Dragon Ball Super episode 55 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 55 : “Hey, I Wanna Meet Son Goku! A Summons from the Omni-King”


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  • abdul kabir

    I am so excited

  • Dragon Ball Super AMV

    doesn’t work

    • Dragon Ball Super AMV

      wrong ep thought it was 54

  • Luxion

    This gunna be gud

  • Luxion

    No new episode next week!? NOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Girf

    So wait is this the next episode that will air in the counter shown above?

  • Roy

    Damn can’t wait for the new episode. man I wish it was like 2-3 episodes a week it would be so much better I don’t want to wait a week to see 1 episode lol

  • kraken296

    Why do i think it is Zamasu master (kaioshien) is the one who turn’s into black
    1. Zamasu would be too obvious
    2. If something happens to Zamasu he can easily turn evil
    3. Goku cannot be wrong
    4. They should have similar ki
    5. Both of them have one green earring each according to the latest episode but Zamasu has an additional orange one.
    6.It should probably happen soon as both of them have one green earring each and after going back in time kaioshen will take back his earring and Zamasu does not know about time travel much right now.
    For now i think these many reason’s are enough to make me believe Zamasu is not black

    • http://www.Facebook.com/UchihasFinest UchihasFinest

      nah how when the master is super good. plus old. no way is he just going to change evil like that. its zamasu. hes going to kill the master, take the ring go back in time to kill goku with that poison and take his body which is how goku died from the heart virus then come back to present *trunks world and start blowing it up.

      • kraken296

        I know most of the point’s I just said are bullshit lol but i still am very adamant about goku being wrong . he cannot be wrong lol

        • Arun

          why dont u just w8 for the next episode , yo?

          • kraken296

            kk i m waiting

          • SSJ-Mad

            Goku is black Goku its pretty obvious LOL we don’t need a theory for that. Zamsu isn’t black. just have a look at the new game scene, Zamasu and black are together..

          • YourMumsDlCK

            Goku is dead remember future trunks said he was killed by cell

          • josethemacho .

            By a virus.

          • kraken296

            black has goku’s body sure but i do not think he is really goku himself or he will atleast know how to use his body (which also takes away the option of goku from universe 7)

          • Johan Juul Gaden Jensen

            Could turn out to be that Zamasu tricked Goku into taking the ear ring on – therefor explaining the body thing and weird Ki? Or is that just me?

          • kraken296

            I do not see fusion happening. because black does not control the body well and there is also only one potara ring . it’s more like goku’s body being used by someone like captain ginyu

          • Gabriele Di Bernardo

            Had they fused using the earrings a third character would be formed. Similar to when Vegito was created (who for the record I still think is the most badass character ever in the DB franchise). Black looks identical to Goku so this means Goku’s body has been possessed. My theory is that Zamasu finds a way to separate Goku’s spirit from his body or has the same technique as Captain Ginyu as Kraken296 mentioned below.

        • Gabriele Di Bernardo

          Everyone should realize by now that Goku is dense and trusts everyone. Some turn out to be good in the end but most that he believes are misunderstood really aren’t and are evil. Not sure why any of the other characters would still listen to Goku for an opinion anymore.

      • Kakarot

        you cannot go back to the past using the ring of time .only you can see the future lol..

        • $Delirious$

          Actually u can go back in time but its prohibited. The old dude said it in the last episode.

          • Stefan

            Then why was it so difficult for Black to stay in the past when he followed Trunk’s trail? I don’t think it’s just ‘prohibited’, I think it’s beyond the ability of the ring.

          • Kyle Joultz

            i agree, but if time portals keep opening up because of Trunks time machine then that is a door way that Black can use. In any case Black is still very naive about the time machine so there is no way Zamazu steals it to travel back in time. If anything there will be Two Goku Blacks, the possibilities are end less.

          • fallacies

            the old dude was saying that even if the ring had been given that power (it wasn’t) the act of travelling in the past is prohibited… he never said the the rings traveled to the past.

        • maj

          um going into the past is why the 4 green rings exist

          • Stefan

            The last one was created from Trunks’ trip during the Android saga – it doesn’t mean the ring of time was used.

      • ScarinfacT

        like your idea and it’s probaly true

      • GregD474

        Close, but no. The heart virus was a widespread disease, not something that only affected Goku. I don’t know how he gets Goku’s body, but i agree he will take the time ring and go back in time to fuck up Future Trunks’ world.

        • josethemacho .

          Trunks is from the future and not the past….

          • GregD474

            My bad i meant the future, fixed it.

        • http://www.Facebook.com/UchihasFinest UchihasFinest

          not sure about widespread. and he definitely did something to the masters tea

          • GregD474

            It was, Trunks said it was a radical new virus they would be hearing about, and that there was no cure for it in the past. I agree though, he probably will poison the tea.

      • maj

        zamasu’s fusion with his master alters his ki which is why it seemed similar to goku, whiz, and beerus. but wasnt the exact same as goku stated. if zamasu’s will is stronger then he will carry greater influence over being resulting from the fusion with his master. he will also have the knowledge and experience of his master allowing him to use all the crap in that hidden walls of goodies where the master kept the time rings. THen the rest of the unknown is easy to write/bs up for us readers – lol (coming from the writers perspective).

