Dragon Ball Super episode 81 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 81 : “Title”


  • Darren Chen


    • Jordan Tampa

      the episode isnt here yet get a life

      • Darren Chen

        I know that. So what’s the problem.

        • Lorebrarian

          There’s absolutely no benefit for you to announce to everyone here that you’re the first commenter. It’s stupid, and childish.

      • UnexpectedAnimeName

        You tell him to get a life, yet you are the one who is wasting your time on him. That’s just sad and ironic.

        • Lorebrarian

          That does not matter. The point is that it’s annoying and has no place among the comments here. There is no benefit for being the first commenter. Also, there is nothing sad and pathetic about what Jordan Tampa said because what he said is true. He needs to find somthing better to do with his time then act like a child.

          • Kevam

            Well said man.

      • Marlon Coates

        LMBO, man i wish i could see you own this dude in slow motion HAHAHA

    • JFish


      • OmegaSpike


    • Asriel Yoskowitz

      eat my ass child

  • King Thotho

    I all episodes up to 80…

    I’m just waiting for this one. Can’t wait for 81

    • Matthew Carrasco

      I want to see Goku Destroy the Wolf so bad.

      • King Thotho

        So am i

      • ryan studenka

        so do i i hope he gets powned
        because those wolfs r savages
        what gos around comes around!

      • Lalait Attikpo

        haha,goku nearly got killed if not for topo from univers 11 that saved him.but i don t just know why goku can not go up to super sayan bleue 3 come to talk about four.

        • Gohan

          how did you watch the episode?

          • Quincy Uzamaki

            he didnt cause topo didn even interfere at all lol he was trolling u guys

        • Quincy Uzamaki

          how did toopo save him wtf u talking bout

        • Nicejob`

          he cant be ssj3 blue because it takes a lot of stamina and his power level isnt controlled, thats why when he fought future trunks he almost destroyed the city. + it goes against what ssjb is, calm controlled and strong

  • Egg_Runner

    ok, guys… can you all stop using the same exactly picture of ssj Bardock? so many times now ive seen a chat that looks likes someone talking to themselves. just stop.

    • Asriel Yoskowitz

      it’s the default picture. know what you’re talking about before you start bitching on the comment section of an episode that doesn’t exist yet.

  • علاوي التميمي


  • Luis3232

    why the always stupid fight in this room?

  • Luis3232

    all y people should eat poop and shut up

  • Mark Greenham

    that ssj blue kaioken kamehameha was massive… belittled gohans final blast against cell.

    • Issac Johnson

      bro that arena mad small

      • Mark Greenham

        true but the width of the beam was the size of the arena lol

        • Zunain Karriem

          Gohans SSJ2 blast was way way way bigger.
          Maybe you should go back and check the proportions of the small ring to the land that Gohan was fighting on. The size of the blast isn’t necessarily related to it’s strength. A focused beam is more power at the point of impact then that same energy expanded over a huge area.The special beam canon case and point.

          • Kevam

            “The size of the blast isn’t necessarily related to it’s strength.” You want to say that Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Kaio-Ken X10 Kamehameha was less powerful than Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 Kamehameha? It apparently sounds like that if you read the whole comment.

          • Zunain Karriem

            No, I’m saying the beam size is almost irrelevant to it’s power. The body of a blast could physically look big without actually being more powerful than a smaller one. Which means, basing the strength of a blast from it’s size is almost impossible.

          • Kevam

            Yeah that’s true. The biggest of energy blasts can’t take down Goku but a small laser got him in Golden Frieza Arc. Size definitely doesn’t matter.

          • Atrix Saha

            It doesn’t matter about the size, it’s about the quality.

    • Marlon Coates

      Absolutely not. What Gohan did, he did at a very young age and didn’t even have that much training compared to his dad. This is God level fighting now and Goku has God powers. imagine if Gohan snapped like he did in the Cell games and has God powers as well…the human emotion is more powerful and can go further than Saiyan emotions can, Gohan is prove of this. So him being half human and have Saiyan makes him potentially more powerful than his father. People forget that Gohan at one point was the most powerful person on earth, he is still that sleeping Dragon, so even though SSJ BLUE KAIOKEN KAMEHAMEHA was massive(indeed) that takes nothing away from what Gohan did as a child when all these freaking warriors could do nothing against Cell, its almost insulting to compare that moment to a freaking sparring match.

      • deontafuckedyogurl

        shut yo dumb ass up gohan fanboi

        • deontafuckedyogurl


          • Marlon Coates

            yeah Whatever bruh aint stuntin you

        • Marlon Coates

          Facts, deal with it.

