Dragon Ball Super episode 53 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 53 : “Expose Black’s True Identity!”


  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings
    • Ultrablazer

      Mystic Gohan is the mascot lol

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

        Mystic Gohan, Blue in future trunks and bulma hair. Super Saiyan Blue Team

        • bowss

          instinct, gold/yellow, goku vegeta etc

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

            ikr but ssb is strong and mystic gohan. SO TeamMystic is strong

    • Prismaltic

      Mystic or Instinct? Gonna choose depending on reply’s.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

        Mystic Gohan, Blue in future trunks and bulma hair. Super Saiyan Blue Team.

        Well There ssjgssj is blue strongest. Pick Mystic

      • Zedenin


      • butts69


      • Callum Reilly


    • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

      which team has little girls ?

  • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

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    • Prismaltic

      Medium rare pepe’s.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

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      • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

        Fuck yourself you degenerate. Anyone who believes all races are equally deserves to be massacred along with gay people

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

          We don’t gay, even my friend, and family.

        • Blake Anthony

          all race aren’t exactly equal, but saying those words poses a threat, but.. your word changes nothing. except the fact that everyone thinks you’re an asswipe or just a lonely attention seeking whore.

          • Zer0Gravity

            guess what ? there are black people on this planet. and if you dont like them then commit fucking suicide because they are not gone. you motherfucking racist bitch

          • Bobby

            Well stated.

          • http://www.slickzamsterdam.com/ Slickz Amsterdam

            Yes, I agree all race aren’t exactly equal.

            “blacks” do not have the neanderthale gene whereas caucasians do which suggests that we are a different species biologically. Caucassians are literally a neanderthale/human hybrid & “blacks” who do not have caucasian/asian ancestors are humans. “whites” have a mutation which results into blue/green eyes. It’s actually a lack of colour because Eye colour is determined by pigments in the part of your iris called the stroma, and if there is a tiny amount of pigment there or none, eyes will appear blue. If there is sufficient pigment eyes are brown. The gene that mutated is OCA2, and it controls melanin which caucassians lack or have none. “blacks” absorb sunlight/energy due to eumelanin and neuromelanin whereas “whites” have no or lack melanin which causes you to reflect sunlight/energy and leaves you unprotected against UV rays which causes mutations in your DNA leading to skin cancer, sunburn etc.

          • Umictai

            I think we’re talking about equal rights here..

          • Callum Reilly

            The subject evolved

          • 9etherthe6isweaker

            wow i thought i was the only persOn who reads …put sum respeck om @[email protected]:disqus

          • Callum Reilly

            Daaamn, those dumb fuckers just got scienced!

          • Nye Bill, the guy scientist

            we can’t be a different spiecies because cross-spiecies reproduction doesnt work, and if it does (ie. mule, male liger/tigon), then the products are not fertile.

          • Bobby

            All races ARE equal. It’s called the “human race”

        • Bobby

          And you’ll be the first to die bitch.

        • Leon Koopmans

          Damn well luckely for al the ”blacks” and the ”gay’s” you watch DragonBall so you’re probably not really dangerous, just mad at you’re mama because she wants her 46 y.o. son to move out of the basement were he eat’s a year suply of food every single day….

        • Goku

          Fuck you dude, just because someone a different color of skin doesnt mean they should fucking die, all people are fucking equal, it doesnt fucking matter if they are a fucking different color of skin.

        • kogee snypa


    • whobitchthisis420

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    • SSJ Prowler

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    • sburns015

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    • Bobby

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    • roster r

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  • 8bitretro 69

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    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

      You’re such racist guy, gtfo. anyone can get in here. Doesn’t matter skin. You’re are stupid racist. Don’t comment or get out. Keep your mind.

      • SSJ Prowler

        This guy is trolling and you’re feeding the troll. I used to do this crap when I was a kid because I was stupid.

    • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

      Yes my friend. Fuck all races except whites

      • Bobby

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      • Shamsuddin Lehri

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      • roster r

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      • roster r

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      • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

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    • Jack

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    • Blake Anthony

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      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings


    • whobitchthisis420

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    • Meat Boy

      attention seeking bitch.

    • bunyonb

      LMAO this trolling is hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    No episode on July 24th people. This airs on July 31st, two weeks from today.

    • anonymous

      happy early birthday

  • “L”

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    • Bobby

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    • Callum Reilly

      People shouldn’t be paying attention to you. It may be that you are projecting your problems onto other people because you may have been bullied, excluded, or otherwise discriminated against. Be a tad more empathetic, ok? Although the chances are that you’re just a cunt who is doing this for a rise, or just the sake of being a shithead.

      • “L”

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    • Keshaun Johnson

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  • Isaiah Halloway

    so much racism in these comments

  • Aidan

    Please don’t be racist your being a bad example to kids who watch dbs and i’m a kid I’m 13 have some responsibility and pride. Is Dragonball super episode 53 coming out this Sunday or next Sunday because it says that dbs episode 53 is coming live in 5 days I’m quite confused

    • SSJYamcha

      Its coming next sunday. 😛

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

      Agreed, I’m 12. Everyone are equal, and they shouldn’t racist to brown people or muslim people. I’ve hope that mod will banned they, as soon.

      • Julian

        Did you use google translate ?

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

          No, Julian

          • Julian

            That english of yours gave me cancer…

          • Frank Heart

            He’s 12 get over it,
            and “That english of yours” is an improper statement.
            Also, you forgot to capitalize English.
            Think before you attack. In fact.
            “If you judge people, you have no time to love them” – MT

          • Terrance Flatt

            Do you have 2 gay dads or something? For such a young child you have a mighty high and undignified look down on others. Let them say what they wish, it’s called freedom of expression. “English” doesn’t need to be capitalized, also it’s not an improper statement at all. If ANYTHING it’s slang, which is recognized by grammar and Webster. So chill the fuck out and watch the show. Also, try not to start your comment with something about anti-racism, unless you wish to fuel a debate or who skin color matters more. Pro-tip; nobodies. Our lineage can be traced back millions of years ago to one black african native woman. Look it up, then chew on that while you’re worried about what other people say. Racism only exists because people push it to. If they didn’t the U.S. having a black president wouldn’t matter a single bit. Nor a female one.

          • NotAnOnlineRageNub

            “If ANYTHING it’s slang, which is recognized by grammar and Webster.”

            More what we call colloquialisms.

          • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

            That’s rich coming from someone who made three mistakes in a small sentence.

      • Mi GG

        you are 12 so you are young and you don’t know real life. You might be not racist and it is excellent but what would you do i muslims or blacks will become racists towards you? Your complaints will be thrown into wind then

        • ry

          their young and innocent man the purest of us all. should try to keep it that way

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

          Muslim is peaceful religion, alot of them don’t racist. Infact I’m muslim, I’m not racist, Boy.

          • RZK_2000

            Islam is not a peaceful religion at all.

          • Noor Rowfiyar

            Nick family pack!!!!!

          • RocPacalypse

            You can say the same thing about Christianity

          • Me

            Are u fucking retarded?
            Islam religion iš against hurting and killing, so only the Ones that are not islam are not peaceful

          • NotAnOnlineRageNub

            Islam directly promotes killing of gays of apostates. It’s not peaceful AT ALL. Neither are the other Abrahamic Religions but Islam is the WORST and is a peace of shit. Case and point – Call Mohammad a pedophile and/or draw him and see how “peaceful” Islam is.

          • The devil

            So does Christianity but hey my belief is better than yours.
            Religion has no race but victims
            Not religious at all

          • ad

            i stay in a muslim colony and they are the worst. i would ignore the fact that in their reigion the rape victum is charged guilty and is raped futher openly in streets to set an example or how a muslim guy could marry n number of times and divorce by saying talak 3 times. its a shithole honestly n they are in power just bcoz they found oil. I have met some good muslims as well but honestly they should simply change certain things that they do in name of religion.

          • Laqutis

            Many religions including Christianity are against any ‘outsiders’ anyone who is different including Homosexuality, but in modern society it’s mostly only the primitive cultures promoting prejudice. It’s not that Islam is bad, it’s that the main societies worshiping Islam are in a bad place, so the extremes of the religion are more likely to pop up. If the situation was reversed and Christianity was prominent in 3rd world countries, you might see ‘terrorist’ interpreters of Christianity.

          • John Smith

            It also supports stoning women to death that were raped and killing god’s enemies to get virgin pussy in heaven.

            What is your point? Do you actually know a damn thing about the religion?

          • OMGits 2RAW

            No religion is peacefull retards. Not a single one, other than prob budhist monks lol.

          • Ajay Veer Singh

            Go fuck Islam

          • Random


          • Christopher

            Muslims are a Religion of Peac-BOOM!

        • Gray

          all you guys are racist just because i few people who claim to be muslim do bad things dousnt mean the religion is bad

          • John Smith

            Well I’m 37 and did a 4 year bid for assault back in 2011. 2/3 people in prison in the US are black, 1/3 of them are Muslim. Not a single GD one of them claimed they were innocent. Blacks and Muslims ARE more likely to do terrible shit. That’s not racism that’s a FACT.

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkaHG3Pxcdo Booty Connoisseur✔✔✔

            you did 4 years for assault? so…you’re black?

          • Jeff

            Can’t you see his name is John Smith, clearly not black, lol.

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkaHG3Pxcdo Booty Connoisseur✔✔✔

            i know lol but he said 2/3 are black and 1/3 are muslim. so by his stats he’s saying there are no white people or that white people commit crimes.

          • John Smith

            so…you’re an idiot?