        • http://www.Facebook.com/UchihasFinest UchihasFinest

          even if he fused with his master his masters will would still be there, plus that still wouldnt explain why he has gokus body. that virus was spread with goku which is why in the future trunks found a cure. he was shown mixing something with the masters tea and smiling, and when asked why does it take different he said its just the leaves, its prob a virus. as long as he kills him and keeps one earring he would have access to the ring to be used how he wishes

          • superdan

            It tastes different because the tea is used to see if he has evil or hate in his heart. after he sparred with Goku he grew to hate humans even more so that is why the tea tastes different.

          • jlooo

            omg its pretty obvious he fuses with the goku of his universe, you people have some pretty far fetched nonsensical ideas…..

          • Gabriele Di Bernardo

            He won’t fuse with Goku…if he did and the end result was Black then Black wouldn’t look exactly as Goku does. I believe he is going to fuse with his master using the earring by switching it to the right ear and then somehow possess Goku to become Black. It’s evident Black was still learning how to maximize Goku’s power since after the fight vs Goku he was testing his stance and even made comments referring to learning more about the body.

          • fallacies

            does no one remember that Black has only one earring (left ear)? him becoming evil can be reason enough to have a slightly different ki; or, after taking goku’s body from another univ could have slightly altered the ki signature; or, in the “new world,” his master said was just created, his equal is the consume’s a Goku’s body to become Black.

          • Sasan Shahzady

            nah fam he fuses with goku forcefull cus of the earrings with Zamasus mind with Gokus power and body

          • Sasan Shahzady

            boi, there is no goku or shit in that universe cus all universes have twins, i dont know why humans but fuck it. also where would the mass power come from, a saiyin that hasnt even learned super sayin and shit.

          • Stefan

            The ring of time can’t go back in time, only forward. Goku died in Trunks’ timeline before the higher gods were even aware of the super saiyans. Even in the present timeline, Zamasu is just barely starting to turn evil – decades after Goku should have died from the heart virus.

      • kraken296

        How do you conclude master is good from 5 min scene maybe he is just suppressing his feeling’s some humanoid creature’s kill zamasu in the future and he loses it . Get’s himself inside goku’s body and start’s destroying human’s

      • Gabriele Di Bernardo

        I think he’s going to put merge with his master using the earring which was given him and then somehow take possession of Goku’s body. I believe this is why Black hasn’t yet figured out how to use Goku’s body and why after he fought Goku learned a little better how to make use of it to maximize it’s power.

      • Sasan Shahzady

        boi, who da fuck else do you think it is, my fucking arse hole. of course its Zamasu because:
        1. Why the fuck did they introduce him
        2. He is evil towards humans being a reason why black destroyed humans and stayed around to make sure he kills all of them
        3. Goku can be wrong because because no one can be right all the time unless ur a god (not including ssgss or ssg) but for now lets say hes right
        4. Goku could forcefully be fused with him like the other kaioshin said they would be
        5. Zamasu would attach the other earring to Goku or Goku would have to fuse with him to destroy his evil
        6. He most likely killed the other Kaioshin while traveling through time somehow made it to earth, the ring would have taken him back in time, he would have fused with Goku because Goku may have put on the earring to make him good but failed, turned into black (Zamasu’s mind with Goku’s body and power) killed all humans and thats all folks

        • Steve Bakewell

          Except, if Zamasu&Goku fuse the resulting fusion would have zamasu’s green skin and elf ears.

          • Sasan Shahzady

            Boi, there’s an infinite number of fusions, so if it has 99% of zamasus evil, 1% of evil golus mind but no memories and 100% of golus power and body is a fusion

          • Steve Bakewell


        • http://www.Facebook.com/UchihasFinest UchihasFinest

          you realize that in my comment i said and i quote
          ” its zamasu. hes going to kill the master, take the ring go back in time to kill goku with that poison and take his body which is how goku died from the heart virus then come back to present *trunks world and start blowing it up.”

          before you start cussin at ppl and making points like your trying to prove something, try proving your comprehension and reading skills that i hope you gained in the 3rd grade.

      • Real Talk’Son

        He went back in time before goku bumped his head and manipulated him

        • Stefan

          The ring of time can’t go back in time, only forward.

          • Ra1d

            It can go back in time, it’s just forbidden.

          • Stefan

            No, it can’t . Here’s the quote:

            Gowasu: We can only go to the future, and then back to our own world.
            Zamasu: What about going back to the past?
            Gowasu: That is impossible. And even if it wasn’t, it is harshly forbidden.

          • Wubla

            why would it be forbidden if it wasnt possible?

          • Stefan

            It’s not possible with the time ring, but it’s possible via other means like Bulma’s time machine – clearly Bulma wasn’t the first to succeed since we saw those extra time rings. It’s supposed to be forbidden for everyone though.

          • fallacies

            have you seen the time machine? there are other methods, that aren’t the rings… jeez… but ALL METHODS ARE FORBIDDEN

          • Kyle Joultz

            its impossible dummy. And even it it wadnt,it is harshly forbidden.

            God,some people cant read.

          • Ra1d

            Are you retarded, bro ? This was explained in it’s entirety in the previous episode that the ring can take you back in time, but it’s forbidden, and that there are 2 cases of Kaioshins going back in time to change the history.

          • matt

            Then how did he go back in time when he first met goku?

          • Stefan

            That was a fluke – the ring sensed Trunks’ trail through time and followed it – it can’t actually do that on command. They explained this already in the episode. Here’s a direct quote from Gowasu about the ring’s abilities:

            Gowasu: We can only go to the future, and then back to our own world.
            Zamasu: What about going back to the past?
            Gowasu: That is impossible. And even if it wasn’t, it is harshly forbidden.

