Dragon Ball Super episode 65 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 65 : “Title”


  • blowjob

    blowjob the best

  • blowjob 4 u

    blowjob the best!!!!

  • DBLeon

    I think because everyone’s Hyping Vegito it might not happen 🙁

    • Tamim Addari

      Wrong 😀

      • DBLeon


  • Truth

    One thing that many don’t know about the Omni-king is that its palace actually have its “own timeline”. As a person above everything, Zen-oh is also above the time. There is only one Zen-oh in total amongst the timelines. No matter how many timelines there exist and which one you use to travel to the Zen-oh’s palace, you actually travel to another “timeline” and therefore end up to meet the same Zen-oh as the other timelines “has”.

    Therefore, when Goku will press the button in the future’s timeline, Zen-oh will remember Goku from the other timeline even without ever meeting the future timeline’s Goku.

    • DBLeon

      Well shall see.

    • Marc van der Meijden

      that is because time doesnt realy exist we humans made that up to meshure event and be intime for something,what is actualy happening is we all live in 1 eternal moment meshured by the passing of events.

  • Kevin Marbella

    Or maybe fusion super saiyan god gogeta. Even though it was gt it was still there original artwork. We may see a new form of gogeta than what we know


    Goten and trunks from past can came to make fussion super sayne and vegita and goku san can also be a fussion super sayne thats why there will be two fussion super saynes.There will be an amazing fight god vs two fusaion super saynes

    • GodOfTheHolyHentai

      Nice way of spelling fusion and saiyan m8


        I just wanted to give my openion just leave the spelling

        • darkracer

          i think it’s better if you just learn to spell

        • hame

          maybe they arent english???


      Still there’ll be no gogeta

  • Nishkant sinha

    Nic fuse

  • Trevor

    Plot twist: Vegeta and goku fuse, trunks and gohan fuse, then the gohan/trunks fusion fuses with gogeta

  • Walid Eid

    what about first gohan and trunks fuse then they make gotenks, then vegeta and goku will fuse then they make gogeta. finally getenks and gogeta fuse so they make gogetenks

    • TuTu

      Power limit should be the same to fuse

    • Wolfnrun

      That would be insane! not a bad idea! Just, they have to make sure there fusing level of power (Or however the hell it’s calculated now) then do it!

      • TuTu

        Yes youre right. They can calculate their power and fuse. Wow.. That much of power can distroy both of them from two punch. ?

        • darkracer

          they cannot fuse with the dance.
          you have to be of equal size and power lvl

          • TuTu

            ? i know . hahaha

    • Scott Baker

      it wont be called gotenks idiot GOTENKS TAKES GOTEN and ends ks to the end
      trunkten would be another.

      gohan and trunks would be Gotrunk

      or Truhan

    • Kalum Liddell

      I’m pretty sure Metamorise fusion can’t fuse with another of the same type, if they used potara to use gogeta and gotenks it would work. because when potara fused the 2 beings used for fusion Don’t actually exist till it is reversed.

    • Massimiliano Loschi

      pen pineapple apple pen gogetenks

    • kabir0000

      I have a vegeta, I have a goku
      I have trunks, I have a goten….
      Ugh Gotenks!
      Gogetaaa, Gotenks!
      UGH! Gogetenks

    • Ling Ho

      or if they only had their tails and an artificial moon from capsule corp, they’d retain their senses as super saiyan god apes with blue hair. this transformation might be more powerful than a fusion with gotenks

      • Chris Corona

        Get the fuck out of here with that GT crap you blasphemous heathen.

        • Ling Ho

          stfu fuking idiot, im not saying gt was any good. gt was shitty as fuk. The idea of a moon and gogeta was interesting none the less. It reminded me of when master roshi used krillins head to hypnotize goku into thinking it’s a moon to grow into an ape at the martial arts tournament.

        • Ling Ho

          you do know the artificial moon was invented from master roshi’s bald head krillin from the Original Dragonball anime right? it would make sense if capsule corp invented something to help regain powers of the moon. wonder who’s the blasphemous heathen now, hypocrite

    • Skyler Sylvester

      Plot twist, Bulma turns into a super saiyan and has massive tits that kill everyone!!!

