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Dragon Ball Super episode 62 : “Title”


  • kraken296


  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Yonko

    Hopefully Black will betrayed kaioshin and become twin of goku

    • Luxion

      Nah, that’s hoping for too much.

    • MahdiPlays

      Black is the kaioshin from a different timeline

  • Wolfnrun

    To many ending’s that yearn for more information!!!


    There is a technique that can defeat Black?…hmmm. Why not just do fusion..geez. I’m sure everyone wants to see the result of the fusion between Ssj blue goku and ssj blue vegeta. What role has piccolo got in this? Is Puccini going to future so dballs will be revived and so they make wish to undo wishes black made or they wish super Dragon balls back?? Good episode, lots of fighting finally unlike episodes before. Still is puzzling the whole zamasus and goku black connection.

    • Calvin Groenewold

      Im pretty sure the ‘technique to defeat zamasu’ refers to the immortal zamasu and not the zamasu black

      Since he wished to be immortal it doesnt mean he cant be thrown into a different dimension or something (like garlic jr) or perhaps they can destroy his ki or something.. since that has been mentioned before with Goku

      • Kevin Joshua S. Quiroz

        You’re right. I think that’s what gonna happen.

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  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy
    • Wolfnrun

      Not to be rude. I don’t think a green or lime colored hair will come. It’s just a hair colour doesn’t give a special ability or anything. I like the idea though

      • Robbo

        it is ugly is FK

        • Persassy

          Super Saiyan Ka-carrot

          • GamerMax MC5/UT

            i got this from a site that combines writing, meaning and other stuff to make jokes and/or who knows what things: kakarot=ka-ka-rot=ka-carr-ot=ka-rrot=ca-rrot=carrot

      • Phillip Zimmer

        He looks like an actual carrot, LOL

        • Wolfnrun

          I just noticed! XD I don’t like how being “Stronger” is determined by hair colour…it’s just silly. Need more abilites instead of raw power

          • GamerMax MC5/UT

            hair colour dosent give power, it shows how powerfull the form is

            if you have green hair you dont get strong, it shows a level of power

          • Wolfnrun

            I never said hair colour gives power. I said I don’t like how hair colour determines strength. How Blue is somehow better then red and green is…something. I find it stupid because that’s my opinon……….. ya sure

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        let’s keep it at “think” I mean we’ve have Yellow, Blue and Red… so… it’s not to crazy an idea…

    • Lee Walton


  • Puggins the demon dog

    They gotta use silver hair at some point.. all the greatest fan art used it. With SSJ3 style hair. Why don’t they get fucking creative with the designs… urrg

    • Xman321

      Because when people get creative we get SSJ4, and if you like SSJ4’s design you are wrong.

      I mean, I like what they were going for, but that’s way too much shit on one character.

  • d3rd3vil

    Its a desaster nothing more. From SSJ2 beyond any god status really it cant be that easy it just cant its stupid nothing else…..ofc it looks cool he will beat Black now….its stupid nevertheless!

    • DBLeon

      Wait for the next episode and see what happens maybe its not what you think.

  • afzal hussain

    Hi friends

  • afzal hussain

    Hi friends if anyone see this episodes in English please tell me I am so excited for 62 episode

    • MahdiPlays

      You cant… they are not out lol

  • CR34T1V0

    i think that some new type of super saiyan god transformation will not be used, the new technique theory learned by whis or beerus is most acceptable. Trunks’s rage fury is not the solution but give them a little bit of time to escape in the goku’s timeline. this is my opinion

    • Aideed

      the mustache looks funny af :v :p

      • タリク

        you mean beard^

        • Avigoku

          for 10 sec. i just looked at that pic for a mustache. XD. that idiot doesnt know what mustache means XD

          • Satyanash

            He made an honest mistake, but if you took 10 seconds before you realized, the joke’s on you

      • Dew Key


    • Ryu Zaki


    • Bart Bake

      Who is that?

      • CR34T1V0

        I found this image on the web it is a representation of the final goku god form, i hope that come true it is really awesome like ssj4 form

        • Harun

          What do u mean?

      • http://TinyURL.Com/AlexFBPage ☆NEET Savior のしろる🔞#NGNL ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ


    • -fail

      • Mr_Bank$$$

        NO Fail you guys liked super saiyan 4 but that was more of a monkey look than this current one…

        • But this Shit is fake so super fail

          • MC3D – Join The GoldSeto

            fake does not mean fail.

          • Mr_Bank$$$

            LMAO Haha…aye now if it becomes Realer than a drug dealer…when I see your girl Imma have to steal her…. lol…Now that’s not Fake…

          • Dumb

          • Mr_Bank$$$

            Lol…why so bruh

          • OA

            How is it fake???

        • yahir

          true true true

    • Kyle Mackinnon

      Whats he gonna use a staff? he looks like fucking Monkey :’)

      • marcus

        lol hahahahahahahahahahahah

      • Neza Perez

        Goku is actually based on a deity in Chinese mythology named Son Goku. He is the monkey king fly’s a cloud and fights with a staff.

        • Emmerson Samson

          Son Wukong, you mean? (Japanese: Son Gokū)

          • Audret

            Sun Wukong*

    • Mr_Bank$$$

      This Looks Sick Af

      • Mr_Bank$$$

        Dope Dope DOpe!!!! Man I wish it Were tru

        • CR34T1V0

          I wish too

    • Goku White

      I saw on the Internet that vegeta will go ssjw aka super sayain white. I think this might be it. I HOPE SO!!

      • Salah Eddine

        sorry but tomodashi said its a lie and he thinks about white form first but he said its gonna be like a spoiler for the next anime or same thing like that

      • GamerMax MC5/UT

        super sayan white is super sayan 5, right? or super sayan god white or super sayan god 5… those are the theorys… is because of the speed that sayan has, the speed is too much

    • yahir

      da fuck is dat

  • Zarcus

    I would like Goku to be SSJW not Black. If Goku would be SSJW the atmosphere would be overly attracted by fans. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cef70f65fb32d7da1557e9222858047954c378958f348b077775fcb13eedc25b.png

    • Xman321

      That’s neat, but I really don’t think we need any more transformations.

      • Zarcus

        So SSJW is garbage now? Well shit.

  • Lewis Hargreaves

    Just been doing some thinking so, correct me if im wrong here….But there are 5 timelines now right?
    Trunks timeline being the original, then when he came back and saved goku, it created a second time line which is the timeline we’re all watching…then cell came back in a time machine creating a new third timeline. (unless cell and trunks going back merges into one someohow?) then when trunks recently came back to warn about black and zamasu he created a fourth timeline…then they went to the future, lost and travelled back….creating a fifth time line….Now theyve gone back to the future and have to return which would form yet another timeline…Timelines only change by travelling back in time, not forward. Now i noticed there were 4 time rings in the box…a ring appears when a new time line is forged i believe i heard them say…so if there is 4 timelines and 2 of the above for some reason merges into one…that would mean there are 4 zamasu’s…The opposite universe isnt identical in terms of gods, theyre brothers of and what not so zamasu shouldnt be in the other universe….One zamasu has been killed by beerus. Leaving 3…so where is the third?…Guessing he just randomly disappeared when beerus kill the other? How come trunks only travels between the two and the other two arent possible to travel to? and since zamasu is dead in the past…being protected by the time rings, if they were removed he would cease to exist. Now going back…beerus wished for earth on the other universe to be revived…and after the little saijin said the saijin planet still exists…surely this means goku and vegeta are still on that planet and never left….Meaning technically….goku and vegeta could go there with beerus and whis, meet themselves…fuck knows how powerful they would be…could be weak as…but if they were as strong…they could use fusion with themselves (dont know why vegeta and goku havent fused with each other already tbh…) also how cool would it be if vegeta and goku fused with themselves and then fused with each other to create a 4 being fusion? intense…and of course the two zamasu are gonna fuse with the potara rings and possibly lead to the whole demon world opening scenario but yeah…correct my wrongs?


      Someone needs to make an official timeline graph. Shit is so confusing.

      • CEO of Trashbin Records Inc.

        lol not really man, just add another timeline every time someone jumps into the past or future

        • Kan9al

          The time machine only travels through time… it doesn’t really create a new one.
          A new one is created when the events don’t match up.
          After a “new timeline” is created, the time machine can travel between the two timelines without any trouble.

          So Trunks can travel to and fro between the future and the present, but it won’t create a new timeline…. because the timelines are more like portals/black holes as seen in the anime clip.

          • CEO of Trashbin Records Inc.

            Actually, it has to. Trunks jumping into the time machine causes a break/branch off of the original time line, and there after on the altered timelines. His going back to the past made a time line where cell manages to kill him and take his time machine just to find a time where the cyborgs are alive so it’s not just the two time lines. Cell explains that from the “future” he came from, trunks found a way to deactivate and kill the cyborgs. The cell we know and love killed that trunks and uses the machine. That would mean that trunks had no use for the roast the very first time he went back, but as a result he is easily killed by cell. Cell somehow gets to earth long before trunks comes into the picture to give goku the antidote which ends up being yet another branch from the original timeline. So right now there are a bunch of branches off of the original timeline due to trunks disappearing and reappearing in time lines.

          • Wolfin

            true, which is why we have xenoverse because the universe needs the time patrol.

          • Kan9al

            Xenoverse is not fanfic… but it isn’t cannon either.
            It lives alongside the Dragon Ball Z movies in terms of relevancy.

            We actually see the blackhole when they travel through spacetime.
            So as I said, if the events begin to stray away from their natural state it will become a new timeline.

            I used to think/agree with your concept before, but recent information has debunked it.

          • CEO of Trashbin Records Inc.

            I see what you’re getting at, but what you’re saying is contradictory. Trunks travelling to the past in itself is an inconsistency for the soul purpose that he shouldn’t be there in the first place. It shouldn’t have happened, but it does. The events in a timeline already play out and him even showing up in another timeline, for example the one we know as the past changes the timeline altogether, irregardless of how small his impact may have been. You can assume that the future Trunks comes from is an absolute, and him going back in the past creates another absolute future, since the one that he’s from played out the way it should have in the first place. Even if they’re moving through holes as you’ve explained, it still wouldn’t make any sense to look at it that way

          • CEO of Trashbin Records Inc.

            You know what? I understand what you were getting at after rereading your first comment..you’re right. It literally just clicked in my head. The concept itself has some holes. but that’s probably the best way to look at it.

          • Kan9al


            It’s a difficult concept to think about.
            And I believe Akira Toriyama could’ve done much better job to convey the concept to the audience.

            But this is the best solution to the puzzle, and it works without breaking canon or creating inconsistencies.

          • Kan9al

            That actually makes sense.

            However, you should know that Future Trunks went to the past to give the Heart Medication, then he went to his future. Then Future Trunks returned to the same past and fought the Androids. Then Trunks later wanted to go back to the past to thank them and tell them he had “Freed the Future”. So clearly, travelling to and from a wormhole doesn’t create an alternate timeline. However, drastic event changes do.

            So the question now isn’t “Did time travelling cause a new timeline with Beerus/Black events?”
            No, the question is “Did Trunks’ interference create a new timeline?”.

            I think the answer is “No”.
            Trunks didn’t create a new timeline, as per the reactions of Z-fighters. Trunks time travelling was the result of Goku-Black’s actions.
            So now the question evolves…
            “Did Goku-Black create a new timeline?”

            If we can place Goku-Black into his own timeline, Timeline 2 (which was unseen), then we can say: No, Goku-Black just travelled to another timeline instead of branching off a new one.

            If we say Goku-Black events have to happen in the current/Timeline 4; then yes, Goku-Black created another alternate timeline. However, that would bring the total timeline count to 5, but there are ONLY four proto-time rings…which indicate only 4 timelines. And that goes against both the anime and manga, which is canon.

          • CEO of Trashbin Records Inc.

            That makes sense… at least that perspective does. I thought the impact of his presence alone was enough to create the timeline, but he does some things that end up creating an alternate one that he can just go to. It’s still a bit contradictory but I understand; it looks as if you’ve got to look at the timelines as parallel sequences irregardless of which era they’re currently going through; that’s my take on it anyways. Your explanation definitely helped. That time ring thing you mentioned was clever.

          • LexxxD

            I’ve read your theory and I find it fascinating… It explains the four proto rings and doesn’t interfere with the canon information that we have… But we still have to see hod the battle will unfold for Black and the Z-fighters, because there are two possible outcomes: 1 – they manage to seal Black (unlikely), 2 – Beerus gets to the future and kills Black and Zamassu (more likely)… So if we presume that the second scenario happens, then we still have to see how will be destroyed Black, again two ways: 1 – after some time fighting, Beerus casts the destruction spell (too plain), 2 – after some fighting, Beerus thinks about removing the time-ring from Black, which may or may not affect his presence, now that he is destroyed in the past… The mentioning of the fact that the time-ring protects Black is not a statement that should be overlooked… I love your theory about the four universes, but I have one of my own, because there are four proto rings until the point that Beerus kills Zamassu in Timeline 4, which means that at this moment might have been created a fifth proto ring, which indicates, that Timeline 4 has in fact, transcended in Timeline 5.. On top of that, if it were not for the manga, we wouldn’t have known that killing a Kaioshin, eliminates The God of Destruction, so there is that to consider as well…

      • Kan9al

        Okay, I will explain it to everyone and I will go into some detail.
        (be warned; lots of text)

        Timeline 1 is the Original un-altered timeline.
        (Events unfold as they’re supposed to)
        (No-one from the future arrives)
        (Trunks and the Earth is destroyed by Cell, Cell uses Time Machine)

        Timeline 2 is “the past” created from Timeline 1
        (Trunks arrives from Timeline 1, No Cell)
        (Goku survives heart virus, Android’s defeated, unseen events)

        Timeline 3 is “the future” created from Timeline 1
        (Events unfold correctly, only at the beginning)
        (Trunks from Timeline 3 travels to new timeline 4)
        (Trunks learns of the time-travelling Cell from Timeline 1)
        (Trunks returns to “Free the Future”, defeats those Androids/Cell)

        Timeline 4 is “the past”/as seen on TV, created from Timeline 1 and 4
        (Trunks arrives from Timeline 3, Cell arrives from Timeline 1)
        (Goku survives, Cell Games, Buu saga, Battle of Gods etc etc)

        So in total there are 4 Timelines in existence due to the meddling of Trunks and Cell.
        Also there are four green proto-Time Rings…indicating that four timelines exist.
        Three of these timelines are bad/dark and only Timeline 4 is the good one.
        Eventually Zamasu becomes Goku-Black in Timeline 2.
        Goku-Black uses the Time Ring to travel to the future/another timeline.
        Goku-Black arrives in Timeline 3.
        And the rest of the story is yet to be concluded.

        However; if you like to know what happens in the Unseen Events/timeline 2 read next post….

        • Kan9al

          …So what happens in the Timeline 2 (unseen events) ??