      • Mark Greenham

        lol … just because a child can down 8 pints of beer in 60 seconds doesnt hold a candle to the adult that downed 32, regardless of how impressive he was for his age. That power that killed cell wasnt anywhere close to what goku has these days. all im saying

        • Daniel Izedonmwen

          Ya true


        And Cabba is more powerful than Gohan at his young age.

        • Daniel Izedonmwen

          Are u dumb?

          • Daniel Izedonmwen

            Cabba can only go super saiyan. SSJ 2 Gohan took out guys that Goku struggled with, with ease

          • Quan Cool Ass

            Goku Never Fought Any Of Them Seriously Vegeta Been Stated That & Whis Backed Him


            You seem dumb that’s why you’re dumbfounded by your own life.

        • Marlon Coates

          What in God’s name does he have to do with this??????

      • death taco

        gohan dose not get rage boosts any more sins he got his power unlocked

  • Goodwork

    Goku is getting cocky

  • Trevor Bliss

    Very good [email protected]! Way to to redeem yourself after that last shit episode.

    • Michael Blub

      boring episode. The worst out of the 3 battle infact, with shitty face animations…

      • William van Helsing

        Shut up, the episode looked good.

        • Michael Blub

          Seen Gohan’s face when Goku asked Gohan to be the tactician/leader of the team?

          If not, I suggest you to rewatch it. Those shits aren’t acceptable if you compare it with the Buu and Gohan fights.

          • William van Helsing

            Those fights you have seen, have been redone in hd.
            To sell on dvd. these episodes you’ve seen are just made in a week or 2.

          • Michael Blub


      • Clark Kent

        Yeah the other two battles were more interesting I agree.
        We all know Goku too OP for a wolf.

  • Norris Kilgore

    why is this live and not playable

  • Rouge Krama Macaluso

    Will Gohan Go super saiyan blue??? xD

    • Norris Kilgore

      he will go mystic/ultimate again

      • foookkk

        mystic gohan is powerful than ssj3 so hope to see that

    • Nicejob

      if you watched the intro carefully you can see that he is training to be possibly mystic again, hype train choo choo

    • Novex

      Probably just like the trunk in the future.

  • Rouge Krama Macaluso



    Please make Gohan finally go SSJ3 or make Goku go SSJ3 Blue!!

    • EZ

      I don’t think you know what you want from this series. How would it be if EVERY saiyan could go blue or use kaio ken? And we especially don’t need a new transformation every other episode.

    • William van Helsing

      Toriyama said, that there will be no ss2 or ss3 in super saiyan blue.
      They might only get new colored transformations.

    • Michael Blub

      ssj3 is stupid and worse form compared to mystic.

  • Akeel Steven

    LOL Goku is Evil

    • Keimarr ?

      Orange is the new black

      • William van Helsing

        Nice one

  • ChldshGambino

    They’ve gotta stop with the enemies who absorb power.

    • Zsnake Pliscon

      what else is left. they already had an all powerful bad guy with every ability in the universe. Majinboo.We havnt seen any new abilities on a bad guy since Hit. but boo’s powers imo were cooler then just the ability to time skip a second or assasinate from a distance.

  • super

    so goku’s the main villan in this arc? i think not….
    they all forgetting one thing, the winner gets to use the super dragonballs, and we all know it’s gonna be goku that wins….

    • Some guy

      it has been said that the winner wins nothing… meaning they won’t get destroyed that’s it.

      • http://www.henrybrandon.com/ Spoon Boy

        Gets nothing in the exhibition match. Super Dragonballs come from the tournament.

        • Cổ Thể Ni

          rewatched it….its nothing for the actual tournament bud

          • jay

            actually the gods get nothing but the winning fighter gets the dragon balls from the uni6-7. go watch again bud.

      • blarghman

        the best fighter is the one that will get it- of the winning team that is

    • Zsnake Pliscon

      not once was it sugested at any time that anyone is getting the dragon balls for winning. surviving is the reward!

  • Goodwork

    Goku is getting cocky

    • Nicejob

      Hes always been like that hasn’t he?

      • Goodwork

        He wasn’t a battle mongerer in DBZ.He was more humble.Now it seems he is more interested in picking up fights.


      It’s apparently Saiyan nature to be cocky. Future trunks was the least cocky I’ve seen.

      • Lionfart

        Which future trucks? The future trunks in DBZ was super cocky

        • BIG-DADDY-WOLF

          Definitely, but he was the least cocky of all the saiyans.

          • nightynight

            He was extremely cocky on his debut. I say the least cocky is gohan, future gohan to exact.

