Dragon Ball Super episode 71 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 71 : “Title”


  • Darren Chen


  • jancok

    Goku will not die. he’ll be using 100x kaioken on hit

    • dfsafds

      is that true??

      • Dhanush S Danny

        He will die

        • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns

          Oops! No.

          • Dhanush S Danny

            He won’t die I think so whis will reverse time and they will fight and at the end beerus will kill hit

          • Dhanush S Danny

            But if Goku dies there will be a suspense in the story, I think so

          • Illdiaze

            Beerus won’t kill Hit, who do you think hired Hit in the first place.

          • SPOILER –>

            There was a spoiler released where future king-of-all hired Hit to kill Goku because king-of-all was jealous of him and Goku were. Apparently, king-of-all told Vados to hire hit since they’re in the same universe.

            That’s all the information about it right now

          • SPOILER –>

            the future king-of-all was jealous of the past king-of-all and Goku and how they were close before.****

          • Randy Bailey

            Lol hed just fight the past king of all he wouldn’t kill the person he was jealous for XD

          • Ankur Barmera

            no its totally a ridiculous logic…both the king of all liked goku…

          • Dhanush S Danny


          • Infraboy

            I think whis hired hit for training goku

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            not Beerus

          • Parth Arora

            Whis can only reverse time for 10 sec or so this will not happening !

          • Chanses Armstrong

            Pretty sure he can reverse time 3minutes actually

          • Majin Squall

            mmm …when frieza destroyed earth and whis reversed it, it seemed like a lot more than 10 secs…

      • Ankur Barmera

        what about champa hiring hit for killing goku to get the advantage in multiverse tournameng

  • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns

    There comes Arale, then comes baseball, and then comes Goku Death.

    • Darren Chen


      • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns

        Yes! Gohan will be greater! Gohan will be the prince sayajin! Y34uH! OUH! YEAUHuh

  • vegeta or bejita

    porunga can revive anyone infinity times so goku can be saved from assassination or they are just increasing suspense for ratings as goku could survive anyways he was alive 10 years after kid buu’s death in dbz then why not in 2-4 years

  • breon

    say I if you think hit will kill goku

  • breon

    I think goku will saffurice him self to kill hit I think goku. will do kaio-ken times 100 and kill hit but the cause of doing kaio-ken times 100. is the users life so my perdicen is that goku and vegeta will die. but what do you guys think is going to happen?

  • breon

    the count down is leaveing me in suppense because there still is five hours left ughhhh…………………………………………………………………………………………………

  • Kevin

    He will kill goku surely

  • bashir

    no he will not die goku will use an ultimate attack on hit then hit will kill him then the ultimate attack will return to goku then he will be alive again

  • DrKilljoy91


  • bla

    what genre off music is this

  • H A Gamer

    1 hour!!!!!!

  • Matthew Carrasco

    I hope it’s half as good as last episode.

  • Beatthatuglypickhair

    Watch it be another one of those stupid fillers like naruto.

  • TriSunLP

    Will this Arc get a new opening?

  • gokusan

    yeah hes dead its on the comic

  • Phill


  • Teen gohan ssj god

    He won’t die

  • Teen gohan ssj god

    And if he does then Gohan will KILL hit

  • TriSunLP

    this would be so epic!!

  • 19dronin

    5 mins!!!!

  • gokusan

    gokuuu why no stay alive!! :'(

  • TriSunLP

    lets go!

  • Yumach

    rock n roll guys, 71 is startin in less then 2 mins <3…enjoy everyone!

  • TriSunLP

    Mario! 😀

  • Rouge Krama Macaluso

    What is with the quality of the episode

  • Yumach

    gotta love the commercials >.>


  • Musa

    where is the english sub??

    • Yumach

      couldnt even see the episode btw.. :<

    • William van Helsing

      30 more minutes till now

  • Jim Jones

    When Goku is revived, he should receive training from Whis… Whis can reverse time… a technique Goku doesn’t know… could give him the edge in the future…

  • Mr.Amxzze

    FUCKING STOP USING POPUP ADs. For fucks sake man. You will loose views. Please STOP

    • CiscotheSoto

      I second that.

