Dragon Ball Super episode 76 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 76 : “Title”


  • Rohan Basnet

    I’m the first!!!

  • Chris Sun


  • sebastian galvan


  • Darren Chen


  • Darren Chen

    this episode is going to be epic, can’t wait.

    • Xy Yx

      What??Are you a noob or you have no idea about DB.

      • Darren Chen

        I know Dragon Ball so shut up, and don’t say things you don’t know you retard.

  • Luxion

    DB-DBZ Villain rehash WOOHOO!

  • Normy Haddad


  • Khizar Shahid


  • Musyk Mann

    Naw I was first

  • TNT Lords

    “goku you have gained the power of gods it would be boring for me to fight you” somehow startles goku with people he can beat with a flick of his finger with said powers

  • Anakin Luke

    It’s funny because Krillin the strongest human alive

    • Arafat Hossain

      Saitama lol.

      • Hazuki

        Saitama isn’t in Dragon Ball so…

      • SSB Vegito

        Uhh, dude, he was talking about how Akira Toriyama said that Krillin was the strongest human apart of the Z fighters..

        Either way, he’s wrong, Tien is clearly stronger than Krillin, even if he didn’t get any stronger since the end of Z

        • Dudeguy

          Tien isn’t human

          • SSB Vegito

            That’s arguable. Tenshinhan is a descendent of a alien tribe. That doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t be classified as human. Also, I messed up in my last comment, Toriyama didn’t say Krillin was the strongest human, he said Krillin was the strongest earthling. And seeing how Tenshinhan is clearly an earthling, my point remains valid.

          • Dudeguy

            It’s kinda his characters so if he says krillin is stronger krillin is stronger

          • SSB Vegito

            I mean, it’s not like he said that yesterday, power levels change. :/

        • Technocality

          The reason Krillin is the strongest human, is because Akira Toriyama stated so in the manga. It doesn’t really matter what your interpretation is, if it doesn’t coincide with the creator’s.

          Krillin got his potential unlocked by Elder Guru during the Namek Saga, reaching his full human capacity. Though, he’s probably weaker now, since he gave up Martial Arts after the Cell Saga.

          But like Gohan, he has more potential than other members of his species.

          • SSB Vegito

            I want to agree with you, I like Krillin too, but even before all of this, Krillin didn’t stand a chance against 17 or 18 meanwhile, Tenshinhan was generating enough power to push back Cell.

          • Technocality

            That is the power of the Neo Tri-Beam. He only stopped Cell midtrack, he didn’t even put so much as a scratch on him. Remember, Krillin’s Destructo Disc cut Frieza’s tail in half, and is said to be able to cut through anything, no matter the difference in power levels between the user and the opponent.

            The Neo Tri-beam as well as it’s original attack, is a technique far more powerful than the Kamehameha, but it’s drawback is that it takes all of your life force, potentially killing you in the process.

          • spaceballsy

            guru did not unlock either krillin or gohan’s full potential, he cannot do that since his own power is limited compared to that of a supreme kai.

          • Technocality

            It’s a bit inconsistent and kinda confusing, but that was what was meant to happen, for Gohan and Krillin to get their full potentials unlocked. Gohan was only a child during the Namek saga, so that is probably why he was shown to have even more latent power inside of him, the older he got and the more his body developed as is the case for us humans in real life. But Krillin was an adult, so this technicality shouldn’t apply to him.

            I don’t know, all I know for sure is that Krillin is the strongest human, and there is no arguing it, because Akira Toriyama’s word is final. As for Super, it’s safe to say that Krillin got super weak after he gave up martial arts, as evidenced in the episode where he got shot by a mere bullet, and Tien probably surpassed him during that time. However, Krillin still has more potential than Tien, just like he did in the original Dragon Ball Z run.

          • spaceballsy

            guru never said they would make them reach their full potential. he said he would unlock their potential and draw out any they currently had in them.

            the main difference is that gohan and krillin were not by any means experienced fighters like goku or vegeta, but guru allowed them use the power they already possesed, while the elder kai boosted gohan to the strongest his body can possibly go (while in base form) given he maintains his training. this is why gohan was shelved for so long, because it was too OP going forward in the show to have gohan at full power unlocking all these forms and techniques goku and vegeta gained access to, he would be a show stealer.

        • Stu Art

          Of course Tien is stronger, it isn’t even close at this point in time but remember that the guide books state that Tien is descended from the alien race called the three eyed clan so he isn’t human which is why Krillin is indeed the strongest human.

      • Akshit Kishore

        thats one punch man… totally different universe

        • Akshit Kishore

          plus… the power scaling could mean krillin is actually stronger… if you think about it the z-fighters can do everything saitama can do… and then some.

  • Dudeguy

    that moment when you get your snacks ready and turn on DBS and it says there’s still 2 hours before the sub comes out

    • Anon

      HA! this was 100% me just now

    • Reck Ru

      lol! lucky i know the exact time when to watch and yeah like u i also ready my snacks and drinks too and turn on dbs, haha cheers!

