Dragon Ball Super episode 73 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 73 : “Title”


  • Darren Chen


  • Darren Chen

    This episode doesn’t come out until Jan 7 or 8

  • anthony edwards

    Gohan as a boy was SO MUCH COOLER …

    • MOB

      Coooler is death 😀

      • Muhammad Ali Samani

        dead 😀

    • BoostedDragonDracoEvolution1

      It’s not DBZ anymore ;( so they lost focus on Gohan

  • HI

    Gohans not a a boy anymore??

    • De Staccs gaming channel

      What how explain to me how’s he not a boy

    • BoostedDragonDracoEvolution1

      It’s not DBZ anymore ;( so they lost focus on Gohan…

  • DBLeon

    BTW everyone, Their isn’t gonna be a episode this week, because of New Year. Don’t complain, The more time it takes for the new Arc to start, the better the Arc will be ^^

    • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

      I totally agree, the suspense is apart of what makes this show so great!

      • Jesse

        Some people are acting totally ridiculous. If you are a true fan you know some times an extra week is added into finishing an episode. The man was simply informing everyone that there wasn’t going to be an episode for that week NOT telling someone what they “can and cant watch bitch”

        • Ricky Bias


    • XxKingStormxX

      man da fuck r u talking about i wanna watch now

      • DBLeon

        And you will, My comment was talking about last week, It’s not vailed anymore

        • Pajama Sam

          stfu bitch u dont tell people what they can and cant watch bitch

          • whut


          • GodOfTheSpiritGun

            yo wtf?

          • DBLeon

            Did I tell you to do anything? if you want be a bitch about the fillers, I can’t stop you.

  • De Staccs gaming channel

    Hey everybody please subscribed to my YouTube channel De Staccs Gaming Channel and Thank you

  • Jimmie Rustle

    fuck. no episode today

    • Christopher B.

      Its because of New Years.

  • Ennene

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  • the darkest knight

    Don’t start my new year with no episode shit motherfucker

    • Mee Vang


    • Naruto Uzumaki

      I’ve never felt so close to someone I’ve never met before

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      I’ve never felt so close to someone I’ve never met before

    • The irish crusader pig

      no episode sheeeet

    • XxKingStormxX

      fucking hell Naruto got suspended and DBZ super got canceled Da fuck JAPAN

      • Fetty Krill the Black Gamer An

        “DBZ super” It’s just Db Super, no z at the end. It didn’t get canceled. They have an entire new ark coming up.

      • Michael Borean

        DBZ Super, what people who didn’t watch Dragonball call Dragonball super.

  • Ajinkya Mohod

    Hey i want à
    New dhamakedar épisode
    In this time Goku Will became new
    Super S

    • Ben Keacher

      a new madarchod? finish your sentences.

      • Ajinkya Mohod

        Hao madarchod

  • Alok Pandey

    What the fuck man. I waited it for a week and it……………….

  • Levi Broadfoot

    I think I know why this episode is late, maybe the people making the episode need a vacation (New Years, Christmas, etc.) or they’re stumped on what to make. ?

  • Tarikkralj1

    Talk no shit great saiyaman is here!

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/abdeabde7777 Abdou CH

    It’s for when this new arc ?

  • Singh Yenendra


  • Asphalt Afsar

    I’m disappointed , because I’m still waiting


    Shit man grow up obvouse it won’t show this weeks because of new year what happens if u have to work on new year

  • Atdier Carreras

    They’re gonna wait for the english dub to drop next week then air a new episode smh i as so looking forward to a new years episode

  • Mee Vang


  • Sus K

    Starting the new year of with a filler next week. eeehhh

  • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

    Don’t forget DBS is on toonami and airs next weekend here in he USA. But me I’ll watch it. But I like the Japanese voices better. I grown to love the original voices better.

    • fallacies

      and start back w/ episode 1 again? no thanks… too many fillers and annoying episodes to start all over again

  • Andrei

    Why I can’t watch it

  • Joel Marmar

    i don’t really care about waiting for a whole week like this episode looks kinda shit anyway tbh

    • Mr PoPo White

      Just means you gotta wait another week for a good episode…

  • Alex Nos

    ok bravi

  • lol :p

    you know holidays are holidays as people dont go to work that day

    • Gruntman

      You think they make the episode the same day they air it?

