Dragon Ball Super episode 8 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 8 Dubbed: “”


  • DB Z/S For Life

    I can’t put my finger on it, but something about the dub feels off.

    • DSB

      Music .. American audience arent used to cartoons and anime without music playing all the time .. thats the problem . i like this way though

      • Matthew

        It’s still ok

      • ajbjcj

        The audio in general was annoying in the beginning but the show had so many teams trying to take up where the others left off and go in different directions. The animation,story and audio all suffered in the beginning .

        • DB Z/S For Life

          I think that’s it!

      • DB Z/S For Life

        Nah, I’m used to the sub DBS by now. I think ajbjcj nailed it.

    • JD

      It’s better than annoying ass Japanese men yelling for 20 min

      • Des

        you mean the 80 year old Japanese woman who voices Goku? xD

  • Paul E

    how do you stop that clock sound?

    • Ian

      The sound is coming from the chat. There should be a button on the bottom of the box that can mute the sound of the chat.

      • darkracer

        for some reason the chat does not even show up for me

        • Matt Robson

          that’s because of ad block.

          • darkracer

            -_- addblock is off on this site….. can’t watch if it’s on

          • Matt Robson

            Yeah.. that is not true. Im using Ad block for this website and im still able to watch the videos….

          • darkracer

            doesn’t seem to do it every time. i often get an image instead of a player with a few anime characters and the text “addblock is detected please disable your addblock to be able to watch” ps: you are wrong though. because on another browser with addblock ON the chat does work. so it’s not addblock at all

  • Luke Daniels

    I can’t wait for Goku Black….That’s gonna be phenomenal.

    • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/155d4c5780aa3faf Richard Xing

      its going to take a year before it come out

      • William van Helsing

        The realisation is painful

    • Kynamite

      Yea yea, I know what ill do, ill sit at the top of the comment section dropping spoilers ffs…

      • Luke Daniels

        You seriously haven’t heard any news? Wow

    • Lee Walton


  • TheShadowHatter

    WOW this episode was a real let down. The movie did a much better job of showing Vegeta’s fury over Beerus practically “beating” his wife. In this he throws a few punches and then cops a cocky attitude at him? tha fuck?! if it was me and Beerus hit my wife and I turned into blind SSJ fury I wouldn’t be throwing quips at the guy I’d be giving my all to make sure his existence ceased immediately.

    Honestly wish Super would have just continued from the movies instead of adapting the movies. These could have been the first canon movies and it would have been fine.

  • Yumi Fujii

    The 80’s music when goku arrived lmaooo

  • John

    Can we please get to after the movies please! Iv waited calmly since it aired in Japan I visited dodged spoilers Iv waited for the dub ffs stop teasing me and get to the good part please! ??

  • AngryUser

    yeah and next episode they will summon shenlong, get the information about how to super saiyan god, fight beerus, earth will survive and so on. WHY THE FUCK DID BATTLE OF GODS SPOIL ALL THIS SHIT FFS??!

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      tut tut you forgot something, next episode they will summon shenshlong, the episode will end then the episode after they get the info, then someone yells for 10 mins, then that episode ends then they fight beerus the spleerus for 5 more episodes then the earth survives after those then we start resurrection F

  • Jordan Tampa

    they shouldve corrected the mistake they made with the jap dub and cut out the first 2 arcs completely seeing as they’re in the movie already and just started right after

  • Paverther

    Two things DB Super needs to make DB great again. 1) Bruce falcon and 2) Longer episodes

    • Prime Master

      What do you mean? Anime episodes are almost always 22 min long.

  • aaron s

    Good seeing as how CNHD cut their transmission right before the 830 broadcast.

    Hit me up on aim my sn is backscratcherbaxter

  • ksns

    Super Saiyan Please!

  • Lee Walton

    Oolong, poor Oolong