    • Xeph

      Yeah. No one would consider using Adblock on this page if the ads weren’t pop ups.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyU02xpw0cuLDE6Pl602FSA Dio Brando

      no ads,then no money for the uploader

    • Majin Squall

      yeah i co sign this! just put all this together for free or else we’ll have to start paying you instead!! …. hahaha

  • CiscotheSoto

    Finally, Goten learned that The great Saiyaman costume is not only lame, but it’s also freaking gay as crap. I’ve hated it from the moment I saw it, and I wish that Bulma never designed it. If I could, I would pry it from Gohan’s hands, light it with gasoline, and burn it in a bonfire, so it would never be used again.

  • Mr.PoPo
  • CiscotheSoto

    I can’t believe Gohan thought being in the Great Saiyaman disguise would be more conspicuous. Not only that, but the fact nobody stopped Gohan to praise him proves nobody gives two craps about the Great Saiyaman anymore. How sad…

  • CiscotheSoto

    Hit is now a god. He can stop time to his whim, evade everyone, and thanks to fighting Goku, he is practically unstoppable.

    • Afiq Angel

      1. Hit is not a god
      2. He can’t stop time
      3. He’s time lapse power increase to unknown level
      4. He possibly can invert into his own time world

      • Asfand Khan

        Yeah thats what i was thinking… hit can probably go into his own time world, like Tobi/Obito from Naruto…

  • SK007

    Go to Hell Hit F**k you hit

  • SK007

    Oh Beerus comes to kill hit in last preview of 72 hahaha go to hell hit ( beerus such a good god)

    • Vikas Singh

      I think that that was not beerus sama see his face again in preview of episode 72

      • SK007

        that was just bad animation it’s beerus ( if you see goku and hit both have bad animation drawing in preview)

  • mig

    well…. that was fast.

  • justinchao

    That was so awesome! I love this anime! Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  • Kaotomut

    It’s easy to get to understand. This is just a new hardest training ever. The man who hires Hitto is no one but Lord Bills. As he and Whis want Goku to become more stronger.

  • Ryan Maxwell

    um that was kinda lame really, why didnt they make gohans energy explode when he found goku like that, that would of be awesome to see his young teen self just explode like it did vs sell in the sell games. they never fail to disapoint in super atm.

    • kbtedsy123

      pre sure Gohan is the one fighting in the next ep

    • Awe

      Gohan ashames the whole Saiyan race. He’s nothing compared to what he once was when he was a teenager.

      • pasta12

        Idk about ashaming the whole Saiyan race. Seems pretty clear that we’re heading toward Gohan being the final entrant into the tournament and him ending up winning it for their universe.

        • Awe

          Is this info based on real spoilers or just speculation? Gohan, as a Saiyan, should never stop training. I understand he wants to have a normal life like any other normal human being, but he doesn’t happen to be an ordinary human being; he’s somewhat of a half-breed. If he wants to safeguard his family and friends every time a threat is heading towards planet earth, he should always be at his best. He couldn’t even save Piccolo from Frieza due to his lack of training. Did he morph into super saiyan 2? He was easily caught off guard. All he does now is get his ass saved by someone else. Something I consider shameful for a supposed ”Super Saiyan”.

          • pasta12

            Speculation, but I’m not wrong. Also, he’s been training with Piccolo. And I agree with you that he never should stop training. He’d be a badass. That doesn’t mean he won’t be one again. I’m calling it now, this is his story arc. If he ends up entering the tournament you’ll know I’m right.

          • pasta12

            I shouldn’t have said “I’m not wrong”. I could be wrong. But hey I was right about Zamasu not being invincible anymore after merging with Black, so I’m hoping to go 2 for 2 🙂

          • Awe

            Gohan used to be my favorite character before he met Videl. After he got married and started to build a family with her, his character was depowered, turned into just another family man, unlike Goku. His father married Chi-chic, though he never abandoned his training.

            Have you seen the spoilers below? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e72205085d7cf840c69787ffe44a5464a50f3b007215c5a5a1dc186167649a20.jpg

          • pasta12

            I didn’t see that, no, but in the preview we can see Goku survived or was in another dimension with Hit somehow. At least fighting Hit. As far as I can see Whis is Hit’s true client.

          • Genos

            doubt Hit could assassinate Beerus, let alone Whis.. cmon son put the bottle down.

          • pasta12

            Interesting that he survived from a shock from a ki blast. I was wondering how he was fighting in the next episode and seemingly alive.

          • Genos

            so champa wants goku out of the way for the tournament.

          • Awe

            I highly doubt he’ll succeed. Most of his plans never seem to pan out.

