Dragon Ball Super episode 61 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 61 : “Title”


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    Let see what will happen

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  • G5

    so guys dose any one know when is episode 61 comeing

    • DBLeon


    • Yuma Tsukumo

      Sunday morning

    • Tony Huynh

      Eng sub will be out in 4 hours

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    • William H. Buttlicker


  • dummy who cant spell

    Learn to spell or use autocorrect please

    • Db rules

      Says the one with the username “dummy who cant spell”.

      • Luxion

        …I think that was the point

  • Luxion
    • Moses Shezu Johnson


    • bunyonb

      Big gay star

      • Abbie Davy

        You said exactly what i was thinking, gg

        • bunyonb

          you welcome lel

      • Steve Bakewell

        Big ghetto star ain’t no one’s fool.

      • Brian Medrano

        Spaghetti star?

    • Guest

      would have been a better meme if it was OVER 9000!!!!!!!

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  • DBLeon

    Well last episode we got some character development for Kid Trunks now………….LETS HAVE SOME ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HYPE

  • Nits

    what about all chan in next episode

  • BlackGokuslayaer

    English subbed is Sunday and star day is the new episode but in Japanese

  • pedja rajic

    need wait 1 hour 🙂

  • http://botanbutton.tumblr.com/ botanbutton

    The fact that Zamasu killed Chi Chi and Goten with Goku’s face…….T__T

    • Black Rican Mike

      IKR was mad messed up and disrespectful.

      • Wolfnrun

        He didn’t care though… =-(

        • Darksoul1129

          How… Didnt they die with androids? Wasnt goten never concieved

          • Albertico

            This was in the show’s normal timeline, not Trunks’

          • Sniber

            in show’s normal timeline, chichi goten are alive, goku is in his own body(the one fighting in this episode) and zamasu is killed by beerus. This timeline where chichi goten died is different from both normal timeline as well as trunks timeline

          • Ryan McCarthy

            Thanks was just getting confused about this you cleared it out

          • kloontje05

            there must be infinite time lines

          • Ryan McCarthy

            Yeah that’s the thing making me confused

          • Word

            There is more then one timeline created every time someone goes into the past and changes something another time ring is created for that timeline.

          • Anthony

            So there are 3 timelines that we know about.

            Timeline 1:Present timeline (Cell was still in larvae form)
            Timeline 2:Where the future trunks we know came from
            Timeline 3:Where the cell throughout the cell saga came from (he killed trunks in that timeline to steal his time machine) I still think goku died from the heart virus in this time though, so this can’t be where gokus body was stolen.

            There has to be a 4th timeline where Zamasu stole gokus body.

          • Chaegrim

            I personally feel that Black’s “body” was taken from Timeline 1: The fact that he said that by wearing the ring means nothing in the past affects him means that he stole Goku’s body from Timeline1 (Just in a slightly farther point in time where Trunks had not gone back to warn the Z Warriors of Black, hence causing Beerus and Whis to get involved, thus showing that Zamasu was intending to kill and take over Goku’s body and lead to what we all know as “current” events). The fact that Beerus killed current Zamasu means nothing since the ring is protecting him in Trunk’s future. Therefore, what I’m suggesting is that IF Black’s ring were to be removed, the death of current (Timeline1) Zamasu would then take in effect on Black, then instantly remove Black from any and all Timelines.

            If you know what I’m trying to say here.

          • dra6o0n

            It’s easier to look at it in ‘Eras’.

            DB Super takes place after DBZ, which means all events that occured in DBZ is already done and dealt with.

            Zamasu from a alternative, parallel timeline to the ‘present’, after being defeated by a SSJ Goku in a a match, strive to steal Goku’s body after killing Gowasu.

            Since this is the ‘2nd’ Zamasu from the present timeline, he became Goku Black, as the ‘1st’ Zamasu shown in the show is now ‘destroyed’.

            The ‘2nd’ Zamasu used the Time Ring to go into a ‘alternate’ future where the Zamasu hasn’t killed his master, to recruit him.

            So looking at that from a line point of view:

            DBZ -> Dragon Ball Super -> Alternative realities/dimensions created when Goku dueled Zamasu.

            The incident where ‘Trucks’ tampered with time and space is basically ‘history’ in all the participating timelines.

            So in regards to ‘Truck’s Future’. I suppose there are multiple variants of Zamasu destroying Future Earth that Future Trunks lived in, all at once, this is basically one of the ‘what if’ we are seeing.

          • Michael Ashbrook

            didnt Gowasu say there was a total of ten time rings? meaning there must be 10 timelines

          • Wolfnrun

            I think they were in a diffrent timeline

          • Moses Shezu Johnson

            two very differennt timelines

          • LexxxD

            This is a plot hole… Because they mash up two different timelines in order to build up the story, which is a bust… The initially use the parallel universe theory of the time-traveler paradox, but later they switch to fixing the future theory… So now it is confusing, because IF Zamassu, from the Goku timeline decided to kill the humans because he saw Trunks breaking the taboo, that means that Trunks did change his own future, which as we saw in the original DBZ did not happen, because his word was still destroyed by the androids… That means that Zamassu from Goku timeline, which is a parallel universe somehow managed to end up in the Trunks’s universe which should not be possible, since the future of the original Zamassu is different from that of Black Goku, due to them being in parallel universes… It is very confusing, but consider it a major plot hole, because even if original Zamassu did obtain Goku’s body and traveled to his own future, he will still remain the only Zamassu, thus he traveled to a parallel universe, not just the future… And the two are different as day and night…

      • Zamuu

        yeah i suport the way what WORD is he thinking about timeline, this episode is not just talking about only 2 different time, there is more timeline than 2!!!!!

        • Zamuu

          more different* time then 2!!!!!*

          • Athelon Raven

            It was trunks who changed the time line two times, hear me out:

            During the Cell saga the original timeline was to be that goku was to die because of the heart virus but when Trunk came back to the past he altered the past time line like a fork and saved goku.

            Now as this forked time line was progressing Zamasu fought goku, made his plans like he would and swapped bodies with him becoming black and then killed him and his family, then he went to the future trunks timeline met up with the future Zamasu, joined up with him and he the future Zamusa made his wish of invicibility, but then trunks came back again to the past altering the time line again (forking), warning the past goku and co of black which led to beerus and whis finding out Zamusa as black who intended to kill everyone, and beerus killed him in response.

            So it was future trunks who altered and forked the past timeline twice the one that our show is based upon and saved goku again which led to the present fight that we are having right now.

        • Sniber

          yeah, i think the writer are also confused. they are acting like the main timeline and zamasu timeline where he killed chihi are one and the same. but they are not, they have different events.

          what i dont understand is that if beerus killed zamasu before he could kill gowasu and time travel then it means zamasu never time travelled, so how was this 3rd timeline created ?

          • http://www.Facebook.com/UchihasFinest UchihasFinest

            because remember when whis went back in time to stop zamas he altered the time flow right there. the regular timeflow was he kills gowasu then goes into the future one year for the super dragon balls and does the swap then goes into the future but trunks future because there is more than one time ring. he used the normal time ring to go to the future to do the swap, then the other time ring to go into trunks world and recruit that zamasu. because he used the time ring it protects him from the past. so even if whis killed him in the current world, the time flow chain of events that would of happened still happened because he used the ring to do it. in that sense he created a different timeline. thats why gods are not allowed to go back in time, even in that lil time that whis is able to go back he can still alter things. the important thing to know is zamasu present is no more. but his actions to kill gowasu and steal the time ring still occurred and saved him, then he used the new time ring to go into trunks world and then kill the rest of the gods.

          • Sniber

            thats a kinda possible explanation but there is a fault.
            first of all, whis does not go back in time, he does not time travel. Instead, he reverses the time itself. he doesnt move himself, he moves the time instead. its a completely different / opposite thing than time travel.

            In my opinion This thing does not create alternate timelines. He is a god who is aware of the fact that going back in past is crime because it can have drastic change in events so he wont do it. He reversed time to stop beerus from destroying suns, freeza from destroying earth and zamasu from killing gowasu. If an alternate timeline was being created each time he does it then there should be total 7 timelines and timerings because these 4 were already present before DBS.

            1) main line 2) trunks line 3) cells line 4) line where trunks of cells line went to past
            (it was explained in detail in official guidebooks )

            but we know that there are only 5 time rings hence 5 timelines. the above four plus the zamasu’s line(which is still dont understand how it was created)

          • http://www.Facebook.com/UchihasFinest UchihasFinest

            still though hear me out on this one. trunks going back in time this second time created another universe. now you have his where the androids messed up the world and goku is dead. then you have the orginal where goku would have died as well when zamasu used the super dragon balls, and current timeline where goku is alive. because goku black being created was set to happen regardless, goku dying was as well. therefore trunks came back in time brought goku to the future and got insight on who zamasu really was and stopped him from killing gowasu and saved the present timeline. the issue is because he used the time ring to go into trunks universe he protected himself from his past self being destroyed affecting him so if zamasu took over gokus body in the current timelines future and started blowing things up and beerus present kills zamasu then the current timeline wouldnt be affected. so now there is 3 universes 1)main line zamasu is dead goku is alive 2)trunks line zamasu is alive and black is there and goku is dead from virus 3)new line goku is dead, zamasu is alive as black but went to universe 2

          • David Moses

            Because in the timeline trunks came from was already made because he went back in time. The timeline that beerus killed zamasu is the present and if it were to carry out to the time that trunks actually came from the present timeline would be different than the timeline trunks came from.

    • Zamuu

      yeah i suport the way what WORD is he thinking about timeline, this episode is not just talking about only 2 different time, there is more timeline than 2!!!!

      • LexxxD

        Well, basically the Time-space paradox is quite complicated and there are several theories about it, but still I will explain the one used here… Imagine the timeline as a straight line at which end is the Trunks future, where Zamassu took Goku’s body…. From this point he returned to the past, where they killed Zamassu, thus stoping his plan, which created a whole new timeline with new future, a parallel universe if you wish… But this universe only affects the current habitants, not the time traveler, which means that the future of Trunks will not change, due to it being the original timeline… So all Trunks can do is save his loved ones from the past, but his future will remain intact, no matter what he does… This is the theory used here, that if you change the past, you will create a new universe, but will not change the events in your own… There are two more theories about the time-traveler paradox and all of them are fascinating from a scientific point of view…

  • Black Rican Mike


    • Wolfnrun

      Super saiyan rainbow

      • Tony Huynh

        Seems like Super Saiyan Yellow to me, the aura type looks like god ki. However, I may be wrong though

        • *[xXx] [email protected] [xXx]*

          I think just too much lightning

        • ThePotato013

          Yeah I think this is also a type of god form transformation since future trunks is like gohan. His power comes from his emotions so he transcended to the transformation to where he could beat black. I am not sure how they are going to deal with Zamasu tho since he has the “immortal body

          • gova

            how abt transforming into gogeta or vigito and using stardust attack which will clear up even his cells ?

          • Ryan McCarthy

            No they have become gogeta in dragon ball GT series and it is sequel of dragon ball super so they just can’t show them up here…i think somehow they will manage to kill black goku because only zumasus body is immortal and then they steals that ring and will change history again

          • malbhet

            dragon ball GT is no longer canon thanks to DB Super, DBGT is more like an alternate timeline, so anything can happen.

