Dragon Ball Super episode 72 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 72 : “Title”


  • Darren Chen


    • Manish Basoya

      Did u see the trailer of episode no.72??

      • Andro

        no,Beeris came to earth to save goku’s life most likely

      • Darren Chen

        Yes I did

        • Darren Chen

          The animation looks like it’s going to be bad. I hope it doesn’t look bad

  • Manish Basoya

    Do beerus hit ordered hit to kill goku?

    • Andro

      no,Beerus came to earth to save goku’s life most likely

      • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns

        Beerus is Goku’s friend??

        • Luxion

          lol no. Beerus saves no one.

    • Lucius Tarquinius Superbus

      Im pretty sure it was whis.

      • Stefan Mosneagu

        LoL Andro being so wrong beerus has nothing do to with it he doesn’t even come its just fucking whis ordering to train with hit………………Don’t speak out of ur ass when its obvious your wrong

        • Getcucked

          Ironic that you are wrong as well. And you are also an asshole. Take your own advice and don’t speak out of your ass. It’s been confirmed vados ordered the asassination. Faggot

          • Wolfnrun

            No wonder zamasu wanted to eliminate all the humans…

          • Darian Saltares

            vados dont go calling people faggot when you are the one thats wrong.Goku was the 1 that hired hit goku wanted to fight some1 varus gave him the idea

      • Luxion

        Lol nope.

  • Chris Graham

    Beerus is going to want goku for his tournament with all the universes. He’s gonna punish hit for killing his main player.

    • johan garcia


      • Γιώργος Αθανασιάδης

        i am a viewer from the future the answer is no , goku hire hit to kill him , so he can fight him at his best

        • What?

          Why would you spoil it for people who haven’t watched it? What a dick move.

          • Luxion

            If people look to the comments before watching the episode, they deserve to be spoiled.

          • What?

            Meh, fair point, but I still don’t see the point really.

          • Zardock

            You shouldn’t read the comments if you don’t want spoilers. The comments are for discussing the video, there’s not much you can discuss without spoiling.

  • Asphalt Afsar

    I think “New Enemy” will be introduce.The “God of destruction” of Any other Universe

  • The life of Tj

    Beerus is going to kill hit end of discussion

  • Fantin Dominic

    or maybe he can use wiz to get him back

  • Avtar

    whiz might be involved in this assassination mission or may be vados

    • Luxion


      • Kip

        Yes they both are because they’re the ones that got the message to Hit.

        • Luxion

          Goku’s the one who staged it. Whis was only a messenger.

  • ethan yeh

    Lets Get this straight Vados Ordered Hit To kill Goku and since Beerus favors goku as he is in the universal tournament Beerus gets angry and avenges Goku and possibly Kills Hit

    • Luxion

      Nope sorry

  • Jerry Dacosta

    well i think whiz will use his time technic back to past since Goku still alive and warn him to Hit plan

  • the smart one

    Beeruses apprentice set hit in goku for training

    • Luxion

      You mean “Beerus’s” right? Beerus doesn’t have an apprentice.

  • the smart one


  • Jesse Hernandez-Lora

    I think Whiz, possibly even Beerus, purposely hired HIT to kill Goku to figure out how much stronger Hit has gotten or what techniques he may have to prepare for the tournament. Whiz goes back in time and tells Goku; therefore, Goku lives.

    • gabe

      Well i think whis purposely organized it to get rid of goku so he can focus on vegeta. In a past episode vegeta begged to be trained by the whis under one condition (set by whis) which is to be a god of destruction. I think whis is planning on replacing beerus and got rid of goku as part of the process

      • yup man

        They wouldn’t get rid of Goku before the omniverse survival tournament as he’s the strongest in universe 7, likely to be preparation for the tournament as said before

        • jre

          Vegeta is stronger than Goku

          • Unique GAMERS

            No he’s not. EVEN vegeta admitted it in dragon ball z

          • Super Senpai ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

            dumb ass he surpassed him in the last ark and were not in dragon ball z anymore its dragon ball super get with the series

          • Aaryan Budhiraja

            Vegeta is not stronger. If i am right, goku used kioken only for a kick. He could have fought black in a much better way of he had used kioken * 10

          • Elliott Mehrenberg

            however if you remember king kai also said if goku used kioken 10 while using super saiyan blue again he would die.

