Dragon Ball Super episode 64 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 64 : “Title”


  • kraken296


  • Dbz super

    Warning the dbz super episode 64 ur about to watch is wayyyyyy to epic!!!!!

    • Wolfnrun

      No. IT’S TO MUCH! IT’S OVER 9000! How can this be?!? Nooo!

  • Dbz super

    Vegetas rage was soooo epic it made my cry!!!!!!!?????????

    • josethemacho .

      Maybe Trunks rage, Vegeta was one step higher in power.

    • flyguy860

      Vegetas hasnt raged yet lol… He just barely powered up at the end of the episode.

      • buttocks

        Vegeta already rage

  • Donivan Biggs


  • Farhan Tanvir Nabil Ftn

    I will have to wait 6days for ep 64!! Seriously
    This is insane.

    • SaMuel Sam

      i was thinking the same

  • athik

    Waiting to see the 64th episode

  • Sparkz

    I GOT IT!!! Well… Maybe… Since Supreme Kai is there, he has two Potara earings, so it could be that Vegeta and Goku also fuse, possibly… If not, there can be only a few other theories. (Bulma, Kai’s, Zen-Oh, Trans or Kaio-Ken)… Can’t wait!!!


    • flyguy860

      Same thoughts I had… Remember at the end of episode 32 they said that Supreme Kai was able to unfuse with Kabito using the Kamekian dragon balls. So I think that may become the same case if they use the Potarra Earrings

      • Evil Deedz

        Or they can go inside margin Buu to unfuse that they did in Buu ark against super Buu 🙂

        • Wolfnrun

          True, however. Buu isn’t much a fighter. Buu can now be best compared to gohan. Once a super strong warrior, now a couch potato of sorts. They could come out of nowhere and start fighting again with new teqnuiqes and stuff

          • Evil Deedz

            Am sorry but wasn’t comparing Buu to any fighters just saying that Goku and Vegeta can use the earring fuse then go inside of margin Buu to defuse (after the fight with zumaku lol

          • Wolfnrun

            Don’t be sorry? It’s fine!Also yes! That is in fact true!

          • Evil Deedz

            To carry on what u was saying if to compare Margin Buu to a fighter he be still same as he was when fighting kid buu and recon he will play a big role when Uub comes into the show 🙂 or Krillian side kick if it gets too dangerous on potrol 🙂

    • Iamsmarterthenyou

      I feel if there’s going to be a fusion of any kind this soon into the season it would have to be Trunks and Vegeta. It’s way to soon for a goku and vegetal fusion… I mean trunks did say he would do anything to kill black and he is vegeta’s son so the fusion is more likely judging from the plot currently given.. and just maybe after all that goku might hit his button..

      • Stefan

        There is the possibility that all 3 fuse, if that’s possible. But if you’re right about Trunks and Vegeta, that would be really cool to see. They gave us a preview of their fusion in a DB Heroes video, it can be found on Youtube.

        • Stefan

          youtube /watch?v=qhQcg62kESI

        • Best line ever


          • Stefan

            Hahaha, yeah, or Kagenks.

      • Hakimul Islam

        you have to be of equal power to fuse with the fusion dance, dont u? as much as i love trunks, he’s nowhere near vegeta atm

        • Austin Jaganshi Donnelly

          Yeah, with the fusion dance. Pretty sure you don’t need to be of equal power with the potara earrings, though. IE Supreme kai and the pink-what’s-his-face fusing. I don’t think they had the same power. I don’t think Zamasu and Black are totally equal in power level either. Black is pretty clearly stronger than Zamasu. The only reason Zamasu can keep up with the Z-fighters is because he’s immortal.

  • DBLeon

    Dragon Ball Super is getting better and better!

  • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns

    Ian the Alien… what the ad

    • Egg_Runner

      i’m confused too…..

    • Tyson Anti Republican Crusader

      Idubbbz that crazy fucker.

    • Wolfnrun

      That was absurd

      • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns

        Yes, a chaos

  • Wolfnrun

    It’s either fusion, maffuba, or omni king that will end this

    • Marciano Mac Donald


    • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

      or both fusion and maffuba, merged Zamasu must be immortal too.
      but how will he fall in the jar? he’s an immortal Pokemon, won’t feel the pain to be tamed.

