Dragon Ball Super episode 74 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 74 : “Title”


  • Darren Chen


  • Clarence

    F…ing BS waited a week to see ep 74 now I’ve got to wait another week

    • Wildgamer 912

      Wow the episodes are free to watch online and your mad about episodes that are late!?!? Bro u pay nothing to watch these episodes and ur pirating too and me but it’s pathetic to see ur comments.

      • KevinV

        well said.. 🙂

      • Syr

        You are a idiot , all the anime series are free , And we supose to get every week sunday a new episode ..

        • John Smith

          they are not free idiot! how are the animators suppose to make any money without the commercials? They are meant to be watch on regular tv channels. These channels do us a great service idiots like you & Clarence need to either stop complaining or upload the episodes yourselves! you guys are a bunch of spoiled & entitled idiots!

          • DDoSorSNipe

            Well said!

          • Syed Hamza

            this website is not a free website,web traffic gave the benefits to the owner of this website and ads you see on this..
            No benefits to the animator

          • Max

            Very well said, people who are so entitled shouldn’t be allowed to watch this if they think that it isn’t good enough, even though there is no expense to them.

    • Billuy



    what the fuck is with this bullshit storyline filler and the bullshit ANIMATION

    • shwagg

      agreed pissing me off bad been waiting for the next arc to start after killing black and its been only filler with like 1 min of real story line in each episode since then cmon im rdy for REAL episodes

      • John Smith

        then create your own anime or stop watching! you have no right to complain.

        • Ocean Javelin

          he has every right to complain. try and stop him if you can

          • Madara_ Uchiha

            if you watch something only to attempt to complain, you shouldn’t watch it, that ruins the experience for others who are actually trying to enjoy the show

          • Ocean Javelin

            If reading comments ruins someones experience of show then they shouldnt read comments. Its their problem.
            By the way just because someone complains doesnt mean that he is watching it just to complain. He is just watching it for entertainment and is disappointed because of non entertaining episodes so he complained.

          • Madara_ Uchiha

            soooooo many people just like him are watching this show just to nitpick, and complain about it. i myself like to go into the comments, if im not binge watching, to discuss what happened in the episode. i also like to look through to see what others opinions on the show were, but so far i’ve rarely seen praise for it, people on this site really dont like super for some reason.

          • Ocean Javelin

            He mentioned genuine legit complain. Its not nitpicking. Some people don’t like super because super is NOT a perfect or great anime, its just an average one. It has trash animation by today’s standard, Hell even Death note which was released more than a DECADE ago had animation million times better than this. HELL Even DBGT which was released 2 DECADES ago had better animation than this.
            There is no blood and serious injuries in DBS which is a huge drawback for an action show.
            Story and new characters are just fine which make the show worth watching but unnecessary pointless episodes like this one ruins the experience of show for viewers making it unwatchable.

            DBZ was a legend of it’s time therefore it deserved a high quality sequel. TOEI should have used more money to make it a quality product, animation should be like the battle of Gods movie or like the intro of DB Kai.
            But due to fantards who just support DBS regardless of its quality, Toei feels no need to improve it and therefore rest of us fans don’t get the quality product. If in bluray release they fix the animation and include blood then i would purchase it otherwise I would simply watch it here like this.

          • Madara_ Uchiha

            you must not have had much fun watching naruto then. This is called filler, itis meant to satisfy you for the time being while they make more episodes to go with the story, as demand is generally high. they have about a week to think of an addition to the story, which if all is going well can take at most two days, if going bad, several. not to mention trying to get the team responsible to see how it should look as you thought it up, anything but easy, so people sitting here and complaining about filler, is about as fair as calling a person with a debilitation weak. fuck off

          • Ocean Javelin

            I dont watch naruto. This is not a f**kig drama tv soap opera that they can think of story in between and meanwhile showing shit. They should have started making episodes after the main story has been decided and finished. Db series is already slow paced as hell as compared to other animes i have watched and adding filler completely ruins it. F**k yourself son of bitch motherf**ker.