          • fallacies

            you will be blessed for entertaining these idiots.

          • Real Talk’Son

            Kaoshin said you can but its prohibited

          • Stefan

            No, he didn’t . Here’s the quote:

            Gowasu: We can only go to the future, and then back to our own world.
            Zamasu: What about going back to the past?
            Gowasu: That is impossible. And even if it wasn’t, it is harshly forbidden.

          • AlvinoBrooka

            They can go, they just don’t allow it. It’s only a translation issue. Check reddit.

          • Stefan

            Can you link me? I find it hard to believe, since Whis’ explanation in episode 50 was identical to Gowasu’s. And Black’s comments and reactions also line up with that narrative. I’ll be quite surprised if it’s a translation issue.

    • Kenneth Emmanuel

      i think zamasu kill the master then he merge with the goku from his universe

    • maj

      zam’s fusion with his master changes his ki. that is why goku said it was similar.
      come on folks…why would gow make the statement about which ear to put the p earring if it wasnt meant to foreshadow a future event?

      • jlooo

        where are you people getting this fusion with his master crap? he obviously fuses with an alternate universe goku…..

        • Rell

          There is only one goku, by what Whis said.

        • sbeat

          i like your theory, i also think there are more sayan planets. zamasu can not be black becouse hes weak as shit.if he would fuse with his master he would still be to weak to fight against beerus or goku. also the future and past has changed now. and goku now owns the button to call zen chan whenever he think he is needed. im looking forward to see kid buu again.


      Hey! Under circumstances its obvious that zamatsu is black…as many things in them are common like Ki,Knowing Goku,Destroying Human race for Peace,Time Ring(Zamatsu will get it soon)…AND HATE FOR GOKU…It is seem most probably that he is going to steal Goku’s Body for fullfilling his Aim(Peace by destruction of Humans)

      • kraken296

        Yeah i know but i just do not think they will tell about who black is so easily . I think they might want to show us it is Zamatsu and then boom surprise. If you know what I mean

        • Los1988

          I think it is zamatsu because when black and goku first seen each other black said “I wanted you to see me in this body goku” as if when beres and goku went to visit zamatsu they made it all happen like zamatsu seening goku seening how strong he was and wanting to take his body so them going to visit him made it all happen because it’s the past and black is from the future it’s weird but just a theory if anyone understand what I mean or thinks it makes a little sense let me know

          • Davy Fin

            terminator 1+2 (sort-off) and now the last terminator movie… almost the same theory/plot-stuff

    • Daniel Christopher Holt

      I think that Zamasu fuses with his Master, with the pottaro earrings, and they become a different person. I think Zamasu then takes a stronger influence. Black is the controlled Goku of the Zamasu Master fusion. The future is newer than the present as the present is regrowing. Time ages and changes even though it’s already happened.

      • kraken296

        I just don’t think there will ever be fusion because I do not see why black has only one potara earrings if he fused .

        • Daniel Christopher Holt

          When Zamasu fused with his master he may have taken off the other earring. Or the fused body wears one earring, and possessed Goku body wears the other earring. It’s a guess.

        • Daniel Christopher Holt

          Only time will reveal what’s going on.

        • Daniel Christopher Holt

          I don’t know how Zamasu possessed alternate future Goku. The Master could have developed the fusion dance and may use it. Vegeta could be regenerated and he may have a fusion dance with Goku.

          Those Saiyans may have converted their transformations to God fighter chi. Beerus ‘s transformation is a little stronger than non-transformation, 100% Legendary, and SSJ1 God fighter chi. God fighter chi SSJ2, 100% Legendary, SSJ3, and that 100% Legendary could be a lot stronger than Beerus ‘s transformation.

          God fighter chi SSJ2 100% Legendary should be a little bit more powerful than Whis. The fighters can power up without going into transformation but it’s not as effective unless they train in it, and they usually like to synchronize fighting in their transformations and stages.

    • Callum Reilly

      Black doesn’t know how to use the time ring

    • Sasan Shahzady

      boi, who da fuck else do you think it is, my fucking arse hole. of course its Zamasu because:
      1. Why the fuck did they introduce him
      2. He is evil towards humans being a reason why black destroyed humans and stayed around to make sure he kills all of them
      3. Goku can be wrong because because no one can be right all the time unless ur a god (not including ssgss or ssg) but for now lets say hes right
      4. Goku could forcefully be fused with him like the other kaioshin said they would be
      5. Zamasu would attach the other earring to Goku or Goku would have to fuse with him to destroy his evil
      6. He most likely killed the other Kaioshin while traveling through time somehow made it to earth, the ring would have taken him back in time, he would have fused with Goku because Goku may have put on the earring to make him good but failed, turned into black (Zamasu’s mind with Goku’s body and power) killed all humans and thats all folks.

    • Ohyafeelsogood

      Maybe Zamasu pulls a majin-buu and his evil half comes out of him to take control or something

    • Bernard

      spolier alert its not zamasu hahahahah

    • xXmYsTeRiOnXx

      The Ki is different but there is a reason. Black Goku is from the future. Goku must have forgotten that. And plus the earring is on his right ear. Same as Zamasu.

  • tanmay parekh


  • mNd-

    zamasu and his master will go in the future maibe they will find someone there and kill his master and zamasu allies with him and make a team to destroy all humans and goku

  • Nisim Kogan

    the episode didnt came out this week?

    • Shane Permenter

      no i think they are going to make us wait so we are more excited for the next episode and i think this is good too because the next episode might be better quality than how most episodes have been

      • ???

