a time dimention like the hyperbolic time chamber.
            they don’t even need the hyperbolic time chamber they just need whis to send them all to that dimention for a while to train.
            it might unlock gohan’s god ki aswel

      • walkerjonny

        Well, that was a really fast birth. And Bulma just says something like: “Oh. if it goes that easy, I’ll have another baby.” That was too funny!

    • Frozen Kiba

      Are you referring to the hyperbolic time chamber that Vegeta destroyed because you can’t enter it more than twice? (Yes they enter it twice in Z and more in Super, but i’m assuming that’s because Piccolo destroys it in Z and it gets repaired, thus letting them enter it a few more times)

      • darkracer

        wich means it’s the same deal because vegeta destroyed it again.
        so if it exists they rebuilt it again.
        but you guys are forgetting whis’s wand.
        it was like the hyperbolic time chamber aswel. only with the added difficulty of limiting your movements if you leaked out energy.
        and no limits were placed on that yet.
        for all we know they can all enter at the same time

        • Kevam

          DUH, Whis can only move back 10 seconds in time. Or was it 10 minutes? And it take time to recharge that ability. So I don’t see why they would want to train for 10 secs/mins?

          • walkerjonny

            As I remember it, he can go back 3 minutes. He did that at the Freezer Saga.

    • Kevam

      Dudes, don’t you all remember? It was around Cell Saga or something, and Kami said that the Time Chamber can be used only limited times in a lifetime. It was 2 or 4 times probably, which they have already used. So, even if it is fixed right now, there is no way they can use it.

      • http://heith-livern.deviantart.com/ Pseudo Transcendant

        Actually, if I remember right they stated that you can train indefinetely now. Goku and Vegeta used their 2 days for the Cell game but still squeezed one or two training in DBS.

        • Kevam

          Well, that’s confusing

          • MoSiS96

            It was said in cell saga that one person can train 48 hours in that chamber (and can only enter it 2 times if i’m not wrong)and if someone spends more time the door of the chamber will disappear and that person will be locked there forever. Although Vegeta blew all the chamber so he had escaped even with the door being disappeared in DBS. That would make sense but it’s just my theory idk if that’s true.

          • Kevam

            If you remember the Buu Saga, those guys used a very powerful sound wave to rip a hole between dimensions of time chamber and earth to get out of there. They could do that again.

    • Unique GAMERS

      the entrnace to hyperbolic time chamber was destroyed in dbz while fighting buu

  • Norris Kilgore

    gogo dragon rangers!

  • BuuAbsorbsZeno

    I already knew this was gonna be filler but god damn.. can at least one significant thing happen. Guess I’ll come back in a month when the tournament starts.

    • BuuAbsorbsBeerus

      Vegeta’s new baby was born, they look for android 17 and 18 for 2-3 more episodes, there you already know what happens so no point in watching pointless filler come back in a month

      • dra6o0n

        17 and 18 would be a good tag team duo like they were in the past, they are pretty formidable as a duo.

        Krillin relies on tricks to defeat his opponents, he doesn’t have the power to directly do so. Master Roshi is the same, he amplifies his body to be able to physically fight, and uses tricks to gain an advantage. Piccolo is a strategist, so he might be coordinating with the weaker fighters. Tien is basically going to be a interesting reveal because he’s always the type that’s been training, but in the end might be assisting the weakest fighters.

        So basically the MVPs are Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Buu, 17 and 18. The rest are generally support. This is because these six are able to defeat and reduce the enemy numbers to allow the weaker members of universe 7 to survive.

    • mosdra

      super don’t have filler their is no manga like what dragonball had

      • Majin Squall

        what does manga have to do with it?

        • mosdra

          about the fillers that is what the fillers are mostly for wait for the manga to catch up

          • Lululul

            Filler doesn’t necessarily mean content that’s not in the manga. Filler is also, well, filler, that serves no purpose except to act as a gap between the actual plot.

