Dragon Ball Super episode 63 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 63 : “Title”


  • kraken296


    • Joey

      Who cares

      • 貴方はホモです か

        2 months too late

        • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns


        • Wolfnrun

          How this was here 2 months ago I have no idea

      • that guy

        i do

    • Zarcus

      No shit sherlock.

  • SupaSaiyin69

    the video dont work

    • Sajay Prakash

      Obviously it won’t work it didn’t release yet 🙂

    • Wolfnrun

      Shhh…if you wait 4 hour’s it will come back! X-P

  • Vikas Singh

    Why vegita call goku kakarott any reason???

    • Björn Rosengren

      His saiyan name is kakarot or in japanese kakarotto, which ofc is a pun on all the saiyan names being named after vegetables like vegeta (vegetable) or raditz (radish). The reason why he doesn’t say goku or son goku is that unlike Goku Vegeta was raised on Planet Plant and the saiyan culture. By the way he’s called Goku Kakarott/-o since he met him which is about 16-17 year give or take

      • The Silent Fan

        It would be however old Gohan is minus a couple years.

    • Aj23

      You must not be dragonball z fan if you dont know why lmao

    • Hedi Basly

      because it s his real name, the name which gave him his real father Bardock xD indeed the old man named gohan who found him baby named him goku xD

    • Wolfnrun

      It’s his sayian birth name. He changed it to goku but since vegeta keeps the sayian culture alive, it is formal to be stern and call him kakarott

      • Rafay Naeem

        bro i surely agree with you..

      • FourFooted Messiah

        It isn’t that Goku changed it – remember, he was found by Grandfather Gohan as an infant – Goku is the name he gave the child. Son would have been Gohan’s surname – sorry, family name – which would be attached to Goku automagically due to (informal) adoption.

        Kakarrot was the name his parents gave him, of course, but no one on Earth had any way of knowing that – or that he was an alien. There’s lots of freaks on Earth 7; no one seems to question the existence of creatures like Pilaf, Tienshinhan, or King Furry, after all, so a kid with a tail might be unusual, but not all that remarkable.

        • Wolfnrun

          Eh, his names still goku either way

          • FourFooted Messiah

            Yes, but so is Kakarrot, and that would actually take precedence; Vegeta is the one who is being correct and formal. Which is surprising that he has done that since day 1, since he had so little respect for the guy as a Saiyan, and thought him a disgrace to the species.

          • Wolfnrun

            Must be with the culture then

          • FourFooted Messiah

            Yeah, I have a theory about Saiyan evolution (that Toriyama probably never really bothered to think through, but hey, it’s fun.)

            They’re basically superpredators. Whereas humans are basically apex predators – no one preys on us but ourselves, for the most part (it’s called war), and we hunt and kill the biggest and toughest and meanest of other species for fun, challenge, and bragging rights, right?

            Well, Saiyans seem to have evolved* on a world with TWO emergent sapients – themselves and the Tuffles. The Tuffles prided themselves on their technological advances – that high-tech species forced other species to become more intelligent in response, including the Saiyans.

            While Saiyan intelligence became good enough to USE technology, they don’t seem to have CREATED any of their own, and in fact, seem to pride themselves on how well they can best a foe bare-handed.

            Which they certainly can do, as a pure carnivore/predatory species (unlike Man, which came from omnivorous apes.)

            So, their idea of sport hunting is beating up not on lions and elephants, but _technological civilizations_. Making them a sort of super-apex-predator, a predator of people.

            There’s certainly a place in Nature for that ecological niche, isn’t there?

            *Yes, I know there’s something about Saiyans not being native to Planet Plant, but the rest of it still holds. They likely got to Plant in
            conquered technology, and of course, couldn’t replicate it once they got there.

    • John wall

      I call him carrot

    • Hasan Cakir

      cause it’s the real name of goku –‘ are u dumb ?

    • JeffBrian

      All Sayians are a pun on Vegetables. ;x

    • Sachin Tekode

      His original name is kakarott of planet nemik.

    • NejiHyuga900

      If you haven’t watched Dragon Ball Z, you shouldn’t be watching this. Kakarrot is Goku’s birthname.

  • Goku Black

    Does anyone know the name of the music played during Goku vs Zamasu; or Goku Black ssjr stabbing Vegeta?

    • Hasan Cakir

      it’s the black goku theme
      that’s it i think ^^ no troll

    • Zerox

      Desperate Assault

    • Moses Herve Johnson II

      i love this lil song, very intense battle song

  • Wolfnrun

    I wonder if anyone’s gunna dieee?

  • disquss

    wolfrnrun ur moms gonna die….TONIGHT! shes gonna die of laughter of the new clown act i thought up for halloween!!!

  • disquss

    then were gonna do it…..

  • disquss

    go disc golfing! we’ve always talked about it! then imma hit that shit nice and hard………

  • disquss

    when we go to a baseball pitch range! the robot is gonna throw it for us! then…were gonna smash….

  • disquss

    on smash bros melee!!! shes goona as pikachu but she cant touch my fox. i can touch her cat she said later tho…

  • disquss

    the cat we adopted from the humane society for animals!!! i bet its SO furry!! she dared me to lick it one day tho…..

  • disquss

    ne of the poles at the ski range! my tounge will prolly get stuck tho….guess ill put it in after that….

  • disquss

    the disc to 2000 a space oddesy! its my fav movie!!!! then were gonna bang…..

  • disquss

    the fire crackers i had left from last year!!! it’ll be fun!!! ok im done……


    No spoilers plz

    • Moses Herve Johnson II

      then why are you here ?

  • CuriousMan

    Hey when is it going to be englished subbed?

    • Moses Herve Johnson II

      later in the morning

      • Björn Rosengren

        close to lunchtime

    • Wolfnrun

      8PM EST

  • Rogers Bryant

    Trunks putting in the WORK!

    • Wolfnrun

      Ya! I’ll say!

  • Wolfnrun

    YA VEGETA! Show em who’s the boss!

  • Rogers Bryant

    Scratch that, VEGETA PUT IN THE WORK. Damn that was a good episode.

    • DBLeon


    • ufffSCHÄDEL[RU-Barkeeper]


      • Brandonn Carl Louie

        yah got it right brother 🙂

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      when tf did trunks learn Galik gun

      • Mainegor

        It’s an assumption that when trunks and vegeta trained, they actually trained for a lot longer than was shown. Which is how he learned the galik gun and final flash.

      • TheNostalgicWeirdo

        He’s his fathers son man lol

      • xostrowx1991

        Well not only did Trunks and Vegeta train in this arc; they also trained for A WHOLE YEAR in the hyperbolic time chamber during the Cell Saga. And even though Vegeta mostly trained alone at first, i imagine he used his Gallick Gun and Final Flash etc. quite a few times during that year.

      • TheLight

        When he first traveled to the past to save Goku from the heart virus he trained with Vegeta so he would be strong enough to defeat the androids in his timeline. Trunks also trained under Gohan in his own timeline before the androids killed all the Z-fighters there which was why he was able to use Masenko, which is normally only used by Gohan, in the previous episode.

        • Darren Lutz

          Masenko isn’t only Gohan’s move. Piccolo taught it to him. The first time he is shown using it is against Frieza’s 2nd form right after Krillen died.

          • Pachot

            I think gohan uses masenko the first time was when vegeta and napa first came to earth.

          • Pachot

            Also, goku was there when kuririn was killed by freza on his final form. Actually, that was the very first time goku change into super saiyan.

      • joethekrow

        earlier in the series, right after trunks came back and saw vegeta and gokus new power, vegeta trained him and specifically showed him the gallick gun. maybe 20 episodes ago

      • Alexandre Jean-louis Carriere

        hahaha ur right he lol

        and when did he learn too master is transformation

      • Killah4life

        He did train with his father for a year in the Time chamber in the cell saga

    • Street Cred

      i gotta ask tho wouldnt a gallick gun that powerfull like completely destroy the world??

  • SoapInABox

    What a cliff hanger.. DAMN VEGETA!

  • Uhgusto

    Bruh vegeta got strong af

    • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/155d4c5780aa3faf Richard Xing

      well considering the hyperbolic time chamber, yeah he got strong afaff

    • Xman321

      Vegeta: I blew up an entire dimension.

    • TheLight

      He got a years worth of training for each day he spent inside the hyperbolic time chamber.

      • Adam Williams

        I still wonder what happened to the rule that it can only be used 2 days in ones entire lifetime then it can never be used again or if you do stay inside you’re sealed inside forever. This was explained in DBZ. one of the many things that got thrown out in super. Bleh. Still enjoy super though.

        • Death

          Well he destroyed the chamber didnt he?

        • Axio

          Nah the rule for 2 days is long gone since evil majinbu can escape the hyperbolic time chamber, aswell as the fusion gotenk and trunks…

  • Uhgusto

    Finally some comebacks good episode

  • Yeezus

    Where’s ep 64?

    • NejiHyuga900

      Next week. 😛

  • Wolfnrun

    Super sayain white at the end!?!

    • Rogers Bryant

      No, Zamasu and Black fused.

      • Wolfnrun

        DARN! well it still looked badass!!!

  • Dabu #ThirstGod

    So they did fuse next episode….this battle is getting longer and longer and these episodes are too damn short! Fuck!!!!!!!

    • Milan Babic

      True that! It felt like a minute.

    • Psychopath

      this battle will be longer than freeza saga:D not that i against that but episodes could be longer

    • rhad

      an hour long episode would be nice right lol

      • Dabu #ThirstGod


    • Mike

      I find it funny that everyone complains that the episodes are too short, but i seem to remember that these episodes are the same lenght as the z series were, maybe they are actually a couple minutes longer…


    black and zamazu fused ssj white

  • Rogers Bryant

    Guys, prepare to see Super Saiyan Blue Vegetto in the next two episodes. IT’S COMING.

  • Nicholas Perry

    that was a load of bs

  • Rafay Naeem

    fuccccckkkkk next episode will be epic i think goku and vagita will also try fusion.Cant wait.

    • Amer Alaous

      not next episode maybe after it, 65, but yeah would love this!

  • Wolfnrun

    Just watch Vegito or Gogetta and fused zamasus beat eachother up! I loved this episode! you got this Vegita! KNOCK EM OUT!!!

  • Zoku

    Hope we see Goku and Vegeta fuse too!

    • Wolfnrun

      This is gunna be awesome! I Would love that!

    • CiscotheSoto

      No that won’t happen because Vegeta is probably gonna go on about how like the saiyans have their pride, and how he won’t do it, and then Goku will use the evil containment wave and seal him away.

      • fagman

        And then Goku will die since he can’t be brought back by the Dragon Balls. BRILLIANT!

        • Federico Casali

          Why can’t he be brought back by the Dragon balls?

          • Thomas Kaste

            because the dragon balls in this time line are gone. though for some reason I have this feeling if goku dies the king of everything will just bring him back

          • Federico Casali

            I was wondering… can’t they just use the Dragon balls from the past/present?

          • Konstantin Rakov

            And I was wondering, do Namekian dragon balls still exist in this timeline? They have never been used because no one could locate new Namek as Goku did whith help from King Kai in DBZ, and Zamasu, who didn’t knew about the Super dragon balls before Gowasu showed him, could miss them.