        It’s because of the Olympics.

  • jeezzzz

    fuck whoever owns DB, they keep pushing this shit non stop

    • SvDM

      Fuck whoever hates it and still watching DB, they hate it but still know whats the next episode will be XD

      • Putlocker All


  • Da Kidd

    Omg I see why they have bad rates they never Fuking post epsiode at least post 2 episodes one week for one dam epsiode Tf this is?

  • Takizawa

    Why does everyone and their grandmother have the same Bardock profile picture?

    • maj

      it is the stock image for those that create profile without changing the avatar image

  • Zhou Yifan Ivan

    Here’s my guess: Zamasu tricks his master into lending him the fusion ear ring, which allows him to travel in time; remember those green rings for every time the past is changed, he takes one of them and then somehow manipulates into a past timeline where he assumes the body of the Goku to wreck havoc on that Earth.

    • maj

      master g already loaned the fusion earring in last episode. just put it left ear silly -> then he fuses with big papa yellow g. if his will is stronger he’ll carry greater influence. we know the outcome already. BTW he takes the silver time ring from his own time line (which is confirmed from several episodes already). he also is able to evolve physically and mimic/absorb abilities and apparently/seemingly appearences which comes from some other power/technique (as suggested from the episode where he fought goku as black (the epsiode when trunks arrives from the future -> the end shows black reminiscing back to the fight with goku and then shows black and his appearence flashes to that of goku in his orange gi and back again).

      • Kulik

        The more Goku trains the stronger Black gets because as past Goku gains more strength in the past his future body also retains this power. Vegetta and Trunks will end up saving the day. Zamasu will not give earring back he will simply put it in the other ear and fuze and then assume body of dying Goku.

  • RandomNoob

    Anyone remember Captain Gynu

    • Kishan B

      Captain gynu was killed by vegeta during the golden freeza saga in dragon ball super

  • danny

    why did they again rescheduled episode 55 to next week ?

  • dark

    Pokemonnnn goooo

  • black also does not know time travel……. the ring travel on its own will

  • Shashanka T.C

    I think black was sent to eleminate all the extra planets created by time travelling……………

  • sam

    wtf y 6 days again?

  • Unreal KentMurphy


  • goku kakarot

    goku’s death is not certain as the trunks which came is obviously from another timeline

    because we can see as he was so shocked when goku only became ssj3 but the trunks in the present saw him as also god and super saiyan god super saiyan
    and he didnt even knew lord beerus and whis whereas when he was a kid he played and spent most of his tie with him and knew beerus and whis

    • Grendel

      Future trunks wouldn’t know anything about any of that because Goku died in his timeline before the androids came. Future trunks has never been the exact same trunks from the present since future trunks/cell created alternate timelines..

  • the saiyan prince

    this is absolutely absurd… youre actually making me wait 2 weeks for a 15 minutes anime skit
    i mean if you were giving us more it might be bearable but this is plain wrong

    and why?? for what ? for the bloody olympics?!?!

  • Abdullah

    I am not waiting on the shit episode 55. I like to skip it to 56.

  • Jordano

    Fuck whoever keeps pushing

  • Jordano

    Pissing me off

  • Jimmy

    What the fuck? We have to wait another week for a episode?!!????

  • shafi

    Guys I don’t get it Goku is dead on future trunks world and by the ring they only can travel future not past its all happened on trunks world so don’t get confused guys it’s just they showing who is evil Goku it won’t effect the current system

  • anti-racist


  • Kenneth Rivas

    Do we have to wait another fucking week like the other time?
    This fucking sucks… I wait a whole week for my only 24 minutes of joy in my life to now have to wait one more week?

    • Vladimir Milovanov

      i was thinking the fucking same thing..

    • Wolfnrun

      Technically speaking were supposed to be on episdoe 57 by now…though episodes are getting delayed, we have 4 days

  • fucking_scammers

    fuck you retards, reporting this site

  • zeshaan mohammin

    Zamasu is black because future is changed when truncks came to past during cell fight


    whats with the fucking delay of the episodes

  • Jhay Dacanay

    Black is the future Zamasu.

  • Daniel Cunningham

    I think zamasu kills his master, steals the time ring, and somehow manages to fuse with Goku using the earring. And I think fusion would be different for them bc they’re two different races. So I think that’s why Goku maintains his appearance but zamasu maintains the clothing.

  • animon

    why Goku does not return the tail where the entire Saiyan force has grown ,
    it was mentioned in the older series.
    it’s time to bring back Super Saiyan 4 and force of more rather than Super Saiyan 2 and 3,
    the use of the whole sequence .
    time to begin to raise rates. and time series show a week for 2 Nespo one a week very long time .


      ssj4 is stupid and lame, so are you.

    • Wolfnrun


  • San blue vegetation the god

    in watches future episode in Spanish episode 59 black beats beerus it was amazing

  • Jordan

    My literal reaction when my bro told me the news

    • Luxion

      That was REALLY dumb for them to do tbh.

    • Wolfnrun

      How does the olympics interfere with this!?! That makes no sense!

      • Jordan

        With the next episode?

        • Wolfnrun


          • Jordan

            They held it off because of the olympics

          • Wolfnrun

            “They held it off because of the olympics”


            I did not say “why” I said how does the olympics inerfere with this!?! because it makes no sense…

          • Jordan

            oh sorry..I feel slow now

          • Grendel

            They aired the olympics during the time they usually air DBS…how does it not make sense??