      • Wolfnrun

        Invincibility could go away upon merging. That could be a drawback from merging. At least, that’s a possibility. I just want to see more!

        • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

          I want to see more too, but if he’s not immortal, he probably won’t be stronger then Vegito and learning the Mafuuba will be useless, right? makes sense.

          • Wolfnrun

            Well. Maybe. Just maybe…

        • Madara_ Uchiha

          ity may also have been a benefit, they keep the immortality and that is Goku black didnt want to do it? I dont know, it could be literally anything, they could be as strong as the omni king for all we know

        • Mizo Soo

          You must not know how the potara earring work. Why do you think Zamasu was the one who put the earring on his right ear? Go watch the episode on supreme kai’s fusion with kabito and learn how they work.

          • Wolfnrun

            I know how the potara earings work… Please don’t tell me to go watch an episode I already saw. Key word “Possibiity” Why? because anything can happen. It isn’t always logic

    • Amir Ali

      I know whats going to happen, fuaion wont happen between goku and vegeta as that will destroy their body, they wont use mufasa as it wont work on immortals i suppose, the thing going to end this is, omni king button, i mean there must be a use of that bibble button omni king gave goku, isnt it? I mean everything have a meaning

      • Chirag

        fusion is confirmed in the ark

        • Hakimul Islam

          what if they were just talking about zamasu and black??

      • Gedvis

        no zamasu and black goku do fusion and then goku vegeta and all of planet humans will die then hit will trie to revive goku vegeta ant others

        • Gedvis

          black goku and zamasu will be white saiyan

        • Jon Jeffries

          that would be the ultimate shit if they brought HIT in to revive fallen G&V. That would throw everybody off.

          • EhnzaneSwiizle ‘ItzEhnzane’

            Hit is dead already, as in the future.

          • Wolfin

            hit is from universe 6.

        • Serhat G

          Goku must press on the button that King of All gived him and tadaa every thing is normally again.

      • Sniber

        fusion will destroy their body ? WTF ?? It makes body stronger
        mafuba wont work on immortals ? WTF ?? Thats what mafuba is for

        you are high

        • shit you

          mafuba will effect they just left the seal .. dont you see Zamasu is so afraid.

          • Sniber

            we know that NOW because we saw ep 64. that comment of mine was before it was released

          • bewareKRAKEN

            you usually try to fight with people who are backing up your statements or is this a new thing?

          • Sniber

            I was talking about that point of forgetting the seal. Got problem in reading ?

        • You thought

          Fusion as in gogeta dickheadYou’re an idiot, he means fusion as in gogeta dickhead

          • Sniber

            What does it matter motherfucka dumbass ? Both fusion make them stronger not destroy the body you f*ckface son of whore slut. You are mentally deficient son of bitch. Go suck your ass.

          • robert

            both ways make them stronger but the dance has a timer then they split it will destroy them cause the earrings they will b 1 forever or until sumone finds a way 2 force them apart they only split last time inside of boo

          • Sniber

            splitting back to their original forms =/= being destroyed. its horribly wrong term to use.

      • Max

        omni king will take zamasu as his new playfriend.

        • Mhar Tabios

          This is what im also thinking because he will not break…

        • Mizo Soo

          No, Omni King will find Zamasu annoying and erase him from existence. Even if Zamasu had a change of heart about mortals, he should be doing what he can to support them after all he’s done, not chill with Omni king… wtf?

          • Mizo Soo

            If anyone is going to be Omni kings friend it might be that pink nipple character whatever his name is he was so annoying I forgot all about it but he travels the universe and is so friendly and weak probably will serve as a pet than a friend but that omni king is like a child he wouldn’t know the difference

          • Max

            but we don’t know what Omni King’s idea of fun is.
            Like Mhar Tabios said, he needs a toy that can’t break, and zamasu wished himself immortal.
            So if Omni King uses him as some kind of punching bag he will basically be in hell forever. haha

      • Pakari

        “Fusion destroys the body”, yeah, that’s completely wrong. The closest thing we’d get to that is when SSJ Blue + Kaioken goes wrong.
        “Mafuba doesn’t work on immortals”, idiot, they chose the Mafuba as the solution BECAUSE it’s meant to seal unbeatable foes, including imortals.