      • Link Pratt

        every martial artist had this nature in them(Yamcha, Tien and Krillin too), it’s only after goku was revealed to be a saiyan when it became a part of his biology.

    • Joel Almestica

      Goku has always been coky

  • Devon Palmer

    That was a good episode but it would me more cooler if SSJ 3 was there.. Way too much SSJ 1 & 2.. Where is SSJ3???

    • William van Helsing

      They only show ss3 when it’s not needed.
      Like when goku went against trunks.

      • TheLight

        It actually was needed there because he wanted to test how strong Trunks had become without giving away that he and Vegeta had learned Super Saiyan Blue yet.

    • Daniel Banks

      SSJ3 is grossly outclassed and burns up way too much energy.

      • Luxion

        lol someone watches MasakoX XD.

    • Zsnake Pliscon

      I agree because there is no difference visualy with 1 & 2. at least with 3 his hair grows out and looks c0oL

      • TheLight

        Actually, When Goku turns Super Saiyan, his hair stays the same style as his base form. With SSJ2, it stands straight up and he has an electrical discharge in his aura.

    • NeverTrustCrazy

      SSJ3 eats through stamina/energy really fast, so it’s more like a power up for big moves now and not a real battle form. Kinda like that bulky SSJ1 and a half thing thing Trunks did, except being situationally useful.

    • TheLight

      SSJ3 is a waste of energy, doesn’t last long enough, and doesn’t recover quickly enough once the fighter runs low on ki. That was why Vegeta never bothered with it, instead choosing to max out the SSJ2 form to it’s limit.

  • Chris

    Simple universe 7 will win, goku and vegeta fusion should wipe out all the universes!

  • Llia O

    He’s just going to wish the other universes merge into one and save them.

    • http://soundcloud.com/arsynal Shawn Kramer

      And we thought overpopulation was bad now, heh. I don’t think this is a bad idea depending on how it’s executed. I could see the wording being “all destroyed universes” and that segues into a universe destroyed before this arc returning. I believe a Youtube video pointed out something to do with Saiyans in universe 13, but could be wrong. Similarly, a potential universe 0.

  • Fly Silver

    shut the fuck up and let me watch

    • Smh

      shut up fuck nigga

  • Gone like gons :^)

    Whats the clown’s voice actor? sounds so familiar.

  • IthilFear

    Those restrictions / rules are disappointing imo.

  • oberdamujigae

    even Goku thinks himself being a villain is interesting…

    • mosdra

      no he said about what that fighter said

    • Kevam

      Goku said that it is interesting Toppo thinks he is evil.

  • Zeroxios

    It’s gonna be a twist tbh. Holy and Vegeta with universe 7 will lose. Toppo the big guy who looks like the antagonist in sonic (Eggman) will win! With his troopers since more than likely they are a trooper segment they will be more better at unification and fighting together.

    Toppo will see in the fight in the next episode that Goku has no evil intent and in the end when all the universes are wiped out. Toppo will use the Dragon Balls to wish all the other universes back.

    That’s my theory, please don’t be offended by it. Suggest your own theory please!

    • f u dat

      just hope that toppo is a good guy not some two face guy that pretend to be good like frost in the earlier tournament

  • Freeasabird

    Holy shit!, Goku’s a fucking ASS HOLE! The weight of the situation all the universes are in. and Goku could care less about all the countless lives he’s going to wipe out. WTF Man? Goku’s actions make all the other Villains actions and crimes seem trivial in comparison. oh they killed a few people, they blew up a Planet or two wiping out civilizations. This is the entirety of MULTIPLE UNIVERSES at stake this is just Evil on a whole other scale! Fuck sakes Goku WTF man! D:<

    • Rage Montreal

      Goku’s bored.

    • wtfffff

      maybe goku gets possessed or some shit

    • L0RDT1TAN

      He is probably but thinking to bring back all the universes with the dragon Balls after the tournament is over.

    • DaHell

      They said Zeno was gonna erase the universe regardless. So Goku in a way, gave the lower ones a fighting chance to survive. If he didn’t, they would all have been erased with no warning.

    • dbzdave

      The doubt they place on Zen Oh sama could be their undoing and evaluation. Goku obviously has Always used his ki for the sake of good, pure hearted to ride nimbus…and who knows what will happen if U7 getz teh Super Dragon Ballz

    • wowlock

      I mean the real problem is Zen-oh here who now got his future self as a friend…and yet want to destroy the universes for fun. What Goku did was ”well at least make a tournament out of it so one may survive”…So this is what happens when you have a Child-ultimate being and a child-minded hero.
      I kinda want someone to knock some sense into Zen-oh. Gods are 10 times more petty than mortals it seems. I mean just look at Zamasu.