          • Madara_ Uchiha

            Sure, when someone makes a new story, that is an extension of an old one that has been made into a show, people are just gonna sit happily and wait for the story to be done before the show comes out. Every anime in existence has had filler, if you dont like it then go bitch about it to your pillow. Nobody wants to hear children complain about a show, that most everyone is enjoying, and doesnt mind the occasional filler episodes, like adults. Grow the fuck up, the world does not revolve around any person.

          • Ocean Javelin

            Yes they will wait if the official authorities don’t make it public. Or even if they do make it public and release the series 2 years later still what’s the harm ? Fans arent going to go to their office and kill them or anything.
            NOT every anime has filler, Watch elfen lied, death note, code geass, darker than black etc. Also some series do have filler but thats not more than 1 episode in continuation and that too when they are releasing 5 episodes a week like Beyblade or blue Dragon etc Not like this trash dbs which shows filler continuously for entire month.
            If I don’t like it then I will complain it here only in your face bitch, Cry all you want, you can’t make the complaints stop. If you don’t want to read complains then don’t read the comment section you asshole. Get the f**k out of here. Social media is not for pussy children like you who starts crying just cuz someone called their fav show bad. Also Nobody is asking you to respond to my comments you idiot, you could ignore it whenever you want but you didn’t because you actually want to hear all this.
            And who the f**k are you to say anything on the behalf of everybody ? Some people dislike some things of the show and they make genuine complaints like adults. But you retarded fanboys need to grow up and accept the faults in your favorite series instead of just blindly defending it. And because of you shitass suckers, we the genuine fans don’t get quality product. Yes the world doesn’t revolve around you so don’t tell us what to do or what not to do. We will complain about whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want. Try and stop me you dumbass motherf**ker son of bitch.

      • Ridic

        Having filler between arcs is kinda what they’ve been doing for years now, are you just now noticing it? Besides, it’s not as bad as Naruto Shippuden.

        • schlongdong

          inb4 garlic junior resurrection and he manages to beat up piccolo again 😀

          • Christopher

            Inb4 Frieza Re Re Resurrection

          • Christopher

            Wow, it’s actually happening.

          • schlongdong


      • Goku

        they should make black come to the tournament
        like a black from universe 6

        • William van Helsing

          They should resurrect freeza to fight in the tournament. He is strong as fuck.

          • Ocean Javelin

            also cell and kid buu because currently they are far stronger than everybody there except goku vegeta

    • jeevan kanteti

      Hi fucker don’t give fucking comments

    • Faisal Nahdi

      I hate toei animation!

    • Rob Tek

      lol stfu kid and hit puberty before try talking like an adult……go fuck your mothers beard…

      • Ocean Javelin

        you are kid who didn’t hit puberty, you are no adult, your insult-full reply just proves that.

        • MeekMill Fan

          insultful isn’t a word, sound like some shit a kid would say

          • Ocean Javelin

            Thats why i used a dash in middle which you couldn’t see. Minding such unnecessary shit is what stubborn kids do.

          • MeekMill Fan

            imean i saw the dash but thats not what im talking about. what im saying is that only kids make up words
            (P.S dash or no dash thats still not a word fam)

          • Ocean Javelin

            Only kids make words ? yeah right then all founders of all the languages all over the world were all just kids according to you. Also everyone uses short term of phrase instead of long group of words in social media. Looks like you have just signed up for the first time and have never seen anything. Or maybe You are just drunk. In any case Go to bed kid. I aint gonna waste any more time in replying this unnecesaary shit.

          • MeekMill Fan

            only a kid would type a paragraph over an internet comment.

          • Exarchai

            And only a kid would argue with someone over stupid crap on the internet.

          • MeekMill Fan

            then that makes us both children then Mister ” I aint gonna waste any more time in replying this unnecesaary shit.”

          • Ocean Javelin

            you live under a rock kid. come out of your cave and you will see that people of all age groups talk about things, make arguments, have debate etc on internet typing a sentences or paragraphs etc. You can’t decide if one is kid based on that stupid. Those morons who get owned due to lack of any point to say just keep writing non sense just like you because they want to have the last word. And will ya people ever stop replying to this old thing ? I am getting notification again and again and I had to open this page to see this.