          • Dragon testicle

            I speculate Whis for hiring vados for hiring hit so guko is forced to be stronger

        • Vlad

          that would suck…

      • Itachi Uchiha

        he doesn’t shame the whole race. Gohan is half human after all. he wants to be more laid back as a family man

        • nameless

          gohan is the smartest saiyan

      • Itachi Uchiha

        nice pic btw

        • Awe

          Ty, so is yours!

          • Itachi Uchiha


    • Samuel David Coley

      Well when you live in a world where death doesn’t really matter it’s kinda hard to get angry over someone dying lol. Maybe he looks at death like a vacation.

    • shah zeb

      Why would Gohan’s energy explode when there was no one to fight

    • Rocky Balbwa

      he should train to be stronger, talent alone isn’t enough
      that’s the point DB is always making

    • GamerMax MC5/UT

      cell not sell

  • xVapeGod

    Damn hit cooked that nigga

  • Jek Isdoingit

    I think Champa-sama Who give tasked on hit so that they can easily Win in upcoming Tournament by zeno

  • CyberCo Neko

    It’s a cursed episode

  • Robert Meredith

    wait if hes dead then how was he fighting hit in the preview there wasn’t a halo over his head so not dead?

    • kbtedsy123

      Thats gohan

      • Stefan Mosneagu

        LoL that’s not gohan that’s goku he has super sayian blue all the day

  • MisMagJr

    Hope he dies… Missed Gohan so much

  • Dhanraj

    How vegeta reach the beerus’s place ?

    • manman221

      Whis brings them to training like he said that Goku skipped training.


    This episode was just his death? are u f***ing kidding me?

  • Yo Gotti

    I want Piccolo to sit on my face and take a shit in my mouth :O

  • Ravi Rathore

    Now who would put a Hit on Goku???? 😛

  • Yo Gotti

    I’m so happy!!! Goku is finally dead!! My dad’s gonna be so proud of me!

  • Yo Gotti

    just remember to ask,,.
    “young savage why you trappin’ so hard?”

  • Leonheart

    beerus and whis hired hit to kill goku. you see? this is the secret training. when goku fighting for his life he will get stronger.

    • Xyronch Nervania

      Oh.. yes. I agree.. The technique Beerus did’nt even got.. beerus is strong but can’t dodge like whis.. that’s the one of the technique goku will also learn.

    • Rushda azeem

      Leonheart no…beerus didn’t hired hit only whis did thats why when beerus asked whis where was goku he didn’t say anything and vegeta also felt that he was hiding something..so its whis who told hit to kill goku for his training

      • VoidLust

        Actually Whis talks to Vados,Vados then hires hit and boom your theories are correct Whis secretly asked Vados to ask Hit to try and kill Goku

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg2Z_K6Vetr_ylsyb8rXU-g De Vuu

          Guys ! i know what it is , actually Whis hired Hit for Goku Special training .. like Vegeta said to whis “so he`s undergoing special training after all” .. from there i know that is Whis who hired Hit to kill Goku for Goku Special training ! From that training Goku will become more stronger ..

          • Awe

            I seriously don’t understand why Beerus or Whis want Goku to get stronger than them, which is exactly what they’re aiming for. I know they want Goku to win the multi-universe tournament, but it’s clearly obvious he’ll surpass both of them given Beerus already struggles when he’s fighting Goku. Perhaps, Beerus wants Goku to replace him in the future.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg2Z_K6Vetr_ylsyb8rXU-g De Vuu

            yeah perhaps

          • QUEEN

            The Gods VS The Evil Gods

          • Awe

            What do you mean, Kween?

          • QUEEN

            It may come down later in the series where all the good gods including beerus and champa may do battle with the evil gods

          • Awe

            It sounds like a good storyline coming up… but aren’t Beerus and Champa evil by nature? I mean, they destroy planets for fun/a living, which I regard as evil in my book.
            If there are gods as wicked as them, now that should be interesting.

          • QUEEN

            Someone has done a storyline like this but i read back of this. Beerus and Chmapa are gods of destruction and u would think they are evil e but that is their job not who they are

          • Willian

            Goku could only go SSJ3 because he was dead. Being dead allows him to push himself much further. Also the Gods allow Goku to keep his body, Vegeta however cannot do the same as Vegeta may not keep his body. With Goku dead he may actually learn how to counter Hit’s attacks and push his SSGSSJSS even further.

    • Christopher

      Vados hired him.

