Dragon Ball Super episode 79 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 79 : “Title”


  • Darren Chen


  • Khizar Shahid


  • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns


  • Alex Mcculley


  • Aunty Anathema


  • Bhavishya


  • 7th


  • 333


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  • Mark Arthur OG

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  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    Really looking forward to this, to seeing buu f up the canines and then gohan adding more whooping to them to, the icing on the cake will be goku in the coming weeks

    • Hussein Hijazi

      i just want to see gohan return back to his fighter spirit <3 buu will surely make them look stupid but the real show must be gohan

      • Moses Herve Johnson II

        apparently gohan fighting spirit never really went away, gohan locked that part of him away, now i believe he’ll use it in the universe tournament.

        • Hussein Hijazi

          yeah i want to see that

  • Jorge

    Dude cannot wait for this episode! Radical dude!

    • Valentina

      Yeah dude!

      • Hector


  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    don’t mess with buu.

  • John Henry?pussy beater

    pink pig people

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    buu whooped lavender ass

    • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

      it was Basil ..well, they’re all dogs but different color, lol.

      • AJ1703 – Anime and Gaming !!!

        I thought they were werewolves?

      • Moses Herve Johnson II

        oh crap my bad

  • Rouge Krama Macaluso


  • Quackquackz

    Hyped hype hype gohan will go ssj 2 and spank the poor dog

    • Quackquackz

      looks like mthat dog breaths toxin so he will be the blind warrior ftw gonna be badass

      • John Alvir Bismonte

        then goku will loose at the end cause it’s never 3-0, it’s always someone from Universe 7 will loose. lol!

  • http://watchdubbed.net/ DarkHeart Ori

    Gohan is going to fight with his eyes closed as is shown in the preview.

    • Lordendermen

      i’m assuming that his opponent blinded him. and most likely Gohan will go SSJ and beat him by sensing his movements/predicting like how goku did it with hit.

      • Kyle Joultz

        Goku had God mode…

        • Tundidory

          Goku already did a similar thing in Dragon ball & Z. It’s a technique that popo taught goku as a kid, he doesn’t need a transformation to do it. Gohan never learned it……so he screwed.

          • Kara Noelle

            IIRC, Goku’s training against the doll back in DB was that he needed to sense it’s Ki and read it’s movements from there. If that’s the case, even IF Gohan did have that training it wouldn’t work. They can’t sense Universe 9’s fighters’ Ki at all.

  • Wesley

    Gohan is going to get merced next week lmao

    • Oreckeyne


  • Majin Squall

    i was hoping Buu was going to turn someone into a COOKIE

    • Take Hideto

      yeah, I was hoping it as well :))

    • John Alvir Bismonte

      yaah. me too hahaha! no chocolates 🙁

    • Lanti s’ Tutorials

      me too


      we missed the dog biscuits

    • Willian

      well.. this is good buu. Unless that wouldnt feel right unless its a very bad guy.

    • William van Helsing

      I think he will do it in the real tournament,

    • Beerus

      yeah me too i think gohan will lose his fight , and goku will own the other guy from universe 9 but we have to wait and see it would be good if gohan trained with whis

  • Freeasabird

    …6 days..Sigh :/

  • Adharsh Ranganathan

    how do u turn the sound off for that annoying ass timer

    • Bulu Thaodem

      It’s not the timer but the chat sound. Turn off the chat.

    • Apoorv Agrawal

      Lol… It’s the chat box making the noise…. just close the chat box….

  • Marvello

    i thought buu will transform and fck them all….

    • PrakashGD

      Only the bad buu as the ability to transform.

    • LegendaryUub

      I thought he will turn him into dog chocolate lol

  • Abdullah Rashid

    Was that buu new yellow kamahamaha

  • Diego Barron

    Gohan is fighting for his daughter he won’t when it’s family you’ll do anything for them excited for next week

    • Willian

      He actually should lose… just. He will surely show a great fight but lose at the end. His fighting spirit will be back for the real tournament as a consequence of this fight and on top of it he will get a zenkai boost. He should lose. This fight wont determine the life of his daughter as long as he shows a good fight. Also it would be weird that he wins his first fight as he returns to fighting.

      • prince kabir

        he does loose watch the ending it shows goku entering the stage with the same guy gohan is going to fight, which means that he looses, and that goku will have to whipe the floor with two poeple.