          Trunks arrives and gives the heart medication.
          Z-fighters defeat #19 and #20.
          Goku gets sick, and is taken away.
          Z-fighters knock down Gero’s lab door as he releases the other Android’s #17 and #18.
          The Android’s kill Gero, and engage in battle, not-knowing about the lab.
          Z-fighters are defeated by the Androids.
          The Android’s decide to spare them, hearing Goku is still alive, and decide to play a game of cat-and-mouse.
          The Z-fighters retreat/heal.
          Gohan meets with Yamcha and Chichi and moves Goku.
          Vegeta commences lone training.
          Picollo asks to merge with Kami, who rejects it.
          Bulma asks Trunks and Krillin to investigate Gero’s lab.
          They find Android #16 and deactivate him, they also obtain the blueprints to Gero’s designs.
          Goku awakes shortly and IT to Kami’s Lookout.
          As per Kami and Mr Popo, the duo begin training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
          Trunks visits Vegeta, and commences “image training”.
          Android’s arrive at Chichi’s but no-one’s there.
          The next day, Bulma finishes the remote detonator and gives it to Krillin.
          Picollo and Goku emerge from the HTC, and travel to Bulma’s.
          The Android’s arrive at Roshi’s and are about to kill Chichi, Yamcha, and Roshi.
          Krillin asks to see Goku’s new power.
          Goku powers up, and everyone sense’s it.
          Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, all travel to Bulma’s with haste.
          Vegeta is frustrated with Goku’s power.
          Soon the Android’s arrive; having being told Goku’s location from Roshi.
          Krillin is stopped from using the detonator, told it isn’t necessary.
          Million’s are killed as the Android’s wipe out a huge section of the city.
          The remorseless cyborgs begin their fight.
          Picollo fights #18, Goku fights #17.
          The Z-fighter’s easily win. Goku wants to spare their lives.
          The Android’s don’t want to be spared, both Vegeta and Trunks want them to be killed.
          Picollo tells Goku these Android’s were caused by Goku’s mercy.
          Vegeta kills the damaged units, no-one stops him.
          Cell doesn’t make an appearance.
          Goku makes Super Saiyan Sex to Chichi, and Goten is conceived.

          Trunks says his final goodbye and returns back to his future with the remote.
          (Trunks will use the detonator to defeat the Androids, only soon to be surprise-killed by Cell)
          In the past, Vegeta vows to surpass Goku, to be the proud Prince of all Saiyans.
          Goku, Vegeta, Picollo, and Gohan continue their training.
          Goku becomes a farmer, Gohan wins a scholarship to Orange Star High.
          Gohan becomes the Great Saiya-Man, and Vegeta asks to spar in 25th World Martial Arts.
          Everyone agrees and attends.
          They meet Shin, who makes them privy to the scenario.
          Goku, Vegeta and Picollo are weaker than TV-series counterparts at this point.
          Gohan, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha are about on-par.
          Babidi’s henchmen are killed easily.
          Pui Pui is scrapped quickly by Gohan.
          Yakkon gives Vegeta some struggle, but he eventually beheads him.
          Goku faces off against Dabura, and they square off evenly.
          Vegeta gets frustrated, whilst Gohan, Kibito and Kaioshin are worrisome.
          Dabura retreats and decides to influence Vegeta.
          Vegeta agrees, giving him an advantage, which would make the matchup fair against Goku.
          Vegeta turns into a SS2 in front of everyone, and everyone is impressed.
          Babidi contemplates to settle on with SS2 Vegeta.
          Kaioshin isn’t impressed, says Buu is much much more formidable.
          Goku turns SS2, saying he was keeping it a secret for later, and they agree to face off.
          Gohan, Kaioshin, Kibito fare off against Dabura and Babidi… but Buu is released.
          SS2 Majin Vegeta defeats Goku fairly, and before killing him, spares his life.
          Buu fights/defeats Gohan, Kaioshin and Kibito.
          Buu kills Dabura. Vegeta flys over to Buu.
          SS2 Majin Vegeta wants to test his newfound powers against Buu “strongest in the universe”.
          Vegeta harms Buu, whilst Kaioshin makes an escape with Kibito and Gohan.
          Buu kills Vegeta, as per sacrificial blast.
          Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan and retrieves the Z-Sword.
          Gohan trains with Kibito and Kaioshin.
          Goku awakens, and brings everyone to Kami’s lookout.
          Due to Goku surviving the Android/Cell saga, he doesn’t know about Fusion.
          Goku decides to start training with Picollo in the HTC, whilst other’s come up with a plan.
          Goku and Picollo emerge from the HTC, but still too weak.
          Bulma lays her plan to send Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, Videl, Trunks-and-Goten to find the dragon balls.
          Goku and Picollo distract Buu as they search for the balls.
          SS2-high-powered-Goku manages to entertain Buu, Picollo kills Babidi
          Buu defeats Goku, and Picollo rescues him away.
          Buu goes on a killing rampage.
          Z-Fighters manage to find 7 dragon balls.
          Shenron is summoned but says he cannot destroy Buu, he’s too powerful and beyond limits.
          They wish Vegeta back. They also wish for everyone killed by Buu.
          Earth is restored momentarily.
          Buu gets bored and threatens to destroy the Earth.
          Mr Satan arrives and distracts Buu long-enough.
          Kaioshin arrives with Gohan wielding the Z-Sword in a new Shin-outfit.
          Gohan uses the Z-Sword on Buu, cutting him into pieces… but Buu just regenerates.
          Goku charges up the Spirit Bomb, much to Kaioshin’s surprise at that technique.
          SSJ Gohan, Picollo, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, Trunks, Goten, and Videl make a concentrated effort.
          Together they manage to hold off Buu a bit longer, then fail.
          Buu approaches Goku and is about to kill him, until.
          He gets blown away by Vegeta, who was wished back earlier.
          SS2 Vegeta fights Buu, and gets pummelled.
          Goku gathers up all the ki, but says its not enough.
          Kaioshin suggests they should talk to all Earthlings through him, and have them donate.
          Earthlings distrust Krillin. Mr Satan convinces them to donate their ki.
          The Spirit Bomb becomes gigantic, and gets thrown at Buu.

          Majin Buu is defeated.
          Everyone celebrates.
          Vegeta is disgusted in himself for making things so bad, enabling Buu to release.
          Vegeta is also disgusted that Goku is stronger than him, despite he using Babidi’s Majin spell.
          He flies away in disgrace, vowing to never fight again, as similar to Cell Games ending.
          Gohan decides to be intimate with Videl, and focus on his studies.
          Goku agrees to work and make money.
          However, Kaioshin and Kibito ask Goku to join them.
          They offer to help give him some training, which Chichi rewards.
          They realise the Z-Sword was destroyed in the fight with Buu.
          Goku arrives and trains with Kaioshin/Kibito without making that much progress.
          Kaioshin decides to take Goku to see Gowasu.
          Kibito and he explain how it was Goku who defeated Buu.
          Gowasu is surprised, then Zamasu arrives.
          Zamasu is angered that a mortal is on the Sacred World of Kai, but Goku is respectful.
          Goku asks to spar with Zamasu, who gets angered.
          Gowasu believes it a good idea to match their apprentices against one another.
          Goku becomes a SS2 and easily outmatches Zamasu… putting him in shame.
          And it fuels his fear, distrust, and hatred for humans.
          Kaioshin returns Goku back home, and resumes his duty as the God of Creation.
          Zamasu soon kills Gowasu, steals his Potara earring and Time Ring.
          Then Zamasu gathers all the Super Dragon balls.
          Zamasu wishes to exchange bodies with Goku, as per the preview.
          Now calls himself “Dark” (or Black, or Goku-Black).
          Black uses the Time Ring to travel between the timelines.
          There are four green proto-Time Rings…indicating that four timelines exist.
          And thus, Black travels from Timeline 2, and into Timeline 3
          …which is the future timeline saved by Trunks and killed Cell.
          And in the future, Trunks just defeats Dabura and Babidi with the passing of Kaioshin and Kibito.
          This erases Beerus “God of Destruction” from Universe
          Black kills Gowasu and steals his Potara earrings.
          He gives the Potara to Zamasu, and explains the situation to himself.
          Zamasu makes a wish for immortality with the Super Dragon balls.
          Black travels out of Universe 7, to other Universes and kills all the other Kaioshins.
          He justifies it as “they don’t think as I do, and thus are evil”.
          Killing all the Kaioshins, also erases all the God’s of Destruction, who are more powerful than Black.
          Black then returns to Earth to destroy all the “mortals”/humans/saiyans.
          The resistance puts on a little fight, and Trunks steps in.
          A year later and mankind is close to being extinct again, Trunks manages to travel in timeline.
          Future Trunks travels to “the past” which is timeline 4 (TV) to seek aid from Goku and friends.
          And the events of that Timeline 4/Timeline 3 is presently occurring in the TV viewing chapter.

          (congrats for making it this far, sorry for the long text)

          • https://youtu.be/I-A8TwsPqlk Kamesenin Butan

            Nice explanation especially the “Goku makes Super Saiyan Sex to Chichi, and Goten is conceived.” Very good! LOL

          • Kan9al

            There’s a Master Roshi in all of us ; )

        • x3iiSTee

          wrong, zamasu stole the body of goku in timeline 4, but trunks went back and warned them about zamasu, just like with the heart virus, thus creating a new timeline

          • Kan9al

            Nope, you’re wrong.
            Zamasu can’t steal Goku’s body from timeline 4 because that Zamasu was destroyed by Beerus.

            And Zamasu can’t steal Goku’s body in Trunks’ timeline because Goku is dead in that timeline.

            So the only possibility for Zamasu is for him to have fought/met Goku in Timeline 2, then travelled in to another timeline from that.
            And that’s what I said in my post.

          • Gaurav Sharma

            I dont think goku and vegeta are going to kill them.. I think goku is finally going to use the buzzer thing that “God of everything” gave him. And he (god of everything) is going to punish Black and Zamasu for killing rest of the Gods. After all he is most powerful being in the world

          • Kan9al

            That could happen.
            The Button is now a Chekhov’s Gun in the narrative, and we’ll see how things unfold.

          • Majinmonkey

            The Buu saga without Cell is an interesting theory, but there are way too many assumptions to make it work. Besides that, the only reason ANYONE knew about the Super Dragonballs is because Champa gathered them for the God of Destruction Tournament. Zamasu and Gowasa were watching the Tournament and saw the use of the Super Dragon Balls. Without Beerus and the Battle of the Gods arc, there would be no God of Destruction Tournament and no Super Dragon Balls.

            Furthermore, Occam’s Razor dictates the simplest solution is the most likely.

            In that case, Universe 4 Goku met Zamasu in the exact series of events we’re been watching, Zamasu traveled to the near future and used the super Dragon balls to steal his body and kill Goten and Chi-Chi in that near future. Now, that won’t happen in this time, because Black then went to Trunk’s Future and caused trouble, which sent Trunks back again and split the timeline of Universe 4 into 4 and 5. In 4, Zamasu gets Goku’s body, in 5, Beerus stops him first.

            Black is from Universe 4 and we’re now watching Universe 5, where Black doesn’t get created because of the joint efforts of Trunks and Beerus.

          • Conundrum .

            It’s not actually an assumption, it’s a requirement. Remember from the show, that the fetal cell was destroyed when Krillin and Trunks destroyed Gero’s lab. So Cell would NOT have existed in that timeline.

          • Majinmonkey

            The assumption is that the series of events in Universe 2 transpired in such a way that Goku still meets Zamasu. Assumption after assumption after assumption so it works out just perfectly for him to meet Zamasu, when it’s a perfect closed loop time travel phenomenon involving Universe 3, 4, and then the creation of 5.

            Trunks travels from 3 to 4, warning about Black,
            which causes them to meet Zamasu,
            which causes Black to exist,
            which causes Trunks to warn them about Black.

            So without intervention 3 and 4 co-exist in a perfect loop.

            At some point Beerus killing Zamasu splits them into another Universe where Black doesn’t exist, but he must still have existed at some point, or they never would have known they needed to kill Zamasu at all.

            Universe 5 is the one where Black doesn’t come into existence, but in entirely reliant on the fact that Universe 3 and 4 must exist for the events leading to it’s creation to occur.

          • Kan9al

            Thanks Majinmonkey for understanding the wall of text.

            I just want to debunk your earlier comment to begin with.
            What we saw in Zamasu/Gowasu watching the universe tournament and seeing the Super Dragon Balls happened in the TV universe.

            There is no inclination to say that is where Zamasu learned about Goku being powerful… because he already sparred and lost to Goku, which he could have done so in Universe 2.

            There is no inclination to say that is where Zamasu learned about the Super Dragon Balls… because Gowasu knew and could’ve told him, and he could’ve found out about Zuno.

            So in Timeline 2… the events square-up as I posted to satisfy the series of events. Before Zamasu comes up with his Zero-Mortal Plan, he learns about Goku from sparring with him. And he learns about Dragon Balls through Gowasu and Zuno. Then he enacts his plan. The reason why Zamasu/Black uses the Time Ring to travel to another timeline is because in the Timeline 2 he could still get killed by a God of Destruction. That’s why when he travels to Timeline 3, he kills Gowasu and seeks Zamasu, he gets wished for immortality, then he/they kill off all the “lazy” Kaioshins in order to destroy all the Gods of Destruction…. so that they can rule as “Gods”. However, it is unknown at this point if Black or Future Zamasu knows about The Attendants (Whis, Vados, etc) or if they know about Zeno… and they might have a role to play in the current events.

            So with those two requirements met, we don’t need to go and create a new 5th timeline to satisfy the series of events. Also remember there are 4 green proto-rings… indicating that there are 4 timelines.

          • darkracer

            you are actually wrong here.
            the only reason zamasu meets goku is because trunks went back in time and black goku followed trunks. it was then that beerus and whis recognised the ki and decided to visit universe 10

          • darkracer

            zamasu took goku body in timeline 4. he should have stopped existing when beerus killed the past zamasu, but the time ring protects him. if the ring is destroyed then black goku wil dissapear, and everything he did will return to normal.

          • Wolfin

            if you are right i will be so happy 🙂

          • Chaegrim

            You may be wrong also, Remember what they said, the ring protects him from anything that may have happened in the past, therefore, it is possible that black is the Goku from Timeline 4, simply being protected by the power of the timering, there for leading to the simple solution of “Remove the ring, remove the problem”, as the events of Beerus killing Timeline 4 would slam into place, thus removing Black from Timeline 3.

          • Chaegrim

            killing timeline 4 Zamasu****

          • Kan9al

            You are correct.
            But if Goku-Black is from Universe 2… then killing Universe 4’s Zamasu would have no effect on him, Time Ring or not.

            And if you kill Zamasu from Universe 2… then Goku-Black would still be fine because he is outside of the restraints with the Time Ring.

            Also, if you remove Goku-Black’s Time Ring… it is possible that he either dies OR he gets sucked back into Timeline 2/Original timeline.

            Personally, I think defeating Goku-Black just by removing his ring is a cop-out, and I rather have the narrative go in the way of him getting destroyed by Trunks.

          • Kan9al

            The problem with this notion is that it means Black occurs in Timeline 4… when he travels in forwards in time to the future, he shouldn’t be travelling backwards to Timeline 3.

            Instead he would be travelling forwards to a new Timeline. And the whole concept falls apart when you think about where Future Trunks is in relation to that Timeline.
            And that would mean an impossible timeline is created for T-5. Then Trunks comes back from T-5 to create a new universe, that we see on TV, as Timeline 6. The concept isn’t cohesive, and falls apart easily.

            My deduction (Timeline 2->3->4) works out as AT intended.