      • Natsu Dragneel

        actually there is a dragonball super manga you just have to actually look for it

        • dra6o0n

          Dragon Ball Chou is basically it’s name in Japanese, when you turn the word “Super” into a Japanese word.

        • mosdra

          i know i read it i was talking about manga like what what dragonball have and most anime that is head of the manga for super the manga is to help the anime with sales not the other way around

    • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

      These episodes you call “Fillers” are sometimes important and related to the main plot in general. DB isn’t all about fighting.

      • Zardock

        Keyword is ‘sometimes’. However I don’t even consider the fillers that actually add story as ‘fillers’, but this episode and the next 2 are completely unessential and add nothing that we couldn’t have seen in the intro.

        • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

          No they’re definitely essential. I(and many other people ofc) don’t like seeing things happen without details. Especially in an anime that is not seasonal(10~26 eps).
          There’s no reason to rush, and however the events are going way too fast already. I like how they time skip frequent training(they skipped nearly a year since Zamasu arc) and don’t make specific episodes about other characters that we don’t care about. Just look how poorly slow are One piece and Naruto.
          I wouldn’t call this one a filler because it gives details. Fillers should never be related to the story like Arale & Baseball episodes. Pointless debate ..

          • Zardock

            This episode already showed all we need to know to prepare for the tournament aside from actually training, and it’s going to continue for 2-3 more filler episodes, that is the point. Just because you don’t consider this filler, many people do, the only reason these 3 episodes inbetween are even here is so they can get extra air time to hype people up for the actual content.

            Many people also consider ‘canon’ episodes that have little or no point to be filler, so yes it is a pointless debate if you can’t accept that.

          • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

            As long as it’s related to the story, these episodes are not fillers.
            It is a fact, you can’t change a fact just because you think so.
            It’s meaningful for many people like me to know the details, I don’t want my favorite anime to be spoiled with “plot armor”. Look how the fans and YouTubers are enjoying discussing with each other. Like why would Roshi accept this obvious suicide when he knows there are better allies can be the tenth? Details are important.

          • Glarious

            It doesn’t matter what it’s called, it’s essentially filler. Spending 3 episodes on finding 3 characters we’ve already met and already know are in the tournament and not spending any of the time actually strategizing or preparing for the tournament makes these episodes unessential and there’s not much arguing against that. It’s a waste of time gap so they can just say ‘we made episodes’ until the real content starts.

          • Klyce

            Not to mention it’s unrealistic that they spend all this time fucking around instead of actually preparing for the tournament, whether it be strategizing or training.

          • Zardock

            The answer to the Roshi question is that in DBS anyone can become as strong as the plot requires with no training whatsoever, I expect Roshi to be around Cells level when the tournament starts.

          • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

            This why these episodes are important, you can’t even answer the question seriously because it doesn’t matter for you to know the details.
            Roshi gave up on training long time ago. It’s just impossible for him to take a random Ki blast. Here where strategies are finally important, 2~3 episodes for preparations is too short. or for people like you I’d say it’s perfectly decent.

          • Zardock

            If you think DBS is good at showing details you haven’t been paying much attention. I watch every second of every episode so I know just how much important details they leave out. Which is why it’s even more ridiculous when they spend so much time on episodes like this and still leave out essential details. You’re the one jumping to insults instead of actually having a real argument, so I’m done with this.

          • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

            You seem to be forgotten about Zamasu saga, everything before the spirit sword joke was so detailed that hundreds of thousands of fans were so into it, discussing each episode.
            and by each episode I mean even the episodes when they’re just sitting, eating and talking with Beerus in present time the whole episode.

          • Glarious

            Black Goku arc had zero explanations for half the major things that happened and the asspulls were worse than anything that happened in DBZ, try again.

          • Klyce

            Funny you point out how they were sitting around talking as well, while they did explain some things while they were sitting around, a huge portion they were just sitting around doing absolutely nothing and constantly showing the same flash backs, and Black Goku arc had a huge problem of not explaining how things were happening way worse than any other arc so far. It’s like we are watching an entirely different show.

          • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

            I’ve paid enough attention to every small detail. I don’t need to try again nor needing you to convince me.
            I’m done wasting time it’s 2:50 AM already, bye.

          • Jackarse

            Take off the fanboy glasses kiddo

            It’s like people will give up logic entirely just to defend an obvious filler episode.

          • Alice

            Why would I waste so much time defending an episode?
            I’m only teaching you facts and logic here. Since you’re probably new to animes. You should be thankful for my kindness. human.
            I don’t want this community to be spoiled with people like you

            I’ll repeat what I said before as my last reply.
            “As long as it’s related to the story, these episodes are not fillers.
            It is a fact, you can’t change a fact just because you think so.”
            Arale and Baseball episodes are a true example for a filler.

          • Glok

            The Zamasu/Black Goku arc were talked about so extensively BECAUSE they left out so many details. Everyone was speculating explanations for things because the show never gave them. Sure Kais/Whis and Beerus explained things a few times, but not nearly enough.

          • Klyce

            But that’s the point.. they’re not strategizing or talking about anything important, they’re literally just standing around how can you even deny this?? Jesus christ people will blatantly lie just to defend this series. I’m a hardcore fan too but I’m not going to lie and say these 3 upcoming episodes mean shit.

          • Largoss

            LOL your point is that we need fillers so we can get more details. DBS doesn’t give a shit about details that actually matter. The amount of asspull powerups have clearly shown that they’d rather put details into pointless fillers then into stuff that actually matters

          • Klyce

            Dude the next 3 episodes are entirely filler you gotta be joking. We already know who’s going to be in the tournament, this episode was filler enough and it’s the same shit for the next 3 episodes. Why do people like you blindly defend this series and just because an episode has 1 or 2 meaningful things happen does not mean it isn’t mostly filler.

          • Glok

            At least the Arale one was one episode and actually defined as filler. We got 4-5 pointless fillers about Pilaf jacking off during the Black Goku arc that aren’t even counted as fillers.
            Also, just because an episode gives a couple new details doesn’t make it not a filler. We already know who is in the tournament so the next few episodes are going to be mostly a waste, hence filler.

    • Justin Walker

      Hey bud. This episode isn’t a filler. Fillers are episodes that don’t correlate with the main story what so ever and are completely unnecessary. This episode at least tells us who the 10 fighters will be, as it wouldn’t make any since to have 7 other people join the tournament without any relevant information as to how and why they are there

      • Matthew Baker

        To be fair if you have been watching the beginning sequence for a while now then you already knew who the fighters would be. this episode in that light is indeed filler since we knew Vegeta would participate. the only significance is to close a plot hole by saying that krillin had been training recently. but you are right in a way, the episodes need to reflect the beginning sequence spoilers

        • Justin Walker

          Seriously, the beginning sequence… Just don’t. The beginning sequence is not meant to tell you anything about the story, you simply made inferences from it. There isn’t even any speech in it. You never would have even been able to guest what was happening in the sequence without watching the show. I’m not right in a way. I’m right. This episode isn’t a filler dude.

          • Zardock

            You are trying way too hard to defend this series if you think you couldn’t have summed up a majority of this episode with the intro alone. I love this series but I’m not going to blindly defend 3 filler episodes that are essentially filler because they’re not adding to the plot or story. Anything we’ve seen new in this episode can be summed up in 20 seconds.

            If you think they added these episodes just to buildup more story you’re a fool. They just want more air time but without producing actual content so people will keep watching and anticipate the tournament.

          • Justin Walker

            Dude, don’t insult me. I merely stated why it’s not considered a filler episode. Regardless of what your opinion is on how much new content you just saw, all I stated is what defines an episode as a filler. And fillers are between Arcs, not in the middle of them.

  • rishab thareja

    Fucking cunt lousy motherfucker post the episode already piece of shit

    • एमनएल लयल

      patience comrade.. 20 more mins to go.. and then the upload time.. soo.. give it like..45 more mins

  • Daniel Petrigala

    Whis has the power of fertilization. I guess he’s like the Eggman of the DB series.