      • Poop Burner

        This isnt kung Fu panda. Mafuba aint no wuxi finger hold.

        • Arnav Rawat

          Hahaha yea they did overpower the finger hold. But the power system in dbz is also fucked up.

      • Facundo Cuevas Guitar

        HAHAHA you may be right but the only one that can use the Mufasa is the Lion King.

      • skssks

        hahaha the mufasa wordpay sick mann …
        curently 16 days ater ……

        • Amir Ali

          k done with burns, it was way back then

  • Vegito SSGSS

    Vegito ssgss will appear in episode 64 or 65

  • DBZanto

    Maybe Goku will accidently press the button the omni king gave him

  • Peter Brooks (Aster)

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  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    I’m so looking forward to this, especially the saiyan/shinjin fusion in action, also seeing son goku and prince vegeta unifying in defeat them, i really do hope they bring vegitto back as a ace card.

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠


    • Wolfnrun

      I do not have the proper autority to authorize access. Please wait 5 hours from now. Thank you for you’r cooaperation

      • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

        authority* your* cooperation*
        and yes, I can see it clearly says 5 hours.
        you don’t have to be rude to clarify your point, shameless ningen.

        • Wolfnrun

          There isn’t a point in attemping to correct my grammer if you can clearly see what I am saying. So thanks but no thanks. Also, Rude? I was being humerous. Shameless ningen? Well, that’s not my problem

          • javier

            lol ikr madness was TRIGGERED

          • Hikitani Carlos-kun

            wasn’t madness just correcting your spelling?

          • Wolfnrun

            Uh ya no

          • bewareKRAKEN


            j/k 😀

          • Wolfnrun

            I forgot to laugh

      • Brandonn Carl Louie

        He’d gone into rage like Vegeta !

  • Gedvis

    black Goku and Zamasu is going do fusion and goku and others going do maffuba to put them in urn

    P.S sorry for bad english i`m from Lithuania where is no english lessons 😀

    • Bob

      Spoiler warning, that did not happen… yet.

  • Ilyas Elric

    What is this theme called?

  • Muhammad Ali

    2 hours left !!!!!!!!!!


    ahhhhhhhhhh 1 hour 25 mins still !!!!!!!!!!! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Wolfnrun

      Stand by while I eat my cup noodles and read comment’s about people who really want to see the episode *Slurp* have patience human, it will arrive shortly

    • Wolfnrun

      I’m just as excited as you are! =-)

  • Bitch please

    No bulma will power up will shout you lazy fuckin ass saiyans lemme get this job done. She will bitch slap merged zamasu and will rip them with fatality vegeta will see it and with tears in his eyes he will say, babe lets bang tonite

  • Wolfnrun

    Great. They forgot the talisman =-/

  • Nicholas Perry

    Ikr pure stupidity

    • Derek Hitchmough

      Stupidity was if they purposefully left it; even the smartest can forget things

      There’s a difference

  • Dabu #ThirstGod

    I knew as soon as they fused the episode would be over…smh

    • Wolfnrun

      It stinks. So we are right were we left off from the last episode. Yet another week must go by for what happens next

      • ChuChuRocket

        Yep this is standard now These episodes seem shorter

        • Bob

          Only because we, as Americans, are used to getting them on a daily basis after school on Toonami (At least that’s how I am). Sorry mac, but this is the normal order of things in Japan.

    • Sparkz

      Sucks, but a great cliffhanger, lol.


    • The Hash Slingin’ Slasher®
    • Taylor Haysey

      Brutal! But I can’t complain, this shit is heating up!

  • Blackgokukiller

    Stupid episode waiting a week for what ?

    • Deathstarmega1

      Is there no English subtitles

  • AWS

    quality is not good

  • Senpai_Roy

    53 mind for subs *sleeps*

  • Luchador

    I love how Goku is more serious and more of a warrior

  • Micheal

    50 minutes until subbed

  • Kevin Moore

    Trunks hair looks just like Brolys

    • Dru


  • Luke Daniels

    Fused Zamasu? That’s the best thing they could come up with Hell, Blamasu would have been better than that. Zamasu Black would have been cool.