          • Drake

            But the Super Dragon Balls were destroyed, the lower (smaller) dragon balls that the namekians made got their power from those so I would have to assume they would be inert. Correct me if I am wrong.

          • Federico Casali

            You’re probably right

          • Darren Lutz

            No I don’t think thats true. Namekian people can make Dragon Balls and I think when Black said in this episode that they destroyed the Dragon Balls I think he was talking about the ones on Earth.

          • Axio

            Namekian Dragon Balls and the earth ones did not have the same power as the Super Dragon Balls…Goku died before and revived using the Earth Dragon balls. So I think, only the Super Dragon Balls can revive him if he dies again…

      • Tom Restaino

        All I’m saying is that there’s a reason for the kais to be there.
        Potara earings, much?

        • Darren Lutz

          The first reason I thought of was the time ring to go back to their time but Bulma is also working on fixing the time machine. Could go either way. Trunks might fuse with Vegeta!

    • Graphicnexus

      they won’t fuse because zamusa will still be immortal when fused so the only way is the mafuba or zeno………………..

      • Chad Yzenski

        Actually they wouldn’t be immortal if they fused. Here’s why: super dragon balls granted immortality to zamasu. Once zamasu and Goku black fuse using the potara, they become a different person. The zamasu that is Goku black is not the zamasu that is immortal. Remember, when earring fusion takes place, the character becomes a totally different being. With that being said, the wish was made for one Zamasu from a different timeline. Not two zamasu’s from different timeslines fused. Therefore, nullifying the “immortality wish” of zamasu.

        • DragonDub

          Well, in the Fusion, the new body gets abbilities from both, like Kibitoshin could teleport, even after that Fusion, the Kaioshin can use that technique now.

          • noah

            immortality isn’t an ability, and since they do become a different person, the immortality will be gone

        • Truth

          actualllyyy, if an immortal body fuses with a mortal one, he’ll either be half-immortal or fully immortal since in fusion the new body has abilities of both individuals.

          • Ryan Corke

            No such thing as “half immortal”, you can either die, or you can’t.

          • Truth

            actually, thiink about it. The characteristics of an immortal body is that it regenerates always and at high-speed the moment it takes damage in order to recreate the initial state of the bod. An half-immortal body would merely recover the damaged tissues at a lower speed and perhaps only partially.

          • Truth

            i mean, zanos too. is not like his regeneration happens instantly…

        • Goku White

          So that means they can get their ass kicked. Amazing

        • Larry

          Oh shit dragon ball science

        • Michael Taylor

          Well, you’re not getting a TOTALLY different being, you’re getting a being that has the attributes of both fused parties. Like when Goku and Vegeta fused, the two saiyans still fused into another saiyan who could still go super saiyan and all that. Hell, the guy was throwing out “Big Bang Kamehameha”s. It’s really not improbable to think that the fused Zamasus will have the “older” Zamasu’s immortality.

          Plus, the Mafuba is still relevant since Bulma is forcing Trunks to piece the urn back together. If the urn had been downright destroyed, then maybe, but the laws of storytelling look like they’re leading up to a Mafuba sealing.

        • Pedro Hardy

          I see immortality like its in the DNA of the Zamasu who was granted immortality. The fact that the fused being (whatever his name may be) has any % of that immortality within automatically makes this new fused being immortal. For them to fuse and the immortality to not come along with it makes no sense to me.

          • Truth

            but the mortal DNA will fuse there too, just as when you add immortal DNA to a new body, you expect it to retain its immortality because of the immortal DNA, you should expect a body to retain its mortality when you add mortal DNA, simply put, it should be a fusion of in-between. But, when a fusion happens, you expect them to only get stronger, perhaps that’s from where the situation gets confusing.

    • ufffSCHÄDEL[RU-Barkeeper]

      they will fuse 100%

      • Jens Ingels

        That already got spoiled when the supreme kai joined. He has the vision ear rings you known. I actually hope they will stayed fused for a while. Like letting them do the univeral tournament with it. That would just be crazy.

    • Xman321

      I pray to the omni-king that this is what happens.

      • Pathange Shanmukha Sai Praneet

        Then after he gets angry and destroy all In blink of eyes?

    • The ultimate SSJ/Nohave07

      Oww owww! fck fck fck!!

  • josethemacho .

    Supreme Kai can die, why he came there? Beerus ???!!!

    • twirk

      i think he came cuz gowasu gonna tell goku and vegeta how to fuse

    • Amer Alaous

      probably for the earrings, maybe they will fuse to blue vegeto

  • josethemacho .

    I saw that Trunks did transform, is that SSJ3 or SSJ4?

    • Zoku

      There’s no new name for this Super Saiyan form yet, but he has both gold and blue aura around him. Some people say he looks similar to Broly thanks to the white pupils and his hair looks more spikier too. Future Trunks says he will finally kill Black Goku once and for all.

    • Zoku

      But in my opinion, I would say it’s SSJ3

  • super

    The Prince is back!!!!!!!!
    Hell Prince VEGETA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nappa

    Why am I surprised that Vegeta blew up the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

    • Bob

      Because unlike the last time it exploded, Vegeta came out without reality breaking powers?

    • NejiHyuga900

      Not that surprising considering he destroyed you… which is why you have been haunting him. xD GHOST NAPPA!

  • Nappa

    Gonna watch this again on Crunchyroll.

    • Marcus Shaw

      Crunchyroll doesn’t have Dragon Ball yet.

      • DBLeon

        It does now

  • vegeta


    • Nappa

      Then why is your profile pic Bardock?

      • Wolfnrun

        That’s popular on this site for some reason

        • Christopher

          I believe it’s the default image if you have none.

          • Wolfnrun

            Most likely the case

      • vegeta

        i’m just repeating vegeta’s great line in the end of the episode….
        the prince is back stronger then ever!!! stronger then kakarrot!!!!!

  • Christopher

    Vegeta on them gains!

    I don’t think one can argue that Goku is stronger than him anymore. But for how long, I wonder? ?

    • Amer Alaous

      indeed xD
      vegeta and trunks both have reason to be stronger (bulma is there) like if anything happens to her they rage (same as battle of gods saga)
      but as for goku maybe he will not be stronger than vegeta in this saga, maybe will surpass him again later, maybe zeno training or something who knows

  • confused

    say, does anyone have any idea what’s up with trunks’s new from? what is it? is it a god super saiyan? a ranged super saiyan 2 like vegeta vs beerus? or something new?

    • JustCritz

      People say its false super saiyan blue. We don’t know yet.

      • confused

        so it’s like thay he has a god ki, but can’t control it yet?
        so how come he’s stronger then goku and vegeta(will at least were stronger then vegeta before he’s traning)?

        • Reiter Jack

          Because lazy writers

        • GamerFreek

          I think is a fake super saiyan blu because compared to goku and vegeta his inner aura is blue but his outers aura is yellow have a look ( sorry for the grammare)

        • EzMerArT

          each new saiyan born is stronger than the old 1 watch all series of dbz n u will know that trunks can merge ss1 at low age not to mention they do ss3 in fusion even when vegeta can’t.

    • Amer Alaous

      i think he’s gaining blue form but he cant control the power yet, so im guessing when this arc over (or during it) trunks will transform to blue form on his own and it will be a big help

  • hombre!

    dragon ball super is like picking up someone at the club, they look good in the dark but in the morning light when it’s all over, sometimes you just feel trolled and dissatisfied. Vegeta finally layed down the law though

    • Dichologos

      I really wish that the humans could have more of a chance in general, though. Krillin for example getting the ability to use more powerful techniques, perhaps doing new training and such, would be great. I mean, never to have him match Goku and such – but he would be a good supporting character. I recall him being as such during the Frieza saga, and even in the early parts of the Cell saga. I miss that, and wish they would shift the show back towards other characters some more.

      • CantIJustUseMine

        Speaking of humans getting a chance, I think creating a new, powerful super human female Z fighter who’s actually around Trunks’ age-group, putting her in future Trunks’ timeline, and shipping her with Trunks would have been better than recycling some bland dowdy chick older than his parents and pushing this love triangle between kid Trunks, future Trunks, and an adult in a child’s body. But I guess the creators were feeling too lazy and unimaginative to create a new girl.

  • Sugna Oliph

    a bit off topic but when i saw roshi’s face when goku use instant transmition, it dawned on me. goku should spend some time teaching roshi or some successor to roshi’s turtle hermit life, all the techniques he has learned through the years. providing an extra path for future earthling fighters/heros to learn things like instant transmition, fusion, kaio-ken, and so on.

    • Dichologos

      Honestly, instant transmission is one technique that every single person he knows with power should learn. It “by far” is the most broken skill he has – it lets him completely avoid battle and travel anywhere if he chooses.

      But considering every character sticks mainly to their “Signature” moves in Dragonball, I don’t think that will ever happen. I would like to see some new techniques one of these days, though.

  • Bob

    No Mafuba this episode, but hopefully the Super Glue holds. On an interesting note, with the double Zamasu fusion tease, some fans may be getting what they asked for. Only question now is, will it be Blue Vegito, or Blue Gogeta, because believe me, there IS a difference.

    • Nelson ZG

      I think Vegito since they never used / trained to use the other fusion. Plus with what Super has shown us, they can unfuse especially with the time ring, speeding forward time to collect the dragon balls.

      • Bob

        Yeah, you 2 are probably right. Still though, gonna be cool.

      • jlooo

        they trained for the fusion dance, also they could just ask buu to absorb them and cheat the fusion that way lol.

      • Graphicnexus

        they won’t fuse because zamusa will still be immortal when fused so the only way is the mafuba or zeno…

        • noobslayer

          stop constantly replying to everyone with your stupid comment, let them believe what they’d like. everyone wants to see a damn fusion. buzz kill.

          • PCmasterRace-ConsolesAreGood

            but they wont.. see the next 2 episode titles.. god punishment from zeno lord of everything?

        • fagman

          Dude, don’t you get tired of repeating the same thing ? They will have to fuse to seal the Zamasu’s because, them fused mean they are far above both Goku and Vegeta. If they use the Evil Containment Wave now Goku will die since his life force is weaker than that of the Zamasu’s. They have to fuse in order to raise their power so that no one has to die to beat them. That or Zeno comes and FUCKS SHIT UP.

        • Chad Yzenski

          Actually they wouldn’t be immortal if they fused. Here’s why: super dragon balls granted immortality to zamasu. Once zamasu and Goku black fuse using the potara, they become a different person. The zamasu that is Goku black is not the zamasu that is immortal. Remember, when earring fusion takes place, the character becomes a totally different being. With that being said, the wish was made for one Zamasu from a different timeline. Not two zamasu’s from different timeslines fused.

          • Shawn

            That sounds plausible. It would be a miscalculation on whoever suggested they fuse.

            Would shock me if things actually played out that way.

      • Bererkie

        I dont think it will be Vegetio because they would need the earrings they used against Boo… So it has to be Gogeta if they fuse

        • Nelson ZG

          You realize that it’s the former supreme kai’s earring rights? And they happened to have a supreme kai there as well, who recently unfused. Hmm, maybe use those?

    • Kavith Pandithan

      I would imagine that, once Black and Zamasu fuse, Gowasu will give Goku and Vegeta the Potara earrings for them to fuse with.