      • lol :p


  • Hollie Runnett

    Just one more day ^^



  • zappy


  • Tayfun Demirkan

    When does the subs come for ep 73??

  • Travis Sonnylal

    i can’t wait for the dubbed

  • Keimarr ?

    09:25 Oh great Just fucking great about the dodging meme

  • r

    Gohan is back but instead of making him ultimate they use him as a magic carpet FeelsBad.

    • Gohan4ever

      I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering, splendid.
      Tell me Cocoa now when did you last let your heart decide.

      I can open your eyes
      Take you wonder by wonder
      Over, sideways and under
      On a saiyan human ride

      The same old me
      Another display of PTSD
      Jaco will tell us no
      and where to go
      He thinks I’m diabolically evil

  • Jaheem prevost

    DAMN GOHAN if only girls/women like videl existed the world would be a much better place

    • WhereThereDude

      what do you mean? she is married to a fucking saiyan !

  • Godsbane777

    I really hope this is going to be the last time anyone has to endure The Great Saiyaman…

  • Freeasabird

    OMG! FILLER!! I DON’T CAARE!! XC F right off with this….. sigh X(

  • david doty

    I want pan to go super sayian as a child just to get on Vegeta’s nerves anyone feel the same here?

    • Mike Thompson

      lol that would be funny, but for the sake of the real anime i’d say no, mostly cause id call bullshit. If TFS made a parody for it though, hell yeah lmao!

      • Luxion

        …In 2096

    • Luis Larios

      yes omg that would be fucking legendary

    • Alexandre Brochet L’Heureux


    • Jesse

      Great comment!! lol It really would. This is even funnier because I’ve been watching the DBZ episodes 😀

      • Egg_Runner

        oh i just realized this was different people commenting because of the same picture for a minute i thought you were talking to yourself xD

        • Muhammad Afandi

          Hahahaha same here what I fall for

    • matt

      be even better if she went ssj blue 😛

    • Matt

      Reduced to child’s play thing again

    • Ricky Bias

      nice ha

  • Norris Kilgore

    dammit jaco. not cool

  • CelestialxInferno

    Look at all the entitled crybabies.

  • Blade Tua

    So this in the inbetween arc sayiaman arc

  • watching since 1999

    Not a big fan of these filler episodes, I miss the kickass Gohan from thee buu and cell saga. He went from a wet drip with insane hidden potential to be this mean F u up ascended super saiyan, back to a wet drip but now as a joke character.. please make something happen to make him snap a become awesome again

    • anthony edwards

      Agree but just from the Cell Saga and Freeza Saga .. Buu? Meh … He lost .. and it was kind of silly ..

    • Awe

      I don’t recognize Gohan anymore. All I see is a super saiyan court jester. At first it was funny, now it’s just ridiculos. It’s like he’s taking Mr. Satan’s place as the village laughing stock.

  • jyung_woo

    dragonball fillers are so much better than bleach fillers

    • balls benedict

      never seen it.. just googled it.. good as death note? stumbled upon it a few weeks ago

  • Danny Raules

    Seems Gohan has a side chick…..surprise Videl would be okay with this….HELL NO!

  • mystic

    See the thing is with these filler episodes is that they are fun and all to watch but when they make them a 2 part series it gets old fast. Can’t wait for the arc to start

  • Benny Wong

    wondering that ‘parasite’ would eventually turn into a tough villian?

  • Benny Wong

    hopefully we’ll see that affair between gohan & the actresss last longer

  • SilentSocialist

    Still waiting for a super villain that would make DBS serious. I mean whenever Goku would lose, there is beerus or zeno who would help him. I would like to see a villain that even zeno can’t beat. But I still love how things are going on. I know the makers think better than me. Just saying my thoughts

    • Neelabh P N Singh

      Even I would love to see that bro

  • Pakari

    Wasn’t Gohan already revealed to be the Great Saiyaman during the tournament in Z’s Buu saga?

    • AlvinoBrooka

      He did revealed himself. Though you forgot that the Z Fighters wished to Shenron that people must forget the things Buu did and that timeline itself.

      • Pakari

        Then how come people know about the Great Saiyaman in the first place? If it was just the things Buu did, Gohan’s reveal would’ve been remembered. And if they forgot the entirety of the saga, they wouldn’t know the Great Saiyaman even existed.

