Dragon Ball Super episode 69 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 69 : “Title”


  • DBLeon

    To everyone who don’t know what’s happening in DBS ep 69 (Arale Norimaki (則巻アラレ, Norimaki Arare) is the main protagonist to the Dr. Slump series created by Akira Toriyama, and as well as a minor character in the Dragon Ball manga and anime. She is an android built by Senbei Norimaki, known for her naiveté, energetic personality, superhuman strength, and lack of common sense. She is also nearsighted and needs to wear glasses. Senbei’s mission is to convince the other citizens of Penguin Village that Arale is no more than a typical 13-year-old girl, which they appear to believe in, despite taking notice to Arale’s numerous displays of superhuman athletic capability)

    • loso

      youre a guru bruh, i actually didnt know all this. straight up sometimes comments are very much worth reading.

    • Toma Aperahama

      thx alot

    • JeffBrian

      So sad she didn’t transform. Would have been interesting.

    • Cokien

      I was about to complain of filler (which this is but that’s beyond this point I’m making) but then you posted this explanation and I understood. Thx <3

    • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

      Man thanks for this. Idt many ppl would have known this. Even die hard fans such as myself.

    • Bob Vaillancourt

      yeah i remembered all that while watching the episode but forgot all about arale thing in series before Z (i remember red ribbon , tournament , climbing the tower ect) but this part i totally forgot until now

    • Tabraiz Hassan

      Is it just me or did anyone else noticed that when the first time i watched this episode goku’s super saiyan blue transformation had different blue colour and now it is the usual blue colour?? I mean now it is like the all other episodes.

      • DBLeon

        No idea….Just animation style I guess

  • El neeeegro

    Sucks balls

    • Bingo bango

      Yes it does fucking shiet I want fights Hit vs Goku xD

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        I bet Hit kills Goku in 1 lethal move think it would be a good way to start off a new Arc. Then they have to summon goku back again and figure out why Hit was sent. Just my prediction.

        • emary

          That actually makes a lot of sense… since Hit is an assassin he would kill goku in his most vunerable state (base form) and then disapear like it was nothing

  • san

    jo dbz time, i wont be able to watch ur guys videos anymore if u add these pop ups that are always on 100% volume! i nearly had to say goodbye to my eardrum

    • san

      also my pc does not send my creditcard info to hackers!

  • Real Princess Amber Fairy of W

    Hey guys! Can’t wait to see the episode!!! I love Arale.

    • Hollie Runnett

      Ikr?? Only a few minutes until it’s on!

      • Bingo bango

        Arale Is disgusting

  • Some guy

    Fucking shitty ass episode.

    • Trafalgar

      Yeah. Agree with you. Not so good episode

    • Stoopid Monkey

      I enjoyed it =/

    • DBLeon

      You guys don’t understand what this episode is about…..Spell up dr slump

    • Gogksjvjwjcn


  • veton.asani

    What the hell was this episode was just a waste of time

    • The man

      Theres a lot of reasons that they made this episode example so they could have a cross over or to make the ratings go higher

  • Cazval Asakura

    LMFAOOOOO @19:01

  • SSJ-Mad

    Well we know that trunk hasnt grown up at all

  • Ben Hausmann

    i loved that episode it was so funny =)

  • Fractorification

    Beerus is a freaking beast!! Even if you’re a ghost he still will destroy you.

  • Mehh Pachuau

    this show how strong beerus really is XD

    • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

      Yeesss, I was happy to see him display his dominance. Just to tape his heel and send Goku flying was epic!

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        Indeed Beerus made this episode Great. If it was just a silly battle between Goku and Arale kinda would of been crappy. However it’s nice to know Goku was about to get stomped and Beerus showed up let every know who is Bawse and peaced out to take a universal dump.

        • Godmax

          Beerus cant be that much stronger anymore the whole episode was pretty crazy dont read into anything here 🙂

          • Adam Williams

            Beerus battle power is probably not that much stronger anymore, if at all. However his ability as god of destruction to destroy anything he wills to be destroyed is still unparalleled. If he wants to destroy something he doesn’t need to be stronger, just wave his hand at it. The only thing he seems to fear in all the universe is the king of all.