    • Imran Zaini

      idk man sometimes so confused abt these timelines

      • CheezMonster

        I like to think of the time machines as dimension crossing machines. They may have created an alternate timeline initially, but so long as whatever parameters they use stay the same, they simply travel between those two dimensions rather than making new timelines each time.

        As far as Zamasu goes, their rings allow them to exist outside of any timeline. They are impervious to any changes made to the timelines of their home dimensions.

        • Dichologos

          Yeah, thinking of the timelines in terms of alternate dimensions/realities makes it easier.

          I think a lot of the problem is that a lot of popular sci-fi time travel is totally inconsistent and filled with paradoxes and the like. Such as in Back to the Future. People don’t usually think about the inconsistencies time travel would entail – paradoxes being the main issue. The issue with time travel in the traditional sense is that if you were able to travel back in time, then anything that you changed in the past would have already influenced your future, meaning you can’t actually change anything as it has already happened.

          The only way for time travel to work logically is for either alternate timelines/dimensions to be affected, or for things to come up during your trip to the past that make it impossible to change the future in the way you may have wished (therefore, you still traveled to your own “past” but just were unable to do anything).

          The former idea allows for far more creative freedom, while the latter requires very good writing in order for the character who performed time travel to not seem to be railroaded – as you need very good reasons why a person with knowledge of the past wouldn’t be able to change it. Such as by them having false information when they traveled back in time that leads to them fulfilling the past (go back to kill Hitler and you end up saving him instead by mistake, because your assassination attempt saves him from another).

    • bannanarama

      I doubt the timeline where Cell came from fused with the one trunks came from, since that cell killed his trunks and stole his time machine. The Zamus from Cell’s timeline either will appear later or he never had the idea to kill off his supreme kai since he never meet Goku(he’s dead here too) or Black . Unlike the immortal zamus he wasn’t corrupted further by Black and unlike black he never thought of stealing gokus’ body. Heck maybe his master manged to change his mind on mortals. We do see him in a grieveing/stunned state right after (Immortal) walks in on black killing off his Master maybe he was just beginning to change his mind.

      Also i doubt that everytime they go back in time they create a new timeline. If that were the case then ,due to there existing other time machines, there would theoretically be an infinite about of timelines already (unless there’s a limit to time rings). I’d say there’d have to be a big change to the past to cause a new timeline (like Goku not being heart virused off) The second time trunks came back (when the android were meant to first appear) he didn’t really get anything significant done and was more of just a witness to Gohans super saijin swag.

      You mentioned the universe 6 earth. that’s not another timeline just another universe within a timeline. Since their Frieza counterpart of Frost. It would be fair to say any counterpart to goku or vegeta would be different. heck maybe even evil.

      … this helps me keep track but it may not be correct untill we get more information
      Timeline= House
      Universes= Rooms in the house

      or heck idk i’m just running on a sugar high due to these marshmellows all of this could be wrong

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      1. Cell came from the future (killed Trunks)
      2. Trunks came from the future (to warn them) – then returned
      3. Trunks came from the future (to help fight them) – then returned.

      1. Trunks came from the future – then returned
      2. Trunks came from the future (now I can’t remember if Trunks came and went twice on is own, I think so but not 100%)
      3. Goku, Vegeta and Trunks went to the future – returned.
      4. Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Bulma went to the future – returned.
      5. Goku, Vegeta and Bulma will probably be go again. (Got a feeling Gohan might too)

      So it’s about 5. BUT. You have to remember. With time being involved “parallel universes” could be being made so it could be more.

      With Zamasu. 1 is black, 1 is immortal, 1 is dead. 2 are currently unaccounted for.. but I don’t think we’ll see anymore of him so it’s probably safe to say they’ve both been killed by Beerus.

      Also I think you maybe thinking too much when it comes to meeting themselves and a 4 being fusion… with them being in God form I think it will take longer to do the fusion that the fusion will last then again this is Toriyama… I don’t think it’s going to end with the Mafuba, it just seems like something to waste time to me. I think Gohan is going to be involved somewhere.

    • Χάρης Διαμάντης

      i think cabbe is the universe 6 vegeta if i am not wrong

      • ThatGuy.


      • RomanPrank

        No, Cabbe is just another person, who has nothing to do with Vegeta

      • Harun

        I feel sry for ya.

    • Kyle Joultz

      Wrong; First of all,Future Trunk’s timeline is not the original it’s an alternate reality that exists parallel to universe sevens Original timeline in terms of space time. Second, Cell created an alternate alternate reality in the same way Trunk’s did but given that Future Trunk’s exists within his own alternate reality he managed to learn about cell more than the alternate Trunks who got killed by Cell and managed to destroy Cell with ease. Thirdly, Trunks didn’t create another timeline when he went back in time. Black had already created his own divergence that exists outside of the Original just like Future Trunks and that is why Zamasu was not erased from space time when Beerus obliterated Zamasu the events that followed with the existence of black allowed for the timelines to exist. Goku black is the same Zamasu from Goku’s timeline but given that Goku and Vegeta traveled to the Future and learned how Zamasu gained power and at that point they diverted from Black’s and instead Zamasu gets killed by Beerus with the intervention of whiz. And Lastly, You are confusing universe 6 Earth from Universe 7 Earth and Universe 7 alternate Earth. Not to mention that Immortal Zamasu is from Trunks alternate reality Universe 10 which Black traveled to with the time ring. They then killed all the Gods and Super Dragon balls in that alternate Universe. And Traveling back in time does not always create an alternate timeline especially if its from.a concurrent timeline like the one Future Trunks made. The reason why new timelines arose is because of Black. But like Black said, Trunks made that all possible with the creation of the time machine. So far there are 4 timelines, The Original +Whiz interference, Cell’s,Future Trunk’s linked to The Original and accessed by Black’s time ring. and the one Created by Black through the use of the Super Dragon Balls. Pretty much the only thing you got right is that Black and Zamasu will fuse but thats old news.

      • raph

        By saying: “The Original +Whiz interference” you mean by that Earth destroyed by Frieza?

        • Kyle Joultz

          When Zamasu killed his Master, they stopped the event and kept the timeline intact out side of Blacks.

    • Augustus

      There are only 2 timelines. It’s not that hard to understand.

      1. The unaltered timeline: Trunks world is destroyed by Androids, Goku, Gohan, etc are destroyed, a few survivors including Mai remain. Trunks goes back in time, gets super strong during the Cell saga, then returns home to kill the 2 Androids and imperfect Cell. Time is running concurrently, so as a month passes in timeline 1, it also passes a month in 2. Afterwards Earth begins rebuilding but soon after Black shows up. Trunks had already beat Bibidi and destroyed Buu. They fight for a long time before Trunks decides his only hope is returning to Timeline 2.

      2. This is where Goku is saved from the heart virus, Trunks helps beat Cell and returns to timeline 1. Zamusu is acquainted with Goku, envies his awesome power, travels to timeline 1 (but in its future, so you can call it timeline 3 but no further reference is made of it) Freaky Fridays with Goku, kills him and his family, then goes to timeline 1, meets Zamasu (who knows nothing of Goku since he’s all dead) and then joins forces. They both go to timeline 1, kill all the gods and carry out their plan.

      Clear as mud?

  • Eat1more

    Can’t watch it too many ads

    • Smokecloudx

      download ublock orgins to chrome

  • Cunt Muffin

    I’m disappointed in the way this series has progressed things. The ssj transformations just got easier and easier over time after goten ‘magically’ went ssj with no training whatsoever. I was able to look past that, but this… this is some serious bullshit going on. Trunks being able to transform to ssjb, no, scratch that… being able to transform BEYOND ssjb is complete utter horseshit. He wasn’t even capable of going beyond ssj2 for fucks sake, and now all of a sudden he can become SSJB?!?! Without any training, discipline, or even knowledge about it?!?!?! It took both Goku and Vegeta intense training for years to finally be as powerful as they are now. YEARS. But for trunks all it took was a little bit of emotions and… bam! Instant god ki powers. Wow. What a joke.

    • DBSisWORSEthanDBZ

      It’s a False SSJ God, it’s like when Goku went False SSJ, it is not as powerful as SSJB…

      • Christopher

        There is no name for it, though. Where is the source for it being “False Super Saiyan God”.

        Trunks’ transformation is ‘giving Black a run for his money’, as Goku phrased it. So apparently he is stronger.

      • Wolfnrun

        OR! It could be something new as his eyes went white and has 3 diffrent colours are around him. I do not belive it to be SSJB or else he wouldn’t be able to give black “A run for his money” You couldn’t keep up with black very much in SSJB form. With effort maybe you could as goku did

      • Augustus

        Trunks base form is so much stronger than either Vegeta or Goku so that when he levels up it is astronmically bigger. Remember his SSJ form was on par with Gokus SSJ3

    • Luis

      You ain’t no real fan if not you would know a sayains true power comes from rage and at that moment trunk exploded with rage giving him the power

    • Daniel Astorga

      Well, in its defense, he had been fighting black on his own, and his world has been under constant attack by the looks of it. It is possible he was at the cusp to reach a new level but he just needed a little push. Apparently when he “sparred” with goku, goku went ss3 and what I got from it was that trunks was close to ss3 level. He had been getting his butt kicked and trained with vegeta so I don’t think it is too much of a stretch for him to get a transformation. I don’t think it’s teh same one Goku and vegeta has but it does seem like a convenient form to help the story along. Truthfully though, he needs to be set up as strong to be able to protect his own world. I get your sentiment though…seems like BS.

      • shaun

        actually in the manga future trunks trained with the superime kai to fight dubara and buu in his timetime. black actually came to future trunks timeline.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUkprdIdyZiufFooaBHQGNQ XevA CuT

      Future trunks is always going to be stronger than any one from the pass because he has train more at a certain point. Plus don’t forget that vegeta told him the feeling of becoming a ssjb. Also what trunks did was like that time he fought cell that he went beyond ssj and his eyes got the same way.


      He isn’t stronger than SSJB..

    • Adderell

      Remember, Gohan was stronger then SSJ3 Goku after training with the Kaioshin. Trunks went through the same training so it’s entirely possible that he’s got enough to surpass Gohan’s potential. He’s not stronger than SSJB, but he is angry and simply elevated his ki temperarily. It won’t last long. The fact that Goku and Vegeta keep getting beaten so handily is alarming but I don’t think they’ve been taking the fight very seriously seeing as they keep getting caught off guard so readily.

      • azrael_chaos

        Trunks did not go through the same thing as Gohan because he never got to meet the old kaioshin, meaning he never underwent the long ritual that gave him his “mystic” form. The sword training itself didn’t do much.


      a saiyan dosent go ssj because of his strength its because of anger vegeta said it

    • Nikhil

      Not saying ur wrong but remember when goku first met vegeta.vegeta said half sayians are stronger than sayians and trunks is half sayian also fighting with black is also training also transformations in dbz mainly on emotions so that justifies trunks transformation

    • Basilis Michaelidis

      Dude,Future Trunks trained with Vegeta and little-Trunks as well.That’s why he got that new transformation.And no,it’s not stronger than SSB,he is just full of rage and Black underestimates his new power.That’s it!

    • Prashant Kaushik

      completely agree with you…..

    • gerald

      SS works with Anger, you see the same when goku got pissed.

    • T G

      u forget dat in the manga trunks trained with the z sword so hes around the same strength as mystic gohan, mystic with ssj2 and some god aura makes him defiently stronger then goku/vegeta ssjb

      • azrael_chaos

        Gohan didn’t become ‘Mystic’ from training with the sword. It was the old kaioshin that came out of the broken sword and performed a loooong ritual on him to bring out the power. Trunks never met the old kaioshin and never got that ritual or power up.

    • Xman321

      Clarification, Trunks is the one that went SSJ with no reason. The anime at least tried to justifiy Goten’s transformation.

  • gokussjb

    I think that trunks as he is now will make black into a nice red puddle lol

    • Wolfnrun

      Maybe, let’s see the extent of what he’s cappable of

    • Sparkz

      Unfortuneately, not for long. He’s going to get wrecked and Goku and Vegeta will have to come back from the Present time to the Future to help him once they figure out what they can do to stop Zamasu/Black

  • Devin

    Can’t even watch cause there’s a bunch of fucking ads over the play button

  • Danny Hall

    Zamasu created a new timeline, going back and killing goku, who was already dead in trunks’ timeline.. sot here should be 8 maybe 9 time rings by now

    • Norris Kilgore

      yeh and trunks should have created a timeline every time he went back to the past, not just the first time. so there should be quite a few stacked up indeed

  • Wolfnrun

    I want more abilites instead of raw damage and beam attacks! Something diffrent for a chage! Hit is and example of that! Come on trunks! let you’r hidden power EXPLODE!!! (No pun intended) IF there has to be a new hair colour. I’m vouching for a steel blue or dark blue

  • Daniel Astorga

    So, Vegeta is the new Krillin, getting rekt right away and just sitting around watching. His duties are to put over the bad guy for the heroe, to help in a retreat/tight spot and to fill in the rest of the group with what happened. GJ DBS GJ

    • Xman321

      Not Krillin, Yamcha. Yamcha has been the Jobber for DBZ since the beginning.

      Krillin too, but only when Yamcha isn’t around.

  • Gasak Masak


  • Teriria

    Here’s the next episode for you guys on a nice ribbon.
    “Goku just learned the mafuba. A sealing technique, they are going to seal immortal zamasu and wreck Black. Then in true Dragon Ball fashion Black gets a huge ass power up and Akira Toriyama is going to reveal the Potara Fusion of SSB and end the Black Saga with a bang.

    • daf2002

      Wonder how Goku and Vegeta are going to Potara fuse….Maybe they are gonna take Black goku and Zamasu’s Potara Earings…Who knows….We can either get a Fusion (Not that probably since i dont think fusion reborn is canon) And Potara fuse (Canon Because we saw it on the Buu Saga) I’d really, Really like to see Ssb Gogeta, since he’s a Beast. But i’d Like to see Vegito back in action too…Still wonder how they are gonna get out of the potara fusion,If goku and vegeta Manage to do it…Or…If even Akira Toriyama Wants to do it.

      • Sparkz

        I believe the fusion is between Black and Zamasu in 3-4 more episodes.


        • GuyWIthAHoody

          makes sense. i noticed black gave zamasu his other potara ring

          • Sparkz

            One more episode and it happens!!! 😀


      • dejuan bennett

        theyd probably use the super dragonballs and wish for the fusion undone

  • Michael Yi Ding

    So basically this isnt subbed yet, hence the tremendous amount of downvotes? Lol. I was actually thinking the downvotes may be related to the content of the show instead of the lack of subs

  • MarcusShane6

    People people, I think it’s the legendary super saiyan. That’s because his body buffed up, eyes went white and he crushes the ground as he walks.

    • Judel

      Mate his body slimmed down not buffed up. Re-watch the transformation.

      • Prashant Kaushik


        • OA


      • Augustus

        Hard to tell with the shoddy animation this week

    • HZGrenade

      Fuck outta here with that non-canon bs. #1 Looks nothing like LSS, #2 His pupils came back, #3 Crushing the ground means nothing. The ground crushing is from the sheer force of his aura which anyone can do. Gohan did it in the Cell games when he went SS2. Its either a slimmed down version of Ultra Super Saiyan mixed with a little bit of god ki, pure rage, or a zenkai boost.

