Dragon Ball Super episode 78 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 78 : “Title”


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  • trev

    c-c-c-combo breaker!

  • fofo


    • darkracer

      is that an arm pit in your thumbnail?

  • Llerrejt Trawets

    7th! Yes…Im the complete number lol

  • Sehal Qureshi


  • Sleepy Champuru

    The new arc opening, is grand. It looks like they revamped the artwork and it looks fucking amazing. Even the Arc’s trailer looks great. And 17 coming back. omg. I’m excited.

    • Moses Herve Johnson II

      i’m excited to see when goku and krillin team up and fight their opponents (hopefully)

      • darkracer

        can’t wait for human god mode

  • Παναγιώτης Σεχάι


  • Luxion
  • Aaron Casey Chiafos

    I hope Tien does more than just job the first fight. Toriyama owes Tien so much. He gets virtually no screen time. Even though we know Krillin is his golden boy love child.

  • ThatGuy984

    Hopefully Gohan kicks some ass and hopefully Vegeta doesnt get sidelined early. Also would like to swee a new form maybe ssj 3 mixed with blue

    • Moses Herve Johnson II

      ssj blue ssj3 won’t happen

      • http://watchdubbed.net/ DarkHeart Ori

        Moses any proof to why you think that, or are you just saying that.

        • Christopher

          Because the point is to keep stamina and SSJ3 burns too much too quickly. SSB already burns a lot of energy. I don’t think SSJ3 SSB would work.

          • SativaBrain


          • Jonathan Ashenafi

            ssb ssj2 maybe?mystic god gohan?

          • Kyle Joultz

            SSJ3 God mode is an Oximoron.

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            forget SSB its SSG1 (SSG = red hair SSG1 = blue hair) if they add a new form it will be SSG2 NO MATHER THE HAIR i expect SSG2 and SSG3 will not look like SS2 and SS3 with blue hair but that can happen

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            for more explanation SSG is like base form with GOD KI ,
            SSG1 (blue hair) is the super sayan form of God Ki
            next transformation will be SS2 form of God Ki so SSG2
            but this form might not look like SS2 or have Blue hair

          • Tom

            Okay, did you not see Goku pop into SSJ3 like it was nothing during the Forest of Fear episode? I think we can officially drop this whole “the power of SSJ3 can’t be maintained due to, blah” crap. SS Blue’s whole description is a calmer and more controlled form of Super Saiyan God, which allowed him to pair it with Kaioken. They’re obviously going to have to reach new transformations, because that’s the whole point of the show. And they’ve already shown that they will pull from past DBZ elements and reuse them in the same or a different way. Of course Gohan’s transformation will have to do with his latent power, which is at the core of his character since the first few episodes, but who really knows what they’ll pull out. More than likely, Goku will end up having to be to one to transcend into the next form, as he’s now being touted as the impetus for the entire tournament taking place. He’s in a vital role already, which puts him in line for receiving the main Deus Ex factor that will end it. Plus, obviously he’s going to win the big tournament and wish all the erased universes back into existence as he always does so he can continue to fight stronger opponents.

        • William van Helsing

          Toriyama said that there won’t be a blue ssj2 or ssj3 i believe.
          But to lazy to confirm that.

        • Moses Herve Johnson II

          because the technique in the universe arc looks like goku in ssj bue form and it looks like he mastered ssj blue kaio ken technique, also it seems he may have learned a technique or power move with it, to think ssj3 blue will happen is stupid.

        • Sheldon Gibbs

          Theory! I think the end power level in this dragon ball series is going to be something like Goku transforming into red aura super sayian. Like when he became a super sayian god and fought Beerus in episodes 9 and 10 of this series. This time he is going to do it without 5 other sayians giving him energy.

          • Goku Black

            Super sayian god is weaker than Super sayian. Proof of this is in xenoverse 2 when you pick super saiyan blue goku, he sometimes says, “I’ll show you a power BEYOND super sayian god”.

