Dragon Ball Super episode 67 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 67 : “Title”


  • Dontdoitl


  • Hakuryuu
    • DBLeon

      Why it was awesome

      • Hakuryuu

        I’m little disappointed, boi

        But yes, Vegito are awesome

        • DBLeon

          I mean we got a great animated fight.. with good music and epicness what more do you need?

          • Hakuryuu

            Yes, they have great animated, I’ve agree with you

          • DBLeon

            It had copouts tho… I don’t mind the vegtio thing but.. Trunk’s sprit sword was out of no where… However it does not ruin the series for me.

          • Hakuryuu

            Trunk won victory is best ending.

          • Ian

            Why couldn’t they fuse into gogeta? With supersaiyan blue? I really wanted to see the monkey form turn blue hahaha

            This means to say that trunks, barely ss blue can defeat vageto in ss blue form? Wtf. Doesnt make any sense

          • Fluff

            it’s more like the spirit of love defeated evil yet again, so far the spirit bomb is virtually undefeated except against Frieza who is I believe the only villian to live a spirit bomb other than vegeta. That was Trunks spirit bomb I found that badass cause it’s different than Goku’s and he learned it out of necessity just like how they learned to go SSJ. Also Trunks is officially the only side character to now have like 7 confirmed villian kills, mecha freiza, king cold, cell, android 17 and 18, Demon King and Zamasu which were all villians of his universe

          • t

            Zamasu’s physical body is dead, his spirit still lives.

          • Chaos

            The spirit bomb has essentially killed no one ever. First against Vegeta, who was already beat to hell and the next attack was forcing him to retreat regardless. Didn’t kill him. Then against Freiza. Hardly damaged him. Then against Kid Buu. Kid Buu pushed it back but they wished with the Dragon Balls for Goku to go back to full power. So Goku added his full power back to push the spirit bomb back. Even counting that technicality, it means the spirit bomb only ever was successful against one enemy.

          • csayswhat

            I’m so sick of reading unsound theorycraft posts. “spiritbomb hasnt defeated anyone, trunks stronger than vegito? blah blah blah.” Spirit bomb didn’t defeat freiza because goku was uncomparably weaker to freiza without being a super sayain power. Goku being restored to full power against buu didn’t add a whole lot other than him being able to force it on to buu;the spirit bomb had the power to kill him as an entirely separate unit, but weakened goku couldn’t stop buu from pushing it back. And as far as vegito vs trunks.. how can you compare? the true power gap was never disclosed as goku and vegeta separated. Trunks severely damage fused zamasu without collected energy and finished him with it. There are way too many unrevealed plot holes to make insinuations on that.

          • Chaos

            I never said anything about Trunks and Vegito. Vegito is undeniably far beyond Trunks. As far as Freiza, he wasn’t very much phased by the Spirit Bomb. Just a bit scuffed up. Saying it was the only thing to do damage other than DD or SSJ is kind of pointless since it still did next to nothing. And as far as Buu, if the Spirit Bomb is so strong, why was Kid Buu able to catch it and then push it back? It’s not like Kid Buu is even that strong. He’s one of the weakest forms of Buu, being the original without absorbing anyone’s power. He may be the most dangerous due to not having the Kaio’s sentiment, or Piccolo’s reason, etc, but he’s not particularly strong. It’s kind of bullshit that it managed to defeat him in the first place since Buu regenerates from freaking smoke. My guess is that its sheer size, along with full power Goku’s force added was enough since full power SSJ3 Goku was on par with Kid Buu. He didn’t go SSJ3 for that, but he did have the power of everyone else to make up the difference.

          • bobbyjacabson

            what you are all missing is that trunks is just trunks and vegito is the power of goku and vegita. don’t forget that. So I believe that overall trunks was the strongest out of the three because he jumped from SSJ 2 to SSJ rage with the blue element and was on par with vegeta and goku if not surpassed them.

          • Tyler Mathis

            it seems you cant handle when other people dont like the same thing you like…even when they have justifiable objective reason. easily identifiable problems with story, pacing animation and direction. maybe remove your ego from dbz just for a minute and try to understand what people are saying rather then talk shit like a 12 year and cry about how sick you are of critical thought.

          • bobbyjacabson

            ikr 🙂

          • bobbyjacabson

            Yes the spirit bomb has indeed defeated some villains.

          • Fluff

            the spirit bomb definitely killed kid buu and was only used on kid buu, frieza, and vegeta. it did major damage to frieza it was the only thing to really tear him up before ssj and destructo disk.

          • Tyler Mathis

            fluff your reply was so useless here. you should re-read both comments.

          • bobbyjacabson

            And so was yours.

          • Fluff

            You’re too slow to realize the comments went out of order for some reason? Or somehow Ians comment deleted he was calling the spirit sword dumb and I shared my opinion, Your negativity is a reverse movement in societies progression to becoming more intelligent and you should reflect your attitude in a mirror.

          • Fluff

            That’s actually where csayswhat’s comment came from too was towards Ian

          • bobbyjacabson

            It has stop lying. You don’t even know what you’re typing.

          • r

            Gogeta is weaker, shorter fusion time, and the monkey is GT thing so you’re not gonna see it. Anyway trunks is shit when are they going to stop neglecting gohan, it’s total bs.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

            Gohan isn’t being neglected. He is just done fighting. Toriyama is extremely happy with how Gohan’s life turned out and Gohan being able to become a scholar and live a family life.

          • Sleepy Champuru

            Gohan will be making a comeback.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

            Really unlikely Gohan will ever fight again. Toriyama said this.

          • Aerisot

            They show him in the opening credits powering up.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

            So? Master Roshi can power up too. Is he going to make a come back or keep reading dirty magazines on the beach? Gohan isn’t going to become stronger again he is done fighting seriously but he can still power up to super saiyan but event that is becoming a strain as it just isn’t in his heart anymore.

          • Ryan Nichols

            Yeah no. Gohan fought in the battle against golden freeza and is seen without his glasses saying goodbye to Trunks which either means he was training or has powered up (the only time he doesn’t wear his glasses is when he fights). We’ll see something in the next series with that possible goku clone son, where Goten and Gohan are the targets of the fight. What we were all hoping for though was that future trunks and Mai would stay and you would get a future trunks/gohan fusion, as well as a goten/trunks fusion.

            One day….

          • o B Seeker

            that is right i can’t be-leave so many people miss that!!!!

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

            Gohan showed how he is dramatically weaker and was forced to defend the ones he loves even though he isn’t a fighter anymore. When he says good bye to trunks it was obvious he was tired just trying to reach him in time to say Goodbye because now turning into a Super Saiyan is almost to much for him. He will become weaker and weaker but I am sure still be able to go Super Saiyan 1 if he has too. He just wants to love his family and work. Right where he is supposed to be like Toriyama planned. I know there are a lot of Gohan fans so I am sorry. Maybe Gohan will use his smarts to help in future Arcs it just won’t be his dwindling power.

          • Ryan Nichols

            Good theory but they are already revealing the next episode arcs where Gohan will take part in it. It’s just typical of his character. He always goes through phases of “rest” because he becomes stronger than anyone else around him and defeats whatever threat is current and then slacks off because he’s not pure blooded like Goku and Vegeta nor is he like Trunks who is the only one in his timeline able to fight threats since his gohan and Z fighters are all dead.

            So it’s only when he has to train or gets super secret “sit still and release that latent power without training” stuff from the Kais that he catches back up and surpasses everyone again.

            We already saw him training with piccolo before the tournament arc with Hit and universe 6 and the only reason he didn’t fight was because the earth wasn’t in danger and he had a meeting.

            Toriyama unfortunately doesn’t do a lot of what he’s expected to do. He forgets/changes hair colors, has merged some of the story from DBGT (Pan) even though that wasn’t his idea, and more and more this stuff is being lead by fans and viewership.