          • Aaryan Budhiraja

            Vegeta fights to prove himself, whereas goku fights for the love of it. That is why i think goku is stronger. Yes your are right he would die but he managed it do for quite some time.

          • DankMasterO.G

            Funny how goku needed people to boot his up to that level while vegeta trained and got to SSG. That shows theres noting the Prince cant achieve he just had too much pride and takes the long way. I think he is stronger than goku when it come down to being able to finish the oppnt, and also just over all. Goku is just the main character but he doesnt work the hardest, and thats what makes Vegeta better. He trains to keep up, Goku gets random boost and energy from people.

            P.s Vegeta Isnt my fave over goku, But he deserves credit where its due.

          • Aaryan Budhiraja

            I totally agree that vegeta deserves credit, but if we talk about overall combat, even though vegeta claims to be a strategist, goku is the one who figures out hit’s attacks which was quite brilliant. And btw, goku needed that boost for ssg just at that time, after the bond was broken, it was again alone goku who managed to ssg with training just like vegeta,
            P.s Goku isnt my favourite char either. It’s Future trunks.

          • DankMasterO.G

            He actually took their power and made it his own, they say it after he first loses the transformation. Vegeta actually trained to achieve that level.

          • Aaryan Budhiraja

            Agreed with the last part

          • Dom Lyons

            What’s the last ark?

          • taha

            Goku is far stronger then vegeta as vegata is still trying to get stronger then goku to beat him he has mentioned this many times he just trains himself to beat goku if he is stronger then goku for nw then he would be the 1st person to come and fight with him

    • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

      Why would they? They need him otherwise the universe could be destroyed once Zeno finds out

    • Raiyyan Shaikh

      WHis cant go back more than 3 mintues and he’s a God , God’s dont travel in time its forbidden for them to travel across time .. so thats all just imagination and not how it actually happened .. goku convinced all of them to hire Hit to assassinate himself by Hit .. thats all folks … AMAZING EPISODE !!!

      • Jesse Hernandez-Lora

        Yup! Just caught up with the latest episode. And I was partly right in that Goku wanted to see what he was up against.

  • Aaryan Budhiraja

    I think it is whiz , a part of goku’s training i think.

    • Oliver Larsson

      nope. either vados or champa to kill goku cuz he was the strongest in the tournament

      • Aaryan Budhiraja

        then why did whiz grin when vegeta asked whiz about goku’s training. And anyways vados must have figured out that hit is stronger than goku. Well, we will see in a few hours!

        • Luxion

          lol Lux here from the future… you’re both wrong.

    • Luxion


  • Oliver Larsson

    beerus kills hit 100%

    • Γιώργος Αθανασιάδης

      Viewer from the future here . beerus kills hit 0% XD

  • Darren Chen

    If you are reading this, I wish you guys a happy holiday.

    • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns

      I’m reading

    • DANIEL

      YOU 2

    • Drejay

      I can’t read.

      • Darren Chen

        If you can’t read how are you reading what you are typing.

        • siva sankar

          psst.. that’s the secret..

          • ben

            can i know the secret to reading

          • baig

            i will teach you

          • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

            Lmbo nice

          • GamerSe7en

            Teach me…

    • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

      Thank you, same to you.

  • Manny_50

    Cant wait. 22 more minutes!!

  • Enix

    where the fuck are the subs

  • Ask the Toe Nails

    What’s up with the quality of the animation? My little brother could draw this better.

    • bobby9911

      make him draw the fucking episode then you whiny jackass

      • Ask the Toe Nails

        Lmaoooo sounds like somebody got a lump of coal and toe nail clippings in their stocking this Christmas. Lol better luck next year.

  • calvin

    wtf? why can’t I watch 72?

  • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

    1080p Uploaded

  • Dijwnqiudjkwqndw

    So hit has the same technique as Madara… wow, so original

    • ImHonor

      You mean Obito?

    • NinetailsGetsugatensho

      A super+++++++++++++++++ upgraded version of kamui in addition to the ability to skip time and the strength, speed, and skill to go toe to toe with a god like Goku.

