Dragon Ball Super episode 50 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 50 : “Goku vs Goku Black! The Path to the sealed Future”


  • Cabba

    “Legendary of Lucky”

    • Whis

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      • Cabba

        What adorable?

      • Cabba

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      • Hit

        Whis/Bardock, Cabba has quite a potential. In fact he is as strong as super saiyan 2 goku in his ssj1.

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  • Omni (The King Of Everything)

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  • MamaBioGeta

    This episode 49 gives me the chills and it so detailed when we see Black, for now it makes me think of this trunks said that he wanna destroy everything for the sake of justice, he destroyed planets, he battled trunks for a year,noted he gets stronger and stronger, in the scene we see Black receiving a ring, ring of time by bet a Kai is behind this, since they only use this and then found trunks in the past. He is working someone, or is an kai, or trained by one, that explain’s the ring, earring and now in preview i saw black powering up mystic on the ground in concentration just like Gohan did during fight with buu. He has a connection with an kai

    • plyby74

      The earring says it all!

      • Deads

        he only wears one tho. So im still on fusion.

        • Gary Coffelt

          Black being a fusion is a possibility, but him having one earring doesn’t really say too much. Both supreme kais and fusions wear two earrings unless one is taken out for some reason. Vegetto has two earrings. It makes me wonder why he has just one earring, because removing one earring wouldn’t have an effect whether he’s a supreme kai or fusion character. Maybe some time in the past, to stop Black, someone like a good supreme kai or grand supreme kai stole one of his earrings to try fusing with him, hoping their influence would make him good, but Black killed them before they were able to get the earring on. If it’s not that, then I’d think it must just be a style preference. I doubt it is just a style preference though.

          • Anonomous

            I’d like to think of it this way:
            The entire time they’ve built up this story of there being 12 universes, each with a counter part; the opposite.
            I’m going to assume that “Black Goku” is U6 Goku, where at some point had to use U6’s Potara earings. Since it’s the opposite of the S7 Potara earings fusing people, it could separate them to get their potential out instead. Alternatively, based on how “Black Goku” speaks as if it’s not his original body, it could be that it instead swaps the positions of those who wear it similar to Ginyu’s “CHANGE!” technique.
            Since it’s a Potara earing effect, the potential of the person in the body can be felt as if it were their own.

            Though, that’s just my theory.
            Would be a bit silly if they went through nearly forty episodes just to change the entire story-line suddenly. DBS just seems well thought out in comparison to GT, which was just sort of “Let’s come up with it as we go!”. The filler sections should be ignored story wise, but taken for what they are. The “Superhuman water” that copied Vegeta’s body could very well be something that alludes to what “Black Goku” is.

            Either way, I just want to see the next tournament. The U6/7 tournament was one of the best I’ve seen, at least when it came to Hit and Cabba.

    • Jesse B

      I noticed you said ‘an kai’ twice. It’s “a kai.” “an kai” is really poor english and sounds horrible if you say it out loud

      • Siam Alam

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        • neda2525

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  • fame

    okay hear me out.

    remember when Goku and Vegeta fused with the kai earings?? well the kai said that they could not split after that but they did when they got eaten by buu. notice BLACK only has ONE earing and its the same ear that goku used. my wild prediction is that there is also another black vegeta out there and this is because they defused. BOOM lemme know what you think =)

    • infinity888

      yeah, i kind of agree with you, that whats i think when i saw the single earring. and also for black goku is a dead body from the future and was just posses by some powerful being…because when black gokou and future trunks have a n argument black gokou said this is the end of the proud saiyan race…( hes not considering himself as one of the saiyans ) black gokou in the present time seems like a bully, hes just the only one villain and facing everyone ( future trunks, gokou and vegeta which is currently in their god level and theres whis and the god of destruction beerus.

      • VAZE

        But he has a time ring that only the supreme kai posses but your conclusion is a good one!, I bet whiz can snap his fingers and kill it.

        • infinity888

          yeah…agree so they back it with another character, the green kaioshin. or better another 1 character can catch up in the arc.

        • dobbin raj

          But why should whis or beerus get involved? Like it’s not their problem. That’s always been their attitude. Eg.: frieza arc

      • omar faruq dehan

        i think u might have seen this… i dont think his name will be “Black Vegeta” :p

      • omar faruq dehan

        i think you have seen this…. i dont think his/her name will b “Black Vegeta” :p

        • infinity888

          they said hes a mirai kaoishen…and the names yamasu if im not mistaken. maybe hes superior than black gokou. look at his outfit same as kaoishin.

          • Gary Coffelt

            I don’t know if I’d say he’s superior to Black Goku. So many things are suggesting that Black Goku is a demon kaioshin in Goku’s body(whichever Goku’s body that is: Future Goku’s dead body, Goku from another timeline, etc. Idk.). I’d bet he’s Yamasu in Goku’s body and I don’t see why Yamasu would take over Goku’s body to become Black Goku if Yamasu is stronger than Black Goku, though maybe (and this may be a bit out there) Yamasu was forbidden from interacting with the world because of him being a demon kaioshin, so he took over Goku’s body, knowing how much potential Goku had, so he could enter the main world to wreak havoc and do as he pleased under the guise of Goku. If this is the case, Yamasu could be stronger than Black Goku, but he sacrificed a little power for the freedom Goku’s body granted him.

        • poo

          she is zamasu

    • GokuSan25

      Or maybe when they defused it formed an evil energy that quick that it got transferred to the future

      • Jesse B

        read that out loud and tell me if it sounds like english. “evil energy that quick that it got transferred to the future.”