          • William H. Buttlicker

            GT was never cannon, from the get-go. Toriyama had had enough with DB at that point but was pushed by Toei. He then gave them like 10 sketches with Pan and adult Trunks, spaceships and robots (litterally anything Toriyama felt like drawing that day) and they ran with it. And they ran badly…

          • malbhet

            To be honest I wish Toriyama would have started fresh with the DB universe, like maybe far in the future where none of the present characters are around anymore, but I’ll take what I can get I guess.
            I hope everyone realize DB going into the god-like power levels is about as far this series can go, unless they do something crazy like Titan level or something….wait they may actually do something that crazyO_O

          • Ling Ho

            king of all level super saiyan god king prob

          • Ling Ho

            something like king of all level super saiyan god omni prob

          • malbhet

            yeah lol:D

          • Dewan Naeem

            GT is non canon. It is not from Akira Toriyama so even though the story continues in it, it’s not canon. So it doesn’t matter what GT holds.

          • Ryan McCarthy

            It does dude

          • Alex Aselia

            Actually, Gogeta first shows up against Janemba.
            It’s not GT-only, it was first introduced in a DBZ Movie.

          • Ryan McCarthy

            Ohh sorry I really forgot

          • Gaurav Varia

            Zamasu and black are going to fuse…. i think goku and vegeta will fuse too

          • Ryan McCarthy

            I think as their last scope goku will use that button which was given by king of all ki

          • Gaurav Varia

            Yeah i was thinking the same… WHEN WILL HE USE THAT BUTTON! I REALLY WANT TO SEE ZENO SAMA IN ACTION

          • Anonim

            MUFFIN BUTTON!

          • GreenGamer49

            Spoiler alert

            zamasu is gonna die from mafuba

          • Gaurav Varia

            HAHAHHAHAH Mafuba didnt work against piccolo what makes you thing it will work against Zamasu?

          • Coolester

            because it’s the spoilers for ep 62

          • Ryan McCarthy

            Dude he’s right it’s a possibility

          • Ryan McCarthy

            Dude this going to happen goku will g back to the time and learn mafuba

          • Cody Mitcham

            well with goku’s strength now he MIGHT be able to pull it off.

          • William H. Buttlicker

            One does not simply die from Mafuba. It’s just to trap his spirit, so they could just free Goku’s body for this timeline and restore his own mind (with an other set of SDB maybe). Like Piccolo Jr did to Kami during the tournament where he posed as Shen. …oh, now that I think of it, I think it’s Kami that decided to leave the body while being sucked in by the Mafuba… Hmm… Oh, and why would they ask Master Roshi? He actually sucked at Mafuba, compared to Tenshinhan, so…

          • Ling Ho

            i like your idea!

          • Mxrider

            in the preview for the next episode it says that there’s a technique that can be used to kill zamasu

          • Shehar Yar Khan

            I hope destroying the Zamasu (the one from the past) will also destroy the future one!

          • The UnderToker

            my guess is when Black is dead, they’ll take the time ring or something and go back to before zamasu made the wish

    • bunyonb


    • Just a sharingan user

      Broly mode

    • Oten Saiyan

      it is the super saiya-jin oten level 20

  • Wolfnrun

    Trunks has a gold and blue aura with white in between…Wonder what this could mean?

    • kent0007

      Broly-esque, except bulky body.

      • Moses Shezu Johnson

        proper reminds me of broly

      • X72416

        Please don’t bullshit us with this Broly thing again.

        • Moses Shezu Johnson

          grow up man

      • Rizwan Akhwandzada

        yeah.. his eyes.. and the way that guy walked .. its brolly

      • Alexandre Brochet L’Heureux

        fuckin true man

    • David Gagné-Pavy

      I was

    • Superskyflyer1

      Super Saiyan Rainbow!

    • Christopher

      Broly is hiding inside Trunks.

    • Just a sharingan user

      Broly mode

    • Justin Reji

      that means Broly is the father of trunks

      • Wolfnrun

        I said the same question on some youtube video. One person said that he is 50% of the way from SS blue. I don’t fully agree because in the preview we see trunks owning black with little effort

    • Gokul

      Yellow + blue = green (brolly’s aura) Now trunks got brolly hair and eyes… Sure it’s legendary super saiyan form!!!

      • Wolfnrun

        We all have opinions. I would share this on the youtube comment I made, but there to stuck on the belif that he’s just half way from SSB and nothing more. Maybe he could have green hair with a new ability or something besides raw power? Thanks for the responses guys!

  • Drageta

    Thing NOT to do in dbz
    Piss off ANYONE

    • Name


  • Dabu #ThirstGod

    I had a feeling Trunks would become stronger and be the one to really take them on you could tell by how much they were focusing on him. Seems like he turned into a “Legendary Super Saiyan” something like Broly. I was wondering how he’d become stronger because he wasn’t training at all but now I see! I don’t know if this form can be stronger than Super Saiyan God tho.

    • Moses Shezu Johnson


  • Tony Huynh

    Wow the episode was very intense. Got me really hyped for next episode.

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    will Trunks really surpass Goku and Vegeta power with only anger? Lol .. all the training with each other(and Whis) and age skipping in time chamber will be for nothing if that the case.

    • Moses Shezu Johnson

      i know right, i was shocked tbh

    • son_michael

      It’s how Gohan always did it. Those half breeds are something else.

  • Daniel Carrillo

    BLUE + YELLOW supersaiyan green boys

    • Tony Huynh


  • Gaurav Jaiswal

    Shit another 7 days.

  • Dylan Friend

    maybe the transformation is an exclusive one to trunks since he’s a half Saiyan?

    • April Cox

      I think you’re on to something. I believe the same. I believe it is partial God ki because of being half human and easier to achieve.

  • kb24

    since SSJ 2 Trunks is as strong as SSJ 3 Goku, this SSJ 3 by Trunks could be as strong as SSJ 4 Goku

    • Sniber

      SSJ 2 Trunks is NOT as strong as SSJ 3 Goku. ss3 Goku crushed him effortlessly in a second.

  • SSJ5

    Well we got Zamasu figured out, but the next question is how Trunks uses the time machine and becomes ‘Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan’

  • Vova

    First it seemed like goku will transform to rose, that didn’t happen and it was apparent he will be getting a beatdown. Now when trunks goes down only reasonable transformation should have been of vegeta to rose (showing that for once vegeta has surpassed goku), but the worst thing of all was trunks who is merely ss2 without any knowledge of god stuff is getting blue ‘aura’. It definitely is not going to make sense (when I read subtitles). making sense: 2/10, surprised: 10/10, interested: 11/10!

    • kishkishkish

      They won’t transform to Rose. Rose is just Black’s version of Super Saiyan Blue. It’s basically the same transformation, Super Saiyan with God Ki.

      • Vova

        I’m pretty sure rose is a step beyond blue, and the reason I believe so is the ass whooping Goku and Vegeta got in this and last couple of episodes with their ss blue.

        • Gidray

          It’s not. Black’s power keeps increasing the more damaged he gets. At this point, he’s just stronger than Goku and Vegeta even in normal form. Proof was this episode, Black’s power increased even after he was beaten by SSJ Blue Goku.

        • whiteknighta2990

          No, I’m pretty sure his is the same transformation as theirs. The reason that his is rose and not blue is because he was a god already. So, given the fact that he already possessed god ki prior, his transformation is purer, making it stronger than merely moving up to that level as a mortal.

          • Gaurav Varia

            I think @whiteknighta2990:disqus is correct

          • Vova

            @disqus_LFzqZdk9vw:disqus @whiteknighta2990:disqus have to give it to you guys. You guys had it right all the way along, I agree with you now (although a bit confused too 😀 but yes, do agree with you guys)!

        • Kyrie Mikomi

          Have to keep in mind that Black’s latent abilities feed off of the battles he experiences, rather than the near death experiences that Saiyan’s are expected to face for similar power increases. So regardless of what his current form is, it’s more so due to the fact that they’ve been fighting all this time, than the transformation itself.

      • Vladimir Krstic

        Black just transformed into regular super saiyan but since he’s a god his god ki blended with the form.

  • Super saiyan Blue Goku san

    I can’t wait for episode 62

  • John Luteru

    Is it me or is there no subs?, misleading..like no mans sky

  • Super saiyan Blue Goku san

    Well I think is super saiyan 2 which is super trunks so is ssj 2 with god ki in it

  • Super saiyan Blue Goku san

    That’s why he is with blue lightning on him is he’s blue god ki

  • Super saiyan Blue Goku san

    The sub will be in 08 hours and 46 minutes and 30 seconds

  • GodDammit

    Trunk became a Fucking Broly Super Saiyan god blue

  • Super saiyan Blue Goku san

    Well maybe but trunks is not evil like broly

  • Super saiyan Blue Goku san

    If it was like broly he would have killed all of them u now goku vegeta goku black and zamasu


    Trunks’s newly transformed body lacks speed. And why dont they bring back Vegito?

    • DBZ fan

      i wouldn’t be so sure of that

    • DBZ fan

      and maybe they can’t bring vegito back as it will be useless. remember when goku first fought beerus , he said it wouldn’t be enough and also goku is in no shape to do the fusion.

      • Koibito888

        He said that before the God power up. They are much stronger now, Vegetto would be much stronger.

        • DBZ fan

          i forgot about that….. maybe vegita and goku forgot that too

          • Koibito888

            Lol it wouldn’t really matter if they forgot, it would still be true lol

            I mean they suddenly say the Namek Dragon Balls can split potara fusions at the beginning of the series, Black and Zamasu are gonna fuse with em, out of the people in the future right now no one else could hope to beat that fusion except Vegetto, and I bet you the reason they even suddenly changed outfits back was to make sure Vegetto has the same outfit. They’re gonna use Vegetto lol.

    • Rizwan Akhwandzada

      power matters here.. like.. brolly was slow but hell strong that it took 4 saiyans power to defeat him..

    • Koibito888

      They’re going to. Why does everyone suddenly think something wont happen when it doesn’t happen RIGHT NOW? I remember when everyone said timeline explanations in Super were a contradiction because they didn’t explain it right away. People still think Gohan isn’t training anymore despite us SEEING that he was, it’s silly.

      They gave a way for the Potara to split at the beginning of the arc and Black and Zamasu are going to fuse making a villain none of the main characters could beat unless fusion happens, they even inexplicably changed their outfits back – I bet you that was to give Vegetto his Buu Saga clothes when they fuse this time.

  • DBZ fan

    i think all the half saiyans have that hidden power that gohan exhibited during cell fight and trunks never felt that need to become stronger . But seeing the end of the world triggered that power just like it did for gohan .

  • Noob Gamer

    Lol, Broly had this transformation long before Trunks.
    Which means he was a SSJ Blue + SSJ long before any saiyen.
    HAIL BROLY, the legendary super saiyen.

    • Sniber

      hercule would still beat him though

  • Sniber

    zamasu of our main timeline after losing to goku, actually go to past of this main timeline only. a new timeline is diverged from main timeline from exactly this point where he lands. At the point where goku used to work in fields(possibly 1 year before tournament), zamasu uses dragonballs of this new timeline only to switch bodies and kills goku’s family. now the situation is like this

    trunks timeline is not affected untill now
    main timeline remains as it is, with goku and his family alive, zamasu killed by beerus
    3rd timeline is created where goku and his family killed by zamasu/black

    then after killing them zamasu/black goes to trunks timeline, kills gowasu and teams up with trunk’s timeline zamasu, then uses superdragonballs of trunks timeline only to make this zamasu immortal and then destroy the dragonballs.

    now what i dont understand is that if the zamasu of main timeline went in past to become black, then how the hell was he present in his green form and killed by beerus ?? he should have been absent there.