          • MeekMill Fan

            damn you really typed out a whole paragraph into a comment section of all places. you should put this energy into something more productive.

          • Ocean Javelin

            It DOES for F**king mentally deficient kids like you to understand mister retard

          • MeekMill Fan

            at no point during your rambling, unorganized,multi-paragraph response, were you close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. everyone in this comment section is now dumber for reading it, congratulations.

          • Ocean Javelin

            so even the detailed reply wasn’t enough for you retard LOL

          • MeekMill Fan

            it took you 13 sentences just to call me a kid and a idiot… you should probably use some of that time and energy you use to type paragraphs and apply it to a English class.

          • Ocean Javelin

            Nope. You should attend primary school english classes to understand what is said also go to mental doctor

          • MeekMill Fan

            i just used that joke on you but okay…

          • Ocean Javelin

            if you cant understand simple english then you are the one who has problem not the one who wrote it. so actually the joke’s on you.

          • https://www.omfgdogs.com/ Bass “the ass” Remedy


          • Ocean Javelin

            will ya people ever stop replying to this old unnecessary thing ? I get notification and I had to open this page to see this -_-

        • a leaf

          Woahhhhh, no need to get hostile here, it’s just an Anime.

          • Ocean Javelin

            Wow, you say that to me instead of “Rob Tek” when he is the actual hostile one here. You can’t see his comment ?

          • Aryc11

            Alright, looks like I’ll use my level head here. What I believe Ocean Javelin here was trying to say initially is that they used the hyphen in order to combine the words, as one does when a traditional compound word is not available for use. However, saying ‘insult-filled’ rather than ‘insult-full’, which is the correct grammar in this scenario, would’ve likely helped to prevent this confusion. Now, my proposition here is that you both calm down, apologize to one another, and, in doing so, act like the adults you’re claiming to be.

      • Madara_ Uchiha

        **before trying to talk like an adult**
        you should follow your own advice

    • James Hunt

      Nigga shut the fuck ugly ass bitch dick head

    • Tose Nikolov

      You haven’t watched naruto it seems.. its called a filler

      • CrashOver Ride


    • jmar11

      This is filler but it was good filler.

    • mike

      There is no actual filler in DBS because it’s not based off a manga. It’s all cannon. So they’re not fillers but they are taking too long to get to the next arc.

      • Omegus

        It’s filler. Manga is still on Zamasu. That’s why they are stalling hard.

        • Skirch

          Manga is based off of anime in this case.

        • https://www.omfgdogs.com/ Bass “the ass” Remedy

          the manga isn’t cannon, it is based on the anime

    • Pakari

      Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

      • Exarchai

        You act as if he’d know it was filler before watching it.

    • Hagen Derrote

      Well you could have said it a bit less aggressive but I totally agree.
      I find it quite amusing that DBS is recreating so many parts of the original DBZ but fails in every last one.
      Watch the original Gohan/College/Saiyaman filler Episodes from DBZ,
      they were cool and funny and they really helped improve Gohans Character,
      but this is just utter nonsense.

  • Zurg

    Anyone else think Jaco sucks a lot?

    • Jon Won

      U need someone to suck, so the rest looks better than ok.

    • Craig Steven Beverley

      Well Jaco is only as strong as a power level 1,500. which in essence only just puts him above the namekian warrior race. So he does suck in comparison to guys like Gohan and such. From what has been speculated as well. Pan is already above the power level 1500 therefore making her stronger than Jaco too 🙂

      • Madara_ Uchiha

        but the namekian warrior race is only known to consist of Piccolo and Nail as far as i know that we’ve been shown, both of which are drastically stronger than 1500

        • Craig Steven Beverley

          Actually the namekian race had their own warrior race, the ones that flew in that dedoria killed were the warrior race too. Picollo and Nail were just the best of their race.