  • Wolfnrun

    I think we will see everyone and thing dying and that’s about it, pretty much

  • aj

    hello does anybody knows where can i watch new uncensored hentai?

    • Wolfnrun

      You’r on the wrong website

      • ag

        am just asking for suggestion…whch wud b d best webite?

  • aj

    and plz dnt say google it…i already tried tht need best website for “new” uncensored hentai

  • adimo_adem
  • adimo_adem
    • Steven Kisamore

      can you stop?

      • adimo_adem


  • Nelson ZG


  • Achilles

    WHY don’t they use the sensu beans?
    They had like 50 chances in the last 5 episodes.

    • Achilles


      • Inamri

        maybe in the next episode they will use them , because vegito looks good.

        • Achilles

          I do understand they didn’t use them to forward the story, but the way they do it seems inconsistent. If you not going to use them, then make the situation miserable to the point that they dont have time to do so.
          Up until now they were eating dirt so many times and having long lecture break times inbetween without using the sensu beans 😀

    • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

      Black and Zamasu don’t know about the sensu beans, they probably will aim for it just like how Black destroyed the time machine twice(and also failed twice = 4 attempts).
      remember when Black was wondering if Trunks is immortal xD

    • JeffBrian

      RIGHT? Trunks was holding Vegeta like “Yo you dying and I can save your life but I’ma just watch Goku struggle.” I was like give yo damn father the sensu bean already

  • Steven Kisamore

    omfg super sayian blue Vegito

    • Scott Baker

      yeah and its inacurate i mean they patara fused.. so shouldnt vegito have saiyan armour ?

      • Denis Kreynin

        There’s nothing inaccurate about this. This is exactly how Vegito always looked. He has saiyan armor boots and gloves. He has articles of clothing from both Goku and Vegeta.

        • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]

          The guy ist just wondering because earlier vegetal didnt have this plate body, which he now have on.

          but its just a small thing… I think its cool how it is,

          • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]

            nvm just saw the ep


          • Godmax

            Goddamn nice to see Vegito having to fight really hard this time not like that easy Buu stuff 🙂 Its going to be damn wild but Gokus Kamehame is useless ofc ^^

      • Jist

        no…it automatically put them in Kai clothing …to signify that’s its that type of fusion…just like the fusion dance they have signify clothing Scott baker

      • Db VegetaFAN

        Have you seen This ‘Vegito’ first time….

      • Saber

        yeah but vegeta’s armor got blown off remember

    • XxxMmm

      yesssss yessssssssssss know thats what i am talking about

    • Лука Паушак
  • Inamri

    VEGITO CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Inamri


    • Steven Kisamore

      THE HYPE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jarun Joseph

    Zamusa is mutating ?? Maybe cause they are not both Saiyans

    • Steven Kisamore


      • Achilles

        The time ring will break thus making changes in Zamasu.

    • Inamri


    • Steven Kisamore

      Remember black goku got his body from taking Goku form and he cant get full grip the body

    • Achilles

      The time ring will break thus making changes in Zamasu.

  • adimo_adem

    Why short episode!

  • TrueSaiyan

    We’ll finally see SSGSS Vegito going berserk! Can’t wait for the episode!

    • ThatGuy984

      its not called ssgss anymore..not for a long time now…its simply Super Saiyan Blue now..

      • TrueSaiyan

        I know that and you’re right. But they were originally designated as Super Saiyan God for tapping into god ki thus achieving a god form. I never really understood why they changed it to SSBlue and that’s why i still say it like this.

  • adimo_adem

    Why every second comes publicity?