      • Trill

        The other part where hit was able to throw that “one-punch” move in the other real would be possible for Obito if he had the eye he gave Kakashi.

    • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

      An attack that can put the Uchiha to shame

    • Luxion

      Well since Hit’s technique involves time manipulation and Madara’s (It’s really Kakashi and Obito’s tbh) Jutsu involves chakra, and a whole other pre-made dimension…

      You’re not even close. Hit’s version was way better explained anyway.

      • Trill

        No, it was explained the exact same way if not better in Naruto. Obito/Tobi’s body is in another dimension and materialize whenever he has the need to physically touch them.
        The other part where hit was able to throw that “one-punch” move in the other real would be possible for Obito if he had the eye he gave Kakashi.

  • Andy Rodriguez

    Hit reminds me off King Crimso’s stand ability

  • your nigga


  • CatcherOfTheL

    this boy hit has the kamui lmao

    • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

      Shoot his attack is way older than the Kamui

      • The Reverse-Flash

        Uhhh… no, it is not.

        • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

          Um they are? Not by the date of each anime’s creation but by the anatomy of the character, Hit is thousands of years old yet still in his prime.

  • david doty

    Gokus the only person who would hire someone to kill himself

    • Mofiz

      Next to everyone that is suicidal

    • Super Senpai ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

      Doesn’t everyone secretly want hit San to kill u on they inside

    • Awe

      I thought as much. But it was a good and thought-out plot twist on Goku’s part. Goku has so many foes all over the Universe, no one would’ve guessed he would hire Hit himself (indirectly).

      He comes across as a dumb individual, but Goku’s actually very smart.

  • NplusOrc

    soo KEWL!!!!! cant wait for DBS Ep.73 and The FIGHT!!! So EXCITED!!! :3

  • Marc van der Meijden

    am starting to like vados more and more,vegeta and goku used to be my favorate charcs but atm am leaning more and more to vados she is cool relaxed and oke with doing allot of things without anny prediges or judgement,these are nice charcteristics ^^

  • Dude

    Stupid episode! Why didn’t Goku just die. I am tired of him beating all the bad guys. I was hoping that the other characters would become stronger once Goku was gone.

    • TheOneAboveAll

      Wtf are you talkin about? That was such an awesome episode. The DB verse revolves around Goku. No Goku= No DB. I loved every second of this episode and enjoy every second of seeing Goku on the screen.

  • Ajinkya Mohod

    I think beerus use his time technic
    because he want à strong player for tournament of Battle of Universe

  • GamerSe7en

    Good episode and merry Christmas DB viewer’s!

  • Yo Gotti

    masanko ha

  • Bruhwtfsogood

    This episode really focused on just how much of a genius Goku is, the amount of skill shown in that fight was just insane.





  • Yo Gotti

    it’s about time for a new opening song

  • LLamaPie

    Looks like they broke the 1st graders out for the animation again… God damn it.

    • yuval

      why? what’s wrong with it? are you talking about those scenes where the characters are a bit far away and their faces lack details? like at 8:43 , 17:15 and 19:30?

      • Neihana Tinkler

        you have issues if you notice that sort or stuff holy shit ???
        even the times??

        • LLamaPie

          Come on man. It’s unacceptable. I get they’re trying to pump out an episode a week but FFS this is dragonball it deserves better than this bull shit excuse of animation quality.

      • snitchgrave

        10:47 no face on goku very low detail

      • jc

        dead ass tho this character look like a five year old kid made them lol

    • Christopher

      It’s not the animation, the animation is fine. It’s the drawing. The drawing has always beens lacklustre imo, but I still enjoy it.

  • Catalin Simion

    Fuck next episode..

    • Ronn Neil Tambolero

      Next episode 10 days more to go. Happy New Year

    • Mr.Satan>GokuSsjBlueKaoKenX20

      It’s nothing to be excited about. It’s more filler until the tournament. Gohan gets the role of stunt man on the “great saya man movie” So it’s gonna be like the baseball episode. The only thing to be excited about is we’re that it’s one less episode to the next arch.


    I think by far the worst animations in all DBS

    • Luxion

      Episode 5… Just… Episode 5.