    • James Bolton

      i was going to congratulate you on a fantastic idea but I’m now thinking, they never fused back together after they separated in buu so when they both came out good with out the earrings on they couldn’t of gone bad at any point. But was never resurrected in trunks timeline so it couldn’t of happened their. so this can’t be true. let me know what you think

    • James Bolton

      i was going to congratulate you on a fantastic idea but I’m now thinking, they never fused back together after they separated in buu so when they both came out good with out the earrings on they couldn’t of gone bad at any point. Buu was never resurrected in trunks timeline so it couldn’t of happened their. so this can’t be true. let me know what you think

      • Marcus Abraham

        the path that future trunks is from was determined by cell in his future vegetal and goku never fuse

        • Lorenzo De Stefano

          So noone noticed the green kaioshin with black clothes during the opening?… oh didn’t saw the comments below huehuehue

          • North Kai

            That kaioshin in the opening has on the same clothes as black

    • Miguel Santillano

      Dude i never thought about it being vegeta that would be so dope

    • Zek

      I would say it’s right but trunks defeated the whole buu thing before buu got out which means in trunks present buu was never alive he was still contained nd we know this because he explained it in the last episode.. so buu never got out nd goku nd everyone was dead bit i do think that this “black” goku might just be reanimated by the evil kai’so because they knew how strong he was.. you see how all our good kai’so have those earnings in alot.of colors but green.. so I think it’s just a reanimated version of a dead goku that the evil kai’so took his body.. let me know what ya think 🙂

      • Male Mage

        Exactly so there could be a Black Vegito In the future so Black Goku And Black Vegeta will be God Of Destruction In any time

        • Zek

          yea there could be a black vegito but idk if they would be a god of destruction in any time

          • Zach

            Could this be a setup for ssgss vegito?

          • Obraware

            more like ssgss Gogeta

          • LegendaryVegeta

            and then it would be epic to hap black ssgss vegito vs present ssgss gogeta (using the fusion transformation

        • Manish

          All we’re waiting for vegeta white

          • michael

            hahaha nice one

      • AsurasPath22

        Something like that sounds legit. Maybe the kai had a evil half that he had separated(something like Piccolo and Kami). After that, maybe that Kai was searching for maybe a strong warrior and found Goku. Then maybe they fused and then you get Black.

      • calros

        good point but the Future trunks comes from a different universe future than the actual one where goku vegeta are current present but rather from other universe in which he travel to time as well end it up in the universe 7 since back on the cell series son goku never die which meant if were to be the same future of the time line sure be fix and goku and the others sure be alive in future trunks word but it didnt happen so i think trunks comes from the future of universe 6 since in the tournament the green kai use green hearings which makes sences

        • Lalouch

          Wrong, if you can remember, when Future Trucks fist appeared, during the androids 16, 17, and 18. He told the Z fighters that just because he changed their future, doesnt mean it would change his time period.

        • yaseen ismail

          Notice how the future black goku is holding his chest?
          Might be because he stole his future body. Remember that future goku is meant to be dead from a heart problem. This kai might have fused with the future goku before he died in the cell saga. Seems like a similar villain to that of the one in dbgt,( i know it isnt cannon).

        • North Kai

          That could never happen because the earth in universe 6 no longer has any humans on it and goku, vegeta, and the rest of their friends don’t exist in universe 6 either.

          • Curgan

            well remember they used the Super Dragon Balls to wish the humans of earth in universe 6 back to life.

          • Osii Deschain

            Wouldn’t goku and vegita still exist because they were born on planet vegita? The life pod would have just went to a different planet, which would have changed goku’s upbringing and outlook completely.

    • Fortune Teller

      Well remember though, Trunks’s future is different from Goku’s. In Trunks’s future, Goku is dead from a virus back in the cell saga. But in Goku’s world he survived thanks to Trunks and the antidote. Even still, Trunks’s world is a world without Goku. So my prediction is that someone evil being wished Goku back with the dragon balls. Lemme know what you think 🙂

      • Bruce Wayne

        Goku died of natural causes, so he could not be brought back to life after dying from the heart virus.

      • North Kai

        That couldn’t happen piccolo died in the cell saga during the battle with the androids in future trunks timeline NO PICCOLO! NO DRAGON BALLS!

        • Grendel

          Well there would still be the Namekian dragon balls (not to mention the new super dragon balls)…Goku still defeats Frieza in trunk’s timeline he just dies before the androids show up. Nothing to do with the theory above but it obviously could happen.

    • Bombs and Boomerangs

      Well Black Goku refers to Trunks as a Saiyan, why would he do that if he was a saiyan. In addition, when Goku was killed by Piccolo while fighting Raditz, King Yemma says he saved Goku’s body. So the idea of someone evil, lets say Frieza, escaping from HFIL/HELL and stealing Goku’s body is a possibility too. However, Black Goku acts as if he’s never met Goku, so it isn’t a foe he’s fought before.

    • Biswarup Chakraborty

      Basically u are stating that black vegito may come and may have a fight with vegito or gogeta. Then it will be pretty interesting

    • labe keebler

      oh shit You might be right that means Black vogeito might come and vegeta and goku use potara again to defeat him

    • Koibito888

      My theory is an evil Kai fused with the dead Goku of Trunks’ future. The guy is already easily pickable by a Kai, being in otherworld already, his outfit looks like a fusion of a Kai outfit and Goku’s – literally those are Kai boots and the whole outfit literally just looks like a Kai outfit with Goku’s Gi on top, plus Kai items like the time ring. Then perhaps the reason he has one is Zamasu blew it up to prevent further fusions.

    • Amer Alaous

      no, this earring is different than the ones they used in fusion, Kai’s of 6th universe wear only 1 earring unlike kais of 7th they wear 2 earrings
      beside this earring is exactly similar to God of Demons Demigra
      also black said something about finally fighting goku “again” so im guessing this enemy has fought goku before
      and when he got back to his era he was holding his chest cuz of goku’s attacks, so im guessing too that this body is the dead body of future goku who died of the heart attack virus and someone somehow used his body

    • Ifrinpls

      Honestly it soulds silly, like a fanfic. It’s more probable that an evil kaio-shin (or a similar god-like entity) “fused” with Goku or somehow took control of his body (hence the remarks Black mentions about “this body”). I don’t think it is either a fusion, something happened that let another being take control of Goku’s body, but that’s not Goku.

      • Xman321

        Technically this entire saga sounds like a fanfic.

    • CerebralSeagull

      Black refered to trunks as “saiyan” and said that’s the end of the saiyan race. I’d say that that invalidates any possibility that black is really Goku.