            They do stuff like that in the US (not sure where you are located) all the time. Play sporting events or the like at a time when a show normally airs so the show is delayed a week or so…

          • Wolfnrun

            Makes no sense because the 2 are un-related, either way it’s out now so there we go

          • ME nigga

            They aren’t unrelated. In Japan this comes on regular television. Not on the Internet

          • Wolfnrun

            I mean how there 2 are diffrent things, unrelated. Doesn’t matter now though since it’s here

          • Jason

            They do it for ratings. For example let’s say they average 1.6 million views an episode. During the Olympics, most of the viewers might switch over to the Olympics and the views might for from 1.6 million to 500k views. It’s all about maintaining the average numbers.

          • Wolfnrun

            Hmmm. That could be it

          • Wolfnrun

            I meant how there 2 diffrent thing’s, unrelated. Not one being on TV and the other online…

          • Sasan Shahzady

            Think of it like this, most anime teams have only around 5 hours of free time (only a few of the team get this much) a week so do need more free time

          • Wolfnrun

            Hmmm, I can see that happening, maybe

      • Lunaspark

        I reckon Goku trained some athletes on how to move without draining Ki. Obviously they’d had to re-schedule episode 55 in Japan.. can’t start without the star of the show after all. Though after this whole Black ordeal and his mystery identity, who blames the Dragonball staff for respecting Goku’s wishes. It’s waaaaay over 9000, he’d slaughter them all in royal tantrum — something the Omni King might or might not approve.

        • Wolfnrun

          Hahaha! Well that might be it!

      • malcoball

        They probably show the olympics in place of DB Super. It’s the way things are at times.

    • http://amindenes.blog.hu amindenes.blog.hu


      • FreeWilly

        Yor avi is how i looked when i heard

      • sbeat

        i think u are all wrong about the zamasu theorie. i think there are 11 universes. in each universe are sayans. goku met 1 sayan from another universe, there are still 9 unknown sayan planets. maybe one of them created black goku. also beerus and wizz mentioned there are mor kaioshin like zamasu, they only visited one zamasu so far. if zamasu would`ve killed or betrayed his master zen sama would`ve noticed and could easaly end zamasus life.

        • Emily Evelan

          Every two universe are copies. The other universes do not have saiyans.

        • Anchor glass

          No there are only 2 universes exactly the same 1 -13 2-12 and ours 6-7 Ready for same dummy

        • http://amindenes.blog.hu amindenes.blog.hu

          noticed? they didnt even noticed black, time machine, trunks, or that Zamasu killed that beast-monster thing..none. or..Zeno Sama see them all, perhaps he/she even seen it before it happened(since he is the main god) so he/she just let those things happen cause Zeno knows that Goku and his friends gonna handle it, and also that Zamasu have some darkness inside him which means Zamasu gonna rage out someday and kill somebody.

      • Daniel H. Lewis

        N u as a person who knows someone just like u which make up of a bunch of hating as ppl…. Why gay
        …like u a small minded individual

        • http://amindenes.blog.hu amindenes.blog.hu

          what did you said, number 87. bardock clone?

    • Swiss Superman 2.0

      What movie was this from? I can’t remember.

      • Ichiya Da Real MVP

        Race to Witch Mountain

    • Clark Kent

      They should be producing a new dbs episode every night

      • Callum Reilly

        They wouldn’t be as good.

    • http://zpawesomethemes.com Naruto


    • Fallacies of the United States

      They should have cancelled the Olympics for Dragon ball super instead.

      • Supertoaster


    • Rahul Rana

      Me too bro :O

  • Gurwinder Singh

    you all wasting your time here.just chant WAHEGURU name of GOD.we have this HUMAN body for chanting name of WAHEGURU(GOD).PEACE. LEARN GOOD THINGS FROM OTHERS and GROW UP YOUR MIND.

  • ejnibs

    Gohan has a chance to scratch his balls…bloody nerd….!!

    • Wolfnrun

      At this point, it looks like gohan out of bussiness to be any better…sadly

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  • Mirza Arbaz

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  • Christopher

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    • Tonys Ansonī Misirgis

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    • fallacies

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    • Christopher

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      • TheNightKiller1357

        it looks ok, i thought it would look weird on Black Goku but it looks ok because Black Goku has a good aura.

      • TheNightKiller1357

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  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    They need to stop with all these fucking hair colors … Gold, Blue and Red are just fine … Just have Goku / Vegeta ascend to the next transformation while staying the same color .. .

    So SS2 Blue , SS3 Blue / SS2 Red , SS3 Red ……. But Gold is still the GOLD standard , nothing beats original DBZ ! Maybe have them mix Gold and Blue . So Golden Hair with a blue tint and aura.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    SS Rose – GAY
    SS Blue – Cool
    SS Red – eh , too much like Kaioken
    SS Gold – PERFECT

    • Christopher

      Super Saiyan Rose actually looks alright. I thought it would turn out really bad, but the aura looks awesome.

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        Oh please, stop trying to making the SS into a fucking rainbow , this ain’t pokemon

        Gold / Blue are Fine .

        • Christopher

          Hey, I get ya, but I think I understand why they do it. They don’t want the colours to clash. If Goku Black went Super Saiyan Blue it would look too much like SSB Goku in a fight.

          • Zorawar Heisenberg

            Well Maybe is Black stayed black during transformation , it wouldn’t matter.

      • Cooldudeachyut

        You know, I actually wanted Black to be very powerful only in his base form(like Mystic/Ultimate Gohan) to challenge Gods and be a major threat, because even though Super Saiyan when introduced for the first time in Frieza saga was super cool, the concept is getting stale with each new “colour”.