  • Youpretendtoknow

    Summon Zeno..

  • StevieRogersFilms Teevee (Stev

    Well.. Trunks did train with Vegeta, while Vegeta was in Blue. Then, he also has been fighting against Black, while he was is Rose. So it’s not like he’s been just doing push-up’s. Don’t forget Saiyans get stronger with every fight. Vegeta transformed on his own, through God Training with Whis, and training against goku who already had God Ki. So, in Dragon Ball sense. Trunks has gotten immensely stronger.. but how strong is the question? He’s obviously wrapped himself in God Ki this episode. But is it clear to call this stronger than Blue? Who knows Definitley cannot call it a “false god” because it’s obviously God Ki no doubt.

    • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

      there isn’t god ki…
      where is the logic that trunks will be better than goku and vegeta..

      its just a ultimate ssj2 nothing more.

  • Xavier Lucky

    zamasus, zamasus, Zamasus, ZAMASUS…….ZAAMMAASSSUSSS!!!

  • Xavier Lucky

    Fuck this show man, its like a love and hate relationship….except its a bit more hate, and only love for nastalgia.

  • Steven Torres

    trunks its a ssj blue with yellow hair i alrady seen the episode

    • April Cox

      Hey Hun, where did you see the episode?

  • M4D M00sE

    Trunks is ssj2 Broly ? ;o

  • Gregor Jozef

    so basicly broly “the saiyan of legend” comfirmed …

  • Lanti s’ Tutorials

    the hair of trunks are same as broly when he goes super

  • W.D Gaster

    and the epicness continues

  • Jay Gaglani

    Y didnt goku use Kaioken, against dem… trunks cmng up wid new transformation..

    • Kyrie Mikomi

      Kaioken in god form does a greater strain to the body than normal Kaioken. To use it so brazenly under a circumstance that won’t allow him to time the power up without risking his death isn’t something that could be done.

      • azrael_chaos

        Well considering he did it last time for sport while fighting alone, it seems like doing it with backup when the literal fate of the universe is at stake is worth the risk.

        • Kyrie Mikomi

          They’re immortal though. It’d be useless.

          • azrael_chaos

            Only Zamasu’s body is immortal. Black’s is not. If Black can be beaten, Zamasu can be restrained as he doesn’t appear as strong. Also being immortal doesn’t mean you can’t be KO’d

        • Philippe Boutin

          Also he has a hole in his body, he needs to be in top shape to do this or he’ll just die. All the time he could’ve used it in DBZ to save everyone and he does it in a friendly tournament to show off… *facepalm*

    • Steve Bakewell

      Because that would KILL HIM.

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]


    • PoTaTo SeeKer

      imagine tht angry goku voice done by sean schemmel.. :3

      • WHAT WHAT


  • Deeznutzgotem

    Looks to me like Trunks turned super saiyain god gold, I guess

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    Looks to me like Trunks turned super saiyain god gold, I guess

    hahaha true
    think its just ssj2, but a little bit crazy
    looks like broly haha

    • EzileGaming

      sorry to ask but what the hell is super saiyain gold? it looks to me like som hybrid between regular super saiyain and super saiyain blue 😀

      • Shehar Yar Khan

        I think that’s kinda rage super saiyan

    • Yuval Gotlib

      Usually goku and vegita turn super siayajin blue when the base is super siayajin 1
      BUT, not trunks turned super siayajin god super siayjin blue when the base is super siayajin 2!!!!
      The next level that even goku and vegita didnt discover yet

      • ASS

        why are you typing siayajin it’s saiyajin

      • Marko Rajkovic

        I think he become Legendary SSj but he just have blue aura around him. Broly had green one.

    • oten mode saiyan

      its super saiyan oten bro

    • Kaleidoscope Dream™

      Naw man I’m pretty sure he just turned Legendary Super Saiyain like Broly because you can’t see his eyes and it was brought about by pure rage!

      • Joseph Iseppi

        Same thing happened vs cell when he buffed his muscles up but ended up being to slow.

        This is more of a new type of transformation possibly something we haven’t seen yet.

    • HawkBreland

      yeah I was thinking he looked like broly too lol

    • Лука Паушак

      Perhaps he wants to canonize Broly.

    • Equalizer

      He clearly turned false super saiyan blue

    • Răzvan Ionescu

      I don’t think so …remember gohan rage?

    • Bud Davis

      Guys it’s just ssj2 achieved by rage which seems like legendary ssj, that only Broly has been able to do so far.

  • PoTaTo SeeKer

    wow trunks just turned super saiyajin blue(semi-blue)??

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    i think it maybi pre super saiyan god formaction

  • Boi


    • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

      won’t work anyway

      • NismoR

        I think Goku will fight Black till his very last, then when Black goes for the final blow, Goku will use the same technique as captin Ginue and trade bodies with Black. Goku will then remain Goku and have the time ring. Then Vigeta will kill Black while Goku and Trunks work on Zamasu…..either that or someone will slap Bulma and Vegita will kill everything in his path…LOL

        • Santhosh Pop

          Ha ha, would like if vegeta saves the day

    • Gaurav Varia

      nope it didnt work against piccolo lol it wont work against someone like black and zamasu

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    no don’t think so… far away from god form
    god form isn’t available with hate and anger… you have to train for it(like goku and vegeta)
    ssj3 could be possible, but it seems like a normal ssj2 just crazy with anger.

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    some saying goku is going to change super saiyan green

    • PoTaTo SeeKer

      aww shit man…we are already dealing with tht fcking rose thing :V

      • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

        wht can we do man

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    some saying goku is going to change super saiyan green

    hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahah forget that won’t happen

    • Steve Bakewell

      DBS:Eco Friendly version, though thankfully Broly already has Trademarked that!

    • Mat Kun

      It consumes half as much ki per punch.
      Super eco-friendly.

  • Shravan Nakhasi

    by far the best episode till now. gud too see goku being realy furious for the 1st time.

    • Nitin Rajagopal

      First time is dbs Goku felt he had balls!!

      • Israr Ali


    • Steve Bakewell

      Its not very easy to p!ss off Goku. so far only Freeza was able to really P!ss him off that bad.

      • Name

        I wanna see more moments like that! I still feel we have yet to see his biggest rage

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy
  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    by far the best episode till now. gud too see goku being realy furious for the 1st time.

    true man true
    this is da real goku

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    see it by your self mr

    • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

      its just fanmade hahahah u really believe there will be green ssh hahahahaha=?

      • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

        i think it may bi happen

        • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

          then i can say truly: it won’t happen.100%

  • Kushagra Gandhi

    why didnt zamus wish for no humans from super dragon balls would be much easier.

    • Mike Hall

      The Earth Dragon won’t kill so probably the super dragon won’t.

    • AndrehS86

      Because the Zamsus are all stupid 🙂

    • Nitin Rajagopal

      You see ,gods are DUMB as simple as that OR maybe he wanted to kill em all for fun.

    • david doty

      That would be to easy

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Because killing all the Humans by your own hands is Justice and not to mention fun. The enjoyment and pleasure of doing this justice yourself.

    • Steve Bakewell

      Then that means he doesn’t get to kill anything.

    • spaceballsy

      because zamasu is deranged and cant see clearly, his “justice” is simply an excuse to destroy everything.

      • Gustavo Filho

        he should eat some food in earth and relax a bit !

    • azrael_chaos

      Question is, why haven’t they just destroyed the planet? They’re way past the power necessary to do so, and clearly from the frieza fight, it’s still a viable option to kill everyone.

      • Noerlyth

        Because they want a world without humans and if they destroy the world there is nothing?

      • Rogue Rogue

        Because if Humans are still on Earth what happens, they call in reinforcements. Trunks, an inhabitant of Earth happened to call in some of the most powerful reinforcements in the Universe. Prime candidates for fucking up a bad guy plan.
        Black and Zamasu need Goku and Vegeta out of the picture as soon as possible, making them think they have a fighting chance by halting the destruction of earth is the best way to do that.

      • Ronald

        They only want humans gone not the planet Earth

      • Mat Kun

        Because then you’d have no plot… and no whatever-the-hell Trunks just did. You’d rather watch that? Or THIS?

        • azrael_chaos

          Neither. It’s not a binary option. I’d rather watch fights with basic tactics and developments that actually make sense. Not the hundredth purely anger based powerup that looks like stuff we’ve already seen before over and over and over and over again.

          Part of the whole point of SSJ Blue was it established a form that was based on calm, controlled use of godly power. It seemed like a natural and logical progression, hence Goku being able to use kaioken with it (although he completely failed to even try it here). And we’re just reverting bad guy made me angry, i get super strong~!

    • Ronald

      because Zamasu wants eradicate humanity with his own hands

    • Mat Kun

      Because then we’d have no anime.

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    the arc will end with fusion of zamasu and black vs fusion of vegeta and goku

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    Mafuba won’t work of course.

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    maybi he wants to kill goku and other saiyan to kill very brutally

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    why because zamasu is imotal

  • Vova

    Now I get why every one keeps on saying Broly about trunks in this episode (After watching the Broly episode on youtube)!

    • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

      hahahhaha yea

  • William Motionless Conwell

    sooooo looks like trunks is on the verge of ssj blue looks like proto ssj blue

    • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

      ya bro thats right

    • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

      no blue for trunks sorry

      • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

        so why he swings the black like a toy

    • Justin

      his hair is already blue in its natural form xD the only thing which will change is power level btw this is a false super saiyan god which is achieved through rage

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    hay if borly become good loke goku
    is it not possible to kill black esssyly

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    has any one seen goten

  • Christopher

    Damn they even killed Zeno.

    • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

      hahaahahhahaah what

    • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

      i cant belive that what r u saying bro

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    so why he swings the black like a toy

    1moment rage bonus
    like goku did, and then he got raped
    easy as that

    • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

      ok we will see this in next episode

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    i am right trust me

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    lets see

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    no just say i am right

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    say it now

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    because I am

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    no i can’t

  • Schädel[RU-Barkeeper]

    ahahhahahah okay just think about ssj green hahahahahahhahaahahhahahahha
    im out hahahaahahhahaha

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    no its not about super ssj green

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    it is about trunks god ki / your ssj 2

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy
  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    ssj satan

  • Arjun Kumar Tripathy

    who wana see this

  • Justin

    Trunks has a gold and blue aura with white in between..i guess he has merged ssb in his super saiyan form..

    • Justin

      or it’s just maybe a false super saiyan god

  • Ryo clawz

    I am guessing that all the z fighters would come to futher with help gowasu and were their whis and beerus would teach new technique in hyperbolic time chamber of future to goku when all of the z fighters were defeated the 5 sayints ( vegeta,gohan,goten,trunks and future trunks) transforms goku into super sayint god and saves the day with new technique

  • Pakari

    Trunks just pulled a Broly!

  • Justin

    God forbid fucking Gohan will do something anyday now

  • Justin

    20:38 that reminded me of Bardock so fast

  • Puggins the demon dog

    Man.. they got me excited for a second there.. Thought they were finally going to hand SSJ3 over to a new character.. That would’ve been epic for trunks and even if he was still weak, they could’ve explained his SSJ3 being much stronger than normal through some bs means. Better than this half assed God ssJ2 brolly thing they got going on which will never have an explanation and just be a new weird power up level in the next Xenoverse game.