  • Dajka László

    Video shouldn’t be titles “episode 50”

  • pikachutron3000™

    i actually can’t believe black goku would do this seriously. there is beerus, whis, the guy in the picture or as they say king of everything who wants the nice goku alive to play in the tournament. Black goku should leave. What does black goku think of himself? The God of everything?

    • infinity888

      as what i have said they are bullying black gokou if h doesnt have a comrade imagine invading the present time alone, while facing 2 god levels supers saiyan and a good of destruction beerus.

      • Vezumos

        What if he absorbs powers?

  • Siam Alam

    Wow Black is looking nice!

    • Xman321

      Well, not every shot’s going to be a masterpiece…

      • Siam Alam

        Yeah Maybe

  • DarkRinn

    Dudes Whis and Beerus won’t get involved they don’t care like when Champa was going to kill those warriors or when Beerus was going to destroy earth Whis didn’t care the only way their going to get involved is if Black doesn’t give them a food offering because he just messed with time by looking for trunks and coming to the past remember what Whis said time travel is a serious offense and gods can’t even do it if he’s a Kaoishin he’s a lower god than Whis and Beerus and they might take action but there’s little chance of that happening remember they don’t care if earth gets destroyed or not Btw if you like the way I explain things check out Rhymestyle on YouTube <—————————————————————————————————————————!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ajrider

    Remember beerus wished for champas Earth I think that he is the goku of champas Earth
    What ya think

    • infinity888

      hmm, yeah maybe one of the reason

    • Mohd Ahmed

      Great Thinking!

    • Cazval Asakura

      OR the god of the universes wished every universe back to normal, all because he wants to make a tournament for all other universes, meaning one of the universes that he himself destroyed came back to reality. Thus universe “?” with Black and Trunks arrived. What ya think?

    • Manish

      Goku’s real backstory he was from king vegeta’s planet he was sent to the earth

  • XBeam FourK

    What I don’t get is, if you look back a few episodes, then look at Trunks holding his own against Black. With that being said, watch as Goku completely destroys Trunks. This is where likely theories come in. For one thing, Goku is going to DESTROY BLACK! Look at what I said earlier. This could also mean the death of someone. What I mean is, looking at something which I don’t remember, it said that Black was not taking the fight seriously with Goku. Does Goku get killed, does GOGETA come in? Unlikely, but the last thing is, Could Cabba come into this? I mean, it said in an interview of Toriyama and Toyotaro that this saga would involve many universes. This is highly unlikely, but very much possible.

  • Alex Axel Zenelaj

    In Goku’s Universe, all Saiyans were supposed to be an evil, world conquering race. Remember, Goku was originally sent to earth to destroy it but instead becomes the exception to the “evil saiyan” rule after hitting his head as a child and becoming the good natured hero we know and love. In the multi-verse tournament, Cabbe says that in his universe, all Saiyans are good and fight for justice. What if “Black” is the one exception to the rule in his universe, basically being the polar opposite of Goku or essentially “Kakarot” as originally intended? I think “Black” Is DEFINITELY a Saiyan but he talks about them in such a negative way because he sees his own race as weak for being good hearted in his own universe. It’s the exact same way Vegeta acted towards Goku during their first meeting on earth in the early DBZ days. Since the theme seems to be polar opposites, it’s entirely possible that the potara earring that Black is wearing was given to him by King Zamasu (evil version of supreme kai) and used for fusion between him and the good hearted version of Vegeta from his universe. Essentially, Black is the evil version of Gogeta. Haha I hope that makes sense.
    -A random guy on YouTube
    I think that guy nailed it

  • kodali revanth

    Hello Guys….There is a logic missing in this saga..
    In Cell saga.trunks Come from future and say about the cell and in future goku dies bcoz of a disease and other dies because of cell…..but trunks came from future and gave goku a medicine and he turned back and cell arrived and gohan killed cell at last buu saga even completed…..but if present changes means future should also change right….everyone should be alive in future also…or Future trunks can be from another world…Please clarify the story guys…

    • Ergys Kojtari

      This is because of different timelines meaning that Future Trunks is from the future but of another timeline. So, imagine four parallel universes. they all start at point 1 and end at point 100. X comes from timeline 2 point 80 to timeline 1 point 40. What I mean is that Trunks is from the future, but of his timeline, so changing something in the main timeline doesn`t affect Trunks timeline.

      • Mohd Ahmed

        Wtf is this

    • King Lo

      By DB rules, going back in time doesn’t change your timeline. So no matter what Trunks does he will return to the same timeline

      Cell is from Trunks first time returning after destroying 17 and 18. He destroys his version of 17 and 18 and then Cell kills him and takes his Time machine, That is the time machine that Bulma breaks out at the end of this episode. This timeline is never shown in the anime or elsewhere just discussed by Cell briefly when he is fighting Piccolo.

      So there are 3 timelines.
      Timeline 1 is you main story.
      Timeline 2 Cell kills Trunks and goes back to timeline 1.
      Timeline 3 is Future Trunks’ timeline where he meets Goku Black.

      Same dimension, same universe. different timelines.

    • King Lo

      Secondary explanation for those that think linear.

      Timeline #1 Android arrive kill everyone, Goku dies of heart condition, Trunks goes back in time to warn everyone and try to change his future.

      Timeline #2 Trunks is successful in killing Androids in the past, and returns to future realizing that he cannot change his timeline. He kills his version of Android 17 and 18. While attempting to go back to the past to thank everyone he is killed by Cell, Cell takes his TM and goes back to the past.

      Timeline #3 Trunks and everyone stop Androids, Gohan kills Cell. Trunks returns to future. He kills the Androids and Cell in his timeline. He then stops Babadi before he can release Majin Buu. Goku black shows up and Trunks returns to past again.

  • kodali revanth

    Hello Guys,There is a logic missing in this saga..Actually Trunks came from future starting of the cell saga..Goku dies becoz of a disease and other warriors were killed by androids and cell.So trunks warned them and gave goku a medicine and Finally Cell arrives in present and Gohan killed cell and bug saga Completed.So if present have changed a lot for what future told,……..so future wil also be changing ryte……if present changes means alternatively future will also change…so no one wil die in future also……there is a logic missing guys…..or future trunks should have come from another world among that 12…………

    • muhammad farouk

      I believe you are not really a fan of dragon ball since you dint know this? Trunks was asked during the cell saga if the future he is in now would change. He answered nothing will change. SO, what ever happen in the present does not affect Trunks Future.