      • Sniber

        Its LSSJ admit it

        • A.j. Bailey

          its called “Super Trunks”

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            Super Trunks 2? Super 2 Trunks? uh huh.

          • Sniber

            It isn’t called anything. And i was just joking.

        • HZGrenade

          Only thing I admit is that you guys are Brolytards.

          • Sniber

            it was a joke HAHAHA its always fun messing around with canontards, its so easy to get you all enraged and laugh at you. you just make yourself look like fool.

          • HZGrenade

            I don’t know how you would even be able to convey emotion through a computer screen.

          • Sniber


          • HZGrenade

            Explain then Einstein.

          • Sniber

            No. Its more fun this way. Regardless i don’t have time, bye. Broly wins 😀

          • HZGrenade


      • Prashant Kaushik


        • ThatGuy.

          he barely got any bigger though…

        • OA

          That’s not entirely true. It is a new transformation, even if it’s something like ascended ssj or ultimate ssj. But whatever it is it has divine ki, so it can’t be just a boost from rage. Perhaps false super saiyaijn blue?

    • CheezMonster

      Its probably a kind of inverse SSJSS. Typically, Goku and Vegeta wreath themselves in god ki and use their SSJ abilities to bolster it from within, but you can tell by Trunk’s aura that while he has a layer of god ki underneath, he is still actively pushing out SSJ ki.

    • raph

      No, just USSJ2, trunks was USSJ when was fighting cell, it’s just buffed up normal SS form.

      • OA

        Ussj2 with divine ki? I think it’s a new transformation

  • Jarun Joseph

    Can’t wait to see Zamusa and Black merge and form the supreme god

  • Piranji

    Rage can force a false transformation just like in the lord slug timeline when goku went false ssj. Dragon Ball just likes to let people get pissed and go ham for a few minutes https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bd5c10661802f9ed8933ac0b7b57ccfc86bc52838b8828ca3df496249dd52d9e.jpg

  • Metawott Toast

    The ad covers the words and Fullscreen button

  • Alex Jovany

    why don’t they just either SSJB fusion with vegeta and goku, or why doesn’t goku just go SSJB with kaioken x100? and if he dies….just revive him with the normal dragon balls

    • Marcus Shaw

      Because Zamasu is immortal so that won’t work.

      • Alex Jovany

        haha true, spaced out on that xD

    • Kyle Joultz

      i dont think Shenron has the power to revive someone from an alternate reality.

      • Andrew Daugherty

        The Super Dragonballs might have the power to do this though.

        • Kyle Joultz

          They were already used. The only reason zamasu managed to collect them is because he had a time ring. And the ones in Trunks alternator universe were destroyed.

        • Kyle Joultz

          Bro, those are scattered through out the Universes that would take forever without a time ring.

          • Andrew Daugherty

            Use the normal Dragonballs to wish for the Super Dragonballs (Obviously you wouldn’t need to know where they are to wish for them). Depending on if one of the Dragon’s that might have the power to grant the wish. But let’s be serious, why not make the chance of dying from Kaioken impossible. You could do this by either asking for that, or just become Immortal.

          • Kyle Joultz

            Shenron’s power does not extend through out the multiverse so he cant just wish for them. And they were already used so they need a time ring to go to the future to a point where they are active. So in either case the Super Dragon balls are out of the question. In another note, kaioken is not the answer its more of a last ditch move. It’s still unclear how much it affects Ki, even an immortal body will not be enough. Anyhow, we already know that it will be a battle of Fusions…

      • Kan9al

        Not true.
        Super Perfect Cell killed Future Trunks and Shenron was able to bring him back.
        He couldn’t bring Goku back, though.

        • Kyle Joultz

          Very True.
          Shenron is not able to revive someone who inhabits and has died in an alternate reality. Furthermore, the check in station was destroyed so who knows what replications that brings. Not to mention that even Shenron has to abide by Space-Time Rules and can’t interfere from the timeline. That is GodBook101

    • MC3D – Join The GoldSeto

      dis aint mastar media boii

    • demon1212

      im pretty sure in dbz the dragonballs can only revive someone 3 times if goku dies again hes done for good

      • Andrew Daugherty

        Those were the Earth dragonballs back when Kami was the guardian of Earth. Dende is the current guardian of Earth, and they can be used to revive someone as long as it’s not a “natural death”. Even the “new Namek’s” dragonballs can do this now. <—- Doesn't remember what the actual planet is called.

      • Goku White

        That’s true. But what about the super dragon balls?

    • OA

      Zamasu is immortal

  • steve styless

    ya niggas arguing and catching a fit because ya dont even know what is going on already. stop trying to find out every damn answer to your questions. Just as everyone wanted to know how Black became Black, and FINALLY find out now that he is actually is gowasu’s apprentice. And it has been in theory for over a month and just last week we find out how. like CHILL people is not that serious to complain a saga. none of you guys donating money to the manga or anime. IF you are dissapointed, its understandable, if not , even better. But dont be hyped up at first seeing trunks achieve a level ABOVE ssjb. YES its above ssjb because other wise he would get his handled to him since vegeta and goku mastered the form. REMEMBER saiyans TRANSFORM FROM EMOTIONS. goku didnt train to become a ssj in frieza saga. he transformed from rage and emotions. so stop BITCHING THAT TRUNKS JUST SKIPPED EVERYONE WHEN EVERYONE BITCHED THAT GOKU IS MILKING THE SERIES. I SWEAR no one is ever satisfied.



  • Tyr Barghest

    You ever wonder why they don’t focus their attention on the Time Ring? You know, destroying it or simply getting it away from Zamasu. I mean, they could’ve explained in this episode but since I don’t speak Japanese and this ain’t subtitled like it claimed to be, I wouldn’t know. But it seems like the easier of task, simply getting the ring off his finger over outright trying to murder him.

  • Tyr Barghest

    And why is everyone using a picture of SSJ Bardock?

    • shunterion


  • Yazan Ahmed

    Can any one say when the subs r gonna cme

    • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

      3~4 hours.

  • lally singh

    only fusion of goku and vegeta both super saiyan god will work
    miss u gojeta super saiyan 4 which a ultimate warrior

  • Ahsanleo

    why dont goku and vegeta both use the fusion in the god form……that will definately doubble their power…

    • Miduk ystani

      just what i was thinking! but vegeta is a dick so it won’t work, it requires two saiyans not one saiyan and one dick

    • shunterion

      The more powerful the two the less time they will have soo that won’t work last time they fusion if I recall they only. Had 60 seconds in ss2

    • Xman321


      Also, Vegeta and Goku don’t like working with each other. They’ll fight the same fight and the same people, just one at a time.

  • Tutac

    They just needed to cut the fingers of goku black, and take the time ring, that way he wouldn’t be shielded anymore by it and would dissapear. And zamasu could be easily sealed with the mafuuba technique.

  • Dman

    Trunks gets a new transformation (the best ive seen on this show) and he gets treated like a scrub. Wow this show is something else. What a way to build up to his rage and let it all fall flat. The timing and build up in this series is complete dogshit

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I know the end of last weeks ep was epic, a great way to bring in a new form… and then it’s just treated like it’s just a power up. Not a new form.

  • Dman

    and Goku learned the Mafuba way too fast. There’s no feeling he struggled at all to master it. I dont know why they are speeding up this saga but its a big mistake.

    • Scott Baker

      you have to rember goku surpassed roshi years ago in terms of technique mastering and everything what do you expect there would be more struggle if it was Dragonball goku learning

      • Scott Baker

        by dbz arc everyone had masterd ki to a high level and rember to become ssj blue they both had to master there ki controll with whis

    • DB DBZ DBS

      u should watch DB… where kid Goku learns from Roshi the (weak) Kame ha wave in 10s just by watching….. when they wanted to put down the Etermal flames on castle

    • Xman321

      You mean like how Goku learned the Kamehameha in 2 seconds with no actual training, just seeing it be done?

      Or how it only took him a few tries, even in the anime, to get the Spirit Bomb down?

      Or how he just learned the Solar Flare magically?

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I don’t get why they’re reintroducing the Mafuba. It makes no sense. It’s clearly just something to waste a bit of time.. well from the look of it Gohan might be back in the fight.

    • ThatGuy.

      How do you suggest killing an immortal god, sir?

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        Not like that. You really think they’re gonna end the arc with a mafuba? it’s just to help pass time.

        • ThatGuy.

          No I think that’s how they’ll just get rid of Zamasu. The reason why him and Black are so hard to beat is because they make up for each other’s “weakness”. Zamasu is the shield, Black is the sword. It’s moreso just to get rid of the guy tanking all of their hits so that Black and hopefully Trunks can have that last dramatic fight. Or in regular DB Super fashion, Goku fucks up.

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            Na still seems to easy, this story has been built up really well so far. I mean look at how every one was so surprised when they find out Goku AND Vegeta lost TWICE. You telling me they gonna waste all this build up to put him in a jar? Sorry dude. don’t see it happening.

  • Pakari

    Blackarot.. Blackarot! BLACKAROOOOOT!!

  • Hanson

    I thought Trunk and Goten will give vegeta a hint that they can use fusion, and when Picolo said I know a way, I thought he meant Fusion

    • Mak Pop

      yep, i thought totaly the same lol

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I think they might try a fusion at some point. With Goten and Trunks being now involved, and Zamasu having a set of Potora;s

  • Prashant Kaushik

    there is no point of discussion, the black and zamasu dies and goku or vegeta will beat him as simple as that. And about the rage well dragonball z is based on that kind of emotional rage where they suddenly boost up, so wheather it is trunks, gohan, gotenks, or anyone doesen’t matter.BUT FOR GOKU AND VEGETA well they have earned their power through lots of hardships and DEATHS so they are not included. ACTUALLY THEIR TRANSFORMATION DUE TO RAGE MOSTLY BECOMES PERMANENT SO THATS IT peace out…….

  • Vikrant

    Trunks from one timeline got sword from tapion then how is this possible that future trunks have the same ? If tapion gave it to future trunks, then in timeline of fut.trunks goku and vegeta are died but it is shown that they killed dragon that means sword will not belon to future trunks… Right ?

  • Prashant Kaushik

    BECAUSE in that movie they said it can be used once.

    • Moses Herve Johnson II

      red transformation, dude that was ssg, then when goku transformed into ssg blue with kaioken that was a technique, like i said before trunks has outdone his master gohan.

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    Basically that new transformation trunks has gained, i believe it’s the fully mastered version of ssj2, i think trunks has basically out done his master gohan, with that he has gained that false ssg aura combined with his new form.

    • Prashant Kaushik

      nobody has outdone nothing except you. that is pure rage and it is temporary so don’t worry///

      • Moses Herve Johnson II

        when did i say i outdone any one, gohan is simply crap now, so trunks has out done gohan on so many levels now, don’t hate.

        • Prashant Kaushik

          BOY YOU A CONSISTENT FOOL GOHAN IS NOT HIS MASTER NOW. AND AS I SAID A TRANSFORMATION IS STABLE and THIS boost up IS not JUST A RAGE which is TEMPORARY. why everyone wants to name everything that happens. peace out

  • TetsuAomi

    Goku should be dead because it’s a price for using mafuba, but of course it’s easier to forget about details like that…

    • Pil1010

      Didn’t they say they died because of the sheer amount of energy it used?

      And that was used in Dragonball…

    • Reuben D. Spiteri

      The Mafuba doesn’t kill the user but it’s still very tiring.

      Piccolo was just fine after sealing Kami, remember?

  • michael tu

    Everyone in the comments making theories and shit while im just chillin enjoying the show lmao

    • Sami

      Lol thats true

  • Shawn

    In order to travel through time, you must 1) be a Kaioshin and 2) wear the Time Ring. Am I right?

    If so, wouldn’t removing the earring from Goku Black’s ear affect his use of the Time Ring?

  • Sterling “Dapz” Obikoya


    • Kyle Joultz

      Trunks needs it more and they cant win through fighting alone.

      • Jacob Williams

        It was a whole bag of them. He could’ve even split 1 in half.

        • Kyle Joultz

          you know how long it takes to grow those!

        • OA

          There were only four

    • Christopher

      Because Capsule Corp developed a healing pod similar to the one Goku uses on Namek.

      Trunks needs the Senzu Beans to hold off Black and Zamasu or else he’ll die.

      • Kevin Buggest

        Which gives credit to vegetas wisdom…..I think something is going to boost vegeta soon enough watch

        • Kyle Joultz

          he did go train in the hyperbolic time chamber so that’s half a year and he is close to some new transformation i bet!

    • Kyle Joultz

      Had they used that senzu bean on goku the potara fusion wouldn’t have worked as it did,since in the end they each took the last of the senzu beans..So rule #1 don’t waste senzu beans if it can be avoided.

  • Warren Fitzpatrick

    Not sure why everyone is confusing the timelines, there are clearly only 2 timelines… The future and the present. In the future timeline Zamasu travelled there from the past as Black hence why there are 2 of them there. But in the present timeline Zamasu was killed. The only reason why Black didn’t die in the future is because he is wearing the time ring, so logic would say that if you took his ring off him he would disappear. Simplez

    • ThatGuy.

      So Zamasu got Goku’s body from the future timeline (where he died before Goten was born) or the present (where Zamasu clearly never took Goku’s body)?

  • Splinter

    Notice how Vegita got upset after hearing Bulma claim that Goku will defeat Zamasu. I smell a divorce in the future…. Vegita will train like hell and be way stronger than Goku and will defeat Black himself. He’ll probably have chibi trunks and goten teach him the fusion dance too. He’ll ask them how they think they could help and they’ll show him.

    • Jack The Flipper

      Vegeta already knows the fusion dance, haven’t you watched DBZ?

  • Comical Jigsaw

    Lets remember about the button xeno sama gave goku, he will press his button and bam they win.

    P.S. This is just my thought on how things will go do not hate

    • SigmA

      I kept thinking that he should do that but not sure if it works in the future

      • Some guy

        It might, I mean Xeno is the god of ALL worlds right?

    • Christopher

      How? Zeno in that timeline doesn’t even know Goku. He’ll likely be pissed and just destroy the universe.

      • Wolfin

        zeno exists at the center of the universe he is omnipotent and omniscient the is only ever 1 of him because the place he exists within has no flow of time.

        • Xman321

          And we know that last part for fact?

          • Wolfin

            yep becuase he exists in universe 13 and whis said that is where the god of all exists in the middle of the other universal pairs and it dosint have a pair, im i the only one tht reads the manga?

          • OA

            But keep in mind, time travel fooled even beerus and whis. The same rules will still apply to him like everyone else.

        • ScreamingBeast

          He isn’t omnipotent nor omniscient. Goku lies to him to his face and he has no idea. He’s just the boss, the authority. He allegedly has powers such has unlimited creation and destruction but really we don’t know if he’s not ordering other entities to do those things for him.

          He exists once in every timelines in which he wasn’t murdered by Zamasu.

          • Sniber

            there is only 1 zeno. thats why he is OMNI king. He rules over EVERYTHING. Not just 1 timeline. Its also stated that he can destroy entire dragon ball world.
            he is not omniscient but if he wants to be then he can because he is omnipotent or beyond omnipotence as the super shenron is omnipotent. He can grant ANY wish.

