Dragon Ball Super episode 51 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 51 Dubbed: “”


  • Hizer


  • Naveed

    Why arent the dubs being uploaded as early as possible instead of these 1 week gap….its lacking behind a lot

    • ‏‏

      The extra weeks is because the work on the dubs themselves is delayed.

  • Naveed

    And why did the theme song changed ? 😒😒

  • ‏‏

    Why is Mai so surprised? She was always a military woman before she was wished young again, however I find it really odd how she’s wearing the same uniform from DB again in the future.

    • Maeno34

      I mean, she must be surprised cause she never thought she would lead a a group. Ever since Dragon Ball she’s been following Pilaf

  • Game Killers

    jeezuus i knew that super had some bad animation,but i don’t remember it being that bad….is it weird that a “proffessional” animation studio somhow made a art-noob feel better about his art

    • Libertarius2012

      One of the main reasons they cancelled Super. Even Akira hated it.

  • Maeno34

    All Ningens Must Perish