          • Michael Workman

            are you being serious right now lol….. Xenoverse is in no way canon, for one, and two, no…. GOD NO why is everyone so stuck on the belief that Super Saiyan Blue is more powerful than Super Saiyan God. A super saiyan blue is a Saiyan who can tap into the ki of gods, and sense the ki of gods, but is NOT a god, this is stated REPEATEDLY in the series both in the anime and manga by whis and beerus. Super Saiyan God (red form) is when a Saiyan *temporarily* actually BECOMES a full-fledged God, as in the same type of being as beerus, the supreme kais, etc. If you can’t make that very clear distinction please….. PLEASE just stop watching the show

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            you are wrong but even if that was right blue hair is more powerfull than red hair (real god or not) i agree xenoverse is not a reference (i eard they even say in it SS4 is the ultimate form when its totaly wrong) red hair is the base form of god ki (SSG) , blue hair is the super sayan form of god ki (SSG1) . . . and you are also wrong its not stated nowhere that any form is a true god and the other not . . . Goku absorbed the god form aura when he was red hair and returned to yellow hair (sure he was detectable so no more using god ki) but he was the same power level he was with it . . . Blue hair use god ki and is not detectable by mortal (at least those who did not trained to sense it)

          • Aaron ‘Ron’ Eastwood

            Actually in the manga Goku goes red BEFORE going blue while fighting Hit and Beerus asks Whis why he doesn’t just skip red and go blue proving blue is stronger than red so maybe u should stop watching if u cant get it right.

          • tai

            “GOD NO why is everyone so stuck on the belief that Super Saiyan Blue is more powerful than Super Saiyan God. A super saiyan blue is a Saiyan who can tap into the ki of gods, and sense the ki of gods, but is NOT a god, this is stated REPEATEDLY in the series both in the anime and manga by whis and beerus. Super Saiyan God (red form) is when a Saiyan *temporarily* actually BECOMES a full-fledged God, as in the same type of being as beerus, the supreme kais, etc. If you can’t make that very clear distinction please….. PLEASE just stop watching the show”


            SSJG and SSJB are pretty the same both the same according to Toei. They both tap into “God” ki, it has nothing to do with the title of “God”. Super Saiyan Blue was a matter of convenience and/or a plot device because it would be too much to expect 5 saiyans to gather and do the ritual everytime Goku & Vegeta need to power up. With Future Trunks being able to tap into God ki it opens the door for other’s like Gohan, Trunks, Goten, and Cabba because they still have to sell toys and video games

          • Sheldon Gibbs

            I saw Super Sayian God Goku have a powerful fight with Beerus that was warping time and space. And the kais were worried it would destroy/damage the universe 7. Super Sayian God Goku also healed near fatal wounds from Beerus with just the god ki energy in the same fight. Super Sayian Blue Goku fought Zamasu and there was no healing except with sensu beans or any powerful techniques that compared Super Sayian God Goku. Also in the new opening for the “tournament of power” arc there is a cutscene at the 1:20 mark where Super Sayian Blue Goku is fighting what looks to be a powerful fighter from another universe and then at the 1:26 mark he powers up and goes totally red!!! With a Goku Black kind for smile!!!

        • danexi perez

          does it matter weeaboo

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    yes!!!! 50 mins left

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    these tunes in the livestream are nice still

  • Zmishi

    lol, perfect time! Also first time im in this site : D

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    it’s a french person streaming from another site to his site lmao, xD

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    wtfrick, it ended that quick =/

  • Zardock

    How did I know they would stall the tournament to the very end of the episode… oh well at least we get to see Buu fight now.

    • Kardock


  • weaaaaboooooo

    really like its actually impressive how they come up with useless fillers to stall the fight for two episodes

    • YouDontSay

      1: Animation schedule
      2: How do you expect them to gauge the fighters right
      3: At least we get to see a fight in the end.

  • El gran sayayin

    “Buu mad”, “Me eat you”

    • Kyle Joultz

      That was perfect!

  • Paul McCubbrey

    That last frame of the episode was perfect.

  • rodneto

    Man… this looks so good, it’s crazy. Ending the ep like that is really mean though… Hope the next one will feature a whole episode of Buu kicking ass like it’s nothing. Use long fights as fillers, no one will mind that lol

    • Deezy Upgrayedd Phillips

      Yo when buu smiled I was thinking it’s over for Basil

  • Generalg02

    Soon evil I just want to watch it forever

  • Son Goku

    This episode was such a tease

  • Yash Verma

    There are a lot of chances of ss rose, don’t you think. In the begining they also show some instance of that rose coloured ki emerging out of goku.

  • Anakin Luke

    I cant wait another fuckin week man

  • Rave

    Holly shit ! the real goku will not just be selfish and ignores the destruction of other universes . and thinks only about saving his universe.And even the real goku will not keep hanging out with someone who destroys lives and planets cauz the food is not tasty.
    Where was the time when he said to freeza : I don’t care how million times you’re stronger than me.Where is the time when he cares about a strange planet like namek.
    Toriyama has some non sense like that in dragon ball super , comparing to old school dragon ball and dragon ball z. Buf i’m watching cauz of course I’m a fan.

    • Hazuki

      To be fair, I feel like Japanese Goku would be that selfish even back in Z.