    • Dante

      This was me like shit Saturday lmao

  • Elvis Roose

    is this will be subed ?

    • Dudeguy

      about 2 hours after it airs

      • Elvis Roose

        okei! :/

  • Dudeguy

    why did the website hit 0, 2 minutes before the video

  • DBS

    no english subtitles?

    • dbxtvs

      not yet

  • TheJaun

    so inconsistent
    goku shouldn’t have to go super sayian to break out of that hold
    he can just fuckin bitch smack them and then they’re dead <-<

    • IronicTwist

      They’re using his energy to stabilize. The more power he lets out, the stronger they become.

  • Asriel Yoskowitz

    i love how they used DB music at the beginning ^u^

  • Justen Lat


    • Levi Broadfoot

      He already know it though, he just doesn’t use it.

      • Jon137

        no he does not

  • SSJ-Mad

    only goku would be dumb enough to think Master Roshi needs the herb for something else, yet he doesnt know its weed, and roshi smokes weed!! and faps, holy crap

    • Benny Wong


    • shade825

      his real secret to living so long lol

    • Dani Ilges

      how the hell is that weed? its an herb that makes you live forever

  • ash

    epic my ass
    hes a bald nobody again

  • Luke Daniels

    My favorite part was when all the Weed grew.

    • Benny Wong

      yeah, I guess Akira is a big fan of weed…..lmao

    • Darren Chen

      It was one of mine favorite part too. Lol

    • Dani Ilges

      what weed saw no such thing only an herb that makes you live forever

    • Lee Walton

      Japs really have a great disdain for it, mostly.

  • Akshit Kishore

    anybody else experiencing delays

    • MegaBowss


    • William van Helsing

      i had, but just had to refresh the page

      • Akshit Kishore

        ok thanks

  • Ajay Paulose

    Did anyone else think the energy increasing technique would be porn?

    • Benny Wong

      indeed, krilling still won’t be a major help for goku…..

  • Mark Greenham

    anybody love this song as much has me?? has really grown on me.

  • bob bobson

    This episode was irritating,.. Krillin why are you a bitch Gok uis a god he wont let you die

    • Son Goku

      lol bob you always saying something, enjoy the show bro 😛

  • Ajay Paulose

    Feels like this would have more impact if the bad guys talked…

    • Simon

      especially for tamborine

  • sd sd

    to those who were hyped for an epic episode.. it was irritating and cringeful to watch filler

  • BitLocker

    God damn it, Vegeta. Learn what a condom is.

    • Benny Wong

      the saiyans love hit it raw lmao

    • Simon

      well he was probably wearing protection aka his armor

    • darkracer

      are you kidding me?
      you’d need some millitairy grade condom to stop that

    • William van Helsing

      A condom doesn’t work, he will just blast it off right inside bulma

  • Normy Haddad


    • Bud Davis

      More like Ultimate Krillin. xD

  • Harun Demisoski

    Finally we saw Android 17

    • Benny Wong

      we only see android 18……..hopefully andriod 17 will be join force with goku

      • Omega

        look again, we did see android 17

  • Pakari

    Best Friend Kamehameha?

    • Lee Walton


  • somerandomdudeordudette

    The flying nimbus was nice to see again. Memories from the old times.

    It seems like trunks’ sister is going to be born soon.

  • Terry Joel Lamothe

    I wish they’d show a human reach a level of power so that they can transform as well.

    • Crisisboss

      humans dont transform…. sadly

      • William van Helsing

        You never know, they can just add a human transformation.
        Or a god level transformation, by just asking shenron if there is one

    • Street Cred

      then they’re not rlly human lmao

    • Scrobbel

      Sadly us humans are pitiful beings with low limit caps and no special traits. We’re primitive…

      • Eric shumway

        We are filthy ningens.

    • Terry Joel Lamothe

      I’m not saying they can transform to Super Saiyan, obviously they’re not Saiyans. Maybe there is some ancient human power that they can achieve in order to be on par with a Super Saiyan.

      • Ajay Paulose

        Didn’t we meet the strongest human in history during the otherworld tournament. If they did want to make Krillin or the other humans stronger they should do it through techniques not directly related to species like the kaio ken. Krillin’s Ki control has always been among the best. And Tien already had a technique that resembled transformation. But the real power of humans is that they can cook foods amazing enough to deter Beerus from blowing up the planet.

    • GamerMax MC5/UT

      there is, the superhuman, kaioken and false sayan are transforms possible to be done by humans

  • Stu Art

    I really loved this episode. Krillin, Tien, & Yamcha are three of my favourite characters since early Dragon Ball, so I was sooo happy to see that Krillin and Tien will be chosen for the up coming Universal Survival Arc and a little sad that Yamcha wasn’t but I like Master Roshi too so I am a little conflicted lol. Anyway, I was happy to see Krillin get his confidence back and finally seems motivated to get stronger. Tien is clearly stronger than Krillin now but if Krillin is serious about getting stronger and trains with Goku, I think that will change pretty quick lol.