            We haven’t even seen the Beerus rematch yet so all the Z fighters will be in action especially if they do another movie so Gohan isn’t down and out, it’s just not his turn yet. He powered up after future trunks in the cell games and I believe it’s his turn again now that future trunks saved his timeline. Then it will be fusion of the little dudes again who feel like they are left out and then it’ll be one last super battle for all of them. It’s just how the show’s pattern goes

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

            My point is why do you think Gohan is down and out? Just because he isn’t fighting anymore? Why does he have to fight ? Just some questions as food for thought. Why can’t the perfect character development for Gohan be that he is now a family man and doesn’t fight anymore. I think that is pretty picture perfect ending for him. Let the other fight instead of disturbing his peaceful life I mean isn’t it deserved that Gohan after perhaps the hardest childhood finally get peace! Isn’t that a great ending for our Hero? I think so. Think it would be pretty unfair to Gohan and sad if he had to fight again.

            The fact that Gohan is a man now achieved his goals and dreams is better then him fighting. Maybe I am just old fashioned. It’s ok too see someone ride off into the sunset you know. Bringing him back would be pretty sad. That’s why I understand how Toriyama stated he is happy with where Gohan is. It makes perfect sense.

          • Joshua Tenant

            About the Pan thing. The last episode of DBZ was a “10 years later” episode. It shows Pan, Balding Hercule, Krillin with hair… thats what inspired GT was the final episode of Z….. Just saiyan!

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

            Maybe to aid them with his intelligence and not his dwindling power. It’s ok if he isn’t a fighter anymore. It’s perfect where he is loving his family.

          • akorntreefitty

            fuck that shit

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

            Yea some don’t like hearing this but doesn’t change the fact. Gohan has a happy wife and happy life. Don’t you think that is a great place for Gohan? It’s actually pretty well done by Toriyama.

          • Noctis Smith

            trunks was one of the best things to happen to DBZ you shut your whore mouf

          • Josh

            Vegito is stronger than trunks, he could have killed zamasu but the fusion ran out of time

          • TheLight

            Earring fusion isn’t supposed to have a time limit. Toriyama fucked up the continuity with that one. Only dance fusion is supposed to have a time limit.

          • OA

            Dude the earrings do have a time limit for two reasons. 1 is that toriyama can’t fuck up his own show, that’s impossible. 2 is that the dud who originally said it was permanent was simply wrong. He didn’t know what would happen with mortals because he had never seen them fuse that way before, which means gowasu has. Also, any other explanation for how he unfused in the first place would be complete bullshit. Which means it would have to stay vegito. And while we all like vegito, no one would want him to stay forever, cuz goku and vegeta would be out of the show forever.

          • bobbyjacabson

            Don’t comment anymore. you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • OA

            Prove me wrong

          • Ryan Nichols

            Yeah this is wrong. The reason why they first “unfused” in DBZ was because the innards of BUU caused it. Heck even Goku said that Vegeta should keep the earring on because once they get outside the body they would fuse back together again to defeat Buu. So you are wrong. Toriyama CONSTANTLY forgets things like…um Future Trunks doesn’t have blue hair originally, but suddenly in DBS he does.

            It’s a habit of his to forget what he did in past series and rather than watching his own stuff to get an idea of what to do next, He just changes whatever he wants. Potarra earrings for example. And EVEN if you could say “they last for an hour which is why super vegito ssj2 took forever to come apart” then no amount of “oh they used up the energy too early and separated in about 30 minutes” should be possible. That’s BS and makes the earring fusion EXACTLY the same as the stupid dance fusion now which is ridiculous. So your comment is incorrect.

          • OA

            The innards of buu makes no sense and has no way to back it up. I’ve never heard that explanation before. The time limit is a logical explanation as to why they unfused. And if the innards of buu unfused vegito, why didn’t gotenks unfuse when he was first absorbed? As for vegito unfusing early against zamasu because of energy being used up, I agree that that one is bullshit. Trunks hair changing isnt necessarily his forgetfulness, but he looks better with blue hair in his new outfit and older face. But once again, the innards of buu thing is retarded, unless you can prove to me that akira toriama himself said it and have a link to a credible source proving it.

          • Ryan Nichols

            I don’t disagree that it makes no sense but watch the episode where it happened. At the time that was their explanation for it. Now it may have always been a time limit but that was never specified. In fact Goku begged Vegeta to keep his earring on so they would refuse once leaving Buu’s body and the Kai’s tried to give them their earrings once they started fighting kid Buu. And the other fusion was not posters (gotenks) so that’s why fusion didn’t wear off and also because buu actually absorbed them vs vegito who was an intruder.

            So it’s irrelevant whether we think it makes no sense, it is what they said in DBZ. So they absolutely can change it to a time limit but the whole “they used too much power” crap is lame and a retarded way of getting Trunks to fight. And Future Trunks had purple hair in DBZ. So it was a fluke and mistake that they turned it blue in super but it distinguishes future and young Trunks enough.

          • Sleepy Champuru

            Toriyama doesnt write the details, just the point a point b plotlines.

          • bobbyjacabson

            No they didn’t fuck up. It depends on the earrings. The one’s Goku and Vegeta were wearing were only from a lower level god and not a god like Gowasu. Had they used the earrings that Gowasu was wearing then they wouldn’t be able to unfuse. They would’ve been like that for good.

          • Kudaaj330

            they literally explain in the episode that it is only kai’s that fuse permanently, mortals do for a short time using potara.

          • Minato

            Well Vegito is way stronger than Gogeta so yeah and ya grammar doesn’t make sense atm m8 fix ya grammar

          • Mushfiq Syed

            Actually to those of you saying Trunks is more powerful than Vegito, he had his own power and the power of the people AND MOST IMPORTANTLY the added power of Goku and Vegeta to boot on that Spirit Sword, it was meant to be devastating; Trunks wasn’t alone in it.

          • xostrowx1991

            That’s bullshit and you know it. There was only about 20 people left alive on the whole planet and Goku and Vegeta were in their BASE forms and had already ran out of power (that was the fucking stupid excuse used by toei to get rid of Vegito so they can do their bullshit with Trunks) so if they were out of power and in base form they barely had ANY energy to give Trunks at all! And Trunks was ALREADY beating Zamasu before they even GAVE him any energy! He was slicing Zamasu the hell up and outpowering him from the second he jumped in the battle.

          • hd2020

            It’s not that trunks was stronger bro. It was that he was half immortal and they probably killed the mortal half of him. That being said it severely weakend him after vegeto attack on him. Zamasu was never strong to begin with his immortality is what saved his ass from dying sooner.

          • Jeffrey Dcunha

            super sayains have unlimited ki. they are more powerful than a normal ssj in their base form. therefore thy have unlimited ki (spirit). hence the whole trunks powering up with blue ki realese.

          • GOKU!)!)

            Dude Dragon Ball GT is a different writer form Super so super sayian 4 doesn’t exist in DBS!!!!!!!!

          • roosevelt

            the two mai’s and the two trunks in the future should fuse forever

          • DBLeon


          • bobbyjacabson

            Couldn’t agree more.

          • Hakuryuu

            But next arc will revealed at next month

          • Straw Hat

            A better fusion would be nice :-/

          • DBLeon

            The fusion was good tho.

          • Tyler Mathis

            no it was bad

          • Tyler Mathis

            we got half a decent fight. that didnt matter for shit. cuz spirt sword nonsense and plot armor. doesnt really hold up to DB or DBZ very well at all.

        • jjmasters

          1. Why don’t any of you consider the fact that Zamasu was greatly weakened by Vegito.
          2. Trunks got the spirit energy from Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the living individuals to defeat Zamasu, it was nothing short of divine. The spirit bomb kills evil, Zamasu was evil. Trunks transformed that energy into a sword like the others were able to do with their energy.
          3. Zamasu still survived… he wasn’t killed by Trunk in the end.
          4. Zamasu was immortal and had unlimited power however instead of maintaining his physical form, he decided to become the universe itself.
          5. There is no line of reason for one to follow to be able to deduct that idea that Vegito would be stronger than Zamasu.

          Why are DBZ fans so illogical, you guys need to rethink your premises.

    • CiscotheSoto

      XD XD XD. Love the picture you used. Although Vegito could have given Saitama a run for his money.

      • darkracer

        no he couldn’t it’s saitama.

        • Joshua Dickenson

          Saitama would destroy Vegito

          • Xyx_5 dank memes

            Yet you have 0 proof for that claim, saitama’s feats put him at namek tier at best

          • cyber

            The proof is that the story clearly states he is an unlimited power character just like the unlimited power versions of superman. An in he has no limits.