    • Augustus Schkin

      And how weak his bowels are.

    • Matthew Singh

      i always underestimate beerus. NOT ANYMORE XD

  • Vova

    Finally a fun episode (will be up next week) !

    • Mak Pop

      next week team chapa vs team beerus baseballing, looks fun

      • Matthew Singh


  • Michael S

    I wonder why Vegeta is on Champa’s team in the next episode…

  • Issac Johnson

    lmfao what disaster episode complete shit next one also.

  • Vishesh Agarwal


  • Akaalis

    Wow I guess this and the next episode are going to be like “Happy Days”.

  • DB Massacre

    This was a really fun episode. absolutely pointless and absurd, but a good episode none the less. I like how Beerus had like 10 seconds of screen time and turned into a total clown.

    These episodes are fun but I can’t wait for the next arc to start! Looks like one more filler episode to go though.

  • Hans

    LOL toriyama out of ideas

    • Diogo Medeiros

      Toryama has next to nothing to do with DB Super…

  • Hans

    have you guys watch the original Dragon Ball? arale was there she throw oozaru goku like he was a paper LOL

  • SK007

    Really Now Dragon Ball super only for kids this episode prove these

    • Bob Vaillancourt

      all Dragon Ball series was made for kids . . . what is your point ? at the start of all goku was a kid he grown up and thing begin to be interesting in DBZ but that was still a cartoon for kids dude . GT and SUPER are not excluded to this simple fact

      • SK007

        My point is db character know that arale is comic gag character how can be this possible ? Cartoon character know that cartoon character and even Vegeta is new on earth he is Saiyan not earthling then how can be this possible????

        • Hyper Alpha Omega Guru

          Lmao you sound like a kid typing that shit. How about taking your head out of your ass and enjoying the episode for what it is?

        • Bob Vaillancourt

          not sure what you mean but vegeta could learned this by himself or goku mentioned it to him

  • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

    This was a fucking super cool filler and I can’t wait till next weeks filler. Baseball wooow, we needed these fillers best fillers though ever!! These were funny, but wait dragon ball Z had some pretty good ones too. But they weren’t all that. The character design and animation ties these new fillers to a better picture.. Good job Super!

  • Aniket Prabhu

    Man this was a really fun episode XD. Vegeta just hanging there in a badass pose and that badass music everytime Beerus destroys….. lol

    • Zoushu

      The suit makes it even better. 😛

  • zairfair

    lol poop always reminds me of the candy lol

  • Omark

    what a waste of time

  • jcpb11

    next Saitama vs Goku or anyone else it would be so much fun

  • Barış Şimşek

    when beerus learned fact that they made poop in the same machine before, they will die.


    • Augustus Schkin

      Very good observation lol. He probably got E. coli from the poop on his food ball and that’s why he had to run off so quickly. Things are going to get worse before they get better for Beerus.

  • Omar Dastagirzada

    i don’t like vegeta and goku getting beaten up by an android when they trained and got so much stronger then dragon ball, but than again this she’s from another manga. btw beerus is a savage dude knocked her head off by just powering up. and then leaving to poop 🙂

    • jcpb11

      she is a gag character

    • Augustus Schkin

      It had some funny parts but overall I felt maybe there was a cultural gap that all the gags weren’t really registering with me. I do like Vegeta shattering the 4th wall #JapaneseDeadpool

    • DBLeon

      She’s from Dr Slump…Arale is OPM level dude

  • darkracer

    nooooooo there will never be a vegeta vs saitama

  • wqew

    what the fuck was that?

  • Eddie O’Donnell

    11:58 tiny hands goku

  • somerandomdbdudeordudette

    I love how beerus just simply destroyed the ghost for disturbing him lmao.
    I can imagine pitting Arale against the likes of frieza (including his golden form), cell, kid buu, zamasu, blackgoku and others too.

    Next episode about baseball? Seems like some spotlight for yamcha too.

  • Gr0n

    hey what bout the tournament? everyone forgot about it.