    • Al

      Goku is saving at least one universe, which is the one that survives the tourney, as The Grand Priest explains and Whis elaborates, the universes were going to be destroyed anyways, so instead of just destroying them, they made the tourney out of it.

    • DBZfan

      Goku is the man, he knows that all he has to do is win the tournament of power and use the super dragon balls to bring back all the destroyed universes.

  • jacob frank

    It’s literally now or never that Goku teaches all the other Z fighters his techniques like, Instant Transmission, Kaio-Ken, and whatever else he has under his belt. And if they conditions to win are to last for the 48 minutes and the team with the most team members wins why not have Goku teach ALL of the Z Fighters Instant Transmission and just teleport around the arena for 48 minutes.

    • AJ1703 – Anime and Gaming !!!

      welp it’s sad raising yourself up, I’ll help you and btw that will be boring, and Instant Transmission can only be used to a friend or ally not on a desired location. Have you been watching dragon ball?

      • Marius

        any why can goku teleport right behind an opponent? your explanation is not right either. It is said that he has to feel the Ki, not more, not less

        • Hashim Tariq

          marius is right its not friend ki its just any person ki

      • TSRV

        There is no need for the person/group to be friend or ally. Any huge source of energy will do.

        • javi lampart

          If boo absorbs all fighters, he could easily win the fight. Starting with absorbing goku, gohan, and then the weakest fighters… all of em…

          • TSRV

            May be, but it defeats the purpose why the tournament is being held. Goku will never go for such prideless victory. Afterall, he is a saiyan.

          • fef

            Goku is not vegeta

      • danexi perez


      • dbzdave

        Wrong. Instant Transmission Kamehameha instantly proves you wrong.

        • Saul Gutierrez

          Exactly ?

    • Lisa

      Well I think teaching Z Fighters the techniques of Goku will make him lose uniqueness. Everyone has their special powers like Goku-Kioken, Krillin-DistructoDisc, Picollo-Special Beam Cannon, Yamcha – Death (:D)

      • Daniel Izedonmwen

        Ok ok first off, it’s Kaio-Ken. Second why you gotta do my mans Yamcha like that. Damn Yamcha died like a bitch and got his girl taken away. He was even violated in that baseball game. (His pose when he hit home plate is the same pose he struck when he died from the saibamen) Krillin was like “where have I seen this pose before?”

    • FlippeR FlappeR

      if i am the grand priest i’ll disqualify each and everyone of them if they did just that. Or buu could just transform everybody to chocolates….and i;ll disqualify him/her too. Then again maybe other universes also have cheat like abilities. Hit’s Time crossing can be considered cheat too if he can skip more than 1 minutes ahead

      • Marlon Coates

        Majin Buu m reminds me of Kirby, eats people and takes there power lol

  • Alvin

    How many times did Toppo dab?

  • MrSingle89

    who is this star trek looking character! lol

  • Gnosis Landscape

    now I get the plot
    goku and vegita will doing a fusion in the battle of power
    thats why they give a plot where they must fight in team

    • bruhhh

      pretty sure they won’t do the fusion because they probably didn’t have the ear ring thing and gogeta is non canon for some reason

      • somerandomdudeordudette

        but vegito is canon tho right?

        • foookkk

          yeah because vegito is in the comic/manga

  • james “slender” rivers

    Why we never see 17 on the episodes but he be on the intros?

    • Flame-LoneWolf

      It’s called “waiting”.

  • VoltWrecker

    People are saying those rules are disappointing, but let’s be honest. If they drew out EVERY fight in the tournament, the arc would be 50+ episodes of filler fights and maybe 10-20 of the actual characters fighting. Plus this adds an interesting aspect to the tournament. We rarely see group battles like this.

    • Barkóczi János

      Yeah 50+ episode of fights. That’s exactly why we were hyped….

      • sickwitit

        But yall didnt wanna see Bleach 50+ episodes of fights… so…

  • Zuko Uzuchiha

    Not this Ginyu and Goku Black shit again it’s nostalgia all over again… Toppo should just kill himself already..

    • hypetrain

      toppo isn’t like ginyu at all he’s more like jaco……..PS: ginyu was frieza elite commander and a captain to the ginyu force you’d probably know that soo just saiyan…..get it…no..i’ll..stop

    • Flame-LoneWolf

      Except that Toppo’s actually a good guy and has a point? Goku’s a bigger menace than any villain in the franchise currently.