        PS: Super Saiyan Rose does look cool, but only with the aura, since I’m pretty sure it’ll look girlie without it.

    • Wolfnrun

      Exluding the unnescary remark

      It bugs me how it’s almost always power level that determines who is stronger, what do these hair colours mean? Just a increase in strength? Is that it??? Gold is a pretty colour, but apparently gold is weak… It’s irratating

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    Japan is such a PERFECT country . No crime , no ghettos , no black people , awesome anime , homely
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    Only very few good areas in US … Never go the east coast , too many black and ghettos , and too many red neck cousin fuckers in the south … But West coast is great… California is GREAT , especially the bay area …

    • Cakemagic

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    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      Although Japan does has low crime rate thati’s a freaking lie. Every country has it shitty places. Since I have been to Japan I can name you a few awful places if you like, so you can search them up.

    • K0ntaminatedS00Sh3

      You are aware that Japan has one of highest suicide rates in the world, right? Nevertheless, no country is perfect.

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      Admit it, Blacks>Whites

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        Didn’t I say the south was full of cousin fuckers aka white red necks ? lol … The richest man was a jew named Rockefeller with a net worth of 500 billion … .Dumb primitive brain nigger.

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    Because he was excited of a strong guy . He is not zamasu

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      If Black Goku was Goku from universe 10 then why would he hate Humanoid beings when he is one? And the only guy I know that hates humanoid being is Zamasu.

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    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      Every Sunday? It goes live on Japan at 09:00 (9 A.M) which in here (U.S.A Eastern Time) is 8 PM. You’re lucky to even watch it this fast. It takes time to translate things. Even for me that I know Japanese it is hard. To then, after translation, do editing to put subs so you can watch it, for free.

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    and what the hell did black transform into ? SS white with a red aura? God damn this… vegeta wont be getting the spot light here either it seems doesnt it ? bloody Hell is one major win for vegeta too much to ask it looks like they were about to fuse there i dont want that,… i guess the tournaemnet is the only thing to look forward to here…

    • Manish

      Lol You Don’t Even Know The News Of Dbs The Super Saiyan Rose Was Leaked After 3 Days Of The Stream Of Episode 44 And Watch Revival Of F Movie Goku Shows How He Instant Transmates To Earth He Gotta Focus Into Some Person And Teleport

      • the saiyan prince

        thats the thing i wasnt sure if He could lock onto beerus and them from earth even though i did see what youre refering to i figured he could go from the other heavenly posts to earth because he recognizes the saiyans ki’s there if that makes sense …im half awake but thanks for the reply

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    Theres no way black should be able to mess with Blue Vegeta in a fight, even if he did get stronger after fighting Goku. Goku was only super saiyan 2. come on now. If he turns into “Rose” – then okay.. maybe it would be a little more even… still. Super saiyan blue is way too powerful. Theres a reason Goku held back.. And still beat black. Black would have to jump his power up big time. Am I wrong>?

    • Saekko

      Maybe they went too far in time. That could explain the time he would’ve needed and why mai’s body is gone.

      • Tony Gray Salt


      • pasta12

        Mai’s body is gone because she is alive. After she was “killed” at the end of one of the episodes they showed her move her hand.

    • Josh

      btw i think that black can steal power when fighting (as his cloths flashed into goku’s after the fight

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  • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

    You guys clearly don’t read or check a webpage when you arrive. It clearly states that subs will come in at a certain time; right there in the righthand corner. I bet in real life y’all just go into places without reading. It can say “Don’t go in there, you can die!” and you guys just jump right in carelessly.

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  • Sifat

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    • Wolfnrun

      I don’t even get these hair colours, so it just means that there stronger, that’s it? so goku and vegata are R.I.P? Is that really it? Blue VS pink, let’s see the outcome, it can’t be just about raw power

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    • Andretaker

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    • Steve Bakewell

      I believe Zeno’s childlike behaviour is kind of a façade, notice how EVERYONE is afraid of him. if he was so naive&gullible why would they be afraid of him?

      • Norris Kilgore

        zeno is a child in his mind. hes like a kid with an antfarm. he just gets to decide who lives and who dies

  • Dehumanizer

    Why you guys keep call Black Goku when it’s only Black? Surely, his Ki is what Goku and Whis felt has if it was Zamasu but It’s not conclusive that can be Goku’s body. It could be that Zamasu, since it’s from Universe 10 and since we all know that in all 12 Universes in DB world have the same Humanoids like…Sayans. So, That body that zamasu fused with could be from another Sayan, which it end up looked just like Goku.

    You can go back to the fight between Goku vs Black, Black didn’t know that Goku even existed. Yet, Black understood that the Sayans can be great warriors and hyped their power to Super Saiyan.

    Now, the next episode when you see Black transform in to so called “Super Saiyan Rose”, I believe that it has the same power as a Super Saiyan Blue but with a different Aura. Not the calm and good aura as Blue but the fearsome and evil of Rose.

    What do ya think?

  • Andretaker

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    IF SSR BLACK’S POWER RIVALED SSB GOKU’S, THEN BLACK IS UNBEATABLE. Seeing how Goku needs to be trained by Whis to reach SSB, but black is enough with battle practice, the gap of their pace growth difference is too far

  • Wolfnrun

    This is getting a bit boring, new hair colours and that’s really it, and goku being super casual. Eh, no wow factor. Nothing to intresting, just wanna see something diffrent. Has to be something else instead of just being stronger, So is pink better than blue? Does this mean there screwed?