      • Graphicnexus

        they won’t fuse because zamusa will still be immortal when fused so the only way is the mafuba or zeno.

        • DantheHam

          Are you fucking retarded? If you look at the preview YOU SEE THEM FUSE

        • Tushar

          they will fuse and vegito ssb surely turn them into ash so they dont able to regenerate

          • Xman321

            Ash wouldn’t do it. Literally disintegrating every atom in his body is how you kill him.

        • Reuben D. Spiteri

          Majin Buu was also an immortal, yet Vegito could blast his flesh into oblivion to the point that even he couldn’t have regenerated.

          • Mannik

            There’s a difference between wicked good healing factor and true immortality.

        • Kavith Pandithan

          It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Merged Zamasu will have immortality or not. Nothing you say can confirm it either.

    • http://etechnologytips.com/ James Howard

      Calm ur tits, they wont fuse. See next 2 episode tittle. Zamazu will receive god punisment (from zeno lord of everything?)

      • SSB Vegeto

        did you not see episode 64s preview? its zamasu with super saiyan white hair, and a white aura.

        • http://etechnologytips.com/ James Howard

          I mean goku and vegeta wont and don’t need to fuse. Zeno will get rid of Zamazus

          • ufffSCHÄDEL[RU-Barkeeper]

            they will fuse 100%,

    • Graphicnexus

      they won’t fuse because zamusa will still be immortal when fused so the only way is the mafuba or zeno

      • Scott Baker

        rember the reason goku was confident with Mafuba was because he knows that the user lifeforce is used with it.

        roshi’s master and roshi died because piccolos power and life was stronger then his own so it used all roshi life force, since goku power far surpasses immortal zamasu, goku would still have lived but be very fatigued after using it,

        but since both have fused that makes there power greater then goku , only way mafuba will work is if they fuse and use it

    • Pakari

      Even if they fuse, it won’t be a Potara fusion, unless they find another way to de-fuse from that. If they plan on fusing, it’ll end up as Gogeta, rather than Vegito.

      • Aditya Patil

        They have the potara option available because once they defeat zamasu, they can go back to their time and wish for separation with dragon balls

      • Reece Crimson-Deadly Marshall

        With Supreme Kai and Gowasu being there they actually have access to potara earrings of both kinds and can wish to be separated when they get back to their time. It would definitely be interesting to see and I think with the inclusion of Gowasu and Supreme Kai in that time, it’s actually quite likely.

      • Aditya Patil

        They can have potara fusion too because they can come back to our time and wish for separation with dragon balls; similar to separation of kibitokai

      • Anthony

        just ask majin buu to absorb them so they can separate like last time

        • Pakari

          Only Super Buu seemed to be able to absorb others, Fat Buu couldn’t.

  • Vegito

    merge Zamasu…..
    and with the kaioshin that has litterly nothing to do thier, i smell the comeback of vegito!!!!!!(the most incredible character ever)

    • Kawaii

      i think that the glimps of what we saw from merged Zamasu it’s only his BASE from,
      eventually he’ll transform into super kaioshin-saiyan Rose’….
      that defentlly means the return of vegito!!!!

  • Kevin Moore

    Vegetal taught this niggah trunks all his moves

    • ♔King_Sims♔

      and Gohan

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    Whitooooooo !!!

  • Amer Alaous

    cant wait for next episode!
    the true action starts now!

    since supreme kai is there so i think they will fuse too, birth of blue vegeto!! i’d love to see this coming!!

  • Hobel

    am i right, since the preview spoilered a zamsu fusion, that in the next episode we see ssb gogeta next week ?

    • http://imasuperhero.com Sapia Ntomata

      SSB Vegito. Gogeta is from GT which is not cannon

  • kobe


  • Joshua Pubill-Rivera

    Mr. Popo has seen better days.

  • Princess Vegetina

    OMFSSG that was so amazing. he blew up the entire time chamber.

    • CiscotheSoto

      I hate Vegeta so much right now. He has become a self righteous prick who literally referred himself to a god, even though it took him 3 times to get to the level of Goku Black. He has become self absorbed, more arrogant than ever, and even more awful to everybody else. I mean, he blew up the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. What the f man?!?!?! WHY would he do that?!?!?!? He sucks so hard.

      • Vova

        Thats just his character! he can’t do any other way.

      • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

        WTf? He didn’t referred as a god. In Japanese Sama (様) is a more respectful version of San (さん) for people of a higher rank than oneself. He is telling Zamasu that he is much more superior than him by stating that is “I am the saiyan prince, Vegeta-sama!” If you are a king, prince, even your boss in Japan, if you are of a lower rank you refer to them as Sama as a sign of respect. It is just like mister, miss, and mrs in English.

        Kami (神) in Japanese means God. You would refer to him as Kami-sama (神様). He did not call himself a God.

        Chan: For little baby girls and youngsters that includes teens

        Kun: Same rules as Chan but for boys.

        San: Unisex for adults of same rank.

        Senpai: An upperclassman, someone of a higher age, senior or is a protégé. Can also be your mentor.

      • DantheHam

        Shut up lmao

      • Psycho Soldier

        The fuck are you talking about? Vegeta has always been a self righteous prick. And he cares more about others now than he ever did in Z. Pass whatever the hell you’re smokin’, because it’s got you fucked up.

  • MengleBengle Bangle

    It’s Ni Hao, Wu, Liu, Qi, Ba.
    Then it’s ShiShi Chaofan.

  • Victor Ayeni

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  • http://www.4kbootyshake.com 4k bootyshake

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    And how awesome is mr. popo! He is black again nd not at all impressed by vegeta blowing up the htc.

  • The Hash Slingin’ Slasher®

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  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    So an angel is way stronger than a god of destruction,
    ok ..

    • http://imasuperhero.com Sapia Ntomata

      this is not based from Christianity or whatever other religion people believe. ofc things will be different

  • Tamim Addari

    I have an offtopic question , When the Buu arc was finished , wasn’t Gohan the strongest character ? Being the ultimate gohan ??

    • DonPerignon

      There are long debates on SSJ3 Goku vs Ultimate Gohan. Not sure who is stronger.

      • Princess Elizabeth

        he was stronger than ssj3 gotenks that’s what we all know as for goku i’m not sure

    • Nitin Rajagopal

      YES he was! his power was above SS3. But he didn’t train/workout for more than 10 years!! So he can’t tap into his powers :D. POOR GOHAN.

  • Aronno

    Awesome Episode. Really liked Vegeta’s dialogue “If we are not going back then that means this world will be your grave”. It was sick man.

    • Kyle Brown

      basically “im not trapped in here with you your trapped in here with me!”

      • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

        He has the time ring :/

  • Aalon

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    • B-O-R-U-T-O

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  • Sutapa Mukherjee

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  • Wall Street BULLY

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  • Russ

    They better not fucking go back in time again after losing. This shit is getting old.

    • Aarav Sharma


    • Some guy

      Nah I don’t think they would. They’re gonna end this fight in about 3 episodes or less, I’m sure.

      • Russ

        Next episode Black/Zamatsu Fusion. The following episode Goku/Vegeta Fusion. The following episode battle. And then maybe one more episode to seal them in the jar. Something like that.

  • Angryblackman

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  • Awesome SSBK Goku

    Vegeta sure beat his ass

    • Painis Cupcake

      Hes back on top just like when he first met Goku.

      • Sniber

        No he isnt. 10 x kioken would crush him.

        • Some guy

          Yes 10 x kioken would crush Vegeta, but it would also crush Goku for using it.

          • Sniber

            last time i checked goku is still alive after using kioken, Just unable to use powers properly for a while.

          • fssfsfsdfsdfd

            Yes but he always runs the risk of death by using it

          • Sniber

            i dont think death risk is ever mentioned ?

          • Bruhseph

            He says that it only had a 10% chance to work. He also said if it didn’t work, it’d kill him.

          • Sniber

            hmm, maybe it was only for the 1st time ? but whatever

          • omar

            Saiyans also get stronger after a near death experience. He could use it again now and not take as much damage as he did last time.

  • Angryblackman

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  • Graphicnexus

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    Mann Vegeta is prince afterall .
    Yamcha comes in the end and vanishes everything lol

  • Vic

    They might try the fusion, go back and forth with zamusa, spit back into two and try to seal him away. I can see Trunk creating an opening at some point.

  • Vova

    Wtf, “Gokusu” in next episode! Man its getting way too pathetic for a “god” to do these things like stealing bodies and fusing, etc. Even Vegeta resists doing such things and chooses to loose instead in such situations.
    Vegeta’s fight though!!! LIKE DAT SHITZ!

    • Scott Baker

      well actually goku black name is still Zamasu, so its just zamasu

    • Mofiz

      That doesn’t make any sense. The potaras were the gods’ creation in the first place, of course they would use it if necessary.

  • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

    Zamasu looks cool in his new form, I like it 🙂

    • Scott Baker

      ssj white

  • DonPerignon

    Whenever Vegeta goes “I am the Prince of the Saiyjan race” he shortly afterwards gets his ass kicked. I have a bad feeling about this.

    • lilapanti

      LOL u r right


      For real.

    • NumbZkull Noise

      That’s the problem with Vegeta: He lets his pride go to his head.

  • Ifrinpls

    That moment where Goku discusses with the Kaio shin must be the only moment in DBS where Goku didn’t act like a retarded kid.

  • Scott Baker

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    • PCmasterRace-ConsolesAreGood

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      • Travis Sonnylal

        vegito is stronger because there must be a reason for fusing forever (vegito) than 30mins (gogeta)

  • Mat Kun

    OH SHIT… We’re there everyone!!! We’re about to bear witness to Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta!

    • http://imasuperhero.com Sapia Ntomata

      *Super Saiyan Blue Vegito. Gogeta is from GT which is not cannon

      • Travis Sonnylal

        gogeta is not just gt its also in dbz movie fusion reborn

  • Catalin Simion


  • Walid Eid

    man trunks is sealing the urn with SUPER GLUE so darn funny 🙂

  • Jonathan Nuqui

    Now wait just a second here…

    You have one person who is mortal and the other who is immortal.

    Even if they are fused, wouldn’t that mean they would be a demigod? You can’t give another life immortality even if the other is.There’s got to be some breaking point.

    • Sniber

      No. The result of fusion is superior to either parts in every way. Merged zamasu will be immortal.
      By the way they are both gods(immortal or not). so result will also be a god.

    • Shawn

      I think the merger of an immortal with a mortal will create something in between. The fused Zamasu/Goku Black would still have immortality but regenerate at a much slower rate.

      That’s my theory, at least.


    Vegeta is not a pussy anymore

    • Sniber

      He is. Just wait untill next episode, he is gonna get his ass kicked.

  • Goku-sama

    That episode was electrifying cant wait till next week!!

  • Aaron Soldier

    This episode pretty much ruined the series. The story is really fucked. How is Trunks being able to compete with Zamasu when hes only a SSJ2? Wtf? Whats even his new form and how did he attain it? None of this is explained. I’m guessing he absorbed the power from SSGSS when he was sparring with Vegeta a few episodes back while in SSJ2.
    Also how is it that Black Goku got knocked out by a human level sniper rifle and hes a god who has been training for thousands of years in martial arts and was even able to slaughter every god in the universe[remember Black Goku is simply Zamasu in another Goku’s dead body]?
    Also Mai is really starting to get annoying and really has no personality, she was literally just thrown into the story randomly without even an introduction or a backstory. I’m actually OK and COOL with the Future Mai, but the one from the Present Timeline is annoying as fuck and shes like 5 years old and still trying to go after Adult Trunks.