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkaHG3Pxcdo Booty Connoisseur✔✔✔

            so…you’re a fag

          • John Smith

            Yes, I’m a walking talking cigarette. If you really are black stop playing dumb. You know WTF I’m talking about. Don’t get my wrong man I don’t really give a fuck either way. There are some cool fucking brothers out there, a lot of them have done time or are doing time. I’m no angel myself, but lets be real here. It’s a cultural thing. Your typically white suburban family just doesn’t do that kind of shit. The only that do are typically pedos or some shit though.

        • SenoraTepin

          Agreed, you are still quite too young.When you’re much older, trust me your opinions will change….for better or worse. I’m a minority that grew up post Civil Rights era, in a very diverse city, in liberal California and learned to work (for the most part) with others of different backgrounds.

          But most of my views are now shaped by what is happening globally, and unfortunately, tribal mentality still exists among nations. It’s an instinct hardwired in our DNA, with the key purpose of preserving a culture and way of life from other foreign influences, especially ones that are autocratic in nature.

          I try to understand both perspectives. Sure, it’s very discreet not to voice your views in public for the sake of “political correctness,” but behind closed doors in the home, it’s a whole ‘nother story…..sadly. I will cut it short, but again, you still have alot of years to go before you realize how reality is.

      • Minasuh

        this racist pricks could learn much from ur kind good heart kids 🙂 keep going on im proud of u. stop racism we are one.

        • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

          i used to be a muslim like you then i discover our lord and savior Science !

      • God

        Muslim isn’t a race dude…so you can’t be “racist” towards them. I believe the word you’re looking for is “religious intolerant”.

      • Nadeem

        Your english teacher is overpaid.

    • 8bitretro 69

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      • Aidan


      • Callum Reilly


      • Jaki May

        Your profile picture tells me so much more about you than your words.

      • roster r

        Say that to a black person’s face I dare you.

        • John Smith

          Please do. It just shows how small minded the race really is. One word and you can set them off. It’s nice having control over the actions of others.

      • Keshaun Johnson

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    • ramzi150

      Im a kid and im 16 years old

      • dada lala

        where do you live?

        • ramzi150


      • Goku black

        Im a kid and im black

        • Jaki May

          Oh… I get it.

        • ramzi150


        • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

          MY NİGGA

          • SenoraTepin

            that wasn’t very nice 🙁

          • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

            …dude there is a differrent between “nigga” and “nigger” nigger used by raceist nigga used by black peaple to each other its basiclly mean “bro” so even if im white i just called you MY BRO do some research before you get triigerd my niggga

      • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

        …im 19 and im a baby….

        • ramzi150


          • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

            see how stupid its to call yourself kid when you are 16 !! imean you muslim peaple get married at age 16 go find a wife and job pls make daddy proud….what are you doing dont read this comment go find a wife now !

          • Fariz Al Hassyr

            ey dog, christians are dogs like u. Barking with no brain. Believing a statue, not a God. And believing that “ur god” can fuck like other human. LOL

          • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

            …im muslim….you stupid hoe LOL

    • Daddy_Juan

      You’re young and you don’t understand life yet, I’m 14 and I’ve been knowing this stuff for the longest, you have to get used to it. This isn’t a dream world.

  • Jack

    White people are sick in the head and love incest

    • Hunter

      You need to be behind bars dude

  • The Rock

    it smells fu**ing exciting

  • Alice Fateburn

    Oh shit

  • Manish Rampersad

    why we have to wait 1 week just for 1 episode..?

    • SSJ-Mad

      An article from Yibada reported
      that Fuji TV is undergoing a change in broadcast schedules, so “Dragon
      Ball” will just have to wait another Sunday before it can grace screens.

      • Manish Rampersad

        Hmmm ok

  • SSJ-Mad

    Ah i see we will have to wait another week for episode 53.

  • phantom dji

    Why Dragon Ball Super” episode 53 not airs

  • David

    My guess. In the next episode The elder Kaioshin Zamasu after finding out Son-Goku’s strength will use his Earrings to fuse with Son-Gokui, that’s how Goku-Black will be created (you remember dragonball z episodes where the supreme kaioshin gave Son-Goku earing to fuse with Vegeta)

  • Zardock

    Great, waiting 2 weeks after all the filler bs

  • Fuck dbz

    Fuck yall dbz creators made me wait a whole week then to find out that it got moved to next sunday yall can suck a dick cuz yall dong even care about yall fucking fans yall basically just told your whole fan base to fuck themselves

    • Mireek

      Youre obviously a small minded,frustrated no life nerd with no actual achievement in life if this is what ticks you off to the point where you have to throw such insults at people that actually gave us dragon ball back…they have a life too..and its obvius they would air it today if they could,but for some reason they cant..so stop your bitching and grow up..world isnt spinnin for you only.

    • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

      Fucking retard its not the DBZ creators that are doing it its Fuji TV. Just google it you fucking loser your probably some inferior nigger

      • roster r

        Why are you still here no one likes you at school everyone probably puts your ass in the trash can then when you get home you gotta sleep in the dog house.

      • kogee snypa


    • james

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      • james

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  • Chaivichit

    this week not have dragon ball but it coming next week

  • Chaivichit

    Someone know why this week not have dragon ball

  • Kangeki

    we should be thankful, at least it will still be release, rather than nothing.

  • Ryaan Massan

    I am a kid and I like dbs very much plz don’t do this again

  • Nicholas Perry

    I just seen episode 53 and its the bomb

  • Austin

    No ep this week?????????????????

    • Deads

      Rather depressing isnt it, specially with such a teaser for this episode. Now to wait even longer to find out who Black is. And i bet they wont even reveal it in episode 53.


    y is it takes 9 days for them to release this episode?

  • Shamsuddin Lehri

    last time i came here just 14hrs were remaining and now

    • SSJ-Mad

      its once a month now

  • zakgokuichigovegeta

    How come dbz super episode is on Sunday it was always uploaded today to watch

  • SSJ-Mad

    people! stop complaining, if anything complain about how almost everyone has bardock as their profile picture.

    • King_Childish

      hahahahah im weak so true

    • bobby

      I would have respected this comment if Bardock was in your profile picture.

      • bobby

        wait i didnt set up an account, bardock must just be the default profile if you dont set one up.

        • Sigh

          ^–im with sherlock holmes

          • ss


      • Super


    • Minasuh

      i wrote a comment as a guest and had automatically a bardok profile picture soo….
      i like it 😛

    • Help for the gokudama

      Fuck racist

      • Help for the gokudama


        • Help for the gokudama

          No yeah

          • Help for the gokudama


          • Help for the gokudama


    • ss

      its a bug if u put ur mouse on the image of some of the people with the picture it will dissapear

    • Shapokla

      Maybe its because bardock is one of the best characters in the whole franchise

      • Zardock

        True, Bardock coming back and reaching Super Saiyan God would be pretty awesome

    • not bardock

      not gonna overthrow frieza with that attitude

    • Nurul Eisha

      Mine has Bardock Profile picture lol

    • Supa say’in arceus 4 d biblurg

      I made an account but it was so vague I thought the page glitch and failed, later I try to make a new one but it told me I already made one confused I tried typing my usual pass word combos and fails when I click forgot pass word it brought me back here. So I’m confused to HOW THE F*** DOES THIS WORK

  • Tereek Lewis

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    • Zorawar Heisenberg

      Niggers and red necks should both kill one another … I’ll get the popcorn

  • Farhin Huque

    me too

  • shave

    some of u guys r messed up

  • King_Childish

    ok can someone tell me why theres a race war going on in the comment sections

    • Zeragnon

      my question exactly

    • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

      CUZ JEWS

    • Painis Cupcake

      Same, I thought people were better then this…

      • Ferdinand

        You’re just sheltered

        • Painis Cupcake

          Not at all, just thinking people are better than to cause a race war again.

          • Ferdinand

            It already began

    • Julie

      I have no clue. I was on this site a few weeks ago and there were multiple people throwing around the N world.

    • Emperor of Deserts

      New Gen DB fans are weird.

      • http://www.jaimeflor.com Jaime Flor

        Yeah, they are, probably because of the generation gap between the oldest of us. Dragon Ball has been around since 1984, which is older than Akira, which was the 1st genuine Japanese anime experience. I didn’t start watching it until the late 90’s.

        • Name

          Some people Like to ruin other peoples fun and be asshole, classic internet war stupid people…( now to wait for some to say some racist shit and insult because they mad…) WELL I’M WAITING!!!

    • ayylmao

      Easy to troll here since no moderators over the comment sections at all on this site

  • dada lala

    If it takes so long, I’m going to stop watching Dragon balls super for a year.


    im only 12 and im a nigger

  • Mario Satsias

    can anyone tell me the music at the beginning…

  • 8=======D


  • fuck


  • fuck niggers

    fuck niggers


    I’m soo glad there’s an option to ignore certain moronic trolls, get a life u lil chodes, comment like ppl not fkin retards.

  • qwerty

    Fuck you sister noob

  • Suika Nine

    You guys are so pathetic. complaining for a one week hiatus pfft, unlike you guys I have other anime to watch this season besides DBS.

    • us


      • Suika Nine

        Weaboos love Japan so much that they would overlook any faults Japan has or has had in the past *cough* rape of millions of asian women during WW2*cough*

      • Suika Nine

        no I’m not a weaboo. I actually love and am proud of my rich mexican culture.

  • Neymar Juniour

    I am half Saiyan and harf earthling..and i am 13 years old 🙂

  • Jaki May

    Hi, have a blessed day. Just wanted to say that to everybody 🙂

  • Mofiz

    Why do I always feel my braincells dying when I scroll down the comments here?

  • Lorebrarian

    Get rid of the fucking add over the video. I can’t click to maximize the screen. It’s also covering a large portion of the video.

    • froxl

      If you are living under a rock, i suggest you AdBlock


    Moderator needs to handle this situation, we’re all here for Anime, Dragon Ball Super all other side shit needs to stop

    • Laqutis

      Yeah there is legitimate porn pics being posted lol that and the racism stuff needs to be deleted.