  • Merven Marata

    the F, Hit has the same power as Uchiha Obito hehehe

  • Igor Vasin
    • Luxion

      And in 2 weeks…

  • darkracer

    i think the animators are on a christmas holliday and they hired interns to do the animation and the story while they are gone wtf is this crap

  • The_Beast1122

    awesome episode but i think it well be better if goku transformed into super saiyan blue kiao-ken

  • Super Senpai ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

    The half assed animating at 7:12 though he went super saiyan blue 3 in 2 frames

  • Super Senpai ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

    1 frame actually

  • JUX

    Loved this episode .. perfect way to start xmas

  • Willem Jansen

    bullshit, how is goku able to revive himself with a ki blast? And the change of pulling of that blast when basically already dead is like 0,1% if not less… Sometimes i really can`t stand the lack of effort put into this show

    • Luxion

      Because he wasn’t really dead, but he was very close. Remember how much a little ki did for Freeza when he was split in half?

    • JeiceBurter

      I feel like they put a lot of effort into making unique ideas, but their execution of them does seem half assed-

      +Trunks killing Zamasu with Spirit Sword is fine
      -Trunks being able to fight Zamasu 1 on 1 after SSBlue Goku and Vegeta are getting wrecked is not fine. And when he killed Zamasu it didn’t seem like he even put that much effort into it, he was just killed too easily (even though he revived later)

      +Goku reviving himself with a new move is fine
      -But If Goku is able to do this so easily, why hasn’t it been shown before, and he is never shown actually sending off the energy that later on revives him

      +Black Goku reaching SSRose is fine
      -Black Goku reaching SSRose owning SSBlue Goku/Vegeta and then 2 episodes later SSBlue/Vegeta is stronger is not fine.

      The main issue with this stuff is there’s no training or explanation for new powerups or new moves. And the power levels make no sense a majority of the time.
      When any Character A is effortlessly defeating Character B, and then one episode later Character B is now effortlessly beating Character A, then power starts to lose its meaning and makes it seem like the writers don’t care at all about consistency.

      • SCUD

        I think we are dealing with different kind of energies/powers here and that’s why there’s no such thing as X is more powerful than Y. I guess Trunks has some kind of spirit/rage power which can be ultra powerful when he concentates well, and maybe the blue ki for Goku and Vegeta is just the energy of the gods which is able to harm gods but doesn’t guarantee more power or faster movement etc. instantly to it’s owner.

  • theRapper

    I love the dragonball series. Gives me ideas for what to do in my astral projections/lucid dreams 🙂

  • Mogli

    i want broly in this, it would be so coooool

    • Luxion

      Considering Vegito made a reappearance… Yeah he’s comin’ back.

      • Zardock

        Pikkon too. He was almost on par with SS3 in base form/no transformation so he could potentially achieve a ‘god form’

        • Luxion

          lol wut? I seem to remember him getting trashed by SSJ2 Goku in the Otherworld tournament.

      • Zardock

        I wish Buu/or even Uub would come back. It’s just weird to have something so powerful sitting back and not fighting.

        Much like Gotenks who wanted to fight so badly in the Buu saga now they seem to have zero interest in training or fighting at all aside from their brief appearance in magic water.

    • JeiceBurter

      I want Frieza to come back as a reoccurring villain. If he can train to become god form in just a few months, then he can easily train a little more to become a threat again. His tons of followers could easily gather dragon balls again.

  • Godmax

    What a beautiful interesting episode 🙂 But it didnt end what a damn shame. Well the tournament cant come soon enough and the next episode will be SUPER EXTREMELY HORRIBLY BAD!!!

  • Ma

    A good episode but wtf come on with the shity animation it’s like they have some good animation episodes then they go back to shit

    • A Person With a Name

      Still better than Episode 5 or most of the Resurrection F arc, so quit whining.

      • Zardock

        I personally don’t mind if the animation is a bit poor quality sometimes, but almost every episode is better than the Episode 5/Resurrection F episodes so that’s not saying much.

        But I didn’t find this episode’s animation to be poor. Some of the last 3-4 episodes were really bad though, like I said I don’t mind as long as the writing has improved (which it has) because it was really really bad in the first few arcs, and the end of the black goku arc.

  • A Person With a Name

    14:45 Aaaaand Leak Spin GIF.