      • kodali revanth

        k thank………i have seen dbz & gt 15 years ago……….quite forgot the story…..

    • dobbin raj

      Probably creating a set of another 12 universes I guess. What you stated was a form of grand father’s paradox meaning there are no parallel universes. If there are, according to dbs, then it works i guess

    • Walid Jelouaj

      multiverse theory is a bitch

    • tobias

      There is what you call an alternate universe and alternate timeline. which is 2 very different things. It’s very difficult to try understand a story like this when the quantum theory to begin with, isn’t possible at the moment to even prove. but lets pretend its possible (again, it won’t always make 100% sense since theres loop holes in almost all quantum theories. It could be that since Future Trunks went back in time, he than has caused a rip through the 10 different dimension when Time and space meet, which could cause rip holes, changes in alternate timelines and alternate universes, but, just because trunks went back in time and change things over…. that only effected the alternate timeline goku, vegeta and gohan etc live on which than could lead to other problems that was not in the future timeline, which it did. the reason to this, it’s been said if time and space was to ever collide and you were to go back in the past? everthing you do, will change the future for that timeline but not the future timeline you were from. because to go back in time you need to rip a hole
      in space. and if you did, the connection holding past,present, and future can only be held for so long until the connections are broken.

    • Xman321

      “Multiverse Theory’s a BITCH!”

  • SuperSaiyanGreen

    i hope they

  • SuperSaiyanGreen

    I hope normal goku and vegita will fuse together and become vegito and fight black 😛

  • Fasih

    Really in dragon ball super vegeta is stronger than Goku lol

  • z

    wait if goku and them never died in the present, they should still be alive in the future right?

  • just me

    Since they said gt never happened, this might be the new Baby. Angry Kai gave them earrings and ring. Then shown him how to use the earrings improperly so he would have control. This would be why there is only one earring.

  • Lamp Godx

    Imagine right after this saga ends, future trunks learns to become a super saiyan god. So when gets back to his timeline, Beerus and whis saga starts right when he gets back. Making him the super saiyan god that beerus dreamed about in the beginning.

  • Rob Luat

    I think black goku came from Nygeria… He want a revenge because somebody ate his mashed potato and there’s nothing left but the single piece of corn that he made as his earing. Suddenly it spoils and become green color with algae inside.

    I think future trunks will use a needle to pop the algae out of the earing.

  • Ryan Shay

    Here is my theory. Did anyone notice how Black went through time. Some sort of ring but the rip it caused was somewhat simiar to the way Mira Towa and Demigra passed through time. This could be an introduction to a Xenoverse Storyline. They were able to make people evil They could have altered Trunks’ timeline and corrupted the most powerful warrior Goku. If you noticed when he fought trunks and when he was searching for his energy he had the same purple aura the the evil characters in Xenoverse had.

  • Dmon


    • MEE PIN

      Akira already said that theory was false

      • Grendel

        You mean from the fake twitter account or somewhere else? He is obviously not goten but I always find it fascinating how people believe that writers would outwardly squash theories and discussion about their work before things are revealed in said work.

        • MEE PIN

          Yeah I kind of figure the twitter was fake after researching again, forgot I even posted this.

    • Forver

      No. Goten was never conceived in Future Trunks’ timeline. In the original timeline, Goten was conceived right before the Cell Game. In the future timeline, Goku dies from the heart virus before the Androids appeared. Therefore, Goten being Black makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Jimmy B Vs Bryson

    Guys remember when Goku fought hit maybe who gave hit his ability to power up after facing higher power levels has something to do with Goku black being able to do the same thing possibly the kaioshen But black said he was going to destroy the eathlings for the sake of justice but he was calling the half sayians earthlings too maybe a makaioshen possessing Gokus body but would that even be aloud

  • Jimmy B Vs Bryson

    Remember that witch that the old kai fused with was the one with the power to unlock a persons potential

  • David Chiao

    Dude, it’s obviously Ginyu when he learned how to control Saiyan power.

  • Alou

    It’s obvious that black goku is strong but I am petty sure beerus can because he’s a god and we never seen his full power before and Zeno the king of all 12 universes and everything would whip black Tomis but he can wipe out everything so therefore beer us can win and whis who is beerus martial arts master and would get rid of him with a tap of his stick

    • Andrew Michael Ortega

      I think Zeno The King and Black Goku destroyed worlds together which is why he arrived at the tournament and shook his hand.

    • Xman321

      Yeah, Beerus can kick his ass.

      He’s not going to, because it’s not his problem, but he could.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

    Black Goku make fun of Goku

  • 3re

    how long till episode 50 is ou

    • 3re


      • Zerox

        59 mins left 🙂

      • Dakota Gates

        It’s out now in raw, just not subbed.

  • Dontwasteyourtimereadingthis.

    Trunks and Whis doesn’t make sense at all…. Trunks goes back in time TWICE and his future didn’t change at all except the few things he did change himself after getting jacked in the cell saga: so I thought; ok, he just travelled through universes and not through time. Then Trunks shows up in Episode 48-49 of Dragonball Super and we get to hear from Whis that the machine he uses IS a time mashine: he actually travelled through time and not through different universes. SO WHAT NOW? why didn’t Trunk’s future change then IF IT IS A FUCKING TIME MACHINE THAT HE USES?? WHAT THE FUCKING TROLL MOVE IS THAT TORIYAMA?! WHAT A SHITTY FLAW IN THIS WHOLE STORY!!

  • poo

    black goku and vegita could turn into the character Demigra becase he h two green earings

  • Dontwasteyourtimereadingthisl

    Trunks and Whis doesn’t make sense at all…. Trunks goes back in time TWICE and his future didn’t change at all except the few things he did change himself after getting jacked in the cell saga: so I thought; ok, he just travelled through universes and not through time. Then Trunks shows up in Episode 48-49 of Dragonball Super and we get to hear from Whis that the machine he uses IS a time mashine: he actually travelled through time and not through different universes. SO WHAT NOW? why didn’t Trunk’s future change then IF IT IS A FUCKING TIME MACHINE THAT HE USES?? WHAT THE FUCKING TROLL MOVE IS THAT TORIYAMA?! WHAT A SHITTY FLAW IN THIS WHOLE STORY!!