  • sahil patra

    someone had told me that toppo is next in the line of becoming GOD

  • Super Dragon Fist

    Mortal Level has absolutely no significance. Universe 7 had the lowest mortal level of all except universe 9. Still it defeated Universe 6 before which had higher mortal level than universe 7 and apart from Hit, all others from universe 6 were weaklings at this level. And Now even hit is weaker than goku. Goku stalemated him without using kaioken. So mortal level has nothing to do with power.

    • Ej Matchin

      they literally just said in the episode that mortal level was kinda of a factor of that universes god’s guidance toward the civilizations

      • Super Dragon Fist

        yeah it was a factor of that so what ? that explanation didnt have anything to do with power. It could have been assumed that universes with high mortal level are superior and hence stronger and thats why zeno is allowing them to exist. But my point shows that they are not necessarily superior / stronger. So they should have been included.
        But yeah, point to be noted is that goku and vegeta are gods, universe 6 team had no gods.

    • iLvU

      I don’t know for sure of the Creators of the DBS Series intent meaning of Mortal Level. But, I will say that I believe that its tied to the meaning of Mortality in real life terms. In these days and times, we are killing each other at alarming rates, of very petty issues, that really doesn’t need a loss of life to solve.

      My view of the meaning here is; The more Peaceful the Universe, the less of a need for it to be purged from existence.

      Think of it this way; We here on Earth, as we are and have been for a very long time now, in General, live with much dislike and hatred. The one True GOD, has sparred us once (allowed us to continue living on this Earth) with the flood, and it is said, there won’t be a flood next time, but there will be fire. Also, the Rapture will happen. This is truth to happen, as it has been written, and Prophesied. We are Saved through the Blood of his Son, Jesus Christ, we may be saved (If we want to be).
      So, yes! I believe this has to do with how well, a Universe gets along within itself.
      I think these DBS episodes, just may have some real life living teachings happening here. Take a really good look at what been going on in our real world. Surely, we can all see what’s happening. There even seems to be a big division [separation], growing between Men and Women now. Women, are complaining that Men don’t pursue them like they use to, and Men, admitting, that they don’t want to anymore. I think this is a sign of how bad things are, and to become. Don’t believe me!? Research it yourself. We need to stop this before it gets to far out of control.

      • Super Dragon Fist

        no i think mortal level is just the ratio of number of gods and mortals in the universe. highest level would indicate higher number of gods. But my point is that being a god doesn’t automatically makes one superior or more powerful in DBS so why did zeno allowed them to exist without participating in fight ?

        and dbs has nothing to do with abramic religions mythologies, it just borrowed a few terms like god and angel from there but that’s it. toriyama also borrowed a few characterstics from egyptian, chienese and hindu mythologies, hell even from batman’s joker and harley without exactly copying them as it is.

  • DBS Still Sucks


    • Q

      agreed 100%

    • somerandomdudeordudette

      goku was meant to behave like that all his life but he hit his head when he fell and changed to be a gentle little kid towards his grampa gohan and others too. Other than that he would have wiped out humanity like he was assigned to. That part of him has never really gone away even though he might have gone about being a hero here and there.

    • Sheldon Gibbs

      1:29 mark of opening! Goku Black???

  • Jokey Xiou

    Hate to say it but goku is evil so i’ll be rooting for toppo

  • dan88131

    Calling it right now
    Goku planned this whole ” erase the universe” to make sure everyone fought as intense as they can so he could make sure the fighting would be intense so the 2 zens could have a good show, thats why goku isnt trying to say he isnt evil.

    I shall return when all is revealed

    • Josue Hurtado

      Love this theory, i agree 100%

    • GokuDBZ

      Wow just like when Goku hired Hit to fight him i can see this happening.

    • Omark

      calling it right now. Toppo will destroy Goku because he is the strongest of universe 11. It would be a joke for the upcomming tournament if he loses

      • Bucket “Do Me Before You Die”

        Toppo destroys Goku; Goku improves heaps in the fight, then nearly dies and becomes heaps stronger and comes back to kick ass in the battle royal.

        • TheLight

          Except Goku and Vegeta no longer have that ability. Vegeta mentioned it in an earlier episode of Super that they have evolved that ability to the limit and there is nothing more to be gained from it. Gains only come from training now, not from healing after a severe injury.

          • Dudeguy

            Which episode?

          • Keoma Grant

            yea, what episode? because I sure as hell can’t recall that

          • Marlon Coates

            What episode was that???

    • somerandomdudeordudette

      Yep putting everyone in a position where they must give it their all is a sure way of checking to see what other universes can throw at goku and his team. With the 8 universes fighting it out for survival everyone will be trying to win it all for their universe. Win it or say bye bye.

      • Atrix Saha

        Wait there’s 12 universes total (still remaining after 6 were destroyed) why won’t the other four universes be fighting

        • Casey Paskel

          It was said that the top 4 universes were safe because of their average mortal level, I believe.

