Dragon Ball Super episode 77 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 77 : “Title”


  • HTahboub


  • Dudeguy


    • Davis Absolute

      How long until it goes live?

      • Dudeguy

        6 days 22 hours 12 minutes and 30 seconds

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    why is the quality of the video at 360p-480p, wtf happened to FHD?

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    krillin is such a shit fighter, my respect for him has gone down

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    i take back what i said about krillin, he’s back (cry of joy) he’s finally back!!!

  • Darren Chen

    Can’t wait the Universe Survival is finally going to start!!!!

  • Kurt Lane

    5 days 6 hours!! I wish i could go cryo sleep and wake up next year around this time and watch 50 new episodes 🙁

  • Lewis B. Lindley

    Guys, If you play DBZ Super in a lower speed mode like -0.75/1.00) its amazing! The story becomes ace and not soo super fast paced, it makes everything slick like the old stuff too! Try it! You won’t notice and the nostalgia comes back EVEN MORE.

    • Zackk Newsom

      Lewis know how exactly do you do that I’m not seeing it anywhere on the video player where I can choose that option

      • Lewis B. Lindley

        I have no idea, I did it via the full screen mode I think, and on this site.

  • Abdur Raquib Rumi

    waiting aroun 6days… b8 when start episode 77?!!! can’t wait anymore….

  • DBLeon

    Guys if you didn’t know, This is the episode where we get a new Opening Theme, RIPchozetsu dynamic you were fun, But now it’s time for something new!!! farewell!

    • Moses Herve Johnson II

      for the universe arc right? i’m so stoked

  • http://stripesmit.deviantart.com/ GAYpigeon

    Idk about you guys but im still very disappointed in the animation at times. like yeah i get it the animation isnt going to be perfect 100% of the time but seriously. take a look at jojos bizzare adventure. that was years ago, and isnt as popular as dragon ball. the animation looks amazing, and in 2017 One of the most popular anime ever has lazy gross animation alot of the time.

    • http://stripesmit.deviantart.com/ GAYpigeon

      I am hacked.
      I didnt post that,

      • Moses Herve Johnson II

        i’m blocking your ass

      • BasedGod

        Kys you dirty bitch.

      • Mohaskoud

        I found your sister on sex-web-chat, can ya help me to contact her fag?

  • John Byrne

    haramabe was here

  • Kyle Macdonald

    im very disappointed on the team they selected lol like come on!

  • Kyle Macdonald

    maybe im wrong and they all got super strong i guess we will have to see haha goku,gohan,vegeta,piccolo are the only strong ones on the team lol maybe Buu might be i dunno

    • Jaeden John

      Buu is stronger then both gohan and piccolo ?

      • Ajay Paulose

        I get the vibe that they get preparation time before the tournament. Wonder how Vegeta’s gonna feel about this.

      • Kyle Macdonald

        gohan was much stronger than buu by the end of the buu saga! piccolo is stronger in super as well. it goes goku,vegeta,gohan,piccolo,buu!

    • IronicTwist

      It’s probably like that for other teams too. Some will be really stronger than others.

  • caleb

    make the animation less shitty please and thank you! 🙂

    • DBLeon

      The animation is fine, Seriously get over it

    • Jonathan M

      It’s the live streamers internet..

      The video keeps getting choppy. I don’t understand why they won’t just upload the episode.

      • Mohaskoud

        Go watching your sister on sex-cam-based.

        • Jonathan M

          Shut up dumbass.

  • Freeasabird

    Why the hell is THIS episode LIVE all of a sudden? when every single older episode just came out and you could play it like any other video. wtf is going on?

    • Abdelkarim Al Swais

      IKR! Usually by now you’d even find it subbed!

    • Scotty DownUnder


      Ep 77 came out today. 76 came out last Sunday, 75 the Sunday before, and so on, same day they’re aired in Japan….. All the eps didn’t just ‘magically’ appear all at the same time…. FFS

  • Zunain Karriem

    What is this live shit all about? Let me just watch it when the video is available.

    • VAZE


    • Scotty DownUnder

      That IS when it’s available, dumbass.

      • Juan Huncho

        Aye chill post malone

    • Anonny

      Did you REALLY just say something THAT fucking stupid?