    • SSJ-Mad

      He travels to a different time line so yeah…

    • Dakota Gates

      You cannot change your own timeline, just create a new one. That is all he did, he altered history to let goku live on in a different timeline .

      He then returned to his own timeline with newfound power,effectivly changing his FUTURE. But he could not change HIS past, that would destroy his timeline.

    • Boi

      His future is regarded as an alternate timeline. This alternate timeline was that of the original one before Goku died, therefore being separate. What events that take place in one timeline can’t affect another because what happened in the past of that timeline didn’t occur in the other. The real intrigue however exists in the fact that the time machine travels to different timelines back a certain amount of years rather than going back in their own timeline. Not a flaw.

      • Boi

        Oh wait, with further research, I feel certain statements may be wrong in my post. I feel that Goku dying was that of the original timeline, with Trunks going back and preventing it from happening creating a new separate timeline. It doesn’t take anything away from what I’ve said, and that’s that any events in either timeline cannot affect the future of another because these events haven’t occurred in one or the other

    • Xman321

      He DID time travel. One of the many theories around Time Travel is the Multiverse Theory, where any time you travel back in time, you’re simply creating a new timeline unlike your own.

  • Haha Haha

    4 mins!!

    • wtf

      where are the substitles

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    30 seconds!

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    1 more hour really?!

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    mai’s alive…………. got damn 47

  • Zerox

    mai is alive holy sh.t

    • Qais Al Basha

      guys guys lol no spoilers in comments

    • Dakota Gates

      Of course mai is alive, we have seen her Hanging out with pilaf and gang the entire time.

  • ffffffff

    i have to wait 11 hours now wtf

    • Dakota Gates

      I watched it.

    • DBS is lazy cocmpared to DBZ

      Even the subbers feel lazy to translate this DBS series

  • What do I expect

    Sigh. What a disappointing fight. Why don’t Goku turn into SSJ3 or blue knowing the current level of this Black Goku, he’d be done for sure

    • Angel

      isn’t there a time limit for ss3? maybe he couldn’t re-transform into it right away. or they’re just dragging it out til he has to turn blue/god form for one of the final fights

    • Xman321

      Did…did you not hear Vegeta? This is Goku’s thing.

      He did it in the Universal Tournament, he’s doing it here. He starts off small, and raises his power as his opponent does the same.

  • AsurasPath22

    Thank God, Mai is alive. Would have called this arc retarded, if they killed off a character from the opening. Other than that, this arc doesn’t seem so bad. At least it is better than the shit that came before it. Hopefully, Trunks gets some training to get stronger or something. I was literally wondering why no one asked Whis about why he didn’t save the time machine earlier. Thank God Krillin thought about it. Still wondering why Vegeta couldn’t have at least tried to save the time machine as well.

  • Cuntface

    Whats with the fucking unmoveable ad across the screen, fix this shit for tablet devices

    • AJ Gaming – Minecraft and More

      i got the same too man, im in a computer and there is this ad which cannot be removed i even have adblock -_-

  • Ally

    so for the guys who have already watched it.. you japanese or what?

  • Noob

    yo when is there going to be subbed version? geez

  • Jashin

    Her is something that makes more sense. Goku black is a time cop. Remember Berus said that he should destroy Earth and Trunks due to time manipulation. The Trunks Earth was suppose to be totally destroyed by the Androids and probably buu completely but because of Time travel it didnt happen. Black has a time ring with the INF symbol on it and can also travel thru time. Seems to me he is possibly a time cop setting the time line in correct motion again.

  • Frank Varela

    says sub doesnt show the sub lol

    • Frank Varela

      ah i see the timer now

  • whyisnttherenglishsubtitles

    Why isn’t there english subtitles?

  • Kyle Brown

    damn not even gokus training weights in the after life were as heavy as this episode! this arc better be remembered by all its fucking awesome!

  • Masutashifu

    Brain buster: Trunks doesn’t actually travel back in time; the “time machine” only transfers him to Earth of the mirror universe. When Whis looked up Earth earlier, he says they destroyed themselves but he only looked at the planet’s surface and not for maybe a handful of survivors. There could also be a marginal difference in time, for example Trunks being older might be because the other universe might be a few years older than the one Goku is in. Beerus wishing Earth to be resurrected might have led to some odd/unforeseen repercussions which unfold.

  • ⦕яǤ⦖

    mussttttt nooootttt waaaatttccchhhh untttillll suuubbbbbssssss!!!! Don’t want to spoil anything that I can’t understand.

  • Eliakim Rosil


    • Zardock

      Yeah they better make FT as well as Goten/Trunks Gotenks relevant or just stop showing them… I was excited when Gotenks showed up in the magic water arc but they made them useless, gonna be seriously disappointed if that trend continues.

      • It doesnt matter

        In future trunks timeline there is no goten because goku died long before goten could be smashed into chi chi so all that fusion never happened for future trunks he isn’t from the future or well he is but he is from a separate universe and or alternate timeline where none of the z fighters are alive but him and the dragonballs were probably destroyed as well so bringing them back isn’t an option that’s why to make it even believable that trunks is alive he defeated all the enemies our original Hero’s have before they were a huge problem that would also explain why he isn’t that much stronger but he has nobody to train with he is his earth’s only defense he is the only sayain of his timeline, universe or existence. They half ass explain these issues in this episode by showing him defeat all cell, Debora and babidi and such by himself… Sorry I know the characters but when it comes to spelling the old ones I could careless I usually don’t comment or get involved with theories especially over anime

  • Zardock

    Good episode but there needs to be way more content.. we waited like 5 filler episodes for this and the fight was extremely short.. the episodes need to be twice as long, doesn’t feel like I even watched an episode but more of a trailer

    • Swiss Superman 2.0

      Looks like next episode will be filler too…

      • Christopher

        It’s not fucking filler. The anime is not based off of any manga. The manga adaption is merely a different take on events and not the canon source. How are you going to understand shit without some downtime in the fighting for characters to interact?