  • NaMe

    This ep made me very happy today I loved how it ended! Also
    Goku wtf you would hire someone to kill you oi

  • http://Pornhub.com Eren Jaeger

    Merry Christmas guys! Hope you enjoy/enjoyed this episode.

  • GolGo 13

    don’t like this episode.

  • GregD474

    This series is for retards, but i still like because of nostalgia.

  • Gaby Geo

    so we’re back to shitty animation

    • Darian Saltares

      yea you

      • Tron

        hope u get banned

  • Invisio

    Next Episode – Fillers , Fillers Everywhere

  • Mrpuppy2003

    I love how Goku hired an assassin to kill himself

  • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi

    At the ending shot : Hit and Goku wanna be Sasuke and Nartuo so bad

  • SJtheGod

    Goku hired hit on himself

  • Amit Garg

    Next episode is super shit!

    • Darian Saltares

      yea like you right?

  • Akaalis

    Hit is like the equivalent of a Dark Templar within the DB Universe.

  • SeikyoJack

    So, it’s basically going to be an arc about Goku and Hit having a few pointless battles with few twists before Hit is defeated, much like the Future Trunks arc. They missed an opportunity to have Hit hired by some mysterious person from Champa’s universe and that could have lead to a new villain with some personal vendetta with Goku or Beerus, maybe a team captain from one of the teams for Zeno-sama’s tournament, who didn’t want to have someone as strong as Goku to mess with his chances of winning the tournament. Oh well.

  • James Deveaux

    Next episode has already been done in DBZ. Seriously, guys? Why don’t you writers think of something more clever?

  • RiBeasT

    Thanks Vados For Teaching Goku Hit’s Techniques Now On The Universal Tournament Goku’s Got it 😉

  • Zardock

    I was kind of hoping Goku would actually die, so he could train in the otherworld and maybe reach SSRose or something, while Whis focuses on Vegeta

    • Kleice

      Whis’ training is probably better than anything he could find in the Otherworld, but in DBZ it seems that their bodies can withstand more. Such as when Goku was able to reach SS3 in Otherworld, and perhaps Kaioken x 10 SSBlue would be more durable in Otherworld.

  • JustSomeRandomFan

    this is yami and rito all over again

  • Luke Daniels

    Hit and Goku need to get a room already.

  • Kurt Lane

    They are doing a great job with the series im very pleased with it.

  • Gerardo

    Is there anyway that I could enjoy this with my iPhone? Apparently I tried to watch the first episode, yet the video presented an image asking me to put away my adblocker. However, needless of reminding; I’m in a cellphone and I’m not quite sure if you can actually disable that.

  • ssjcrack

    this fight was lazy, the first one was far better

  • Rouge Krama Macaluso

    Why was episode 73 not out today?

    • Rock Your World

      “…Dragon ball super Episode 73 will be delayed on this weekend and resume on 8 January, this because of new year eve and new year.” -Uri

      • Darian Saltares

        who the hell are you do you thinnk your a mod or something?

        • Rock Your World

          Are you okay, son?

        • Tron

          stfu kiddo

      • Rouge Krama Macaluso

        Oh okay. Like on Christmas weekend

  • Sailesh Caullychurn

    seen this last week, what is this nonsense? 73 should be live now

    • Rock Your World

      “Hellodear users/new users, welcome too our site, as scheduled Dragon ball super Episode 73 will be delayed on this weekend and resume on 8 January, this because of new year eve and new year.” -Uri

  • Christian Paley
    • StyleDogNator

      Boohoo, shut up and just enjoy the fact that they are creating new episodes.

  • Happy


  • Mak Pop

    hit has the sharingan, he let objects pass through him

  • Johny1143
    • Johny1143

      XD Vegeta acting too cocky

  • Moe

    Who would have thought Goku was that smart. Gohan is such a looser.

    • Rock Your World

      It’s sad, really.

  • thewteahs


  • ….you have to be kidding me

    what the fuck is this bullshit storyline with this bullshit animation

  • Madara_ Uchiha

    vegeta’s fucked…

  • Naoe ◘ ナエエ

    Oooh, that eye animation in motion and the movements are copied straight from the KnB series, interesting.