  • whiteknighta2990

    A few problems with this episode. First, knowing how strong of an enemy they’re up against, why hasn’t Goku and Vegeta fused yet. I’m pretty sure that Trunks could keep Zamasu busy long enough for Gogeto to take out Black. At the very least, Goku hasn’t even busted out Kaioken, which would give him a huge advantage over Black. Kind of expected him to when he lost his temper, but still nothing. Also, why is he just laying on the ground, barely alive, watching the fight instead of eating one of those senzu beans he has tucked in his waist. Lastly, if they’re not going to do any of that, at least attack him all at once and overwhelm him.

    • arinjoy datta

      Kaioken would only last for a short period of time and concidering d fact that zamasu is immortal and regenarates immediately after being hit ..the kioken move won’t be effective. Also d after effects of using kaioken is harsh on d body which was shone in a previous episode so it makes a 100% loss situation. But yeah, he should eat the senzu bean at least, may be he needs help from bulma hahaha.

  • Reuben D. Spiteri

    When you’re about to win…. you provoke your opponent by telling him how you brutally murdered his family?

    Not a great plan…

  • justinchao

    Hit VS Black Goku? Who wins?

  • justinchao

    What do you guys predict this “secret technique” will be to defeat Zamasu?

    • Thomas

      Ultra beam cannon.

    • Rot Grüner Apfel

      The Mafuba

    • Coolester

      nail gun

  • Thomas
    • Steve Bakewell

      He’s gay for himself… he’s the one guy who can literally suck his own dick.

  • Лука Паушак

    SSJ Blue,well done!!!

  • Gay Homo Stuff

    I’m just waiting for Goku to press the zeno button

    • Stance

      Yeah, so Zeno finds out and destroys the whole universe.

      • Mr Internet

        how did zamazu defeat zeno?

        • Stance

          What fanfic are you talking about.

  • Kyle Joultz

    True God Mode! it must of been due to his constant contact with God aura.

  • Jordan Jeff Go

    Trunks transformed into an SSJ2 God form. Someone mentioned it does not make any sense. Based on my observation, Trunks always meditating and controlling his ki. He already saw the God ki. His SSJ2 form is quite powerful. His real power was unsealed because of emotions like what Gohan did during the Cell game. 50% maybe I’m right, 50% wrong. hahaha

    • EatAMortalOccurance

      Yes its already realistic as I’ve been explaining thematically to peeps around.

      Anyone who thinks it is not in line with the rules of the show doesn’t have a valid opinion imo

  • Samael

    Lol at this time! Vegeta might be thinking (‘damm u broly u fucked my wife ‘)

  • Illdiaze

    Is this new animation for the Legendary Super Saiyan form?

  • Cindy ユキ

    haha man I love dragon ball and all but goodness all these flash backs it started to feel like the year war filler of shippuden all over again not even the original dragon ball had this much talking hell not even GT did =(

  • arinjoy datta

    Sexy transformation from trunks. D way d floor cracked while he started walking Seems like his weight has increased by a few tons hahaha ..over all its quite impressive but don’t know how it wl fare out against zamasu.

  • Cindy ユキ

    but other then that cool episode ^ o ^ /

  • MCW

    Looks like the trick is the Time Ring that Trunks has to remove it from Black’s finger. Perhaps with the sword…

  • Neon Horror

    What everyone is thinking: Trunks has a new form?!

    What I’m thinking: Okay, did Broly sleep with Bulma or something?

  • Aditya Mahajan

    Who else loved today’s episode!?!?

  • Nadir Lazirou

    10/10 suprised me good

  • Mansoor Ali

    wew never expectd that trunks can turn into a damn shit thing whtever ep wass totly awsome 😀 😀 😀 fuck cant w8 to see next ep 🙁 how trunks can defeat black 😀


    Best episode till now.Good to see goku pissed than acting stupid hhahah

    • Gaurav Varia

      sahi baat hai

  • Shawn

    That new form Trunks has is nice. It’s a mix between traditional SSJ and SSB. Black seems to have done the same. He already had god ki before obtaining Goku’s body. He just accessed the SSJ1 transformation and infused it with god ki. (I don’t think Black knows about the SSJ2 or SSJ3 transformations as Goku didn’t show them to him in their fight.) Trunks did likewise, but I don’t know how since he never obtained god ki.

  • grinsk3ks

    Roshi gonna use Evil Containment Wave and trap zamasu.

  • steve

    Damn, Goku took the L instead of Vegeta this time

  • ST Hossain

    SSWhite is coming!

  • Jake Rogers

    Does nobody remember the original ‘legendary super saiyan’? From the ‘myths’ told in the first season. It didn’t have pupils, but still had gold hair… Trunks’ current form. We all just assumed that they changed the super saiyans by adding pupils, but maybe this whole time we’ve just seen weaker versions!

    • EatMortalOccurances

      You guys are nutts! The false form ALSO had this. Its just a rage induced false form. Its literally just a reflection of the Son Wukong trope of excessive power, excessive technique in the face of rage. Please just calmly analysis previous occurrence of the rage eyes and realize that while yes, broly’s form was stronger than SS1, it was also simply built up due to mental instability.

      Its just known that the talented saiyans will sometimes breach into powers others have reached when possessed by rage.
      Its wukong’s copy ability commmmmmme onnnnn

      Just read fucking literature and explore themes and shit lordflyjesus,pleasecometakemeaway

  • Harshavardhan Ksr

    for me its “super saiyan JUSTICE”!!

  • steve

    The way to beat Zamasu 1&2 is to just toss Gohan into the hyperbolic time chamber with Piccolo for a few hours and send him to the future to clean house

  • DonPerignon

    What if Vegeta and Goku traveled into the past to team up with an infinite number of copies of them fusing all together creating Gogeta^Inf

  • Joeii17

    I truly enjoy the way all you fools talk as if you’re completely sure of what’s going to happen next. Everyone’s got their own dumb bs theories that they back up 100% and truly believe like just stfu you know NOTHING.

  • Joeii17

    Like seriously super Saiyan green? That’s the best thing you guys could come up with?

  • Fallen Angel

    ahhh wtf so god of uni 10 is dead?

    • Fallen Angel

      omfg he killed all gods

  • DonPerignon

    I hope Trunks transformation into some kind “true super saiyan” makes the saiyans realize that there is more power in their own forms than in those stupid God forms.

  • bellhound407

    I like how this prick Joeii17dildo’s goes into convulsions because people have theories and enjoy discussing them with fellow fans of the series. How about you seriously eat a bag of dicks you pathetic zamasu shit stain. And we all know you eat aids infected dick by the pound you fucking wet queef

  • to defeat zamasu 1 and 2 is to remove the time ring and earnings just what i thought 😀

  • Васил Вучков

    I think this transformation is reversed instead if turning into super saiyan god using the super saiyan mode(like Goku and Vegeta) he turned into a super saiyan upgrading his aura with god aura 😀

  • ZairFair

    Goku gets the beating.

    Now the Trunks is a GOD and damm powerfull i bet!

    Trunks look invincible

  • Deus

    zamasu said he went and killed all gods in the entire universe, wouldnt Zeno be REALLY pissed about that? i mean the god’s of destruction and the kai’s of creation are Zeno’s pawns that keep his toys (the universes) in balance, why is he no pissed about it, is he finally finding some entertainment by watching these 2 ravage a mere universe? does zeno plan on eradicating them once he is bored of them? How will Zeno react when he sees that someone is trying to kill his friend?

    • JeffBrian

      They mention re-using the super dragon balls over and over then destroying them..it also looked like Zamasu assassinated them instead of fought them..pretty sure Zeno’s kai is linked to him..and the dragon balls..probably wished Zeno died.

    • Coolester

      i think the super dragonballs are connected with zeno if they get destroyed then maybe zeno dies.

  • JeffBrian

    Why don’t Goku and Vegeta fuse and end this arc xD

    • Abele Pakuna

      I have always thought the same damn thing. Gogeta SSB. How strong would that be.

      • JeffBrian

        Yeah they need to fuse. They still got senzu beans..should heal up while trunks distracts with his incomplete SSB transformation.

        • Abele Pakuna

          Ikr about Trunks, I could think it would be SS2 Trunks with SSB Ki, since his skin was outlined with blue just like SSB, but the fire outline which is what I call it is all yellow, or it could be a combination of LSS with SSB Ki, idk lol

          • JeffBrian

            People forget..trunks has been stuck fighting alone one after the other. Vegeta showed him ssj blue..bout time trunks hit that level..but remember..vegeta achieved a similar level when bulma got slapped..I think trunks will lose but find a way to retreat…I just hope gohan gets involved and trains..the whole hyperbolic time chamber and all

    • Rogue Rogue

      lol yeah honestly SSJB Gogeta fodderizes everything below Whis level.

    • Mat Kun

      It’s not time for that yet. This is Trunks’ arc. We need STRONGER enemies than fake Goku and flaming-God-wannabe

  • Angelo Regene Hermoso-Tarre

    this is bad, i gonna go through next episode to stop that two zamasu

  • L0KI

    i think Trunks just learned how to Controll the Ultra Sayajin (“Ultra Sayajin” is the german name of that form he used to fight Cell, i hope its understandable in egnlish). Ultra Sayajin is as Goku told about Super Sayajin and Kajoken, without controll it doesn´t work (thats why trunks as Ultra Sayajin and Goku with Kajoken both loock so blown up / bigger). You can remember Trunks fighting Cell was a lot stronger (but too slow) then even Super Sayajin 2 Goku and Vegeta, so I suppose his new Ultra Sayajin Blue is even stronger then a Super Sayajin 2 Blue would be.

    Btw: there are enough forms of SSJ(1,2,3,Blue,God,Rose[Blacks SSjGod version he has because he really is a God], and SSJ4[look DB GT]) so we dont really need another new name if this form can also be Described with a combination of already existing forms.

    • Kaleidoscope Dream™

      You forgot Legendary Super Saiyain which Broly turned and I think Trunks just turned it as well because you can’t see his eyes just like Broly! Brought about by pure rage!

  • Abbie Davy

    I Can’t be the only one who thought trunks rage was pretty damn epic? Old school vibes right there

    • Abele Pakuna

      I thought the same


      what a feeling..

      • Name

        It was a rush for sure

    • Vlad

      Yep. Tears were coming out. Felt the same when goku turned for the first time ssj1 and when gohan turned ssj2 when he fought cell. P

    • Tudor Iacob

      how about goku rake? epic af

      • Tudor Iacob


        • DBLeon


          • Kelpo

            True but, I’d be happy if the animators grew a set and put blood in, like with Z. That’s what made Z really enjoyable aside from the story and execution. There were plenty of moments where blood could have been put in. Aside from that, one of the best episiodes yet.

          • DBLeon

            Yeah..but we did get some blood. it does not really matter, who know maybe the bluray verson has blood.

      • d3rd3vil

        The Goku rage…well…..how about Kaioken for a change? Let them kill everyone before using Kaioken sure…..and now Trunks exceeds every godpowered SS on his own?

        Also the animations I was hoping for more speed more extremes but it looks like we are back in the Frieza/Cell timeline. Doesnt look faster or stronger even though they should be by a factor of 5 or 10 or sth.!

        • Godmax

          Its like they are having alzheimers. Its like Goku still SSJ3 and Trunks somehow surpassed that now. Would be partly ok…but going beyond god shit is not funny anymore. Damn amateurs 🙁

          • Rayn

            I have this theory that Goku and Vegeta are already past their prime even though they still look young on the outside so thats why Goku couldn’t use Kaioken anymore and how his rage only had a small boost.

