Dragon Ball Super episode 52 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 52 : “Feelings that Transcend Time – Trunks and Mai”


  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

    Theory? Comment Here, I like to hear your theory.
    This gonna be beast episode.

    • dbz rule

      I highly doubt that

    • Deads

      Its going to build up and then end of a cliffhanger at the point where they reveal what Black is.

    • ryan

      really hope trunks talks gohan into training and fighting again. Maybe he reminds him of how badass he was and can still be

      • Yo

        why dont you just give him head already?

        • Tron

          because its my job

  • dbz rule

    Just another filler episode

  • Steve Jobs

    I think black will turn out to be a evil kaio because he has a ring of time which only kaios have and the earing that the supreme kaios have

    • Zedenin

      im pretty sure everyone has already thought of that theory before

    • ForcesNL

      Kais don’t have 1 earring. He is more like a servant/trainey controlled by a Kai. Like Goku was in otherworld, but this time in an evil way. The green kaioshin Zamasu is supposed to be an evil Kai that has been punished by the God of everything. And now he seeks revenge or he wants to make things right.

  • ethanator2001

    i think its funny how its playing the hardcore music for the preview and you see pan playing in the sand

  • Roger

    I cannot play the video

  • SpiritBurst

    Trunks is NOT good with babies, is he? Remember Baby Kid Trunks?

  • MarcellusDrum

    The title says subbed but it isn’t. When will the subbed version be released?

    • Ted A

      Roughly one day, edits follow later

  • Savage

    from the looks of this it really seems like its over for gohan… im sad right now. stupid gohan.. stupid trunks for not convincing gohan, i guess all gohan’potential will transfer to pan as you can already see, but this isnt about pan i want badass gohan back, i guess this is a definitive goodbye T_T

    • Hit

      I don’t want Pan to be badass, solely because it’s a girl, and I don’t accept women to fight with powers of a god, it’s just not fucking right.

  • super

    so long son gohan, you were a wonderful character, too bad they decided to destroy u as a fighter in super…..
    still hope at least future trunks will get stronger, cause right now is noting compare to goku, vegeta and goku black…..
    and a guess that i have….
    goku black and zamasu are the same being from different time lines, cause goku black is from 17 years from the future…..

    • Yo

      Goku died before the androids showed up in that timeline.

      • ForcesNL

        Died just like he did in the present, many times. And what did he do during his death? Oh yeah, I remember! He trained with the kaioshins…

  • Zedenin

    I love Dragon Ball Super and I think its amazing but Gohan is SUCH A FUCKING LOSER. God damn it hurts just looking at him with a fucking sweater vest and glasses on GOD DAMN.

    • Legit Doctor

      At least he is making something of his life. He has a family now and just wants to take care of them.

      This show doesn’t have to be all about fighting. It seems that a lot of people forgot that character development and growth is important too.

      • Jay

        Gohan’s character developed into a waste of talent. That’s not the kind of development I want to see in a fighting anime.

        • MEE PIN

          Isn’t he back at it again training with Picolo?

          • Christopher

            For like, a few seconds. The writers really know how to f#%^ Gohan up big time. First he’s a fuccboi, then he decides to train, now he seems to be a fuccboi again. Maybe I’m reading too much into the episode, but goddamn.

          • Ted A

            Hard to belive that gohan went from dominating cell to…no longer fighting…let’s leave it at that

          • sk rahil

            maybe gohan secretly training with piccolo. then might be able to become more powerfull and then he suddenly fight with black goku like we seen gohan fighting with cell. as you see gohan body become fit so he might be secretly training to unlock some tremendous power

          • Ted A

            Or he learns new abilitys so he doesn’t neecisarily need to rely on strength and power level

          • sk rahil

            yeah thigh might be true. as we know goku unlocks every new superpower but this time i want to be gohan to unlock that white saiyan god form

          • Ted A

            I want for it to be so that it’s not only powerlevel and or physical strength that determines if you’r a strong fighter, remember hit? no matter what he’s no were near as strong as goku! but he has a time skip ability to make up for that! maybe gohan can learn an ability! Instead of having it based off overall strength

          • JWA8402

            They said Saiyens are wrong to measure power by physical strength. Maybe Gohan will train with Whis and get higher powers like he has.

          • Callum Reilly

            Maybe he will unlock a new mystic form.

          • Ali abuadea

            He actually do some times remember after beating golden frieza he said can you train me to piccolo

          • sk rahil

            yeah i remmeber it

        • the saiyan prince

          gohan is appreciating the peace that everyone sought and fought to have.
          we saw that this is what he wanted when he was much younger and during times of war.

      • Ninten

        Dude every DB character sucks major ass now. Gohan was awesome now he sucks ass. Goten hasn’t even gotten a chance to be awesome either. My problem is Goku and Vegeta get way too much credit and they need someone else besides Goku or Vegeta to beat the villain.

        • Mike

          Well, they are the only full-blooded Saiyans left in Universe 7. While the halflings certainly seem to have more “potential”, they don’t seem to have the same obsession with power and fighting that true Saiyans do. To agree with an earlier post, I actually find Gohan’s commitment to his family admirable.

          • Ninten

            I do agree with you on Gohan’s commitment to his family but to me it gets kinda boring if Goku is going to be the one taking the enemy down.