        • Grant Swallow

          They are too strong as a whole to be considered to be destroyed

        • TheLight

          Because the Zen’s decided that as the strongest universes, they would be exempt from fighting to save themselves from deletion. it is only the weakest universes that will be fighting for their own existence.

    • Larry

      That sounds like goku and everything we already witnessed it with the whole “Hit” thing

    • Cheech

      Negro that’s exactly what I said, but for me I said he asked the Zeno’s to say that the universe’s would be erased so they would try their hardest. But not actually erase them.

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    lmao finally they villainized goku 😀

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    toppo’s slogan is to slay evil immediately? sounds like shinsengumi squad leader saito from samurai x lol.

    “aku zoku zan”


  • Stiggy331

    Black Goku wasn’t really Zamasu, its Goku’s true nature

  • Super still sucks compared toZ

    Im glad Akira’s adding something new and unexpected with these tournament rules. it shakes things up and gives us something outside the norm. This is gonna be fun to watch. All these fighters ranging from weakest to strongest in the same ring at the same time tryna knock each other out the ring and nobody can fly!!! thats crazy!!!! All that uncontrolled chaos and mayhem thats gonna be going on!! Im so damn excited I might enter the tournament my damn self!!! I’ll throw a got damn chair at somebody then run and hide the rest of the 48 minutes like a muthafu……!!!!!!!!!

    • somerandomdudeordudette

      lol hiding will have both zens eyes on you and will erase you since you are not making it fun 😛

  • Barkóczi János

    Goku is like Cell at its tournament.

  • Саша Сикрет

    Still dont see Master Roshi working out for this one…

    • somerandomdudeordudette

      master roshi will be bringing in the hot babes to hype him up to try and win it all 😉

  • lakshtheboss

    i think that goku alone can defeat all 3 trio danger brothers with his super sayan blue mix with kioken times 10 would be enough:)

  • David Kernachan

    next episode. goku vs eggman

    • Omark

      Eggman destroys him with ease because he is strongest of universe 11. It would make no sense if he loses

      • somerandomdudeordudette

        Being strongest of universe 11 does not make him stronger than goku tho. It could be either but yes watching goku lose against him would add to the hype as goku will be even more hyped up to train away and become stronger than before.

      • zmike1981z

        Didnt he say he can only hurt Goku if his hands sense evil intentions from him? So if Goku isn’t evil that gives over sized hands Toto at a big useless disadvantage.

        • Omark

          wow i did not get this. Thanks man

  • Daniel Martin

    Goku isn’t evil. He’s just Single-minded.

    However, it does fall in the category of “It’s better to die a hero then live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

    • A Person With a Name

      Problem with that is that he gets brought back from death so they won’t let him die.

    • Omark

      db super goku is so much more ass-hat than db z goku

    • Simon

      well goku kinda fits to that but not completely because he has died a couple times already

  • Freshmaker21258

    I used to like Goku but with every episode i hate him more. In super he is just stupid,arrogant, reckless and just not as “cool” and “badass” anymore he used to be in Z

    • Flame-LoneWolf

      That’s because manga Goku and anime Goku are portrayed differently. The anime is what put Goku in a more heroic light, while in the manga, Goku’s always been like this. He’s never been a heroic person, he’s always been a selfish idiot who puts people’s lives at risk to get a good fight out of it.

      • Freshmaker21258

        Naaa, not like this. I dont even know the Manga. He is way different than he was in Z. He is just dump. I mean really dump. He had his dump moments in Z but never like this. He has always been serious when ones life is on the line. Thats just missing completly in “super-goku”.

        • Flame-LoneWolf

          Well, like I said, in the manga, Goku’s a very different character. The anime often portrayed him as a peacebringer who always did his best to save people, but in the manga, Goku’s only ever cared about fighting, to the point where he doesn’t care who gets hurt so long as he gets a good fight.

          Super’s depiction of Goku doesn’t follow closely to the anime much, but it makes a lot more sense when you consider that they’re writing Goku more like how Toriyama wants him to be, since Toriyama has stated in the past that he really didn’t like how Goku was portrayed as a hero in the anime. Though I’ll agree that Goku’s gotten even more selfish and reckless, even when compared to the manga.

  • A Person With a Name

    Okay, this fight’s decision is stupid. If Goku loses the universes are saved, UNLESS he holds back to save the multiverse. So basically, either Goku goes all-out and wins and the tournament goes ahead as normal, or he holds back to lose and Universe 7 is dead… F*ck you, Grand Priest…

  • Doomsday

    Teamfight ? hopefully we will get to see Gogeta ssjb 3.