        • Arnav Rawat

          What bullshit.You say that there is only one of omni king. Well i’ll have you know that there is one for 8 universes, but he is different for each timeline. A new timeline = a new set of 8 universes COMPLETELY ISOLATED FROM OTHERS you goddamn idiot. I mean simple logic motherfucker. Shit man. At least think a little before stating something.

          • Wolfin

            Wow thanks for being hostile, and no there really is only one omniking as in literally only one, oh and you proved how much you actually know which is jack shit considering you just said there are 8 universes when in total there are 12 each adding up to 13 when the number is counted out with the “pares” of universes 1 and 12 make 13, 2 and 11 make 13, 3 and 10 make 13, and so on. omniking created all the universes in which time flows he created time, so why would a timeless being be subject to the time he created, now maybe you should actually think a little before stating something. 😉

    • NoClipMode

      Never going to happen you pleb. Xeno would be pissed off and maybe destroy more universes. Bearus has said he must never know about the time travel and timeline fuck ups.

      It’s also a fucking ridiculously cheap move… “Goku gets to any trouble in DBS = presses buttom = bam they win”. Yeah i’m sure that will make great DBS series… /s
      Don’t be fucking retarded.

  • Musicisa Trigger

    SSB Gogeta fusion and everthying is fine

    • Xman321

      Doesn’t kill Zamasu.

  • Puggins the demon dog

    A magic Jar… Please don’t do that.. DBS was finally showing real potential after a slow start.. A magic jar will fail so hard. And makes you second guess all other battles as to why this has only just come up again….

    • Kyle Joultz

      ummm, they are immortal…

      • Puggins the demon dog

        So?.. That means they have to dues ex the entire situation with a jar?
        if the writers imaginations can’t do better than a magic jar then its likely this series is really going to disappoint in the end sorry wise… Which is far from what i want.

        • Johnny Tsunami

          but this has been something that’s already existed in the series, it’s not as if they pulled this out of nowhere. They haven’t needed to use it because their opponents were beatable and it also carries the risk of killing the user – which is why they didn’t have Goku learn it from Piccolo, since he actually upgraded his version of the Mafuba to where the user holds no risk of dying.

          • Anthony Tran

            We all know that the Jar is going to fail anyway. There is NO WAY the Z Fighters are just going to seal some evil like what Bibidi did to Majin Buu. They will kill Zamasu and Black, we just have to wait patiently and see how.

          • Christopher

            It might fail, but Gowasu may have a plan b. Zamasu can’t be killed, he’s immortal, he needs to be sealed away.

        • Kyle Joultz

          Sigh, you clearly aren’t a fan of the series. The Magic Jar is nothing more than a ploy and a reference to DB that allows old characters like master Roshi etc to be of relevance. We all know that the Jar will fail ultimately Zamasu/Black will become 1 through the potara earrings. This may make Zamasu Mortal but vastly more powerful than ever before. Or he keeps his immortal body and this will lead the story line into a realm that rivals that of DBZ and we’ve already seen Trunks transcend SSJ2/Ultra through some type of God energy manipulation most likely due to his constant exposure to God energy and lets not forget that SSGP stab he received! This is leading to the Universal Tournament.

          • Puggins the demon dog

            Clearly not a fan of the series? Nice assumption. I first watched DB and DBZ 18 years ago at least – possibly before you were born.. They don’t need to make all the characters relevant.. I wasn’t missing master roshi for lack of screen time.. He was relevant back in DB and early DBZ.. but now he’s a small side character and thats fine.
            There’s (to me) obvious people like piccolo, Dende, Tien.. that add allot more and should be used.
            And you clearly have abit of high opinion of yourself because your phrasing your reply like your ideas are all fact.. So.. In the most recent ep they’re already planning to fix the jar and i don’t see it just disappearing, So jar ultimately failing? you don’t know that at all and with an immortal opponent i can see them taking the easy way out which will be disappointing, hence my original comment.. Its a dumb plot device and is one of a few used in this series, tho most were used earlier on when they were rehashing the movies into painful filler episodes. Don’t construct a reply based purely on opinion when mine is just a comment on a observation of the series, because it makes it easy to pick apart just based on that alone…
            I mean you whole idea of how trunks got god powers through being near Goku, god energy n sh*t.. Hahah, Sure.. why not.. Its an explanation.. not one the show has suggested at all, but hey… You’re entitled to an *opinion*

          • Kyle Joultz

            They forgot the Damn Seal! Like i said, the Jar is of irrelevance. Did you see Vegito Bro.

          • Kyle Joultz

            Although,now with the release of ep 66 preview it seems that ultimately Vegito will not be enough. And the dumb jar is back in play, which means that Bulma will fix the time machine and Trunks will have to travel back in time to retrieve the OG Jar and Seal.

    • ThatGuy.

      Kinda hard to kill someone that can’t die, ya know?

    • orb

      IT only just came up because this could kill them, Look, this ability has been in the show since dragon ball, before dragon ball z.

    • 2shadez

      Honestly, I doubt that will be the solution anyway.

  • Kyle Joultz

    Wrong; First of all,Future Trunk’s timeline is not the original it’s an alternate reality that exists parallel to universe sevens Original timeline in terms of space time. Second, Cell created an alternate alternate reality in the same way Trunk’s did but given that Future Trunk’s exists within his own alternate reality he managed to learn about cell more than the alternate Trunks who got killed by Cell and managed to destroy Cell with ease. Thirdly, Trunks didn’t create another timeline when he went back in time. Black had already created his own divergence that exists outside of the Original just like Future Trunks and that is why Zamasu was not erased from space time when Beerus obliterated Zamasu the events that followed with the existence of black allowed for the timelines to exist. Goku black is the same Zamasu from Goku’s timeline but given that Goku and Vegeta traveled to the Future and learned how Zamasu gained power and at that point they diverted from Black’s and instead Zamasu gets killed by Beerus with the intervention of whiz. And Lastly, You are confusing universe 6 Earth from Universe 7 Earth and Universe 7 alternate Earth. Not to mention that Immortal Zamasu is from Trunks alternate reality Universe 10 which Black traveled to with the time ring. They then killed all the Gods and Super Dragon balls in that alternate Universe. And Traveling back in time does not always create an alternate timeline especially if its from.a concurrent timeline like the one Future Trunks made. The reason why new timelines arose is because of Black. But like Black said, Trunks made that all possible with the creation of the time machine. So far there are 4 timelines, The Original +Whiz interference, Cell’s,Future Trunk’s linked to The Original and accessed by Black’s time ring. and the one Created by Black through the use of the Super Dragon Balls. Pretty much the only thing you got right is that Black and Zamasu will fuse but thats old news..



  • Ajay Paulose

    Really! Props on the original DB reference. I love that kind of thing. But Buu literally screamed through a subdimension. Maybe it’ll wok for immortal Zamasu but black’ll just bust him out. Also we all know this is gonna end with a fusion battle.

  • Saber

    i don’t know why they’re worried. they could just travel to the same exact moment after learning a way to defeat zamasu right?

    • Koibito888

      No, time clearly passes evenly for both. The time machine is linked to those two timelines (explained in Cell Saga) being why they can go back and forth without creating timelines but if they went to, for instance, the same timeline but earlier, they would just create a split timeline and the Trunks that we saw fighting would still be fighting alone in is timeline – Goku and Vegeta would be in the new one they just created if they did that.

      • Saber

        i get it now

        • Koibito888

          Glad to help.

          Also Vegeta has totally been getting the spotlight since the tournament. Goku still lost every fight in that tournament while Vegeta carried lol. Not to mention even losing, this entire arc has focused on him and his family.

          • Saber

            yeah but he still got destroyed by hit and black

          • Koibito888

            Yeah but spotlight aint about just beating the last guy.

            Vegeta carried the tournament for three fights AND had the best character development with Cabba, his character development has also been the best out of every character for this whole series of Super. Goku got beat by Hit too, and even if Vegeta got beat by Black, so did everyone else and the arc is still really focused on him.

            I bet when they fuse (cuz it has to happen) Vegeta will be the one to suggest it but unlike GT where they expect us to just believe he’s developed that far, Super’s actually shown his character development and so it’ll be a shining moment for him. And I bet the arc ends with Bulla/Bra being born or Bulma announcing her pregnancy.

          • Saber

            u have a way of convincing people ,u know that? i can see your point so let’s see how vegeta v black turns out

          • Koibito888

            Haha well thank you.

            Yeah. Vegeta’s training so he’ll a power boost. Maybe he’ll try what Trunks did, parallel Cell Saga where they were the ones trying the new inbetween risky forms and that will be how they explain exactly what ‘Super Power Trunks’ is.

            I bet they’re gonna team up, Vegeta and Goku, with Vegeta’s job to pummel them into position for the Mafuba. Hence the doing it ‘after he punishes them’ line. It’ll start to work, but Zamasu and Black will fuse and then it’s gonna take Vegetto’s full power to beat them.

          • Saber

            imagine vegetto as a ss blue. might be stronger than beerus

          • Koibito888

            Yeah probably.

            And we’ll probably get to see it. I mean Black and Zamasu are stronger than Goku and Vegeta so Vegetto will still be weaker than their fusion. He’ll have to actually try this time.

          • Arnav Rawat

            Definitely. The ssj red was 70% of beerus. Even ssj blue should have surpassed beerus. But it didn’t and they showed it like there was a difference of heaven and earth between goku/vegeta and beerus.
            They tottaly fucked up the power scale. :

          • Saber

            that’s because even if beerus went 70%, he was still taking goku for a ride

          • Arnav Rawat

            Man. You don’t understand shit. Trunks skipped a lot of shit. A LOT of shit. When goku became ssj1, did you see the state he was in? How angry he was at krillins death? When gohan became ssj2 he had been training for OVER AN YEAR, even then he had to be ried up and pissed off SO MUCH by cell.
            And what does trunks do? 15 deconds of anger, just because the enemy said that he was the cause of the people’s death, and BAM. hes surpassed ssj god and ssj blue just like that. In the blink of an eye.Not to mention ssj3. There is a limit to how much powerup you can get by emotions. I mean it ain’t even possible for trunks to become ssj god without the ritual. And then he becomes stronger than ssj blue god. Go figure if this makes sense.

          • Koibito888

            I’m gonna be honest with you. I’ve read this twice and I don’t understand how this is a response to my comment. Like I get you’re trying to say that Trunks’ power doesn’t make sense and all that but like… That’s not what we were talking about, where did you see fit to answer my comment with that? It’s not even really a response to what I said. No one said Trunks didn’t skip shit or anything like that.

            To actually answer your comment, first off no, you don’t need the ritual to get God Ki. SSJG maybe, but not God Ki. Vegeta did it with training. Whis’ entire job is to TRAIN the gods of destruction. It’s obviously possible to train someone to use God Ki. Just because Goku got it with the ritual doesn’t mean it’s not also possible to train someone to use God Ki. Granted yes, this means Vegeta probably didn’t literally go SSJG as we never saw it, he probably never went the red haired form – maybe that form is exclusive to the ritual, but God Ki is definitely not.

            I mean on top of this, even for using God Ki Trunks clearly doesn’t have anywhere near the level of control over it as Goku and Vegeta. I mean he can’t even go SSGSS, he’s gotta resort to this thing to use God Ki is what it seems like.

            The rest of the form is stuff Trunks already knows how to do. That 15 seconds of anger got him to SSJ2 (presumably) and USSJ (definitely), and then somehow he is using God Ki to shrink down his muscles as it was shown to do. The only real skip here, the only real mystery, is how he’s using a bit of God Ki (and again, I say a bit, there’s absolutely no way he’s demonstrating control over it anywhere near the level of Goku and Vegeta). Past that, everything else makes perfect sense. And considering you don’t need the ritual to use God Ki, it’s not impossible for Trunks to get it.

            So it’s actually very plausible for Trunks to have either trained a bit with Vegeta before they went back to the future again (there was definitely a time lapse between their sparring and going back) or for Trunks to have learned to barely tap into it because of seeing it multiple times, or even for God Ki to require you to power up to a point before you can even touch it and Trunks has to reach so far to do so.

            At best it’s a yet to be explained ability. It doesn’t ‘not make sense’, it’s not impossible or contradictory, and it wasn’t JUST 15 seconds of anger that got him to that point.

          • Arnav Rawat

            Dont you think it’s idiotic to attain ssj blue without becoming ssj red?
            I find it it very idiotic this is because, first ssj red is much much stronger that ssj3. Goku tried for years, put in incredible effort to train, and was only able to become ssj3 in other world. If he could directly go to ssj blue, why didn’t he go straight to ssj blue then? Didn’t he put in enough effort? That just can’t be.
            It isn’t possible that goku trained himself to his limit and didn’t become ssj blue, but trunks after being 15 sec angry achieved god ki. It doesn’t make sense.
            On top of that trunks never went to ssj2!

          • Koibito888

            No I don’t think so.

            The reason goku didn’t get blue was because he didn’t have God ki.

            Look at what Trunks did even. He specifically used god ki to condense his bulky form in ssj2. Trunks got angry but just getting angry doesn’t force you into ultra super Saiyan, that takes consciousn effort.

            Trunks deliberately went that form and then used god ki to condense that so he wouldn’t be slowed down. There’s absolutely no way that wasn’t planned.

            Trunks didn’t just rage into god ki, as you said, if that were possible goku woulda done it, it’s a specific thing you have to learn to use. Trunks saw god ki multiple times in battle and there was an indiscernible amount of time between then and this time.

            You have to consciously try to go ussj and trunks didn’t just do it hoping ‘oh man I hope I just get over the weakness of this somehow’, no, trunks clearly deliberately tried to use god ki because he’s known about it for a bit now.

            And uh… Yeah, he did go ssj2

          • Arnav Rawat

            He used god ki to go to ssj2? wtf? Who uses god ki like that? Can it even be used like that? You’re inventing shit for the sake of your argument. When is he explicitly shown going ssj2? thats right NEVER.

            Trunks got god ki by seeing it? WTF?
            Look i get it whis trains gods. But he can’t magically force you to have god ki ! It depends on you! Goku’s body somehow remembered his original god ki and that’s how he obtained the form. It wasn’t whis! it was the 4 saiyains!

          • Koibito888

            Lol nooooooooo…. No one said he uses God Ki to go SSJ2. Look, you gotta listen to what I’m saying lol.

            I’m not trying to be condescending but I’ma explain it one step at a time here.

            First off Trunks has gone SSJ2, we saw him do it against Goku. Since then, Trunks has gone SSJ2 for pretty much every fight after.

            When Trunks sparred with Vegeta he went SSJ2 and then went Ultra Super Saiyan (the bulky form) on top of it.

            No one’s saying he used God Ki to go SSJ2. Follow me here. Trunks used God Ki to condense the bulky form. We see this. We see Trunks’ muscles bulk out before the God Ki appears and condenses them to normal size.

            Trunks has mastered SSJ1. There would be no reason for him to condense the bulky form of SSJ1, he can already use 100% of SSJ1’s power without bulking up which is what it means to master SSJ.

            All the bulky form is is using 100% power in SSJ.

            SSJ2 can’t be mastered, Toriyama proved this in interview. If Trunks were to go 100% power in SSJ1 he wouldn’t bulk up. If he went 100% power in SSJ2, he would, just as we saw.