        • Xyx_5 dank memes

          Lol dude saitama is weaker than z goku, dbs vegetto would stomp him.

          • Zoushu

            Ara ara, sir.
            Never in the series has Saitama been outmatched in terms of strength, nor has he ever been seen taking damage that would penetrate his skin, not counting the period before he gained his powerup.
            According to the manga, (SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t read it) Saitama’s strength/ power is literally limitless. Vegetto’s isn’t.
            Claiming that another character who relies purely on raw power would be able to “stomp” him is just silly. :^)

          • Xyx_5 dank memes

            it’s funny how you’re spouting that limitless shit from the manga, even though he took damage from boros in it, and if he’s power was limitless he would’ve one punched boros no matter how much power he was suppressing and yet that didn’t happen? indeed, this shows saitama HAS limits, not like the ridiculous fandom claim that has no basis says,now what’s silly :p

          • Zoushu

            Aw, don’t be so defensive. This “damage” Saitama took from Boros didn’t even penetrate his skin. Is that damage to you? It was stated that Saitama has removed his limiter. That, combined with him, as I said before, never ever being shown beat in terms of power or taking ACTUAL damage makes an argument around whether he can be taken down by another character pointless.
            What I am trying to say is, there are no grounds to say that either Veggeto or Saitama could take down one another, not at this time at least. Sorry for making my previous comment a bit provocative. That was not the right thing to do!

          • Xyx_5 dank memes

            you’re skin doesn’t have to be damaged to receive damage…

            that could mean tons of things, it’s stated that ssj4 is a limit breaker did that make goku Infinite? nope, you see we don’t know the ” limit” that they are referring to so you can’t assume it’s Limitless

            He hasn’t been defeated in his universe, which 1 of the strongest ( as of now ) is only planet level so you saying he is unbeatable cuz of that is kinda ridiculous since in the anime world and comic world there are 1000s of characters stronger

            and it’s cool man it happens in these kinds of debates

          • darkracer

            there is no denying that saitama would litterally destroy any enemy you throw at him. even vegito and even zen oh.
            that is who saitama is. that is his character, he is written that way.
            not even god himself could defeat saitama. because that is what one punch man is. it’s a joke character

          • Xyx_5 dank memes

            you just spouted some ridiculous shit u know that? let me explain child his character is meant to be a parody NOT A GAG, a gag character is like bugs bunny who can warp reality and defy the laws of physics a parody is something that is making fun or repeating another piece of work, Even goku is a parody now is he infinte? fuck no ,here is where you’re argument falls apart now bring something better.

          • darkracer

            why would i bring something better when you are just completely wrong.
            saitama is a gag character buddy.

          • cyber

            Yea, i guess you miss that episode where they literally said he broke his limiter, and where boros said his power had no limit. I think you need to learn to read/listen to words better.

          • cyber

            It’s funny how you can’t understand the stated and explained powers of characters in story lines you read/watch. REALLY funny.

          • Cøđý Ťhē Ğøđ

            Saitama wouldn’t be able to hit Vegito, it’s like metalman vs Vegeta during the Tournament, Vegito’s way too quick. Saitama compared to Vegito is slow af, even if he is stronger, he’s not fast enough to hit him.

          • Zoushu

            Maybe, though I do not know the maximum speed of either.

          • cyber

            Saitama has no limits, he can punch and run as fast as he’d like, just like the unlimited versions of superman. That is literally a defining trait of the character. While goku must train or fight in order to surpass his limits.

          • darkracer

            saitama is as fast as the speed of light.
            he jumped from the moon to the earth in about 2 or 3 seconds.
            why he runs so slow to a monster scene in the anime i don’t know.
            he is much much faster then genos

          • cyber

            in case you didn’t notice, Saitama is the say type of hero as unlimited power superman. While goku is a limited power fighter who must train or fight to increase his limits. Last i check Infinity was higher than any integer anyone could ever come up with. So i think it’s safe to say Saitama and superman will always beat goku.

        • venom1998

          If saitama his serious punch, then there goes vegito

          • blarghman

            nigga that’s like saying arale is stronger than vegito. lol stop, arale is stronger than saitama and her feats are better too

          • cyber

            No, that’s kinda like saying a character who’s defining trait is unlimited power like saitama or the unlimited versions of superman will always be able to be a limited power character like goku who must train or fight to increase their limits. Which has, is, and always will be true.

          • cyber

            *be able to beat* autocorrect 🙁

          • darkracer

            just give up these people are either too retarded or just don’t want to hear what you say.
            saitama is as strong as he needs to be to defeat an enemy in one punch.
            that’s his character.
            the enemy’s that took him more then one punch is just his misjudgement in their power.
            he ALWAYS holds back with every punch he has thrown. like how you would punch a 4 year old in a play fight that soft.
            if he does not kill his enemy in one punch then that just means his enemy is stronger then he thought and he held back too much

        • venom1998

          saitama would’ve beaten vegitos ass just saying

      • venom1998

        Saitama is one punch man for a reason.

        • Your dad

          And yet it took more than one punch for someone as relatively weak as Boros. Yeah, that is one punch man i guess

          • cyber

            actually it only took one punch for everything he made contact with to destroy. One for his Armour, one for his arm, one for his body. the reason he died with the last punch wasn’t really that it was stronger, he simply no longer had enough energy after his last attack to regen. Try thinking a little before just saying stuff.

          • darkracer

            not to mention he just held back his power with the punches.
            if you Always need to punch like you a punching a feather then it’s easy to hold back too much when fighting an enemy who turns out to be stronger then a feather. like a twig or something
            that is the comparison we are making here.
            borus is just a twig to saitama.

      • r

        Saitama a bitch

    • bobbyjacabson

      I’m not.

  • Vuper Segito

    I think Zeno and Whis are going to fuse into Beerus, Then use big bang masenko against Mr. Satan so Goku and Vegeta can have their food whilst Gohan is studying with Master Roshi. Hopefully Krillin finds time to attend to his son.

    • Coolla

      What the fuck are u trying to say? Learn proper grammar first.

      • Vuper Segito

        Where did i go wrong with the grammar? I was just throwing out my assumption :* :*
        Love you Coolla

    • thus fuckin ass

      lol wtf

  • Sparkz

    So this is the end of the Zamasu saga and beginning of the new Saga… Trunks in Multi Universe Fight for prize of Three Wishes? I think so.

    • https://www.reddit.com/user/Swordust/ Randall

      Part of the episode’s title is “Farewell, Trunks.” Pretty sure he’s leaving for good. Again.

      • Sparkz

        Hope not. Rumors say he might be back. New Arc is coming Dec 18th with Goku and Hit.

  • RandomRandom

    Offcourse ZENO comes in at the LAST MINUTE….

  • Teo

    LOL zeno come in last seccond

  • vineet gaur

    i seriously believe akira toriyama should lead in the animation and scripting direction !
    what he made in the 90s were way far ahead than his time
    and today the just stepped down rather than going ahead

    still dbz rules!!

    • DBLeon

      What are you talking about… the animation in ep 66 was better then anything in Z.

    • https://www.reddit.com/user/Swordust/ Randall

      It’s not the director, but the studio.

      • vineet gaur

        true though
        if the studio sucks direction won’t help much lol
        still compare to earlier videos these ones are good enough

  • Awesome atif

    Awesome vegito is the best

  • Hollywood

    Lets the prediction begins for this episode. Im sure there will be no battle scene involved.

    Here mine: I think Zeno will solves something else and might wants to punish those who did the time traveling.

  • DBLeon

    I know people are mad about the time limit thing. however we got an AWESOME fight… A good payoff the animation was GODLY!! and when you really think about it… this explains the copout in the buu saga.. why did Vegeta and Goku defused in the buu saga? now we know… Also Vegeta will be less hesitant now.. we may see vegtio in the future now bc of this copout..


    dbs and dbz are shit

    let the hate spam comments commence

    • VenomSnake421

      It didn’t work right? lol

    • dexter

      You need attention?

  • DBLeon

    yes that’s right it you use the potara you will be fused forever, BUT if only youre a Kai or god. Old kai had never used it on a mortal, so he had no idea that it had a time limit for a mortal. Yes it’s a copout.. but it’s a copout that existed in the buu saga and now they explained it.