    • Kevam

      Super Saiyan Blue 3? What??? They haven’t even reached 2 yet

    • foookkk

      gogeta is non canon

      • likeandfokkoff

        that means gogeta cannot appear in the series unless toriyama makes it canon, which is sad because gogeta is pretty cool

  • Kuhmilch

    Honestly, i dont even like goku anymore, what a fucking dickhead. He just doesnt care about anyone than himself anymore… HE WANTS LITERAL UNIVERSES TO BE DESTROYED BECAUSE HE WANTS A GOOD FIGHT. (I guess they will find a way to make goku save everyone and then get no backlash from his bullshit)

    • Holddadoor

      Bruv, the universes were gonna get wiped out anyways. Goku, by winning the tournament can avoid all the destruction. And what would you have him do? He didn’t sign up for all the universes getting erased as a consequence. Zeno wanted a tournament after the 7/6 arc and Goku just asked him. He’s naive as hell and obviously didn’t anticipate the destruction of the universes. Just saying.

  • GokuDBZ

    Im looking forward to Goku and Gohan teamwork I am so excited 😀

  • Omark

    I believe Goku s getting crushed by Toppo because he is the strongest contester of all universes as far as we know. Toppo is the strongest of universe 11 so it would be a joke if he loses.

    • http://instagram.com/jonxhaferi1 JonnXhaferii

      Well it would be fear if a villein would winn at least one time, so hope for the best.

  • somerandomdudeordudette

    So the rules are:

    Knock the opponents off the stage
    No weapons allowed
    No killing
    No flying

    Only one match will take place with all 80 fighters in the ring fighting it out against fighters of other universes whilst trying to look out for their teammates.

    Roshi, krillin, tien and picollo can be perfect meat shields for others.
    The android twins can use their turbo twin power and knock others off.
    Buu will be having lots of fun knocking off other fighters.
    Gohan will have trained alot by then and become a real badass like the old days.
    Vegeta could care less if his own team mates get knocked off. He wouldn’t mind knocking off every single fighter of the stage so he is the only one left standing.
    Goku is just gonna have tons of fun here and possibly go further than he has in power levels.

  • Ade Norman Wahyudi

    Yesss,,finally goku is officially the villain

    • LegendaryUub

      you missed the whole point of this arc

  • Zunain Karriem

    I’m true disappointed in the way Goku is being written.
    I hate his character now. I was shocked that SOMEONE called him villain, cause he feels that way now. I really don’t like this direction if the actions of Goku will have to consequence in the end. This show lacks any kind of concept of consequences now, and that sucks all the stakes out of the show.
    I hope at the end of this grueling arc Goku grows up to his DBZ version. This Goku is a complete dickhead and I can’t get behind him being the protagonist of the show.

    • Holddadoor

      Goku was always like this in all honesty, even when fighting Kid Buu, he was busy as hell complementing him and wishing to fight him even more. If you seriously think that Goku hasn’t done a favor for the universes, your outright wrong. All the “weak” universes were gonna get wiped out anyways(check last episode), Goku has given them a chance to fight and perhaps avoid all the destruction by winning and using the Dragon balls to revive them.

    • zmike1981z

      Villain and Hero are relative to which side you are on. All the
      supporters of Frieza saw him as the villain, a monster, a destroyer. He
      destroyed most of their fortune. Maybe you don’t agree with their
      methods but to them and their families they are the victims which makes
      Goku a villain in their eyes.

  • Grave Walker

    Come on were expecting a more handsome Hero from Universe 11 🙂

  • Sherlocked

    Episode 82 will be like Batman v Superman. They wanted to destroy each other, just because they thought the other one was evil, haha

    • LegendaryUub

      haha good one! :))))

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    what if that new form we see in the opening is due to goku becoming less and less pure as the show goes on and only those who are pure can use ssj blue so him becoming evil gave him a red form?

    • zmike1981z

      So is Vegeta Pure as Goku now? No Majin Vegeta here anymore.

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    Is it with you too that when i watched a new episode, all of my stress and worries are suddenly gone. Thumbs up if You agree

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  • Jamie Legends

    Goku is getting more and more looking like Black somehow.

    What’s your opinion?