    • Daniel Petrigala

      Does that mean he can make it so you have a nest of chickens s**ting out of your b**t??!

    • Daniel Petrigala

      I already knew the child was bulla, but what is with the underwear names. It’s like their next child will be named boxers

      • dra6o0n

        It’s a running gag.

      • FlippeR FlappeR

        you must be new to dragon ball?

      • foookkk

        who gives a crap piccolo name based on pickles ffs

        • Michael Blub

          Piccolo’s name isn’t based on pickles but on a wood instrument, just like the other henchmans of Piccolo were called by instruments like Trumpet for example.

  • Zuko Uzuchiha

    Lmfao that beerus senzu thing had me laughing ¨Eat them in secret¨ Lmao funniest line from him so far in my opinion

    • walkerjonny

      Well, it would be enough if they all eat some Paradise plants before the tournament…

  • Danang Zulkarnaen Abdi

    just want to know bulla and pan fusion name,,,,, bullpan or panbull lol

    • Kevam

      lmao nice

  • PanpanH

    Its kind of bullshit if only 2 people can go in at the same time

  • Skor TheFuture

    Isn’t time of the essence? Why is goku flying? Can’t he just sense their Ki and Instant transmission?

    • Kyle Joultz

      His ki might be fucked up again for using kaioken unless he now managed to perfect it without any sideeffects

    • Zardock

      They decided 3 filler episodes would be more important than actually training to prepare for the end of the world tournament.

  • CiscotheSoto

    DBS logic has become complete and utter garbage. Nothing makes sense to me anymore. And if I were in that situation, I would have bribed Whis with more delicious foods, then asked for him to go inside the hyperbolic time chamber along with the other fighters and train everyone for a year. Boom, helps alot. But NOOO!!! We have to see a bunch of humans and androids who which cannot even top Perfect Cell’s power getting creamed in the tournament. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!?!

    • CiscotheSoto

      Along with that, Goku’s reasoning for not entering Goten and Trunks is acceptable, but I would have entered them. Although they are inexperienced, their power is much higher than most of the other fighters, and in this world, raw power beats skill 95% of the time.

      • Kevam

        “raw power beats skill 95% of the time.” You should go watch Batman movies and The Arrow TV series. Arrow, a normal human with proper training beat Flash, who can run, think and fight atleast 100 times faster than normal humans and run as fast as 800 miles per hour. An example for Raw Power VS Skill and Experience. Second, you can only enter the hyperbolic time chamber twice in a lifetime and only two people at one. Anything else left to say?

        • CiscotheSoto

          I’m talking about this DBZ universe. In other universes, of course experience can defeat raw power. But in this universe, you literally can have a power level difference of a few thousand, and you’re screwed. Also, Dende removed the limits on the Time Chamber; Vegeta has already gone in 3 times, Goku has gone in 4, and remember that Goten, Trunks, Piccolo and Super Buu were inside the Time Chamber at the same time? I think he means it’s recommended to do 2 people at a time, although I’m still a little fuzzy on that terminology.

          • Kevam

            Damn looks like I keep forgetting that this is DBZ and anything can happen. But I would still say that Goten and Trunks are definitely under experienced even for a Frieza type of battle, Tournament of Universes is far above that.

    • Derek Hitchmough

      The time chamber that Vegeta destroyed in the last saga? We don’t even know if they recreated it yet… plus there are limits on how many can enter at a time, alongside how long/how many times, so that’s overall out

      Plus this tournament encourages everything else in addition to power, not just it; you need endurance, skill, tactical/strategic ability, and teamwork too. Goten and Trunks might be more powerful, but they don’t have much of the other part; they’d be out very quick in a real fight, particularly since they’re so young.