    • Rayn

      No. Old kai gave HIS earrings for Goku and Vegeta to fuse, so he was right to say that the fusion with HIS earrings will be permanent. Remember that Old Kai had already fused with a non-Kai person on a permanent basis.

      The fusion that we see against Zamasu was done using the earrings that the Supreme Kai gave to them. See? There’s a difference.

      It’s not a plot hole considering how the earrings of the newer generation of Kais must have had that feature built in to prevent abuse.

      • DBLeon

        Nah.. For what we know. You only need one kai to stay fused

  • Monsieurr Ferdinand

    Theory ahead (SPOILER ALERT!)

    Here’s what I think it’s gonna happen in the next episode:
    King-of-All will come and announce that he wants to hold the tournament he promised he would hold when Goku and Hit fought.

  • Peter Brooks (Aster)

    32 likes and 22 dislikes. And only the preview is out right now. What the fuck, people? GTFO

  • Heck

    so wait if they both eat a jellybean before they fuse is it the same as if they ate the jellybean after they fused? Would you still need 2 jellybeans or could the fuseperson just eat 1 and you could save the second one for something more important like when a side character is dying?

    • Chaos

      Think of the power multiplier to be a multiplication of each other, of sorts. Explaining it with arbitrary numbers would be, Vegeta and Goku in their weakened state are worth 2% each. This makes Vegito’s power 4%. Vegeta and Goku at 100% each makes Vegito’s power 10,000%. Also explains why they were were on a level Zamasu couldn’t even dream of reaching after fusion, since Black was the real strength while Zamasu’s original body was weak. The result wasn’t significant enough.

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        the faster

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      2. they’ve powered up so much that the time being fused was reduced

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        • Philip J. Fry

          should have send trunk to Timeline 3:Cell emerges and, realizing the androids are gone, decides to use Trunks’ Even though Trunks died in this timeline, both Cell and the androids are gone, so Earth presumably starts to rebuild itself.

          in that timeline there only one mai and one zamsau

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      I think we should stop watching the preview too. They ruined the surprised of Vegito and showed almost the whole fight.

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    • Sparkz

      His hair changed too, he is definitely gonna have to come back. Not to spoil what’s next, but the enemy is going to be stronger than Goku.

      • Lexxi Chen

        sure..and future gohan will come back from the dead and fuse with present gohan! now hows that for a rumour!

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          Hit is the next villain.

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      Or he’s so out of shape that flying now take a toll on him 🙁

      • Peter Brooks (Aster)

        Nah, Gohan’s hair resembled when he had his potential unlocked. He’s definitely in training mode

        • Lexxi Chen

          how u know for sure?? stop bullshitting everyone with ur stupid theory!

          • Shaikidow

            Want proof, o unnecessarily angry and swearing one? Just a few episodes earlier, Gohan was flying and carrying Chi-Chi without breaking a sweat! And what else would he be doing with Piccolo? Plus, even though he decided he wouldn’t go to the tournament between Universes 6 and 7, there was never really anything about him going back on his word about wanting to train again!
            Just you wait a few more episodes, you’re gonna get a Gohan-Beyond-Mystic. 😉

          • Ling Ho

            beyond mystic hmmm, gohan mystic god? or better yet because being god form can infuse other power with god power like nature’s essence he becomes Super Saiyan God Mystic

          • Zoushu

            We have to hope that the possibility is there. Humans cannot survive without hope, you know.

          • bobbyjacabson


      • Pershi

        I thought it was because he only then found out Trunks was leaving after understanding the whole story of why Trunks came back to the past, so he rushed to say goodbye to him – thus the panting

      • Nathan

        It’s probably training, since he has his front bang back.

      • fallacies


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      he was sweating because piccolo finally had enough of trying to teach him to dodge so he was just beating the shit out of him

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      After Meeting Future Trunks the second time after their second defeat, he probably felt bad because he couldn’t do anything to help, and he knew that, he knows and admits he has been weak in terms of fighting and strength. so it only makes seance to change his mind for Trunk’s sake to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Hence this episode he looked alot more buff than his previous appearances where he looked a bit too skinny, and his look resembled that like his Ultimate gohan look.

    • r

      Gohan has been mia for 70 episode because he’s been training. He will win tournament. Gohan 4eva

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    “You cannot grasp the true form of Zamasu’s attack!”

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    • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

      They can but what’s the point? It’s a different timeline. The stuff that happened in this timeline would have still happened.

      • seto635

        I’m saying why work on rebuilding a world that was destroyed by Goku Black and Zamasu instead of going to a place where they never existed in the first place?
        Besides, it’s technically a different timeline from this one ever since Trunks came back from the future back in Z to warn them about the Androids, so this timeline wouldn’t have been effected by Goku Black and Zamasu in its future assuming Beerus or Whis never died

        • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

          Yes that’s true, but the problem is the billions of people that died, plus if he’d go to that future then he’d exist twice there. It would probably be better to go to New Namek and get a new Kami so he can create new Dragon Balls, or if possible, collect the Super Dragon Balls. Then he’d just have to wish for the Earth + its people restored.

          • seto635

            it would take forever to make new Dragon Balls, though, since the sculpture blew up

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      Yeah, he destroyed universe 7 in trunks timeline. What a bad ass..

      He deleted everything in universe 7 fam. LOL. But luckily Whis is technically gonna restore it for future trunks.

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    I saw some Spoilers from the New Arc starting 18.12 its with Hit someone paid him to kill Goku .

    • Deeznutzgotem

      where did you find that? what website did you read it from?

      • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

        SPOILER: Champa hires Hit to kill Goku because he’s afraid that Goku might win the next tournament.

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    But still, now they have 2 Zeno in Present timeline… I just hope they won’t start fighting because everything will be f*ck up

    And nice revelation about Whis and his Father…

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    • Mick Powers

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    • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

      Who says they’re hating the show? People dislike videos for different reasons, maybe they didn’t like the subs, or the video quality, the buffering speed or maybe they just didn’t like the episode? Don’t be a blind fanboy.

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    One tiny thing i didnt Get….. why Dafuq did the Kame house still stand???????
    Zamasu: “Yay destroying the World is Fun…. but i should better not harm the Kame house…. i have to destroy it with my Death Laser Beams”
    Wheres the purpose???

    • SSJ-Mad

      its like in the middle of no where.

      • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

        Zamasu wanted to eradicate every being in the universe and somehow can’t even destroy Earth.

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    No Masako, I don’t think he does…

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    The moment Goku realizes that Zen-oh meant business, and it was at that moment that he knew what Beerus and Supreme Kai been telling him all along… don’t piss off Zen-oh.

  • Kyle Broflovski

    Great ending to a saga, i knew something like this would happen. Great episode loved it.

  • John St

    did whis just say father, never would of thought

    • SSJ-Mad

      That Angel is a grand priest, i assume he meant father as in holy father.

      • Mick Powers

        I don’t think Toriyama is a Christian

        • Aaron Soldier

          *Catholic not Christian
          Christians don’t refer to their pastor as ”Father”.

          • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

            It’s always funny how some people have the nerve to correct others without actually having a clue what they’re talking about.

            Catholics are Christians….

          • DurinRath


        • SSJ-Mad


  • Kyle Broflovski

    Something tells me Akira Toriyama isn’t done with Vigeto and there might possibly be Gogeta fusion in the up coming future episodes Toriyama knows how to surprise its fans one way or the other.

    • Donivan Biggs

      yea…. the next episode seems filler which makes sense because they need time to think of a new saga and even new ways to become ridiculously powerful XD

      • Kyle Broflovski

        Yeah one thing for certain Akira Toriyama is one unpredictable guy, some people complained about not enough time for Vigeto and i think Akira Toriyama has something else in store for the upcoming episodes.

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    he called him Zen-oh sama and hugged him instead of “Zen-chan”, and he even realized Zen chan will erase him too even though he’s the one called him.

    • DurinRath

      Fillers are always like this. almost with every manga/anime.

      • xostrowx1991

        This isn’t filler dumbass lol

        • DurinRath

          watch your mouth, seemed like one, that’s all.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        Yea not a filler at all. The plot development still is happening with Zeno and furthers the direction that he is a child like playful Omnipotent being. Goku gets along with Zeno cause Goku is childlike as well. Zeno doesn’t need a reason to do anything he is all powerful and it doesn’t have to make sense which makes him honestly even more scary and that is why Beerus is so terrified of him.