        • Kalice

          It doesn’t matter what you call it, if you stripped out all the excess crap that doesn’t add to the story, I’ll repeat, DOESN’T ADD TO THE STORY OR CHARACTERS, just there for pure profit. You seriously enjoy the excess amount of time they’ve been showing Pilaf, Yajirobe, pointless camera panning and countless recaps to make a 5 minute episode into 20 minutes? That’s fine, but we call it filler because we want the ‘downtime’ to be meaningful and add to the story, which a majority of it is not adding anything to the story. We don’t give a shit if it is based off manga, they’re adding extra fluff that’s adding nothing to the story for the pure sake of profit, and no matter what you diehard DBS defenders will say, the filler in this is 10 times worse than the filler in DBZ.

          DBS has it’s great moments, but it’s not adding suspense when we have to spend 4 episodes watching pilaf and recaps, it’s just making me skip through major portions of the episode to get to anything relevant.

          • Kooler

            Yeah these ‘filler’ defenders and deniers are the ones who don’t understand it.

            1. Filler with Beerus/Whis/Gods, Goten/Trunks, Gohan/Piccolo, FT, etc is good

            2. Filler consisting of majority Pilaf, Yajirobe, showing the same flashbacks and repeating clips over and over = bad, huge waste of time, skip

            Unfortunately, most of this ‘downtime’ is #2, where were getting a few minutes of meaningful story per episode and the rest of it usually being #2.

          • Grendel

            Wow people are really self-entitled on the internet. Basically what you just said is that the only important stuff is the stuff you like and the stuff you don’t should be cut out. As if your opinion is the be all and end all of what is important and what isn’t. You even give labels to people that don’t agree with you or perhaps are just enjoying the series. It’s sad really…

          • Christopher

            The Pilaf gang is funny and it’s about time we saw more of Yajirobe.

        • Xman321

          Filler is anything designed to fill running time with no real reason for it’s existence other than that. EVERYTHING has filler.

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    Cool episode. Can’t wait to read it in English in the morning! Looks like next episode will be filler though…

  • Dimy Phraiser

    can anybody help me, there’s no subtitle.

    • Christopher

      Here won’t be any subtitles for some time, but there will be sooner rather than later. These things take time, y’know, the episode has barely been released.

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    Any good products out there besides Rosetta Stone to learn how to speak/understand Japanese?

  • Christopher


    • https://www.reddit.com/user/Swordust/ Randall

      I regret not having faith. I’m so happy.

      Damn it, Trunks! Maybe next time this happens, oh I don’t know… Check her pulse maybe?!

      • Saiyan Queen

        He should have been able to sense whether or not she was alive, since these saiyans can sense life energy. To tell you the truth, I would rather Mai be the permanently dead one than Bulma. Someone needs to tell the useless old lady to quit grooming Kid Trunks. #worstshippingever.

        • Christopher

          Unless that life energy is incredibly weak from being knocked unconcious and there is a massive ki right in the vicinity next to them(Black).

        • https://www.reddit.com/user/Swordust/ Randall

          Yeah, good point. As for the Bulma part, I’m sure Future Bulma would do anything to have raised Future Trunks the way present Bulma is now. No mother would want their child raised through all that.

        • Chase

          Why you be slamming on female character? Not everyone is/can be a fighter, yet they can still play some kind of part. E.g., if Bulma never met Goku, there would be no series, plus I thought it was pretty badass of Mai to sacrifice herself to stall for FT to get to the time machine DESPITE being “another basic, powerless human chick”.

      • Christopher

        Black finds Mai and then ditches Goku’s body due to the heart virus, using Mai’s body to fuck with Trunks. How insane would that be? I know… I’m terrible.

        Also, Robin-Bro is the man.

  • Jesus Nicolas

    Damn this is badass I can’t wait for episode 51

  • Jesus Nicolas

    My body has been ready since the episode preview from last week

  • elmo

    i don’t think black is a saiyan . if you recall when he is fighting trunks black was like …what a miserable end for a proud warrior race, today you die saiyan , saiyan’s really are interesting . i think he is hiding his true from with the earring . what do you guys think ?

    • ayami

      im thinking the same. he is able to make himself look like goku. we have wait few weeks to find out :(.

    • https://www.reddit.com/user/Swordust/ Randall

      Well, I did understand Whis saying something along the lines of him being a Kaioshin, or possessing a Kaioshin’s items.

      • elmo

        i had to go back and watch and it .Whis did say something about kaioshin … few more hores we will find out hopefully

  • ayami

    interesting ep. though i didnt expect black to be taken back to the future. cant wait for the subs. need to see what beerus and whis are saying it seemed important. the new ending was bit weird. atleast it wasnt just goku in it. but lol gohan dressed in the saiyaman outfit haha. next week yet another filler im thinking.

  • Mohd Hanifah

    still no sign of gohan….

  • Omni (The King Of Everything)

    • Yassine

      Do u have the cc pls ?

  • Justin Reji

    #spoilers, gohan is coming back in episode 50 and there would be an episode on gohan and future trunks ep 52 ,goku would die
    though,Although Goku’s death is saddening, it may twist the storyline
    which could lead another character to the spotlight,Gohan will
    be the potential opponent to match Black Goku’s abilities.Whereas,
    Goku’s death will be the trigger Gohan to avenge his father.

    • DOOD

      Also, I’ve watched the episode RAW on a pirating site recently taken down. Not sure of its name… But, I’d like for the rest of us to figure out as this all unfolds… Not many like spoilers, especially when it turns out that our expectations of something is wrong because of said apparent spoiler. But TLDR, good fight, interesting time things happen, something breaks, and a truth everyone saw coming is revealed.

    • gg

      HOAX, Goku won’t die

  • DOOD

    If you’ve read the rest of the article, all of it is merely speculation of possibilities arising from a photo in a V Jump Scan, where Trunks possibly interferes. Honestly dude, The Christian Times, University Herald, Yibada, and 90% of DBS forums aren’t very reliable or viable of information considering that speculation of these sites haven’t been good in predicting the outcomes of the recent tournament and the fact that so many possibilities exist that not one of us is qualified to give valid speculation.