          • Mike

            Not to fear, we are getting some new characters who aren’t exactly classified as “evil” who may yet turn into allies. While from different universes, I’m 100% sure we’ll be seeing Cabba and Hit again. Hit, in particular, looks like he would be one hell of an ally. Although he’s an assassin (not the most hero-like of professions), he’s already shown himself vulnerable to the “Goku effect”.

          • Ninten

            Sounds good to me. Hit reminds me of assassin’s creed without the ki blast XD

        • Hit

          No man, this manga/anime is only about them, not anyone else. Everyone else should shine, but only GOKU should beat the villians, who the fuck do you think this story is about ?!

      • CiscotheSoto

        I believe that going on Jay’s thought on Gohans talent, I agree that his talent somewhat goes to waste, although he does have a good balance. If he trained a little more, or maybe even like a weekend in the hyperbolic time chamber with Goku, that would be good enough, and this sort of balance is something Vegeta and Goku, ESPECIALLY GOKU, needs to do, because they have gone for months on end without seeing their families. Its really sad for like Chi-Chi, Gotten, Bulma, and Trunks, who never see their husbands and fathers. I mean, if Goku and Vegeta had an opportunity to go train at a place for 20 years, they would both take it in a heartbeat, while Gohan wouldn’t do this sort of thing. So although he is somewhat of a waste of amazing talent and not cool or badass at all, or at least not anymore, he really made a good commitment to his family and his dream.

      • •LeoN•

        “At least he is making something of his life. He has a family now and just wants to take care of them.”
        this isnt slice of life buddy… this is dbz. power ups, deaths,dragon balls.. power ups and more power ups.. by dbz standards gohan is a good for nothing wimp.

    • dada lala

      You are a fucking kid

      • SSJ-Mad

        There is no way Gohan is going to get strong again, there is no way, he has no reason to, this is the Goku show,

        • James LaFevers

          are you mad.. there was literally a scene after freeza returns where Gohan literally says. I need to be strong again to protect the things I love, Piccolo will you train me?

          • titsucker

            then he shagged and slept

          • SSJ-Mad

            Yes i am, but he didn’t last long did you even watch the episode where gohan was training with piccolo but only lasted a few mins before giving up.

          • Mike

            Giving up? Did YOU even watch that episode, really? The training was interrupted by Goku showing up to recruit more fighters for the Inter-Universe Tournament.

    • JWA8402

      Maybe something bad will happen to Videl or something and it will cause him to freak out again.

      • Josh

        OMG that would be awesome!

    • Callum Reilly

      He is gonna get strong again, I think that is what they were trying to indicate when he was training with piccolo.

    • anonjon


    • Moses

      They have a plan for gohan in super it’s no way he’s going to stay like that for long

      • Mike

        I agree with this. Gohan does seek power again in order to protect those he loves; Videl, Pan, Chi-Chi, and Piccolo seem to be at the top of this list, at least those who could use protecting. While we don’t see too much training time on screen, it can be assumed that he is still taking lessons from Piccolo. I don’t see him catching up to Goku or Vegeta, but I do think he will be a power to be reckoned with yet again. Not that he isn’t already, still being able to transform into a Super Saiyan makes him a pretty capable fighter. Just not on the level we’re seeing Goku and Vegeta and the big bad villains.

    • Clark44

      Forget about Gohan, they made fool of the most respected guy in the series, you know who am i talking about! The Piccolo, Again, the anime sucks… he looks ridiculous, anyway he used to be the brains behind all the strategic events in DBZ and now in DBS, they are making him digging holes and working on farm, well i like the idea of training while working, but it is just too much. As far as i know him, his personality won’t allow this and he would refuse immediately, instead he works like he has no pride…. Really such a shame.. I feel bad for Gohan as well, but atleast he is being a good father and husband to his family and Chi chi got what she wanted.

      After watching this much episodes one thing i understand clearly, don’t ever make the mistake of comparing it with DBZ like i did, you will regret deeply. This anime is not DBZ. I am just watching it to kill time on Sunday that’s all.

      • Rohit Bhatt

        As the dragon ball series went forward, the villains of the series grew stronger. Since the beginning it was always the bad guy who was stronger leaving Goku and friends no chance of winning but they kept on trying and trying. Since the beginning Goku had been the main protagonist and in every arc 2 to 3 of his friends got his back.
        Piccolo like Vegeta had been antagonist in their arc. Forget it, I am going off the topic.
        What can he possibly do now?
        What can anyone like Picolo, yamcha, krillian and Tien do when an enemy like Beerus or Black comes to play who are almost invincible. Even the Golden Freeza was way out of their league.
        What i really liked about DBS is that they are not leaving Vegeta behind at any cost. He is almost as equal to Goku in this series. But who are we kidding? The series should have been named ‘Goku’ like ‘Naruto’ to make things clear.
        Conclusion: A series can’t go on with just 2 characters and their fights, So we need side scenes to stretch the story.

        • Daniel Astorga

          How exactly is Vegeta keeping up?? Vegeta is just there to setup how strong an enemy is for Goku. That’s his job, he is a jobber.

          • Mike

            We just saw Goku fighting that mystic water Vegeta and they were equal. It wasn’t until Monaka broke the shard, source of power, that Goku was able to finish him off. In fact, before Goku showed up to train with Whis, it was stated that Vegeta was actually stronger at that point. He’s keeping up. But.. are you?

        • SSJ-Mad

          Every Z fighter has been nerfed, every single one of them, except Goku.