          • Marc van der Meijden

            if there was a good reason i would have said so but i think its puurly the writting,vegeta said long ago that sayens dont physicly age past 34-40 so they can fight longer so this has nothing to do with them getting older its just the writting,they wanna give trunk the moment goku had with freeza when first turning super,but it makes no sence in this moment trunks rages out when goku goes down but never when trunks thought mai got killed while it should be the other way arround,you cant tell me he likes goku more then mai lol.
            its just bad writting,when goku went down they should have injured mai and that should have had the effect that it had on trunks,the way it went was amazing on trunks but the catalizer made far less sence then it would with mai.

          • The mind

            No dude,you got it all wrong.He DID get mad with mai,but when the fucks called gods told him he was sinning and it was all his fault,that burden just fucked up his mind you know what I mean?He just couldn’t handle that stressed and he raged in a pure way.I think he might be the first true super saiyan god,god damn it!

          • Marc van der Meijden

            wel if you put it like that then ya that makes sence,a person can only take so much.

          • arpakas

            you guys are stupid….you dont know what a legendary ssg means. only broly managed to become lenegandary, and it seems trunks did it as well!!, if you saw freeza saga you should remember what vegeta said. ssj is different from legendary it can be done only with pure rage and HATE. it seems trunks hated black goku for the words he said!!!, so he did the impossible. it seems this form is too strong for anyone to fight cause its impossible to become it. it only happened once in the whole db legend haha and trunks did it!!!!! know i wanna see how it compares to ss god forms etc!!!

          • Lanty Dehass

            broly is non-cannon so maybe trunks is cannon legendary ssj?

        • Ricardo Vr


        • George Miller

          in DBZ it was revealed that half human, half saiyans are far superior to plain saiyans, and that saiyans become stronger while fighting stronger enemies, so it would be logical that trunks is stronger than goku/vegeta, and he has appeared to have achieved super saiyan god super saiyan 2. on the topic of animations, after going so far into the battle animations, there arent many ways that it could get better, what were you expecting? more bright colors? make them fight faster so we cant see? also, kaioken only lasts a small time, and depletes gokus energy enirely, which is why he only uses it as an ultimate trump card. finally think about the final trunk animation+ kaioken, (yelllow layer + blue layer + red layer).

          • Rayn

            Also against Hit it was a tournament battle, not a fight to the death, so if he keels over to Kaioken he could always tap out and quit.

          • Tyler Albert

            if goku realy wanted to he could also go higher than his previous kaiokens while it puts a but load more stress on his body he would surpas even whies and who wants to bet e trains with zeno after he surpases wheis and bearus

          • Juvandra Dk

            Sorry to break u man but there are only blue and above it the yellow layer
            Kaioken is exclusive for goku only

          • JeffBrian

            Mm the half sayians being more powerful is because humans are emotional beings where Sayians were a warrior race that held down their emotions. So regular sayians had difficulty tapping into emotions and rage..also it was only Gohan that was determined to be more powerful because he has hidden power in him. It’s like every time he powers up, he holds back that power to make himself stronger..kinda weird.

        • Garvit Jain

          Getting repeatedly beaten by SSJ god Vegeta and Black really powered Trunks up I think.. plus we also know that his true power comes out when he is angry and desperate, like when Gohan was killed, Perfect Cell was born who defeated Vegeta, and now this. But I do agree that we need more speed and more power here. I mean Goku vs Beerus was going to destroy the universe right? I don’t get the feel of a SSJ god at all!

          • Marc van der Meijden

            ya in the fight goku vs beerus it was hyped up and that story was good there power treatening the universe after that they kinda nulifide that whole thing wich sucked,they depowered beerus from 70% in that fight to 50% or even 30% wich took away much of the epicnis it had,but this right here atm warms me back up again for the first time in super realy i just hope it wont end in disappointment.
            if there smart they wil let trunk have his moment and goku have a last burning explosion of need to try to beat black and zamasu,but i already heard a possable ending and its desent but not as good as what i hoped.

        • Mikemike3336

          You didn’t watch this episode at all did you ??

    • Brian Medrano

      Yeah that shit is Fucken Intense ???

    • Drake Parker

      Nothing can beat the rage of when Goku turned SSJ3 in buu saga!

    • Taha

      it was lyk super saiyan with super saiyan god powers which has been doubled it was freakin awsum

    • Phoenix Fire

      it felt like he was the new Legendary Super Saiyan xD

    • Arnav Rawat

      No. It was way too sudden. Way too short, to have enough powering up.

    • Mogli

      how did zamasu kill all the other gods?did he kill all the 12 gods,including zen-oh?

  • JeffBrian

    One plot hole I see is…what about Whis and the others that are not connected..did they use the dragon balls to kill everyone stronger than them? I mean Zeno’s Kai is stronger than Goku..and Goku Black has only gotten stronger through the fight..meaning he was weaker before..also pretty sure Hit could kill Goku Black..

    • Steve Bakewell

      He came to Trunks’s timeline fearing Beerus.

    • Anonim

      Perhaps with ring time they can avoid any danger…I hope that they will say more about it

    • Rogue Rogue

      Yeah hit would make short work of Black, Even if Black is stronger, Hits ONLY counter is speed.

    • Mat Kun

      Beerus and Whis don’t exist in their Universe? Maybe instead of being an entire different timeline, Bulma didn’t discover time travel, she discovered universal jumping.

      • JeffBrian

        Nay, Beerus most likely died when the supreme kai died. He never woke up basically. Is Whis connected to Beerus? And what about the King of All’s kai, wasn’t he said to be stronger than even Goku. If so how did they kill them all especially without the kais informing their gods of destruction..

    • Hradocan

      Because he wants to punish them. He even said they wil get punished by feeling fear and terror they can’t fight.

  • Kaleidoscope Dream™

    It looks like Trunks turned Legendary Super Saiyain like Broly because you can’t see his eyes. Looks mad dope!

  • shadow

    trunks cuts off blacks hand thus the ring gets separated from him and he dies coz now he is affected by the past where berus kills him. just a guess XD

  • Some guy

    Thanks for ruining the episode with the thumbnail… seriously just keep the thumbnail blank or something you are ruining the episode for people.

  • Eduardo Cabrera

    I think goku will use Mafūba or Evil Containment Wave. the clue is master roshi s appearance the next week advance

  • Emerson

    This episode was EPIC. We need more seriousness like this, especially with Goku and Trunks getting pissed of like this!!!

  • Some guy

    You can say DBS is bad all you want, but you HAVE to admit this episode was the most hype episode since SSJ3.

  • omniking

    Why doesn’t he just call omniking. I mean wtf

  • Leon De Leon

    Seriously I can say one of the best episodes, truck getting more powerful than his dad n goku ,and it’s good to see goku upset ,fighting hard but I can’t wait to see zenough coz I don’t think goku can beat these guys unless he turn kaiocan plus god blue …like when he fight ( hit) , like how trunks vegeta n goku backs against the wall. Damn hurry with the next episode

  • Amit Garg

    Well as they have said that they have killed all gods…. but am still thinking! What about Zeno sama… (god of Everything). He gave goku a button to call whenever he want. Why don’t he use it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6f3ab3b362357e3ffe89f99ecd7fb49b694a2579b6fb72fb8c10bcf7888123e5.jpg

    • April Cox

      He said in that universe. It doesn’t seem he killed the gods of every universe

      • Andres ZeroCross

        No,, Trunk’s Timeline is different universe with Zamasu. And you can see Zamase there.

        He kills all gods

      • NoName

        at 8:27 he said he killed all the gods in ALL universes

  • Mike Hall

    Trunks has never been part of a Super Saiyan God. I suspect that his transformation is a mortal Saiyan upgrade, which does not use god ki and gives a whole different pathway of powers. Oh and an explanation of who the Zamasu’s are. Goku’s timeline’s Zamasu is dead. However Trunks (and perhaps Whis) are making timelines all over the place, so GokuZamasu has his own timeline where he kills Goku and his family. Trunks’s Zamasu is immortal. I think that we all see that Zeno will eventually have to sort this mess out or we’ll get folk from all sorts of timelines charging in to fight!

  • david doty

    Well shit, last time Goku got legit pissed like that was when Freeza killed Krillin

  • CiscotheSoto

    This was one of the better episodes. It didn’t involve a bunch of crap filler that wasn’t even funny, it got straight down to the point, and usually, when Goku would be the one who would save the day with the new rise in power, he didn’t, which to me is a pretty good touch. I’m surprised people didn’t like this episode. IT was a pretty good one compared to others before. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • Alexandre Brochet L’Heureux


  • Nitin Rajagopal

    Well Goku reached super saiyan 3 which is a normal transformation which multiplies abilities through rage and practice (The fighting at grand kai’s planet).And vegeta surpassed this power when Beerus slaps Bulma ,through just rage alone! at ss2 without transforming to ss3!. The power multiplication of both these saiyans STOPS here. Whis trained them to control their Ki rather than pushing power through RAGE, they controlled their KI transforming it to the likes of God Ki. When they use this Ki they transform to Saiyan Blue (I really wish to call it this way than SSblue.) which is of different scale/Branch to power increase.

    Well as we all know super saiyan multiplier occurs with Rage (and not necessarily with transformation) for a short time;As in the case of vegeta vs Beerus at intro;BROLLY’s multiplier at super saiyan 1 by his enormous RAGE on Goku. This time TRUNKS is at a multiplier even HIGHER than SS3 to match BLACK (SSRose).

    But if this show fcuks up this concepts and go with a shit like TRUNKS going GOD Ki without necessary practice which the other two got from whis, I’m sick of this Anime’s concept and fantasy logic.

    • Equalizer

      Well vegeta trained him so he understands a little bit about God ki. It seems he just turned into a false super saiyan blue, like when Goku became a false super saiyan against lord slug out of anger.

  • The Hash Slingin’ Slasher®

    Lawd I hope Goku and Vegeta does fusion and become Gogeta

    • Maybe

      Maybe Vegeta fuse with his son?

  • April Cox

    Trunks turned SSJ Dandelion! Lol

    • Shapokla

      i thought he was going super saiyan 3 but that form also looks pretty dope

      • Shapokla

        Btw that looks like god ki in trunks’ aura

  • Shapokla

    Fvcking great episode! First gokus rampage and then trunks getting really mad and tapping into this new state gave me some of those long desired dragon ball goosebumps! One of the very best episodes so far. This zamasu saga is really fvcking dope so far!

  • PussyMaster

    The episode was literally like 2 minutes to me


    I think the technique that he’s been talking about is the Fusion YEAH

  • Robert

    trunks finna kill Black

  • super sayian white

    super sayian blue and super sayain 2 in one body , I remember when goku first transformed super sayain two against majin buu .

  • Christian Svendsen

    Dem feels… Real feels <3

  • Redninja

    Damn i cant wait to see the next episode becuase of trunks that had me so hyped damn cant even controll myself right now

    • Redninja

      Ik im so hyped for the next episode

  • Barış Ozan Gürsoy

    my hands ARE SHAKING

  • AL delux

    i just thought of it if they want to eliminate all the humans they could have just destroyed earth

    • Osuman

      They don’t want to destroy Earth. There is a reason why outside the city, everything looks calm.

  • Kakarot

    best episode on DBS by far … trunks has gone to another level…. his eyes looks like broly’s (lol)

  • Marko Rajkovic

    Its not only rage. He is transformed to Legendary Super Saiyan as Broly. And it is only chanse to defeat Black (not included Zamasu). LSS has ability is to raise his power level as his opponent during the fight (Unlimited power). But hi need to release some power if he got “overcharged”. So i think Black is done, but Original Zamasu is Immortal for now :D.