          • Madara_ Uchiha

            true, maybe i should’ve been more specific and said half decent members of the warrior race. i really just want to see a comeback for piccolo, and gohan in all honesty…

      • Malum_the_Destroyer

        she’s basically a broly then

        • Craig Steven Beverley

          No Broly was as strong as a super saiyan, meaning his power level is higher than 10million. It took a SSJ2 Goku to defeat him

          • Malum_the_Destroyer

            i was obviously talking about baby broly lol

          • Craig Steven Beverley

            Who as a baby was power level 10,000 😛 so 6* stronger than jaco at birth lol

          • https://www.omfgdogs.com/ Bass “the ass” Remedy

            did you even watch the broly movies…? in none of the three does it require ssj2 goku to defeat him.

          • https://www.omfgdogs.com/ Bass “the ass” Remedy

            also broly was 10k as a baby, thats why king vegeta wanted him dead or whatever, not 10mil. his power as ssj or lssj is never stated

          • Craig Steven Beverley

            I stated that Broly was a baby at the power level of 10k. Also Broly’s power level was low-balled by myself. quite a lot. In Daizenshuu 7 Goku’s SSJ power level as of the Frieza saga was 150m. With this being said, the Broly movie was after the Android saga but before the cell saga. Cell was a power level of 900m in the cell games with his perfect form (none-resurrected) which was as powerful as Goku was when fighting him at his 100% power.

            So being that Goku managed to achieve a jump from 150m-900m in 2 sagas was a massive boost because of the Broly fight and the 4 years training they had. However, enough about Goku, we kow his power level as a SSJ is 150m+ from training. The fact that broly was wiping the floor with him and barely feeling his attacks must mean he is double, if not triple Goku’s SSJ 100% power. So highballing Broly would be 450m.

            Perhaps Goku wasn’t at the whole SSJ2 power scaling at the time. But the boost up from all the Z fighters gave him the necessary energy to fight Broly. Putting him into a pseudo-transformation, just like the Lord Slug arc, which gave him the boost needed to end the fight.

          • Michael Blub

            +Graig Steven Beverley.
            You’re actually wrong. Goku in his ssj form couldn’t beat Cell, that was the whole point of Goku training Gohan to fight Cell.

            Also the Broly movie is none canon, since Gohan after training was above Goku. Yet during the Broly movie, Gohan was clearly still far below Goku, making your actual scaling invalid.

  • https://instagram.com/p/BPKkpn4gWQX/ Goku4ever___

    Hey it’s me Goku!

    • ChocoBoy

      you are the worst dad

      • Danny Harrell

        that tile will forever belong to Gendo Ikari. hell, Goku’s not even in the Top 30 list of shitty parents.

      • Aaron Soldier

        Goku is the best dad. He raised two very powerful proud sons who love and respect their father and has an amazing[sometimes annoying] wife.

  • Amphibian

    goten’s voice is too adorable for me to handle

  • Shahadat Islam Shovon

    Hmmm Wish Goten and Trunks could enter the tournament.

  • Luke Daniels

    So the dub one will be up tomorrow…….Also, is Buu Saga Kai on here or do I gotta look somewhere else for that?

    • Dion

      Anime1 dot com

  • Hasan Cakir

    wtf those lags mate

    • VAZE

      No lags here

  • Mr.Unknown


  • MrSingle89

    this episode was eh, but seeing ssj saiyaman made me kind of want to see more but as gohan, I know he has a kid but c’mon seeing him breath hard and noticing he had his ultimate gohan hairstyle made me have hope for him. I hope if the tournament comes pan and videl can be his inspiration to want to train again. I mean if uni 7 loses pan and videl and everyone dies, hope thats enough to want to make gohan train. some how gohan trianing with goku can bring back times when hes trained with goku. and shame on goku for falling asleep and missing gohans fight.lmbo

  • SaiAyan

    @ 20:57 “Super Great Saiyaman Beam!”
    One of Gotens best lines!

    • jmar11

      I burst with laughter when he said that after calling him lame earlier…lol

    • ChocoBoy

      21:02 actually

  • ledgy

    Im just gonna take the time to say screw anyone that doesnt like this episode. My faith in gohan has been restored.