            I’m saying he went SSJ2, then went bulky form, and then used God Ki to condense his muscles as well as boost his power.

            My point to this: That could not have been by accident. Trunks wouldn’t go SSJ2, go bulky, and use God Ki all by accident. He had to have planned that move. If he planned that move, it means he knew how to use God Ki before the fight.

            Second point:

            I didn’t mention Whis in my last comment. No one said that he can magically force you to use God Ki. But Whis’ job to train gods means that a mortal can learn to use God Ki. If he trains Gods instead of them just being born for the job like Kai, that means any mortal can be taught to use God Ki. It doesn’t mean that Whis magically makes people use God Ki, it means that there is a method to reach God Ki with just training.

          • Arnav Rawat

            Also its stupid vegeta became ssj blue without becoming red first.

          • Koibito888

            Not really. It showed that god ki can be learned which was already obvious given that Whis’ job is to train individuals to become gods.

          • Arnav Rawat

            God ki can be learnt because vegeta and goku learnt it? It makes more sense to say that it can’t. Because you need to be ssj red first.
            I think vegeta became ssj blue only because the producers cared more for showmanship than plot. They sacrificed the logic of the plot and just made him ssj blue, without making him red first. This is a better suited explanation, in the view of the fact that you need to be ssj red first, to be ssj blue (ssj blue == super saiyan of ssj red form)

          • Koibito888

            Uhhh… No it doesn’t make more sense to say that it can’t.

            If we see God Ki being reached by a ritual first, just like with BoG, then we would assume it’s the only way to do it naturally.

            Then, if we see someone declare they were going to reach God Ki on their own, and then we do see that, like with Vegeta, it then proves that someone can train to use God Ki without the ritual.

            No one sacrificed any logic. No one in the series said that SSJG was the ONLY way to attain God Ki. It was just the only way we saw it happen, so at first we ASSUMED that but no one said that it was fact.

            Then, after that, Vegeta proved that assumption wrong. That would mean our assumption was wrong and that God Ki CAN be learned without the ritual.

      • Arnav Rawat

        Bullshit. A timeline is created when you change the past.Simple as that. What saber said is totally valid. Time passes evenly for both, and hence they can travel only a fixed time forward and backward. Do you realise how stupid it sounds? You have a frickin time machine. You can change how much you wanna go in the future and arrive at the instant you want. Fuckin simple.

        • Koibito888

          First off, jeez, calm the hell down, so angry sounding over a fictional thing.

          Secondly yes, you can go as forward or back as you want, that’s not what I said was not the case.

          What I DID say, what actually WAS the point of my comment, was that as you said, a timeline is created when you change the past. Being in a time you weren’t originally in is changing the past. Simply being there changes the past and creates another timeline.

          They could go to any point in Trunks’ timeline as they wish, this would be easy. If they did, however, go into Trunks’ timeline at an earlier point where they weren’t originally, or even where they were already still there, they would create another timeline and be in that one. The Future Trunks they were fighting alongside would be pretty much left alone to face them and Goku and Vegeta would be in another timeline they created by simply trying to go to an earlier point in Trunks’ timeline.

          • Arnav Rawat

            It still doesn’t explain why they can’t go to the moment just after they leave to the past. That won’t create a new timeline, as its travel in the future. (a moment just after)

          • Koibito888

            It does though.

            Time flows the same between both timelines.

            Say Goku and Vegeta are both in the past for an hour. Time in Trunks’ future also passes by an hour.

            Goku and Vegeta stay away from the future for a whole day? Trunks is in the future without them for a whole day.

            If Goku and Vegeta left the future, went back to the present, and stayed a night, then Trunks experiences his timeline without Goku and Vegeta for a night, for the same amount of time.

            That means, in Trunks’ timeline, he has already lived through them being gone for the whole night.

            If Goku and Vegeta then traveled back to just after they left, that would be a change to Trunks’ timeline that already showed them gone for the next night, it would be a change to the timeline, it would create another timeline where Goku and Vegeta WEREN’T gone for a night and instead appeared just as they left. This would be different from Trunks’ timeline where they indeed were gone for that whole night.

  • ssgssgssfuck_damn_)O

    stfu everyone THE KING Of ALL gonna help u all with that little button provided 😀

  • Reuben D. Spiteri

    I was screaming “FUSION” not Mafuba :/

    I’m afraid that the Mafuba won’t be good enough just like Buu’s transformation hex didn’t work properly on Vegito.

  • Reuben D. Spiteri

    Why the heck don’t they just use Potara earrings?? I mean it’s ‘permanent’… until they gather the dragonballs and wish the fusion undone that is.

    • Xman321

      Goku and Vegeta still don’t like working together. Note how neither of them fight at the same time against the same person.

      • Reuben D. Spiteri

        Yeah I know, but Vegeta has changed a lot since their fight with Buu, and after getting thrashed TWICE one would think they’d at least consider it.

        • Xman321

          I was referring to resserection F, in which Vegeta states he’d “Rather die than do that again”, in response to Goku asking if they should work together like Whis said.

          • Reuben D. Spiteri

            But I think that was meant at fighting as a team combo. So far no villain had defeated BOTH of them TWICE, right?

  • raph

    I think that the best way to defeat both Zamasu’s is to take off their Rings of Time from their fingers, so then they would just stop existing, like they said, even if one of them is immortal.

  • AndrehS86

    Why doesn’t goku use that button which king of all gave him. It could be easier to fight and finally we can see black transforms to super sayian chicken.

  • Another week ,I’ve been watching db since 1995 and its still the same thing 15 min shows lol they sure know how to keep you at the edge of your seat

  • Ĵîñkêz

    I feel like this was kind of a cheap episode but usually what i do is that i don’t watch them for a long long time and then come back and watch the episodes i missed i think it’s better instead of waiting for another episode to come out every week to be honest…

  • Jackson

    Thinking that Bulma will play a huge role in getting Vegeta stronger during the next comping episodes.

  • Gaurav Sharma

    I don’t think Goku and Vegeta are going to kill Black and Zamasu.. I think Goku is finally going to use the buzzer thing that “God of everything” gave him. And he (god of everything) is going to punish Black and Zamasu for killing rest of the Gods. After all he is most powerful being in the world

  • Akaalis

    I really must say, I love the actual story and the events transpiring in DBS, but the animation is just SO CHEESY… DBZ actually looked hardcore, while DBS looks too cartoony…

  • superior/Tech/animie/man

    vegeta is goingto be strong but i think gohan is getting angry he might reach god or a new form

  • Heroic L

    what if goku pressed the mufins button,zeno will destroy the world

    • Andrew Daugherty

      The real question is what happened to the Zeno in Future Trunk’s timeline… He would have had to be killed as well (unless only one Zeno exists).

      • Goku White

        True but Zamazu said that he killed all gods. I’d if zeno counts as a god.

  • Cameron Sannes

    when piccolo said there may be one way all i could think of was gogeta and then he had to go and crush my dreams

    • azrael_chaos

      Even though I’d be a little disappointed with a fusion being the solution to beating them, it is kinda frustrating that they don’t even mention it as a possibility in their planning. Even a throwaway line giving a reason why like “Oh the god ki would make us implode” or something ridiculous like that. But they don’t even acknowledge it.

      • Xman321

        The easy reason to say no to fusion is this…

        “You guys should fuse.”

        Vegeta: FUCK YOU.

        Goku: Yeah, I don’t wanna. We don’t like actually working together like that. Consider that a last resort.

  • Jay R Manchiraju

    Did Trunks ever use the Masenko in DBZ? I imagine he learned it from Future Gohan but I don’t remember…

    • azrael_chaos

      In the first Brolly movie he used it, I don’t think he did in the main series though.

  • Visel

    Im 19 yers old and im still watchin Dragon Ballz Super 😀

  • Buck

    I’m 29 an I still watch it . Brings me back to my youth running home to see the freeza battle lol .. I don’t know what’s worse tho having to wait a week for a new episode or when they used to restart the whole series while they translated more episodes ?

  • AizenSamaKing X

    1. I have serious problems with this episode. More Dragon Ball inconsistencies that don’t stop. It’s cool to see Trunks powerful and he looks like a mini Broly and badass. However, HOW is he suddenly more powerful than Super Saiyan Blue and hanging with god characters? And did anyone else see his eyes turn green? IS he turning into legendary? I mean, what is happening?
    2. All of the going back and forth between timelines is getting repetitive.
    3. The animation is terrible.
    4. Again, Trunks is so powerful that is sword can now cut any character in Dragon Ball other than Beerus, Whis, and other top god characters. Back in Cell saga, he could have NEVER cut Cell’s body. It would have shattered. So his sword is finally useful in the series. That’s cool and all, but again, HOW?

    5. Where is Vegito? Stop stalling. Super Saiyan Blue Vegito would dominate Beerus.
    6. Mafuba is a technique the Narutard generation of kids have NO clue about. Yet they claim Naruto characters can even beat late Dragon Ball characters. Raditz and Saibamen are overkill for them. ^__^

    • Norris Kilgore

      how about u post the same stupid shit twice

      • AizenSamaKing X

        How about you shut the fuckin hell up?

    • Wolfin

      1 Trunks’s base form is considerably more powerful then the base form of anybody else. This i becuase he face the entier buu saga by himself think about it this way any zenkai boost another charecter might have gotten in the series, he got, not to mention the fact that he has been getting his ass destroyed for who knows how long in his fight against Black.

      • William van Helsing

        Future trunks never had the buu saga, since he killed the guys who were summoning him. So it never happened.

    • JeffBrian

      Trunks is a half sayian and achieved power greater than Goku and Vegeta in SSJ2..and Also Vegeta demonstrated this power when Bulma got slapped and Whiz always makes a joke now to piss off Vegeta. So this is prob. what is happening but Trunks is maintaining it. And the sword could have been remade stronger by his mom..And Vegito..they never fused outside of the movies..only through the permanent fusion..Vegeta hated it. So they don’t want to do that.

      • Xadirius

        Vegito is the permanent version, Gogeta is the fusion dance one.

        • JeffBrian

          Well Gogeta won’t ever exist due to Vegeta not knowing the dance and being too proud for it..Vegito is coming. Why else unfuse the supreme kai and bring them both to the future with potara earrings.

    • A.Cole.

      Whats wrong with Naruto and I think Most of the Naruto characters can defeat some Dragon ball characters and I know what the Mafuba is, Master Roshi used to seal King Piccolo it was explain in the first dragon ball series

      • Devin

        nowhere even close bud…not even naruto or sasuke couldn’t even beat yamcha…I remember reading something stating that madaras power level would be around 150

        I love naruto as it’s my second favorite show (1st dbz obviously) but there’s no way any of them could sotp a dbz character

        1. they can’t fly
        2. they aren’t as fast
        3. they aren’t as powerful. Infinite tsukuyomi would end with just blowing up the moon, which happened in dragonball and dbz with ease
        of course there are more reasons but the humans in dbz would be considered

        the only thing that may give shinobi a chance would be using genjutsu. But you forget that these characters could destroy planets with a force from their fingers.

        but im just a guy you should check this out. They go into detail more than I do.

        • OA

          Lol the creater of naruto said the strongest character was only as powerful as nappa

      • AizenSamaKing X

        Wrong. Saibamen >>> Naruto characters. I made a 1 hour and 30
        minute video explaining all of this on youtube, but the Narutards had my
        channel terminated. Raditz has enough power to destroy Earth’s Moon
        EIGHT (8) times using a single charged energy attack. He is faster than
        any Naruto character. He is 1,200 minimum and 1, 500 maximum. He has
        blocked a multiple Moon destructive kamehameha wave with his bare hands.
        Bullets don’t hurt him. Naruto characters get hurt by kunai and ninja
        stars. Each Saibamen is 1,200 as powerful as Raditz. Raditz solos. Stop
        overrating those Naruto characters. It’s silly. People don’t know
        anything about Dragon Ball anymore.

    • Mathew Metcalf

      You do realize trunks sword is not the same right? its the z sword trunks is stronger because he trained with the z sword in his timeline because gohan was dead from the androids so he got everything gohan got except the most crucial part the z sword breaking releasing elder kai so he never got the chance to go mystic but he trained with the z sword for years increasing his power.

    • Mathew Metcalf

      and this from the manga the reason elder kai was sealed away in the z sword is because he was the supreme kai of that time so if he died so did the god of destruction so beerus sealed him away for an insurance policy so he couldnt die but he didnt know that another kai would take the elders place.

    • Medulla Oblongata This D ✓

      Bro shut the fuck up. No one ever clarified Naruto characters are stronger than dbz

      • Arnav Rawat

        Dbz character destroy WORLDS. No competition.

      • AizenSamaKing X

        YOU shut the fuck up, kid. Fuck you gonna do about it, you little damn prick? Wrong. Saibamen >>> Naruto characters. I made a 1 hour and 30
        minute video explaining all of this on youtube, but the Narutards had my
        channel terminated. Raditz has enough power to destroy Earth’s Moon
        EIGHT (8) times using a single charged energy attack. He is faster than
        any Naruto character. He is 1,200 minimum and 1, 500 maximum. He has
        blocked a multiple Moon destructive kamehameha wave with his bare hands.
        Bullets don’t hurt him. Naruto characters get hurt by kunai and ninja
        stars. Each Saibamen is 1,200 as powerful as Raditz. Raditz solos. Stop
        overrating those Naruto characters. It’s silly. People don’t know
        anything about Dragon Ball anymore.

    • zach2911

      umm good point naruto would lose to almost all DBZ caracters but i think raditz and saibamen would lose but that would be the limit anyone above them would win and it would be one sided

      • AizenSamaKing X

        Wrong. Saibamen >>> Naruto characters. I made a 1 hour and 30 minute video explaining all of this on youtube, but the Narutards had my channel terminated. Raditz has enough power to destroy Earth’s Moon EIGHT (8) times using a single charged energy attack. He is faster than any Naruto character. He is 1,200 minimum and 1, 500 maximum. He has blocked a multiple Moon destructive kamehameha wave with his bare hands. Bullets don’t hurt him. Naruto characters get hurt by kunai and ninja stars. Each Saibamen is 1,200 as powerful as Raditz. Raditz solos. Stop overrating those Naruto characters. It’s silly. People don’t know anything about Dragon Ball anymore.

    • Xman321

      Vegito will be a thing when Goku and Vegeta’s “We don’t like working together” arc finally concludes. It’ll probably be the badass resolution of everything.

    • OA

      I don’t think trunks is on the same level as goku and vegeta, but black and zamasu were just overconfident and didn’t expect such a rise in power. The reason for his rise in power is he’s using divine ki now.

    • JeffBrian

      oh also wanted to add…he couldn’t cut the androids or cell because of their armor…and trunks can infuse ki into the sword..the gods and characters in this saga are made of flesh not metal. Refer to the bullet infused with Ki that could kill Goku Black.

  • AizenSamaKing X

    1. I have serious problems with this episode. More Dragon Ball
    inconsistencies that don’t stop. It’s cool to see Trunks powerful and he
    looks like a mini Broly and badass. However, HOW is he suddenly more
    powerful than Super Saiyan Blue and hanging with god characters? And did
    anyone else see his eyes turn green? IS he turning into legendary? I
    mean, what is happening?
    2. All of the going back and forth between timelines is getting
    3. The animation is terrible.
    4. Again, Trunks is so powerful that is sword can now cut any character
    in Dragon Ball other than Beerus, Whis, and other top god characters.
    Back in Cell saga, he could have NEVER cut Cell’s body. It would have
    shattered. So his sword is finally useful in the series. That’s cool and
    all, but again, HOW?