  • Pakari

    Mind controlled and need to be hit really hard to be freed? Now WHERE have I seen that before.. You got any ideas, Demigra? How about you, Towa?

  • Harley Queen

    Where is Hit and Frost????
    Wtf is going on???
    Vegeta in Team Champa???
    ayo Next episode got a loooot of Explanations to do

  • sam

    so far….the most shittiest episode ever in dragon ball series.

  • Luca Flavius – Manuel

    What the fuck I am watching, this series of dragonball is DEAD!

  • Ciprian

    why the download button dont appear on screen ?

  • Joel Almestica

    I enjoyed this episode. It brought back the hilarious fun side of Dragon Ball.

    I think this episode was a mockery to all those new anime gag characters that do not follow a throughout scientifically approach like Toriyama dragon characters

  • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi

    2 minutes in : Ok, I love this becuase it’s feeling a lot of Japanese DBZ

    • InvertedReaper

      Well DB is Japanese, so I don’t know what you were expecting…

  • This shit sucks

    As a die-hard dbz fan. This is the lamest episode ever. Not worth watching.

    • InvertedReaper

      Well you’re a die-hard DBZ fan, not a die-hard fan of the DB franchise in general.

    • Hyper Alpha Omega Guru

      First filler huh?

  • Ahmad Salman

    Wtf is wrong with dragon ball super creators, ruining the Dragon ball z franchize like this. -___- People have emotional attachment with Dragon ball z, It used to be Spectacular, amazing …. But these non sense episodes.. WTF WTF.

    • Zoushu

      Meh it’s okay. The original manga had stuff like this too.

    • Hyper Alpha Omega Guru

      Its called filler, dont take it too seriously, it doesn’t fit anywhere in the story line and its just meant for fun

  • Sebastian Bozic

    Bleah. Why put Arale in DB? It’s so an annoying character and find it stupid that, after multiple battles against Gods, Vegeta and Kakarroth got problem against that trash robot. Just a funny episode that can be skipped.

  • Tony Ocran

    Is this seriously for real?

  • AizenSamaKing X

    Most of the imbeciles talking in the comments are part of the Narutard generation of kids. The generation that didn’t even KNOW Dragon Ball existed BEFORE Drgon Ball Z, yet still make stupid allegations such as Naruto beating DBZ characters. They can’t even beat early Dragon Ball characters. Raditz is overkill for the Naruto universe. The lack of knowledge is always amusing.

    • José Carrasquillo

      To be honest most of my friends saw Naruto and have little to no interest in Dragon Ball. I myself saw Dragon Ball, DBZ, and (sadly) DB GT, but have never seen Naruto. Even so, I believe that saying that Raditz is overkill would be an exaggeration. From what I’ve heard characters in Naruto are pretty strong.

      • Emary

        If no raditz than nappa or at the very least early vegeta since early vegeta could destroy a planet while naruto couldnt even destroy an entire country

      • Lerigan

        Yeah .. Characters in Naruto are strong, but DB serie is another whole level. Example – Naruto have to be atleast 1 000 000x to compet DBZ chars (from Frieza Saga). Some poeple are able to count power levels of Naruto chars and even most of Naruto fans agree, that Naruto in his strongest form has about 143 000 … When Goku first transformed into Super Saiyan, he had 150 000 000 … now at full power (Super Saiyan Blue 10x Kaio-ken) he has about 26 400 000 000 000 000 000 000 (26 sextilions … I am not kidding … and about raw strenght is disscusion, that Goku is able to lift whole Earth) … now you can tell what you think about “Naruto can easily completely destroy Goku at full power” …. And about Raditz (power level 1 200)… he is able to easily handle Naruto in Bijuu mod (power level about 250) … well I am not sure how they can count power levels of chars from another anime, but even Naruto fans agree, so I will trust them too

        • Lerigan

          Correction – *Naruto has to be atleast 1 000x to compet DBZ chars (from Frieza Saga)* .. sorry for missclicks (tired already)

      • AizenSamaKing X

        You are stupid. Raditz has enough power to destroy Earth’s Moon 8.3 times
        using a single charged energy attack. He is far faster than Naruto
        characters and highly durable. He blocked a kamehameha wave capable of
        destroy FOUR Moons hahha. Please stop.