  • https://youtu.be/I-A8TwsPqlk Kamesenin Butan

    Looks like 18 and Trunks would be a very good doujin…

  • Wolfnrun

    Who ever can clean-up the comment section, please do. Thank you

  • Loki311


  • ssjblackvegito

    Shut up stupid whites

  • ssjblackvegito

    Little bad piece of white standing shit

  • ssjblackvegito

    Yeah y’all know to stfu when I get here I’m the destructor of universe 6 so be polite when you little white shits comment on here

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Can we please get the [email protected] DUB ! For [email protected] sake, I’m tired of this shit .. DB is BIG thing in the west .. .PLEASE GET WORKING ON THE DUB YOU LAZY FUCKS !

  • K

    Remove the ad you fucktards

  • Suckmy1inch

    You are all fuckers

  • sk rahil

    Fuck Man i Cant Understand Anything Did Zamasu And Black Had Links or he will fuse with goku ???? comeon englsih dubbed im waiting

    • Dickhead

      Fuck your shit bro

      • sk rahil

        LOL Why ur angry ?

  • FatfuckerLarry

    Looks like trunks is gonna achieve SSB, also, i want to fuck android 18 anal style she is so sexy

    • Zorawar Heisenberg

      fucking loser creep jerks off to animated cartoons … faggot

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    I hate niggers , but Inbred white trash cousin fuckers are just as bad… Dirty hicks …

    • Mississippi over everbody

      You hate yourself. May god bless u

  • Lenilson

    Man, these people are debating religion here? C’mon guys, you’re better than this.

    • Zorawar Heisenberg

      Islam is a Cult
      Christianity is Cancer
      Hindooism is a joke
      Sikhism is BADASS { A OK }
      Buddhaism is a path to pure Nirvana [ A OK ]

  • Lenilson

    DOn’t get me wrong.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    What I don’t like about DB super

    1. Animation – Looks amuteurish and cheap .. It worked fine in the movies where they had a high budget but on these weekly episodes, it’s looks very bad, like some youtuber made it .. They should just go back to the old DBZ style, but make it like Kai , 4k HD .

    2. Goku – He’s too fucking childish , he’s always been a little goofy , but it’s unbearable here .. Too fucking childish …

    3. Vegeta – Went from a badass prince who worked in 400x gravity every day and was a ego maniac .
    Now he’s a bitch to whis and beerus .. Too fucking goofy ..

    4. Gohan – Nuff said

    5. Piccolo – they nerfed him too much , and he’s become just another Krillen against the likes of goku and the gods.

    6 – Comedy … Too much light hearted episodes … Would love to have a Cell type saga, where everyone is on edge and always training . Need a serious feel

    • Tonys Ansonī Misirgis

      First of all, they cant make dbz like old time, cause in old time dbz they were not drawing in computer thats why in the old times they were making like 30 episode per year , now 1 week dbs is off and everyone is bitching around, animation looks cheap cause i think they use 3D animation which is faster , 3d animation is great if you have the time to make perfect 3d modules so you can move the camera however you like, you do not need to drawn by hand the camera aspect. Now you are right about gohan, vegeta was a lil bit bitch weak even in buu saga they nerfed him so bad in compare to ssj3 goku and mystic gohan even gotenks ssj3

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        I like the NEW animation .. But only in the Movies , where it was perfect .. Here is looks like cheap plastic shit .. .Hand drawn DBZ although had some bad animation once in a while , didn’t take me out of the experience . and on Kai HD, it looks fucking perfect.

        • Tonys Ansonī Misirgis

          i’m telling you, you cant have a movie quality to a long series cause in movie they spent 5-8 months to draw an 1 hour and 30 minutes anime movie and another 3-4 months to render it, in basic episode they are spending around 3-4 days max to draw the episode and another day to put the sound so you can have it in time. Its all about time.

          • Simos Simos

            1.They should draw and make 50 episodes before they went on air.
            2.People have the rights to tell what they believe..You have no right to say noone can say anything ,except good things.This is “Χουντα”search and find what this means.
            3.Of course new graphics-animation sucks ! You have to compare it with old and you see, it sucks! I dont care for the reason, it is not my problem. I just telling what i think and what i see.
            4. I dont care that we are watching for free, this is not my problem, they can sue this site or the others sites. I really dont care
            5.The story is not so good.
            6. Goku and Vegeta is so childish. Gt was better

          • Tonys Ansonī Misirgis

            first of all i didnt say dont express your opinion i just said a specific way of thinking is stupid (watching free , crying over the internet) and your first comment doesnt make sense go search how much it cost 1 episode, they cant afford 6 episodes without get paid from the previous episodes. Secondly your 3rd answer is just stupid, 3d animation and new graphics are amazing and you can see that by watching the animated movies and in old animes they were making max 30 episode per year now db super did 1 week off and you all are bitching around., if you trust your opinion in only what you see then you have to start rethinking things. 4th comment What are you talking about watching something free(its like stealing from them) dont care about that, but being an asshole in a show, afterall is it okay? Whats wrong with you??.5th after DB the DB super has the best story, 6th Db super is meant for kids and not for adults while dbz was made for over 13 years old kids.

          • George

            1, completely agree!
            2, xalarwse ligo filaraki, tainia einai lol
            3, new animation isn’t bad, we are just nostalgic of what the older, more work put into it, animation looked like
            4, agree
            5, its being rushed, cant expect so much
            6, GT will never be better lol, Goku and Vegeta just havent hit a heavy arc yet like cell times or Buu. (Although its way overdue)

        • Tonys Ansonī Misirgis

          not mention that we are watching it for free so we are not helping the anime industry so i find it ridiculously stupid to bitch about animation, its like download movies from torrents and then complaining about the movies to the companies which film them.

        • Tykinesis

          Everyone dissing this guy is a fanboy super sucks

        • neda2525

          I think the animation style they should use is probably the one in yo
          son goku and his friends return

    • Jay

      Animation – I thought it was bad early on, like in the beerus saga, but I think it’s been steady improving. I think the art is much more CONSISTENT than Z.

      I think Goku’s cool. There is a lot of humor with him, and i can dig that. I didn’t know he was quite so stupid lol but its cool.

      Vegeta: I mean, you’re talking about the Universe’s God of Destruction. On top of that you’re talking about the dude that TAUGHT the god of destruction. Remember in episode 16 when Vegeta planned to force Whis into training him but he said “its like a ki without a ki won’t let me even attack”. Vegeta knows that Whis and Beerus are entirely different beings. I think that speaks to how strong Whis is…he is so ridiculuous he made Vegeta willingly submit (no character has ever done that). Vegeta believes he can improve to handle Beerus, but he acknowledges that Whis is on a whole nother level.

      Gohan – yeah he’s a joke. Beerus, and Freeza nearly destroy his planet yet he has no interested in training to protect his family from future threats. Straight punk.

      Piccolo – Agree. he digs holes now with Krillin. pathetic.

      • Sunny Srivastava

        Watch Dragon Ball, that is called real comedy, this is not comedy, this is just ridiculousness.

      • gohansmybitch

        i like your points bro

    • SSJ-Mad

      Another thing to hate, is that DBS is ALL About Goku, they even went overboard with this whole Black Goku thing, its GOKU GOKU GOKU, Goku this and that, Akira Toriyama must know this. But i hope to watch the episode in finding out another Z fighter has some time to shine, even a few episodes, i think the only time they let other Z fighters shine is in the tournament but even then, all of them got beaten. Goku did get beat but he had more excitement to his battle than the rest of them.

      • CornMan

        Black Mr. Popo….. wait WHITE POPO!!

      • OMGits 2RAW

        Not it’s not. When it comes to fighting it’s vegeta and goku, however the other characters are fleshed out pretty well eventhough some we don’t like how they ended up like gohan. A ton of new interesting characters have also been introduced.

      • http://www.jaimeflor.com Jaime Flor

        I could see why you’d want more for the other characters. It sounds like you’re accustomed to DBZ, which was more balanced out. However, the original Dragon Ball was mostly about Goku to. Of course he had his friends & enemies, but most of them are still around as side characters. Also, future Trunks is starting to get a fair amount of face time, since he’s the 1 that brought Black Goku to the past. Although I’d like to think of it as a past in an alternate universe. Anyhow, Black Goku could just be Zamasu in the future. As for his appearance, I’m not sure, but we’ll eventually find that out.

    • Daniel Astorga

      Considering they are dealing with beings more powerful than mortals will ever be, how do you expect them to act or be perceived? But I do agree the rest of the characters like piccolo, gohan and such have been completely buried. Vegeta is just there to show how powerful a villian is so it gives credibility to the villians fight with Goku.

    • Helder Vicente

      Even if i agree with some of your points for example low quality animation… i only to tell you that if you dont like at all the serial just dont watch there might be people who like it and its not nice to keep complaining. or can you do better animation if you join DBsuper team ?

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

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          • Name

            Dude really? Who calls somene a potato? AND WTF IS WITH THIS NAME CALLING WHAT ARE WE 5? I respect your opinion I agree they fucked up stuff Goku, Vegeta, and everyone else and yea I wanna see more serious shit too.

          • Forpoke Mapapp

            From what I can tell, everyone here that uses derogatory terms excessively and for unrelatable reasons are uneducated individuals with an inferiority complex. We get it, you hide behind a keyboard with your smartass remarks because you can’t handle doing what you do online on discussion threads in the real world. It really is a sad way to live and I feel sorry for you more than I despise you.

          • Maishida

            Honestly, I respected him and agreed with his opinion but the racial insults is ignorant and very unnecessary.

          • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

            He called him potato because that’s his name, genius.