  • SSJSkitty

    I Think I agree with Fame, if Black isn’t Goku’s other half how does he know all Goku’s techniques, He was using Instant Transmission when he was looking for Trunks after he vanished in his time machine.

    • Manish

      remember on episode 48 or 49 it said goku black traveled many planets and destroy maybe he learnt it from the planet goku did or maybe future goku is getting controlled by something

  • coal

    I told Tyrone, my husband was going to vote for Trump. That I couldn’t stand the idea, but I knew I couldn’t confront my husband either. So I wanted to show my husband what a racist pig he was. “Tyrone, I’ll be in this same room after work every night this week. I want you to come and I want you to put a baby in me.”

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    Black has something to do with the makioshens

  • Goldenhercules

    Why are there so many bardocks

  • Bactino

    Theyre all just idiots… they couldve just used whis’ 3 minute time backup plan for the time machine… idiots lol

    • sf

      Yeah, Whish definitely would do that with no hesitant, definitely. Knowing he mentioned how manipulating time is prohibited, he would surely do that for time machine

    • Forver

      You have to remember that Whis and Beerus are Gods. They are very selfish. The only reason why Whis used his Time Rewind technique was because if Earth stayed destroyed, he would not get to eat all the delicious food. What’s in it for him to turn back time for a destroyed time machine? It’s actually in his favor that it stays destroyed because, as Beerus said, it is strictly prohibited for even gods to manipulate time.

      • hamidi abdel hakim

        exactly and its entertaining for beerus people are really dumb if they think they are friend lol

    • hamidi abdel hakim

      why would he ever help them ?

  • Dragonslayer143

    WOW WHEN I WATCHED THIS I UNDERSTOOD IT AND BLACK seid that he wanted to fight goku in this body! he is switched body with someone!

    • a

      Captain Ginyu’s ability

  • Varun K Nair

    best episode yet cant wait for subs and the anime quality has increase so much. Cant wait for the next episode

  • Michael

    I knew she didn’t die !!!

    • Tristann Tourout

      Yeah! :’D

      • Mohd Ahmed

        me too!

    • Saiyan Queen

      Too bad she didn’t. I absolutely HATE this shipping- not just because Mai is another basic, powerless human chick, but because of the whole pseudo-pedophilic thing and the fact that she’s older than his parents. Toriyama probably couldn’t have come up with a grosser non-incestuous shipping if he tried. What’s next, Mr. Satan gets wished into a kid’s body and ends up with Krillin & 18’s daughter? Yuck.

      • Chase

        You do realize Future Trunks is in his 30s now, right? Not only can he go out with whoever he wants within age of consent range, but it’s not even outright confrimed (yet) whether or not his and Future Mai’s relationship is a not-so-platonic one.

        • Saiyan Queen

          But the relationship starts out with him as a 10-year-old and Mai as a 41-year-old. That’s the grossest part. And based on the title of next week’s episode, it’s almost guaranteed that they are in a romantic relationship. I hope I’m wrong about that or that the relationship doesn’t last. I still think it was a lazy waste to throw future Trunks- the only fighter left in his timeline- with some powerless, boring 60-year-old lady from Dragon Ball who’s older than his parents just because some people find her attractive, and hope it doesn’t turn into marriage and kids.

          • Chase

            For all we know FUTURE Trunks and FUTURE Mai didn’t meet the same way present Trunks and Mai did. The two points in time are divergent after all, so as a result of that, some things in both time lines are similar to a certain point and then become parallel to each other. Besides, gross or not, it happens all the time in real life that some people date individuals considerably older or younger than them within the age of consent (and in some sicker cases, NOT within that range), REGARDLESS of how repulsed others are by it. And as for that part about Mai being powerless, not everyone on Earth HAS the powers or training the other human Z Fighters had, so to bash her for her lack of powers is kinda dumb since 99.9% of Earth is full of powerless people. If you’re some superpowerful being living on Earth, you have an extremely high chance of being romantically involved with a “powerless” Earthling.

          • Spare Socks

            Wanna know a grosser pairing from a different series? Aang, a 112 year old, falling in love with Katara, a 14 year old in Avatar the Last Airbender. Sure, Aange was preserved in ice, but it doesn’t change that he’s old enough to be Katara’s great grandfather. Guess how THAT pairing turned out.

          • Saiyan Queen

            If Mai had been preserved in ice as a child and met kid Trunks after shortly being defrosted decades later that would make the age gap less creepy, because at least then she wouldn’t have actually experienced life as a teenager, adult, and middle-aged adult before getting involved with a child.

          • Spare Socks

            And now you’re just splitting hairs. True Mai is an adult in a kid’s body at the moment and true that is very jarring, but how “involved” can two kids be really, even if one of them was turned into one? Again, that’s the issue with their PRESENT selves, not their future selves since we don’t know how their future selves met (just yet). Speaking of their present selves, that’s simply a case of “wait 8 or so years” (whatever the age of consent is in DBZ’s fictional world). Do I condone their kids selves being an item? No. Am I okay with an “I’ll wait for you” scenario, absolutely since it’s less creepy when they’re both of age (even if the wait ITSELF makes it creepy).

          • Spare Socks

            Grossest of all is Kitana and Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat since Kitana is over 10,000 years old. I’ll bet there are far less MK fanboys griping about that as much as you are about Trunks and Mai.

  • Васил Вучков

    I want to see Black Goku face when Goku show him god form plus kaioken 10x! I think evil kaio trained Black Goku to defeat Frieza who wanted to bring peace on this world 😀


    So i might be right about black having future Goku’s body but time will tell xD

  • trigga1985

    Quick minor point, it is interesting to notice that Black knows who Beerus is and he knew Goku was the strongest member of a warrior race. To me this pretty much removes all the theories about Goten and so forth and suggests he is a Kai with a history with Beerus using Goku’s power as a model for his appearance and fighting style.