  • Ryan Maxwell

    fuck i hope gohan trains gokus base form would of owned that lame parasite

    • Harry Whitehead

      Too right. Gohan is pathetically weak if he can’t even get Cocoa’s arm off him. Goku would own Barry Kahn so easily, and wouldn’t even care

      • Ryan Maxwell

        yeah i know. im hoping he bloody trains, i mean the creators are focusing a lot on gohan right now and the character did say so himself he needs to train to protect his family, but also hopefully we never see the great saiya man again lol

    • Madara_ Uchiha

      i just hope they show us gohans training, or at least part of it. I think he is going to be in the universal tournament, if it is true i hope it shows him as powerful as future trunks in super saiyan rage form at the very least…

  • adsasdads

    fucking weeabs


    People talking shit about this episode and saying they can, you know what. You can fuck right outta here cause you’re ruining the gohan mood. I don’t know why people say “I wish gohan was like the cell saga gohan” and shit like that makes me facepalm as they still don’t realise by now he has a Job, a family and he only fights if he has to. true fans would appreciate a good filler once in a while man c’mon. end.

  • ATGShadow

    I didn’t like this But it was alright I hope the other one is better

  • david doty

    Dam it Pan should of been the one to beat the shit out of the alien

    • William van Helsing

      That would have been fun, but the powerscaling would have died that moment.
      Gohan needed super saiyan 1 or 2 to defeat him.
      And pan doesn’t even have a transformation yet, and still is too weak

      • Madara_ Uchiha

        but she went super saiyan a while back…

        • William van Helsing

          When did she become super saiyan, that wasn’t shown?
          Unless you mean when goku went ssg, but that wasn’t because pan was ssj herself, that was because the rest shared their power.

          • Prince Vegeta

            I think her aura was golden in the pilaf episode or something

  • anthony edwards

    Gohan post-season 6 is CRAP!

  • http://instagram.com/jonxhaferi1 JonnXhaferii

    Can someone kill Gohan already or train him FFS. he is worst than Krillin now, no he is worst than Usop if u know him

    • Pakari

      You realise Gohan has a family and a JOB, right?

      Oh noooo, we can’t have a character who has a life other than fighting, it’s a nightmare!

      Oh and “worse than Krillin” doesn’t mean much. You do realise that Krillin is THE STRONGEST EARTHLING, right? He may seem weak, but he’s far stronger than Yamcha and Tien.

      • NoName99

        He isn’t worse than Krillin , he’s stronger than picollo unless picollo got way stronger after the freeza arc, who’s usop? are you sure you are not spelling it incorrectly?

        • Matthew Baker

          Picollo has been consistently stronger than the earthlings.The last enemies the earthlings themselves fought were in the Cell saga, from the looks of it putting Picollo Tien and Krillin on pretty equal footing. That being said so much time has passed and who’s to say who trained more. I’m glad they are bringing krillin back I like to see several pivotal Z fighters instead of just 2-3

        • Pakari

          Why are you replying to ME and not the comment itself?

      • Aaron Soldier

        You can still have a family and train, cmon lets be realistic.

        • Pakari

          You left out the job part. Gohan’s too busy with both his family AND his job to have time for training.

      • http://instagram.com/jonxhaferi1 JonnXhaferii

        “Earthling” “Earthling” not Sayan

        • Pakari

          And the point of what you said is?
          Krillin is STILL one of the strongest fighters.
          To say someone is worse than Krillin would be the same as calling someone “dumber than Bulma”.

          Gohan has settled down, he has a family he cares for, so OBVIOUSLY, he’s not going to spend his every waking day training, because he’s a responsible husband and father, unlike Goku. Hell, even VEGETA decided to spend some time with Trunks now and then. You’re an idiot if you think EVERY character has to CONSTANTLY be in fighting shape. Can’t ANYONE live a SOMEWHAT normal life in a show for once? Apparently not. Apparently, you think that if someone stops training, that they should be killed off, because. according to you, you’re either a fighter or you’re useless.

      • http://instagram.com/jonxhaferi1 JonnXhaferii

        and ok, he is worse than usop than not krillin

  • Pakari


  • somerandomdudeordudette

    Nice episode

    I wonder what that creature will get up to now. You’d think jaco would be more cautious about it this time but he has made the same mistake twice but jaco is jaco after all lmao.