    • Sakaki Shio

      Now me being around from the start of dragon ball, dragon ball z and everything else. You are wrong about naruto characters can’t beat early dragon ball characters. Here’s a short list Krillin, Tien, Yamaha, chi-chi, Purr, Oolong, Chiaotzu, Bulma and Launch. As for Raditz bruh Raditz would put a fight but like Goku Naruto doesn’t know how or when to give up. So ultimately in the end Raditz would get beat after all they have to do is grab his tail.

      • AizenSamaKing X

        You are stupid Raditz has enough power to destroy Earth’s Moon 8.3 times using a single charged energy attack. He is far faster than Naruto characters and highly durable. He blocked a kamehameha wave capable of destroy FOUR Moons hahha. Please stop.

    • George

      Dude (@aizensamaking_x:disqus ), you are retarded. First of all I grew up on DB and DBZ, but find naruto to be much more interesting. Secondly, you are comparing apples to rabbits. The universes are so wildly differentiated that you CAN NOT compare them. DB is hyper exaggerated, where as naruto tries to maintain at least a minuscule sense of realism. Just to use a cross example, In naruto, one guy creates the moon. in dbz one guy destroys the moon. thats as close as these character’s get to each other. You can’t just say one cast could dominate the other. The Uchiha’s can alter reality with eye contact, yet you think a bunch of guys who scream to level up can beat that? The two worlds are so vastly different. even the measure of strength is different. please stop watching anime, because you are fucking dumb. 😉

      EDIT: Also, please learn how to spell before using a comments section. Majority of your posts are an English teacher’s nightmare.

      • KingKoi

        Did you miss the end of Naruto to be calling DB more exaggerated?

        • George

          No, and that ‘world’ is majority ninja so it makes sense for it. Also chakra was an alien power given to the humans of that world. DB is literally exaggerated. It’s not a problem or anything but the scale is ridonculous

      • Tom

        George, hands down dude dumbest Goku v Naruto comment to date hahaha….Watch Cartoon Fight Club Episode 17 and it kind of explains how Naruto might get a chance if he had 6 months of training and study of Goku and Goku had no idea who Naruto was until they fought but the odds of that scenario playing out are impossible. Episode 50 is more on point and basically Goku could literally destroy Naruto in two moves.
        Its a no brainier if you have legitimately watched both serious! So George no more stupid comments!

        • George

          Ooooooh damn, did not expect someone to reply with something just as retarded. oh boy. Did you just reference 3rd party material? You suuuuuuuuure did!. Idiot, it’s all opinions, so once again, these two characters aren’t comparable based on how different their worlds are. It’s a no brainer if you have a brain, Tom. So, please no more stupid comments!

          • George

            I actually even watched your third party opinion video for sh*ts and giggles. That was the biggest bs waste of time ever. Oh my god, dude. please go back to whatever rock you came from, because you are retarded to even bring that into the context of this debate. I honestly can’t believe you really thought this was evidence of an answer….holy shit, your parents really shouldve aborted you

      • Bryan Ralston

        George in the early to mid episodes of DBZ it shows saiyans creating a moon type thing and in the movies of Brolly it shows his power was so great it was warping time around him. I grew up watching DB DBZ DBGT and now DBS never could get into Naruto shows i kept passing idk why but i do i guess cause there isn’t much fighting in it then there is in DB/DBZ/DBGT/DBS

        • George

          This is a complete side note….but I’ll respond anyway…fights? if you mean talk attacks and power up marathons then yeah dbz is full of it.. Naruto bases it’s fights around tactical battles, not who can power up the most….geez please stop comparing anime universes.

          • Bryan Ralston

            Pff it isn’t as tho this crap is life or death i am not gonna reply to this anymore it is childish to reply anymore i shouldn’t have replied to this in the first place cause their isn’t any point to it when one person has their mind set and made up!

      • AizenSamaKing X

        You truly are retarded.