      I am so fucking done.

      • Zunain Karriem

        Wow, you sound stressed out. Comments upset you that much?
        The live stream was totally out of sync with the audio, thus I’m not into the live streaming of these.
        But you probably don’t care, since you went straight into wetting your panties.

    • Riad Taoube

      i cant believe your that stupid

      • Guest


      • Zunain Karriem

        Take that dick out of your ass? Did it occur to you that this might be a good system to everyone in the WORLD?

        • Riad Taoube

          oi dumb cunt chi chi begged them to goku another chance to do the driving test then he past it

        • Riad Taoube

          to give*

  • William van Helsing

    Why is it still a live stream, let me just watch the video already

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    lucky i woke up

  • Super

    so Goku doomed us all huh? figures….
    Beerus was rigth after all, Goku’s innocence is a threat to the universe….

    • AlvinoBrooka

      *Zeno’s innocence and *Goku’s Naivety.

  • Some guy


  • Freeasabird

    Well, alright then. Now that live garbage is over (thats gonna be a thing now in’t it? T_T) this new intro tune is pretty good 😀 nice and catchy i actually listened to the WHOLE song. instead of just skipping straight the the episode.

  • Ajay Paulose

    Seriously how strong are guns in this universe. It always seemed like they were barely useful in Dragon Ball itself let alone Z or Super…

    • IronicTwist

      The bullet hurt Goku because he wasn’t focusing his Ki. He has to be alert. It’s why that pebble, Krillin threw at Goku’s head in the Android saga, hurt; or why the laser beam in the Resurrection of F saga did major damage to him.

      • Ajay Paulose

        OK I can kind of understand that but it doesn’t feel like it was like that in the previous series. I mean Goku gets shot with a pistol multiple times when Bulma first met him. It hurt but it didn’t leave a mark. She also shoots him with a machine gun at some point and it’s really just a comedic thing. I don’t know whether he dodged them all or got hit and it didn’t cause serious damage. In other words DB never really took guns seriously at all until Super. I’m assuming the gun he got shot with now is much more advanced than any of the old guns but even so it just feels weird to me.

  • Ajay Paulose

    That’s an intense opening… I like it!

  • LegendaryGohan

    Alright I just want to say, the new opening is so fucking catchy and exciting. Also, I’m 95% positive they’ve changed the graphics on db super. It looks so much more like dbz style now and I commend toei for that. What a great start to this new and exciting arc.

    • pasta12

      Shows all the characters that will be fighting in the tournament, too.

  • Ajay Paulose

    Seventeen is the character I’m most looking forward to right now. Not as a fighter but just finding out what he’s been up to. Seeing how he interacts with Krillin, his sister, and his niece.

  • justinchao

    Awesome episode and beginning of a new arc! So excited for next week! Wish I could watch 10 more episodes, haha. Love this anime.

  • MisterQu

    so goku it the villan? he started the battle to end many worlds

    • Asif Jawad (アシフジャワド)

      He doesn’t know what the outcome will be as for right now.

  • Mohaskoud

    Dragon ball super is getting boring and goku is not powerful.

  • Zeragnon

    welp time to memorize a new theme

  • Maxime McDougall

    When the hell did Goku learn to drive properly?

    • IronicTwist

      Didn’t he and Piccolo get their license in DBZ?

      • http://youtube.com/chase1146 The_Totax

        in a non canon filler episode yes

        • ThatGuy984

          everything that happened in the DBZ series is canon…slow episodes and all..

      • Maxime McDougall

        As I recall, they failed get the licence.

        • Ryan Summers

          That is false, by the end of that driving episode they said overtime that both Goku and Piccolo got their license after like 19 tries or something.

      • Hitesh

        Goku and piccolo are competitors so they forgot driving crashed each other’s ass

    • sai natraj

      When cell anounced cell games after that episode chichi will expalin how goku got licences

    • Aaron Soldier

      Goku a real nigga who has a family, thats why!

  • John Mark

    Terrible mistake don’t close your eyes while talking to someone and that’s what Chichi did she closed her eyes while talking to Goku when he was taking goten to train with him.