    Pilaf and his gang are filler characters and annoy the fuck out of me!
    Also another fucked up thing is did anyone notice that Kid Trunks from the Present Timeline is alone 80% of the time and Vegeta is out fighting Zamasu/Black with goku and Bulma? Lol wtf happened to kid trunks while all of this is going on? Hes literally being abandoned by his own parents. I almost feel sorry for the poor kid! Vegeta neglects him 100% of the time and Bulma acts like he doesn’t exist.

    Also how the fuck is Whis an Angel? That makes no sense! Dragonball has never ever been BIBLICAL so its kinda weird their adding in Angels? Wtf? This was just randomly thrown in there with little to no explanation. Whis is easily the most OP alien in Universe 7, how the fuck is he an angel? Doesn’t that power level alone classify him as a God of some sorts? Beerus is a god yet hes weaker than Whis, and Whis is the Angel? Ok i’m so confused right now? In All religions, especially Christianity, the Angels are weaker than God, so why in DB Whis is an angel yet hes more powerful than the gods? Once again this makes absolutely no sense. Whis should automatically be classified as a gOD, since he can wipe out all of U7 with little to no effort and is the most powerful person in U7.

    This story is fucked for good. But Zamasu and Black fusing is definitely going to save the story! 🙂

    • Lpojbvf

      You is dumb

    • PCmasterRace-ConsolesAreGood

      you is indeed dumb. you go too deep don’t go retard by going deep.

    • Odessa

      Bruh you understand that your first point is utterly retarded right. Trunks trained with vegeta. Hes a fucking saiyan man.

      Its literally that simple. Calm your fucking tits.

    • Princess Elizabeth

      pilaf and gang are not filler character’s, they’re from the original dragon ball which i assume you didnt watch

    • Sammy Boi

      Well hey, it’s Sammy boi here come to clear up some of your failures I mean like you fucked up mate, don’t go on a rant if you don’t know what you’re talking about mate, Ok so I’m guessing you haven’t heard about humans and saiyans having a child makes the ultimate hybrid warrior race that’s how trunks is so strong, like Gohan going ssj2 ’till his mum fucked his life over, Black didn’t get knocked out… also he didn’t ‘slaughter’ all gods if you payed attention to previous episodes if the Kaio-shin dies so does the god of destruction and his ‘angel’ Mai is just a kid and a new character OK fam she has an imagination of her own and was only just thrown in recently how can you expect a big backstory… Pilaf and his gang aren’t filler characters, especially considering if you watched dragon ball and Dragon ball Z they starred in quite a few episodes. Trunks isn’t getting abandoned, I mean dude his parents are saving the FUCKING UNIVERSE… Angel doesn’t refer too it being biblical. And Whis couldn’t ‘Wipe Out Universe 7’ Real Easy with little to no effort because he is kind-hearted and there are stronger people than Whis, This story isn’t fucked for good so stfu and someone fusing doesn’t mean the plot automatically gets better.

    • UltratuneZ

      calm your titties mate

    • CantIJustUseMine

      I agree with you about the Pilaf gang. It seems like they were desperate to push some kind of romance with Trunks but were too lazy to create a new female character around Trunks age (because heaven forbid they give fans the female saiyan/active female Z-fighter they want and put that interesting, useful female character in Future Trunks’ timeline) to fill this role, so they just recyle some basic plain jane from his mother’s generation instead, and we get all these lovely awkward childXadult-in-child’s-body and adult-in-child’s-bodyxadult love triangle scenes between kid Trunks, Main timeline Mai, and future Trunks instead. This shipping is definitely one of the obvious downsides of Dragon Ball super and the Trunks arc, and it’s not one I acknowledge. Hell, I’d take Trunks being shipped with some random person’s non-ridiculous oc or some ass-kicking, non-dowdy, non-boring girl from one of Toriyama’s other manga projects before this. Someone playing Xenoverse could probably come up with something better.

      • JUX

        Just shut up and enjoy

    • Xman321

      1. He’s apparently not just SSJ2 anymore. I’m sure they’ll explain his new form eventually.

      2. Zamasu isn’t that strong, relatively. He’s just unkillable.

      3. Black didn’t get knocked out. He fell over. And it was an energy bullet.

      4. I enjoy the Pilaf gang so that’s just me.

      5. Look man, I’m just happy that I know what the fuck Whis is now. Angel is just a name, too, obviously. He’s an angel because he’s a servant of god. Simple as that. Gods have to be assigned by the Omni-King, Beerus fits as the destroyer god better than Whis, who is just kinda chill. Who better to be your destroyer god than someone willing to blow up a planet because the food it has is too salty?

  • Hamilton Smith

    Great Episode.

  • Princess Elizabeth

    awesome vegeta is stronger than both goku and black now

    • Sniber

      No he isnt. Goku has 10x Kioken.

      • Princess Elizabeth

        i was referring to their SSB forms

        • PCmasterRace-ConsolesAreGood


      • Vanilla Thunder

        when Goku fanboys can’t except he’s not the strongest for once.

        • Sniber

          Vanilla Thunder … when vegeta fanbitches cant accept that he was never the strongest. He is just a punching bag for main villains of every saga. He provides then nothing but warm up for them and in the end Goku saves the day. Just wait untill next episode. vegeta is gonna his ass kicked again, just like always HAHA
          LOL How am i a fanboy when i am just stating the truth. 10 x kioken is far more powerful than vegeta or black but since goku’s power get out of control afterwards thats why he is not using it. You are a pathetic vegeta fankid you cant accept this true fact and who dont even have a point but crying here needlessly.

          • Stefan

            Never the strongest? Vegeta was stronger than Goku in the Saiyan saga (even with Kaioken). Some would say at the beginning of the Android saga too.
            I’m not a fanboy of either of them, but we don’t really know the extent to Vegeta’s powerup now, maybe he improved more than 10x? Besides, Kaioken comes at a great cost, It’s possible that Vegeta’s stamina right now could beat Goku’s strength.

          • Eroc Cartman

            How in the android saga, ok this already retared as hell. How man, since vegete could not turn on the begining in super say. How was he stronger in android saga. Thoose who say this thing are really mentaly ill!!!! He was stronger only in sayan saga and not stronger than kaioken 4, only problem was, thath kaioken 4 could last for short amount, just 1 attack!

          • Stefan

            You are a troll, right? If not, then your English is a bit off, I am having trouble understanding you, sorry.

            Don’t blame me for Toriyama’s ambiguity for the Android Saga battles – it’s totally plausible that Vegeta was stronger than Goku during that first battle against 19. Goku was weaker form the heart virus for sure, but Vegeta also may have just surpassed him – we will never really know. That’s why I said “some would say” about that scenario.

            Also, in your last sentence you said that the “only problem” with Kaioken 4 is it didn’t last long. That’s a huge problem lol. That’s like saying “the only problem was that he was weaker” – the entire battle kind of hangs in the balance on that ‘1 little problem’ hahaha.

          • Sniber

            “Vegeta was stronger than Goku in the Saiyan saga (even with Kaioken).” LOL yeah right, go back and watch it again. Goku’s 4 x kioken destroyed vegeta’s galik gun and sent him flying to space. However saiyan saga goku wasn’t able to handle 4x kioken for long. But SSB can handle even 10x for long.

            Imagine fighting a 3 year old kid whose strength would be 1/ 10 of yours. Obviously you would beat him with 1 punch. Might even kill him.
            If vegeta would have improved 10 x then he wouldn’t have been struggling with black. He would have beaten him with 1 punch. Its clear black is just a bit stronger than goku. black beat goku with difficulty and struggle. ssb goku, ssr black and ssb vegeta are all pretty close.

            Kioken goku and hit are on whole different level and can easily beat SSB vegeta

          • Stefan

            Before you even reply to this comment, go watch that battle again. Goku’s Kaioken x4 could BARELY be sustained for that one attack, and Goku was a WRECK after that. If you think there was any way for Goku to beat Vegeta in raw power during that battle, then you really don’t understand what the Kaioken is. And besides, if you are going to talk about multipliers as any kind of reliable gauge of strength, then Vegeta’s Oozaru would have destroyed any Kaioken Goku could have done at the time. On the contrary, you’re the one who needs to rewatch that battle.

            On your analogy about hitting a kid: that kind of logic of scales doesn’t work in this anime lol so I won’t even acknowledge that argument.

            Here’s what we know: Vegeta just dominated Black. The same Black who was toying with the SSJ Blues earlier (even completely unaffected by Goku’s rage attack). Here’s something else we know: Goku’s Kaioken is so taxing on his body that he hasn’t even pulled it out during this life-death battle against Black. Twice. I think it’s totally plausible that Vegeta could rock Goku right now.

            I’m not a fanboy of either of them, but it’s clear that you are, so I’ll just leave you with this thought: Vegeta right now is stronger than Goku, and the latter would have to rely on Kaioken to have ANY hope of winning against the former. Enjoy 🙂

          • Sniber

            just putting what i said in different words wont change anything. but
            yeah your ozaru point is correct. but currently none of them can turn into ozaru so currently kioken goku would DESTROY Vegeta in 1 punch. CURBSTOPM. Goku is currently FAR stronger than vegeta and vegeta has NO HOPE for beating him if they both go all out bloodlusted. If you cant accept this then you are vegeta fanboy. It doesnt matter weather you acknowledge that hitting the kid example or not, its a true fact. just denying it wont help you.

            black wasnt toying with them alone. he had immortal zamasu’s help. the solo fights between black / goku / vegeta have been struggling.

            Now WHY goku isn’t using kioken is up to writers, maybe since goku already knew that they have option of running away to their time and using senzu, so thats why no need of risking kioken yet ? anyways, this “why” is pointless. What matters is that he CAN and he HAS so in a theoretical all out fight, he WILL.

          • Stefan

            1. I didn’t change your words at all lol I just summarized the plot and put that against your claim.
            2. Again, Black was absolutely toying with Goku and Vegeta to test his body, that was pretty obvious.
            3. We don’t know the extent to Vegeta’s power yet, so you can’t make any claims about Kaioken yet – you’re speculating. I know that he most likely could beat Goku, but right now that would ONLY be possible with Kaioken.
            4. It’s always easy to blame the writers in hypotheticals. It’s pretty safe to say that if Goku could have beaten Black by now he would have, considering he almost died twice trying. Wouldn’t you agree?

            5. I would like 2 things from you since you didn’t seem to acknowledge them:

            (1) Admit that Goku had no hope of beating Vegeta in the Saiyan saga because Kaioken 4 was too draining (even without Oozaru).
            (2) Admit that without Kaioken, Goku would lose to Vegeta right now in Super.

            If you can admit those two things, I will believe you’re not a fanboy.

            6. I am aware that with Kaioken, Goku could probably beat Vegeta – but it’s not a sure thing right now, not until we learn Vegeta’s new limit. But to be honest I’m also not sold yet on the whole Kaioken + God thing. I know its not a filler, but it sure as hell looked and felt like it – the manga also had a different plot for the Hit-Goku battle. I could just as easily blame the writers for that and say it was a mistake to include Blue+Kaioken, especially if it will never be make an appearance again. We will have to wait and see.