  • Username

    what happen to future goten

    • Callum Reilly

      He was never born, goku died before he could do chi chi again

  • Username

    what happen to future goten?

    • Christopher

      He doesn’t exist.

    • SSJ-Mad


  • Infinity A

    Overall an average episode, it had funny scenes but really cringy ones tho.????
    It was pretty sad seeing Future Trunks imagining how would it be to have a family too, almost cried…

  • Jesus Nicolas

    Damn it’s kinda funny how trunks reacted when he first saw great Saiyaman priceless I dying of laughter

  • Hunter

    False advertisement is illegal

    • the saiyan prince

      this is the internet, laws in the real world dont apply to the virtual realm

    • SSJ-Mad

      It is subbed, with japanese in some parts, not exactly English subs

  • the saiyan prince

    everyone is crying over gohan, when will i get a chance to shine???

    • ForcesNL

      Next Saga maybe. In this one only Goku and Vegeta have God powers, Maybe with a new opening. They always reveal every major events in the opening.

      • the saiyan prince

        perhaps you didnt take notice of my name i was referring to vegeta

  • the saiyan prince

    looks like they went to go chectk out the time kaio to see if he still has his ring and from the preview looks like he does? or they might be checking to see if the rings match in design and they simply reckon that its someone else

  • the saiyan prince

    another episode that serves as a step to the milestone illustrating the background before the foreground

  • ayami

    haha i think best part was pan flying around and fighting with trunks haha. she is so cute and already a fighter as a baby. I hope she gets to shine in super.

  • John Lee

    there are no subtitles.

    • dada lala

      shut the fuck up!

      • John Lee

        whats your deal

        • dada lala

          I want your HEAD!!

    • SmileGamingXD

      I guess since it just cane out not ft to long ago they haven’t had time to do subs yet

      • John Lee

        yeah probably

  • Si

    Black is a fusion of goku and Kai just my theory

    • the saiyan prince

      possession perhaps, but fusion i highly doubt it

    • ForcesNL

      He is obviously trained or possessed. Maybe by Zamasu, the green Kaioshin. Or by someone like him, that uses half himself, and has the other green earring.

  • the saiyan prince

    i think this “black matter” shall spill over into the tournament and i think that is what will draw the zeno dudes attention and bring him into it. hw

  • CyberMage505

    i think in the next ep where goku fights the evil kaio the kaio will take his powers and turn into black where they have to beat him in order to free goku from the kaios grasp

    • ForcesNL

      Remember that Goku isn’t the same in every Universe. He became good in Universe 7 simply because he bumped his head. But also, his evil counterpart Black became more powerfull when he fought Goku. It might be because Ying and Yang came together. Since Goku is alot stronger, Black became stronger. I don’t think Goku can just defeat his counterpart, someone else has to do it.

      The main reason for Black is, I still think because Goku is pure good. Thats why Black excists, he is pure evil.

  • Silverblade59

    Im glad i found this website☺

  • DauG

    ah..what part of this was subbed? : misleading titles

    • SSJ-Mad

      Japanese Subs

    • Josh

      there will be a sub in 2 hours

  • S.I.Trigg

    Does anyone know how to take the sound of the clock off, if you can?

  • paul

    First episode that I don’t need translation because I don’t care what they are talking. Nothing interesting is happening and absolutely nothing about Black identity.

    • SSJ-Mad

      exactly same think i was thinking, i watched the entire episode in 1 min by skipping to the good parts. trying to see if gohan would transform. but nope.

    • Banishedbrick Brickbeard

      That’s what the next ones for . It was necessary for F Trucks to see a happy life stile to find what he is fighting for . I would be very surprised if this was filler too. Don’t be so grumpy , dood .

  • Ahmed

    12:40 till 12:45 , that was and is my shit, I cant forget that even Gohan fights again which is kind of a theory from us but I think in future they will need to make a few characters special so that we could get our chills enlightenedup, I hope you know what I am saying

  • Γιάννης Ζήτα.

    why future tranks has blue hair and eyes?

    • Monteiro

      some say it’s the aging process, purple= young, blue=old

      • DatBoi

        Then why in DBZ he had purple hair at that age (It’s not the exact age but its close enough)


    when da pafu subs comin out?

    is pafu subs = ken xyro??

  • expect patronus

    Pan’s the only real badaas here, fucks everyone up with her milk…..

  • Hit

    Pan shouldn’t exist.

    • Hit

      I don’t like females to be strong af, as in Bardock manga, females shouldn’t be near power level of 5k at least, they should be in the kitchen making food.

      • http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Jon_Snow Jon Sno

        You must be a butt-hurt virgin with a small cock. Ayee

        • Hit

          And you must be an ignorant village rat with no self-respect or respect for others, don’t speak unless you are sure that you that it’s worth it. By the way, I am not a butt-hurt virgin with a small cock, as you foolishly said, I am a person with self-respect, honour and an actual opinion.

          • Mike

            People are entitled to speak whether there is worth there or not. Clearly his own opinion was shown there that he wasn’t too fond of the comment you had made. Nor was I, for that matter, but I wouldn’t agree with the way he went about it. Instead, he should have reminded you that most of the internet is pretty bored with the jokes of female sexism, and to come up with something more original. “They should be in the kitchen making food” might as well be a copy/paste job from.. well, almost anywhere you can find a pre-teen troll. I can’t imagine that there are any real mature adults that still find it funny.