      • CiscotheSoto

        Gohan was 5 years old when he fought Frieza, and he went from not lifting a finger to Frieza’s first form, to dealing some heavy blows on Frieza’s final form at 50% power; he beat Perfect Cell when he was 9 YEARS OLD on Earth time. I can give you countless other examples of where the protagonists kicked ass when they were kids, but the point is: In this universe, age means shit. Goten and Trunks have fought alongside each other many times, and they’ve fused with each other at least 3 times. They make a very good team because they’ve fought together ever since they were 8. Now, I think that endurance, skill, tactical/strategic abilility, and teamwork are really helpful things to have in this tournament, but if you have an opponent that’s on such a high level that he can knock you out with a single blow, it’s going to be much harder to use those other things effectively. And like we saw with Krillin, he was only able to survive against Basil because of the many techniques he has acquired throughout his life.

        Besides, remember Piccolo destroyed the chamber before, and now it was fixed to be brand new. Mr. Popo can do anything.

  • Mike

    Future trunk should fight

  • dave

    Goku ! you’re an asshole !
    Cheer for Toppo heh

    • CiscotheSoto

      I could not agree more.

      • Derek Hitchmough

        Did you forget the Saiyans destroyed many races in their whole buy-and-sell conquest? In fact, they always sent their children into deep space to conquer populations. Between that, Frieza destroying planets and running an empire that employed said Saiyans, Majin Buu’s destruction in the distant (and recent) past, and Beerus’ entire job… it’s probably good that they have even ‘that’ many, and ‘does’ help explain why they’re second-from-the-bottom in Universe ranking

        ^But even with this, why are we surprised? Toriyama was always the forgetful type, and he even confused SSJ2 with SSJ3 at least once (which is hard to do) – it’s better to just go with it really, since he generally writes by the seat of his pants, and details don’t always line up

        Also, we’ve always known Goku was selfish, innocently-insensitive, reckless, and so forth; this is nothing new

        • walkerjonny

          Maybe he is one of the young folks watching Dragonball for the first time. Altough Goku was always a hero when needed he also really loves to fight and that gets him and the others into trouble sometimes.

        • Kevam

          So you just mentioned all the incidences and planets destroying acts. What if they destroyed most of the planets with life and 29(including earth) were left? “Just a possibility”

          • Derek Hitchmough

            ^They probably did. But moreover, the tie-in ‘Jaco the Galactic Patrolmen’ mentions that, well the universe has surprisingly little intelligent life in this franchise – for reference, the organization regularly patrols the entire Milky Way Galaxy with only 38 individuals (and that was typically enough, even if their strength isn’t all that big)

            So despite all the planets, the numbers regarding intelligent life weren’t that big to begin with; is it any wonder there’s so little now?

          • Kevam

            Yeah, agree.

      • walkerjonny

        Possibly they were referring to planets where it might be possible that fighters with the required strength exist. There can be also many planets around with weaker life forms on it. And the god’s said that power level was the second last thing from the bottom on their list… So they are only remembering 28 planets at the moment but that doesn’t mean that there doesn’t exist more. It was just unimportant to the god’s to watch out for it.

  • Benny Wong

    Think again, in fact Akira never mentioned about the bloodline and background
    of Tien Shinhan & Chiaotzu (obviously they’re not pure blood
    humans, especially Tien are based from the race of
    Triclops)…….Hopefully we’ll see Akira make a series of Triclops
    invasion, just like what he did with Saiyan Saga during DBZ……

  • John B

    I keep getting an error “”Error loading media: File could not be played”. Anyone else getting this? It started about three weeks ago.

    • Rock Your World

      Nope, got Firefox.

  • Benny Wong

    Or at least see Whis unlock Tien’s myriad powers which he supposedly have as a Triclop. And Promote him as the next Kaishin once Goku become the god of Universe 7 🙂

  • Kingu Prima

    Why haven’t they chosen Trunk from the future or a member from Freeza’s race instead of Kurilin or Master Roshi ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6859445ce401abf1c7b5bb1b60072445db3573de08ffa245861d4b399af93556.gif

    • Kevam

      Going to the future would be cheating because they can recruit 10 Gokus from different timelines. And on top of that, travelling in time is a punishable offence. AND, they don’t have a time machine YET(the previous one was destroyed). Anything else?