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          • Sunny Srivastava

            Nobody cares about Zorawar’s Opinions, cause it’s a pretty common opinion, DBS is complete shit compared to DBZ and DB, I’d even like DBGT compared to DBS. For the faggots who are gonna say ” if you don’t like, don’t watch”.
            Fuck off you cunts, precisely the reason I’m watching this on wednesday, couldn’t get myself to bear another 20 minutes of DBS, but I’ll watch it anyway cause I can bitches.

        • King_Childish

          whoah u didnt have to get racist on the mate

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          I completely agreed with you until you used an unnecessary racial insult.

      • SenoraTepin

        Actually, his opinion is quite informative. Please do not speak for everyone, especially those who might prefer to waste a bit of time curious about others’ assessment on an anime series.

      • DDroid45

        ?, I completely agree, dbs is good as shit if you ask me

        • Kai Bates

          everyone in this comment section = T R I G G E R E D

        • YL Fayez

          are u trying to get fucking dropped?

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        And who says anyone cares about your opinion? Your opinion ain’t gonna change shit either.

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      • Maishida

        You sound like an imbecile.

    • Deads

      Whis and Beerus are gods. If Vegeta was an ass to them non stop he wouldnt be alive by now.

    • Emperor of Deserts

      I can bear comedy, I have watched Dragon Ball. Despite future villains, the art style did seem childish. NOT saying Dragon Ball is always fun and games, but as of now, DBS is pretty much emitting those vibes. I’m okay with it. I don’t like DB being too edgy,

      With all these powerful foes, I could somewhat understand Goku’s goofy ass attitude. He can’t control himself knowing all these foes exist. In the end of the day, I guess it wouldn’t kill for him to be somewhat mature.

      Vegeta has always been receiving shit, I’m glad enough he had some shine on the Universe 6 tournament when he took out THREE of the members. He has his moments.

      Piccolo is one of my favorite DB characters. It does really suck that he isn’t getting any big spot lights.

      Gohan never had interest in battle to begin with, and being pissed of at his choices is just wrong….but currently, it doesn’t kill to squeeze in some time for sparring sessions with Piccolo. You don’t have to be a battle blockhead to train, protecting his family is the best motivation he has.

    • Zorawar Heisenberg

      Wow, you’re quite the dumbass, aren’t you?
      Don’t bother replying, I already blocked your dumbass, I don’t like talking to inbred hicks. ^^

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

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    • Ifrinpls

      Totally agree with this, specially Goku’s personality, he went from goofy to a fucking toddler.

    • Zardock

      As much as I like DBS and think it has a lot of potential, I think the reason all this stuff is so disappointing is cause it could be so much better, and a lot of things were ‘changed’ unnecessarily.

      1. Animation being amateurish I can deal with, if it had more fleshed out plots and actual adding to the story instead of the filler that is adding nothing to the story. No I am not saying constant action, I want more actual story instead of watching constant flashbacks, watching Pilaf and gang over and over, entire episodes of actual nothing happening at all, not even ‘side stories’ but entirely pointless events. An example of a good/decent side story was Future Trunks visiting present Gohan’s family, and Goku/Vegeta training at gods

      2. Goku – He developed into a more serious character toward the end of DBZ, while retaining a lot of his silliness. For some reason now in DBS that’s all erased and he’s just a child now.

      3. Vegeta – Vegeta wanting to train with Whis makes sense, but a lot his character is different now to add even more needless ‘comedy’ attempts

      4,5. This is the part I am dreading most about the future of DBS, we need to have more side characters that are actual useful: Gotenks, Future Trunks, Hit, other tournament fighters, or possibly even Gohan/Majin Buu need more involvement. If Goku and Vegeta are the only worthwhile ‘Z Fighters’ I’ll be seriously disappointed.Admittedly Dragon Ball Z had this problem sometimes, Piccolo, Androids, Goku saving everyone 9/10 times, Gohan becoming too weak toward Buu Saga, but it seems this aspect is becoming far potentially worse in DBS

      There have already been plenty of opportunities for Gotenks, Gohan, Majin Buu, even Piccolo to make comebacks, but they were wasted and these characters were shown to be too weak to be relevant anymore, which is seriously disappointing and a huge mistake. I am hoping they don’t make that same mistake with Future Trunks..

      6. I can handle the comedy, but it does feel exaggerated at times in this version of Dragon Ball (Super). Certain situations that shouldn’t even be funny have added comedy or jokes just for the sake of adding one.

    • ayylmao

      About 6. That time will come. This is still the first arcs of DBS

    • Heat2423

      In human psychology the older one is always better Because it’s been a part of you longer. We see this in sports a lot, the players from older eras are better and we tend to overlook greatness in the present because of that. DBS is a new adventure for Goku but yet people want it to be immediately like the cell games. I like DBS a lot actually are there things wrong with it? Sure there was things wrong with DBZ as well, like 7 filler episodes of goku doing the same push up before the story could continue but I still liked it in the end. They actually seemed to fix that problem of having to wait 2 months of filler episodes in DBS and cut it down a lot. Who didn’t think Beerus telling Zamasu fight at full potential or you’ll die wasn’t bad ass? DBS is great IMO I just think people are comparing an entire DBZ series from beginning to end to the opening of a new story which isn’t fair. If you compare the two openings subjectively DBS seems to be better, DBZ of course got better with each episode but so does DBS. Just my opinion.

    • Matt Lemons

      1. Agreed, but its improved since the horrific SSj3 superman in episode 5

      2. Arrogance/Ignorance, Goku mainly becomes serious when he thinks he needs to, due to his stupid amounts of power (thanks to SSj Blue), he likely doesn’t perceive Zamasu or black to be a real threat. thus just plays with them, to see how strong they were.

      3. Vegeta has indeed changed, I’m really i have no idea why. he has become more honourable than egoistic possibly with age, which a change we all dislike. The closest thing i can recall of Vegeta acting like his old self is when Super Human Vegeta was fighting goku. Vegeta’s stubborn Egostical recklessness, boundless arrogance and prideful was one of the reasons why he was my favourite character.

      4. Gohan has been useless since the end of the cell saga, he got a massive boost towards the end of the Buu saga, but that quickly deteriorated as quickly as he got it. Gohan did want to train again, mostly because his failure to protect his family against Freiza. But I doubt he will ever catch up enough to be a viable warrior any time soon.

      5. Piccolo was never Nerfed, knowing piccolo he has probably grown in power. how ever he never really received a boost since the Android saga, he could probably even take on Perfect Cell at this point. At least from my feel for him. Its hard to gauge his strength though, he was on Par with Frost, but Vegeta needed SSj to kill him, which he was seen later been completely immune to SSj3 Gotenks in his base form, the latter being stronger than Super Buu. IT come down to a simple rule. Power Levels are Bullshit. If it weren’t piccolo would logically be quite a bit stronger than Majiin Buu. Which still wouldn’t change anything because Majiin Buu is a dwarf compared to Goku/Vegeta. though for some reason, he is treated like Krillin.

      6. Comedy is quite weak, I chuckled a few times, but I don’t even remember what for(i think when goku had teleported into bulma bedroom by mistake and encountered herlf half naked). Plenty of Face palm at their attempt though, and I’m a person that can laugh at jokes reasonably easy. I’ll come back to the light hearted episodes. As for intensity and seriousness, that is present, but only in the episodes where trunks was in the future, for that I loved those ones as short lived they were. Trunks while not helpless against black , cannot defeat him, just how no warrior in the cell saga was capable of defeating Cell in the Cell saga, Majiin Buu in the Buu saga, Freiza in the Namek saga, even Nappa in the Sayain Saga.
      The reason no one is on edge in this saga is because

      1. Black isn’t present, he’s in the future, and not a immediate threat.
      2. Goku and Vegeta vastly out scale black by stupid amounts.
      3. Although black seem to only target mortals(which actually exclude goku and vegeta), there is the possibly of the even more stupidly strong Beerus stepping in to protect “his food”, though he did not do so in the Freiza II Saga.

      with the main characters being vastly Over Powered and black probably being weaker than Super Buu at this point(according to trunks where he struggled agaisnt Babidi, Dabura and the rest of them), the only one who seem on edge is FT, which as a Ssj2 would be being outclassed and having faced back first hand.

    • Zeebawb

      Holy crap stop bitching, its still a good series.

    • ultimatecurse

      how about the baby flying around and turning into a saiyan? They are ruining it.

    • Lulua Hamdani

      DBS was made to be about DB and DBZ “mixed” but it feels like nothing is happening until something does. What is good about it is that it brings a lot of the DB style into the show. But it
      could be a lot better.
      1. GOHAN
      2. All the untold questions – ex: Why don’t they have tails? Why is Pan and the group young again?
      3. All the Z Fighters are nothing now except for Goku and Vegeta and this sucks mainly because they relied on Goku and Vegenta to do the main fighters other than them trying or them training at all. Goten and Trunks could be stronger, although they train still. They train a lot and are still SS3 when in fusion. They should learn how to be stronger when not in fusion.
      4. There is a lot more but honestly I wish I wasn’t lazy like the Z fighters xD

    • Patrick

      You didnt even add trunks… not credible at all xd

      Tbh whatthehell did they do 2 trunks.. such a shame they ruined one of the dopest characters

    • Giio

      keep on complaning mate.. or try to make a better anime than this.. dont like it? simple, dont watch it then

    • Stephen Odom

      What annoys me are the discrepancies in the timeline and whatnot. Pilaf and crew didn’t wish to be kids until AFTER the cell saga which is way after Piccolo died in Future Trunks’ timeline, therefore they couldn’t have wished to be kids again. Therefore they should all be way older than Bulma.

      Gohan – nuff said (agreed)

      The entire idea of Beerus pretending what his face is stronger than Goku and/or Vegeta.

