Dragon Ball Super episode 6 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 6 Dubbed: “”


  • Ibsy

    dragonball music is always great

    • Matthew

      Suprsied that your still around .What happened to everyone else .They are not here commenting

    • Matthew

      I’m surprised that the ending different

  • jetkingaj

    hell yea

  • SuperDelsen

    It was funny

  • Derek

    omg.. i can’t stand this vegeta in db super. They fcked it up real bad.

    • Rakcoon

      yoo wtf. this shit is terrible

    • Cody

      I’d have to say I disagree. Vegeta comes off exactly how I remember him from later episodes of Z. He is only pretending to be this way because he knows beerus would destroy the world in an instant. Makes since, and “they” btw, is the original writer, if Vegeta is going to be any way, its the way he intended it to be.

    • Lowprofile 13

      yeah they fucked up

    • Tony Matta

      lol idiot what do you expect him to do? act like a big shot and everyone die? retard

  • Lee Walton

    Aw Vegeta, the shit that Akira puts you through, but we understand, bro! 🙁