  • whitearale

    vegeta is on champa’s team!?!?!?!?!

  • Tony Ocran

    Absolutely unbearable.

    • Marc van der Meijden

      ironic thing is vegeta could be made fun of because of his personality,a serious person who gets right down to busnis wil be done quickly in a fight against a super strong kid robot,but a playfull fun nice goku can have a much longer time with a equaly playfull child.
      vegeta’s own lack quickly caught up with him so to say 😛

  • CiscotheSoto

    This episode was complete crap, with the worst animation I have ever seen out of Dragon Ball Super, but I do have to say that I’m pleased that Arale came back and that Goku remembers her. I’m at least pleased to see that next episode will not only show a better topic, but that we’ll get to see yamcha in the spotlight! FINALLY!

  • RationalMan

    What is this fucking episode

  • Marc van der Meijden

    one of the first things that came to mind when i saw her power is why the hek didnt they bring her to fight zamasu? would have been a much easier fight with her involved.

    • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

      She’s a gag comic character….in other words, she’s literally a joke.

  • Leon De Leon

    Great explanation, so next week baseball challenge goku vs Hit?

  • Azrael87

    I think someone said something about people not liking DBS being only nostalgia fanboys. Pretty sure this episode was ONLY for true nostalgia fanboys and you still see many of the same people complaining SO obviously you were wrong.

    And the next filler-esque episode looks like it might even take Yamcha seriously by highlighting his profession. Clearly, the makers of DB Super have gone insane.

  • icic

    quite a boring filler. best filler to date is the one in dbz where piccolo and goku go driving

  • icic

    when you realise all these burdocks are actually guests lol

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    One thing is for sure even in goofy filler episodes Beerus Sama is Bawse Mode. Ghost or not there is nothing Beerus can’t destroy. That part got me excited. Wonder if we can maybe squash that silly talk of characters surpassing Beerus now. Goku will just never be stronger then him.

    • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

      Why can’t Goku be stronger than Beerus? According to DBS canon, Whis is 50% stronger than Beerus, however Whis isn’t a God of Destruction, so he can’t use the destroy cheat, that however doesn’t stop Whis from being 50% stronger than Beerus.

      • Nilok

        It seems they’ve retconned the original statement from Battle of Gods. Toriyama has stated since Super started that he has no plans on Goku ever becoming stronger than Beerus.

        I guess another way to think of it, while Beerus what already very strong, being a God of Destruction comes with its own perks, hence why Whis was trying to get Goku or Vegeta to take up the title even though they are obviously weaker than Beerus. I get the feeling that the Gods of Destruction are some sort of conduit or avatar for Zeno’s destructive power.

  • Hyper Alpha Omega Guru

    To the people who think this episode sucks, dont sweat it because its non-canon filler. I personally enjoyed this ep and I never thought I would be explaining this to so many “die hard DBZ fans” but I keep reading comments such as “DB series is DEAD bruh OMG my life is terrible”. This happens all the time and its because Toriyama isnt even done with the last story arc. So we have to either wait for official episodes to come out or watch these goofy episodes that the animators write just so that Dragon ball can remain a weekly series. So instead of bitching about it, how about giving props to the animators for still putting out new episodes and making my sunday more enjoyable.

    • Zardock

      I think the real complaints are the filler’s aren’t really relating to the main, or even side, characters most of the time at all. A filler with Beerus/Whis would be good, Gohan/Trunks, Gotenks fillers would be acceptable. But we’ve already had like 20 filler episodes in Super so far that were complete waste of time with Pilaf and other nonsense and really didn’t contribute to the main story or characters at all, it’s as if you weren’t even watching Dragon Ball for a major portion of these episodes.

      Again, it’s not filler that bothers me, it’s the way they’re treating filler episodes.

  • Sovi

    put arale episode becouse they dont know wath to make of story next :)) pathetic

  • Godmax

    What a damn crazy episode goddamn….but the pink poop was wild! Next episode looks like fun BUT no big storyline in sight yet!