          • Sniber

            LOL why are you writing as if answering in school exam question paper ?
            I dont know how to you it looked like black was toying with both. To me it was struggling battle. Yeah we dont know vegeta’s exact power but its definitely not 10 x otherwise he would have won with a single punch. No i dont agree, there are many things which could have happened but didnt happen, and thats cuz writers dont want it to happen. In a hypothetical fight, those things are possible and must be considered.

            Your ozaru point made me rethink about saiyan saga and i will agree that ozaru vegeta was stronger than kioken goku back then

            But currently There is no chance in hell that Vegeta would survive even for a minute against bloodlusted Kioken Goku. Currently Goku is superior. if you dont admit this then i will consider you a vegeta fanboy.

            LOL you cant say that anything done by writers is a “mistake” Whatever writers make is the very truth absolute fact itself (for that fiction) I never said that goku not using kioken is a mistake of writers. I just said that its their wish. It doesn’t proves that he couldn’t use it. Its just that he didnt. Reason is unknown and doesnt matter.

          • Stefan

            Couldn’t even admit 2 basic premises in the series lol. I already said that Goku can probably beat Vegeta with Kaioken, so all that means is that you’re a big fanboy XD

          • Sniber

            you must have some problem in reading cuz i already agreed for saiyan saga.
            But currently, even without kioken goku would probably beat vegeta using Mafuba.
            and with kioken, goku would Definitely beat vegeta not probably.
            If you dont admit these 2 then you are vegeta fanboy.

          • Stefan

            Lol Silly fanboy, you’re the one having trouble reading. You only admitted that Oozaru Vegeta would have beaten Goku in the Saiyan saga. You’re supposed to say even without Oozaru it was a done deal. This isn’t even debatable, unlike the second point.

            Yes, Goku absolutely could seal Vegeta with Mafuba – that was never my argument. My argument is that in raw power, Vegeta is stronger than Goku right now without the Kaioken.

            And Goku can PROBABLY beat Vegeta with Kaioken. Until they show us the extent of Vegeta’s power there is no point in making absolute statements – you would be making the same mistake Vegeta made against Cell. I’m here to enjoy discussing the possibilities of the series, not quench the thirst of fanboys by telling them, “it’s going to be ok, Goku still has all of his trump cards!” Lol.

            I won’t be arguing with you anymore though, fanboys have thick skulls. Enjoy the rest of the series.

          • Sniber

            you are retarded as hell and you are not even sure what you are talking about. sometimes you go on “he would beat him”, then when argument goes against you then you change your point and go on “he is stronger” So its useless arguing with you because you are an idiot vegeta fanboy who cant understand what he is talking about and couldn’t even admit the facts i wrote.
            Why vegeta used ozaru in the first place ? because he got bitch-slapped to space by goku and was about to lose. get these facts straight to your head and deal with them
            1) during saiyan saga,
            power wise, ozaru vegeta > kioken goku > regular vegeta > regular goku.
            in a theoretical battle – same order because that is what actually happened
            2) currently,
            power wise, kioken goku > vegeta > mafuba goku
            but in a theoretical fight, kaioken goku > mafuba goku > vegeta
            or maybe mafuba goku > kaioken goku > vegeta

            And with kioken, goku’s victory is DEFINITE not probable because of the reason and example proof i gave in last reply but since you are retarded thus you couldnt understand it. I am not here to convince you, I am just here to tell facts to everybody.
            Since you didnt admit all these facts so you are 100% confirmed vegeta stupid fankid who starts crying whenever he realises vegeta is not on goku’s level, too bad for you because vegeta lacks horribly in skills. Goku has very wide range of abilities like kioken, teleport, telepathy, mafuba, solar flash, fusion dance, spirit bomb and dragon fist( if you wanna include movie or gt) vegeta only had galik gun which is match for goku’s kamehameha. Goku is a far superior warrior and would beat vegeta any day.

          • Stefan

            D’awwww, poor little fanboy.. :'( I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Now you’ve been reduced to grabbing at air, making things up, and using bad logic.

            Please go back and read our conversation. Notice that any time I made an argument, your reply contained a copy-paste of the conditions of my argument. You even teased my sentence structure lol “y u go to skool and rite so good??” (I’m paraphrasing of course). Not once have you proved me wrong because your claims have no basis in the series – your claims are all speculation. While my claims are backed by facts in the series:

            Fact #1 – Kaioken x4 did more damage to Goku than it did to his enemy.

            Yes, Goku’s power level exceeded Vegeta’s with Kaioken x4. After Goku used it, he was barely able to move anymore. Yajirobe’s congratulatory slap on the back was excruciatingly painful for Goku. He was not able to use x4 again, which was the only Kaioken form stronger than base Vegeta (update your little chart). In fact, he had to resort to his trump card of Taiyoken + Genki Dama instead. You ask why Vegeta went Oozaru in the first place? He had no idea wtf Kaioken is and how it works. He freaked out about being overpowered (thinking that power was still available to Goku) and decided to transform. They made that obvious in the series, you could see he was frantic – and Goku was very worried as well on the ground as well. Had Vegeta just used his energy for the artificial moon to kill Goku, there would be no more series lol. But that’s not a fun story, is it..

            Fact #2 – You don’t know how powerful Vegeta is right now.

            No one knows how powerful he is yet, so your claim that he can “DEFINITELY” beat Goku is completely baseless. You want to cry about my not acknowledging your silly argument about the inability of a character to multiply their base power? Ok, here it is: Goku went from a power level of 32000 (Kaioken x4, saiyan saga) to 180000 (Kaioken x2, Namek) in 6 days with training alone (a month if you count his healing after the Vegeta battle). Then, in another short while he got all the way up to 60 million after the Ginyu battle (20x Kaioken, Frieza saga), of course before going SSJ. That’s a base-level increase from 9000 to 3 million in (to be generous) let’s say 2 months. Vegeta also had similar massive power-ups from Zenkai. So you see, massive multipliers are not only possible, but they are the norm in Dragonball.. Hell, even Black has multiplied many times over since he’s been on screen. It’s entirely possible that Vegeta’s new training regiment (under Whis) allowed him to multiply his strength many times over while Goku was learning Mafuba.

            Fact #3 – Mafuba is not guaranteed technique to work. We’ve seen it fail more times than succeed, so don’t try to tell me that mafuba Goku would definitely defeat Vegeta lol. It’s possible, but not a fact. You can’t put all of your faith in a trump card like that.. Otherwise you could make the argument that Muten Roshi > Vegeta then too? MAFUBA! Hahaha, silly argument.

            Finally, you’ve managed to get so frantic with my arguments that you’ve projected your own fanboy assumptions on to me. I’ll repeat: I’m not a fanboy like you. My stance is that Goku is the coolest character in this series, obviously, being the main protagonist and all. He’s the most resourceful, and most tenacious. Even when he can’t win a battle, the strategies he and his friends come up with end up working out – it makes for a great story. But to think that “he has always been the strongest and always will be” only shows that you either haven’t watched the entire series, or you’re choosing to ignore it. Krillin, Muten Roshi, Tenshihan, Piccolo, Raditz, Vegeta, (the list goes on) have all been more powerful than Goku at some point (Don’t forget that a bunch of the gods and angels are still more powerful than Goku). In fact, if you look at their ages, Vegeta has been stronger than Goku for the majority of their lives! So your initial claim that Vegeta “was never the strongest” is just plain wrong..

            My only claim this whole time is that Vegeta’s base power at the moment is stronger than Goku’s. This is a normal plot development point – Goku will definitely surpass him later. But at the moment, Vegeta is stronger. By how much? We don’t know yet – which is why you can’t say it’s more than Kaioken x10. Maybe you will be right, maybe you will be wrong. I won’t be wrong either way because I said “probably” – meaning I’m not jumping the gun like you, and i’m leaving the possibility open for the plot to develop. Besides, the only reason I joined this silly conversation is because of bitter fans like you who try to shit on great characters like Vegeta. Notice how I never once insulted Goku (I only insulted you), but you consistently put down Vegeta, calling him a punching bag and whatnot. The only thing you proved here is that you don’t appreciate the awesome characters in this series. Your idol Goku would be disappointed in you, fanboy.

          • Sniber

            stop crying kid, just because i proved you wrong and destroyed you ridiculous believes, doesnt mean you should go cry in corner. But you still continue to make more new assumptions. Fact is that Vegeta was bitchslapped to space, was losing and thats why used ozaru. power level dont measure linearly so there goes your 2nd point to trash. difference b/w goku and vegeta is very small. comparing it to roshi/vegeta is another ridiculous assumption. yes you are a ridiculous fankid, dont try to deny it. no matter how many times you cry the same thing “u dont know how strong vegeta is” i have already told you and proved it so i wont answer again. you have no idea what do you even want to say thats why you keep twisting/changing your own words as well as mine. you are just continuing this because as a typical stupid fanboy you just dont wanna admit that you were wrong. I am one of the most knowledgeable person for dbz in the world, I have seen/read/watched literally everything in entire dragonball franchise, thats why you or pretty much anybody can’t stand up to me in dbz debates. yes vegeta was never the strongest. characters like freeza, kaioshins, buu and beerus existed from long before vegeta and goku. And i didnt say goku was strongest. dont put words in my mouth you stupid vegeta fanboy. Now i have been owning you with every reply and i am tired of you not understanding what is going on and repeating same bullshit. Unless you make new points, i will just ignore you.

          • Stefan

            Hahahaha I am loving this. As soon as you run out of logical rebuttals to my arguments, you fall back on “power levels don’t measure linearly” XD

            It’s been fun – Next time, remember to familiarize yourself with the material you’re debating. I definitely recommend joining your high school debate team for a little more practice before playing with adults again. Take care, fanboy.

          • Sniber

            Kid I have seen/read/watched/played literally everything in entire dragonball franchise, anime series of db, dbz, dbgt, dbz kai, dbs, db manga series, jaco manga series, and spinoff mangas like trunks and bardock, all movies, tv specials, festival features, public service videos, live action movies, crossovers, video games, card games, official guidebooks, all interviews of akira, and even v jump articles. thats why you or pretty much anybody can’t stand up to me in dbz debates. So dont try to teach any anything. You lost horribly. I have already destroyed you all claims with logics and proofs and you dont have anything new left to say thus you just keep crying. You aren’t aware of facts and prefer to laugh at them because you are coming to know of them for the first time, it just proves that you are pathetic unknowledgeable as hell. Go and first of all gather some knowledge of DB then take your own advice and practice debating in your primary school. You couldnt even make proper arguments due to your lack of knowledge and debating skills plus your retard-ness. I have owned many people in such debates, but owning you was easy as hell. Cry harder fanbitch.

          • Sniber

            Saw what happened in episode 65 and 66 ? Vegeta and trunks need to combine power to overcome zamasu’s beam. Goku did it alone withOUT kioken PLUS he actually damaged merged zamasu.

            SSB Goku withOUT kioken > SSB Vegeta + Trunks

            And Kioken Goku Knocked out merged Zamasu and stalemated him. If kioken would have lasted longer goku might have won alone.