    • Stephen Traverso

      Im sorry did you say something? I was sneaking away because your cartoons eyes were closed.

      • John Mark

        HA HA HA HA HA.

      • Anime Fanatic

        HAHAHAHA. Funny

  • wowlock

    And Goku doomed all those universes.

    • Mouad El Haidoudi

      Yes YES i was looking for this comment
      he just can’t stay quite

  • JeanCarlos Carrion

    Why tf people are sooo stupid, the show is always live when its recently
    posted because its just aired. Thing don’t just pop out of nowhere.
    You’re even lucky it gets sub quickly.

    • reddood2


      • reddood2

        actually people don’t know that it aired on tv at that time also watch where you put your words please really were not lucky because we can’t hear words in English or the voice actors like Sean schemel btw I hate that you can’t edit your comment I was signing in and it just posted it .-.

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    It seems Goten and Trunks aren’t involved in this tournament .. again 🙁

  • Smh

    Animation is weird in this one, still a great episode nevertheless i suppose.

  • kodi francois

    had the best moment to buffer the video… around 1:46 It buffered as Goku powered up and I Just saw a smile perfectly like Black goku…. OMFG

    • Milan Babic

      Yeah that was cool 😀

  • https://youtu.be/I-A8TwsPqlk Kamesenin Butan

    Guys remember the classic Dragon Ball when kid Goku attacked the RR army base and he was sniped directly to the head and no scratch….

  • Kush

    Goku made the biggest mistake of his life

  • Exerah

    Looks like Vegeta forgot the condoms.

  • Sehal Qureshi

    first half is pretty awesome… anime is good… they improving 😛

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQoCzcjlcaRb1AklGYrdgPA DBS YT

    My heart beat fast when Beerus-sama want to Hakai Goku. Anyway, this new opening was great!

  • Aojay

    Why Master Roshi.We can’t get Gohan,Trunks, Yamcha hell i think it would interesting to see Videl. I’m not intrested at all in Master Roshi fighting.

    • AlvinoBrooka

      You’ll get to see Gohan in the tournament.

  • Jerrys Bu

    bulma pregnant
    😛 !!!!!! who’s it gonna be !!! hehe

  • matthew gallego

    wait what i thought the supreme kais fused?????

    • http://matthijn.me/ Matthijn Dijkstra

      They used the dragonballs to unfuse.

    • AlvinoBrooka

      They unfused after a wish on Namek’s Dragon Balls.

  • Sorakh2634

    why is the animation on this one so different from the others?

    • Milan Babic

      It’s different because of this new arc. I don’t know if will be the same after the tournament but for me it looks good, sharper.

  • Pakari

    New intro? ANDROID 17!?
    So, Goku sells the vegetables he grows for money, a quick and easy way to get money, and with the ridiculous amount they grow, they still have enough left for themselves so Chi-Chi probably doesn’t mind.
    Goku fighting off criminals is both badass and hilarious.
    And Chi-Chi just went Super Human Blue Kaio-ken x9001.
    I’m calling it, Bulla’s in there. And of course, Vegeta’s a good husband and father, he’s giving up a chance of training to support his family.
    Wait, is one Zen-chan left-handed and the other right-handed? How.. What.. Why? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIOOOOONS!

  • Johnjohnson

    Who else saw goku black for a split second when goku was powering up? :O

  • Ben Carroll

    Is it just me, or did I see BROLY in the new opening!? 0.o

  • Sterling “Dapz” Obikoya

    This is what u asked for Goku, so now if u lose y’all die

  • Sterling “Dapz” Obikoya

    Is it me or did the lighting change

  • Gokua

    Sweet Lord, please make them keep up that new animation style~! They are still messing up some proportions but at least the line became ALIVE like in DBZ,not just a one-thickness sh#tty stroke. And new opening is brilliant, very neat and poweful. Can’t wait to see how they’re gonna animate the tournament fights.

  • Ritesh Kanodia

    I’m Gettin excited !

  • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi

    The new OP WAS EPIC 😮

  • Raptormaster3000


  • somerandomdudeordudette

    bulma’s preggie with bulla and tournament’s going to start.

    one of the GODs is a clown?