  • Bob

    Alright, so Zamasu fused with himself. Neat. But now where do they go? Do they try the Mafuba again? Bulma could probably draw up a new tag, she is smart and such (or even go back herself and get it).

    • Sparkz

      I doubt they can conceal him anymore… He is not just one god now, but he has the power of two gods in him. Probably when two gods fuse it becomes a huge thing for the god world which is why they have that super giant halo…


      • darkracer

        black is no god.
        not when he gave up his body.
        he is a sayian now

  • Samy

    that episode was EPIC!!!!!!

  • Stefan

    Oh man, what if the 3 of them fuse together??

  • Stefan

    Also… Trunks learned Mafuba from a potato camera?? Come on…

    • Sparkz

      Trunks is pretty smart, probably the smartest of the three lot.


      • Stefan

        Goku is a prodigy. In the earliest part of the series, as a kid, he learned a very basic version the Kamehameha just from observing Kamesennin execute it. Even after all of the experience Goku has from DB, DBZ and DBS, it still took him a whole day (or at least a night) to master the Mafuba. Now Trunks learns it from a damned phone video in just minutes, and perfectly executes it the first time!? Give me a break, this is just terrible writing.

        • Kevin Hang

          forreal…wtf is with this show! Who is actually writing this shit…

  • Tushar Grover

    dont think that fusion might work on zamasu! cause when goku n vegeta cant defeat zamas n black without fusion how can they defeat them in fusion when they are against ultimate god form!!

    • ilovedflash

      Both Goku and Vegeta were wiping the floor with Zamasu and Black. It’s just Zamasu is immortal and Black now has the scythe that creates the mysterious dimension of unlimited clones. SSB Vegito would put Fusion Zamasu right the fuck to sleep in a straight up fight.

      • Tushar Grover

        The only problem they’ll face will that zamasu being immortal otherwise they’ll beat the shit out of him!!??

      • discunnaye

        Vegito is only the product of using the earrings to fuse and it’s permanent unless you get absorbed by Majin Buu. Gogeta is through the fusion technique . i highly doubt they would use the earrings.

        • ilovedflash

          Gogeta is not canon.

  • shit you

    so corny , no fusion . and left something important as always how noob there brain is .. to forgot the seal .

  • Qqq

    Goku and vegeta fusion

  • david doty

    WTF bulma if you just didn’t have oldtimerss…

  • Hobomanchild

    Not as good as last week…

    but still worthwhile thanks to BulmaxZamasu action. Almost as good as the time she hit on Porunga.

  • Hikitani Carlos-kun

    Wish they put up downloads as fast as they put up an episode

  • Jo

    seriously… disable adblock?

    • darkracer

      i disabled it and got no ads what so ever.
      (must have still been working but the site thought it was off)

  • Ajdude

    nope i ain’t watching no ads

  • Joshua Pierre

    fuck ads, I will use a different site, I DON’T watch commercials….. if i have a choice.

    • Tamim Addari

      You don’t want to pay too I suppose??

    • Forthetrolls

      Theres a youtube channel uploading everything this website does and even a day before !

      “Dragon ball super previews and more ”

      I subscribed

  • Tina

    Bulma resorting to her thot tactics like usual. <3

    • Saber

      really embarassing though

    • Pakari

      You’d think that, after General Blue, she’d figure it was a bad idea.

    • Taylor Haysey

      Haha, I really liked that part! Bulma still knows how to pull that seduction…. Zamasu is cold bloooooded

  • gowtham

    goku using kamahama at the end is best moment since he hasnt used it after tournament

  • PK

    why the fuck nobody is using KAIOKEN x10 … goku was far more powerfull while fighting with HIT.. somebody bring HIT from universe 6 he will be more powerfull by now…. why goku and vegeta is not fusing they dont even need potara…. gowasu and our supreme kai can go back to past right so what is the need of time machine to be repaired …..

    • Joshua Eteshola

      Because the Kaioken x10 damages the user and goku body can only do it for so long and those smoke thing can’t be hurt by normal attacks sodoing the Kaionken whould be more harm than help.

    • darkracer

      supreme kai and gowasu will retrieve the paper seal

  • Shahroxe ali

    I think tHis is the end of the goku and vegeta and dbz super

  • shah zeb

    This Mafuba thing is awesome Man !
    It was so easy to get rid of zamasu!