  • adimo_adem

    Trivial episode
    I have two and I’ll wait and with the last episode and a short ……pffffffffffff

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    it’s annoying that they can handle his Ki charges without fusion ..
    I wanted Trunks to fail and feel hopeless and completely shocked then ask himself “WHY?! *crys* *hits the ground hopelessly*” cuz he’s ridiculously getting stronger without ANY Zenkai boost.

    if they can win in terms of power with Vegito, I’m assuming they can do the Mafuba if they want ..
    oh well, I will just enjoy the show without complaining, this ep made me go crazy with that Zamasu’s fighting style hahah.

    • Tamim Addari

      On the contrary I can’t think of any reason why zamasu should have that much power with that less training , be a god or whatever.

  • adimo_adem

    Trivial episode
    I have a week and I’ll wait in the last episode and short and trivial ……

  • balls

    I just jizzed at that preview

  • balls

    so hard

  • Tuanghoa

    S. Vegito is coming to the scene. Nice

  • John

    dude stop spoiling!!!! I am reading the comments and I see spoilers

    • Denis Kreynin

      You’re not being smart for reading the comments of a video before watching the video. Why would you do that? That’s on you, man.

  • Vonderhaarhar (GOT A JUGG >:D)

    where is fcking subs!??!?!

  • The Hash Slingin’ Slasher®
    • Scott Baker

      it was out 10 hours ago live what you epect idiot

      • The Hash Slingin’ Slasher®

        *expect, idiot

        • A Rogue Chihuahua

          Put some respeck on it

        • Ifrinpls

          A typo will never be as stupid as asking for subs before 24h after release.

    • Irfan Bhat (Emmah)

      watch now 😀

  • Jay R Manchiraju

    Holy crap it’s Android 8

    • That guy

      don’t you mean eightoer? did i spell it right ah who cares

  • hombre!

    zamasu is a beast! this episode was the business! Next episode will be fucking crazy, two merged gods battle in beast mode!

    • Marc van der Meijden

      and vegito is just having fun,can you inmagine if vegito gets serious and pist in not giving up mode,that wil be crazy 🙂 its funny how they Always have there strongest moments when there having a hard time,its like they get more stronger the more they are in a though spot.

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    nah akira toriyama is taking the mick

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    vegeto is back

  • Dabu #ThirstGod

    What about Super Saiyan 4 Blue Vegito!

    • Moses Herve Johnson II

      nah bruh

      • Dabu #ThirstGod

        That would be crazy tho

        • OA

          Ssj4 doesn’t exist gt isn’t cannon

          • NoClipMode

            Yep, GT isn’t canon. It’s not a real DB, just a mediocre cash grab. SSJ4 is shit anyway, looks ridiculous.

          • Jr Junior

            gt is an alternate timeline just as super is and the latter sagas of Z….the zamasu saga in Super takes place in the original timeline where Goku and Vegeta doesnt exist and all of the Z team is dead post android saga…so saying gt doesnt exist can be said about Super since its an alternate timeline where Goku and Vegeta are alive when they originally die…and thats leading all the way from the original Dragon Ball episode/Manga

          • Chris Corona

            “GT” isn’t an alternate timeline, or universe, or dimension. “GT” is not canon. “GT” does not exist. Toriyama has said this on multiple occasions, as he had no part in writing the story plot of “GT”.

            “Super” is not an alternate timeline either. Goku and Vegeta are currently fighting Zamasu in a different timeline than their own, but the “Super” series itself takes place between the death of Majin Buu and the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament where Goku meets Uub in “Z” and, therefore, is canon.

          • OA

            No gt wasn’t even created by akira toriama and he never said it was cannon. He is the creator and owns the rights to the db universe. What he says goes. And the whole alternate timeline thing exists in dragon ball. Gt can’t be a alternate timeline because it’s supposed to be the same one that goku and his friends live in now. The one that we have seen since the beginning of dragon ball. Saying that super doesn’t exist is just retarded. It is one of the three timelines that is in the entire universe. The original is future trunks’s, and the third is the one cell came from.