    • Juan Huncho

      right doe

  • Jamie Legends

    Mystic Gohan confirmed!

  • Street Cred

    plot twitst the loser gets their universe destroyed, getting that vibe from those clumsy zens

    • Street Cred

      yup just saw the end credits knew it xD

  • Ravyn

    so Goku will become ssg pink like black

  • https://www.facebook.com/marios.katsiaounhs Margariths

    Finally the series gets seriously improved! Animation has evidently become better, with more vivid colours and more accurate drawing! Moreover music has drastically changed and now it feels more close to the Dragonball spirit! Last but not least this is the first episode i have the inclination to see twice.. This says a lot!!!

    • AlvinoBrooka

      They have a different director now that also directed some earlier episodes that are good.

  • Michael Borean

    You guys mind not having the bullshit ad that tries making it out like I’ve got an infected computer? It’s annoying, fake, and bullshit.

  • Ben Carroll

    Since (if I remember correctly) Trunks in an only child in GT, I bet the Bulma’s child is going to die as a stillborn. 🙁

    • AlvinoBrooka

      GT is not canon and Trunks has a sister named Bulla in GT.

  • Hagen Derrote

    Why did nobody else see Broly in the new opening?

    • AizenSamaKing X

      It’s not Broly. Everyone already discussed this last week. It’s a female Saiyan.

    • Richard Caisido Belen

      yeah how bout broly is he going to rock their world again?
      i dont care much about 17 coz hes a pure brat enemy

  • Dragovic

    Why is Master Roshi in the tournament instead of Trunks, Goten, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu?

  • Stonehaven

    Someone want to explain to me why 17 is all the sudden magically resurrected and why the unresolved end of the last episode was skipped? I’m lost here.

    • Danny Harrell

      17 is alive because He was Revived with the wish that brought back everyone that was killed during the Cell Saga. Hell, in the Manga and I think the Anime as well, when Goku was Gathering energy for the Spirit Bomb during the Kid Buu fight,17 was among the people the gave energy before Mr. Satan made his appeal to the earth.

    • Sheldon Gibbs

      Just as Danny Harrell said. 17 was restored with the earth that kid buu destroyed. Also this timeline is before Dragonball GT so Super 17 was never destroyed by Super Sayian 4 Goku.

  • http://youtube.com/thedarkestyin Chip Biscuit

    Man, this arc is starting off on a high note!

  • http://tfseekers.weebly.com Hansel Ngien

    The download link doesn’t lead to a working video.

  • AizenSamaKing X

    Vegeta is having ANOTHER child!??!?!!!?!?!

  • Bud Davis

    OK, please tell me I’m not the only one who was rockin out to the opening to this episode.

  • Sheldon Gibbs

    My Theory. Kaioken (red aura) is linked with Super Sayian God (red aura) transformation from Battle of the Gods and the beginning of this series. Super sayian God unlike super sayian blue is the only transformation to even come close to giving Beerus a challege until it ran out (5min time limit). So as the series goes forward I suspect more kaioken fused with super sayian ki to make goku stronger and giving him more of a red aura (even more than when goku fought Hit).

  • Noobthief

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that Goku caught a bullet then sent it back with his thumb. Just like Raditz did in the Saiyan saga to the farmer https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26357f4b7143e37803c8978a05add99af4cd54231769b9ebcf952e18344a5dac.png

  • Devanshu Verma

    Goku doesn’t care about Beerus being God of destruction anymore. ??

  • Mark Ambrose


  • Ziggy Foolz

    Someone please tell me who the the person standing on the cliff is at the end of the episode when the narrator is doing the outro, from what I can make out it says M.I.A said person’s shirt

    • Sean

      Android 17

  • WhyWontYouDodge

    Is there anywhere that I can find the music at 8:56? I know it’s a casual mix of the intro, but I can’t find this exact remix.

  • GamerMax MC5/UT

    *Sees Broly in the intro*

    Legendary super sayan bigfoot is back!

  • Lee Walton

    I can understand Beerus’s anger, if I was him, I’d be coming close to killing Goku, also. Never realized how crazy it could get for the Z-fighters if the grand Zen-Oh did just decide to go nuclear. I’m actually now beginning to side with Beerus, a bit.