  • Redninja

    In all honesty this episode wasn’t my favorite but it was still ok I can’t wait until the next episode when we see the new fusion episode

  • vegeta the boss

    it kills me in episode 63 it was shown that he has fused and now at the last stage og episode64 he fuses and episode is finished which means we have to wait six more days for the fight

  • SSJ7

    Any chance of spirit bomb making an return and ending this once and for all?
    (P.S. Would be awesome to see it make a comeback)

    • Rec 101

      There are no humans left in that dimension and universe to extract the energy from for the spirit bomb

  • Dman

    Wow, even fusions look ugly in Dragon Ball Super. We now have white hair. They’re actually doing it guys, almost all the colors LOL. I cant even get behind this series anymore.The more I continue to watch the more I get offended and disgusted. Well atleast I got this far. but i’m going to pretend DBZ was the last and final ending of the masterpiece story. Can no longer take embarrassing toddler brother aka DBS seriously. and oh yeah say what you want about GT but at least Gohan wasn’t a bitch.

  • ufffSCHÄDEL[Qsengs]

    so good

  • Abhi

    Episode 66 title: One last comeback, Here’s Vegito
    Episode 67 title: Zeno arrives. Bye! Bye! Zamasu

  • Utkarsh

    they are going escape somehow and would kill destroyer gods of universe 10 in both timelines.

    • Sparkz

      The Future GoD of Universe 10 died when Black Goku killed Future Gowasu. Future Zamasu became a Supreme Kai thanks to Black, not Future Supreme Kai Gowasu as shown when Black Goku gave Future Zamasu his Potara earing from his time.

      They would have to kill the GoD from the Past time (Goku Black’s time to finish them, as they are connected.)

      • Utkarsh

        i was wrong.

  • gameformetoo

    If goku does a kamehameha wave and beats zamahsu, I’m done with DBS

  • StrateristAnalyst

    I feel in the end Vegeta/Goku will just kill the God of Destruction of the 10th Universe in both time dimensions(as Zamasu is the 10th universe supreme kai, his life depends on the GoD, and Id he killed the god of destruction space and time would change in that dimension, making him not immortal and making him die). Just a thought

    • Sparkz

      Impossible. The Future GoD of Universe 10 died when Black Goku killed Future Gowasu. Future Zamasu became a Supreme Kai thanks to Black, not Future Supreme Kai Gowasu as shown when Black Goku gave Future Zamasu his Potara earing from his time.

  • AlexSayan1

    fucking japan rats uploads shit like this they showed nothing in 23 mins thats bullshit. So thats what i was waiting for ? for a 1 week.

    • Samuel

      You weren’t around when Dragonball Z was ongoing? This is nothing compared to back then

  • AndrehS86


  • Sniber

    I loved the part where Zamasu scared the shit out of Bulma and threw her away like trash.

  • Sniber

    since potara multiplies power thus fused zamasu must be countless or infinite times more powerful than black so he might be even stronger than whis

  • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi

    Won’t anyone mention that Zamasu just fused with himself

  • Fallen Angel

    a scythe? hahahaha wtf is going on LOL

    • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi

      black became friend with hidan to return yashin back

  • Tushar Grover

    Like if u want gogeta and comment if u want vegito ??

  • Mak Pop

    in the preview we see vegeta and goku got beat up AGAIN…. milking the cow episodes

  • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi

    Just what that fuck was that voice of Black Zamasu

  • hombre!

    14:45 The one time I am completely on Zamasu’s side. I would wreck that hoe.

  • Michael

    i want goku and vegeta fuse too it is going to be epic

  • NiggaSavage

    One of the Supreme Kai’s need to give up their earrings so Vegito can beat Zamasu’s ass.

  • Ciksson

    The “Fantastic Art” of the DBS. Whoever is drawing this, should be put on trial for crimes against drawing.


  • Leon De Leon

    I wanna see more ,this is too much talking no fighting ..zamuse/gokublk fusion takes so long n when they final fuse episode done ,they stretching the episode just to make the series longer man cut the bs n get to the real action every Sunday I think I’m gonna see a good fight then show done I gotta wait a week again and I bet they can’t beat him in that next episode soo let’s wait 2 -3 more weeks b4 they beat this fuse guy zamuse

  • The Hash Slingin’ Slasher®

    I heard rumors that Trunks and Vegeta will be fusing instead of Vegeta and Goku…



  • Brandonn Carl Louie

    Super Sheshe for the Episode !