      • Kingu Prima

        so what about Freeza and the other races, is the universe limited only to humans ? 🙂

        • Kevam

          Yeah, I do agree on that idea. There must be other races. But most of them are villains. I think they would drop Goku out of the ring before the opponents lol

          • Kingu Prima

            even if they know they’ll simply be erased at once ?

          • Kevam

            Do they care though? I mean, you did see that even when Frieza was about to die, he chose to kill Goku instead of leaving the dying Namek.

          • Kingu Prima

            maybe not all of them ?

          • Kevam

            Yeah probably. They don’t want to waste the time in searching the planets as the Supreme Kai just said. Though it would be cool to see Golden Frieza and Perfect Cell in the tournament.

          • Super Saiyajin

            I Agree , take example Cell , he is really strong an smart and i know he would make a good member and he would help but ..instead we get master fking roshi 70 yo..

          • walkerjonny

            Who just was eating some Paradise plants and got another Power-Up and lives now for additional 1000 years. That was why we had that episode in the past. Krillin started his training again and Muten Roshe got a Power-Up and is now strong enough to compete.
            By the way – they should all eat some Paradise plants before they go to the tournament. Think about such a Power-Boost for Son Goku and Vegeta. That might be pretty funny. And it is not cheating because they do it before the tournament.

          • Dragovic

            He’s actually over 300 years old, which doesn’t make it any better. And, don’t you think Yamcha should be in the 10 instead of Roshi?

          • Dawn Command

            i think they should go get uub

          • Dragovic

            Uub is like Pan’s age right now.

      • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

        Agreed, evil or not, they would still be much more effective than humans and fight like a team.
        First because fail means death to all, and second they can’t go against someone stronger like Goku, unless they’re brainless like Kid Buu.

    • Dragovic

      The real question is why they overpower Roshi so much? Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and even Yajirobe have been stronger than him in DBZ. But, DBS comes along and ruins all logic.

      • Zardock

        Yeah they showed Roshi taking on some of Frieza’s weaker minions when he was resurrected. I mean Roshi is an awesome character but it’s not consistent at all. If we’re going to include humans we should have Tien at least.. he appears to be the most skilled and strongest human ( even though he’s really an alien but still )

  • lalith

    Hope gohan becomes the strongest just like in dbz . I like gohan better than goku . Goku gets too much power in DBS …

  • Hoemayoen Nahory

    lol they have chosen weak fighters around this level

  • somerandomdudeordudette

    Imagine if yamcha was 1 of the 10 fighters LMAO.
    Or even imagine all 10 fighters being yamcha and his 9 clones 😛

  • Roxx

    Error loading media

  • Tibor Rigó

    i wish there would be an episode where they show a day of Yamcha’s life 😀

    • darkracer

      i wish they found a way to stop writing yamcha into the story

  • HumAyun Ch

    Its battle royal. So recruiting Roshi and krillin isn’t a failure at all.

    • Zardock

      Anyone can learn the disabling,blinding, and mirroring techniques they use. I’m not saying they’re not extraordinary, but to include them is just to appeal to the fans. It’s already been shown GotenTrunks/Gotenks can learn things fast and already have better manipulation of Ki to use their techniques just from being saiyans. Tien seems to have more skill and power than Krillin so he should be included as well.

      If we knew for sure the other universes had some ‘top fighters’ at the same level as Krillin/Roshi, then it’d still be helpful, but if the Trio De Dangers are the weakest fighters in the tournament.. then Roshi and Krillin aren’t gonna be able to do much realistically.

  • wowlock

    You gotta love everytime Bulla cries, Vegeta goes Blue 😀

  • Joshua Benas

    Already saw the top 10 players who’ll gonna play in the battle of universe. It’s shown at the introduction scene of the episode. the episode already spoiled it..