  • Jamie Legends


    The moment when Bergamo knew he fucked up

  • AndrehS86

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  • Iceberg

    You know the first time a kaioken was used during a supersaiyan stage was in a movie placed in the other world when volume fought pikkon in the other world tournament

  • Ryan Partington

    Damn, Goku really is objectively the greatest villain in dragonball now. He got called out for being the greatest mass murderer in all universes and he fucking loved it. “Yeah, I’m the villain of the story, but who’s gonna stop me? None of your heroes are powerful enough, if you think they are, why don’t you get them to try?” I always knew he was a shit father and didnt really care about people, just about fights, but I never expected him to celebrate his destruction of all life in several universes with such a smile on his face

  • russian

    now that i think about it cant you revive all the universes with the super dragon balls that they collected for the victor? after the tournament the people who win can just wish everyone back cant they? i mean the super dragon balls can do anything

  • zmike1981z

    Goku knows he will just gather up the dragon balls and wish all the universes back once they are destroyed. No the earth ones, but the new big ones where they already wished the Earth back in another universe so fat ass can eat Earth food.

  • Alice Fateburn

    13:55 – 15:22 best part.

  • Super Saiyajin Confused Blue

    Can someone explain to me why Goku cowers from and gets treated like a kid by Beerus even though he can go SSJB. I thought Beerus said when he fought Goku as Super Saiyan God in the first arc that Goku made him fight at 100% of his power. Well if goku says that SSJB is stronger than his red form in the first arc, shouldn’t he be even with Beerus or stronger. That doesn’t make sense to me unless i missed something. Or is this just more of toriyama’s new DBS ‘Power Levels dont mean anything anymore’ logic??

    • h3x3

      beerus never said he used 100% of his power but a lower procentage , like 10% or something like that it was 10 or 70 XD

      • Super Saiyajin Confused Blue

        Sorry but you’re wrong. Episode 13, a little after the 12 min mark of the episode Beerus talks about using 100% of his power and even says, once they started fighting again, that he was at 100% and goku said that he was too. go back and watch it

        • Shaun Pawelski

          But afterwards when Beerus and Whis were heading home, Whis pointed out that it was a good plan that Beerus had told Goku that he was using his full power, to bring the most potential out of him.

  • Paulo Santos

    U7 wins tournement; wishes back all the other universes. Goku, not a villan anymore. New arc. Everyone happy. Fun times.

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    Winner Gets the Super Dragon Balls…..Most probably goku is going to win the tournament of power and gets the dragon balls to wishes back all removed universes…..!!!!

    • Chaz Hirovanaa Anae

      Exactly whats I was thinking.

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    they should bring back bibity and make majin boo evil again

    • Kaiba Corporation

      You mean Babidi from DBZ??

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    Fucking wild episode and now another fight next episode, nice 🙂 But one big battle is shit…..who to focus on? Doesnt make sense…..and in the intro we see Goku fighting someone in red and black….what about Hit then????

  • LordzBacon

    What if one of each universe warrior remains after the time-limit?

    • somerandomdudeordudette

      then i guess they would have them fight each other where they must knock the others off and be the last one standing. That or the zens might as well call it a tie and let them all live.

  • Dusnudnduan Ong

    Then after the next episode somebody else jumps onto the stage and repeat 5 times

  • DBecho

    It’s going to be about he and vegeta fighting as one and possibly fusing. They’ve hinted at this from the beginning of super. Keep reiterating the fact they would be unstoppable if they worked together

  • FlippeR FlappeR

    “I am not usually evil.

    But when i do, i mock and provoke every single universes in a live or death universe battle where they may get annihilated if they lose to me”

    -Son Goku

  • Zephyr

    Lol if Gohan’s family was killed he could have a huge comeback. Js…haha

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  • daniel gleba

    I can’t wait to see this battle royale!

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    for those who are blaming Goku, i think he asked zen oh sama to announce fake rules about vanishing the universe so all the fighter will give their best and goku can enjoy the fight…..

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    Everyone giving shitty comments but yo this Episode was Helllllla good yo reminded me of when Gohan went ssj2 on cell

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    AM I the one who feels that Universe Erase thing is just Goku ang Zeno’s false plan? I mean, Goku only wants to battle with Strong creatures while the two Zenos just want an entertainment. Just Saying.

  • Ádám Jóvér

    These Zen-Oh guys should take some statistics classes. There might be ten trillion Yamchas in a universe and 5 badass fighters, the average level would be abysmal. Then there might be 10 trillion Piccolos in another universe but no powerhouses, which would make the universe stronger per average, but that’s on paper only. Again there are some evil-looking gods there, maybe some have the habit of killing every mortal below Saiyan-level, leaving a couple billion mortals that have a huge average power level. I find it hard to believe there are 4 universes who got SSJ-strong on average without a culling. I mean how else do you reaise the AVERAGE power level? You can’t train trillions or guide them to become stronger…

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    • Jumpy J (King K)


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    I was so excitedly awaiting ep 82

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  • Mega Dbz fan

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