    5. Where is Vegito? Stop stalling. Super Saiyan Blue Vegito would
    dominate Beerus.
    6. Mafuba is a technique the Narutard generation of kids have NO clue
    about. Yet they claim Naruto characters can even beat late Dragon Ball
    characters. Raditz and Saibamen are overkill for them.

    • Christopher

      He’s not turning into the “Legendary Super Saiyan”. You people need to stop with that nonsense.

      The original Gold form Super Saiyan IS the Legendary Super Saiyan form. Trunks is already a Legendary Super Saiyan. Just stop.

      • Norris Kilgore

        agreed..this guy is just a reh tard

        • AvatarDan

          And you’re a bald idiot.

      • AvatarDan

        That terminology depends on whether Broly becomes or is considered canon or not.

        • Christopher

          Well he’s not canon and he isn’t considered canon. So what is your point? I said it before and I’ll say it again: The Super Saiyan form Goku takes against Frieza on Namek IS the Legendary Super Saiyan form. There is no other Legendary form.

          Broly is in an entirely different universe and isn’t considered canon.

      • AizenSamaKing X

        I’m not one of “you people,” so you can cut the bullshit right there.

    • Psycho Soldier

      They clearly show Trunks’ sword shattering before he gets it replaced with one given to him by the fucking Kaioshin. That one was destroyed, but you don’t think he would at least know how to get a replacement that would be powerful enough to beat Cell of all people? HE CAN TURN SSJ2, NOW! There’s nothing inconsistent about that when he still can’t cut the God characters.

      Using the potara is permanent. Vegeta and Goku don’t want to go that route, and Vegeta has stated previously that he hates the idea of combining with Goku, even temporarily with Gogeta(which isn’t canon at this point). And if they’re just trying to beat Beerus, they would want to do that with their own strength. Fusing defeats the purpose of doing all that training. They don’t see Beerus as a threat. They see him as competition.

      And lastly, you’re complaining about them bringing back an old technique because younger generations wouldn’t remember it? The technique is meant to seal evil, not kill them, so it would make sense that it could still seal someone of Black or Zamasu’s caliber.

      Your first three points can be debated, but the last three are asinine.

    • Bob

      1. He is not more powerful, he’s just going ballistic. Jeez man, pay attention.
      2. And it’ll stop soon, so no worries there, (And apparently not in the Cell Saga when this whole time mess started)
      3. Stil better than the previous seasons.
      4. Did he even use it on Cell?
      5. Sounds like fan-fiction to me. Remember, Vegito was born from fusion sunig Kai earrings.
      6. What does that even mean? You don’t like the reference? Is that it>

  • Joshua Dickenson

    Go Vegeta Go

    • Xman321

      I demand a cover of Go Diego Go’s theme song like that, now.

  • Ling Ho

    could this be aa ingenius move made by db super? retracing dragonball’s roots with the mofuba?! starting from the basics, OH SHIT!

  • Ling Ho

    could this be aa ingenius move made by db super? retracing dragonball’s roots with the mafuba?! starting from the basics, OH SHIT!

  • Godmax

    Damn that was some nice turtle action 😀 And Trunks isnt that extremely strong he can only hold them off for a bit I am relieved. Still it’s shit but ok lets forget it….

  • frodo

    if mafuba is used on black zamasu may use the time rings na!?

    • Bob

      Piccolo couldn’t do much when sealed. PLus, it seems they’re going to use it on the immortal Zamasu, jeez pay attention.

  • supaman

    can sumbody plz tell me y roshi mouth is a butt hole lmao


    i think that’s what’s gona hapend the “DEAMEN GOD ssj VS ssj GOD ssj ROSE” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5c647566327ce7fb1baa5e2b931b282fd3f7624be544dbd5939dcacbcf2477f0.jpg

  • Pranaenae Da Boss

    so basically here is what happened everybody complained to the writers that dragon ball super was to happy go sunshine. So they made the villains impossible to beat. Then they got themselves in a hole. They made the villains to strong and now they cant defeat him so they made up this bullshit called the mashiba and alot of people got pisssed because of this bullshit

    • AvatarDan

      You haven’t watched the original DB? The evil containment wave or mafuba has been around since Goku was a kid.

    • Xman321

      It wasn’t made up, the Mafuba was already a thing. It’s a call back like the Kaioken was.

  • Margiela The 2nd

    So now they gotta seal away Both Zamasus smh this is wack writing here, what’s the point of god level saiyan then, this is how you know DBS won’t last long as DBZ

    • Dabu #ThirstGod

      There’s no other way to defeat him he cannot die

      • Margiela The 2nd

        Yeah, but that is something they themselves wrote into the story now they trapped themselves and this is their only logical way of making sense of it when it comes to trying to defeat him it’s lackluster at best, wonder if this turn of events is Toriyama’s doing let’s not forget Toriyama gaved the based ideas and story lines but surely they are writers at TOEI with the narratives of these story lines

    • Xman321

      …to be stronger. The reason Zamasu is such a pain in the ass in this series right now is because he can’t be killed. He’s not THAT strong (Stronger than base Trunks, perhaps, but as we saw in the present timeline Goku could normally kick his ass).

  • Dgiger

    My explanation for the timeline issue in DBS: Travelling back in time creates a parallel timeline, essentially a new universe 7 on parallel time. One may then travel to this parallel timeline without creating subsequent new timelines. Trunks WAS from their future, but he created a different timeline and thus his subsequent visits can no longer create new timelines because he is not changing their future. Also imo timelines =/ new universes aka a parallel universe 7 =/ universe 6 those are just twin universes. The reason Beerus thought killing Zamasu would kill all Zamasu’s is because his power transcends timelines, my only issue is that if all the gods in different timelines are connected, how did he apparently die in Future Trunks timeline.

    • Bob

      Oh no, they are creating those timelines all the time, we just only care about our current one and future Trunks’s timeline. Also, obvious Beerus was wrong, his power does not transcend timelines.

  • CanadianHobo

    Then throw the jar into the dead zone

  • Sam Gbadebo

    Looks like vegetable will shine next episode, tired of carrots. Got enough vitamin A last week.

    • Sam


  • Ryukashin

    If I remember correctly, didn’t the Mafuba take the life of the user? Roshi was able to use it because he’s an immortal (unconfirmed) based of his rambling from the dragonball series about the phoenix elixir that grants immortality. So, is it just that Goku is so strong now a bit of his energy is enough to satisfy the requirement?

    Well at least its nice there are some dragonball references in this. Also enjoyed Trunks’ (F) mini-Broly rampage. Wonder if that will be a faux SSG transformation like when Vegeta thought he ascended super saiyan before the cell games.

    • AvatarDan

      Roshi is immortal, meaning he could probably live without aging at all but he can still die. The technique actually killed him in DB, they brought him back. Most of the people that use it die but for some reason others don’t so who knows.

      • Bob

        Roshi isn’t immortal, immortal means not dieing.

    • Bob

      Tien used it and lived. Might be a strength thing, like it put so much strain on Roshi’s old body that it killed him, but Tien’s young body was able to take it.

  • Meh

    The show is so nonsensical at this point I don’t even understand it. How does Zamasu switch bodies with Goku in the past then travel to the future to find himself in his original body serving tea to Gowasu or whatever his name is? Whoever is writing this crap is ruining it. Not to mention the fact that Zamasu shouldn’t even know Goku in Trunk’s timeline and shouldn’t have been able to kill Goku, Chichi, and Goten.

    The manga makes so much more sense. Like it gives a better explanation for how Goku was able to defeat Hit in the finale of the tournament. It also shows Trunks SSJ2 being at the same level as SSJ3 which would explain why he’s close to SSJ God. Now anime watchers are going to wonder why Goku isn’t using Kaio ken, or why when SSJ3 one shotted Trunks, why he’s able to reach SSJ God level.

    It’s a shame that they just don’t take a hiatus, let Akira get ahead in the story. The story would be better, the choreography and animation would probably end up better because they wouldn’t have to come up with everything on their own since they are ahead of the manga.

    All this time travel crap just doesn’t make sense. Zomasu shouldn’t have even met Goku in Trunks’s timeline. Goku should be more serious. They are fighting for the fate of the world again and he’s less serious than he was during the Cell Saga and Buu Saga. Vegeta is useless and hasn’t really had a chance to shine. He should have been the one to defeat Frieza at full strength. Frieza should have healed somehow to full strength with some sort of alien senzu bean after Goku was shot in the back. Frieza would have been stronger from having time to get use to his new form from fighting Goku. Vegeta ultimately still defeating Frieza would have given him a chance to shine and surprass Goku for a short time. Now he’s just fodder and does nothing. Sits by in his base form while Trunks fights and does nothing.

    They are switching between base form and SSJ God too much which is a bit jarring because according to the manga doing that uses up a lot of energy and makes them weaker, but every other scene they transform for a few seconds get beaten up then switch to base form before powering up again to SSJ Blue.This happens multiple times per episode.

    I just had to vent because there’s so much potential for the series and it’s being squandered by whoever is managing the anime. They should take a break and let the manga get ahead so the story can make sense.

    • Bob

      1. It’s not past Zamasu teaming up with Black, it’s Black, being the future Zamasu from when he met Goku, switching with then future Goku and teaming up with an equally fed up with time traveling humans Zamasu from Trunk’s timeline. How is that lost on you? THey spelled it out last episode.

      2. What else was there to explain, Goku had to react quicker, then go SSJB and use the Kaioken. Simple.

      3. Agreed, actually. A quick hiatus, let the manga go through an arc, then animate the completed arc.

      4. Cell Saga, seriously it was there in the Cell Saga. You gonna say that’s a bad saga too?

      5. Might explain why they’re losing so much. Ya know?

      • meh

        1 No it doesn’t explain it clearly. Trunk’s alternate timeline is an alternate dimension. Zamasu saying he switched bodies with Goku then traveled to the future to meet his self when he switched bodies doesn’t make sense. If they had explained that he used the time right to find an alternate dimension to hide from the Gods in, it would have made sense.

        2. There’s plenty to explain why hasn’t he used it here? The fate of Trunks’ world is on the line and he put his body at risk to use Kaioken in a tournament. Different stakes. The fact is the people in charge of the anime just threw it in there even though it did not make sense.

        4. Cell Saga was different. We didn’t have Gods, and other universes, we didn’t know it was a sin that could get the universe destroyed if people messed with the timeline. While it made sense then, it hasn’t so far. As they haven’t explained how Zamasu from Goku’s timeline made it into Trunks’ timeline.

        5. In the manga this is explained why their power levels are different after switching from base to SSB multiple times. It’s the reason Vegeta loses to Hit, because his power level is too low from going SSB in his fight with the other Saiyan for an instant and then switching to base, then SSB again. Regardless, it doesn’t make sense to be in the fight of your life and to be constantly switching back for this. The choreography and moves are also really terrible.

        • Bob

          1. Umm, do you not listen? Let me spell this out for you. We currently have 3 timelines in play here (Just like the Cell Saga, but that’s for a later point), One timeline is the one Goku and Vegeta are from, where Zamasu died (and the Cell Saga explicitly explained that changing the past doesn’t effect other timelines). Then there’s the future of that Timeline where Beerus and Whis did nothing about Zamasu and Zamasu switched bodies with Goku, who then traveled to our third timeline of Future Trunks, where a different, but still very much pissed off about human violence Zamasu was coaxed by Black Goku to join him (Didn’t take much persuasion, since Both of them hate humans). And both traveled to Future Trunk’s version of the universe (Which is different from timelines, in case you missed that point) where all the time travel stuff started. Seriously, it’s simple and explained in the anime, do I need visual aids?

          2. Did you not see the episode directly after the inter-universe tournament? Where Goku was so bad at controlling his power he accidentally teleported into another anime? If so, remember how they said it was because he used so much Ki against Hit? Come on, Goku’s just trying to not have that happen again, it’s basic logic. If you knocked out a pro boxer and broke your arm in the process, would want to use that strength with that arm ever again? Same basic principle here.

          3. Glad you skipped it, nothing to discuss here

          4. So the addition of gods made it weird? Dude, the Cell Saga had gods too, one of them died at the end when Cell exploded, remember? The kais are gods, they always have been, always will be, and let’s be honest, they are not omnipotent, not ever the King of Everything is Omnipotent. Or at least not Omnipresent. Hell, Whis and Beerus sure as hell didn’t know about the Time Machine when they first saw it, so is it really that different?

          5. They don’t switch back on purpose, unless you forgot that being knocked out and stabbed is not a choice. I mean, you’re missing basic logic here, they get nearly destroyed, they revert back to normal, they only re-power up for a final charge or desperation move, you might actually know this if you watched the damn series.

    • Xman321

      1. Time Ring, son.

      2. On the Kaioken thing, they establish that it could very likely kill him and he hasn’t had enough time to master it.

      3. Akira probably does have everything planned out. It’s just the fact that the Anime and the Manga get a lot of room to mess with stuff.

      4. Not gonna try takiling this one.

      5. I guess it’s to show them getting weaker or something? Also, as we’ve established the Manga does not follow Anime logic and vice versa.

      • meh

        2. Goku uses Kaiioken in a tournament fight, but not in the fight of his life to save Trunks’ world?

        3. Akira doesn’t have everything planned. Otherwise the anime would match up with the manga. Kaioken was never introduced in the fight with Hit. Now every time he doesn’t use it, people are going to wonder why.

        5. When you’re in the fight of your life, you never drop your guard. We all know hte difference in power between their base and god level. It doesn’t make any sense to go back and forth constantly in the battle. Sure it would make sense if they were defeated. But we’re seeing it multiple times in a battle. We’re also seeing them stand around doing nothing all the time.

        Like they had senzu beans and could have healed Goku up quickly but did nothing and fled instead. Nonsense. This whole mafuba stuff doesn’t make sense. Zamasu explained the time ring is why the timeline hasn’t been changed. Cut off his hand and the timeline should be set right. Common sense to try, but no we have to watch Goku master a technique that kills the user, and they’re obviously going to forget this detail.

  • Feras Hashim

    I will make this easy
    Goku uses mafuba lock them
    Bilaf realese them they kill him then goku uses ssj blue + kaio ken kill black – goku black then the immortal zamasu will disappear because zamasu in goku’s body is in timeline of goku which we watch travelead to the future by timering 😉

  • aj hixson

    Is it possible gohan might get involved with the fight just a theory but a good one because if you think about it gohan is really strong.

  • Hobomanchild

    It’s hard to salvage all of this bad writing over the years. A consequence of Toriyama coming from a generation of comedy, methinks.

    They need to figure out a way to get rid of some thing. Fusion being one. Kaioken-SSJB being another. I’d argue that the powerjump between SSJB and SSJn is too big, but I’m not sure how big it is. It just LOOKS huge. Don’t really think they can do anything about that one.

    Good things: They wrote out the dragonballs, and made it where Beerus can’t intervene. They also put a limit on Kaioken-SSJB but yeah it’s still dumb. The mafuba is an excellent choice. Trunks is a badass. No, it doesn’t make sense, but I don’t really care. He’s pretty much the only interesting thing in DBSuper at the moment.