        • OA

          I agree tho that would be crazy powerful

  • NiggerBeater

    I kid you not android 8 is gonna show up and whoop zamasu’s ads

    • kabir0000

      Android 8: Surprise mothe f***a (Gives Zamasu an light tap)
      (Zamasu dies by spontaneous combustion)

  • Marc van der Meijden

    now thats what am talkin about,finaly some big action and some serious not giving up put into effurts,when goku started that kameameha i was like yup thats the goku who isnt gonna lose he is gonna blast right through zamasu’s attack,i hope the next episode proves me right,when goku is in that moment he Always does it.
    i just wonder how vegito wil handle zamasu if he is inmortal?

    • Tobirachi

      Million Dollar Question.

  • YourAwesomeMexican

    I have a feeling on the Next DBS Movie, there going to fuse to Gogeta again, and make him SSGSS

  • Beerus

    noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! It ended so quickly!!! It feels like I was watching for 5 minutes!!!! WHYYYYYY!! kameha was working!!

    • Anime4Life

      Its k fam we all been trough this.

    • David Lopez

      thats because all they do is talk and the charecters repeat what everyone already knows

  • daniel keogh

    I want to wake up next weekend Saturday???

  • BossKing75

    Why the hell is Zamusa turning purple and looking weird

    • Some guy

      hes salty af

  • Some guy

    There was a lot of cheesy moments in this episode, but over all it was okay.

  • Anime4Life

    Fuckings amazing episode just like last episode!!! Lets gooooo somone plz hold me before i rage out of hapiness.

  • Hobomanchild

    Episode: Another good one. Some nice vegeta and trunks moments. Of course there’s goku taking care of an attack that took vegeta and trunks working together to trumph, but eh, gokulogic.

    Next Episode: YAASS! Hype. So much. Basically what we all knew this whole ZamasuxZamasu thing was leading up to.

    I mean I do kinda wish it was an official Gogeta, but whatever. They had to create an immortal, stupidly powerful, potara fused, literal god to take on SSJB Vegito.

  • Bhargav Kannan


  • Truth

    Remember, Zamasu itself isn’t immortal, it’s the body. And due to different events in the future, Captain Ginyu is still alive as a frog. Zamasu can be killed after this trick: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3fbeca0d7e64718a661af8fdfdd9984513473b030372831ae84af71440a23a92.png

  • Graves with a Cigar

    CAN SOMEONE PICK UP THE PHONE ‘CAUSE I CALLED IT ! (well, most of us did, it was so obvious)

  • Nikhil

    Where is vegito? They didn’t even fuse..what are you all talking about?
    Real exciting this episode was, but short lived :/ can’t wait for the next one 😀

    • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]

      LOOK preview

  • Mycah

    Why was there perverted pics in the comment section… me and my little bro were watching and scrolling down on the comments then we saw it… I’m 15 and he’s 12 and we were kinda in shock… please delete it for us if you can. I don’t know how to…

  • amaan99

    me to

  • amaan99

    me to
    its awesome

  • NearlyNova

    Lately it’s just been cliff hanger after cliff hanger. I’m not gonna know what to do once this fight is finally over

  • god’s rook

    Getting bored

  • JUX

    Best episode of super yet…the ending scene with Goku was the best yet

  • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]


  • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]


  • Alessandro Bambini

    Stop put spoilers in the thumbnail (ep 66 thumbnail), are you fucking retard or what?!

  • Rakcoon

    Why is super so fucking terrible? This dialogue is probably took 5 minutes to write.

    • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]

      its action bro

      • Rakcoon

        Then why do they talk so much?

        • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]

          rage talks
          its normal bro

          • Rakcoon

            It’s not rage talk it’s pointing out what’s going on talk.

          • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]

            thats what I mean, to clear out the situation
            its normal fora action anime to stretch it. But ofc no high level dialogues.

    • Bob

      And Z wasn’t like that?

    • Ciksson

      To reduce costs, this is also why art/animation looks like it has been done by complete and utter amateurs.