  • http://www.katanabattlegirls.com Luis Martínez

    This episode was surprisingly good

  • Racecar

    The fact that during the fight Gohan verbalizes that ” He’s worried about saving Barry, over defeating the Parasite wanted for destroying civilizations” isn’t enough to have you understand he wasn’t going all out ? lol not even with his finishing blow did he go all out. The parasites potential for power is at this point limitless. If it had been Goku trying to beat it, but not kill the host the fight would have been similar, and you know it, Gohan wasn’t the least bit exhausted or serious towards the end of the fight. The writers are keeping Gohan’s power lvl to themselves.

  • Alexandru Ioan Suciu

    if only all the girls/women would be like Videl…

    • Wafflepiezz


      triggered feminists would say: “if only all the men would be like Gohan”
      there are men like that; you just friendzone them

      • danexi perez

        I’ve never seen men shoot lasers out of there hands

        • shane fernandes

          I do it all the time, I just wear a lame mask so you wouldn’t know

          • _Flip_

            Is that mask a latex and is your hand a pecker?

          • shane fernandes

            huh? o-o

          • danexi perez

            oh shit

      • Aaron Soldier

        +Alexandru loan Suciu

        So you want every women to be a soft spoken pushover , who will just cook for you and have sex? Well yeah thats what every white man in the United States of America wants, never gonna happen though. I’m black so I want a REAL women, I actually prefer Videl in Z, she was much more louder and aggressive, as I like my women in REAL life: loud, bold, aggressive, etc.

        • Christopher

          Funny, that’s why so many black men try getting with white women, because black women get too much. But unless you’re rich, you end up with our scraps. Most won’t even touch you. Feels bad, man.

          • bunyonb

            The scraps nowadays are looking hotter Christopher. Thanks for the scraps fuckboy.

        • Alexandru Ioan Suciu

          you don’t get it. too bad for you..
          I’m not gonna try to explain to you what I was thinking when I said what I said.

      • Aaron Soldier


        Triggered Meninists like YOURSELF and the OP always have to insult females to make yourselves feel better and have no self esteem or respect at all, you guys are pathetic. I’m perfectly fine with how Women are. You guys are just angry because you can’t get them or you probably got played by them[definitely you can’t get them, all of you are Virgins, so you hate Women to make yourselves feel better about your own flaws]

        I see more Meninists like yourself insult Feminists, then I see Feminists on the Internet as a whole. I have NEVER seen a Female insult a man on a public site before, maybe i’m just being biased since I love Women and they love me 🙂

        F*ck you Fat White Neckbeards, go get a job and shave you hairy beats!

        • EleGiggle

          lmfao, pretty sure you’re the most triggered around here.

        • Christopher

          Just because you beat your meat every few hours, that doesn’t make you not a virgin. Stop projecting. You sound butt hurt.

        • Eric Fartman

          pretty sure he was insulting feminists, not women. If you can’t distinguish between the two, that’s your problem. I’ll give you a hint, one is a sex, the other an ideology. Now if you still have trouble differentiating between the two, there literally is no hope for you in this world…

      • FearTheSponge

        Aww, what a little beta male. Upset that girls won’t fuck you?

        Go cry elsewhere.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/jojonel89 MvPGEO

        You one of those? Stop dreaming …

      • Lee Walton

        I’ve never seen incel content on dbtime, either. Man the fuck up, Wafflepiezz!

    • Waffles_Of_Doom

      wtf? this is a full fuccboi fantasy. gohan would be a repulsive cuck in real life and videl is a myth whichever way you look at it. also that barry guy is fake. no real famous person gets played on feels like that.

    • Matas Kubilius

      if only i was gohan irl i would get some respect XD

    • Matas Kubilius

      i fucking adore gohan and now i adore gohan as great saiyaman aswell

      • Alexandru Ioan Suciu

        i used to like Gohan, but that Gohan I used to know in the cell saga even in the buu saga..but this saiyaman is lame…

    • gameformetoo

      sayian dick is needed…

    • Matthew Land

      Jesus guys, calm down

  • Me

    For all of you who hate waiting for the next Ark or Ep, watch the old Db eps
    You probably forgot them, but if you don’t have ANY interest in that. then I recommend watching abridged or something. Hopes this solves your problems.