      Toriyama trying to consolidate multiverse theory (infinite timelines and whatnot) with their only being a set number of universes… you can’t have both.

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    Goku Rules !

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    Why is there a pop up ad on the screen when I try to load it?

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    I thin k that the yellow kai is black goku because they have the same earings

    • Lil Fury

      Also the yellow kai might have the same energy as well

  • The Truth

    Where are the subtitles?

  • MeoWoof

    krillin be like “Fuck i shouldn’t bring up the topic of family in front of trunks, he must not know my WIFE!!”

    • Leo Mingo

      Trunks knows about 18/19 android twins, it’s simply just bug

      • Spare Socks

        17/18 twins, moron

  • Leo Mingo

    Several reasons of why DBS is getting lamer
    Compared with the original version of DB/DBZ, DBS is lame, no doubt. The bad thing is it’s getting lamer and lamer. Some comment that it’s cool to have some emotional moments, right, but what is your defination of SOME?

    Plus, it constantly trys to endorse a bunch of humors/jokes which I personally feel no funny, and in the original DB characters got connected and had emotional time by FIGHTING and TRAINING together, not by chitchat or other plain stuff.

    Those who try to defy the truth have you ever really watched the original DB?

    P.S. not to mention other roles, just Goku, he is just a douchebag in this remade anime, Goku loves fighting, sure, Goku trains so hard, indeed,
    BUT is REAL Goku like begging powerful people everywhere to fight and even they say NO? No, he isn’t; is REAL Goku touching others’ bodies to feel their power without others’ permission just like a fag pervert?
    How often have you seen he train himself? I’d seen little, maybe a few trainings at the anime start —- The lazy makers forget the DB spirit, and so do you those who try to offend those who have complained…

    • Callum Reilly

      At least the fights don’t last 30 eps

  • dude dudington

    bardock was here…

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  • Leo Mingo

    Several reasons of why DBS is getting lamer
    Compared with the original version of DB/DBZ, DBS is lame, no doubt. The bad thing is it’s getting lamer and lamer. Some comment that it’s cool to have some emotional moments, right, but what is your defination of SOME?

    Plus, it constantly trys to endorse a bunch of humors/jokes which I personally feel no funny, and in the original DB characters got connected and had emotional time by FIGHTING and TRAINING together, not by chitchat or other plain stuff.

    Those who try to defy the truth have you ever really watched the original DB?

    P.S. not to mention other roles, just Goku, he is just a douchebag in this remade anime, Goku loves fighting, sure, Goku trains so hard, indeed,
    BUT is REAL Goku like begging powerful people everywhere to fight and even they say NO? No, he isn’t; is REAL Goku touching others’ bodies to feel their power without others’ permission just like a fag pervert?
    How often have you seen he train himself? I’d seen little, maybe a few trainings at the anime start —- The lazy makers forget the DB spirit, and so do you those who try to offend those who have complained…

    • Spare Socks

      Lol whut? Have you SEEN Dragonball? It wasn’t nonstop fighting. There were comedic moments and times where there were no major conflict or training involved. Plus Toriyama stated he likes comedic stuff because he feels that all action and nothing else would be boring.

  • Allen Xie

    And I swear to god Black’s voice is the exact same as Takumi in Initial D.

    • Takumi

      haha i was rewatching 4th stage while reading your comment

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    I frackin hate the intro dialogue that is right after the theme song. It honestly sounds like the thing says, “Ouh What up goku?” And well, sorry to be rude. But it also sounds like these fools have trouble speaking Their own language. Like They’re struggling to peform words & complete sentences. It just sounds horrifically bad. I wonder how they understand each other. There’s no structure, the sound serves only to ripple every fragment of my brain down to the atom. Thus turning what was once my brain, into scrambled eggs

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    YES GOKU YOUR THE BEST I KNEW HE CAN WIN IF HE GOES SSJ3 OR SSJB 1 shoot And zamoth_san is death Boy 1 hour for subbed anyways ill watch it subbed so i understand

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      I which if i can be goku or bardock both of them are amazing Wait ITS CUZ IM GOKU HAAAAAA (Ali Goes SSJB X10 And fight Beerus )

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    So.. Zamasu poisons the other Kaio, get the ring and becomes Black.

  • The_Mysterious_X

    It bugs me so much that the Kaioshins keep calling Son a human, both Beerus and Whis said he was a Saiyan! Minor things, ya know?

    • wewew

      human form with a saiyan blood

    • Monteiro

      Dig more on the concept of human in DBZ series, since it has a more broad meaning, explained in some YT channels.

  • Junrong Lim


  • John7532

    So essentially this encounter is the reason black goku is created?

    • John7532

      the hate is zamasu deepens and has a reason to become black.

  • Tonys Ansonī Misirgis

    guys is zamasu black goku or not?? cause they said they have similar ki not the same with black goku and even whis said its more possible to be black not that he is black

    • Roni Uchiha

      thats cuz Black Goku is the zamasu from future. zamasu ki probably evolved a bit in future.

      • Tonys Ansonī Misirgis

        in dbz i believe every character has his own special ki, they can increase their energy (ki) not change they way it feels

    • Monteiro

      I think is Zamasu mixed up with someone… maybe the elder kai, since the elder has the same potara of Black.

  • Deads

    Said it dozen times before. Black is some guy that took Goku’s body and this kinda confirms it.
    Zamasu hates the humans and wants to eradicate them, for some reason he took Goku’s body to do this. Goku is dead so i guess a Kaioshin can take this shell.
    But why take another body? To keep his identity safe? Nah, people can sense his Ki like Whis did.

    That their Ki is slightly diffrent might be cause they now met the current Zamasu and Black is Zamasu from the future.
    Or maybe Zamasu isnt Black but is controlling Goku’s dead shell of a body, while he is still on the sacred world.

    • Freeza

      u right

  • Neymar Juniour

    Waiting like almost 1 week…just for this..

  • Freeza

    atome…… zamasu is black goku… .. belive that and trunks gonna beat hell outa him” as he is getting traing frm vegeta…# i will back and kill all

  • Freeza

    black goku cant do anything i will back

  • John7532

    lol if this encounter never happened their wouldn’t be a black goku being used.

  • John7532

    They are going to pay for not taking out the enemy sooner just like past dbz sagas before.

  • Paul

    So where is that identity? Only someone’s ki is similar but not the same and that’s all.

    • John7532

      pretty sure its zamasu.

  • Ricky

    Subtitles are taking a while. Getting so anxious… c’mon!!

  • the saiyan prince

    I get butterflies every time i see vegeta

    looks like this wouldve set zamasu to control black 17 + years down the line
    his despite for humans turns into animosity

    but he could manipulate time so not sure if its goku black currently or the character development of goku blacks controller

    notice how the other dude has the same earrings as black he may have taken it from him forcefully after he assumes the role of kaishin

    these are just wild thoughts and since im thinking far fetched ideas

    wouldnt it be amazing if vegeta drives trunks to become super saiyan white

    or atleast a stronger form than he is now

    and i think this is going to spill into the tournament
    and that will draw the zeno dude into it

  • John7532

    Zamasu is going to take the time ring. It’s 4 others that will go to goku, trunks, vegeta, and someone else.

  • John7532

    Gomasu has the same potara ring as Black.

  • the saiyan prince

    p.s. zamasu is training to become a kaioshin right but perhaps will become engulfed by evil intentions and becomes a makaioshin and that might change his ki to be exactly what blacks was

    notice he was surprised about the ring, that might also be another driving factor to become his evil form or do whatever black does now and think that he could get away with… call me crazy but you must justify your assertion or claim

  • Rishav Kumar

    how can i download the episode on my hard disk….in any resolution i want to !!
    plzz sm1 tell me

    • Dave

      You can download Ummy Video Downloader and download it from Youtube at any resolution or there might be other ways

      • Rishav Kumar

        its not there on youtube yet in english subs !!
        this website is showing that links will be available after some time….don’t know after how many hours !!

  • brsgrsy

    this episode was great

  • omni

    zamasu is black

  • Miduk ystani

    it’s a pressure to meet ya ::D::D:D:D
    omfg i just love these embarrasing funny and stupid scenes in anime, i always end up throwing my headphones out of my ears and run and jump into my bed head first into my pillow 😀

  • omni

    Zamasu pissed of by goku kills his master kaioshin steals time ring goes to universe 7 (which is originally trunks timeline) and realizes goku is already dead and takes his body and kills every fucking human for goku pissing him off in the past.

    • the saiyan prince

      something just occured to me … can kaioshins travel to different universes ?

    • Thatsmybulma

      i think its gonna be more like “the evil in his heart” comes out and takes over sorta how Buu split, or something like that. There’s that scene in the intro where we see this Kai drop like he was assassinated or something, so I bet he doesnt just turn evil without something happening to him.

    • Dave

      This Zamasu or Future Trunks’ Zamasu?

      • Aditya

        something just occured to me black goku said that he killed humans for justice or something like that and this zamasu guy said in the beggining that the kais should bring an end to the humans because of their repeated foolish mistakes

        • the saiyan prince

          you were definitely paying attention
          so i thought this is where he begins to make some serious change

    • Monteiro

      Instead of just killing the elder kaioshin, I think he will fuse with him or do something else, since Black’s earring is the same as the elder and his ki isn’t entirely like Zamasu’s.

  • Mark Canlas

    well goku met that green kaio in the present, and now this green guy is full of hatred towards humanity because of Goku, which leads him to become black in the future. bla bla i think so lol

    • Dave

      But he’s from Future Trunks’ future, in that timeline Goku never met him

      • Sascha Bergsma

        But Black has a time ring, with which he could go to Future Trunks timeline. Right?

        • Mike

          Wish we had more information on the Time Rings. I was under the impression that only the cubes could travel between universes. Maybe Zamasu straight up jacked it from that universe’s God of Destruction and Mentor to go on a killing spree of every universe’s respective human race.