            Furthermore, that’s your ACTUAL opinion? Well, you’re more of a lost case than I imagined. Thanks for sharing, though. Not really.

        • Legit Doctor

          It seems you do not understand satirical humor when it shows up at your front door.

          Have your jimmies been rustled? You know nothing, Jon Snow.

          • Mike

            Love that GoT reference line.

            That sort of satirical humor has long since been beaten to death, though. Honestly can’t wait until the rest of the world realizes it so it can be dropped already. Instead, it just gets recycled over and over.

            Anyways, just because one considers it humor, doesn’t mean another has to appreciate it for that. Some would even be downright insulted by what Hit said, so let the boy give his opinion.

            In all seriousness though, Jon Sno, kill the boy, and let the man be born.

      • andy


      • Joeru Casey

        You’re an idiot.

      • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

        Ya fuck women they are inferior to us males. I am promale

        • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

          A whore belongs only 2 places. In the kitchen or on my dick

          • DatBoi

            She can’t be on something that doesn’t exist. Also if you’re being serious I’m guessing your angry about how you couldn’t get a real girlfriend, payed a cheap hooker and got an STD.

    • kloontje05

      she dos live with it … and it looks like you stuck in the passed .. females are man’s counter parts you can’t live without them 🙂

      • Hit

        I don’t need women, I don’t even have a gender.

      • DatBoi

        Men can’t live without Women as Women can’t live without Men.

  • suketu

    why no subs yet??

  • suketu

    Why no subs yet??

    • normatile

      The subs are now available please refresh!

      • guest

        they arent

        • normatile

          you have to refresh your page to see the subs

          • andy

            i refreshsed and its still not subbed dude

          • gsdsdsdsd

            sub is here watchdbzsuper (DOT) COM/dragon-ball-super-episode-52-subbed-3-3/ hh

  • HashiR GLoBaL

    hey guy is the epsidoe sobbed yet the timer is on zero

    • gsdsdsdsd

      sub is here watchdbzsuper (DOT) COM/dragon-ball-super-episode-52-subbed-3-3/ heree

  • gsdsdsdsd

    sub is here watchdbzsuper (DOT) COM/dragon-ball-super-episode-52-subbed-3-3/

    • Taha Ahmed Khan

      sub is here too.. why waste data when already on this page 😀

    • andy

      it’s dragon ball super not dragon ball z super

  • Alexander Borg

    were never a truly big fan of DBZ, the original dragonball was much better with more variation not just constant fighting that DBZ had, so dragonball super is going the right way.

  • Clay

    Where are the subs?

    • Mohd Ahmed

      they are here

  • Abele Pakuna

    Finally Zamasu is coming in. They said no Episode for the 24th, idk if that’s true.

  • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

    1080p encoding.

    • Goku

      That’s great Vegeta. But that egg roll is still mine.

  • Steve Smith

    hi…… the player isn’t not working for me.can anyone help me

  • Victoria

    Pan can’t even talk yet and she is already a pain in the ass.

    • SSJ-Mad

      put her in the hyperbolic time chamber for 2 – 3 weeks then wish her out i say.

      • Callum Reilly

        Or you could just wish for her to be older. Besides, if she was alone in there, she would starve, because she has no one to take care of her.

        • Blake Anthony

          Put gohans ass in there to make him stronger to and to look after her, and wishing for her to be older would’nt do much… 1: she hasn’t had any training, therefore she can’t fight properly and 2: she would lack the intellect of doing so.

          • Callum Reilly

            Good idea, maybe also being born to a mystic makes her an easy mystic, like how being born to a super saiyan makes you an easy super saiyan.

          • Callum Reilly

            Just phrase it right, like: Transform Pan into the person she would be in three years.

    • Cecilthedarknight_28

      She’s a baby what do you expect? We all know that Goku was handful when he was a baby.

      • Victoria

        Obviously not as much as Pan once he hit his head he was a good kid. I mean wth is with her being able to fly at her age? Goten didn’t even learn to fly until he was 7.

        • Legit Doctor

          Pan’s going to become to strongest and surpass Gohan, Vegeta and goku. I’m calling it.

          She has a lot more potential than any of them and will probably kick ass by the time she’s 3-5.

          • Victoria

            Her dad had potential once too. Look at him now.

          • Vegeta

            He wasn’t a fighter. That’s why he never used his potential to his advantage. That’s just his character. She’s more of a fighter, though. Her mom and dad are both former fighters. Plus, Chi-Chi was always pressuring him to be a scholar.

          • Vincent Hammons

            how you know she is a fighter she is just a toddler if you are going by GT then you are way off base and it has nothing to do with dragonball

          • Jason Ultimate

            Really? Because, Akira Toriyama worked on parts of the story, character designs, and characters.

          • Vegeta

            HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME WITH SUCH NONSENSE! She might surpass Kakarot and his sons, but not me! Besides, Victoria, you didn’t raise Trunks, now did you?

          • Legit Doctor

            Also Vegeta ain’t shit in Super. He is lowkey useless.

            He hasn’t achieved anything yet. As a matter of fact, all he did was almost get the earth and everyone on it destroyed because of his arrogance in the battle against Freiza.