            I always knew that whenever vegeta seems to be able to catch up to goku, Akira pulls out some new stuff and then Goku far surpasses Vegeta leaving him in the dust.

          • Stefan

            Yes, Goku tapped into his rage and surpassed Vegeta and Zamasu – just like always, he’s the protagonist after all. My only point was that Vegeta surpassed Goku just before this final battle. That’s all I’ve been trying to say the whole time, but I’m glad we’re on the same page now.

            On another note, I thought this last episode was really stupid, the way it all ended.. I’ve lost my faith in Super after this. Also with the retcon on Potara, putting limitations on it.. Agh..

          • Sniber

            Well they have to somehow make trunks end it so they had no choice but to retcon potara

          • Stefan

            They have the creative freedom to do literally anything, and they chose some dumb quasi-genki-dama sword move just so Trunks can end it, and to reinvent what the potara does (for both Zamasu and Vegito). No offence to the writers, but I could think of a better ending to the arc on the spot.. at the very least one that makes more sense..

          • William Bailey

            You didn’t prove anything. Not once. You’ve even been corrected. Stefan is actually more “correct” than you. He’s even used actual information given throughout the series as argument points. You BOTH sound dumb as [email protected] arguing the way you are. Stefan, I’m kinda disappointed you let him sucker you into arguing this long. You seem more intelligent than that. Besides all that.. it’s a cartoon. You’re both arguing a FICTIONAL reality made by a little Asian guy. There are so many things that don’t make sense in these stories, plot holes, and inconsistencies… who cares? ANYTHING is possible at this point and I would just say, wait and see. In the mean time, enjoy, and stop looking like a 5 year old on the internet for the whole world to laugh at.

          • Stefan

            Lol Thanks William, I appreciate your faith in my intelligence. I don’t usually give in to this kind of thing.. something compelled me this time, and I even stooped to a new low with name calling and personal insults. Still, I felt it was warranted in this case. Oddly enough I’m much for civil in political debates lol. My final comment is actually still pending approval because it has panels from the manga, but aside from that I am finished with this shit show. Respect, and best wishes.

          • Sniber

            i didn’t ask you to join, i argue because i enjoy arguing. also since i wasn’t arguing with you so i dont give a damn about who you think is more correct or sound dumb or is intelligent or whatever. I am absolutely right and i know it, i need nobody’s approval and no amount of people’s argument can change it. you appear to be a pathetic lifeless person who has nothing better to do than pointlessly interfering.

          • Vanilla Thunder

            Fanboys triggered for being called a fanboy?
            What truth? Where has goku in this series beaten vegeta’s with kaioken, there is no fact when you have no evidence. In this episode Vegeta wiped Black, while they get destroyed all the times prior, it is clear that’s vegeta id stronger as of the recent episode. The fact that you went to all these theoretical powers is what made you a fanboy “oh if goku did this, he would beat everyone”
            You are the cancer of the dbz fan base

          • Sniber

            A fanboy like yourself calling someone else a fanboy is annoying. Nothing else.
            You are totally retarded if you cant understand that black is just a bit stronger than ssb goku. so beating black isnt a big deal because kioken goku is 10 x stronger.
            Goku’s 4 x kioken crushed vegeta’s galik gun and sent him flying to space in dbz. Vegeta was all like “wtf ? I the prince of all saiyans got pushed back by a low class saiyan” Also who was the one who ran away from earth with his tail between legs after being spared alive by goku and krillin ? LOL so yeah just because you never watched dbz, its not my fault.
            yeah right. kioken is a theoretical power made up by me. Its never mentioned in series, its not written by akira toriyama.

            YOU are a cancer, ebola, aids to Dragon ball fanbase because you cant handle the true facts. You are just blinded by your vegeta’s dick riding habit. Stop sucking vegeta’s cock and accept that he is nothing but a warm up for every main villain.
            Vegeta is gonna get his ass kicked, Why ? cuz thats why akira has made this character. Deal with it jackass vegeta fanbitch motherfacka !

          • AshyAssSweats

            Two retards fighting online about who the bigger retard is. The one retard states that the other retard is retarded for liking the same show as him. The other retard wholeheartedly accepts his mental illness but with a grain of salt now since one of his kind called him out on it. Don’t mind me guys, I am this websites historian.

          • Sniber

            You are just a pathetic lifeless idiot troll who has nothing to do and has no idea whats going on. Get lost.

          • dbz

            man, seriously whats wrong with you, those are people opinions……………………

          • Michael Duncombe Jr

            10x Kaioken* is only for dire situations(literally an enemy that needs to be beaten right then), it’s strong but Goku didn’t use it in the first two bought for a reason (He wouldn’t have been able to last long enough to beat the zamaus duo.) Kiaoken isn’t a measure of strength at all. It is a boost physical and ki abilities at the risk of temporary to permanent body damage. A serious Goku vs Vegeta fight would be pointless this far in the series because we know Goku and Vegeta have certain triggers that make them stronger than each other at different times

  • goku

    this episode is DAMN epicccc.. the saiyan prince is back..fucking great the last scene give me goosebumps its like when goku becomes super saiyan for the first time

  • fagman

    Incoming Fusion battle. Calling it now.

  • Max Shulman

    They WILL fuse into SSGSS (SSJ White)

  • Sniber

    No matter what vegeta does, he is gonna his ass kicked. Everyone knows that. Just wait.

    • PCmasterRace-ConsolesAreGood

      true.. I’m 100% sure that vegeta will get his ass kicked by fused zamasu and goku black(zamasu). and no goku and vegeta wont fuse because if you look at the titles of the next 2 episodes it says that fused zamasu will get “god punishment, zeno the god of everything” so.. 😛

  • TheONE

    look who just so happens to show up. to watch them fight. I sense Vegito on his way.

  • Sniber

    So this merged zamasu is the white haired villain that akira was talking about

  • GOGETA Ssj Blue

    new charecter – zamaku or gomazu

  • Ian

    These short episodes never satisfy me

  • Bolko

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    Fuck these epsiodes are short af

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    turn off adblock and fucking ads keep playing like shit and why the fuuuck does it take soo fucking loong for the fight argghh

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      It gave me like nine viruses

  • Paublo

    Vegeta’s pride was rebuilt like the urn Trunks is about to rebuild

  • Dabu #ThirstGod

    I don’t like how some of the animation and graphics look in Super I think DBZ and DBGT had better graphics and animations some of these scenes look weird. Other than that good episode the next one is going to be crazy!

    • Nelson ZG

      Well it’s because when DBZ and GT were being released in north america, they already went through the phases of correcting animated scenes when ported to dvd. They’re stuck with a weekly deadline and they have to cut corners to make it each week. The bluray / dvd versions will look better… hopefully.

      • Dabu #ThirstGod

        Oh okay

      • Ciksson

        Its because people doing DRAGONBALL S are amateurs, who cannot draw for shit, let alone animate.

  • Kimaza

    I am starting to care less if Vegeta loses or doesn’t get the spotlight. Come on guys let’s be real! If Vegeta can give us a badass moment then that’s good enough. He showed that he could easily deal with Golden Frieza as he can with Goku Black.

  • Kimaza

    For some reason I feel as if when the dubbed version is out that I will still be watching subbed.

  • Siddhant Gurjar

    Wait maybe the fusion between goku and vegeta will possibly take place as the supreme kais have arrived in the future out of nowhere, thus they could lend both of them the potara rings when the situation is at the worst stage,this will help them to fuse together. Seems legit.

    • Larkspur94

      yup. and it’s not even as big a deal this time as in the buu saga. as in, back then it was said to be permanent. it was a hard decision.
      now it’s been shown a wish on the dragonballs will seperate them.

  • Kaegro

    Remove my addblock you say? There are other websites.

  • Yunus Uzun

    Goku and vegeta will likely fuse they just have to, there is no other way right? Or omni-king just comes in and poof, bye bye fused zamasu thing w/e its called xd.

  • Pakari

    Saw this happening a long way off. Zamasu and Black both wear Potara earrings. One would merely have to switch one to the other ear. And because they both have the exact same mind and personality, there won’t be much change in their behavior. We basically get the ultimate Zamasu.

  • jancok

    i have a feeling the present supreme kai or gowasu will lend goku and vegeta their potara so they could perform much stronger fusion than black and zamasu

  • asdasd

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  • Benny Aims

    If they be making us wait a week for every episode at least make them 40mins minimum in length, 20 mins dont cut it!

  • Fallen Angel

    Man this is soooooooooooooo short T.T

  • Travis Sonnylal

    the sub of the song is different than before

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    Great Episode and action. Also great to see classic Vegeta owning it up. Goku and Vegeta aren’t going to fuse though. To many plot holes for them to just be like ok lets fuse. This is starting to give me a Buu Saga feel though where the enemy just keeps getting stronger and stronger and with Zamasu fusion an Ultimate form. Perhaps this Arc goes on for longer then we think. Fine with me cause its been really good.

  • Zion Birdsong

    Yeaaaaaazzzz! Vegeta bout that LIFE!!! Episode was extremely dope.

  • Mak Pop

    that super glue wont hold.. they need super blue glue

  • Armorwing01

    The Merged God has come

  • Armorwing01

    mah nigga PoPo returned

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    How to download episodes from here?

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    its about time vegeta

  • hanif

    they said they killed every god, is zeno sama included or not?? why am i guessing in the end theyll ask zeno sama to erase zamasu(?)

  • LegendaryVegeta

    i seriously loved this episode, vegetas son gave black a hard time and now vegeta is finally stronger than goku

    • Sniber

      not really. kioken

      • Your dad

        Man you always get so butthurt.

        • Sniber

          calling me butthurt for stating the fact makes you the only butthurt one because you cant deal with the fact

  • phillip

    looooool vegeta just complimented the true power of GOKU SAN . ewith regard to gokus body

  • LegendaryVegeta

    and the fusion looks epic, also vegeta was smiling…

  • Yunus Uzun

    YES VEGETA! Vegeta is so fking badass in this episode, especially that part where he grabs black by hes hair! Fking brilliant!

  • Lolololololol

    So.. Super saijin white is a thing for zamasu?

    • pasta12

      That’s just what Zamasu + Black looks like fused. I guess you could call it ssj white

  • Utsav Paul

    vegeta has finally shown his class

  • Orgeta

    Best episode in super this far

  • Tyreke Moses

    I keep telling people that Vegeta is stronger than Goku. If you look at it “objectively” and not “emotionally”. Goku had help from everything known to man. Spirit Bomb, he asks for the energy of every living thing on earth to beat people. Kaioken, instanst transmission, kamahameha and now this sealing technique. All borrowed techniques. His SS3 form. Nigga had to die and go to the other world to train for it with other masters. Even his SSG Red form was borrowed from the other saiyans lol. Vegeta always had no one to take him under his wing and teach him stuff. He had to go out and do it all on his own. If he had the same mentoring that Goku had. He would own Goku cuz he will have kaioken, instant transmission and the wisdom of the kais.

    • proph013

      But he was equally trained by Beerus and Whis lol.

      • Tyreke Moses

        Yeah and after they both trained under Whis they were equal until Goku used the kaoiken. You have to understand Vegeta he is of royal blood. And his pride is what I like most about him. At times it may be foolish but you have to love his heart. His arrogance is what makes him. For better or worse.