  • Scott Baker

    so anyone dissapointed that vegito is taken battle damage in next episode preivew? i mean by power scaling zamasu at moment should be buuhan in terms of scaleing a toy a fly to vegito

    • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]

      yea the thing is… even trunks had a chance at the end vs zamasu lel

      • Scott Baker

        well thats diffrence i get what sgoing on its possible battle damaged vegito is mostly near end of episode. with all vegito power, hes not immortal like zamasu so zamasu feels no fatigue.
        it get to point where vegito starts to tire plus ssj blue dose take its tole,

        so in end i think because of the RIFT black opend to distort time and all this power shake up thats what may cause omniking to arrive. its odd how through all this zamasu has not once thought he would anger the omniking

        • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]

          but the preview showed that the immortality can be broken without omni king.. so…

    • Bob

      Umm, you forget all too much here. Zamasu is clearly a lot stronger than the main universe’s Supreme Kais, AND he fused with a Zamasu that had Goku’s power, AND he’s immortal, AND Goku Black (Also Zamasu) is at least as Strong as SSJB Goku, AND Fusion is more than a simple 1 + 1 deal. Plus, Trunk clearly got stronger when he fought his timeline’s version of Dabura, and all the beatings he took between killing his Cell and now could boost his potential quite a bit.

  • Azeem Hasan

    omg first fused zamasu was epic then father son galic gun and now goku is at peak?
    how will vegito change back to goku and vegeta?

    • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]

      dragon balls of namek

      • Azeem Hasan

        i guess this time they are at god stages only dragon ball super would help

        • SCHÄDEL[Prospect-Emirat]

          don’t think so, but could be

        • Scott Baker

          its not like he fused in ssj blue (as that would shorting there life span as elder kai said in dragonball z to goku when goku asked about fusion with gohan as a ssj3) zamasu is immune to that as he is immortal

          • Ling Ho

            or he loses his immortality, imagine him being disrupted by fusing flushes his immortality out the window

  • Justin Toledo


    • CantIJustUseMine

      That should have been the end.

      • A Rogue Chihuahua

        Nah cuz that would’ve been too rippy

    • yahir

      true true true

  • Saber

    Fight a fusion with a fusion. been waiting for this

  • Sorakh2634


    • Junior

      even tho gokus single kamehameha pushe back merged zamasus attack

  • HBelton

    Gogeta is stronger than Vegito.

  • Fuck DBZ

    fuck you DBZ. Anime like a shit

  • Pemalite

    Want me to turn my Ad Blocker off? THEN GET RID OF THE POP UPS AND VIDEO/AUDIO ADVERTS. *Goes to another website*

    • Taro

      It’s stupid they have those. I don’t want to take it off either.

    • MajinPopUpAd

      This. Total cancer. I don’t mind banner adverts, but come on. Pop ups?

    • jake

      uBlock Origin make sure though you go to options and disable cosmetic filtering

    • Luxion

      There’s a whole section of other non-advertised sources below the video. Use Dailymotion.

    • Delaverga Uni

      Same here. Everytime Im on this website, some music and ads play in background too as well as pop ups. I give it no permission to do so. Therefore ad blocker is always on. Theres other websites out there and im not bound to this one. Never coming back here again.

    • Abhinav Rajan

      Install Ad Block in google chrome

    • Vlad

      just disable it before playing the video. as soon as the video starts playing you can put it back on, it wont interfere with the video

    • protone5414

      but they need to eat!

  • vegeta

    i liked the concept of making vegeta hero upon the goku,add some more of these kind of thing and dragonball super will reach other heights.

  • Smofo

    Sure full of intrusive ads now and shit doesn’t even work. I’ll go watch somewhere else.

    • Luxion

      There’s a whole section of other non-advertised sources below the video.

  • Brandonn Carl Louie

    Solo Kamehameha is stronger than Galick Gun ^ 2
    BTW , Vegito is Real !

  • Fallen Angel

    Zamasu’s power doesn’t seems to be dragon ball at all lmao

    • Ciksson

      This, i thought i was watching a poor copy of Neon genesis evangelion.

  • Pakari

    Eighter? He’s still out there! Oh, yeah! The first Android character in the franchise makes a cameo appearance!