            Pan has achieved more in one episode than Vegeta has in a whole season. She became the youngest out of all the characters in Dragon Ball to achieve flight at what, a year old or so? Goku wasn’t able to do that until he was in his late teens/early adult years. She has BEEN TO SPACE and breathed in it. None of the good guys have done that except for goku in his God form, and she got that bad-ass mystic aura that Gohan couldn’t get until his adult phase. All this with only a few minutes of screen time.

            Watch. Pan is gonna run this shit once she turns 10 fam.

          • Mike

            The breathe in space thing is a little moot. They must have been at the edge of the atmosphere (although.. that really should have been unbreathable from the looks of things), because Pilaf, Mai, and the dog guy were also tagging along and apparently had this ability to “breathe in space”. So I don’t think we were meant to read into this too much.

            Also, Vegeta does deserve a lot more credit than you give him. He handled more than his share against the Universe 6 warriors.

          • Baphomet

            vegeta is stronger than goku while they are training with whis. it is discussed in a youtube video.

          • Jason Ultimate

            Also, really, nothing? He beat more fighters in the tournament than literally EVERYONE ELSE COMBINED. He nearly beat Frieza himself, until the sore loser decided to blow up the planet(again). He’s done more than Goku so far, along with most of the Z-Fighters.

          • •LeoN•

            How cringey can you fanboys can get? jesus.

          • Jason Ultimate

            It’s really just a joke now. i was just doing this crap for fun and show, I wasn’t taking any of this seriously.

          • Frank Varela


          • Vincent Hammons

            said no one ever

          • Awesome j Gaming

            No Havent you watched gt pan grows up to be old and op but goku is still much stronger

          • Awesome j Gaming

            Although gt isnt made by akira toriyama i think

        • Prasanna Blaze

          cause she born to a super saiyan not a normal saiyan…
          and even videl knew flying..but not chichi

          • Vegeta-san

            haven’t you watched gt. She ends being a noob. Also in dragon ball z when she is 4 she ain’t that strong anyways.

          • Callum Reilly

            GT is non-canon, I mean I liked it, but it isn’t something to base arguments on.

        • Callum Reilly

          We should just hit Pan over the head with a brick and then we will like her more.

      • SayanGin

        Actually Goku was a pretty average sayan baby, maybe even below average

    • GAHHHH


      • Anime_Life

        omg i remember that too!!! contrary to belief i feel like the less saiyan blood they have in them the more potential they have because gohan was stronger then goku at one point and goten and trunks could already turn saiyan as kids now pan is kicking ass and flying as a baby and ik the movie a hero legacy isn’t cannon since its gt and all but remember how little saiyan blood he had in him yet he had all that potential and he didn’t even know it.

        • Kyle Missingno

          Due to kind hearted saiyans are more powerful then the evil ones.

          • Truth

            but you need anger to evolve to a super saiyan if you’re a full-blooded saiyan, reason why the kind-hearted saiyans who never had to deal with freeza from universe 6, had no super saiyans. But if you’re not a full-blooded saiyan, seems like anger wasn’t a requirement, but only to Goten and Trunks, Gohan did require to be pushed a lot, so it has something to do with power levels as well. Is just that the power levels of the saiyan/half-saiyan parent was higher when the reproduction of the human with less saiyan blood took place, it’s merely a coincidence. Goku was this strong when he made Gohan, and afterwards Goten, a half-saiyan, didn’t require anger and was formed when Goku had an even higher power level. Now, Gohan went Mystic and All around the time Pan was in the stomach, so perhaps he wasn’t that out of shape when he fucked Pan, perhaps still held the ssj2 potential. While Goku was merely ssj1+ when he fucked for Goten. So this could explain why Pan is even stronger at that age.

  • Gamer Z


  • Anonymous

    I just ended up skipping like 3/4 of the episode. No one gives a shit about Gohan anymore. Worst filler episode. Only got interesting when I saw Beerus, Whis, and Goku heading to U10.

    • Tron

      you mean.. Beerus-sama? show respect kid, you dont want him to destroy Earth

  • James Kapusta

    I’m really liking Dragon Ball Super so far. Sure, it’s a fighting shounen, but there’s more to it than fighting, and I reckon that give it more depth. There are touching moments like in this episode for example. Also I’m glad the Pilaf gang is back, and happy that Gohan’s living a peaceful life doing what he loves. I like the music too. The OP and ED is well made and the soundtrack is good. BDS is already way better than GT in my opinion. I found GT so bland and disappointing.

  • fESk!P

    no subs?

  • The Grimreaper of Anime

    So why is Trunks hair blue but then in the original his hair is purple?

    • Monteiro

      as he ages the hair turn to blue, like Bulma’s… at least it’s something consistent what they’re doing, not a mistake, since when Trunks is shown in DBZ he has purple hair.

      • Mike

        Not entirely consistent. We just saw Future Trunks/Gohan flashbacks where a young Trunks had blue hair. The same scene where he had purple hair in Z/History of Trunks. So..

      • Divine Shadow

        Monteiro. It is entirely because Akira Toriyama forgot. That was his sole excuse for Bulma and his excuse for Trunks. It isn’t an aging thing at least not originally.

  • Hello Hello

    Even more cues proving Zamasu is Goku Black
    – Notice the table of time rings at 23:05
    – Even Zamasu’s demeanor and fighting style matches that of Black’s.
    – In ep.51, Black states that humans are the only failed creation of the gods and is trying to mend a mistake the gods(Kaioshin) will not admit to. This episode we see Zamasu not as a Kaioshin, but as a servant of one like Kibito.