  • Shapokla

    This was one of the very few episodes I could enjoy every minute of, I really loved it. Looking forward to how everything plays out from now on. Zeno and goku making friends is such a cool idea, we saw the fifth strongest person in the omniverse and goku, trunks and vegeta went to the future. Just awesome!

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    • pasta12

      Or they will decide they can’t defeat Black and Goku will use the button to summon Zeno and tell him Black will be his friend. Hopefully not that since that’d be kind of a stupid way to “defeat” Black, but I could see it happening.

  • Ismael Pasazade

    it’s like goku gets more retarded the older he gets, in dbz he was more serious, heck in dbgt he was better then in super, wtf is this shit, he acts like a facking retard

    • pasta12

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    • Kyle Joultz

      Not give, he already had it. Zamasu just doesnt know that.

  • john lowe

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    I love this ep but it could be with more actions they could show a little bit more when goku went to furture but its cool im glad i watched it

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    How freaking absolutely positively easy is it to not only predict but literally know that Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks are gonna lose the freaking fight against Black and all Goku has to fucking do is press the damn button Zeno gave him. Im done

    • Sapphirelia

      You fucking daft or something? Summoning Zeno to a different time when time travel and changing future events is strictly forbidden? Think it through.

      • Bardock the great

        Cut him some slack, judging by his name he is Spanish, which means he is daft.

  • Real Black Goku

    Goku is so fucking retarded its annoying

    • Wolfnrun

      I would not word it like that, though you do make a valid point. I’m just trying my best to ignore it

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  • Steve Bakewell

    GUYS GUYS GUYS! fucking forget about Black being Zamasu and think about the bullshit time paradox here! if Black didn’t meet goku then he wouldn’t meet zamasu… but black can’t exist without zamasu? WTF? WTF? this is a serious time paradox if this shit turns out to be true.

    • Wolfnrun

      …I have no idea… What SSJ Rose? What’s SSJ Blue? What does this do? what does it mean? I don’t know anymore =-P

  • Wolfnrun

    At first I thought zeno was pretty silly, re watching this… I think he’s pretty cute, I don’t get what “better friend” goku has in mind…I mean, he’s the best friend! So in other words, find him a friend to be friends with the 2 of them…why do I get the feeling gohan is going to be a canidate?

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

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    good god, those were the worst subtitles i’ve ever seen….most of the time it didn’t even make sense.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    apan is such a PERFECT country . No crime , no ghettos , no black people , awesome anime , homely
    feeling , freedom , beautiful architecture & great country side. God I wish my parents had immigrated to Japan instead of US .

    Only very few good areas in US … Never go the east coast , too many black and ghettos , and too many red neck cousin fuckers in the south … But West coast is great… California is GREAT , especially the bay area …

    Only thing I don’t like is , they kill whales and dolphins, that piss me off.. But the have great Animal welfare. Dogs and Cats have certain rights.. .Unlike China where all the gooks torture and eat cats and dogs …

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    Fuck everyone who hates DB Super. You’ve whined about it for 55 episodes and still won’t leave it the fuck alone. Are you guys mentally masochistic for sticking around for so long? Close the fucking page you fucking, despicable cunts.

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    Black = Goku fell on his head again and reverted back to an evil saiyan.

    /end discussion

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    i think goku is representing japan in the olympics

  • Get’em

    In the clip of next weeks episode it looks like Vegeta’s SSJB falls short of being formidable for Black. I doubt Goku’s SSJB is much stronger. So… do we see an improved SSJB+Kao-ken Goku, teamwork from the duo or SSJB Fusion to take on Black?

    Also, Zamasu could be Black…

    First, when Potara earrings are used for fusions two individuals become permanently one; except they are eaten by Super Buu where they can separate. There are two outcomes to fusions using the Potara Earrings. The superior being takes over or a new being is created.

    “If two non-equal beings combined, the superior one will be in control, as seen with the Old Kai. In the case of two equal beings, the fusion will form an entirely new being with a personality traits of both fusees.” – DBZ Wiki

    This would explain why Zamasu looks more like Goku. Goku is definitely superior in fighting prowess. When Goku sparred against Zamasu he, Goku, was already God-like in comparison. I can only assume Goku continued to train, fight and hone his skills until death transforming into SSJ Rose before dying from heart virus. A side note… There is no way Black was able to go through all of the SSJ transformations to become SSJ Rose, a level greater than SSJ Blue, in that short of time. With all of the training Goku and Vegeta have completed to arrive at there current level. Nah. Not happening. This is why I believe Goku was SSJ Rose when he died and Black finally figured out how to use the body properly.

    Second, if Zamasu stole Goku’s body when it was without a consciousness there is no influence of Goku’s personality traits. It was the perfect vessel, empty and unmatched in strength. Thus all the thoughts of Black would be Zamasu’s own. With there being a cure for the heart virus Black does not succumb and uses the body forever.

    Lastly, only a Supreme Kais can use the time-rings. If all Supreme Kai’s have green colored Potara earrings Zamasu would need to become a Supreme Kai or dun, dun, duuuun…. kill a Supreme Kai to obtain the Green Potara needed for time travel. At what point in time after Goku fought Zamasu did he become a Supreme Kai? Or did he off Gowasu?

  • fallacies

    figured that absolutely nothing would happen…

  • Anthony Tran

    So… If by some godly chance that Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, how freaking strong would that be?