        • Kartik Kottilil

          Maybe it wasn’t the entirety of the saga but only from the start of the tournament which was when the z fighters were made aware of Buu’s existence. This means that everything Gohan did before the tournament is remembered

          • Pakari

            But they only learned of Buu’s existance AFTER Gohan revealed himself.

          • AlvinoBrooka

            What are you saying? LoL. The Tournament alone is a remembrance of the Evils of Babidi. (Clue: Videl and the Slaughter of Vegeta) So why would they leave it out? You can’t leave something not whole like one person could say, “I bet on Mr. Satan that tournament but I don’t know the rest of what happened.”

          • Pakari

            Again, Babidi’s actions only came to light after Gohan’s reveal. If they can’t remember Gohan, they can’t remember the entirety of the tournament. And if they can’t remember the tournament, it’ll cause confusion and suspicion.

            In short, either the people remember Gohan being the Great Saiyaman, or they don’t remember the entirety of the tournament, which would lead to people asking questions and causing panic.

          • derek bennett

            People tend to forget that gohan didnt even join the tournament, The Great Saiyaman joined the tournament but later revealed that The Great Saiyaman was also The Golden Warrior. Yea a couple people in his class noticed that gohan but i believe when the wish was made it locked mr satan as the winner of that tournament as well

          • Pakari

            Which would still lead to people being confused about the tournament, as no one would remember if happening. Gohan’s classmates recognized him and you can’t tell me there were a few who would’ve told everyone.

          • Aaron Scott Courtney

            Maybe, maybe not. Point is, Great Saiyaman was around long before Majin Buu showed up, so people would remember Great Saiyaman, even if they forgot Gohan’s reveal at the tournament. As I recall, Gohan didn’t actually give his name when he revealed he was also the Golden Warrior, and it was just a couple of his classmates who realized it was him. Even assuming they would have told everyone, remember that literally everyone on Earth, with the exception of just a handful of people, died when Kid Buu blew it up. After they were resurrected, their memories were wiped, which included the fact that they all died and the Earth was blown up. Which would also mean any events associated with that would also be wiped from their memories.

          • Pakari

            At which point, no one would remember the tournament, and you’d think at least the media would’ve had footage of the tournament, including Gohan’s reveal.

          • Aaron Scott Courtney

            Considering his connections, it’s entirely possible that Mr. Satan confiscated all the media coverage of the tournament and either hid it or had it destroyed (if only to protect his image as the strongest fighter on Earth). And let’s not forget that the wish to make everyone forget about Majin Buu didn’t happen right away when they were all brought back to life. That happened later and considering that Earth’s dragon balls had multiple wishes by then, they could have easily used the second wish to alter their memories about the tournament as well. It’s entirely speculation, mind you, but it’s not impossible for people to not remember that Gohan is Great Saiyaman.

          • Pakari

            Unless it’s actually stated that the entirety of the Buu Saga was wiped from everyone’s memories, I’m still going to point out the many plot holes here.

          • Aaron Soldier

            Please get a life.

          • Pakari

            And why would I listen to you? I have a life, I just don’t like all the vagueness in a series that I like. EXCUSE ME for wanting to know things!

        • Bara Pawaka

          Because all Dragonball series are a mess and DBS is just the worst of them all

        • Michael Borean

          Because the great saiyaman was around for a while before, and after the buu arc kicked off and ended proper. How can people not know this?

  • Mark Smith

    my initial thoughts *Spoiler warning*

    So the new ‘baby’ is here and thank god it doesn’t talk and only modifies the hosts mind not take it over completely. There’s a lot of directions they can go with this… Personally I hope it gets to Goten and it makes him get mad and confront present Trunks when they’re secluded adventuring for always bossing him around.

    Ya know, a reversal/reference to one of the best parts of the buu arc rather than copying GT further while also making Goten relevant again. Them turning SSJ and fighting would likely be assumed to be a sparring match by the rest of the z warriors since they do spar quite often at max strength.

  • somerandomdbdudeordudette

    Next thing ya know the chick named cocoa amaguri is going to blackmail gohan into kissing her lmao

    The level of loyalty videl has for gohan? that really is something there.
    Shame it is a rare treat in real life.