        • DurinRath

          why is so much power entrusted in the hands of a child like god?..I wonder.

        • DurinRath

          perhaps the so called “Gods” of the DBS universe are nothing more than ‘pawns/raw-power-source-accumulation/brawns’ of their angel counterparts (who have definitely more brains than them, a must have, for them to be effective), and so Zeno is just a kid who takes advice/orders from his angel (whatever his name is), it all makes sense now..

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

            I like your Idea but I wouldn’t say the power is entrusted to Zeno. Zeno is still all powerful but obviously has his council and body guards that take care of everything. Guess we could come up with all types of theories as to why Zeno is child like. Maybe he just always was that way since day one. Maybe he reverted back to that state. Only Toriyama knows. I do like the direction its going and find it interesting that he is the most powerful with no care what so ever. It’s a nice interpretation of God.

    • DurinRath

      well in the case of this not being a filler, yes, then I agree that this episode was not on-par as far as ‘logic/character development’ is concerned.

  • Hobomanchild

    This episode was better than last episode.

    Granted the biggest shock was Gohan actually showing up at the end. I thought he was going all Launch on us.

  • Jimmy Kong

    next episode looks gay

    • SSJ-Mad

      it looks cool! King Kai has to be revived because goku keeps forgetting but everyone is asking for a wish.

      • Jimmy Kong


  • SecondCitySaint

    Did anyone else just get tears from Gohan appearing to say farewell to Future Trunks? Having Trunks look at Gohan, thinking back to his time with him during the Android saga in the future. Glad Gohan made an appearance at the end, and without his nerdy glasses.

    • SSJ-Mad

      i had mixed emotions about the ending. The nostalgia was so strong as well.

    • bobbyjacabson

      Which is why I truly do appreciate this entire series and especially these last few episodes. So much emotion and feelings that I wish the entire dragon ball series had.

  • Kyle Brown

    farewell trunks and dont you dare come back because then we’ll know you and the future finally found peace.

    • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

      Or he died and thus he can’t ever come back.

      • Kyle Brown

        yeah thats also a possibility

  • Nanya

    That was pretty good.

    “You rely too much on the gods.” – GEE, I WONDER WHY!!!

    Goku: *Presses the I win button*
    Future Zenosama: Who are you? *looks around* This is horrible, did you do this?
    Goku: Nope. *Points up* He did it.

    I swear someone on Toei’s staff watched DBZ Abridged.

    • MazStar

      atleast Abridged is better than this garbage

      • Nanya

        Yeah. Then again, DBZ Abridged is almost 60 episodes long and Super is only 28 episodes long.

        • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

          How can you say that Super is only 28 episodes long when you’re making this comment in the comment section of episode 67?

          • Nanya

            First 27 episodes are just Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F movies and can be ignored. Between episode 28 and 46, only 7 episodes matter to the plot of this arc. The Goku Black/Future Trunks arc is 21 episodes long.

            Therefore, only 28 episodes.

          • Jimmy Lobe

            dude are you high?

          • Nanya

            The first two arcs (27 episodes) are just the two movies. The U6 tournament arc amounted to nothing and the episodes between 41 and 47 were just filler.

          • Nanya

            Also, it’s mostly satire about how only the Future Trunks arc has meant anything. We knew how the first two arcs would turn out thanks to the movies.

  • P A

    So in the future………..everyone out there….Whis, Whi’s Father, the powerful guard……..are thinking “someone is more powerful than Zeno, kidnapped Zeno”

  • RafaelXZ7
    • Lexxi Chen

      the muffin man ….

      • xostrowx1991

        the muffin button…

      • Taylor Haysey


    • Aaron Soldier

      Zeno isn’t a kid. Hes a god who has been alive since the beginning of time, far over billions of millennia and can wipe out the multiverse in a few freaking seconds.

      • Sarcasmpolicepullover

        Yes we all know that, sherlock. The guy made a joke and a very hilarious one at that, good luck with your Asperger

        • pheonix martin

          bardock vs bardock

    • Sohail Hamza

      what a ending to a saga. a dream ending

    • Lee Walton

      the meme-magic is STRONK in this one 🙂

  • Mick Powers

    Bardock Rules…… and I’m happy to ruin anyone’s sunday.

  • Jim Jones

    Overall … the episode seemed rushed… just like that Zeno makes it all better… a bit anticlimactic… why not have Zamasu attack Zeno* directly … see his defenses, how Zeno handles being attacked. Could have jerked me off a little longer … ? lol

  • EhnzaneSwiizle ‘ItzEhnzane’

    The 2 Zeno-samas are so cute when they’re playing ^-^

    • B-O-R-U-T-O

      Until 1 gets mad and then BOOOM!!!

  • rajak ladaaf

    why there is no sign of goten in 2nd world in childhood they used to fuse to fight but now trunks is fighting alone what a stupidity of story creators

    • Lucas Souza

      Mirai Trunk’s timeline is that in which Goku died of a heart disease during the Androids saga. So Goten was never born.

    • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

      You mean Goten who was never born in that timeline? If you can’t keep up with the story if DBZ, then you really shouldn’t call the story writers stupid.

  • Nightmare

    I just didn’t get few things.

    First of all.When goku pressed the button that Zenosama of his time gave. How can the Zenosama of that world come there? Zeno being king of all ,god of all shouldn’t have a prob to come to the future world.

    Secondly,Why didn’t Zeno of that time , didn’t come to picture even after all the gods were killed by Black and Zamasu. When he know about a tournament between two universes. Won’t he know things that will be of much higher impact?

    Next one is that even Zeno came and saw that the world was full of Zamasu’s negative energy and he destroys the entire universe. Well universe 7 to be precide. As we all know they are universe , multiverse too and even Zeno’s palace.I don’t think Zamasu’s negative energy is that powerful to be covered to all the 12 universes. Since he defeated the gods of 12 universes, at max we can say that it can be covering all the 12 universes. But we all know that it shouldn’t be having impact on Zeno’s palace. So why should he have to destroy everything and be alone with nothing hearing from a person who he doesn’t even know. He can just destroy the universe 7 and go back to his palace. I shouldn’t be a big deal as he has already destroyed 6 universes.

    Even in previous episodes we had things like potara earrings time,trunks spirit bomb all. But they were fine to an extent as we can consider that as retcons.Well true fans take everything seriously so we should have everything in place and properly explained. I just feel that just coz Goku had promised to bring a friend, they made it future zeno to appear, so that he can be the friend which I didn’t like though.

    Anyway I am glad we still have DB super going on. I at least get to see all in a new version.

    • Lexxi Chen

      answer is simple …” mr anderson”! zamasu is like agents smith in the matrix…zeno has to erase everything in order to rebuild…tis is where whiz come in …

  • Jugg Dekaprio

    Vegito sucked dick really trunks sucked dick too then they just finnesed some bs fusion with ear rings is for life the only reason they separated the first time eaten by boo

  • TurkS3T

    I can’t be the only one who noticed Gohan’s hair is in Mystic Form?!

  • Onineko

    Uh, by seeing the number of dislikes I thought this episode (and the end of Zamasu arc) will be really bad but hey, truly like it 😀 Obviously, I don’t enjoy Trunks being the main hero of the event, but still it was very good 🙂

  • Kenisu

    I was happy with this episode, as with every episode.

  • Aaron Soldier

    Trunks surpassing SSGSS Vegito and even taking down an Immortal god fused with a god who increases in power infinitely, literally makes no sense. THE FIRST time we saw Trunks in this arc, he was hardly a SSJ2 and was raped by SSJ3 Goku. Then all of a sudden he gets SSGSS? Wtf? He never even fucking trained or knew anything about the transformation itself. IN fact, it seems to me his transformation came from his extreme Anger, but what makes SSG so special, is the fact that you CAN’T attain it by any natural means, especially just by being angry. Vegeta and Goku trained years with Whis to attain their powers, Trunks just magically gets the transformation in a split second?