  • Rico

    There is one thing I don’t seem to understand. Black explained that thanks to the Time Ring, nothing that happens in the past can affect him. Though in the “past where goku came from” Zamasu is dead. This means that there is another time-line, right? The time-line where they killed goku. Now, which time-line is this, and how many timelines are there?!

  • Julien Vazquez

    It would be epic if they brought back Gohan and he’s been training this whole time.

    • Barış Ozan Gürsoy

      thats what i hope for

  • GokuIsNoLongerTheMainCharacter

    Anybody else notice that since the beginning of Super every major battle Goku has fought he ends up losing or wasn’t strong enough to beat his opponent on his own and needed help or was shown mercy. They are in a subtle way undermining Goku in this series

    • Jason

      Goku was the main character in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z revolved around Gohan and it seems that Dragon Ball Super is Trunks’ time to shine.

  • azrael_chaos

    Welp, the logistics of this fight make no sense. Trunks should be split in two by one of Black’s attacks. All Vegeta has to do to stop the immortal Zamasu is physically restrain him and Goku could fight Black freely, or vice versa. Goku apparently forgot about using kaioken with SSJ Blue. When Goku went rage mode, again, Vegeta just stood there when he could’ve dealt with Zamasu. Both Goku and Trunks get holes blasted through their torso and just kinda ignore it. Black’s power goes up from being damaged even though a saiyan’s power only goes up after fully healing from near-death level wounds, not just getting punched mid-fight. And now Trunks can achieve some god power intermediate by getting angry. Sure. Why not.

  • Zepid

    Everyone always forgets that Trunks has Tapion’s Brave Sword which was enchanted to cut immortal evil beings. That plus Legendary Super Saiyan mode is pretty OP. Not to mention the DragonBall style sealing move they’re gonna use (you saw Roshi in the credits, obvious foreshadowing).

    • Elijah Sturdevant

      Everything you just mentioned isn’t canon, tapions sword isn’t in the actual story, neither is broly, neither is legendary super saiyan. Those were all from movies which are non canon and won’t be a part of the actual anime or manga.

  • Billy

    Is trunks going 1/2 ssgss 1/2 ss2, legendary ss like broly, or possible ss3?

    • Barış Ozan Gürsoy

      i believe thats demigod form because he absorbed blue god ki and combined with super saiyan form

  • Creater CyFire

    These explosions remind me of Dragon Ball GT: An explosion that has to be powerful enough to scratch a Super Saiyan God has to be capable of at least destroying the entire universe 6, unless all those Battle of Gods episodes exaggerating about Beerus vs Goku might destroy the entire universe is just as stupid as Dragon Ball GT’s episode in which Syn Shenron appeared, blew up a city and got SS4 Goku surprised that the city got destroyed.

  • Ryan Morris

    my son said in xeenovers the game (so i spelled it wrong) trunks just went ss mistic like in the game ,which only him and gohan have from being half saiyn half human thats there ss god mode

  • Gustavo Filho

    i think Black Goku created a new timeline when he used the ring. Also, Amazing rage, But i think goku should be more pissed than Trunks… Awesome though, made me in rage too!

  • John Paul Barry

    I am soooo glad we got to see some action this time around!!! Anyone know what they’re gonna call Trunks’ new form? And is it stronger than SSJ Blue??? I need answers or I won’t be able to sleep…

  • Sir Adam De Great

    trunks is broly 2.0

  • d3rd3vil

    Oh no what was that….what was that….Trunks skipped SSJ3 and everything else and became a god on his own or what? Oh no please no……this makes no sense no matter how angry he is 🙁

    • Kaiser

      On the contrary. Trunks is the one most likely to pull it off. Everyone else has friends, powerful allies, support.

      Trunks has never known anything but suffering, and has had to fight alone, always. The one exception to that was his return to the past – where he got killed.

      When he defeated 17 and 18, he fought alone.

      When he slaughtered Cell like a cheap party trick, he fought alone.

      He fought alone and destroyed every last one of Babbidi’s minions, then murdered Babbidi himself.

      He did what the entire force of Z-warriors working together could not: He stopped the resurrection of Majin Buu.

      When he finally thought he could relax and rely on others, his father beat the shit out of him and told him to stop being a wuss.

      And then he gets told that everything he fought his whole life for, everything he’s suffered, everything he’s endured.

      All the loved ones he’s watched die. All the misery. The murder of his own mother by the man standing before him.

      That fucking asshole dares to lay it at HIS feet? That cocksucker’s gonna sit there and say that he murdered Bulma because of Trunks daring to try and make a better world, and then claim that he’s the one making a better world by doing so?

      Trunks hasn’t been trained by gods, but he’s never really been trained by anyone. A year in the Hyperbolic chamber, a few years of his youth with Gohan. He’s had to pick everything else up on his own. And he’s now been around Saiyans who have attained the powers of gods – is it so unreasonable that he would be able to unleash that power within himself? He’s had to do just about everything else, including unlocking SSJ2, without help.

      And as Vegeta said in the previous story arc, “The key to the Super Saiyan form is anger.”

      That boy’s got a lot of rage.

  • Strawhat Νίκος

    I cannot understand one thing, the meeting of zamasu and goku created the idea of goku black to zamasu, but they both meet becouse tranks travelled back in time to warn them about Goku black, if this meeting didn t happen in the first place (where tranks hadsn t warn everyone) how zamasu came to the idea of becoming goku black and then jump to future?

  • John Paul Barry

    I am sooo happy we got to see some action!!! Does anyone know what they’re gonna call Trunks’ new form!!?? Is it stronger than SSJ Blue!? I need answers or I wont be able to sleep…

  • Strawhat Νίκος

    Goku Black exists after Tranks is worning goku and the others about Goku black so they meet zamasu,how about when that didn t happened, how is suppose zamasu to steal gokus body without knowing him in the first place and all this to goku timeline!

  • SY Terraqus

    his eyes look like Broly end transformation lol

  • Quinto

    People are calling Trunks’ form all sorts of things… But personally, I think it’s Legendary SSB, or just Legendary Super Saiyan God.

  • AizenSamaKing X

    Trunks turned into Broly’s SON!

    • Mat Kun

      He always has been. Remember Super Trunks 2? Lol

  • DBLeon

    And people say goku does not care about hes family.

  • Sebastian Palmquist

    So is that Trunk’s SSJ3 or just an epic SSJ2 rage power up?

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    What are we calling this new Trunks form?

  • invion123


  • http://hugcraft.com/ Hugcraft keehl

    Don’t understand why Zamasu didn’t just wish for the extinction of humans with the super dragon balls. And if he wanted to torture them, just wish for them to have an extremely painful, regretful, and terrifying life before becoming extinct.

    • Rogue Rogue

      Zamasu is clearly insane, he probably wants to do it himself.

    • Edil Irizarry

      Because he wants the pleasure of annihilating the whole human race for himself. Zamazu want’s the justice to be delivered by his own hands.

    • Kaiser

      If he wished for the extinction of Mortals (Humans in japanese – you’ll notice that what in English we call humans are referred to as “Earthlings”), there would be nothing stopping the other Kaioshin, gods of creation, from restoring mortals to the world. So instead, he gave himself the power to slay the other Kaioshin and all the other gods.

      He then destroyed the only thing that could stop his rampage, the Super Dragon Balls, which could remove his immortality.

      Now, he’s immortal, he has a second copy of himself who gains strength just like a Saiyan, and there’s nothing left in the universe that can stop him from wiping everything out – why create a point of failure like having to summon the dragon again? Someone could very easily sneak in and steal the wish to remove his immortality – this course of action is, in his eyes, completely guaranteed to succeed.

      unfortunately, he doesn’t know that Earthlings have a nasty habit of taking these fool proof plans and finding a better fool, sending them off the rails, and causing them to explode in a cloud of hubristic irony.


  • HEH_sup

    im actually surprised goku didnt use the combo with ssb and kaioken when he got pissed, i guess trunks is the star right now. I was super surprised he actually had some god ki

    • Rogue Rogue

      Using Kaioken wouldn’t work in this situation, one foe is immortal, and the other is too powerful to be completely stomped in a short amount of time, which is the goal for someone using Kaioken, a quick stomp. The self damage would have been for naught.

  • Rogue Rogue

    It’s been a long time since I’ve have so many chills run down my spine. Sometimes I forget Trunks has the same Boost Gohan has, this really caught me by surprise. This form seems to be Super Saiyan Blue 2, just with the user unfamiliar with God Ki. OR his hair is still yellow because of the disproportionate amount of Saiyan Ki being used in SSB because he’s SSJ2.
    Probably both.

  • Felix DahAwesome

    Ok, so! Keep theory craft.
    Being that the explanation given is that Trunks is essentially the sole creator of this branch of the timeline, he has actually become the god of that “world.”

    Thus, he skipped the red phase and went immediately to blue. Trunks, this Trunks, was always calm and attempting to control his ki in complete selflessness — at least as I perceive as selflessness. He want back in time because of his mom and the suffering of the planet, killed the Androids for Gohan, killed Frieza to save Goku… etc… — and now his thoughts are focused of little more than killing Black. This is such a focus that was Foreshadowed by Goku in the same episode, raising his ki and energy as highly as he could and being able to track and focus on both Black and Zamasu at the same time.

    Also, with having been beaten up by SSJ3 Goku, SSB Vegeta and then nearly being killed by SSR Black (which is really Super Saiyan Blue black with his ki “tainting” it) he sampled enough God Ki to be able to complete his transformation to becoming a god.

  • Michael

    Anyone else getting a “the media could not be loaded, either the server or network failed, or because the format is not support” error message? I’ve restarted the browser, used multiple browsers and checked to see if any video players needed updating and they were fine but I continue to get this message. The support page doesn’t work either so I’m asking everyone here for help instead. Thanks in advance for any feed back I get.

  • swax

    why dosn’t zammasu just wish for all the humans to vanish wouldn’t that be easier?

  • Philippe Boutin

    Zamasu “Do you wanna know what happened to your family?”
    *happy childish sounding music commercial cut*

    This shit has to go.

  • BlackJ250

    its so dang refreshing seeing goku beatdown this early. vegeta fighting along trunks and ultimately saving the day could salvage this mess.

  • enslaved46

    legendary super saiyan trunks in this timeline

  • Sozen

    To be honest trunks should chop zamasu up in pieces and seperate them . thats one way to defeat an immortal undying body. Use your sword for godsakes trunks.

  • Ryan Richardson

    So I don’t understand, goku is dead in the world of future trucks? So how could zam get to gokus body if he was dead?

    • Reece Crimson-Deadly Marshall

      Because people aren’t noticing that through Trunks going to the past (It’s funny, it created a time paradox. Trunks going to the past lead to the investigation of Zamasu which lead to Goku meeting, and fighting Zamasu which lead to Goku Black… Trunks went back because of Goku Black and essentially ended up creating Goku Black through circumstance).

      Anyways, Trunks going into the past and also Beerus preventing Zamasu from killing Gowasu actually created two entirely new timelines. The Zamasu that took control of Goku’s body is the Zamasu from the timeline where he succeeded in killing Gowasu.

  • Gokul

    The most epic transformation on DBS till now… Did trunks become brolly’s daddy?