        • somerandomdudeordudette

          in that case wouldn’t it have been buu vs lavender first?

          • Alan Valdez

            Yeah he is wrong

        • Jeroen Janssen

          You’re wrong, that’s still Gohan, it’s the start of the fight that they show at the end.

        • Alan Valdez

          Its gohan not goku watch it again

  • MrSingle89

    I am amped up because gohan in that uniform was a dangerous opponent to go up against, cant wait for wait for next week go get him gohan!

  • EhnzaneSwiizle ‘ItzEhnzane’

    They should’ve let Buu be the last, as he has the power regenerate, he can withstand anything.

  • Steve Simeon

    I think Gohan will get defeated badly and come trained for the real tournament much stronger

    • LegendaryUub

      I guess you got that right, although I hope this won’t happen, and Gohan will beat the ass out of that lame dog

      • Kevam


        • LegendaryUub

          same crap..

          • Kevam

            Yeah dude no offence. I was just kidding. 🙂

  • Samet Ertuğral

    Drawing goes bad again..

    • darkracer

      na gohan just has a fat face now XD

      • LegendaryUub

        Videl cooks too much food for him, lmao

  • Poop Burner

    Gohan goes like Van Damme from the movie “Bloodsport” in the next one.

  • Poop Burner


    • Zanyar Mahmoud


    • somerandomdudeordudette

      haha talk about bloodsport 😛

  • Dare D.

    gohan will lose so that goku’s fight will be all or nothing. gohan will be stronger for the real tournament. for now, he is weak. but he will have some moments when he will demonstrate his real strength and gods will recognize it.


    wish we could have a super saiyan blue for gohan

    • LegendaryUub

      that will be great! or at least the mystic form with some sort of boost

    • William van Helsing

      I think he will get ssj rose, since he got the mystic form from the elder kai

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    where is Hit?

    also what happened to zamasu? wiped out already? so who’s the replacement? also where’s gowasu? wonder what kind of fighters they have?

    also based on this, is it safe to assume that basil was inferior to fat buu who was inferior to ssj3?

    • dbs boi

      This is only universe 7 and 9 right now. I believe Hit is universe 6.

    • DoubleBlazzed

      Zamasu from their present time never became the Supreme Kaio-Shin for
      Universe 10, Beerus destroyed him. He was only alive in Trunks future
      which was an alternate reality to the main story’s future. So Gowasu is
      the Supreme Kaio-Shin for Universe 10. And Gowasu is next to the pink elephant God of Destruction.

      • napoleonic sp007rz

        Right, so gowasu was there? Also did anyone see who are the fighters from universe 6? Wonder why Hit seem nowhere to be found there.

        • Boldizsár István

          Since this is just the exhibiton match, there’s not much point for Hit to be there.

    • Nitin Rajagopal

      Even fat buu is not inferior to ssj3 .. actually kid buu is weaker than fat buu but much more evil!! And if kid buu was tough to kill by ssj3 goku,fat buu with universe 7 supreme kai swollen is evwn stronger!!

      • gary j

        no, the reason goku couldnt beat fat buu, is because he was able to tap into the power of kid buu the more angry he got, fat buu isnt stronger than kid buu, hence kid buu practically killing him without trying

        • napoleonic sp007rz

          Goku implied that his ssj3 could have defeated fat buu, and if you compare the fight between ssj3 goku vs fat buu and vs kid buu you would see that kid buu was more capable at fighting goku

          Fat buu was the weakest buu.

    • gary j

      zamasu was destroyed in the regular timeline by beerus, him whis and goku all went to prove that zamasu was there to kill gowasama, whis even used his temporal do over

    • Dragovic

      I guess the other universe fighters haven’t arrived yet.

  • dbs boi

    If you see at the end of the clip gohan is fighting with his eyes closed while he has his eyelids marked by the purple coloration, so I’m going to say that he won’t be able to see next fight.

    • Dragovic

      Yeah that guy probably fucked up his eyes or something.

  • Unique GAMERS

    This tournament is not going to be a smooth one. There will be something odd to happen .I guess

  • somerandomdudeordudette

    The fights here have no rules. They can do whatever they want and use items to boost their power. The universe 9 lot are bound to play it that way, which is what basil did. He still got done over by buu though.