  • DBZisStillBetter

    You have to pay attention to foreshadowing. When Zamasu was serving tea to Guwasu, you saw the red and pink roses flying all around him, foreshadowing super saiyan rose. Then during this recent fight, Black and Zamasu every now and then, talked and moved in sync with each other, foreshadowing their fusion. In this episode you saw the side by side of goku and vegeta, black and zamasu at 8:23. Thats further foreshadowing the fusion between Black and Zamasu and Goku and Vegeta. The only question is, even if they fuse, how are they going to ultimately defeat Zamasu being that he’s immortal. Vegetto will still have to do the Mafuba after their done fighting, unless they come up with another way to kill or seal him away. on top of that they left the seal for the container in the past. gonna be interesting to see how they end up beating him

    • Matt Mussett

      Fused Zamasu isn’t immortal as it’s a new being.

    • Bobby

      Same goes for the side-by-side of Trunks and Mai, foreshadowing their fusion. Lol

      • Detrimental

        I see what you did there

  • Max Shulman

    Why is the fusion also called Zamasu?

    • Ankit Pundir

      Because Zamasu+Zamasu = 2 x Zamasu ~ Zamasu 😀

    • raizen

      Zamasu doesn’t call himself Black and Zamasu, he just calls himself Zamasu

    • Sparkz

      It’s the same being, they’re not different beings with different names, lol.

  • Truth

    One thing that many don’t know about the Omni-king is that its palace actually have its “own timeline”. As a person above everything, Zen-oh is also above the time. There is only one Zen-oh in total amongst the timelines. No matter how many timelines there exist and which one you use to travel to the Zen-oh’s palace, you actually travel to another “timeline” and therefore end up to meet the same Zen-oh as the other timelines “has”.

    Therefore, when Goku will press the button in the future’s timeline, Zen-oh will remember Goku from the other timeline even without ever meeting the future timeline’s Goku.


  • Some guy

    Anyone else find it stupid that they HAD to reveal the fusion in the episodes preview? Like it just ruined the ending for me since I already knew what was gonna happen…

    • John Smith

      Are you new to DBZ? They always spoiled the major developments for the next episode….Even Goku turning into a super saiyan was spoiled from a preview…Maybe you weren’t there back in the day,l but it’s how things work with DBZ kiddo..

  • Chanses Armstrong

    This stuff takes too long to release. Obv Goku and Vegeta fuse and fight for a few episodes until they realize that even though they surpass black and zamasu in power they cannot rid him of his immortality. Then the zeno button will be pressed for the omni king to come and take care of them…. in like 20 more of these short filler episodes.

  • BlackJ250

    I expected Gowasu or supreme kai to put some spell over the containment pot while they were all holding him in the pot. but I wouldnt be able to watch anymore after that as trunks has no business being able to use the move in the first place.

  • Herbert HeavyUrb Ellison

    has anyone noticed trunks is a visual learner?

  • ♔King_Sims♔

    Turned adblock off now I can’t watch the video without it stopping, FeelsBadMan my internet isn’t even bad

  • Kyle Kytle

    Why gowasu already have green potara earrings? Just give goku and vegeta to become Vegito SSGSS!? Do it.

    • Pakari

      You DO realise it’s no longer called “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan” right? The name is “Super Saiyan Blue”.

      • Austin Jaganshi Donnelly

        I never really got why it was called “Super Sayain God Super Sayain” in the first place. It’s redundant. If it’s not the new Super Sayain 4, then it could’ve just been Super Sayain God. No need to repeat it a second time. I suppose Super Sayain Blue works better, though a less generic color name could’ve been used. Super Sayain Rose sounds better than Super Sayain Pink, for example. Maybe something like Azure could’ve been used, instead of Blue. But that’s just my thoughts.

        • Mr Tyrone

          It was called that because it combines super saiyan god and the regular super saiyan transformation.