  • Amit Garg

    I think… after 2-3 episodes in future, Goku will press the button given by Zeno-sama. And Zeno-sama will appear in the future timeline… then after god knows what happen!

  • king tut

    dbz superIS the olympics my nigga,bring back toonami btw,

  • king tut

    i believe those earrings black wearing making him absorb power ..

  • king tut

    i also believe that trunks and gohan when turned into super saiyan god form their hair and aura will be green because they half human half saiyan ..

  • Fallen Angel

    damn freaking olympic that delay 2 episode of dragon ball super 🙁

  • Fallen Angel

    tbh zeno will be a new friend of goku like king kai for sure

  • king

    who agrees they should bring broly in this

    • O.H. X-1990

      Broly is dead, dummy, plus he’s non-canon, so don’t get your hopes up.

  • Bardock the great

    The friend will probably be piccolo. Hopefully Zeno chan can train the crap out of him!

  • Callum Reilly

    I don’t understand what they said about if a supreme kai dies, the god of destruction will too? Didn’t Buu kill the other supreme kais? Or was they normal Kais and Dakaiyo was the grand Kai?

  • sodonewiththis

    Oh my god who the hell translated this garbage grammar. Jesus christ…

  • Fred

    Some of my theories:
    Zamasu might have known the “body exchange” technique.
    Zeno-sama might show up in the future, with goku pressing the button..
    Fusion of goku and vegeta with SS Blue.

    [just theories bcoz dragon ball super is very hard to predict.]

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    How did the Supreme Kai and the other guy split back apart? I thought they were fused with pottera earrings???

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    So it looks like Black Goku absorbs energies….great, another Majinn Buu.

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    Guys you remember when gawasu said that some idiot messed up the time thing, was he talking about future trunks or black goku lmao im not sure which one

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    awesome episode loved it !

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    who translated this? its awful, just awful. and goku what happened? you used to be so cool, i get it this show is aimed at a younger audience in japan, but look at z compared to s, goku’s brain reverted to full retard, except when fighting. i’ll still watch the show though, just disappointed a little at the show’s direction, thought it would get a little more serious, but no, no its not.

    • the snot

      oh and please stop making vegeta look like a bioch. thank you

    • Dex Aurora

      I was thinking the same thing about goku. It’s like he’s just as dumb as the abridged goku.

  • OGDragonballfan

    *sees the ending* BULLSH-

  • Apostolos

    Why don’t they just post all the episodes of the season then have a 3 weeks break between each season? It’s annoying waiting a whole week for 19 minutes episode (if you skip intro outro and commercial break)

  • Wolfnrun

    I do not know how accurate the translations are, but I think goku is going to accidently press the button in the future while fighting black, then when he comes he will start off confused, then realise that there is a problem that he has to handle

  • MartySoGrizzly

    Is it possible that Black is an android? He is definitely getting stronger while in battle kind of like Super 17. If so that’s kind of lame, the whole stealing power, absorbing people for power has ran its course. And I’m still confused and how the theory of someone taking Gokus dead body come about, Where did that come from?

  • Mike N

    The Japanese Goku is really annoying. I gave them slack for having women always voice strong men, but how stupid he is, even though he’s about 40-50 years old at this point…irks me.

  • Obama_IndebtedUs$40k=$13T/330M

    I swear, if I have to watch Zamasu make tea one more time…..

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    So I wonder what the excuse will be not to air the next episode this week.

  • Cameron Parris

    Anybody know when 55 is going to be available?

  • Super Saiyan Blue

    Super Saiyan Rose….
    what in the world…
    Dragon Ball Super is like Oprah…handing out new super saiyan forms.

  • http://amindenes.blog.hu amindenes.blog.hu

    -when is the next coming?
    -4 hour on the counter
    -is it done?
    -6 more hour
    -2 more day

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    Toei is banging down on these episodes fam.

  • Tina

    Toei is really cracking down on these episodes now.

  • Patrick James

    Iam sorry, i lost track! When whis says that the universe pairs should add up to 13, the concept ought to be the same for the destroyed universes by the omni king as well..
    Would any universe from the 13th one onwards have had a pair? if so, then how could they add up to 13 and how could whis be wrong then??
    Any Explanations people!!

  • Sohail Hamza

    episode 55 and 56 was amazing.I CANNOT HOW MUCH EXITING WILL NEXT EPISODE will be

  • Shmiptonamo

    Okay, serious question time: Why is it that translators for subbed animes are such inconsistent schmucks? I notice it more and more in general, for this case though it was when goku falls out of time ship and remarks abot being sick and Vegeta goes ‘Act your age!’ Like, I really don’t know Japanese at all, but I seriously doubt that THAT was the most immediate translation of ” gaki ka” or whatever 2 syllable phrase Vegeta replied with. Would it kill translators to actually JUST translate? Its kind of important to retain what was actually said sometimes. Even if it is DBS

    • Larkspur94

      he basically said. “brat?” with the question in there. since he was stating it at goku, it would be better to translate as “you a brat?” politer way would be “you a child?”
      they just decided to polish it into a better phasing i guess. but i agree with you. i’d prefer them to translate better.
      it’s like with this whole “ningen” thing. they aren’t saying humans. they are saying mortals. do they even watch the context the word is being applied to before they translate?

  • Tyler Albert

    bring goten

  • tompiong

    danm , for some reason i got nervous watching goku speaks with king of all lol

  • Luke Sutherland

    So that evil Kai guy definitely used the green earrings to fuse into one being with future Goku and become Black Goku right?