        • Realitycheckz

          Edge lord comment

        • Axio

          I strongly agree with you dude…Vegeta is stronger than Goku….
          Diligent bastard he is…and to be honest, I am impressed he got to the Godmode all by himself.
          But he has to learn to be smarter in fights, has to be strategic….most of his fights were straight forward, he just got beat up if he acknowledge that his power is not as strong as the opponent…
          Goku has a different approach though…he likes when his opponent is much stronger than he is…

          • Tyreke Moses

            Thank you man. Ik there are people who see this. Yes Vegeta is hot headed and tends to burn his self out as a result of it. But the bigger picture is Vegeta got to where he is because of hard work and dedication.

    • Sniber

      “IFs” count for nothing. Vegeta was, is and shall always be weaker than Goku. Deal with it.
      Its vegeta’s own fault that he didnt go to different people to train.

      • Tyreke Moses

        Its not his fault the writers of the show have a favoritism towards Goku. And to call him weaker than Goku is ur perspective.

        • Sniber

          everything is made by writers. they define what is true or what is false. They define how things ARE. There is no such thing as “writer’s fault”. everything they make are absolute facts in their fiction.
          to call him weaker is not my perspective. Its the fact.

          • Tyreke Moses

            No one said anything about”writers fault”. How do you know everything they write are factual to them? You spoke to them? You have telekenisis? Writers at time leaves an area for the audience to draw assumtions or inferences about their work. Not everything they write are set in stone. So no its not a fact. If it was a fact the whole world who watch dbz would agree with you. It’s a perspective.

          • William Bailey

            Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with your mind.

          • Tyreke Moses

            Thank you. I had a brain meltdown when i was thinking for that word.

          • Tyreke Moses

            The writer doesn’t even like Vegeta. He wanted to kill him off in the Freiza Saga. Only reason Vegeta is alive today is because of the fan mail he received begging not to kill him off. So popularity won and Vegeta lives.

          • Sniber

            LOL fiction is nothing but writer’s imagination displayed on paper / video. everything they write IS set in stone. It IS a fact. When we discuss fiction, we are discussing nothing but what writer made. And some people still dont agree because they dont like to admit that their fav character is not that good. You are just being biased. who is talking about his living or dying ? Point is he is weaker, he will keep getting his ass kicked by major villain of every saga forever. he gets his brief shining moments but never finishes the job. In the end Goku will always be on top and save the day.

          • Tyreke Moses

            I disagree. He did learn the fusion dance you forgot? Thats how they become Gogeta. My point is everything Vegeta got is through his own hard work and dedication. He is showing growth when he went secretly to train with Beerus and Whis to ask for their help. In actuality he wants to prove that he’s stronger and he does for a brief time no matter how short it may be. And no everything is not set in stone. A writer wants his audience to have a lil sort of imagination at times. Because if it was set in stone. There would be no Vegeta today. He would have died in the Freiza saga.

          • Sniber

            movies and gt aren’t in main storyline so no. Well vegeta is alive because akira chose to keep him. Even if its due to his fanbase but still ultimately it was akira’s decision, if he wanted he would have ended vegeta.
            If you are saying that somethings are left for our imagination then its no use to argue about it because everybody has different opinions.

          • Tyreke Moses

            Yeah its a matter of one’s perspective.

    • Kavith Pandithan

      It doesn’t matter if Goku was helped or not. That’s like saying if one person got an A+ on a test, and someone else got an A, the latter is better at the subject just because he didn’t study while the person who got an A+ did.

      • SuperShrug

        Well, with that analogy, if Vegeta had other-worldly help, he would be S class.

        • Kavith Pandithan

          Yes, and he would. If Vegeta had gotten the training that Goku did, they’d easily be on par, and maybe Vegeta would be stronger. I’m just saying that doesn’t make Goku any less stronger.

      • Armanx

        You are missing the point ! teacher can have students and teach theme something and they will master it at some degree which does not make theme necessary master, but one who find solution and can master it is the real master ! which basically mean Goku is good student with good ability’s to master stuff , but Vegeta is the one who is “creating” for himself the technics and mastering theme what is more impressive and certainly it requires more skills and other combined ability’s. However this does not means he is a better fighter , although , if we take super for current level Vegeta has Master as well Whise.
        But for sure he can get more credit as fighter who is doing “all” by himself rather !
        and i think he deserves more credit than Goku.

        • Kavith Pandithan

          Again, I’m not saying who is stronger. I’m just saying that Goku isn’t any less strong because he takes opportunities that are given to him. Goku is a genius at martial arts, and he got to the point he is at now with help. Vegeta is at pretty much at the same point without help, but whether or not he had help doesn’t make him stronger. Is it more impressive? Sure. But that doesn’t mean he’s the better fighter.

        • DBMaster

          you are wrong because Vegeta has always lived on Planet Vegeta where the Gravity etc was much tougher. It wasn’t until goku died that he started to use it for the first time. Vegeta had a massive head start understanding himself, who he was and what he was wayyyy before Goku.

          What Goku picked up post-saiyan saga was all down to himself or being generous to your point, Gods and other people were asking specifically for him because they believed in him over Vegeta.

          Goku>Vegeta always has and will be that way.

        • tragitz

          beerus and whis trained vegeta too tho….. and when he was on planet vegeta he was trained by freezas elites

      • Chris Corone

        Your argument fell in on itself. If someone got an A on a test without studying, it stands to reason that he’s smarter then the one who had to study to get that A+.

      • Tyreke Moses

        Thats a poor example. Tests are about regurgitation doesnt really prove smarts. Just whose the better parrot.

    • SuperShrug

      Vegeta probably wouldn’t have the charisma to convince King Kai to teach him. Also, would Kami go to bat for Vegeta, the guy who came to destroy his planet, against King Yama’s wishes? Look at Freeza, each time he gets cocooned. Goku dying just set a series of events in order, all of those gifts are like the flying nimbus: things that he gets because he’s pure-hearted.

      • Tyreke Moses

        He prolly wont have the charisma but he would prolly bully King Kai into teaching him. You right Goku is pure hearted but so is Vegeta to an extent. He did start off as a villain but over time hes trying to become a better person.

    • Black

      Literally made an account just to add to this.. The whole show has a giant philosophy around it. Which is extremely obvious at every moment in any episode of these series. Basically based off the cliche good guys finish last. Vegeta has never been able to humble himself, and that is why he is weak. Granted, He is now contributed to many heroic acts as secondary outcomes to his efforts fighting against villains and protecting the world but his concern is with himself not with being a hero. The strength of a saiyan is derived from anger, and only anger can increase the power of a saiyan beyond its threshold. However, that is also the flaw of the saiyan race, and the reason why Goku being raised as a human is so important. His soul transformed from a planet destroyer to a planet protector. Vegeta does not fight to protect anything but his ego. His only drive is his fear of being inferior to Goku. Rather than having a purpose to fight, he just fights to maximize his strength and pride. The reason why he has become so powerful in the past and especially now is cus he accepted defeat and realizes this is bigger than him. So he trains and trains until he gets as good as Goku, then loses, and trains and trains the cycle continues. He became Super Saiyan Blue without needing the dragon balls and the initial super saiyan God form, but he kept falling short of Goku even against Hit, cut he did not stop to analyze and investigate the situation. He just approached every situation with all out rage. All this power now is because He is protecting his son. It is the love in his heart coupled by the rage of vengeance that allowed him to destroy a dimension and beat the fuck out of black. However, once, his ego flared again you witnessed his upcoming defeat. He thought he won, claimed his Saiyan prince Kanye rant, and he’s about to get his ass whooped. He has a lot of resilience and determination, but a closed mind and a false arrogance, which is always silenced by Goku’s altruism. Goku is stronger mentally and spiritually, Vegeta works harder than Goku, but Goku works smarter and that is why he is more powerful

      • Buck

        Remember at the beginning of the android saga .. Vegeta says ” I tried to find out what made goku stronger then me … An I thought it was because he was fighting to protect the ones he loves .. So I had a family .. An my power didn’t increase ” even tho I get what your saying too because when Berus slaps bulma there is that famous ” my bulma” power burst that comes an he manages to be the only one to inflict some damage on him … So maybe he didn’t realize it at the time but having a family an feeling the need to protect them did make him stronger when he see their lives threatened .. But it’s also only when he puts his pride an ego aside that he was able to achive super saiyan for the first time … the real reason he doesn’t tap into that kind of power all the time is because he would then be just like goku .. An who wants a show with two goku type personas being the heroes …. Boringgggggggg

    • Shanikwa Smith from Oklahoma

      Nigga, you sayin that Goku work hard for his shit train even in death, takes years to learn new techniques and because of his legendary work ethic and insane training You think this nigga Vegeta that just talk shit is better? You done lost your mind.

      • Tyreke Moses

        I think you need to reread what I wrote

  • *Trafalgar D. Water Law*

    Let’s hope our saiyan heroes fuse!

  • michael tu


  • michael tu


    • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi

      Do you want a shittier animation?

  • Larkspur94

    oh good. they are finally using mortal instead of human in the subtitles.

    looking forward to the fusion.

  • michael tu


  • ThatSuperSaiyanShinobi


  • Rogue Rogue

    Good job Black, you were a good villain. But you fucked up as soon as you decided to make Vegeta your enemy.

  • pitya05

    Why did nobody notice, that Vegeta destroyed A WHOLE F*CKING DIMENSION serving as the Hyperbolic Time chamber!?

    • Sniber

      What’s the big deal ? majin buu would have destroyed ALL dimensions with his scream if vegeto wouldnt have stopped him

  • boi

    come on let’s go super saiyan god vegito!

  • Catalin Simion

    Good episod, epic af

  • Travis Sonnylal

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  • Hobomanchild

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    Not a one.

  • Akaalis

    I have a mind fuk question to ask… so Buma had a garage in one of those mini capsules… what if in that garage within the mini-capsule… had boxes with other mini-capsules which contained more garages… and then those garages STILL!!…. had more capsules with other garages… or even Castles… !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tragitz

      then they could rebuild trunks’ world

  • Some guy

    Dragon Ball Super finally has some DBZ moments. DBZ moments as in the type of stuff you re-watch on YouTube.

    • Xman321

      It’s had those for a while. SSJB Kaioken.

  • Tommy

    That was FRICKIN hilarious!!! Vegeta at last kicks assssss!!!

  • AizenSamaKing X


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  • Gwee

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  • Gwee

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  • Gwee

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  • Subash Chandra Bose Saravana

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  • Xman321

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    Also, feels good to hear “I AM THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS, VEGETA!” again.

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    • Stefan

      I’m wondering if they will fuse to Vegetto instead, since the other two supreme kais are there for apparently no reason lol. We now know that they can unfuse from the dragonballs. Either one would be really awesome though!

      • YourAwesomeMexican

        Unless Bulma Fixes the Time Machine there stuck in a world where supposedly all the Dragon Balls are destroyed, implying there are more than 3 types of Dragon Balls the series has discovered (Earth, Namekian, Super). Most Likely they will turn into Vegito because both Supreme Kais of universe 6 and 9 are there they can hand them their Potara Earings, and hence since they know how to turn into SSGSS, Vegito will also turn into SSGSS. I Personally find Gogeta better, but since Fusion Reborn was a side story and GT was Non-Canon (implying Fusion Reborn is also Non-Canon), there will not be a SSGSS Gogeta. Unless the creators are like “screw it, were making Gogeta Canon, they’ll love it”, then again there is a small chance for Gogeta, since the Fusion Dance ins’t unknown to Goku and Vegeta, so if they find time somewhere in the battle and 30 min to beat them, then thats gonna be a good episode.

