Dragon Ball Super episode 7 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 7 Dubbed: “”


  • Travis Fitch



      First for what? It’s not even up yet retard.


    Theres another dbz website that already has the episode up. I’d rather give them the traffic than waste my time here. Good riddance you lagging scrubs

    • UberDunk

      you need to chill lmao, this website is free

    • The Lord

      You mean the other shit website that only uploads in 480p? Yeah, not worth watching at 480p.

      • http://www.wrestlingn.inc.com/ A double Abdul Aziz Memon !!!!

        i watch in 240p for nostaliga

        • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/155d4c5780aa3faf Richard Xing

          I mean….

        • Jamie Legends

          Nostalgia my ass, 1080p for the win

    • Matthew

      Oh well it’s just how Dragonball super rolls

    • Josh Barrus

      Good riddance to you too pal, with that hypocritical name of yours.


        shut the fuck up bitch.

        • Josh Barrus

          Make me if you think you’re so tough

          • DERPPOLICE

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          • Josh Barrus

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    • Gene

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  • Addzy K

    Is there any way to watch DBS in 1080p for free?

  • Joseph Delapena

    Damn! Christopher Sabat sounded just like the classic vegeta at the end there. Goosebumps all over.

    • Bradley Wendling

      That’s because he is the classic vigeta bud

  • DB Z/S For Life

    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but something is off about the way Chris Sabat voices Vegeta in Super…

    • Tony Makhoul

      you are right on point. guess years of rewatching vegeta’s classic moments on youtube can make you pick up on any slight voice variations.

  • Zubir Aissa

    Damn, Sabat nailed that moment

  • Ben Mackey

    Gota love vegeta belt the shit outa bearus

  • Yumi Fujii

    I love Whis haha

  • Vegeta


  • iqbsan

    The last 5 minutes were amazing, felt like classic dbz.

    The rest of the episode was boring as hell. Nothing but eating sushi and 5 second “fights”

  • William van Helsing

    The outro is now in english, now wait for the intro to be

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/155d4c5780aa3faf Richard Xing

    “What’s that?”
    “That’s an egg!”

  • Nashid Wyman

    Mann I would love to be the cook serving Whis! I’ll be safe! XD

    • Lee Walton

      Can u cook that well IRL? lol

      • Nash Wyman

        Haha! You got me there. I’m mediocre with just making things in the deep fryer XD

        • Lee Walton

          I’m Scottish, I know those feels. We deep-fry EVERYTHING, here lol

          • Nash Wyman

            Haha!! Ain’t nothing wrong with that my man!

  • Matthew

    Oh boy this had an English dub .The op

  • Jamie Legends

    Is gohan’s voice always like that?

  • D1craig

    i forget how long winded dbz was. 7 episodes in and still no proper fights…

  • Michael
  • Michael

    Is it just me, or are the new over dubs on dragon ball super the original voice over actors from the DBZ American release??? Because king ki and goku sound like the originals? Help anyone I’d really like to know? Watched all dragon ball series as a kid, 28 now and still watching!

    • Anthony

      Yes most of them are the same

  • Rakcoon

    Beerus hit her with that pimp hand combo.

  • BlastOff123


  • Mak

    Horrible quality

  • Lee Walton

    Of course Vegeta would lose his shit when someone back-hands his wife. But DBZ Vegeta would have went into hyper-rage at the mere thought of Beerus harming her

  • Jake Smith

    Watching the dub is so much better