    • RiBeasT

      No Beerus Would Not Agree Cuz The Tournament is coming soon and that training has Risks what if he can’t Revive goku cuz He’s a god now? Like He’s Base Form is now the God Saiyan It Has The power of god saiyan and how are you so sure about whis and beerus hiring Hit -_- stupood

  • Marco Saulnier

    Hit can travel between universes now?
    next episode looks like it will have the shitty animations again….. arg

    • jcpb11

      yeah the preview was really shitty animated

      • Majin Squall

        *the series

    • Catalin Simion

      Vados give him the cuube

  • jcpb11



  • Catalin Simion

    Epic! Goku was intelligent with that blast 🙂

    • Whop

      Intelligent? why? He wanted to hit Hit with it but since he was falling to the floor he just threw it into the air instead of making himself explode.

      • Enix

        Trust him, it was intelligent.

      • Catalin Simion

        See why in this episode then..

    • Majin Squall

      yeah i was wondering why he decided to aim straight up, initially i thought it was because he didnt want to risk an uncontrolled blast hitting a city.. for once DBS did something cool

  • Zaeem Zulfiqar

    Goku can’t die

  • Stefan Mosneagu

    xD if u watched the preview u could see beerus and rember the hit blast that got up and not straight for him ? it was a signal for beerus to come and help 😀

    • William van Helsing

      i think that is more like a powerful blast enough, to hit goku to get his heart beating again

  • Izumi

    I like how Goten say that outfit look lame ! It seems Goten grown up !

    • Blue

      Can we talk about how traumatizing this must be for Goten, I mean, he actually is SEEING Goku’s corpse! Gohan never had to see that, cause he was unconscious when Raditz killed him as a kid and wasn’t able to see him blow up with Cell. Goten is the only one of Goku’s family who has ever seen Goku’s dead body. 0-0

      • Rakcoon

        Big fkn deal m8.

      • danexi perez

        But he has seen krillin explode, piccolo sacrifice himself for him, android 16 die and has seen people get hurt and killed by vegeta and cell. I think Gohan has seen enough, wouldn’t bother him if he hadn’t seen Goku’s death.

        • Madara_ Uchiha

          Goten, not Gohan…

          • Jay Bomb

            Gohan, not Goten. Goten wasn’t around in the cell/buu sagas. You should read the comments lol

          • danexi perez

            Did I ask slave????

    • Awe

      Lol I would bury my head in the sand if I was forced to put on that outfit. They’ve destroyed Gohan’s character, he’s just a poor excuse of a housekeeper now.

  • Logo

    next episode berus will kill hit 🙂

  • Izumi

    Beerus step in ? WOW cant wait for next week 1


    Thus is the lame shit they got going/ Kill the bread winner of the series. You fucking idiots you lost what fan base you had LOSERS

    • Majin Squall

      you mad, bro?

      • QUEEN

        1 You not my bro. 2.Mad at what i just stated facts.If you a true dbz fan you would understand but since u replied this dumb shit you aint a fan.You watch cause you bois watch or got into it cause of it.STFU

        • Majin Squall

          nah DBZ sucks.. < DBGT

          • QUEEN

            GT was cool but they killed off Goku and that went south

  • disqus_6WmA3h6mlF

    I think even hit killed Goku but Whis can rewind the time and make goku alive again

  • Taha Ahmed Khan

    is it just me or the SSJ blue transformation seemed a bit different in the opening ??? :/

  • Blue

    Can we talk about how traumatizing this must be for Goten, I mean, he actually is SEEING Goku’s corpse! Gohan never had to see that, cause he was unconscious when Raditz killed him as a kid and wasn’t able to see him blow up with Cell. Goten is the only one of Goku’s family who has ever seen Goku’s dead body. 0_0

  • My Name is Name

    My heart

  • kakarot

    i think whis is doing this to prepare goku vs hit in the zeno sama tournament so.. hit dont have his secret technique that he will he use on goku in tournament.

    • Majin Squall

      yeah but it would also prepare hit too.. soo hopefully thats not the case but this series is riddled with shit …

  • Mofiz

    For me it looks like Hit learned to control Space as well now

  • DB_Slayer

    anyone else notice the shitty animation? wtf? why is it shitty sometimes and other times it is good?

    • DB_Slayer

      also, 90% of that episode was just an extended version of the episode preview. lame.