  • brian987987

    best kinda filler

  • NewHopeNewFuture

    Will DBS are anime us make smile and have fun and laugh with remind me back to dbz
    Alot for memorises
    well for me is good anime

  • NewHopeNewFuture

    make us*

  • garfunky

    Goku is the worst dad and husband. Its cringeworthy

  • Max Kay

    Gohan go back to training ?

  • GoGohan

    Gohan Finally Fought, I hope He comes Back to training#gohantrain

  • CoJaGa

    Really Jaco? Did he not learn the first time to keep an I on Watagash after it escaped? But history repeats its self because at the end *Spoiler* it breaks free again… Jesus christ Jaco..

  • Norris Kilgore

    pan gets kidnapped…great way to start the gohan saga again

  • Michael Blub

    Nice episodes. People who hated this episodes, doesn’t know Gohan’s character. This whole filler portrayed Gohan’s character perfectly(I still don’t agree how weak Gohan has become in DBS, but we’re talking about this filler arc, not DBS as a whole). Unlike Goku and Vegeta who are selfish, Gohan fights for others.

    • Joker

      actually gohan has became stronger lol

      • Michael Blub

        That isn’t what I’m saying lol. In terms of progression, DBS Gohan has none. DBS Gohan even has trouble to go Ssj and this filler arc even proves the point. DBS Gohan only went ssj after Pan and Videl was cheering for him. Hence DBS Gohan was digressing, instead of progressing.

  • Simon

    imagine if kid buu and that creature teamed up

  • William van Helsing

    Finally, krillin will get some action

  • Grigoras Calin

    after pan was kidnapped i expected a full rage gohan like in the fight with Cell :))))

    • Lail Sidgar

      Yes, so did I, but disappointment all over the place…

      • Madara_ Uchiha

        he did say he was holding back, plus if he went full rage mode, he would’ve killed barry

    • Alexandru Ioan Suciu

      So did I,bud, so did I..

  • Octavious Terry-Conwell

    Why is everyone so dumb? 1. All shows have filler so if you don’t like filler fuck off. 2. DragonBall has always had filler, so again if you’re just now noticing, you’re slow and again, should fuck off. 3. If you are not part of the animation team for this show, or are not a writer or animator for this show or anything, and you’re complaining about the filler and animations, you should see numbers 1-2 & fuck off. 4. If you think Gohan was giving it his all during that fight and ignored I’m clearly state that he was holding back, as well as ignored the rest of dbz as a whole where Gohan have fought much tougher and larger numbers of enemies, not only are you stupid, but you should also fuck off. 5. If you think krillin(who is literally the strongest earthling, don’t believe me? Look it up. Rematch the series. It’s been said.) Is weak and are questioning why he’s in tournament/constantly saying how bad he is by comparing a human to GODS AND ALIENS…you should also fuck off. 6. If you are constantly complaining about the show but yet come back to watch every week, you are indeed the worst type of human being and should undoubtedly fuck off. 7. Lastly if you like to blame Akira Toriyama for everything you feel is wrong with the show that you didn’t create as if he is the only writer/person with an input, not only do you need deserve to have a brain(that you clearly don’t use) but you shouldn’t be watching his show and should with the utmost urgency and haste, with godspeed immaculate grace, fuck off.

  • d3rd3vil

    What a wild episode well… ^^ Next episode is also questionable but ok….Goku can now get stronger by fighting amateurs….great….

  • Ling Ho

    lol, they are trying really hard to tie the original dragonball to the super fillers. it’s like they are trying to get us to reminisce about the good old kid goku days.

  • Jens Ingels

    I think I figured out what they are going todo with Gohan. They just going to stick with that great saiyaman shit with an escaped enemy every time. I just hope they are going to explane something why he can keep his helmet on. I believe in the buu sage it wasn’t possible to wear his helmet because of his hair in super saiyen form. Some kind of explanation like I need to focus hard to prevent my hair for going up could be intressting. Great Saiyanman can never show Gohan’s true strength and I think they should highlight this more in the future.

    I also hope his mystic form can absorb external energy and further build on that with similar techniques. I would finally made the form unique and usefull and I’m pretty sure they where planning todo this long before naruto was even a thing (I believe it was hinted in the buu sage).