  • David Lopez

    Man im getting kinda disspointed . theyve been doing to much talking and nothing really happends.zamasu explained what his power is than the other blue guys said the same thing & compaired to naruto the charecters in Dbz dont really move alot.

  • David Lopez

    how many episodes do u need to defeat zamasu i wana see the tournament

    • Bob

      Oh like Dragonball’s pacing hasn’t always been like this. Are we still on Namek? Remember that joke?

      • Ling Ho

        dragonball’s pacing was always comfortably fast for goku as a kid, i think you meant dragon ball z’s pacing. i get the feeling that whoever is producing the recent db super needs to review their original values from dragonball sigh

  • random

    he has no time ring, so he should disappear, gap in story.
    We all know that go ku will win, so why this is taking so long?

  • CantIJustUseMine

    I feel like they really should have let Trunks and Vegeta have this victory, since Zamasu/Black Goku killed Bulma and since it would have kind of been like how Goku and Gohan finished Cell. But it was still kind of cool. Hopefully at some point we’ll get to see Future Trunks become a super saiyan blue. He needs to, since he’s the only powerful good guy/ Z-fighter left in his timeline to face whatever demons and gods show up and the writers illogically decided to stick him with useless-ass, older-than-his-mother Mai instead of giving that role to a new female saiyan character or some other new type of female Z-fighter character.

    • Godmax

      Killed Bulma? They also killed Chichi and Gohan and so on…..

  • NumbZkull Noise

    First in DBZ we got Father-son Kamehameha, now we got Father-son Galick Gun <3

  • ok i like trunks

    i swear to god.. if trunks isn’t the one to end it, im gonna have a stroke

  • Ciksson

    At this points i dont know what is worse, art/animation or script/story.

    • stevoman75

      The art and animation have gotten much better. looks really good at this point. You must not know much about that side of things.

      • Ciksson

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a8f33ed98c104c33d177e1772f33b2bd9d528c1d7742b2fd4ab764679afc43ff.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/69e26cbb1d3c4617f24afec4562025f7129fc1267640c18763c727ea59f72712.jpg

        Yep, it looks “really good”. I suggest you either buy a new pair of glasses, or take an art/animation class to learn to spot a difference between shit and quality. I offer it for 100 bucks per hour, are you interested?

        • stevoman75

          I have taken art and animation classes… I can take a single screen of literally any long running anime and tell you it’s terrible. You obviously have no clue how animation is made. This isn’t feature length, this isn’t an ova. Art and animation is an incredibly tough and time consuming thing to make perfect so when you plan to run hundreds of episodes it will never be perfect, therefore quick less meaningful scenes don’t change much from the thumbnail sketches and hardly anyone can ever tell the difference. The more important set piece moments in the show have improved substantially since right before this new saga. From your comments on teaching me anything you proved to literally know nothing of the industry. Anyone you get to pay you anything is being robbed.

          • Ciksson

            Nobody is making an argument based on how “difficult or time consuming” is to make art/animation, nobody is making an argument on how it is made and nobody is making an argument that it should be “perfect”. The argument is that art/animation in DBS is bad. It cannot compare to 27 year old DBZ let alone to newer anime`s.

            I suggest you take a few more art/animation classes, and while you are at it, you can also take some classes in English.

  • Mugen

    I want them to bring back SS4. I liked it better than SSB/SSG. It’s supposed to be a reference to the monkey king son goku, which is a god. so It would make sense to bring him back somewhere. fuck peoples opinion about GT. That was my shit and still is.

    • Hakuryuu

      GT is non canon

      ssj4 look çancer

      • Mugen

        Not the point. they can still bring it back dumbass. people still like ss4.

        • Hakuryuu

          Lmao, JK bro chill out I just only like Ssj4 fur body and powerful warrior

  • JUX

    You guys complain way too much.. dragon ball super is great

    • Anas Shayk

      hahahha That right

  • http://tuanvo.info/ Tuan Vo

    Just a half of Zamasu is immortal.