          Kind of funny how Universe 10 has humans though, when only 6 and 7 are supposed to be counterparts of each other. Every universe ‘pairing’ after that is supposed to be dramatically different, but I guess the races can be the same. Whatever they want.

  • Dave

    Has anyone thought that Black might be the Zamasu from Universe 3?

  • C Slavo

    its a fuckin race war and it got me dead af

  • Dawid

    so in the next episode Zamasu will use Time rings and Fuse with Goku, that’s how Black Goku will be crated …its obvious

  • Deeznutzgotem

    Okay I have a theory. Future Zamasu trained with the elder and mastered his training and decided to take or steal the time ring to attack the human race in future trunks timeline to exterminate human beings because of his hatred for them. Zamasu in the current time line just met Goku for the first time, still with hatred towards human, you recall towards the end of the episode he stated ” I will never forget you Goku” with a salty look on his face and the older kai told him to know your place because to destroy the humans was the “god of destruction” job. Anyways Zamasu from the future never met Goku so he never learn how to act around humans and he definitely wanted to exterminate humans as soon as he finished his training. Now you remember when Goku Black fought Goku and how began to learned to emanate his fighting style from Goku fighting him. Because Trunks went back in the past, I also think both past and future had an effect on each other which made something happen but we have to watch more to figure out what happen.

  • JD

    Why does Super have to make all the characters into such buffoons? Goku wasn’t half this stupid in DBZ.

    • Carl

      More of a comedic take.

    • Stu$$y

      Rewatch DBZ, Goku was just as stupid. You’re probably forgetting all the shit that goes down inbetween the major fights and arcs since DBZ hasn’t aired in the longest time on TV.

    • Jason Brody

      Goku has always been a goofball. You’ve probably just gotten used to his more serious side when the fate of the world is at stake. But when Goku is home with family and friends he’s a natural fool thats why even in DBZ Vegeta used to call him a clown, because Goku’s goofy nature makes him very un-saiyan like.

  • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

    …i call my black friends nigga cuz it makes me feel like a gansta…got puched by a black radom guy……after that i almost killed him poor guy is in coma….selfdefence..not gonna say that shit anymore but i want to say the n word with my niggas cuz my niggas find it funny not like other niggas

    • Andrew Yang

      Same dude… same

      • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

        tell me your story Andrew-kun

    • Jason Brody

      Some people might think your comment is ignorant, but that’s only because they dont know what it really means to be a real nigga. When black people call each other nigga all we really saying is bro lol

      • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

        if this site had a “add friend” button i would have 1 more nigga there is a diffence between niggier and nigga peaple are stupid to think its same right my nigga ?

    • OMGits 2RAW

      Nice troll.

      • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

        but i do call my niggas nigga

    • Keshaun Johnson

      Get off on bruh

      • Erdoğan-hirsiz-sadist-köpek Ve

        my nigga calm down why shoud i ge off ? inever even talked to you YOU should get off my nigga no you are not my nigga my niggas are chill guys you are just a….nigga

  • Mozil

    Really like where this series is going. Beerus and Whis are such strong characters. Dragonball Z has always been about Goku and Vegeta. I don’t get the complaining on this series. Krillin, Tien, Yamcha and all of those characters werent even relevant in late DBZ anymore. Its impossible for Piccolo to catch up with the gods such as Vegeta and Goku. I don’t mind this. I would love to see Trunks, Goten and Pan grow up to be as strong as future Trunks is now and maybe even stronger. I don’t like the fact that Gohan has chosen for his study and quit fighting. I wanted him to be a great fighter, but hopefully someone else steps up in the future. (Trunks, Goten, Pan).

    With Goku and Vegeta having god powers, this opens up a whole new universe. New enemies like Hit and Zamasu (Black Goku). The core of the series is now Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Whis and Beerus and I like it.

  • blowjobs best


  • Jason Brody

    This saga reminds me a bit of the Cell saga all over again. Trunks already left a bad situation behind with the androids only to come to earth altering time which actually made things even worse. Now it’s the same with Black. He wasn’t that strong coming from the future but having actually met goku seemed to make future black even stronger. Now Goku has sparred with present black and he has a clear disgust for humans so there’s no telling how bad this could get. He also has some mysterious power thats yet to be explained. It seems almost like he absorbs energy and copies it, but thats just 1 theory.

  • Konoha the Wiper


  • nlowjob

    i wonder gohan going to become ssggss

    • ayami

      thats disgusting and inappropriate.

      • blowjob

        shut the fuck up i bet you be sucking to

        • king

          Who are these two actresses?

        • ayami

          No I don’t suck. That’s gross. And this is about super not sucking. Highly inappropriate where kids could see. Less sucking more.talking about DragonBall super instead. Grow up

  • Christian Anonymous

    I’m assuming that the Kaision Zamasu just got a massive hatred for Goku after this and stole the time rings. They are time rings, after all. Black Goku could’ve just been Kaioshin from the future, who ventured to the past, to destroy humans, and the one we see now is the present Zamasu. I’m not really sure how it myself, but i feel like it’s something like that, Black IS Zamasu, but from another period in time.

  • Jose Gabriel Siles

    Lol, anyone noticed how the time space gyroscope looks exactly like a flux capacitor from back to the future?

  • Firman

    i think that zamatsu guy is evil too like black. both of them evil

  • Chris Clipner

    i hate the stuff with mai and trunks. the whole pilaf thing is really lame. But i like Goku and Beerus’ relationship. I started busting up when Beerus tripped Goku and told him to stay put

  • Gogeta2131

    lmao that episode was hillouras

    oh and plus if you hate dbs Just leave it alone

    and if you hate it don’t watch it!!!!!

  • HaiThereMan

    Translated by batman? BATMAN? FUCKING BATMAN?

  • Sniber

    Goku is so totally pure and innocent. Love him 🙂 Also Beerus sama is funny. I used to dislike him at first because he was an asshole but now he is a good and funny guy 🙂 Such light hearted things make Dragon Ball Super Unique in the Dragonball franchise. I like it.

  • Shinobu

    Ok can people really stfu about racist and politics under DBS comment section wth.

    I dont know how I feel about waiting 2 weeks for this episode. Zamasu seems like a my good friend shinobu sensui in yuyu hakusho….hating human beings. I dont know how i feel about that in dbs tho it has to grow on me as the antagonist. Feel like something else is missing. As for the animation.. I think its great only if they would include the rigorous training and the dramatic powerups and dramatic music to go along with it. that is what madeDBZ great. Now they kinda skip all pass that. Vegeta had a moment went he powered up at the universe tournament but even then it can’t be compared to his final flash against cell.
    Speaking of Vegeta. I think vegeta is awesome. people want to see him the old way. I like this new vegeta better. his character has developed more. him and goku are a team no doubt when they need to be when they are not they are friends and rivals still. vegeta never underestimate goku now which is a step up for him. and besides goku using KOK they are practically equals in power. His side is still at a all time high.
    Gohan……………..i really feel like gohan will make a comeback somehow……i think they laid off him cause gohan powers leaps better than anyone I think that if he would’ve continued to train that he would be on par with goku and vegeta. and you have to find the right story to a make someone as strong as 3 powerful saiyans. BUT they didn’t have to make him soooooo weak! right now he is not even a fighter but i hope something is waiting on him in the future where he starts training again.

    Piccolo knows when his power won’t make a difference…ever since beerus appeared he has been on hush mode and he always had some type of restraint against deities maybe the kami inside of him.
    They need to be more serious with goten and kid trunks….. Its so funny how they are the youngest super saiyans ever but they have not done any advancements with their powers other than fusing together….. If not gohan i would like to see trunks and goten step up somehow… it make no sense to only have goku and vegeta the only powerful and relevant fighters(saiyans at that)… they’re should be a 1st 2nd and 3rd defense like the old days as well. Gohan goten and trunks get wiped out with Krillin and piccolo which makes no sense

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkaHG3Pxcdo Booty Connoisseur✔✔✔

    i wonder what chichi’s booty taste like

  • http://onixss.deviantart.com/gallery/ Onixs

    Why the people here love Bardock so much

    • http://myanimelist.net/profile/abdeabde7777 Abdou CH

      cause he’s a legend

  • Xman321

    Goku has learned to block the neck chop. Congrats.

    I liked this episode, though. Excited to see how Vegeta training Trunks will work out. Maybe we’ll get to see the Saiyan Trio again.

  • Ghost

    Yo watt a good episode fuk can’t wait to see Goku and Vegeta fuse Super Saiyan God

  • Gr0n

    my reaction

  • MeleeRXJ

    Was 18 flirting with Trunks? lol

  • Real Black Goku

    Goku this stupid is cringe and needs to be more serious this nigga is a grandad not a kid anymore

  • javier

    To everyone saying that if we don’t like this series the we should stop watching it, just shut up… Its not that easy considering DBZ was just too good and its most of us’s childhood. We don’t want it to be bad, we want it to be good, we are suffering with this garbage. Just like one of the bardocks stated in these comments: goku, vegeta, piccolo, animation and everything else just seems different and bad. I still have hope that this series would become a good one but as of right now, GT is way better.