    I guess I’ve gotten too used to the newer trend of giving consequences to actions and avoiding plot devices.

    • meh

      Goku and Vegeta should be able to fight the regular Zamasu all day without breaking a sweat. They should be able to simply restrain Zamasu easily with their strength or knock him out but this hasn’t been shown at all in the anime. We saw SSJ2 Goku completely own Zamasu and Trunks was even able to injure Zamasu with his sword. Instead Trunks in his SSJ2 form has been interchangeable with Vegeta and Goku in their SSB forms. Remember how Beerus simply knocked out Goku in SSJ3 with one strike in the back of the head. Simple thing to do against someone at Zamasu’s level. No point in destroying his body and allowing it to regenerate. Just restrain him or knock him out or wear him out to the point he can’t fight anymore.

  • Koko

    How come when Capt. Ginyu changed bodies with goku he couldn’t use gokus true power but Zamasu is able to no problem?

    • John Paul Barry

      I think because Zamasu has had more time to get used to it.. Ginyu on had a second and remember Goku even said u have to get used to it first before you can use its entire power..

      • Sozen

        well that and the fact that compared to ginyu youre comparing a kaioshin(god) to a low level fighter. Zamasu was already touted as a fighting prodigy among the kaioshin in fighting which is why goku wanted to fight him in the first place

    • Bob

      Ginyu was not skilled, Zamasu is.

  • John Paul Barry

    Umm.. Can someone please explain?? Zamasu as Black Goku went to the future and teamed up with future Zamasu I get that but then who did Beerus kill in that episode?? How did Zamasu get back.. This means there are three zamasus total.. But they said only present and future so I’m super confused…???

    • Bob

      I’ve been saying this for ages now, Multiverse Theory is a bitch. The Zamasu that Beerus killed was PRESENT Zamasu, the Zamasu that is Black Goku is from their timeline’s future (Which was per-established to be unchangeable from the past), and immortal Zamasu is the one from Future Trunks’s timeline. In other words, yes, there are 3 Zamasus at the moment, and yes, it is confusing, but in the end, it’s nothing new in the series.

  • vincent

    hey piccolo i have a better idea, how about goku and vegita use the fusion and that’s it.

    • Xman321

      Still doesn’t kill Zamasu.

      • Harun

        Oh yes it will

      • Harun

        Maybe lol

    • meh

      Just cut off Black’s hand so he is no longer wearing the time ring. That way the timeline can possibly be fixed from when Beerus destroyed Zamasu in the past.

      • Bob

        Don’t you think they tried that on the androids and Cell? Doesn’t work that simply.

    • OA

      Did you forget zamasu is immortal? Not even vegito going ssjb could kill him

  • Michael Ashbrook


  • A.Cole.

    Couldn’t Goku just use the button that the God of everything gave to him, I’m pretty sure he could destroy black and zamasu easily

    • Xman321

      Think about it, is that a Goku thing to do?

      • A.Cole.

        True he probably forgot he had it lol

    • Dichologos

      He could, but there’s no evidence to show that the button would work across timelines/dimensions. In the worst case, it could summon the God of Everything from the current timeline instead of the one Goku met – as each timeline has its own copy of every being and universe. In this case, he almost certainly wouldn’t be an ally to Goku, as he’s been described as willing to wipe out universes simply for being annoyed.

      Plus Goku would never do it, and would be unlikely to consider it in the first place (he’s not too bright).

      Plus it would be poor writing, though that can’t always be ruled out, to have a button simply end all of the drama.

  • Shogun1x

    Vegeta better get some shine next episode. I’m tired of Toriyama treating the best character in Z like a jabroni.

    • Xman321

      Trunks > Goku > Vegeta.

      Still like Vegeta, though.

    • Arnav Rawat

      HAHAHAHA buddy that ain’t gonna happen. Vegeta will come out the time chamber. EXACTLY the same. No change like we saw in dbz. NONE. The only change will be that zamasu and black will inexplicably have a harder time fighting him. The winner will stilll be goku. XD

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    Vegeta will probably start battling next episode then the real fight will be episode 64 where he’ll probably get stomped again.

  • Diwakar Ravi

    It’s funny how Beerus acts like he doesn’t care and then later is pissed off xD

  • Aaron Soldier

    This episode is terrible.

    How is Trunks competing with gods, can someone please explain this?

    Also can they please get rid of those annoying characters who are a direct rip off of the Three Stooges, seriously its freaking annoying. Mai is a shit character, Get rid of her!

    The whole time machine thing is starting to get really annoying and repetitive. I can’t even count how many times they went back and fourth in the time machine. Its basically became a plot device at this point to advance the story.

    • Sozen

      Amen to everything you said. The gag characters aren’t funny and just waste time that could be spent on important characters and story development. I also think the fact that not once during the episode that fusion didnt cross their minds as a solution.

      The other thing I find annoying that no one ever brings up is how is it that when goku firsts transforms to SSGB and hes fighting beerus trading punches the hits were causing explosions and ripples in time/space and now you have him in a similar form fighting a similar enemy and the punches are barely creating large gusts one moment and shockwaves the next. Its so inconsistent it give me a headache.

      On a side note I wish battles had more of a rock paper scissors feel using strategy and tactics instead of a see saw battle of who gets angrier and powers up more.

      • Koibito888

        The gag characters are hilarious in my opinion. I like the old school DB to DBZ humor.

        Fusion didn’t cross their mind because it’s gonna be the big climax. A little silly? Yeah, but dramatic effect causes that a lot in many fictions, not that big a deal.

        Umm…. No one ever brings up how SSJG Goku and Beerus were wrecking the universe but not now? Really? Except for exactly how they solved that problem? It wasn’t even an offhand mention, it was literally how they solved that problem, literally why the universe isn’t gone right now: They literally explained Goku was learning how to direct the damage and counter it in such ways that it wouldn’t be output as damage to everything else around them. Obviously if it’s a technique it’s not gonna work 100% perfectly 100% of the time against every opponent of all different strengths. That’s why sometimes it shockwaves and sometimes it doesn’t, and it’s why his SSGSS strikes aren’t ruining the universe. I don’t get how so many are confused about that, it was how they solved the problem. How are people remembering that Goku and Beerus were about to destroy the universe yet completely forgetting how they prevented that very problem?

      • Christopher

        Because power means nothing when Zamasu is immortal. They can’t kill him. If they fused, Vegito(Or Gogeta) will still need to use the Mafuba and still need to hold off Black at the same time. It’s better to stay unfused whilst Vegeta holds Black at bay. Fusion would be stupid at this point.

      • OA

        Ssj God is stronger than ssjb I think because it’s five saiyaijns pouring their power into one. And beerus is far beyond the power of black, so it makes sense that there are ripples from each punch. Also there aren’t really any strategies to be used in this situation, when your fighting two of the same being, and one is immortal. And both goku and vegeta will never again do fusion. Besides, zamasu is immortal, so it wouldn’t make a difference killing black.

        • Arnav Rawat

          Nope. Look it up on the wiki.

    • Bob

      I’ll let you have the thing with Pilaf’s crew, they haven’t been relavant since the Red Ribbon Army days, really. However, the time machine thing, well, Cell Saga, that is all.

  • joey

    They need to make episodes longer.

  • Ghost

    I red some other info that Vegeta will surpass the power of Gokou for the first time ,but who knows right ?just make the next episodes Work !! or we will transform here in to next Super saiyan GOD lol!

    • Mohammad Arham Shah


  • Mohammad Arham Shah

    *Nothing related to the episode*

    What could happen if someone trapped Zeno with the Mafabu?

  • MILK9

    The mafuba is suppose to kill those who use it…. did the creator forgot???

    • Bob

      Did you forget that Tien used it way back in Dragonball and didn’t die? Also that Goku is like a million times more powerful than Tien was back then? Also that Saiyans seem to stop aging at a certain point? Also that we got a funny scene involving Roshi and Turtle? I think they’re good on this.

    • Xman321

      Only against someone so much stronger than them. It uses a lot of energy, Goku has plenty.

  • Daniel

    Just watch the cartoon and enjoy hat they are still making them u jackases

  • Tony

    So… Goku has a button which could summon The King of All at any given second.. Goku can Kaioken..
    Goku and Vegeta .. Can fuse? .. Also what about things like Solar flare and afterimage just for a bit of gain? *headdesk*

    • Xman321

      What part of “Zamasu is immortal” do you not understand? There’s no actual proof that Zeno can kill an immortal, first off, and even if he can…

      IT’S GOKU. He’d rather solve the problem himself.

  • Akshay Solanki

    Now its proved that trunks is not bitch but we need our mighty GOHAN back and more powerful than before…..what say guys about this….?

  • Trinity Crusher

    I realy think that goku will says he will fuses with vegeta like gogeta

  • Alexander Rose

    I seriously thought Piccolo was going to suggest the Fusion technique. Now I am really disappointed that he didn’t say it.

  • ScreamingBeast

    Really? Nobody addresses the weird fucking semi-god ki form that Trunks just randomly created for himself last week?

    What the fuck IS it? Why is he stronger than the two super saiyan blue who were personally trained by Whis? EXPLAIN THAT SHIT TO US IT’S CONFUSING.

    • Pil1010

      Same reason why it was said Vegeta SSJ2 was stronger than Goku SSJ3 when fighting Beerus. Rage is like steroids for Saiyans.

    • Bob

      Except Trunks wasn’t stronger, just buying time for our SSJ Blue heroes to get a decent plan.

    • Wolfnrun

      “Power levels are bullshit!”

      =-P It’s just whoever put’s fourth the most effort and that’s about it

  • anon

    It doesnt seem like DBZ but im thinking that button omni king gave to goku?

  • Toffy Victor

    finally! vegeta was given some love. i wanna see him win a main fight ! OMG I GOT A GOOSEBUMPS THERE!!! GO VEGETA show them what their dealing with. the prince of all saiyan!

  • Bejko 123

    Long time I haven’t t seen Mafuba I am exited!

    • Wolfnrun

      Forget raw strength! Just seal there butts in a jar!

  • Harun

    I LOVE how people are mistaking Gogeta as Vegito Lmao

    • Delaverga Uni

      I think you misunderstand. People want to see Gogeta because it only appeared in a movie and want it to be cannon. I thought like 6 episodes ago that they would eventually fuse but now it’s a slim chance. They have shown time after time that they want to rely on their own strength and don’t need fusion unless its a dire situation where nothing else works. And seeing as which there’s other things they haven’t tried and Gowa is getting involved, it just seems like they wont need to fuse for defeating black. But anything can happen, if they do fuse it would probably be after Black or Zamasu fuse with gowa or each other. I’ll get more suspicious about fusion after I see what Gowa has planned.

    • Wolfnrun

      Gogeta is the same as Vegito but with more Goku Influence. So those who like goku more so then the latter, would like this. It’s not meaning much anyhow, not much a diffrence

  • marcus

    that looks mad as! wish it was, but by the looks of it , he looks like he has gokus shirt on.

  • Db VegetaFAN

    Can Goku and Vegeta Do a Potara Fusion by the Kaioshin’s earrings…they can be Ssj blue VEGITO

  • Angel Vargas

    Beerus can just teleport with Whis but he is saying it’s againts the god’s rules. This is boring me, why not fuse at god mode vegeta and goku? Not same body anymore and Black can’t keep gaining power, trunks kills Zamazu while God Vegito kills Black. Mafusa isn’t required but is still an option i guess.

    • Bob

      Do you not listen? Goku Black has a Saiyan body, it’s not Goku’s existence powering him up, but their fighting. They fight, they get stronger, they fight again, they get stronger again. Simple.

      • Wolfnrun

        I’m just glad it’s something besides raw strength being utilized. From my understanding, it’s still who has more power then the other means. “Hey, I’m better then you!” Seeing alternatives and abilites would be nice. Can’t wait to see the maffuba in action! Let’s see tommorow! hehehe! =-)!

    • Wolfnrun

      Makes no diffrence

  • Truth

    You know what that retarded god-attendant could have wished for that would have been better? “Give me the strongest body you can give me!”. That would have made it both stronger than Son Goku’s (for there are people stronger than him in the universes at this point that he could have switched with, or simply replicate, or create an original), and immortal as well.

  • Mirlo Blackbird

    Hope vegeta and goku do the fusion technique in ssj god form
    That will be awesome

  • Wolfnrun

    Watch this not work! XD

  • Salah Eddine

    there not gonna be any god form like ssj4 cus it will need the golden ape and they need there tail for this to work
    i really wanted ssj4 too but for real there is not gonna be one

  • Max

    and now after all of this Freeza is just going to do 20 sit-ups again and then he will far exceed Goku.

  • AhYuan Love U

    Beerus could have just kill zamasu and goku black with one blow. why with all this trouble.

  • Arnav Rawat

    They don’t know that you don’t have to hurry once you’re in the past. take your time, and travel to just the instant you left from the future. That way you’ll be only gone from the future for an instant.They dont know such a simple solution to their time problem. That’s why this show is so fuckin lame. The author has become an idiot.

  • Arnav Rawat

    This show is lame. Vegeta goes to hyperbolic time chamber and comes out exactly the same. No change at all. The only difference is that black and zamasu have a harder time fighting him. No external change, no change in attitude/personality. NONE.

  • Arnav Rawat

    Using something stupid as mafuba to trap zamasu and black both of them. Fuckin genius. (sarcasm intended)

  • Arnav Rawat

    Trunks skipped a lot of shit. A LOT of shit. When goku became ssj1, did you see the state he was in? How angry he was at krillins death? When gohan became ssj2 he had been training for OVER AN YEAR, even then he had to be ried up and pissed off SO MUCH by cell.
    And what does trunks do? 15 deconds of anger, just because the enemy said that he was the cause of the people’s death, and BAM. hes surpassed ssj god and ssj blue just like that. In the blink of an eye.Not to mention ssj3. There is a limit to how much powerup you can get by emotions. I mean it ain’t even possible for trunks to become ssj god without the ritual. And then he becomes stronger than ssj blue god. Go figure if this makes sense.

  • omfg

    watching this show just angers me.
    Black/zamasu defeating goku is so fucking inconsistent.
    Trunks suddenly touching on god-ki out of nowhere is also a retardedly load of bull.
    Bulma has been absolutely annoying ever since the start of BOTG/dbz super.
    The humor is so childish it’s just sad, and they all seem to be acting like retards 50% of the time when it comes to deductive reasoning.

  • Wierdguy

    so umm ik they doin the whole dbz stretch out the story thing but why dont goku and vageta just fuse and get ssjgod gogeta

    and dont give me that “but they didnt train for that” bs they’ve done without practice before and if so im sure they at least tried practicing it ounce before. cause this whole situation would be over by now if they just fused

  • The Heat’s Den-Eye

    This can get really confusing if it wants to be!

  • luoi sant

    Why so many dislikes? This was one of my favorite episodes from the Black arc. Dragon Ball fans can never be satisfied.

  • Ibta$am

    I don’t care about others
    But I like dragon ball super from deep of my heart😘

  • flukedust22

    Fucking hate that nagging wife Chi Chi!!!

  • flukedust22

    the heck with this… they could just try removing the earring and the ring for god sake!!