      • darkracer

        yeah it was the dubbed version that said that.
        the japanese version only cared about fighting strong guys to prove his own strenght
        and don’t mess with his loved ones ofcourse

        • rave

          Oh ! I didn’t know that , only watched all the previous series with English Dub .
          So , Toriyama’s script have not changed then.

    • Louis Belmonte

      Agreed. Goku is stupider

      • Julius Irving

        “stupider” ? Should you really be talking

    • Nitin Rajagopal

      Even I watched the dub version of dbz . Where he was a hero and cared about others well being.This jap version is a stupid potato!! He is selfish and dumb :(.

  • Michael Borean

    Man the quality of the beginning of the episode felt… shit. Like, wow.

  • Taha Ahmed Khan

    is there broly in the opening O.O ?

    • darkracer

      what rock did you hide under?
      no that’s a female. nobody knows the name or what universe yet.

      • Taha Ahmed Khan

        well she looks like brolly thats why i asked..

        • darkracer

          yes and she has been like THE conversation topic for the past 2 weeks

    • Bob Vaillancourt


  • Eric Matthews

    i hope universe 6 and 7 lose. it would be lackluster to always let them win or be the strongest

    • Noor Iskandar Bin Subehan

      if universe 7 or 6 lose. There will be no dragon ball super episodes anymore lol. that’s dumb.

      • Bob Vaillancourt

        not true why they will stop episode if they lose ?? i doubt all 11 universe will get or stay erased

  • Hazuki

    It started buffering at the end of the opening for me :’)

  • iliketowin win

    The winning warrior gets the super Dragon balls, can they wish for the univeses that was erased to come back

    • prince kabir

      actually i was thinking that, becuase knowing goku if he won(Which he will) he would which for them all to come back.

    • LegendaryUub

      actually Daishinkan said it won’t be any reward for the tournament..

      • Goku Black

        He said you won’t get your universe destroyed AND you get to use the super dragon balls. Pay attention to the episode before you comment something. No offense.

        • thicc

          say that to urself kiddo

          read ALL the replies/first comment

      • Bob Vaillancourt

        no reward for the exibition tournament but for the tournament of power all loser get erased winner get the super dragon ball . . .you where almost right

    • Jens Ingels

      Plot twist, champa team could win & wishing all universes back. Could be something as a return for creating an Earth in their universe.

      • Ben Murphy

        Didn’t Beerus already wish for Champa’s Earth back for him?

  • Catalin Simion


  • Pakari

    Damn, Goku. Risking the extinction of 11 universes just so he can have a tournament. And then not even being able to shut up for a few minutes? It’s a wonder none of the 12 Gods of Destruction erased him on the spot there.

    Goku may be a brilliant fighter, but he’s severely lacking when it comes to proper manners and common sense. It’s like he was raised in the woods or someth- Oh..

    • Hakimul Islam

      XD they really have made him retarded in super

      • Pakari

        Goku’s a smart fighter, but he’s just very inexperienced in everything else and is overall not interested in it.
        I mean, how much do you remember about something you were not even slightly interested in?

    • Ryan Partington

      You know, goku is actually objectively the worst villain in all of dragonball now. Zeno forgot all about the tournament, it probably wouldnt have happened, and Goku reminded him just so he could have a good fight. That means Goku chose to destroy 11 universes for his own entertainment, which is far worse than Freeza (who just wanted to rule some planets) Cell (who just wanted to be perfect) or Buu (who just blew up a few galaxies for fun, far less than universes). Goku is objectively the most evil character in the entire series, but a colossal margin.

      • Tom

        By the same token, Batman is the worst villain of his universe. In an obvious story mechanic of being able to reuse characters, he enacts justice by putting these insanely powerful criminals in the hands of an asylum or a high security prison that people escape from all the time. Every single life that is lost past the first time he interacted with each villain he faces is on his hands as he didn’t kill them and stop their reign of terror. To satisfy his notion of justice, and his irrational fear of guns due to early life trauma, he allows thousands of people to die, constantly, because he’s not willing to do what needs to be done to end the threat. In Goku’s case, everything can be fixed with the dragon balls. In Batman’s case, his misguided sense of law and order is responsible for the continued genocide of law-abiding citizens, in his attempts to rehabilitate murderers. If your definition of morality ends up killing the very people you intend to protect, it’s time to get a new act.

      • Delaverga Uni

        Cant Goku just use the super dragonballs? It’s the tournament reward but this is still preliminaries. Besides, they showed Zeno being bored and destroying planets for fun. In turn, it’s Zeno doing the destruction and who knows maybe Goku changes Zeno’s spirit about erasing life unnecessary in the future.