      Zamasu trained black. He isn’t black though.

  • Fallen Angel

    is so bad that last preview ends on new episode lmfao. Wish you could see more of universe 10 ;(

  • paul

    That episode should start from where it ended :p

  • LegendaryVegeta

    lol youcan see how disapointed future trunks is with gohan, he expected him to still be that badass from defeating celll

  • LegendaryVegeta

    oh seriously thats stupid hy didnt vegeta go
    they could have ade a box and taken them both
    if thats to slow and theycan only take 3 people including whis then vegeta is simular in strength to goku and im sure it would be better (he wouldnt act stupid), and he could have a chance to shine

  • Sniber

    good nice episode. its good to see them all living happily sometimes in a while. DB doesnt need to be just fighting otherwise it might get boring. it can include a little drama and laughter. And those suckers who are complaining about gohan they need to chill the f*ck out. If you guys can’t see the character (which you all pretend to like so much) living happily and doing what he wanted with his life then you are no true fan. Just let it go already and stop bitching about it. By the way there are already way too many extremely powerful guys on heroes side. goku vegeta beerus whis and maybe even vados and champa and hit take the heroes side in future. IF anything super needs is a bunch of extremely powerful villains.

    • Ziek

      agree with you

    • CiscotheSoto

      I mean, its true that it is interesting to see that sort of drama and laughs, but what I think it would also benefit from is seeing a bit, but not a lot, of romance, like with Vegeta and Bulma, like maybe a scene, and some forgiveness. I like that they redid Future Gohan’s death with better soundtrack. But a pretty good idea would be to like somewhat establish the relationship with Future Mai and Future Trunks, and an even better episode would be if Vegeta came to comfort Future Bulma, that is if they were able to revive her, which I think they might. But I absolutely hate, HATE, The Great Saiyaman costume, and I think that was the worst idea in the history of Dragon Ball, which is the gayest costume ever. To go on Snibers comment, I agree that it was a good idea for Future Trunks to see Gohan and for him to have this sort of deep reflection, something Vegeta has never had and needs to have. Overall, it was an acceptable, yet deep episode, and I wish that Gohan and Future Trunks would have had some more one on one time. Can’t wait to see the episode where Zamasu and Goku fight, although this saga is really gonna milk its length in the amount of episodes it has.

      • Vegeta

        I agree. They should have kept the Gold Fighter gimmick.

      • Ifrinpls

        I agree, I don’t know who is the person behind this, but there must be certainly someone requesting Toriyama to make them more “human” and less like generic heroes, because GT and DBS have a bit more of a “human” side of the characters, you can just see that Vegeta is mad about Black killing Bulma in another timeline and he also got mad when Bills slapped Bulma, these situations were hardly seen at all in the original series. GT wasn’t cannon, but introduced a lot of this and made the characters deeper, unlike the original series where the only interesting characters were Vegeta, Piccolo and Future Gohan and Trunks.

        Now it seems like DBS is trying to be a bit like this, which doesn’t hurt, I guess times changed and they can’t pretend they are in the 90’s, they also have a decent remaining a fanbase who are currently in their mid 20s to late 40s.

        With all that in mind, we have to get something: in japanese culture this kind of behavior is not as normal as it is in the west or even other anime, even “dorama” doesn’t represent something, even an exageration of regular sentimental relationships for japanese people, so, it is understandable that we just feel a bit alienated by the coldness of the characters, but it is more like a cultural thing, I think Vegeta’s display of affecting is the most we will get, because Goku seems to be deeply autistic with women.

        I also think all of you need to get over Saiyaman, it isn’t cringy at all I think you people are too picky about it and don’t care about context and such, he is using it to play with his daughter for god’s sake.

        What I’m looking forward is the future Pan, probably after this saga, we will see Pan as a grown up as in DBGT, although she will be probably way more powerful here than she was on Z, maybe she will redeem his father’s legacy, since I’ve read before that Gohan was supposedly the one who was going to be the main character but Toriyama renounced to this idea due to backlash from fans, although he just says it was just an internal debate, obviously the start of the Buu saga tried to bring Gohan down, since he was the most popular character after the Cell arc ended.

        • Banishedbrick Brickbeard

          I completely agree

      • Banishedbrick Brickbeard

        Totally agree ( Not on the Saiyaman costume being described as guy though ) but couldn’t they just travel to before Bulma and Mai die . I mean Kami is dead so they would have to bring dragon balls which means there would probably be some trouble and the arc could turn into a one piece sized arc ( They are REALLY long recently )

  • justbelikemike

    Vegeta is way more of a poised fighter than he was before. I remember the last time he was in that room he had trouble against those machines, now he swats them away with awesome accuracy while still harboring that hate against black for what he did to his family.

  • Z Fr

    I guess this will lead into Vegeta vs Goku battle and I guess they let Vegeta win this but If its going to be like the Frieza fight were Vegeta fought a weakend Frieza then its going to be a shit battle.

    And WTF have they done to Piccolo could they make him more embarrassing to watch. Give the guy a powerup I dont care how. Make him a Maximumover Namek.

  • Jake from state farm

    What if when goku gets to the evil kaioshin, the kaioshin kills him and uses his body, and that’s why he looks like goku?

    • Kalos Jhoto

      No I think he switched bodies with Goku as Ginyu.