        • SuperSaiyanGodSuperSaiyan

          Essentially, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (SSGSS) is regular Super Saiyan with the Super Saiyan God essence in them. They call it Super Saiyan Blue (SSB) because SSGSS is a mouthful and SSB is nice and condensed and accurately represents the fact that they’re Super Saiyans with Blue hair and aura

  • Norris Kilgore

    wtf was that pink shit that made clones of black out of nowhere and then just disappeared? that was out of place af

    • Reyes

      It poofed because apparently Black needs to be within a certain range and controlling the flow of the smoke.

      • Norris Kilgore

        but wtf was it? where did it come from? black just slung his scythe then next thing you know theres a portal to whereever that is giving off a pink cloud that turns into black clones, that black can somehow control even though he admits he has not idea wtf is going on

  • NordanNowes17

    Bet you a thought that the fusion is unstable because of Bulma’s “high-density” bullet used by Mai when it hit Goku Black’s potara earring. 😛

  • Samuel

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  • lexal.dk

    ok so black was ssj or whatever he it when they fused so they might exploit that

    • Sparkz

      Since they fused in Rose form, he can’t power down and stays in that level, so yeah, it gives them a big advantage and no disadvantage because he is immortal.

  • Max

    that vase wont hold. they need a pokeball.

    • Sparkz

      A Masterball…

  • Jimmylopez

    Maybe the kai’s well led them there earrings so guko and vegeta can fuse. Or they can do the dancing fusion thingy that goten and trunks use. Or yea maybe the king of everything well handle all this nonsense. But now maffuba cant work because of the seal tape unless they find one in trunks world.

  • Nathan Arce

    Doesn’t them being in a single body make it even *easier* for them to be perma-sealed by Mafuuba once Bulma hacks together a paper seal?

    • Sparkz

      If they can make a seal then perhaps, yes, but I doubt it can happen. Why? The very reason they fused… They know they have to finish them once and for all and would give them no chance to commit the same mistake as before.


    hey guys what if in ep 66 goku fus whit vegeta .”THE RISE OF VEGITO” ho now what’s gona hapend ….??????????????

  • Bud Davis

    If the fusion Zamasu is immortal then they still need to use the Mafuba and seal him away. As far as fusion goes the only way they can go Vegito is the old dude giving them his ear rings to borrow. And Bulma making a new seal? Are you high? That is a mystical seal that must be prepared a certain way and Bulma didn’t even know how to do the Mafuba, so how the fuck is she gonna make a working seal? As for how they’ll end this, they’ll either fuse into Gogeta and stall for 30 minutes while Bulma and Trunks go back to the past for the seal. Or they’ll fuse, get their happy lil asses beat and Goku will conveniently remember the button that sommons the Omni King and he will snap Zamasu out of existence.

  • Reuben D. Spiteri

    Just a theory: Zamasu stole his green Potara earrings from Gowasu, right?

    What if the present Gowasu destroyed his earrings? Would the fusion be cancelled to avoid a time paradox?

    • Sparkz

      Don’t think it would have an affect because of the time ring…

      • Reuben D. Spiteri

        I just rewatched the fusion and it seems that Fusion Zamasu doesn’t have a time ring at all. Could be a slip-up but who knows…

      • Reuben D. Spiteri

        Ah skip it it was a slip up. He has it in the panel right afterwards.

  • Saber

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      • Qaamar

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        • Norris Kilgore

          channel is called “dragon ball super episodes”

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  • Qaamar

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  • yazyo

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  • Game Killa3

    This is what’s going to happen the new form of zamasu and Black will defeat Gogita/Vegito and then G&V will go to their normal bodies and lay on the floor then either Trunks goes over ssjbss because he gets angry or when trunks is left they will kill mai or Bulma and he will reveal his final form and defeat black

    • Reyes

      Lol nah I doubt that… How can Trunks surpass SSJBSS so early, let alone the power of Gogeta/Vegito?

  • You Lie

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  • Sparkz

    So the white light is the Wall of Light which basically makes Zamasu invincible by protecting him…

  • CuriousGuy

    This saga is so confusing…
    1) If Zamasu wanted to eradicate humanity he could easily blow up the Earth. Even Frieza could do it for fun!
    2) Goku is way stronger than the time he fought against Beerus when he acquired the SSJ God form, but for some strange reason the hits he exchanges with Black and Zamasu look like a normal battle. Against Beerus the impact was enough to destroy planets!