    Next match lavender vs gohan. If lavender goes for the kills then gohan will need to watch his back and try and win it, although a loss here means 1-1 and it will be upto goku to win the 3rd fight.

    • Josh

      And we know he wins, in the trailer goku is destroying him in base form.

      • somerandomdudeordudette

        but that match shown in the trailer? isn’t that when all other universes are involved with 10 fighters from each?

    • darkracer

      from what i can see he will use poison or something

  • Josh


    • Oreckeyne

      I like chocolate *

      • Kevam


  • Abdullah Al-Muttaqin

    gohan will lose, because they want to make goku win

  • Jamie Legends

    Well the animation looks much better now. Maybe people getting paid better in the studios

  • LegendaryUub

    I kinda like the way Buu gets angry when Hercule is injured. At that point, I was expecting from Buu to turn that dog into chocolate, but that blast (looks like some sort of kamehameha) was pretty awesome though.

  • Toppo

    Can’t wait for myself! I definitely introduced myself there!

  • Gangmn #300

    I want to see kid Buu back

    • Maghreb Souljah

      yeah 4 real, I was half expectin Buu to turn into Kid Buu. If he does that in the tournament to get to his full power – OH MY DAYZZZZZZ. Or some other form we ain’t seen yet…

      • Gangmn #300

        if mr Satan gets killed and he snaps then maybe but i think he”ll be evil again

  • Kaiba Corporation

    Finally , I will see Gohan fight after the cell saga .

    Goku and Universe 7 is going to win the tournament and then he will use super dragon balls to restore all the universes which would be destroyed by Zen.

  • Amine

    What ? Supreme Kai Hug the god of destruction ! He has no fear anymore !
    That’s ridiculous

    • William van Helsing

      They both are in the same boat, where their universe gets destroyed after losing.
      So it’s not that weird

    • Nick Gannon

      That’s because supreme Kai doesn’t need to fear the god of destruction….If the supreme Kai dies so does his god of destruction …there can’t be one without the other

  • Ramdom

    was gohan blinded at the end of that there was purple all over his eyes

  • Sterling “Dapz” Obikoya

    funny how their colours reminds me of Sonic

  • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

    vageta should of went to the tournament that would have maked the ep so much better

  • sdadas

    for the tornament of power they should get the fruit from the tree of might

  • d3rd3vil

    Good episode certainly entertaining

  • daniel dunkley

    i thought buu was gonna transform into super buu are kid buu

  • gameformetoo

    lmao gohan got two black eyes from crazy wolf, what has DB come to

  • Benny Wong

    guys, please check the video 1:04 – 1:09, it seems like android 17 & broly appear somehow 🙂 Amazing 🙂

    • exxplodingbullet

      of course android 17 will appear, he’s not dead and he is the 7th strongest on earth….. also that is not broly, it’s a woman.

      • kid buu

        7th ???
        Goku>=Vegeta>Buu>Gohan>Gotenks(not individuals)>Android 18=Android 17>Picollo>Trunks>=Goten>Tien>Roshi>Krillin

  • Benny Wong

    Think about it, goku always a trouble maker, especially this time, the planet erasion is all cause by him….

  • Jumpy J (King K)

    lol Basil is a drug abuser

  • abe

    dont fucking mess with buu you fucking wolf..haha

  • AD Bhai

    next episode, i guess gohan will lose his sight and find out some way to sense his enemy.
    and will win the fight for his family.

  • Dylan Workman

    that was a pretty cool fight

  • Anthony Agostinello

    Nice if they allowed to cheat and give woft power then should allow 5 super systan give goku god power again

  • Top Games

    BUU’s kamehameha like attack wast most epic

  • Marc


  • Jason Sky Johnson

    I was hoping buu was going to absorb the guy, and keep absorbing the fighters until he was the strongest in the tournament.

  • Alice Fateburn

    I think if Goku wins this tournament he might try to wish back all the destroyed universes.

    • CopperBuck

      poor king kai, still not getting a wish..

  • ThanishTIM


  • Kerby Cadet

    gohan is as strong as an ssj 3 now maybe so he is def going to lose then goku will ofcourse beat the dog

  • Buttercup

    Buu always has the last laugh.

  • TheLight

    Error loading media:file could not be played?

  • barcock

    ? ?

  • Lee Walton