  • Alexandru Ioan Suciu

    would have been so funny if chi chi was with bulma at that point, lmao

    • Luxion

      You know Goku would be terrified

  • Xy Yx

    oh i thout Krilin turns into SS or Black Krilin or Krilin Rose. Im disappointed, again. Boring filler.

    • William van Helsing

      Would have been funny, but the only transformation krillin could get is Kaio ken(if that counts as a transformation) and a mystic form like gohan.

    • Xire78

      Humans don’t transform bruh.

  • Rage Montreal

    Okay so they needed to get Krillin’s head shaved and ready for the multi-universe tournament I guess?

    • William van Helsing

      Nah, bald krillin means, he takes fighting seriously and krillin with hair is just chillin

  • Tibor Rigó

    New drawing style in the next episode??? the lines seem to be thicker, looks really cool! i m looking forward to it!

    • William van Helsing

      It looks like the same as the first few episodes of super

  • BishPlz

    Wonderful ep, always gets me going after watching first thing in the morning 😀

  • Crisisboss

    guess there’ll be episodes like this for awhile since the creators would want Goku to “inspire” the fighters that will take place in the multiverse tournament. So we’ll have similar episodes about tien and android 18 & 17.

    • Street Cred

      i hope so i kind of like these kind of episodes unlike when it happens in other animes xD

    • Ben Murphy

      Well, we already had Gohan so i guess so!

  • Ha2ken

    I really like this episode. The nostalgia is real. Also shows us that to grow we must conquer our fears. Wonder what Krillin’s new form will be called.

    • Ha2ken

      Also, there appears (at least on my end) to be an issue with episodes 74-76. I see two episodes of 74 (not sure if this was on purpose). One reads Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 English Subbed and the other reads the same but ends with Subbed Online. Plus they’re not properly linked to 75 below the video.

    • William van Helsing

      It’s not really a form, from what i have seen. It’s more like he controls is ki better now.

  • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi

    damn this episode was so dank that the weed grew n 2 seconds

    • Dani Ilges

      you mean rainbow basil thats no where near what weed looks like at all

  • http://mikeabundo.com/ Mike Abundo

    Goku’s about to trigger a whole bunch of apocalypses.

  • d3rd3vil

    He is still doing this SSJ1-3 thing, why???? Unbelievable….he should be at his best without transforming and then going SS Blue nothing else….damn this!

  • Hagen Derrote

    I find it amusing,
    that they still show scenes from DBZ,
    which make the animation make even worse!

  • Anakin Luke

    This was an episode about Master Roshi eating dank weed and we finally know why he wont die

    • Dani Ilges

      i dont see how its weed it looks just like Basil just raindow colored so its special basil that makes you live forever

  • Hagen Derrote

    this sneak peak raised my attention,
    but still,
    GT is the better successor to Dragon Ball Z

    • Luxion

      No… just.. no

  • Sunny Smith

    this was actually a decent episode it had the old dragon ball z feel to it.
    its a shame Goku didnt fight Radtiz or have an interaction, but the idea was good.

  • Rouge Krama Macaluso


  • alien09

    You guys do know that Goku could’ve destroyed the Earth in his base form, yet again the forest.

  • Zunain Karriem

    Wow, the animation is pretty lazy…

  • pasta12

    So much for not crossing streams

  • TheDendeWasHeavyAsFuck

    i really hope they make krillen less of a coward in DBS as compared to DBZ. Id like to see a bolder stronger krillen that can handle his own in a fight that goku is late too LOL

  • kesh

    why did i have a feeling a few months ago something with krillin like this was gonna happen..and it happened

  • Rafi Snappy

    I still remember that Vegeta & Bulma had a daughter, Trunks little sister…. Looks like It’s finally gonna happen 😀

  • Rafi Snappy

    I still remember Vegeta and Bulma Had a daughter, Trunk’s little sister back in the episodes… Looks like it’s finally gonna happen 😀

  • Wafflepiezz

    next episode is going to be so cool :O

  • Alan Valdez

    only one comment which is this one, unbelievable even though 100,000 views

  • Siddharth Kulkarni

    ALAN V , not anymore

  • gameformetoo

    if you’re reading this, you didn’t miss anything this episode. this is just a flashback of all the times krillin got owned.

  • Momin Nouman

    that’s amazing episode

  • Lores Hasani

    Super is too confusing for me, I’d hoped they’d continue afte GT, the story.

  • limanator

    krillin is being soo pusssy omg ugh

  • Naudii-Chan

    Krillian is a little bitch

  • Lee Walton

    If I was Goku in that moment Krillin rose above himself, as Roshi had said, then I’d be thinking to myself,”Right, no messing around, now! Time to get Krillin in that damned gravity room! He’s been weakest MVP for too long!”
    And after seeing his shiny BAAAAAWLD HEAD, I think I’d be phoning Vegeta to let Krillin use the room, whenever Vegeta would be on planet Beerus. “Gotta be able to beat your own wife in CQC, at the VERY LEAST, now! If you can beat 18 in sparring matches, then you can go in the gravity room and the hyperbolic time chamber with just about ANYONE!!”. I mean, wouldn’t YOU?