    • Bob

      1) Where is the fun in that?
      2) I think we watched 2 different movies, Goku and Beerus fought without destroying earth, remember?

    • Luxion

      1) He wants to keep the Earth relatively intact because he likes Earth, he just wants to kill the inhabitants. Think of him as an angry tree huger.
      2) It’s because, I believe, Goku’s SSG form is a lot stronger than his SSGSS(or SSB) form. SSG is a pure god ki transformation while SSB is just throwing god ki on SSJ.

  • Booty Connoisseur 2.0✔✔✔

    there is enough earrings for a triple fusion. gowasu and supreme kai each have a pair…maybe Vegito(fused with gowasu’s earrings) may fuse with trunks using Supreme Kai’s pair. IDK how that shit work im just saying tho

  • Joey

    For fucks sake…. Goku was playfull and Naive, never a dumb dim witted fuck… seriously!!!
    When he first transformed into a super saiyan on Namek he left part of his playfulness behind…
    he was still a little naive… but fuck seriously dragon ball super makes him luk dumb just for differentiation sake…

  • Psycho Soldier

    I just got so happy at the idea that Trunks is still relevant, and that he’s up there on the front lines with Vegeta and Goku.

    Then I thought, “Gohan should be there,” and I got sad.

  • Abhi

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    Episode 67: Zeno arrives. Bye! Bye! Zamasu!

  • Serhat G

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  • pasta12

    I doubt that Zamasu is actually still immortal after fusing with a mortal (AFAIK Black was not immortal).

    • Sparkz

      Unfortunately, he is, thus him being the Supreme God.

    • Sparkz

      I stand corrected. An Immortal being cannot fuse with a Mortal!

      • pasta12


  • mike

    I bet they’ll Take the Supreme Kai’s earrings and a do a permanent fuse to Gogeta then have Buu separate them since he’s good now. Either that or the King of all will be called in. That wouldn’t be good though, since they’re committing a crime (time travel) and Goku made a promise that he has no idea how he’s going to keep. I honestly don’t think that the king of all will come back until the next arch. I could deffinitly be wrong though.

  • Skank_Hunt_42

    I bet they’ll Take the Supreme Kai’s earrings and a do a permanent fuse
    to Gogeta then have Buu separate them since he’s good now. Either that
    or the King of all will be called in. That wouldn’t be good though,
    since they’re committing a crime (time travel) and Goku made a promise
    that he has no idea how he’s going to keep. I honestly don’t think that
    the king of all will come back until the next arch. I could deffinitly
    be wrong though

  • Ethan Anthony

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    • Bob

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  • Ksv

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  • Delaverga Uni

    Predictions? Will Goku and Vegita fuse and how? (earrings, dance or a new method) Or will they insist on doing the mafuba and let Vegeta power up to hold Zamasu back.

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  • XxBrOnCoHoLiCxX

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  • james C.

    Probable things to happen over next 2 episodes in my opinion: 1. Vegeta is going to become a God of Destruction, because Whis asked him to agree to this before he began training him. and this seems as good a time as any since the Kiao said Whis will only come back when the next god is appointed. Whis will be his angel. #2 Goku will press the lil red button. #3 Fusion. #4 Mafuba # Beerus in the past will have some effect because last we saw, he went looking for zamasu in the past in another universe.

  • Flameziz

    One thought is that by using the Potara Earings while Black was in SSR form means there will be a constant drain on their body, which Elder Supreme Kai warned Goku about in DBZ Buu Saga. The new Zamasu would start at the peak of his ability and constantly go down. It may not destroy his now immortal (if still) body, but it could lead to the Maffuba working ect. Furthermore, It would be cool to see Gogeta make an appearance via the Fusion dance rather than Vegito, who is the product of the Potara Fusion.

  • Da Jew

    An immortal Saiyan is the scariest thing in the universe. Every time he gets hurt, he heals up and becomes stronger. Goku and Vegeta are most likely going to fuse into Gogeta, to even the playing field and make Gogeta canon. Bitches love canons. I wonder what would happen if Goku become ssb2 or ssb3.

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    • Delaverga Uni

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