    Black Goku and Zamasu always complained about how much they HATED Humans, yet had many opportunities to just wipe Humanity out itself, yet did absolutely nothing. Theres even moments, were Trunks, Goku and Vegeta were nowhere around, they could have just wiped out Humanity then. Really, if they hated Humans so much, they could just have just destroyed the planet?
    The Time Machine in this arc literally became a dues ex machina to just magically escape death. Beerus even said himself, Time Travel is prohibited, and yet STILL they used the Time Machine like fucking 6 or 7 times!

    Also how the fuck did a SNIPER and some TEAR GAS stun Black and Zamasu? Lol wtf? How can two immortal gods be stunned by mortal means?

    Black Goku and Zamasu said they wiped out every god in the Dimension, that makes no sense because the first time we saw Black he was struggling to beat SSJ2 Goku, how the fuck did he kill EVERY God? Does that also include, Zenos, the King of Everything?

    Last but certainly not least, why did Black Goku and Zamasu even fucking fuse? They were far better off being unfused, and Black Goku literally made a fucking scythe and ripped a hole through the fucking Universe. He could even make clones of himself! We have never even seen that power before in DB HISTORY. Zamasu was already fucking immortal, so why the fuck did he even need to fuse. Black Goku could have easily handled, Trunks, Goku and Vegeta alone. Lol the Fusion literally made them weaker. They were already GOD form they didn’t need a fucking fusion.?

    • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

      Didn’t you watch this episode? Future Zeno-Sama is still alive.

    • Mofiz

      Look, some faggot that complains without even watching the episode just for the sake of complaining

    • DurinRath

      for your last question, corrupt power-hungry people make such mistakes.

    • Michael Blub

      This arc was terrible, but your complaints has some issues.

      Your first point: Trunks didn’t go SSGSS. It’s an unexplained form, since Trunks’s hair wasn’t blue. Only the aura looked a bit similiar, but this can be explained why you need training to be Ssj Blue. So I would assume it’s an incomplete version of the god form.

      In the manga, Trunks wasn’t going all out. His all out version of his ssj2 was actually as strong or above Ssj3 Goku.

      Your second point: This was explained all along. Zamasu(Black) wanted to destroy humanity. Not the planet. Hence blowing up the planet was never their objective. However, I do agree with what you’re trying to say. Zamasu could’ve simply used the Super Dragon Ball and wished for mortals to be gone, since Zamasu disliked mortals. But still, the point you used to address your statement is wrong.

      Your third point: Black isn’t immortal and I believed the sniper had a special bullet. Also, you think those 2 weren’t fooling around?

      Your fourth point: You haven’t watched the episode it seems. Pls watch the episode, before writing BS.

      Your last point: Black wasn’t immortal. Vegeta with rage alone was matching with the growth rate of Black. Hence Black was getting rekt. Black with scythe was only dragging on the battle, this doesn’t mean he was stronger. Zamasu was about to get sealed, while not knowing they couldn’t seal him without the “evil tag”(which Goku forgot). Hence they fused in order to prevent both to lose(Black being mortal and Zamasu being weak enough to get sealed without high Diff).

      Seriously, I dislike this arc. But your points proves you pay less or no intention + also not watching this episode.

  • vineet gaur

    emotional episode
    but still loved it
    but does this means no more future trunks? ahead

  • https://youtu.be/I-A8TwsPqlk Kamesenin Butan

    Daishinkan: Goku did terrible thing… Now I am watching two Zeno sama in the rest of my life… Goku is a threat, he must assassinated.

  • Farhan Mirza

    so whiss plans to seal zamasu in z sword?
    Any way this was the worst ending ever.

  • Uhhh.

    Worst ending you say?It was the most happiest ending I’ve ever seen.You hardcore fan always want it to end with so much action.

    • jcpb11 boom

      i agree with you,this was the best ending..i’m gonna miss this arc and the way i waited to see every sunday for a new episodes,villain was really good we got introduced to so many new things tho animation animation had problems like this episode but overall I loved it,I almost cried in this episode while waving trunks a goodbye.

  • http://www.oceanofsongs.freesite.co no title

    Feel like ideologist ?? see fusion reborn , gogeta killed enemy without heavy hit , and plus with protara the fusion power only adds with dance it multiplies , its explained in gotunks fusion…….how did they turn into ssj3 did you ever imagined ?

  • Denizcan Gücükçavuş

    OMG Can you believe Chin Chin is back.

  • Simon

    Someone better pick up the phone because i fucking called it

    i have been saying since he met black goku that goku would press the button

  • Aniket Prabhu

    That was fucking awesome!

  • A Person With a Name

    Whis: …Father.
    Me: *falls off seat* WHAT?

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Yea I have to admit this episode had lots of juicy one liners and teases of info.

  • Dabu #ThirstGod

    We need a marathon of new episodes at least 5 in a row!

    • Saïd Saleiman


  • vaibhav

    looks like gohan has begun to train with piccolo

  • sam

    trunks’s epic transformation though…..still gives me the chills…..epic moment

  • Graves with a Cigar

    When I saw Gohan and Piccolo, and saw Gohan with some sweat and that badass look, I thought “OH SHIEEET, HE’S GONNA PULL OFF A NEW TRANSFORMATION TO SHOW TRUNKS HE IS BADASS AND WISH HIM GOODBYE!”… none of that, well the goodbye part…at least he looks badass again, so that’s nice…I still want him to be back to his full power, Trunks got his arc as the successor to Vegeta, now Gohan needs one.

    • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

      I think he got his Mystic transformation back because of the intensity in his eyes and a spike from his hair over his forehead resembles his SSJ2

      • DurinRath

        how come?, old kai in his time line never made it out of the sword alive..

        • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

          No not Future Gohan, current Gohan at the ending with Piccolo

          • DurinRath

            oh ok, I thought you were talking about Trunks.

            well anyways, I’m waiting for an explanation as to why future-trunks is on a level on-par/superior to ssb’s. judging by Goku’s words “now you have the power to deal with any sort of enemy trunks, or something like that” and Vegeta’s full power punch, which he was able to handle, unlike earlier where he wasn’t able to.

  • Pakari

    Zen-Oh’s attendant is Whis and Vados’ father? Now I wonder who their mother is..

  • Omark

    Doesnt make sense that future zeno doesnt know goku and has no guards

    • Taha Ahmed Khan

      zeno supposed to be one of all timelines…i guess …

  • Super_Saiyan_Pan

    Whis’s father looks younger than him

  • Nexx

    Disliked, Only because this shit kepy stopping every like 2 minutes

    • ThatGuy984

      thats because your PC sucks or your internet sucks or simply both suck

  • ShinobiSage

    the next arc is going to be about HIT/Someone has put a hit list on goku

  • abd

    they should not have make trunks the main man

  • Akaalis

    I guess it’s confirmed. Zeno doesn’t give a flying SHIT about time-travelling violations.

    So exactly what the fuk was Beerus bitching about then?

    • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

      Good point, he’s a Boy Scout of a God whose afraid to bend some laws…also Whis’ father is a midget

      • Kaiser

        Beerus is a cat. They are very, very high strung. Source: Have owned several. Fuckers will cling to the ceiling if you pop a paper bag behind them.

    • bobbyjacabson

      I doubt that Zeno even knew they did that.

  • super

    so now there are two Zenos in the origimal timeline, and Whis could solve the whole zamasu problem from the very begining, this is pretty stupid…..

    • VoidLust


  • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

    So Zamasu’s final form is his smiley face in the sky? Looks like Toriyama is trolling his fans.

    • DurinRath

      was it toriyama who made/directed this filler-episode?.

      • DurinRath

        guess he is.. and yeah it is a bit weird.

        edit just-episode*.

      • Kaiser

        He wrote the entirety of Super. He’s been writing the anime, the manga is technically the thing with non-canon filler in it so that it doesn’t catch up to the anime.

        • DurinRath

          I see, why are they delaying the manga releases btw?, any particular reason?.

  • CoJaGa

    Dragon Ball Super could have ended right there and I would have been satisfied. Am I glad it’s still going? YES.

  • CoJaGa

    And so the filler begins…

  • Jason Perez

    Great episode all togethere , bra-VO ??????