  • Rioumurou Matsu

    Every time DB starts i think my headphones have some issue cos of intro 🙂

  • Jamie Legends


    Why doesn’t Krillin use the Kamehameha instead of useless ki blasts.

  • Jumond Foster

    It seem like they dont know wht to do for dbs. How the hell trucks beat a saiyan rose and a god but vegeta n goku couldnt. N i dont care how much stretegy krillin have. He weak ass hell n android 17 is stronger then him. N whn vegeta n goku go saiyan rose. Their power will b limited so b4 wearing off. Oh n bet gohan have sum secret power hidden like whn he was a little biy lol. I love all the dragonballs n a big fan but they starting to go left field. I know ppl saying its abt technique. How can u have any technique if u cant follow whts going. How will he dodge a fast attack or live after 1 hit lol

  • Jumond Foster

    I would love 2 c the saiyans use stretegy lol. They love 1 on 1 combat n no help. This will b epic.

  • Justin Walker

    It’s weird that no one is allowed to kill their opponents, but the losing universes get deleted… so they die anyway?

  • glory

    im waiting for next episode 😀

  • CiscoTheSoto

    I’m betting that Beerus wishes he hadn’t destroyed the Time Machine. At least then they’d have another person with godly ki. Although if they wanted to they could use the dragon balls to wish Future Trunks back into their timeline.

  • questionGuy

    I thought 18 was dead…….or who ever the guy android is, since cell only puked one up

    • Glyce

      They wished all the life cell killed would be restored.. it’s kind of a stretch to include 17 but w/e.

  • A Dweik

    What I love about this show is that by Dragonball Logic, damn near anything is possible. Actually, scratch that. Anything is [email protected]$king possible in Dragonball. Akira Toriyama lights up a large spliff and writes the most ridiculous episodes.

    And I’m completely cool with that. Looking forward to the tournament. Goku better Super Dragon Spirit Kaio-Kamehameha Bomb Fist the fuck out of Jiren’s bald b**** @ss.

    • Lolosaurus

      SSB Kaiokenx10 Dragon Fist. But it’d probably kill even Beerus

      • A Dweik

        I hope its bigger than the x10 Dragon Fist. If Zamasu/Black gets an epic death by Ultra Energy Sword, this tournament better have some legendary transformation or finishing move.

  • Sharon J. Hawkins

    I remember saying this on Youtube a few times, but the Supreme Kai’s line about 28 planets makes NO SENSE. Beerus blew up about eight and a half planets at the start of the series, many with life on them. He’d not dare be so casual if there were so few mortals. He’d be OUT OF A JOB. The Galactic Patrol, which exists in the Milky Way Galaxy and works for the Galactic King, would also have NO JOB. Freiza’s Army would have been broke in a week and thus, NO JOB. So, for that line, I call bullshit and it is excluded from my headcanon.

    And for anyone who says that Freiza killed all that life for whomever he was selling planets to, don’t forget…he was at the height of power and hundreds of worlds were under his thumb. That does not equate to 28 worlds. His Army would have had NO JOB within weeks of his original demise!

  • WanBoy 421

    Noooo way …. they’re actually going to get Roshi to do it ahahahaahh .

  • karlo p

    Why is beerus not fighting?

  • hkhkhkhkhkh

    Get Ariel, problem solved

  • Andy [Insert Last Name Here]

    Arale is the Answer

  • godpo201

    Video isn’t loading, all I get is a black screen…

  • Naoe ◘ ナエエ

    EEEEEHHH?? I’m not a woman, but even I know if a pregnant grill’s belly disappears and a baby appears in her hands she’d be in traumatic shock regardless of wether she’s adapted to magic and miracles, this is so freaky

  • B1ack Ca1

    Aww baby bulla is just the cutest! Vegeta should make more cute babies xD

  • Richard Smith

    28 planets? This is stupid lol, there were countless galaxies with thousands of planets in the Super Shenron episode.