Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 63 Dubbed : “”


  • Joshua Fielding

    No Sound?

    • https://animotime.tv/ AnimoTime

      on any specific time?

      • Joshua Fielding

        The whole thing for me. Tried another dubbed site too and its the same thing… Everything else works fine.

        • Ignotus Schmitt

          I’ve found that audio works with the Chrome browser, but not Firefox. Odd.

          • Joshua Fielding

            All fixed

    • Sindiswa-Tøñÿ Ïł Bëłłō Seruto

      Same. No sound for me as well.

  • John Chernichenko

    I have sound on Firefox. No clue what you guys are on about.

  • Joseph Moore

    OMFG now that is what I want to see in Super! Vegeta and Goku kicking ass. I really hope Vegeta gets a win this time. Goku always snatches it away, it really bugged me he killed Golden Frieza.

    • Roboghrunt

      u never watched the japanese episodes??

      • Joseph Moore

        I cannot do the subbed versions. I am too busy reading to see the action, and their high pitched voices get annoying. I am patient enough to wait for the dubbed versions, let them build up, and binge watch.