    • Zardock

      The disappointing thing is they’re wasting a lot of good potential. The magic water arc was built up for weeks and then the fight ended in a 10 minute battle, Gotenks shown to be useless now, the tournament fighters are for the most part probably not going to be used much

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/abdeabde7777 Abdou CH

    From this episode it’s obvious that Zamasu is Black in the futur, i dunno why he got all this grudge for goku and humain or why he didnt know about the rings… but he’ll be the cause of the apparance of Black for sure

    • javier

      It doesn’t make sense because there was no goku in the first place to even cause this in that other timeline.. so I doubt that this is the reason of black’s appearance.. but then again DB has a lot of plotholes

      • the saiyan prince

        perhaps this is the goku that causes to occur in the future

      • http://myanimelist.net/profile/abdeabde7777 Abdou CH

        Maybe from another timeline, cause if there was no goku so how Black is created

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    What I don’t like about DB super

    1. Animation – Looks amuteurish and cheap .. It worked fine in the movies where they had a high budget but on these weekly episodes, it’s looks very bad, like some youtuber made it .. They should just go back to the old DBZ style, but make it like Kai , 4k HD .

    2. Goku – He’s too fucking childish , he’s always been a little goofy , but it’s unbearable here .. Too fucking childish …

    3. Vegeta – Went from a badass prince who worked in 400x gravity every day and was a ego maniac .
    Now he’s a bitch to whis and beerus .. Too fucking goofy ..

    4. Gohan – Nuff said

    5. Piccolo – they nerfed him too much , and he’s become just another Krillen against the likes of goku and the gods.

    6 – Comedy … Too much light hearted episodes … Would love to have a Cell type saga, where everyone is on edge and always training . Need a serious feel

    • Wolfnrun

      1. I think that was because of some legal stuff

      2. Agreed

      3. It’s funny but you make a fair point

      4. No point in explaining, we ALL know how we feel about that

      5. I wish it was more than just having lot’s ki, give him and ability like hit so he’s at least somewhat comaparble to other fighters. Poor piccolo, he shouldn’t be weak

      6. I could go with or with-out that

  • The Legendary Troll

    seems like they just dragging this along. its getting boring now. where is goku black? and i agree they need to put more focus on the other characters, bringing trunks back was a good idea but they arent carrying the storyline well. lets see gohan forced back to ssj2. lets see piccolo get a power boost somehow. lets get krillin and the others to not be so useless. i get gokus the main character but dont neglect the others to make him more powerful.

  • The Nigga

    I think that Zamasu is Black Goku. Heres some key points of evidence:
    1. Zamasu already had a distaste in the human race (which could be why black said he’d eradicate the human race for justice)
    2. After Goku fought Zamasu, Zamasu said that he wouldn’t forget Goku, which is why he chose Goku’s body and name to possess.
    3. Goku stated that Zamasu’s ki and Black’s Ki were similar but not identical. Goku also said that Zamasu had a lot of space for improvement.

    So here’s how I think it went down, Goku went to fight Zamasu (in this episode), kicked his ass, and went back with Beers and Whis. Zamasu was pissed off that Goku could beat him (as he thought Goku was human) so he took one of the time rings that he saw the yellow Kaioshin take out and went to possess Goku’s body in the altered timeline of Universe 7 with the possible help of the God of Destruction from Universe 10 as the Gods are the only ones that seem to be able to travel through universes. So, Goku set this all into motion

    • helloworld

      Well Goku, Beerus, and Whis all “set it in motion” since they all went there together.

  • http://universeshinobi.deviantart.com ✬Jumbo-Shrimp✬

    Oh wow, a Dragonball antagonist that actually has a bigger reasoning other than “I want to blow up/take over the Earth!!!”

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkaHG3Pxcdo Booty Connoisseur✔✔✔

    i have a theory who Goku Black is…I think Goku Black is Gowasu remember the tea? well i think Zamasu made an evil batch of tea after meeting Goku. not intentionally but remember in the beginning Gowasu said something about the tea being pure because Zamasu has a pure heart?

    • the saiyan prince

      Did..did you just think outside the box?
      I think i like that

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkaHG3Pxcdo Booty Connoisseur✔✔✔

        Lol noticed they put a lot of emphasis on the tea. When he made some at the end it was darker…BLACKER

  • Fuckyounigger

    Whoever put this site together i hope they get gang raped and there entire family/loved ones all get slaughtered in front of there face for there worthless stupidity with these fucking pop ups…

    • helloworld

      Adblock is an easy extension. I use uBlock Origin, but any one are good.

  • Carlos Andía

    *I agree with many, Goku is way too goofy and stupid now, and I hate the fact that Vegeta never saves the day! He must be the one that beats Black and saves goku and earth. Also Piccolo needs to be stronger!!!

  • davidmal


  • Name

    Great episode! WOOHOO! Zamasu or whatever better watch his ass for dissing humans! Hope goku gets the chance to kick his ass again or Vegeta! whatever very awesome episode I cant wait for ep 54!!!!!!

  • John Mandrake

    talk about taking the wrong message

    • Sam


  • Gallahad711 yea

    But Goku isn’t human anymore he is a god :/

  • Sam

    BATMAN translated this!!!!

  • John Lee


  • Fat Ducky

    Ugh I wish these videos were much longer. Theyre so fun to watch

  • Smith

    Did trunks fell in love with 18? lol

    • Wolfnrun

      No, I think he just realized that she’s more friendly then he thought she would be. Then he ran to his mom. I was a bit nervous when he was about to draw his sword on her

  • kibin

    where is vegeta in future trunks time line?
    is he dead?

    • Mike

      Yes. The androids basically killed every Z Fighter, except Goku, who got sick and died.

  • Jared

    Thus by going there they insured black goku would appear he wouldent if they hadnt showd up there.

  • bardock

    I think it’s obvious zamassu is black.His ki isn’t the same as black’s because he hasn’t become him yet.Remember that black is from the FUTURE.That means that zamassu travels to universe 7 to kill all the humans then goes back in time to kill goku.

  • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

    i’m disappointed in today’s episode yeah it was kinda funny. but i expected more fighting. and i want vegeta to have more sine time or fight scenes at least make him fight up against black. it doesn’t always have to be about goku yea he’s cool but so is vegeta i think vegeta is more cool then goku but that’s my opinion. #morevegeta and #morefightscenes lol

  • Speaking Bands

    I think that z guy is black and I think he destroyed the humans in universe 7’s future because of goku

  • DubL~D

    Not me, But hell, I’m just as bad.

  • paul

    its not working

  • Jonathan Shellcross

    can i just ask one question if u are going to drag the episodes then y take so long to release ??????

  • scott davis

    guys, anyone reminded of broly when watching the episode in which Pan goes up to the sky to see the stars ? man i got goosebumps and flashbacks of the scene baby broly saved his dad from the destruction. Cheers 🙂

  • super

    so, black is zamasu, who would have thought…. well i’ll tell you who…. I AM!!!!!

  • Captain America Pantheon

    holy shit this show is horrible.

  • bunyonb

    The comments section here is like a bathroom wall. Wtf?

  • Wolfnrun

    Why is goku being such a jerk? It makes no sense to me, what’s happened to everyone I don’t know

  • Mos

    Now it all makes sense zamasu took the time ring went to the past and somehow made himself look like goku, by killing him or fuse with him or he’s a shapeshifter. His hate for humans is so clear he is evil and full of hate

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

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  • Zorawar Heisenberg

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    Sciencetology – trash .

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Nigger Lives don’t matter

  • Nahkanakki

    It seems like his ki is different because he fuses with the other kaioshin. Black had only 1 earring and it was green like Gowasu’s. Spoiler alert.

  • ClonespartanTMG Targetx10

    Oh no back to the future in dbs

  • midget saiyan

    I miss the Woah ending 🙁 shun shun is very mehhhhhhh

  • the snot

    lol these comments are hilariously ignorant. it makes me smile

  • Callum Reilly

    Trunks see #18…TRIGGERED!

  • Callum Reilly

    I want to see Kid Trunks spend some time with Future Trunks, or maybe Future Trunks meeting Goten, or Gotenks.

  • SuperShrug

    Enjoying this arc, hoping this Zamasu gets pwnt.

  • Huytran tran

    So in this case i can truly tell you in this next episo and the identify of the goku black. This Black ki kaio
    vs Goku combine together become Goku black in the furture Black ki kaio was hate the human being and try to kills em include saiyan men.

  • dpb

    Man, this thread is almost as insulting as when you make one mistake on DOTA 2.

  • dpb

    I have thoroughly fucking enjoyed the Dragonball Super series thus far. I had the Great fortune to forget about it coming out, so i just got to smash all 53 episodes in a row over 3 days! I have a banging headache but man, have i never wanted to do a trillion sit-ups so bad. Hahahaha that bit of the Manaka episode had me creasing.

    Heres to Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 10 Fusion between Goku and Vegeta, Future Trunks and Gohan Super Saiyan 2 Fusion and then a Fusion of the outcome of those two who end up going Brolly Legendary Super Saiyan green and defeating Black with a Cosmic Super
    Masenko Big bang Kamehameha x 100. Twice.

  • Dbzfan4ever

    Holy shit the rage on this website. It’s just an anime, you gotta remember that people.


    This episode was ok i wouldve liked a bit more of a longer fight with zamzu and goku though

  • http://paradigm-bastion.enjin.com/ Lifted

    These episodes are definitely making me want more..just teasers of whats to come. I hope the fights deliver. My favorite part about the show actually wasnt the show itself but that the subtitles were done by: Batman heheh

  • Brandon Jefferson

    this series sucks so bad i don’t even no why i still watch it…!!! they made everything so childish.. i cringe at every second of dialog! we grew up with dbz, all the fan base are adults and we need mature animation as well as mature dialog and story line!! I hope another artists creates a better dragon ball series in the future! did toriyama take drugs or something and lose his touch!!

  • Sleepy Champuru

    Zamasu uses Taijiquan.