  • Matt Mussett

    Trunks is the new Broly WOO

  • Michel Veenstra

    Cool, Trunks goes SS Blue 🙂

  • SweetestLove

    Honestly I just wish goku would push the summon button so the King of all(ALL-chan) could come in and wipe out all zamasu’s so we can be done with this ark and proceed to the Multiverse tournament arc….HIT buddy I miss you.Honestly by the own shows logic,the one who could fix all of this confusing mess is the king of all,and well we all know he has a soft spot for goku as a play date.

    Also a observation of mine,doesn’t the king of all appoint who is god or decides what universe will be destroyed?so you would think that in the future trunks timeline,someone would of told the king of all that all the gods were dead? I mean the guy has a wipe button on literally everything right? how come in this timeline where they are fighting,the king of all hasn’t noticed all the gods being destroyed and the super dragon balls also being destroyed?PLOT HOLES DBS….fucking major plot holes.Its like the writers are so blind to the information they give us audience,they begin focus too much into arc story telling that they leave out key important rules and elements they themselves set in prior episodes.

  • Prashant Kumar

    I think after this saga we need a ‘Gohan’s Destiny’ saga where he becomes stronger than everyone even Whis…

  • Ciksson

    Finally badass transformation, easily the best moment of Dragonball Super.

    Hopefully first one to go down is Zamasu, and then Black.


    how do you expect me to wait 5 days for another episode?! this is too epic for 5 days!

    • Deeznutzgotem

      I agree especially since they decided to take the saturday off during the olympics they owe us a two for one.

  • Sunny

    Any1 noticed that trunks looks like Broly Legendary saiyan form

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    Hey Trunks, don’t forget your sword plz.
    It may be THE BEST DB fight if you did.

  • Sudarshan Sudhu

    It is great bro

    When Goku was hitting black
    I was so excited that. I was in the place of goku

  • Pulkit shukla

    trunks transformed into brolly stage..


    ohhhhh god that whas amazing the beat epic rage on DBsuper antill now………………….i hop that trunks will chow us a new SSJ GOD SSJ transformation….i hop so.:) 🙂 🙂 -_- 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Michael Arendse

    Did anybody feel like Trunks’ power up wasn’t deserved? I mean the level of training Goku and Vegeta went through to achieve Super Saiyan Blue on its own was intense, even the evels before then and then suddenly Trunks surpasses that because he got angry? (blind rage). As much as i love Trunks, i think this would have been a perfect opportunity to reintroduce Gohan, they should have brought him with because we all know from prevoius episodes (DBZ) that Gohan loves his family, especially Goten, he would have been absolutely pissed! would have been awesome, but thats just me…

  • Philippe Boutin

    Am I the only one who’s fucking sick of this childish lil faggy music they use when they go on a commercial break. Its not a cute lil anime anymore, lets tell it how it is, its a hardcore fucking violent story about people who have immeasurable power who make genocides and others who saves people from genocides, its not some cute lil anime where they catch animals in balls, NO, fucking genocide they wanna kill all the fucking humans for example and zamasu literally tells goku hey wanna know what happenned to your family? then right after this creepy quote this childish upbeat music pops out of nowhere as if to say its for the 6 years old. Own your fucking shite dragon ball its not a damn child anime anymore, maybe in the old dragon ball when goku was still a kid but not anymore. And PLEASE f off with all the unfunny fillers BS with pilaf and co, its not funny its awkward nobody likes it!

    rant over

    • Philippe Boutin

      at least there wasn’t any fillers in the episode so yay but just because of that faggy music I can’t say to anyone yet that dragon ball is back and is the shit

  • Jamesworkshop


    Super Saiyan Broly

  • bob

    the media could not be loaded either because the server or networked failed or because the format is not supported. How do I fix it so I can finally watch the episode?

  • dead pool

    trunks just leveld up at the end

  • http://gudangraye.blogspot.com Ardiko R Shandy

    WHO said its GOTEN OUT!

  • Norris Kilgore

    i dont get it…he killed all the gods and wants to kill all the mortals…who the fuck is going to be left? him and black? so they can have a 2man circle jerk till the end of time with the flowers and trees?

  • Rayn

    My theory is that Trunks new transformation is the ‘True Super Saiyan 3′.

    Just like how there are two separate upgrades from Super Saiyan 1 – one leading to Super Saiyan 2 and the other the less effective one leading to Ascended Super Saiyan , there are two separate upgrades in turn as well from Super Saiyan 2.

    The one we call Super Saiyan 3 that Goku uses is actually the less effective alternative, because:
    – It was discovered first over Trunks’ transformation, the same way that Ascended Super Saiyan is discovered first over Super Saiyan 2.
    – It has a lot of drawbacks and is ultimately unsustainable, the same way that Ascended Super Saiyan also has a lot of drawbacks and unsustainable.
    – It looks unnatural compared to the true upgrade. Super Saiyan 3 with the huge hair and eyebrow loss, Ascended Super Saiyan with the bulking muscies and spiky hair.

    Gohan went to SS2 while raging at SS1. Trunks went on to that level while raging at SS2. So it could be that the new transformation is the ‘True Super Saiyan 3’, the ultimate transformation for a Super Saiyan without utilizing God Ki.

    • Jason

      I think what your saying is very possible, but, spiky hair is just Trunks’ look.

  • Mat Kun

    This reminds me of Slug actually, when Goku went “False SSJ”, this seems more like false SSG.
    But the fact that Trunks has Mixed Blood Power, this form may still surpass SSG.

  • dhanush


  • Sungwook Kim

    ticking sound made by the counter from site keeps grating on my nerves! I hate the ticking sounds!!!

  • Alexandre Brochet L’Heureux

    The admin on the facebook page blocked me because I calmly told him that the episode 61 thumbnail image was spoiling super trunks and asked him if they could do something about it.

    Not opened to any feedback, he politely told me to fuck off and immediatly banned me.

    Dragon ball time needs to review their high tempered mods as they will lose many viewers because of this very bad experience

  • Walidovish

    I don’t know why but trunks angry always remindes me of Brolly, don’t you think ?

    • Jason


  • andre zigonk

    this db story has unrealistic story, goku died because heart attack in timeline trunks future, so logillacly zamatsu didn,t met goku in trunks future timeline,so how possible zamatsu steal goku body?

    • Luxion

      You’re getting the two Zamasu’s mixed up. Zamasu/Black was from the past timeline who encountered the Zamasu from the future.

  • Delaverga Uni

    Unlike captain ginyu, Zamasu has had enough time to get used to Goku’s body.
    Black said he destroyed the other gods, not being specific if he fought the Kai’s or who. But when he first appeared he mentioned he was just getting used to the body and just now realized that he gets stronger after every fight.

    Vegeta hasn’t done much so it’s highly unlikely that he will do anything else from now on in this saga. The timeline thing is getting more confusing now because I can’t figure out where Zamasu/Black came from. Zamasu of the future doesn’t have a time ring but Black does. If Beerus theory is correct then Zamasu of the future should be dead because he has no ring to protect him right? Black just said anything done to him in the past is unaffected in the future because he wears the ring. Towards the end, Goku narrated that Trunks was holding off against Black but can’t take on both for long. How was Goku able to pound on Black and hit Zamasu like he was a fly but Trunks can hold off against Black but not both Black and Zamasu? What was the point in building up future Trunks if his sudden rage is his ace?

    We all know Goku will be the one to rise up and take out Black. If piccolo has an idea it won’t work, even if Beerus has a sealing spell of his own or whatever it might be. They might end up using solar flare or something to escape.

    • Luxion

      I’d be surprised if they remembered solar flare with Akira’s record of forgetting important details.

    • Luxion

      Zamasu/Black came from Goku and Vegeta’s time. When he got the time ring, he became an anomaly in time, making Beerus’s efforts useless.

      • Delaverga Uni

        I know why Black is alive. My question was why is Zamasu of the future alive, not Black.

        Sure it was made clear where , when Zamau said that Black is from the past and mentioned that his loss against Goku gave him interest in his body. That could only happen in goku and vegetas time but they only fought because Trunks went back for help against Black who had already existed.

        I guess my question is how not where because so far the story just created black out of nowhere since the plot hole doesn’t add up. That’s what I mean by not knowing where Black comes from. If Trunks never went back, Zamasu would’t have interest in Goku’s body since he would have just seen the fight between universe’s and Hit was much more impressive than Goku. I mean, why not be interested in Hit or even pink nipple guy who won. Why goku? Just because he befriended Beerus, what a little bitch Zamasu is. Can’t make friends with humans because he would rather kill them. Honestly, Zamasu is the worst villain of all DB time. I hope there’s at least one decent villain in DBS in the near future. Zamasu is laughable.

        • Delaverga Uni

          Man now that I think about it, Akira is old… Ill just forget about the plot holes lmao. I still enjoy new DB content from him regardless.

    • Pil1010

      To be honest what I think is this:

      Somehow the Z-fighters either over power Zamasu and Black, or Zamasu and Black decide that they want to become one to finish the fight together or some crap and fuse.

      Now, I want to hope that would cue a fusion between Goku and Vegeta but to hell with what I know, there is a good chance of that not happening.

      Regardless, Black and Zamasu (or fused as Blamasu (lel)) will die because that time ring will get removed from them some how or some way. That is the only way they could die due to the immortal bodies. That’s why they make such a point of showing off the ring. If they don’t fuse I don’t see how removing the ring from Black will change anything for Zamasu and they will still have to fight an immortal Zamasu.

      So… Fight ends after Black and Zamasu fuse with the Time Ring then being removed.

      • Jason

        Seems legit

  • Jimmy Lopez

    Well we all no goku might use the senso beans to heal faster. And might use kioten even though he cant he’ll probably find a way.

  • James Dickson

    Amazing episode! Also glad that they changed the ending theme. That last one was cringe-worthy!

  • Erick Mora-Hernandez


    • Jason


  • Rõhìt Sõnâwãnê

    Can we keep a hope to see the fusion of SSB Goku and Vegeta..!

  • Dejan

    No1 Can surpass Goku

  • Michaek

    What the fuck is this?! This is an old episode… how can they be on their way back to the future to see if everything changed on episode 59. And in this one they watching zamasu killed the sama?! Fix this shit

  • HevtiG-Sama

    Hi all. I finaly caught up. So sorry to say thou that a lot of you have lots of anger in replies. I already blockt some racist and i will probably block a lots more because realy, this is so sad to see! If you see my replies or posts after a while then you a good person in my eye’s. Now lets have fun and cool disqus. Sayonara.

  • Wat

    Isn’t this just like episode 58???

  • dukhan

    Just cut black’s finger to lose the ring and he will vanish based on what he said, doing that zamas will become immortal and they should be able to kill him easily because killing a good affect the future. I think this is what will happen or else why would he mention “as far as this ring is on me the future will not be affected by killing past zamas”

  • Arnav Rawat

    Weak. Very weak. That’s what this episode was. And this was i think the best episode of the season. Says something about dbz super

    • Matt

      what are you smoking? don’t be cynical for the sake of it.

      • Arnav Rawat

        DB super is lame as fuck. Just a flat out dissapointment.

        • Matt

          to you.

          • Arnav Rawat

            yea. I dont know what to expect anymore.. its very below dbz… it has almost become like a kids show… although dbz was kiddish it was still very fun, in an adventure kind of way. This is… a legacy extended beyond what should have been.

          • Matt

            I disagree. The tone is the same. Goku is Goku. Was always like this bro.