    • Moses Herve Johnson II


  • Mező Ádám

    WIll Gohan be scratched ? Is he going kick Jaco’s ass ? Stay tuned.

    • http://instagram.com/jonxhaferi1 JonnXhaferii

      thnx got its not DBZ cuz just that shot that Jaco took would take 78235 episodes or more.

  • Xxfrakin Gamer

    my CaC IS IN DBS?

  • Adam Mason

    The amount of still images shown whenever someone isn’t talking is surprising considering how flat everything looks. Give me the 97 Berserk “motion comic” anime anyday over this. Despite the animation, it’s nice to see Gohan and Videl actually do something.

  • Nexx

    This is legit bullshit i cant download the episode without having 10k ads pop up

    • Observantone

      Get AdBlock addon.

  • Tony Valentino

    Ok, this was a pretty good episode. I thought it was going to suck..

  • Omegus

    Garbage episode…skipped through most of it.

  • Andrew Hameed

    Fuck your bullshit gohan nobody gives a fucking shit about you god damn loser. Akira toriyama you idiot stick with goku and the Gods of destruction.

  • Tom Restaino

    How can people bitch about this episode? It was actually very good! random ass monster turning people into something else. Saiyaman, Gohan being badass, TFS getting some Krilling getting owned fuel…This was a very oldschool feeling dragonball episode to me.

  • d3rd3vil

    What a great episode 😀 Next one we continue with Gohan well I’ll be damned….

  • Jimmie Rustle

    I waited 2 weeks for this Great Sayaman shit? -_-

  • Toasty

    11:08 boi, i thought they learned their lesson about the animation

  • Luke Daniels

    Screw wanting to be Goku and co…..I wanna be Barry Khan.

  • Luke Daniels

    That one girl wants some Gohan in her.

  • Luke Daniels

    Cocoa wants some Cockoa

  • Dragonball_Huntress

    I like Gohan here! he seems like he’s actually having fun as opposed to doing something he was forced to do since he was young which was be strong. He’s always been awkward and goofy that’s the real him. the beat-em-up Gohan is badass but not truly him and he’s said that. Yes, he had potential but he didn’t want it. at all. As a fan of Gohan I’m glad he became the scholar he wanted to be and had a family.

  • Draqonelle Liz

    Why is this so adorable…. Gohan starring in a big dumb useless movie about his own life and living his stupid juvenile dream that only he cares about. That is like sort of brilliantly adorable. Badass as he is, Saiyan Man’s complete lameness is his great weakness. When he got looks brains and fighting ability, he had to give up THE ABILITY TO KNOW YOU LOOK LIKE AN ASS.

  • This is a disgrace to DBZ

    what the fuck is with this bullshit animation, and this bullshit storyline. WTF. This is TRASH

  • vssvsv

    the animation sux they had 2 damn weeks!

  • Shao

    Gohan SUCKS!!!!

  • CHAOS101

    Fucking Barry lol

  • Sammie5502

    Wow, we didn’t get any Goku. That’s actually surprising.

  • The Legendary Troll

    these filler episodes are killing me..

  • Kaizad Irani

    OMG!!!…In this way it would take february 2018 for dubbed version to get till 73rd episode!!!

  • D34THL3ZZ

    I realized something… WHERE IS GOKU?! I know, he’s training, but we usually see him at least once.

  • http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Jon_Snow Jon Sno

    My negro Nappa making a comeback by robbing the bank.

  • shashank adluri

    no blood no gore db super is becoming a childs cartoon day by day.Please be mature

  • shashank adluri

    bandai namco should make dragonball super adultish .it is no more compare to dbz.where dbz is epic

  • John Frank

    on this holiday, let love light the way

  • Fuzzycat

    Let’s just hope they bring back Gohan. These light hearted fillers are enjoyable , he is trying to be a good father, not like his own. I see why they are doing this, but we still want Gohan back.

  • Aaron Soldier

    Lol funny episode but why was that Popstar girl so excited over Mr Satan, lol what the flying f*ck did they do when they first met the previous day? Lol he gave her the D?

  • Aaron Soldier

    Lol funny episode, but that Popstar girl acted so freaking annoying.

  • bunyonb

    Videl is a keeper i swear!

  • Naoe ◘ ナエエ

    What kind of cheap outro is that..