  • Mr. J

    Things we’ve just learned from this episode
    1.Cabba is Snitch
    2. Hit the legendary assassin in U6 can walk anywhere
    3. Gohan cant keep secret from his father figure
    4. Goku is starting to learn what whis said about dodging without even thinking about it
    5.Somehow after the Black/Zamasu arc, Goku is back stronger than Vegeta

    • Randy Bailey

      For number 5) zenkai boost, every injury, every near death experience, and even dying and coming back to life, makes a saiyan stronger. Since goku is already stronger, it makes sense hed jump more so than vegeta would, even though they went through the same ordeals just about in that arc.

    • Majin Squall

      yeah but its a different univese entirely, over there the laws that govern society are completely different. especially when you look at the lower echelon of class. over there, ” Snitches get Bitches” XD

  • dabura

    the preview of next episode was fucking shit

  • dabura

    leunheart u r extremly wrong bcs goku never get time to be stronger bcs hit kiss his ass

    • Max Adam

      LOL Ever heard of zenkai Boost? Remember cell after he exploded because of his zenkai boost he came back witht he power matching gohan Super sayian 2 without any training. This is the same Whis hired Hit to kill goku so when he is revived he will be much improved because of his Zenkai super sayian ability thats what Whis defines as special training

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg2Z_K6Vetr_ylsyb8rXU-g De Vuu

    Guys ! i know what it is , actually Whis hired Hit for Goku Special training .. like Vegeta said to whis “so he`s undergoing special training after all” .. from there i know that is Whis who hired Hit to kill Goku for Goku Special training ! From that training Goku will become more stronger .. hehehe

    • Max Adam

      its zenkai Boost. Remember cell after he exploded because of his zenkai boost he came back witht he power matching gohan Super sayian 2 without any training. This is the same Whis hired Hit to kill goku so when he is revived he will be much improved because of his Zenkai super sayian ability thats what Whis defines as special training

  • levi
  • Godmax

    Very interesting episode.

  • gggggggggggg

    You ask us to unblock you, first thing I get are 2 pop ups, fuck you.

  • AizenSamaKing X

    The animation on the next episode already looks terrible hahahah. Beerus face at the end.

  • Madara_ Uchiha

    this actually fucking sucked, i was expecting more…

    • Majin Squall

      why this is dragon ball super … i watched this expecting nothing better

      • Madara_ Uchiha

        i actually do happen to like he series, it’s just that in my opinion this one episode sucked ass

  • RiBeasT

    Beerus Will Kill Him Cuz Goku Was The Lead Fighter For The Universe 7 Zeno Tournament so Beerus will like Say Destruction and He Will Disappear From The World And Hit Has The Disadvantage Cuz Goku Can Be Revived Too

  • Jeramy J Sanchez

    I think Goku wanted to die so he can train 24/7 with unlimited energy.
    Im pretty sure he wouldn’t have gone down that easy if lets say Hit wanted to destroy earth

  • god


  • Facundo Cuevas Guitar


    If goku was suposedly killed, why does goku not have the halo hovering above his head while fighting Hit in the next chapter preview?…. hmmmm

  • Vikas Singh

    In preview of episode 72 the face which was shown looks much like beerus sama but i think that was not beerus sama.. See that again guys

  • April Cox

    Obviously goku will not stay dead. Knowing zen Sama and all too many loopholes to stay dead

  • j wshm
  • ihateusernames24

    goku reborn as a god for the win…. i cant see Zeno having the tournament without goku. he loves goku..

  • Amit Garg

    It must be Vados or Whis who hired HIT.

  • Daniel Petrigala

    I think hit was altering space

  • Daniel Petrigala

    I think hit was altering time

  • zairfair

    Love the moment goten speaks up he truth about gohans outfit. xd

    And gokus dead!!!! realy??

  • ankit

    this site is so damn slow….next episode has been up on youtube several hours ago

  • thing


  • James Deveaux

    The title says it all. Death has absolutely no consequence. Just have to make a wish to revive him again.

  • MysticGohan

    Dont you think Hit is just universe 6 Cell?

  • Leosvaldo Fernandez

    Happy new years

  • Luxion

    Why did FUNimation copyright claim only episodes 70 and up. That is so stupid!

  • Naudii-Chan


  • Derp

    The part where goku dodged Bulma’s slap has to be the most important scene in all of animes’ history. It shows the start of his ultra instinct and also HE DODGED A GIRL’S SLAP??? That is pretty strange in an anime Xd