    • Mike

      The reason Black looks like Goku would be dramatically different from anything that could happen in the present timeline. Future timeline is waaaay different, especially considering that Goku is dead. Anyways, the reason Black looks like Goku are from events independent to what’s happening now.

  • Jake from state farm

    What if the evil kaioshin killed goku when he arrived, or traded bodies with him, and that’s why he looks like goku?

  • Wolfnrun

    Poor Trunks getting teary eyed…that was so unsettling, if only gohan went back to martial arts

  • whobitchthisis420

    If I was Goku, Beerus, and Whis I would’ve found Black, kicked the shit out of him, Then went to universe 10, dragged black’s bitch ass up to those kaioshins and asked “who bitch this is?”

  • Ninten

    Well there goes the hope of Trunks convincing Gohan to get stronger again.

  • Let’s get dirty ;)


  • its dat boi
  • Shadow

    Nooooo. They could’ve removed Saiyaman but he’s still here. *CringeeeeeeEE*

    • Hfar

      Every time I see someone use the term “cringe,” I want to punch them in the face.

      So clench your teeth. This will only hurt for a moment.

      • Wolfnrun

        Cring3 =-)

        • Hfar

          Ah ha. I see we have a masochist. Very well. I promise to be a kindly master.

          • Legit Doctor

            Careful with that edge, boy. You might cut someone.

          • Hfar

            Cutting? Oh, I’m sorry. I’m kinky, but I’m not THAT kinky.

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            Hmmm or are you? ( ͡°Ѡ ͡°)

          • Hfar

            Well I’m up to try anything at least once as long as all parties involved are consenting.

          • Wolfnrun


          • Wolfnrun

            Oh that’s hilarious

          • Hfar

            Good. A relationship needs humor. Now come with me. We have toys to pick out.

          • Wolfnrun

            Now that’s just gorgeous

          • Hfar

            And you as well dahling.

          • Wolfnrun

            Ha, thanks

    • http://www.vovilliacorp.com/ Joshua VoVillia

      Imagine how Future Trucks felt when he saw that.

    • Wolfnrun


  • Demo

    wow when did black get that much hair in the future

    • Wolfnrun


  • Cecilthedarknight_28

    JFC the comment section here is cancer.

    • Wolfnrun

      I don’t like the phrase but you’r partially correct

  • CiscotheSoto

    Goku is the worst father and an even worse husband, Vegeta is the worst moral supporter to those who need it the most, although he’s actually doing somewhat better as a husband. Not too good as a father either, or at least with his future self’s son, and Gohan is the biggest disappointment in Dragon Ball history with his potential, although he accomplishes everything Goku and Vegeta could never be as fathers and husbands. Anybody who disagrees, place a comment.

  • Callum Reilly

    Stop it with the online debating.

    • DatBoi

      It’s better for debating to be online for if people were to do it offline then a brawl could start and hurt people.

  • Ecksman

    Gohan is a piece of shit. What happened to that guy. I feel for Trunks and his dissapointment

  • Raveesh Bannihatti

    Guys. Our job is to just sit back and enjoy the show and not to expect too much. Just enjoy what’s being shown. If you expect too much, it will spoil the whole purpose of dragonball which is to give us some entertainment. If everything should go how you wish, then what’s the main idea of seeing it.

    • Banishedbrick Brickbeard

      YES ! Its meant to be exiting and surprising . The story line is full of ways to spice it up a notch. Don’t go all ragie if it don’t go the way u wan’t . So what ?!

  • Matt Talbert

    Wow. Zamasa says Screw your universal rules, I have green skin!

  • adam floyd

    this cheesy crap is dragging the name of dragonball z through the mud

    • DatBoi

      They aren’t dragging the name Dragonball z through the mud. They are dragging the name Dragonball Super through the mud.

      • adam floyd

        very true but its also gonna put people off watching dragonball z if they havent seen it and are watching dragon ball super first

  • Candy Cane

    Will pan became Future Trunks student ?

    • DatBoi

      No Pan will be Black’s bitch.

      • Candy Cane

        like your moma ??

  • Kalos Jhoto

    Yes Victoria is right, Pan has a blood of super saiyan and she cant talk yet.

  • Ayres Horne


  • Lor_Nimbus

    That dude Zamasu just been released and is my fav character next to vegeta. Is anyone else out there hoping pan becomes a powerful ssj3 or higher by the end of super. Cuz I am.

  • Taswer

    its obvious that black is the fusion of goku and a kai from the future! but question is hows that possible, as goku died of some disease while androids came in the future. :/

  • Haha Haha

    Can’t wait for the nest episode.

  • SSJPierce

    Someone should start a petition to make Gohan a strong character again (and he should be the strongest in the series)

    • Wolfnrun

      Make the offspring carry on gokus strength, I don’t like how it’s always goku people depend on

      • Banishedbrick Brickbeard

        I agree . Why always Goku ( Gohan bieng the main charector for a change was what made the Cell saga so Mega freaking awsome ) ?

    • Baby Trunks

      If that happens, I’ll shove my foot through my laptop. That’s the WORST idea I’ve heard except for that one guy that wanted to bring back Cell with a new form from the past (Remember, Future Trunks and Krillin destroyed the growing cell down in Dr. Gero’s lab?), well having that Cell survive and regenerate and kill everyone and take over the time machine that Trunks came in is an objectively worse idea, but both ideas are ABSOLUTE SHIT nonetheless.

  • jalen rose Hermosa

    why do future gohan dont have a left arm??