  • Hagen Derrote

    Dissapointed again,
    these battles would fit into the original Dragon Ball,
    but not into Super,
    how is it possible that Gohan get’s nocked out through getting punshed through one wall?

    This wouldn’t have scaled him as a kid.

    • Madara_ Uchiha

      first of all, *knocked out from*, second, it didnt bother him as a kid because he would have his defenses ready, here he was surprised and didn’t have time to raise said defenses.
      Same story with Goku getting hit by the laser.

      • Hagen Derrote

        Well sorry I am no native speaker.
        And also the problem with Super in general is
        that it doesn’t reflect the power they are supposed to have, at all.
        Watch Dragon Ball Z again,
        even before being Super Saiyans, they were blowing up entire landscapes while fighting.
        The ki blasts are just laughable and I really do not get why they are doing it like this.
        And also the introduction sais,
        that the spore increases it’s hosts power,
        but wtf, that Barry is just a human and only this spore is increasing his powerlevel
        to supersaiyan standards? What would happen if the spore infested f.e. Vegeta,
        would it turn him into a Super Saiyan Jesus of destruction?
        I know that Dragon Ball always had these issues.
        but they were never this bad!

  • Deezy Upgrayedd Phillips

    Oh shit that’s how the make SSJ4 cannon lol they watagash to golden ozaru and then controll the rage expell the watagash boom ssj4 lol

    • Madara_ Uchiha

      please no…

  • The Legendary Troll

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  • Poop Burner

    So I’m assuming Krillin dies in the next one? It’s been a while I guess.

    • JustAPotato


  • Lal Narendra

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    • Madara_ Uchiha


  • Benny Wong

    i thought that vagetta would eventually possessed by the parasite but it didn’t happened…..dissapointed.

    • Madara_ Uchiha

      if that were the case, we would all be fucked. Plus jaco said the parasite attaches itself to a heart full of darkness. Vegeta hasnt had a heart like that in years, otherwise he wouldnt be able to help Goku reach ssj god in the movie and anime, as that required a saiyan pure of heart

  • Amar JS

    am i the only one who thinks this is the worst animates series of DRAGON BALL…they look weak now as compare prior series GOKU v/s frieza gohan v/s cell was more entertaining

  • Mező Ádám

    gee,i’m so glad Videl didn’t turn out to be a drama bitch,i was really impressed and SHOCKED how mature she was even tho their relationship is soooooooooooooooo immature at times -.-

  • pasta12

    I always forget Videl can fly

  • BitLocker

    Goku: “Hey Krillin, I need some training. Wanna spar?”
    Krillin: “o-ok”
    Goku: *Turns Super Saiyan Blue and lightly punches Krillin*
    Krillin: “So, you gonna use the dragonballs or what?”

  • JUX

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  • Tom

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  • Nathan Ralevski

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    can people stop trolling please it makes this web page look not serious anymore for fans.. anyone hoping Gohan finally loses the Saiyaman outfit once and for all?

  • Prince Vegeta

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  • Alvis Lavrus

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  • aditya vikram

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  • Keimarr ?

    Episode 74 parodies GT maybe???
    Gohan always gets the screen time just like GT goku and pan does
    Barry’s pre-monster form looks like SSJ4 and Barry’s full monster form has the mentality of GT goku when he became oozaru
    And jaco and cocoa saying that gohan is mediocore might be a reference how his weak like in GT

  • dbz#forever

    is this series becoming lame with every passing episode? Was so excited with the newws of DB Super,however it doesnt even come close to matching DBZ,Buu saga or GT in action and storyline.RIP Dragon ball.

  • SuperHumanBlue

    International update: Today in japan as normal schedule we watch an episode, 82 is delayed during Nagoya marathon(femme marathon).

  • B1ack Ca1

    Eh…. this episode is lame like gohan’s outfit -_-

  • GamerMax MC5/UT

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    :3 hey guyz, I fite u allz!

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    I see lot of trolls around and douchebags, can an admin remove chat? It’s usless, some people look to chat for useful info etc but there is only bullshit.