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    Zamasu turns evil in the future and he destroys human race

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    good video

  • Dianna Ditch

    Goku gonna shoot dat Black nigger DEAD

    • Keshaun Johnson


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  • dallased25

    A lot of people trash on DBS. Toriyama has been out of the game for quite a while, so of course it’s going to be a bit rusty to start, but I think the series has gotten better as time has gone by. What I hope for here in the near future is that they start to make other characters relevant again. Piccolo needs a severe power boost, I think Krillin is fine where he’s at, he’s always been kind of irrelevant, but Gohan needs to also be given a more serious role again. I mean he was more powerful than SSJ3 when he faced Buu and now he can barely keep up? Still, overall I do like the series and the introduction of new characters, new rivals, new bad guys and the revival of the kaioken was epic. I think this black Goku storyline is going well….very mysterious and I am wondering where they will go with it.

  • YL Fayez

    Goku is the lmao. he just too strong rn to take anyone seriously. there is nonone on his bad side rn. Wait till they kill off someone permanently. Goku will be a fucking devil.

  • AkiraForgets

    THEYRE DOING IT AGAIN. This Trunks can’t be the same Trunks, and that Black can’t be this Zamasu. WHY AKIRA TORIYAMA

  • HoluloDragon

    I don’t get how they insist on calling Goku “human”. He is a saiyan for god’s sake ! face palm*

  • Arnob Halder

    who are the pricks that dislike db super?

  • Persian Scientist.

    Well, this is not right…

    I understand that Goku had a goofy character, but surely he isn’t a dumb clutz.

    They made him a retard all of a sudden. What was once a kindred spirit backed by unlimited willpower and analytical intellect underneath, has now turned into a childish demeanor, backed by the husk of the old Goku we all know…

  • TheName

    I came down to comments to see what others thought of the episode all i got was shit talk ULU

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    that shit just made me mad simply because it left me anxious to see episode 54..

  • Lone Ranger`

    If you guys complain so much why the hell are you still watching this??? lol just to complain ??hahahha

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    defeating a sandwitch only makes it tastyer……

  • BradleyGaming Online

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  • Scabby Do

    Future Trunk’s has the story I want to watch. Tons of action packed drama. Thats the dbz i remember from the 90’s. I dont know what this cartoon is now. I keep expecting Goku to transform into sailor moon when i watch this … Please put the blood and guts back. Maybe a tit or two also

  • nigger


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  • nigger

    eat my ass

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  • Ryan Nichols

    I think this is pretty easy. Whis says to Goku that the supreme kai and the god of destruction go hand in hand…if one dies so does the other just like when Kami and Piccolo split before reuniting into the namek. So that means that there is a counterpart to Zamasu and it is probably black. So black is the God of destruction and Zamasu is the Kai…and unfortunately Zamasu wants to destroy humans too..so they probably work together to become hella strong and then if they fuse they become the original being they were meant to be which will provoke the rebirth of fusion for Goku and Vegeta. And I wouldn’t worry about Vegeta getting stabbed. Goku has a little button he can press to summon his new friend

  • Giio

    people keep on complaining as if they can make a better anime than this, u dont like it, then dont watch it lol..

  • SHΔV

    recap ends 2:18

  • Roxanne Rezentes

    to every person below the cut; The Animation style for DBZ was from back in the 90s to the early 2000s

    First: the episodes had already long-since been Animated but they didn’t air anymore episodes after the Namek Saga when Vegeta divulges this legend about a Super saiyan, and it ended on a cliff-hanger with Goku facing Jeice and Burter.

    The episodes following them weren’t released until much later in the 90s but prior to their initial release, they’d already been animated and completed in Japan, just not everyone was watching the episodes regularly to make it a regular thing at the time, at the time DBZ was competing with alot of other 90s cartoons afterall, also Toei didn’t really appreciate Ocean using bad dubbing and even worse censoring to make the show TV appropriate for the audience.

    Second: Toei had a larger Animation staff back then working on specific sets of episodes which is why the animation style and character designs varied for each episode, back then animation was also alot cheaper in cost to create a whole episode than it is these days. In Japan employees are paid by the Pages as well as by commission for what they create

    if a batch of episode animations were ever late, the animators, designers and everyone that worked on this one episode wouldn’t get paid, like at all, no matter how much work they did put into it. Until the final product is turned in, they’re not getting paid. when it is turned in, then they get paid, for the original DBZ eps, like i said, back then, they had a larger staff of animators working on certain batches of episodes and they had more time to work on them as well so there wasn’t a rush to get certain eps out by a certain deadline

    these days, especially when working on a legacy series like DBZ, they make a deadline that’s sometimes too close to the air date of a certain season of episodes so they have to cut corners somewhere, alot of the time it’s in plot and story and character development. other times its how a series is animated if they need it out fast they won’t focus on making cels or pages to animate a certain movement or certain details are missed or omitted for time crunching, so you end up with cheap and choppy animation.

    Third: it’s more expensive than it is rewarding to animate something these days as well, an Animator pays almost double what they earn for materials to keep doing their job between Cels, Paper, Pencils, filmstock ink and the like, in nearly every animation studio, unless it’s a really good one like Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Bros. and such, these materials aren’t provided for you regularly. From what i’ve read up on this in Japan an animator has to aquire these materials themselves

    they end up spending the bulk of what they earn on materials for their next day at work, forget if they ever get sleep or have a good meal, it’s why you always hear manga or Anime artists being on a diet of Ramen and energy shots it cus they don’t have the time or money to spend on going to 5-star restaurants and get drunk every night to have fun, it’s always because they’re dead broke before their next animation project is ever finished.

    Fourth; as for character personality, I’ll agree on Piccolo being heavily nerfed, i’ve been saying consistantly to my friends we need more Namek focus than Saiyan Focus, since it’s been all saiyans since the end of the Namek Sagas. And Gohan…..yeah, nuff said.

    But everyone else is exactly the same as they’ve always been in the manga and original DBZ anime, Goku’s always been this childish since he grew up in the mountains and doesn’t have the same maturing street smarts or education as everyone else. Before he met Chichi and after Grandpa Gohan had died, it’s always been Goku all by his lonesome in the mountains fending for himself, taking care of himself, training himself and so on.

    without human contact he’s basically like a feral Child, if you look up feral children on Google or Bing you’ll find the same results where if they’re re-introduced into society, they’re still immature and childish as they had no adult figures to reign them in and act as a disciplinary guide throughout their lives, this is what Goku is and what he always will be, we can’t expect him to suddenly be hardened and stoic like everyone else, he didn’t grow up the same way as everyone else.

    As for vegeta being an Ego Maniac……uhhh have you even read the manga or watched the original Anime? Vegeta’s always been an Ego-maniac and very Prideful of his strength, power and acheivements as a warrior, like Goku, this is normal behavior for him, he’d only have been prideful like his father had he still been raised by his father. However since he was raised by freeza he basically became an even more spoiled brat than he would have been being raised by his father.

    there’s nothing new about his ego-driven attitude in DB Super, this is still Vegeta, if he tempered down and became all humble like Krillin or Tien or Yamcha, then he would not be Vegeta and everyone else would think he’d gone insane.

    As for his behavior towards Beerus and Whis…..Beerus is a God of destruction, its a bad idea in general to get gods like him angry. and according to Akira Toriyama’s statements and mangas it would take only one small thing to piss off Beerus to the point of destroying a planet or galaxy as he sees fit, and Whis won’t stop him unless it risks setting all of creation off-balance.

    Fifth; Too much goofiness; Akira Toriyama originally created dragonball to be Comical and intended on DBZ to be somewhere between funny and dramatic, but the corporate fat-cats wanted action and drama cuz thats what got them money as opposed to having a good story where it’s well-balanced

    if you want more drama watch an anime like Tsubasa or Attack on Titan, DB Super is well within it’s parameters as far as a series “cycle” goes, we had drama and action with DBZ now it’s time for comedy.

    As for DB Kai’s animations……..they didn’t re-animate DB Kai at all, it’s literally the original Stock footage and episodes taken off a shelf from somewhere with all the filler eps and Filler content within Canon eps Cut out heavily in order for DB Kai to match the Manga story.

    Toei trying to do like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood did with their series, Studio Bones who was in charge of FMA were able to afford reanimating the anime in order to follow more with the manga since it was seeing alot of revenue from the original 2003 anime release.

    Toei however was and is still struggling in revenue and couldn’t readily afford to re-animate DBZ into DB Kai, so they just edited the stock footage, plus their animators were caught up in making the 2 new DBZ movies not to mention Anime Cutscenes for DB Online and Xenoverse before those games made it here

    Bottom line; stop complaining so much over non-sensical and small details, we’re luck Akira Toriyama decided to come back at all and do anything more with DBZ at all, what we have in DB Super is a gift for us as fans as well as a gift for the next generation. instead of Nit-picking on everything just for the sake of nit-picking, just be thankful we have anything new at all

    Thank you

  • Kuririn San

    I’m guessing Black is Zamasu from the future. Seeing humans at war with the androids and causing destruction, he thinks humans deserve to be eradicated so he He steals the Ring of Time and takes over Goku’s body. That’s why his Ki’s a bit different; it’s his and Goku’s fused along with the ring.

  • HevtiG-Sama

    What a bunch of naggers,racist and ignorant people in this disqusions every time after a episodes. Fun posts get on the background. Ouch! Anyway’s, how about this? Will this DBS be as long as DBZ series? I hope so!

  • Larkspur94

    don’t like how that guy keeps refering to goku as a human. is it just a translation issue or something? because he was clearly told that goku is a saiyajin, not a ningen.

  • Tyler Albert

    lets all be honest future trunks and young mai wont work nor would normal trunks and mai work since she would be at least 15 years older than bulma even if she became young again shes still old

  • Tyler Albert

    its also stupid how mais head overheals for older trunks but not so much for younger trnks as bulma explains there the same person

  • Alexander Smit

    zamasu seems to me like a padawan ripe for the dark side.

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    I’m confused. Wasn’t Trunks’ hair the purpley color when he came back in time for the whole android and cell shit? Why is it blue now?