  • lion disbr

    episode69 sucked eggs

  • Sentarry

    This one was a fun filler episode. Too bad its just a filler. lol

  • Pablo

    Arele Chan confirmed galaxy buster

  • DeadliestSaiyan

    Ok soooo…Arale vs Naruto and Sasuke…I put money on Arale…

  • http://FiMStargazer.Deviantart.com/ Kitt Stargazer

    Interesting break from the normal episodes IMO.

  • The Legendary Troll

    This was by far the worst episode of dragonball super ever. I though the one where Vegeta had to suck on a pacifier was bad but man… and the next one looks just as horrible smh. Keep this up and this series will become the next GT

    • DBLeon

      Spell up Dr Slump, This was a crossover episode between that show and Super….the person who made DB also made Dr slump it’s in of that

      • The Legendary Troll

        DBZ aint have no retarded shit like that bruh

        • wasTheDeal

          but dragon ball did look into it s a filler they have always done this

        • DBLeon

          It did dude….watch the original Dragon Ball series….

    • ThePoopMaster

      You think this is worst than last week episode?! I expect nothing less from the legendary troll himself.

      • The Legendary Troll

        did you see this crap?

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    So the answer to beating Black this whole time was to just send in Arale eh???

    • Siddharth Kulkarni


  • _Flip_

    They broke the 4th wall!

  • Curiousnessify

    What in the actual fu*k did i just skim through

  • El neeeegro

    Wtf did I just watch… waste of episodes

  • NumbZkull Noise

    Beerus’ soundtrack of doom strikes fear again xd

  • http://www.shephurd.com Daniel Jon Murray

    Dragonball is falling off. how fucking sad man.. never thought Id see the day

    • Josh

      its a filler what do you expect

  • Taz Cockerill

    Haha! That was ridiculous! Not worth waiting a week for! I do hope SOMETHING comes out of it!

  • James Deveaux

    Vegeta in that suit reminds me of Kazuya in Tekken whenever he has a suit on.

  • Josh Hines

    OMG what is this crap???? This episode alone was worse than the entire GT series…. Seriously just end the show already if the rest is going to be filled with crap like this!

  • salindy13

    Vegeta in dat suit!

  • Hugh Mungus

    What is this shit i watched???????? Looks like dbs is dying

  • NinetalesCommander

    Thank goodness she’s gone, I hope never to see Arale again.

  • drweir

    I know perfectly fine and well who Arale is, especially when she was annoying as fuck in J-stars Victory Vs.

    Still hate her and think it was a shit episode crossover.

  • @whytry100

    how does nobody know who Arale is. Did nobody watch dragonball???

    • Ciprian

      episodes 55, 56,57 for the ones who wants to know who Arale is from Dragonball series

  • vineet gaur

    this episode was funny hahaha like a spoof movie scenes
    new taste haha

  • Kylo Ren

    They saw each other for a second in Super when goku lost control of his ki and kept transmitting to random places
    She was poking shit just like in the episode

  • What?

    As someone who doesn’t have a fucking clue what’s going on, this was pretty funny but seems entirely out of place. I know she was already in Dragon Ball, but still.

  • Siddharth Kulkarni

    vegita again ……………………………………

  • Tabraiz Hassan

    Is it just me or did anyone else noticed that when the first time i watched this episode goku’s super saiyan blue transformation had different blue colour and now it is the usual blue colour?? I mean now it is like the all other episodes.

  • Dav Dasilva

    “ignoring the laws of physics is this and that”… but flying, transforming and shooting energy outta your body isnt?

  • Yaboycurren$y

    What is that SoundTrack From the Beerus Scene Please Let me know asap

  • popo

    Need better quality

  • Kenneth Kira Yagami

    hi! how can i download this episode

  • Oliver

    It’s finally here!

  • Triston Ioppini

    what the heck kind of intro is this that i am watching?????….smh

  • ADN

    im happy that they are doing another cross over cause the first one I wanted goku to beat her sorry ass in a race

  • Vegito

    any girl here??

  • Lee Walton

    Roshi’s porno mags are getting EVERYWHERE, now lol

  • Lee Walton

    AKIRA!! There was hope, and then you shat on Vegeta again