    • Thomas Quist

      You could see half of his body body was getting damaged after the ending song. Hes also wearing those kai earrings

    • Enix

      Infinity times any number is infinity

  • tyrannusnocens

    the denial of adblock has been making me want to go somewhere else to watch it,it was never an issue till like 3 weeks ago,now I have to disable it,get popups,and lower my video quality to even make these watchable. I used to be able to watch 1080p no problem,now I gotta drop it to like 480 cuz of how much of my bandwidth this all takes up…this is probably the last episode that I watch here.

  • Godmax

    Very another wild episode but questionable nevertheless. All fighting him alone and also he is immortal….this shit leads to nowhere ^^

  • GokuSSJWhite


  • Joran

    So this confirms that, Vegito > Gogeta. Nice!

    • Irfan Bhat (Emmah)

      Nooooooooo! I will never admit that

    • Pipo

      Nope . The vegito who fought buu would stand no chance against gogeta who nearly reached the level of a god of which goku and vegeta currently are . He might stand a fight against one of them separate , but not gogeta.

    • Joran

      Well, if they do the dance and Gogeta is the one to beat Zamasu-Goku then I’ll retract what I said. :))

    • Ifrinpls

      No, because you are comparing SSJB Vegito vs Gogeta.

    • Luxion

      Well Gogeta doesn’t actually exist here so we may never know.

    • Daniel

      It was always confirmed, The Patara earing fusion is a stronger fusion than the fusion dances fusion. Patara earings are made by the gods and the fusion dance was taught to Goku from the metamorens in otherworld

  • Irfan Bhat (Emmah)

    God Plz Can i go to future only for 20 minutes :/

  • Nathan Arce

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    • Martin Meyer Olesen

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      • napoleonic sp007rz

        trunks is the new gohan or broly here lol, all that mystic and lssj thing is transformed into that blue-yellow hybrid ssj…

        however when you think of this with all the contexts and lore/story about future trunks, you have to admit future trunks deserves this far more than gohan and broly… all that frustration, despair, pain are inhumanly forced into future trunks with all those loss he got ever since his alternate future story came into DBZ, compare that to gohan with the ssj2 and mystic transformation or how broly went lssj just because of a baby lol… the emotional baggage that future trunks carry would probably kill broly lol.

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    20:50. Stop being in denial. The simple fact that some people are saying “its
    getting better” proves that it sucks overall. On top of that, the creator Toriyama himself
    said he was disappointed in it and complained to the animation studio. hundreds of

    thousands of fans, plus the creator himself cant all be wrong

    • Enix

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      • SuperSucks

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    Vegeta: There is one thing I’d like to know. Tell me, will I meet that clown Kakarot in the other world?
    Piccolo: I’m not going to lie to you, Vegeta, although the answer may be difficult for you to hear. This is the truth. Goku devoted his life to protecting the lives of other. Because of his selflessness, when he died, he was allowed to keep his body and travel to King Kai’s Planet. You, on the other hand, have spent your life in pursuit of your own selfish desires. You’ve caused too much pain. When you die, you will not receive the same reward.
    Vegeta: Oh well, so be it. That will be all, get out of here and hurry!

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    ANd fuck blue sayan i want more fucking awosome transformations i want them supreme GODS and then GOKU VS VEGETA FIGHITING AND DESTROying THE UNIVERS MOTHER FUCKERS AND TO KILL EACH OtHER IT WILL BE SUPREME DBZ !!!!!!!!!

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    In DragonBall it was about cool plot, character development, friendship and developing side by side. Though DBZ was more about power it still had a great plot and several characters were still relevant and felt important and the anime expanded on development for many characters. Now it’s turned in to a show were Goku and Vegeta are the only ones effective against opponents. Make Piccolo and Gohan relevant again and have fights that have more strategy just like Universe 6 Arc.

    ALSO yes I know power-levels are irrelevant but come on, at least in DBZ and original DB there was a real explanation. (like Kaioken, Transformations, special training, emotions blocking true power(Gohan) or being traded in exchange for life force). But now it’s I’ve just suddenly got stronger than I was 5 minutes ago.

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