    • Mike

      Watch DBZ.
      Or better yet, the movie, History of Trunks.

      • Rjay

        mmm yah yah tnx……

  • MajinBuu251

    How did Gohan become such a loser?

  • MajinBuu251

    Imagine how strong Gohan couldve been if he kept training.

  • Wolfnrun

    Cat is still alive at 18:32 top left corner

  • Sean StAnge

    Did we just witness Future Trunks having a PTSD attack?

  • Biswarup Chakraborty

    Future Gohan is handicapped????

    • Mike

      You mean his missing arm?
      I hope you’ve watched DBZ first.

  • Dabrain

    Where is Episode 51 ? 🙁

  • Goku

    Goku is always going to be the best, that’s the point

  • Nick

    Have to wait til July 31 for the next episode….

  • ZeAndre

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  • Muchmore Gaming

    I dont understand how future trunks doesn’t know anything doesn’t he have young trunks memory. And as for the new guy he has 2 fusion ear rings so it could a ki who has black trapped by fusion or some sort cause black only had one ear ring. It said they also have the same ki.

  • G-sus

    you fanfaggots should all just shut the fuck up with the critical thinking. this shit only happens because the director said so. try enjoying a good show and not fighting over shit you were never meant to think about when the shit was created. and whoever responds to this with shit talk takes dick like a fucking pro.

  • Banishedbrick Brickbeard

    How come the Super Bardock profile image is SO popular ?

    • Wolfnrun

      I’m glad I’m not the only one wondering

  • Hit

    *buys a cap with sign on it saying “#MakeGohanGreatAgain”

    • Wolfnrun

      Ha, but gohan is under-appreciated

  • Sean

    Lol Gohan really did change.

  • Denver Denver

    Conclusion: I hope Pan, Videl and Satan die by a horrible death so Gohan gets mad.

  • http://gudangraye.blogspot.com Ardiko R Shandy

    please someone gathering the dragon ball super.. then make future trunks happy.. T^T

  • Deejayred

    Pan-chan! Pan-chan! Pannnnnnnnnnnnn-channnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  • Ninten

    Despite GT being garbage this scene literally reminds me of the scene where Trunks is trying to get the key from Pan.

  • Blake Anthony

    now I really want cell to return. :/

  • AzstroBoii

    Why didn’t bulma still build a time machine after the whole incident with cell… Never know… it could and now it has) come in handy

  • Vegeta jr

    The episode 52 is not hd please make it

  • Vegeta jr

    Pan won’t even become a super saiyan.haven’t u guys watched dragon ball gt (grand tour)

  • Vegeta jr

    Pan won’t even become a super saiyan.Haven’t u guys watched dragon ball gt (grand tour )

  • Lumen E’xcent

    They have turned Gohan into a NERD…Thanks ChiChi..you got what the fuck you wanted…I rather have the future Gohan Dx

  • Orlando Britt

    Mai going to be A good wife.

  • fallacies

    i can’t fucking believe they call that an episode… why would ppl want to pay to see them have conversations? wtf is the fighting

  • Cindy ユキ

    I know it not related to this episode but has anyone ever wonder why super sayain 3 can only seem to be obtain in a special world or some sort and if so, just speaking so could it be stronger then ssj4 seem like ssj3 wasted more energy then any other forum.

    • Ifrinpls

      Or they just didn’t bother to explain anything and the energy thing was just an excuse for Goku leaving before Gohan came back so all the three of them could beat Buu easily.

      Also Goku goes SSJ3 against Bills and Trunks.

  • SayanGin

    Who sleeps with a jacket and a scarf on, under a blanket in the middle of summer? WTF Trunks?!

  • Remus

    omg vegeta why so serious (btw why hes talking crap like this,hes ruining my childhood)

  • Loling saibaman

    Lol Trunks has mad ptsd, he sees “regular” family life and is like “Wha- what is happening even.”

  • Awesome j Gaming

    what the crap how is it that the first thing someone does when they wake up is frickign swing a sword

  • Robert

    i hate how soft gohan got

  • SHΔV

    recap ends 2:26

  • Lowclasspeasant

    does anyone else find it odd that pan is shooting her mother’s breast milk into the mouth of her grandfather?

  • Beerus

    Wtf happed to gohan 🙁 he is a shitty earthling now

  • HevtiG-Sama

    Yoka, yoka, yoka dance 😀

  • Supa say’in arceus 4 d biblurg

    Wait, so trunks coming back to fight cell would be completely useless, because wouldn’t it have affected the future, but it didn’t
    And I know jumping timelines and stuff, but this is fiction! Who said it have to be 100% true to life? So, the android and cell saga was pointless to trunks future cuz everyone would be dead and future trunks life sucks and you get the idea.

  • Tyler Albert

    what if trunks told everyone how they died

    mr satan you got kaboomed so did you and you you werent born yet then goes to mai you got exploded and then the dead

  • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle

    Trash episode.

  • Shabani Weird

    I feel so bad for future-trunks!

  • Jayson

    i dont know why but each time i watch future trunks keeps reminding me of tapion

    • DurinRath

      cause of the sword?.

  • Kylo Ren

    Well the episodes stopped working so that’s fantastic 🙂

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    video will not play… any sugestions

  • Ben Newell

    watched every other episode up to this one on this site and they all worked fine

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    Does this not work?

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    The part where Trunks started crying hit me right in the feels