  • Marc van der Meijden

    everything so far am fine with,but that after the fusion ended goku and vegeta couldnt go blue annymore was abit redicules,they might have spend there energie of the patora’s but there own energie was nowhere near empty so that was abit of a stupid concept,but the rest was fun.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Could be Toriyama comprimising some finally. He probably didn’t even want to involve Vegito but the fan base wanted to see it. So he wrote it in which makes sense and didn’t detract from what he wanted. So I guess that is better then nothing.

  • Majin Squall

    now that its over, i wouldnt mind rewatching this.. im glad that they didnt DBZ this with 20 more episodes

  • Jethro Bonares

    Who else realized the seven deadly sins quote

    • Markus M

      Yup I did

  • Васил Вучков

    So Beerus seals Zamasu in the time ring ? I’m i right ? And every timeline seems to have it’s own Zeno? So instead leaving Zen-Oh milions of years re-creating his own omniverse Goku brought him to become Zen-chan’s friend.Idk if im right.Please explanation and theories.

  • 21 cɑɓɓɑgɛ ✞ #ŦRASħG㊉Ð

    So it looks like Zeno Chan doesn’t exist above the universes and timelines, Time Travel is so confusing

    • DurinRath

      now that there are two Zenos in one timeline, what is the fate of the other one to which one of the Zeno’s is supposed to be the guardian/care-taker of?..

      • Acer Tech

        destroyed ….zeno destoyed the entire universe thats why he was floating

        • DurinRath

          got that, but there are other universes on his duty, what will happen to them?, given that he’s relocated to another timeline..

          • http://www.djjimmyrock.com DJ Jimmy Rock

            I don’t think Zeno only destroyed the universe, I think he destroyed the entire multiverse. Zamasu in the future had killed all of the gods and mortals from all of the different universes. So when Zamasu became the universe, Zeno whipped him and the multiverse out of existence.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        Nothing will happen to that timeline. Zeno can do anything with a thought. He is The God no one is above him. He can go anywhere or do anything. If he has to go back he can just do it. Honestly he is just looking for some amusement which is why he wants to play.

        • DurinRath

          lol, Nice explanation, I like the way you describe his nature/actions/power.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

            Thanks! I try to have an open mind as much as i can as a Youtuber. Of course have my own theories. Just like to look at Zeno this way.

  • CiscotheSoto

    I feel really, really bad for Future Trunks, and here is why.

    Future Mai: “No! That’s not true! They can’t be dead.”

    Me: But we still have the dragon balls in the past.

    Future Trunks: “They’re all dead.”

    Me: We still have the dragon balls!

    Back in the past:

    Whis: How about you and Future Man go back to another timeline in which Zamasu never attacked and everything is the way it was before Goku Black attacked?

    Me: Or, instead, we could maybe wish for Shenron to send the Super Dragon Balls to Future Trunks timeline, then wish for the universe to be recreated, with everyone who died from the androids to come back too. Isn’t that better?

    Future Trunks & Mai: Ok. We’ll do it. We’ll go to another timeline where Zamasu didn’t attack, even if there are going to be two of us.

    Me: WHAT THE F?!?!

    Also, the entire premise of episode 68 is about people wanting to use the Dragon Balls for their own selfish reasons. ?!?!?! Future Trunks is one of the most unlucky characters and must unfortunate characters I have ever seen in this franchise.

    • DurinRath

      lol, unfortunate? or lacking IQ?..

    • DurinRath

      oh wait a sec, can shenron grant such a wish as mentioned above?(think it might be beyond his power) even if they somehow transport the normal/super dragon balls to future-trunks’s timeline (not possible I think, highly unlikely to happen, the time-travel machine being too small etc..), is it possible for super/normal dragon balls of one timeline to have an effect on another?.
      only option then is to ask the super-dragon itself, which might’ve been configured to prohibit transporting ‘it’s own dragon-ball source/or anything for that matter’ to alternate timelines, besides does the dragon even understand what time travel is??..

      • CiscotheSoto

        But then you would have the Namekian Dragon Balls wish for the Super Dragon Balls to be transported to Timeline 2. And also, there has been absolutely no evidence that states certain dragon balls will only have an affect in their timeline, or Whis probably would have said it. I mean, Goku Black and Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls in Timeline 1 to destroy the Super Dragon Balls in Timeline 2, or something along those lines, meaning that they have an affect on other timelines. And even if Namekian Dragon Balls couldn’t cut it, they could just use the Super Dragon Balls in Timeline 1 to wish everyone back to normal. Why would they create a 7th timeline? What good would it be for them? These timelines are so freaking confusing, I swear to god. The point is, I think they could have saved everyone in Future Trunk’s timeline, but they chose not to for whatever reason, or they were just that stupid.

        • DurinRath

          “Goku Black and Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls in Timeline 1 to
          destroy the Super Dragon Balls in Timeline 2, or something along those
          lines” did they?, I thought they just destroyed them together (black and future trunk timeline zamasu) in that timeline.

          ” use the Super Dragon Balls in Timeline 1 to wish everyone back to normal.”, does the dragon understand/know about time-travel?, let alone know about alternate timelines?, even if Whis hasn’t mentioned it, one cannot simply conclude based on that, I mean for all we know there could be some rules that could’ve been set restricting the use of the dragon balls, given the fact that time traveling is strictly prohibited by the Gods.

          “Why would they create a 7th timeline?”, I think you are mistaken, there are only 5 time lines based on the video, excluding the white (source of all timelines or ultimate ring enabling travel across all timelines), 5 green (denoting the timelines, the latest one created due to Beerus’s killing of Zamasu in main DBS timeline).

  • kirk

    animations for episode 67 are absolutely atrocious.. wtf is going on with production of this show?

    • DurinRath

      something seemed off-beat with this one, I actually thought it was a filler.

      • CiscotheSoto

        Episode 68 will be a filler, but it actually looks kind of interesting. Goku owes it to King Kai to revive him, Gregory, and Bubbles.

      • kirk

        whole show feels like a filler, even worse then the movies. IMO this show will go down in history far worse then GT did.. but people likely wont see it that way because Toriyama is behind this Garbage himself.. shows how far out of touch he is.

        • CantIJustUseMine

          Animation sucks, sloppy logical messes with the whole Zamasu/time ring/ new world thing, the story of Future Trunks’s return terribly botched, absence of a cannon character that he should have gotten to meet since it’s his sister, not letting him go super saiyan blue but still letting him fight on the level of one, his world and mom being destroyed and him being sent to live in a world where a copy of himself already exists, and a shipping that should have never happened. What a waste.

          • DurinRath

            I don’t think it’s that bad..

  • Silverkyo

    When Future Trunks was looking at the present Gohan, then they showed flashback of the Gohan from the future, at that moment I cried so hard since I watched the future trunks tv special so many times….

  • Sleepy Champuru

    This episode was kinda cold blooded. Its like they took the victory away from Trunks

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      So happy they did this. At least this rectifies how horrible the last episode was.

      • CantIJustUseMine

        This episode is terrible too. A terrible and illogical ending to Trunks’s story.

  • Flowerchild

    Lets relish the fact that they had trunks take out a major villain before vegeta

    • DurinRath

      done , but still no explanation as to why he is so powerful, possibly on-par with ssb’s, considering Goku’s words and Vegeta’s attack from the current episode.

      • Flowerchild

        They gave him the most random power up in dragon ball history

        • Kaiser

          You mean aside from Super Saiyan, where Goku went from “getting his ass kicked” to “Freeza isn’t even a challenge” all with some hair dye?

          • Flowerchild

            I see what you mean but think of it like this, trunks ssj2 developing power from out of nowhere to match that of a God

          • DurinRath

            think Kaiser has a point here…

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Actually not only did Trunks fail to take out the villain. He failed to protect everyone he loves when Zamasu wiped out everyone on the planet. Zeno took out the main villain cause he was the only one capable of destroying an Immortal God.

      • DurinRath

        yes but how did he become so powerful in such a short period of time?.. on par with ssb’s..

  • DurinRath

    how many timelines are there now in DBS universe, exactly?, going by the box shown in the latest episode, it is 5 (the latest one created due to Beerus’s killing of Zamasu in the main timeline, I presume?), and which of these 5 timelines are Mai and Trunks traveling to? (is it 5? the latest one?), finally to which timeline is Whis traveling for stopping the endless cycle of alternate timeline creation by containing Zamasu using an unknown technique, forever? (is it 5 again?).