      • Aaron ‘Ron’ Eastwood

        Um what ? Goku didnt know that the losing universes would be blown up so how on EARTH does that make him a villain ?

    • Tom

      Did everyone just forget the Hit vs Goku filler? What was the entire point of Goku setting up his own assassination? So Hit would hold nothing back. Obviously, if the Universes think their very existence is at stake, they will put forth their absolute best effort. As long as it’s a tournament with winners and losers, it’s just for fun and people will screw around. Now he’s taken a page from Goku, obviously with advice from the head angel who would most likely have been informed of the Hit situation by Whis, to make sure that the fight will not disappoint Zeno. I seriously doubt the end of this tournament will result in anything but either the winner wishing all the universes back, or it being revealed that it was all a setup to get the best competitors from each universe giving their best effort.

    • Mansoor Cool

      Goku was raised in woods.

  • somerandomdudeordudette

    Nice episode and the fight just about starts when the episode ends lol
    wanna see some nice stuff from gohan though

  • A Person With a Name

    I think the thing that puts me off the intro is just that last line… I don’t really like how it suddenly just states the name of the show and talks about a character. It makes it so cheesy. And I don’t really like cheesy…

  • BeepBeepMotherfucker

    i hope someone kills goku for good

    • Noor Iskandar Bin Subehan

      And no further dragonball super episodes will be existed. That’s dumb.

      • Ben Murphy

        Not necessarily, we just have to put up with a dumb Halo forever

    • LegendaryUub

      and I hope u get ur ass kicked in the next 24 hours!

      • Ahmed Almuallim

        17 hours left!

        • thicc

          how did that ass beat 2h ago feel?

  • Alexandru Ioan Suciu

    I wonder why Goku picked Buu.He should be picking Uub instead!

    • Gale

      I had the same doubt! The thing is that at the end of DBZ, Uub was born thanks to Goku’s wish… but it’s only been like 5 years! Uub is even younger than Goten or Trunks! Maybe waiting a few years won’t be that bad. I fact, I think Goku mentions him in DBS

      • Moses Herve Johnson II

        uub won’t fuse with buu for years too come lmao, if that’s what you’re thinking, also he chose buu, because he knows that red fox ain’t too tough, it is most likely since buu can wear his opponents out, he will win, gohan is the one that will lose.

        • Bob Vaillancourt

          i also think Gohan will lose the exibition to train hard for the tournament of power

  • Nexx

    are you fucking joking we have to wait another fucking week and they ended this like that GRGRGRG

    • r


  • Speculations

    I think that at the end of the tournament, they use the super dragon balls to bring each erased universe and their fighters back

  • Benny Wong

    hopfully we’ll see buu swallow his opponent at the end of the fight…..

  • Kyle Joultz

    THIS IS SO awesome! And its not even the real tournament yet just a preliminary to showcase a tournament for Zen-chan! This Arc will be DBZ/DBS gold.

    • Ahmed Almuallim

      don’t be disrespectful… ZEN-OH SAMA

  • John Doe

    its clear that all the universes will band together to put on a performance but then tie at the end..

  • Sunny Smith

    Im so glad Gohan the nuke is back! lol hopefully he kicks so serious ass in this exhibition match and so beerus and whis the real Gohan 😉

  • Rahul.

    I m STUNNED ???? cant wait for next episode… i want to see it right now
    Forever love dragon ball super….
    World best show !!!!????????

  • Rz28

    Haven’t seen Buu fight for a long time.. hope he can kick same booty

  • Brian Pit Teh Voong

    This is so predictable. Universe 7 is going to win the whole thing and zen oh is gonna erase all the other universes and someone from universe 7 is gonna wish the other universes back with the super dragon balls

    • Ben Murphy

      Too obvious methinks

  • Deezy Upgrayedd Phillips

    Oh come on Buu your the boy right now you got get Basil and tear him up get mad!!! Go super! Something! I been waiting for this! haha

  • Dave

    Im Predicting right now, at some point during the main tournament, Buu will turn into kid buu.

    • Menacer

      eh, not possible since the evil was extracted from Buu.

  • http://tfseekers.weebly.com Hansel Ngien

    Download Link?

  • wowlock

    Even if Goku and Universe 7 wins the tournament, he would be the biggest villain in the series by literally being the cause of destruction for 11 universes.