          • Arnav Rawat

            Yea goku is still goku. But what about the others? Vegeta is now only a “cool man” and nothing more. His only role is now to make goku look good. In dbz he was a “Villain” turned good, albeit grudgingly. His character in dbz was a true frustrated genius who always loses to goku. But now his character has been reduced. You can say that he has become mellow because his charatcer loves bulma now, but it still isn’t the same.
            And what about beerus and whis? goddamn they are clowns now. The movie showed them as very powerful having a comical side. The show portrayes them as idiots. There power is not shown much and the main point of the show is goku. Whereas it should be more on whis and beerus now since they are the most powerful, and the show should hav refocus on goku when he becomes more powerful than them.
            And then look at that omni king. A fucking kid, who just “destroyed” universes because he was angry. i mean who in their right mind does that? And plus goku and vegeta can never surpass him. They can never be capable of destroying universes in a blink. Because if they do that it would become too much strecthed out, to be real.

          • Matt

            its called growing up and realizing he can have a rival without acting like a jilted girl on prom night.

          • Arnav Rawat

            haha. Vegeta grows up, and stops being jilted. Plausible and Probable. The only problem is that vegeta still acts as a jilted girl. The difference is that now, he doesn’t do it just towards goku, but everyone. He has is in general transformed to a grumpy man. He was still violent before. Just that he seemed badass before. Now he seems like a weak, fake villain. Thats what i meant.

          • Arnav Rawat

            Dbz had always been making incredibly powerful characters, incredibly goofy. It has always brought humor to dbz. Self depreciatory humor. And so they made the omni king a kid.
            But what they didn’t realise, or couldn’t realise, is that it was a mistake. That this time it wouldn’t work. That the absolute ultimate character in dbz should not be idiotic. They messed it up and it came off looking as childish. Thats why i said that the show is childish.

          • Matt

            What a trivial thing to complain about.

          • Arnav Rawat

            How is it trivial? Its the entire show i’m talking about. It’s gone downhill. What could be more serious than that?

          • Arnav Rawat

            The super saiyan states they keep on inventing is stupid. Goku already said tranforming to ssj 3 can only be done in the other world, and that it was a miracle to be able to do that, that a saiyan can only tranform to ssj 3 when they use their complete power.
            Then they created an ssj god. which was ok, since it took power from other saiyans to fuel itself. But in the end goku does it all himself again. Stupid.
            Then an step even beyond that ssj blue. then ssj rose which beat even that. Its a fuckin circus for kids. No realism. Althoug dbz has never been realistic, you can see that it becomes harder to transform into the next super saiyan as the show progressess which gives it a more real feel. But not in super. No sir. We just care for the next transformation.

  • maiku meneses

    15:19 tho xD

  • Bardock

    This was an epic episode, but I wish the animations were better.

  • Nicholas A. Chavis

    Personally, I was hoping to see a super saiyan blue gogeta. Anybody else expect that? Though kudos to trunks tho. I practically fangirled at his use of final flash, and even more so over this transformation.

  • JO

    Ugghhh lets end this already Super Sayian God Gogeta With Super Sayian God 2 Trunks ( i rest my case )

    • Wolfnrun

      XD Sound’s about right!

  • Daniel Alvarez

    Honestly as a true dbz fan.., this is getting really entertaining ! Trunks surpassed a higher level.. does that make him like a Demi god? cause he has a blue light aura surrounding his body under his super saiyan.. honestly I can’t wait for the new episode !!

  • Jason

    I think Trunks’ Super Sayan form is reminiscent of Broly the Legendary SSJ. Broly was able to take on Goku, Vageta, and Gohan, in SSJ form by himself. Trunks has always been stronger than the other Sayans, but lacked speed and dexterity. Although, after powering up, Trunks did slim down suggesting that his movements wouldn’t be limited by his overall strength.

    • Jason
      • Bob

        Broly isn’t canon, case closed.

        • Wolfnrun

          I get that cannon means it isn’t real…Doesn’t mean something that isn’t cannon can’t be cannon in a later date

          • Bob

            Except it kind of does mean exactly that.

          • Wolfnrun

            Welll…Pan wasn’t cannon but became cannon. Same could happen again. It’s good to look at the possibilites

          • Bob

            Pan first appeared in the last Dragonball Z ever, where Goku went to train Uub after a Tenkaichi Budokai. So technically speaking, even with Super, she was always canon. GT though, the less we think about that, the better.

          • Wolfnrun

            Last episode doesn’t appear to be cannon as super contiued right off of buu being defeated with no mention of pan or uub. While you can argue that since Dragon ball z is cannon thus the whole thing is cannon, it didn’t pick up there at there start of super, nor any mention. GT was an ok fan concept in my eyes.

            Blah blah blah I didn’t come here to

          • Bob

            Here’s the thing though, that like, AGES after Buu died. Heck, somewhere in this series, Goku mentioned that Buu was being reincarnated as they speak. Super is DIRECTLY after buu died. So all I’m really saying is that Super is probably gonna lead up to that episode.

          • Wolfnrun

            Thing is. We don’t know that for sure. It’s all black goku AKA 2 zamasus cauzing a problem

          • Bob

            Perhaps so, but all I’m saying is that Broly can’t be canon.

          • Wolfnrun

            Well ya, he isn’t. Could it happen? Yes. Is it likley? no

  • Bob

    OKay, so now we’re told that Black Goku is Zamasu from our current timeline’s future where his plan to kill Gowasu was successful (I guess Beerus and Whis just didn’t bother that time), and immortal Zamasu is from the Trunks timeline with Black telling him to kill everyone. And now we’re further told that they’re mostly angry with Trunks for his time travel shenanigans. So yeah, Team Four Star was right, Multiverse theory is a bitch.

  • Athelon Raven

    It was trunks who changed the time line two times, hear me out:

    During the Cell saga the original timeline was to be that goku was to die because of the heart virus but when Trunk came back to the past he altered the past time line like a fork and saved goku.

    Now as this forked time line was progressing Zamasu fought goku, made his plans like he would and swapped bodies with him becoming black and then killed him and his family, then he went to the future trunks timeline met up with the future Zamasu, joined up with him and he the future Zamusa made his wish of invicibility, but then trunks came back again to the past altering the time line again (forking), warning the past goku and co of black which led to beerus and whis finding out Zamusa as black who intended to kill everyone, and beerus killed him in response.

    So it was future trunks who altered and forked the past timeline twice the one that our show is based upon and saved goku again which led to the present fight that we are having right now.

    • Wolfnrun

      Which explains the battle that is ensewing… Wow, now what is trunks doing? Making black zamasu run for his money? hmmm… Tommorow the answer of what else is happening will be revealed

    • Delaverga Uni

      I can agree with this. But something that crossed my mind before when they showed the green rings and then several people talking about it relating to new timelines suggests there’s 4 timelines/worlds. I know two of them were Trunks doing and 1 was cell and the last one is a bit confusing because Trunks went back AFTER Black showed up. So Black created the fourth timeline but I still don’t know how he was able to get into Trunks world. I mean the timering goes into the future, but will it always be Trunks future that we know? Hmm

      It would kind of make sense why Trunks has different color hair and is stronger than before but how does he have memory of time traveling like the Trunks we know? Akira said he just wasnt consistent with the drawings but for all we know it was intended, as when Trunks altered time the androids were stronger in the past. Now Trunks of the future is stronger or at least that’s how I feel right now with what we’ve been shown thus far in the anime. Lol

    • Bob

      Umm, yeah, was that not obvious?

      • Delaverga Uni

        If it was obvious, why reply? It’s for readers to debate not shun.

        • Bob

          Largely because far too many jerks in the comment section tended to say that very idea was bullshit despite the exact same scenario playing out in the Cell Saga.

  • Tyler Albert

    do you think they bang

  • Tyler Albert

    `ssjgss 3

  • That moment you remember Goku still has that button to call king all at any time.

    • Wolfnrun


    • Bob

      True, but you have to remember, this is Goku we’re talking about, he’s not smart, and also not a fan of having help overcoming his obstacles. I mean, I guess it would be nice to see what Omni-King can really do, but still.

  • dark swag

    i cant wait what would happen next

    • Wolfnrun

      Everyone just dies, theeee end

  • Shabani Weird

    Damn I got goosebumps all over my body after that trunks rage!!!!

  • Micheal

    this subtitle wrong ass hell

  • soupsaiyan

    hey guys have a good theory what i Bardock was sent to universe 6 instead of go back in time. because lord chilled was the same race as frost in ball super and called himself a space pirate and so lord chilled and frost could be in the same universe because their the same race and space pirates which leads to a possibility to Bardock alive in the present time in universe 6 comment and like if you agree.

  • Delecade

    Alright ill say it. THIS SUCKS! The plot is everywhere, they KILLED all the gods?? Come on! And they seriously went back a second time only hours after getting back from the first ass whoopin. What did they expect was going to happen?? How is trunks keeping up with Gods when hes only a super saiyan 2?? How did he get what appears to be god aura just by being pissed off?? Getting angry and boosting power at best should give him SSJ 3 status and even that wouldnt hold a candle to these guys. Super should of led with this ark because out of all that has happened so far, this is the best. And it still sucks. They need to go back to the older model where they introduce ONE big bad guy and struggle several dozens of episodes to defeat him. Or her! anything is better than this! GT was better than this! I hope they get better before this show goes down the toilet. Come on Toriama! You had 20 years to think of new content!

  • bobby brown

    They should have made goku black turn out to be goten

  • Delecade

    Alright ill say it. THIS SUCKS! The plot is everywhere, they KILLED all the gods?? Come on! And they seriously went back a second time only hours after getting back from the first ass whoopin. What did they expect was going to happen?? How is trunks keeping up with Gods when hes only a super saiyan 2?? How did he get what appears to be god aura just by being pissed off?? Getting angry and boosting power at best should give him SSJ 3 status and even that wouldnt hold a candle to these guys. Super should of led with this ark because out of all that has happened so far, this is the best. And it still sucks. They need to go back to the older model where they introduce ONE big bad guy and struggle several dozens of episodes to defeat him. Or her! anything is better than this! GT was better than this! I hope they get better before this show goes down the toilet. Come on Toriama! You had 20 years to think of new content!

  • Max

    So is trunks still SSJ2 or what?

  • vineet gaur

    gokus instant transmission and the punching on his face was epic! haha

  • Cheese Louis

    It’s Blue-Eyes! :0

  • Artist Alienshadz

    when trunks rage transformation happen… i felt madd energy like i could bench 200 kg ! LETS GO CHAMP !

  • gninja99924
  • Wierdguy

    so did they also kill zeno too if so how?? ik gokus power was strong but it wasnt that strong.

  • yahir

    why don’t vegeta and goku go gogeta super super saiyan blue? THEY COULD BEAT BEERUS IN THAT STATE BUT SOMETIMES IT SEEMS LIKE THEY FORGOT IT EXISTED.

  • Christian Guevara

    that trunks rage, thats what ive been watching this for h o l y s h i t

  • The Heat’s Den-Eye

    He even killed the gods of destruction….dang

  • The Heat’s Den-Eye

    A Legendary Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan!?!?

  • san

    i got a raging boner when trunks transformed

  • Alex Chavarria

    What I really don’t understand is why the heck is zamasu and black In future trunks timeline. If goku died of a heart virus in future trunks time, then that would mean he never went to universe 10 to humiliate zamasu and zamasu never felt the need to get revenge or to defeat humans. Unless he was going to go through all that anyways but how if he would have never known about the super Dragon balls cause it would have never happened cause there were no warriors in trunks time to compete in the first place so idk this all just so sketchy.