  • mas trev

    how thsoe he lick balls and plays with it goku is insane how is this e en possible some one please tell me

  • Saber

    i figured that since there are 6 rings, there must be 6 timelines.
    it’s also good to know that trunks wasn’t the one to actually defeat zamasu

    • Kaiser

      1) Main timeline, except Zamasu never encounters Goku.
      2) Goku dies of heart virus, 17 and 18 destroy everything, Trunks returns to past and kills them, comes back, is killed by Cell.
      3) Trunks comes back to past, 17 and 18 are defeated, Future Cell arrives and is defeated in the past, Cell is destroyed at the lab before maturing.
      4) Trunks returns to the future from 1, kills 17 and 18, and is now strong enough and prepared to fight Cell. Cell is destroyed and never claims the time machine for his own.
      5) Zamasu encounters Goku and is humiliated. Kills Gowasu. and uses the dragon balls to become Black. Joins with Future Zamasu.
      6) CURRENT TIMELINE – Zamasu’s assassination of Gowasu is prevented. Beerus destroys Zamasu before he can gain immortality.

      I THINK that’s the six, I’m not completely sure though. I’m guessing that 5 is the one that was destroyed by Zeno.

      • DurinRath

        I think there are only 5 timelines, the white ring doesn’t represent a specific timeline, its like a master ring which enables travel between timelines.

        • Kaiser

          That would make a lot more sense and explain why Zamasu/Black had a silver ring and not a green.

          • DurinRath

            actually the ring black used was the green one of future trunks’s timeline, I remember reading somewhere that the ring changes color on usage, and apparently, if you watch closely the ring originally appears green when black got ahold of it in some episode.

      • Saber

        yeah should be right

  • Nurul Eisha

    yooooo!!!! i knew it!!! i predicted long time ago that goku will call zeno for help!!!!!!

  • http://www.last.fm/user/Brownycakes Alex

    The spirit bomb thing was stupid as hell.
    I also don’t get why there is now two gods of the universe in one universe, won’t he have to return to his own universe?
    Hahaha loved the part where I guess Gohan struggled to fly to get there in time, I think Mai and Future Trunks should have kissed as they flew off though.
    Ugh this whole time travel nonsense is annoying though. Please no more Dragonball

    • Cøđý Ťhē Ğøđ

      Struggled to fly?? You are really stupid, don’t you see his hair, he’s in his ultimate form which means he’s training which is why he’s with piccolo.

  • Dante Squid Corbett

    Anyone else noticed the graphic changes on the energy waves and certain angles of goku and vegeta and mai? It looks weird… Funimation if they have that control should not mess with the animations… seems weird to me.

  • Zeroxoz

    no one is going to talk about how gohan looks ready to fucking go

  • Mirias Gates

    wtf is vegita’s face? It looks like Saitama…

  • Lazo

    Why would the writers send future trunks/mai off to another future 🙁 ….

    • CantIJustUseMine

      It would have made more sense and been more interesting to give him a fresh start by sending Trunks to universe 6 with Cabba and the other saiyans, let Trunks find a relationship with a female saiyan around his own age (as opposed to a weak, bland human older than his parents who the writers just recycled into the story to get Trunks a potential love interest without having to create an interesting new character) and form a friendship with Cabba, and maybe eventually wish for his world and mother back than it does to send Trunks and Mai to live permanently in a future where copies of them already exist. The ending of this saga (and many things about the story itself) is just one big sloppy illogical mess. They should have never let Zamasu’s spirit come back, never let Zuno destroy Trunks’ world that he worked so hard for, and never shipped him with Mai in the first place. They really botched the return of Future Trunks and left a lot of wasted/missed opportunities with the overall story. GT levels of suck here.

  • grim

    question if trunk’s time is the future why tf didnt zen know who himself was in the past also in the freiza arc gohan did mention going back to training …….wouldn’t be surprised if hes in the tournament…….and i like that they tried to extend the story nd create more plot with new powers nd transformations but come on everybody knew that button could have solved every problem from the start lmao goku just slow in the head……..and some please tell me how supremes life is tied to beerus

    • DurinRath

      know about what bro?,

      supreme kai of a universe and it’s god of destruction are a ‘set’, if one dies the other dies as well, simple as that.

  • I’m Watch n you bums

    Stop waste n bullets Mai we know you bout that life

  • DragonSlicer

    I thought the fight could’ve went on alot longer if it wasn’t for that bs 1hr and than the lower duration because of super saiyan blue, because i thought the fight was rushed because when i seen it, it looked like they did the fight and sped up the video so the fight went on so fast and it was mostly in the preview for the next episode.

  • Tyler Mathis

    wow…its like they have 3 dollars to budget this whole show

  • Aerisot

    Gohan, won’t you please do something, youw ere my favorite character for so so long, had your own movies, first to hit SSJ2, and trained with the gods, became more powerful that SSJ3 while not powered up…and now…now you are a pacifist…and it hurts me deeply.

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    wtf did I just watch? that’s more convoluted piece of shit story than something like the entire metal gear franchise lmao….

  • ray

    Gohan :'(

  • Jeffrey Dcunha

    did they change vegetas animator for a bit? he just looked plain stupid.

  • bobbyjacabson

    Most of you here seriously need to just quit bitchin’ and fussin’ about nothin’. The last few episodes of this particular were epic – especially trunks defeating zamasu. And for those of you bitchin’ about the spirit bomb not killing anyone you’re stupid wrong. It killed omega shenron for one, kid buu for another, Dr. Wheelo, Lord Slug, and Turles.

    So there’s people that the Spirit Bomb was very effective against. Now you all quit the bitchin’ and learn to appreciate the damn arc. I thought it was a damn good arc and I’m so glad that trunks defeated zamasu. He deserved that win after all he’s been through with losing everyone and so forth.

    So there spoiled asses that’s all I have to type for now.

  • DomesticRat97

    Then Trunks took up the hypothetical other-worldly dead Zamasu’s potara earrings and use them to fuse with his other-worldly counterpart and then let Mai borrow them and then they do it again every time they get separated. And Trunks would virtually still be himself, but strong enough not to rely on others help if there was a threat greater than Zamasu.

  • Taylor Haysey

    Tear Jerker! DANG!

  • What?

    Jesus, the animation on when Zamasu was becoming the sky or whatever the crap was happening was unbelievably shit…

  • José Daniel De León Vásquez
  • ZairFair

    A Happy ending of the trunks saga? 😀

  • Conspiracy Brother™

    honestly, this is making me appreciate gt

  • Conspiracy Brother™

    all this time travel is getting out of hand.
    and all these gods too. i thought goku and vegeta were gods?
    and the beings that set zamasu off in the first place weren’t even humans, they were dinosaurs or some shit.
    and why would zeno-sama of the future do what goku commanded him if he didn’t even know who he was yet?
    and where the hell did zamasu go before he came back?
    and if future zeno sama doesn’t know who goku is, then how did the button work? shouldn’t it have only worked for the present zeno sama?
    this series got so sloppy after the cell saga.

  • Max

    buu would also have made a good friend for the king of all

  • Zardock

    So it looks like nothing is going to be explained in Super anymore, especially the things that make little sense and need explanation.

  • ArpanK.

    not working

  • god of distruction

    hey guys wo is wiss mother ????

  • johnnt

    WTF is up with the illustration of the characters in this episode?

  • Rainy Nightmare

    i cryed like a bitch and idk even why

  • Llerrejt Trawets

    Is there a trick to play the episodes? Not working on Chrome or Safari for me.

  • Julian Nico Deogracias Kho

    Its all about what you feel inside your heart. not from all bullshit on your mind.

  • Ali abuadea

    Omni-king Omni-King BFF

  • Peli on Pelattu

    behold, the zamasu-troll! would make some creepy wallpaper.

  • Sadao

    Amazing episode

  • Naoe ◘ ナエエ

    This is so bizzare… the most powerful entity.. now has a twin… with equal power.. both of them mentally deranged… what is this building into?

  • Lee Walton

    Some cool wee time-conundrums near the end, and more wholesome goodness between Goku & Zeni

  • MidniteFistfite

    While convoluted, I still appreciated this episode.