  • Cernnunnos

    Everyone keeps saying that the winner can use the Super Dragon Balls to wish the other universes back… but the thing is the Super Dragon Balls only work if BOTH universes 6 and 7 still exist because they are tied to both universes equally. So the wish would have to be made BEFORE the other universes are “Erased.” Someone is going to have to talk to “Zen-chan” and have him rethink things before it’s too late. What I would like to happen is for Gohan (or Goku) to win and ask Zen-O (or the Super Dragon), for things to go back to the way they were before meeting Beerus and for things to stay that way. That way GT would be canon! ;P

    • Bob Vaillancourt

      maybe a tie in universe 6-7 lol or your point is not take in consideration by the creator . . . i mean maybe the ball still exist is universe 6 or 7 exist they dont need both . . . we dont know who created those ball (the original dragonball are made by namek on earth the actual creator is Dende) and what i remember from original dragonball is for the ball to survive the creator must be ALIVE so the fate of the dragonball dont have any link with universe 6 and/or 7 but to the one who created them (who is still a mistery)

      • Cernnunnos

        According to Zuno, they were created by Zalama in Year 41.

  • Norris Kilgore

    Ok….so…Goku’s team is fighting first in some sort of plot scheme so that the antagonist can get an early view at what they are up against.

    • Bob Vaillancourt

      yep they need to find their best fighter to fight the power level of goku (thats said i doubt he use his full power in that exibition) and even if he do i guess a surprise will come from the 7 other warrior in tournament of power (maybe even Gohan will lose fast in this exibition and Train hard for the all universe tournament and impress us)

  • Umar Ishfaq

    Hoping for some new transformations …

  • Menacer

    ok, on the arc. at 1:30. Does that not look like Black Goku kind of smile?

  • sreyas

    but why aren’t the gods of discussion fighting

    • bhavesh kumar

      if two god of destruction fights then the universes get destroy during their fight.

      • Bob Vaillancourt

        he said discussion he might be kidding or cant type a word corectly

        • Julius Irving

          Or maybe autocorrect fucked it up. So how bout you stop being a dick to everybody.

  • r

    return of broly
    look at intro

  • Narayan Singh

    Dont cry so much goku will win the tournament and wish for resurrection of all the 11 universes erased by zen Including those he erased before. So he is actually saving two universes cant you see

  • Adly

    Wow.. this episode really interesting.. can’t wait for ep 79..

  • Mateus Vinicius

    I just wanted to point how Whis stayed totally calm when the part about erasing all universes was revealed. He sure knows something. The theory about this being like the hiring Hit thing, just to make everybody fight seriously, may be pretty plausible.

  • Delaverga Uni

    Why hasn’t anyone here talked about how similar Goku looks to Broly at 1:08? Is it even Goku or is that new form just a power up/transformation. Any interesting thoughts?

    • Noicekamehameha

      that is broly from a different universe. Not really him, but a variation of him.

      • Delaverga Uni

        Of course its a variation, but of who? He looks a lot like goku, just has green hair. So basically, I think it’s Goku and you think its a fighter from another universe. No one else here had anything to say or even noticed it lol. YW

        We’ll see soon when they show all the fighters of the tournament.

        • Delaverga Uni

          The only resemblance this broly has with another fighter is that samurai haired person with earrings in the intro. But I still think he looks a lot like Goku.

  • Gaurav Varia


  • AndrehS86

    Lol why is the elephant god of destruction xD and his butt is in front xDDDD

  • http://www.L2Ownage.com/ DarkLord

    damn damn damn at last we got to see all gods of destruction together and an amazing match when i saw the grand priest said let the first match begin i was afraid to move my mouse cursor to see how long i have till the episode ends crap didnt last even a minute 🙁 im hyped thought cause next episode is tommorow 😀 go buu! <3

  • Yamcha

    This is shit its nothing like Real Goku. Goku will not accept destroying poor innocent life in other universes. I feel sad for this shit.

  • Atrix Saha

    how many tournaments has it been

  • Terry Joel Lamothe

    honestly i wish they’d use the super dragon balls to revive the saiyan race.

  • Timothy Cunningham

    On blue being more powerful than red issue during the ressurectioun of f final battle goku states that blue is like a saiyan god with the power of a super saiyan so no doubt it is more powerful than red

  • Tubby

    That smile stole the episode

  • InvaderMig

    Thanks for the episodes. Much appreciated!

  • Lee Walton

    Oh, you done fucked up Goku! LOL! HO-LY-SHIT!!!!!!

  • Lee Walton

    Beerus Be like…. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ce3b9451f1d1723c7affd1c895987e9f7d3a0b78248da8b795dabf77bc4cb444.gif
    “If we somehow make it out of this alive, I will fucking END you, Goku-san!”