        • YourAwesomeMexican

          Another 1000 Awakening Medals to Dokkan Awaken Super Vegito into SSGSS Vegito…… in 1 years time, im calling it now.

        • Stefan

          We know they aren’t stuck in that time lol, that’s a silly point to bring up. DBZ has an ending that takes place later, after all. Whether Bulma fixes the time machine or Omni King intervenes, they will be back in their timeline by the end of it. I’m just pointing out that they might return to their timeline as Vegetto and then wish to unfuse.

          I agree about Gogeta, Vegetto is much more fitting in this scenario.

        • tragitz

          gowasa has his time ring, he can just brink goku and them back

  • Abhi abhinay

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  • FusionSuperSaiyanViolet

    The best moments of this episode for me was when trunks used galick gun and when vegeta picked black up by his head

    • Zoku

      The worst moment of this episode is when Black keeps getting up like nothing happened! >.<

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  • Vegeta_Trunks_Gohan

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    Seriously, it looks like a bubblegum hair on Black.

  • https://www.facebook.com/MonsteeRoseDesignStudio/ Monstee Rose

    Damn… This epizode give me a lot of chills by Vegeta action! XD Great moment!

  • Saber

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  • TrueSaiyan

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    • Norris Kilgore

      theres no reason for goku to go kaioken. black can do anything goku can do. it would just make black stronger

      • TrueSaiyan

        Yes… you may have a valid point there! Fusion it is then either that or an intervention from the omni king cause, after all, he must have been introduced to this arc for some reason XD!
        We’ll see, it has been an unpredictable plot so far and that’s a good thing! Just not another transformation for f*** sake!!

  • Looks like vegeta and goku are fusing again no other reason why the kais Would be there

  • TrueSaiyan

    Spoiler alert: In next episode… fartbrain Goku remembers the button omni king gave him so he could be summoned instantaneously. Once summoned he sends Zamasu into the oblivion. Later realizing that all that destruction could have been avoided if not for Goku’s fartbrain. (Not an actual spoiler btw)

    • Stefan

      Lol this is funny. I hope that wasn’t in the time machine too XD

  • DBZMan

    So looks like its gonna be a showdown between Fusion Zamasu and SSJ Blue Vegetto

  • jojl

    *BackFlash* when future trunks said that his father and son goku died. Now is this the reason that son and vegeta died because of the reason or they go back in time and try to figure out a way to defeat them. and i know you seen a clip for fighting kamasu where he gets his power back after breaching time time barrier will this be the end?

    • Delaverga Uni

      Watch dragonball z and no.

  • SKOL to the bowl

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  • Aundre Parsells

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  • iiAlto

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    • iiAlto

      Nvm I red the comments people already talked about this

  • Goku White

    Oh sh*t, they fused this early?!?! Most people thought that that would happen in the universal tournament with the last 2 zamazu’ from the undiscovered timelines

  • Black

    Whis always said Goku and Vegeta would be more powerful than him and Beers if they dropped their egos and fused. But, nobody really wants that to happen.

    • Goku White

      Lol tru

    • Rubees

      Not if they fused, but if they worked together, instead of against each other when they were sparring 2v1 against Whis. And Whis said they would be able to beat Beerus but still not be able to beat Whis, Whis is significantly stronger than Beerus.

  • The Real Space Monkey

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  • Carlos Vessup

    From now on I’m watching 2 new episodes at once. Wow that was a very good episode

  • Sentarry

    I always wanted Vegeta to be the one to save the day. It always usually ends w/ Goku.
    sigh. well… anyways!
    This has me excited. It’s up to Bulma and Trunks to help fix the time machine and the Urn while Zamasu fused Zamasu to become the ulitmate being. Whether he’s immortal or not, he’s getting stuck in that Urn for sure. He’ll be way too powerful to fight.
    So far, the DB: Super has been hella confusing but very entertaining as far as Universes, Gods, Timelines, Worlds, etc.



  • TheLight

    So it looks like Black suffers the same deficiency Captain Ginyu did when he tried to switch forms with Goku. He wasn’t able to unlock Goku’s full power, either.

  • Buck

    Ru kidding .. He womped them both several times and Transformers into ssjr . It’s only after vegetas time spent training in the hyperbolic time chamber was he able to obtain this new strength .. when he talks about the saiyan cells I think he means that without goku’S heart in that body he will never realize the true power a “need to win” can make you achieve through training an battling …


    yeah dam but the next one its gona be an EPIC

  • Ryan Nichols

    All the people talking about immortal/half immortal fusion are just idiots. If they fusion didn’t make them both immortal…then why the hell would they take the time to show that they are putting the “Mafuba” jar back together again?

    They are going to spend time getting their asses kicked for a few episodes, they are going to wish they had gohan in the past to fuse with trunks…but instead the Kai’s will give the earrings over to Goku and Vegeta once more, and since we know they were stronger than the others from the beginning…an epic battle of “kick the shit out of zamasu” will happen and then oops Trunks will have to hold him off for a second while vegito does the mafuba. And one of two endings will happen. Either: A the jar works and the omni king separates vegeta and goku…OR the cracked jar breaks again and Omni king kills Gozamasu.

    The end…next arc.

  • TophGuy

    Finally a proper Dragon Ball Super Episode! Animation was consistently awesome. Vegeta isnt a pushover for once. Trunks on glue duty like how it should be when theres Goku n Vegeta around. i hope the rest of the arc stays this way. they can take a month for each episode for all i care, as long as they keep producing awesome quality such as this one.

  • Brandonn Carl Louie

    “It’s because I’m the SAIYAN PRINCE, VEGETA SAMA ! ”
    –> this phrase gave me chills 🙂

  • Brandonn Carl Louie

    I think the next episode would be , Vegeta and Goku’s Fusion ! Imagine , there were 2 kai there so it means, there were 2 portara earings, then SSGSS Gogeta would appear !

  • dgoku

    Good episode, felt awesome to watch Vegeta dole out some good blows and as always Saiyan virtues. I think (at least i hope), we might see Vegeto soon..

  • Shabani Weird

    this episode sucks balls -.- what a waste nothing really happened.

  • Shabani Weird

    they should make a fusion already, end of saga…

  • DLaguna

    This episode was great, can’t wait to see what happens next week. We really need an hour long episode because once it starts getting good it ends. I have a feeling the fusion will be immortal and they’ll just end up using the urn, although Trunks just using super glue to fix it is a little sketch. If its not a tight seal wouldn’t they eventually be able to escape the urn.

  • Sam

    “his butt’s not hanging out” XD OMFG

  • Ryan Nichols

    Gotta love how they were told in DBZ that they could only use the time chamber for two years before it disappeared and now it’s like “just go in for however long you want….no probs”

  • Letholldus

    -Use past dragon balls to wish for immortality
    -Fuse, it’s not like the fusion dance will leave them stuck together like the porta ear rings
    -Use kaioken SSJB
    -Stick a fucking senzu bean in your mouth and eat it if you get too hurt, I mean really there are so many options here.

    Also they have a /time machine/ why do they always show up later rather than sooner, they could literally travel forward in time to 5 seconds after they left.

  • Ивелин Колев

    Holy shit Vegeta rekt his ass but y u so cliffhanger ?

  • Joshua Hurst

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  • George Bakalis

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  • vineet gaur

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    but its worth it!!!

  • Brazell Zash

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  • Neskins Aujour

    Yes!!!!!! Give Vegeta his GODDAM! RESPECT ! +!

  • FisterOfFury

    This Vegeta vs Black fight and Goku’s 10x KK against Hit are the 2 best scenes in all of db super. Headbutt was fucking superb.

  • Spacejam Manonthemoon

    All I’m saying is good still has the king omi button why don’t he just press it and omi will fix everything I’m sure omi can go to any time line since he made everything

  • Spacejam Manonthemoon

    All I’m saying is goku still has the king omi button why doesn’t he just press it and omi will fix everything I’m sure omi can go to any timeline since he made everything

  • frodo

    they cant seal those fkng zu’s , they hve time rings
    they may achieve if they remove the rings and earballs

  • NananaGoku

    For everyone confused as to how Vegeta is able to use the Time Chamber again, this is the 2nd Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The first was destroyed in the Fusion Saga. Dende reconstructed it so that Vegeta and Goku could train for the Universe 6 Tournament. The new room can be used for at least three days and doesn’t have a destructible door that would prevent them from being able to leave.

  • Power10

    Can we all just agree that Vegeta is so much better then Goku? He’s smarter, stronger, and simply has more of a personal ambition and effort.

    • Delaverga Uni

      Ambition or not, they’re equally as dumb. As far as strength that too is undetermined and so far Goku has always been the stronger one. Vegeta even admits to Goku always being a step ahead and a few times, “superior” Just can’t agree with something that’s not true. In your mind perhaps, you would believe he’s better.

  • Delaverga Uni

    Im going to just say goku and vegeta wont fuse. Im sure something unexpected will happen like a new transformation.

    It’s weird that gowa and supreme kai show up without doing anything. But that doesn’t mean they will hand over potara earrings. They’re still showing that they want to fight with their own power and don’t believe in a hopeless situation where they have no other choice but to fuse. Im pretty sure they will learn some fusion technique later, not in this saga. Id be surprized if they did fuse. That expression the kai gave made me suspicious tho.

  • Mike

    They don’t need the jewelry to fuse. It’s also permanent that way. They can just do the fusion dance if they really need to. They both know how to do it. I know Vegeta hates it but he’s matured since DBZ and definitely does not want to be permanently fused with Goku so I think he’d do it if he had to do the silly fusion dance…..”FU SION HA!”

  • Bicth people

    im so strong vegeta and goku cannot defeat me just kidding hahahaha

  • Noerlyth

    So Whis is an “angel” that is bound to the god of destruction and will kinda go to sleep when the god of destruction is kille. And to kill the god of destruction all you have to do is kill his counterpart kaoshin that in most cases is a pretty weak idiot. Am i the only one that thinks that a god of destruction or an “angel” with a little bit of brain would either train the kaoshin to be strong or seal him away where he can’t get hurt?

  • AlTheGamer 123

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  • AlTheGamer 123

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh best line of dbz this world shall be your grave and we also bought a coffin its a little small but deal with it they got roasted

  • Corey Vire

    Isn’t Vegeta the King of Saiyans now? I mean hasn’t he been king since Frieza killed his dad?

  • Arekiym Kieym

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  • Robin van der Pluijm

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  • aj

    dude that was awesome definitely brought some action and it was funny to see trunks and bulma have that connection almost like we all have with our parents.

  • Abele Pakuna

    The ultimate Climax, Hit comes in and uses his freezing thing skill to fight Zamasu and Black, since Goku had to use SSB with Kaioken, that means he’s not fast enough to fight Hit without it, and Black nor Zamasu are faster than Goku nor Vegeta, so Hit could hit them with some lethal ass hits right there.

  • yahir

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  • The Heat’s Den-Eye

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