    • Gary Coffelt

      Yeah, I think the fact that he uses a time ring confirms he’s some kind of kaioshin. then you factor in his outfit and earring.

  • Harley Queen

    I love this Site it has everything! HD episodes And So much theories that many of them sounds Reasonable! i like the theory thaaat Black goku is Created bcs Beerus Wish Earth To universe 6.
    Like as sune that happend,Kaishin Travel to earth and merge with Universe 6 Goku and Become Black. Lemme See What u r thinking

  • nlbclan niekmiguel

    why do i have to disable adblocker to see this what bs man

  • uzair khan

    as soon the real goku powers up and rises his ki, black discovers he can power up too. and thats how his power rised when goku turned into super saiyan. and thats what future trunks was talking about. increased ki of black goku.
    and thats the reason black guy doesnt increase power before goku does. maybe the final form of black goku would be really awesome.. i wanna see goku and vegeta turned into super saiyan god blue form and take down black goku.. man this bATTLE IS GONNA BE EPIC…

    • nothing great

      I don’t think things would be that easy, the change of ordinary Super Saiyan and Blue is different, at least Black would have consume more time to keep up with SSBlue, not like the short time of keeping up with SS2 Goku.. and that’s when SSBlue Goku will finish Black

      • uzair khan

        but what about the part that black has lots of power, but lack in technique. That is the reason he was able to BOOM goku instantly with his attack. meaning he didn’t take time to deliver a power attack in their fight. that proves even black is hiding lots of his power just like original goku does.
        and black was able to increase his ki and keep it as such as long as he fought, in fact piccolo said black’s ki continued to increase while fighting. this shows black has potential. and probably he even consumed the power of kai too.

  • NzM gaming

    In Future Trunks’s timeline, Goku died due to a heart virus during the cell games leaving Goku and Vegeta dead. (Vegeta was killed by the androids not long after Goku’s death). Goku as having been the strongest mortal fighter in the galaxy and had been chosen to re-animate for power, identity from his corpse from a Kaioshin (possibly Zamasu). Zamasu may possibly ‘Temporary Future Goku’ as a disguise.

  • Digi-Ritter [Berufspenetrator]

    nice episode. black might be from the same race as hit, as hit is also able to improve skills dring a fight.

  • NzM gaming

    Goku is re-animated in use of a Kaioshin who chose his body, (possibly Zamasu). In Future Trunks Timeline, Goku and Vegeta die during the Cell saga, (Goku = Heart virus/ Vegeta = Androids). This is why the world is not fully protected by two of its successors. Trunks and the other young saiyans are left to face the future. ‘This isn’t a theory btw’

  • halo

    Black Goku got no chance, in the present they have Goku, Vegeta SSBlue, Beerus, Whish, HIT, and Omni King. No matter how his ki’s keep increasing it would takes a lot of times to be the same level as z fighters

    • Xman321

      Hit’s in another dimension, and the gods (plus Whis, assuming he isn’t a god) don’t give a shit.

  • NK

    Well, Just go and wish for a time machine from Dragon Balls.. It’s that simple..

    • bulma

      It’s beyond Shenrong’s ability because he’s not as smart as Bulma, probably lol

  • xLmao

    I hate DBS. They have fucking dragon balls, they can just WISH to fix the time machine, but noooo, everyone is soo stupid, it’s better to use some old junk overused by Cell.

    • Chase

      That would be a waste of a wish, imo, and a lazy method of dealing with the situation, plus they probably A) didn’t have all the Dragon Balls gathered at that time and B) Whose to say how much time they have til another threat comes up while they’re out Dragon Ball hunting, which could hinder the search? It’s like in the Namek Saga, everyone that died in the Saiyan Saga would have gotten wished back sooner if not for Frieza, his soldiers, and Vegeta hindering Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan during that time. Besides, theoretically, Bulma could fix the time machine faster than all seven balls could be collected, bearing in mind that although seven Z Fighters COULD split up and find them easily with their inhuman speed, only ONE radar was made, and THAT would waste time making six more.
      PS the time machine Cell used is aged, not overused.

  • Mohsin Sohail

    I really wanted to see a proper fight, but it seems black is controlled by someone or something, he was absorbing gokus power and then uses the same power an fighting stance against him, so I assume black is a weak ass, goku gave him a few hits and he was almost done, but it was enough for him to embed gokus power, yet i think if goku went ssg, he could have destroyed him. Also, I feel the earing on black is probz a fusion done with some blakc vegeta, so it could be cool as fuck seeing a ssg gogeta vs black gogeta. even beerus noticed his ki was different and strange.

    • Sniber

      He wasnt absorbing gokus power. He was just getting stronger on his own due to battle. Just like saiyans get stronger with battling, but he is powering up much faster than saiyans.

  • Endorama

    Black is some kind of other being in the body of goku or something, thats what i get from the conversation. About the ring and earring, might be a Kai that can take over bodies? maybe a Kai that wasn’t welcome anymore and wanted revenge/justice by destroying everything that has done even 1 small thing that wasn’t acceptable. This body is surely goku from what i get. The question is just who is in the body and if it’s not a Kai how did he managed it to get the items.

  • Aamir Siddiqui

    It seems some one used goku’s body i dont know how but it is like he was saying about it that this body is strong like that may be they wished goku back in future time since goku is died by heart disease and cant be wished back so i predict they revived goku’s body in search for strong body whay do u think about it

  • Adam

    file format not supported ? any help :s

  • fajones

    Did anyone notice how black was absorbing Goku’s power and copying his moves. This is how he’s getting stronger.

    • Sniber

      He wasnt absorbing gokus power. He was just getting stronger on his own due to battle. Just like saiyans get stronger with batteling, but he is powering up much faster than saiyans.

  • fred simpson

    Disable my adblock? Go fuck yourselves.

    • Cecilthedarknight_28

      my feelings exactly.. making money off of fansubs is illegal.

      • Nick

        So is watching tv shows free online…. want in one hand, shit in the other and see which fills up first

        • Cecilthedarknight_28

          True but I’m aware that it’s illegal, however I’ve been watching fan-subs since the late 90’s before streaming was even a thing. I just have a problem with people trying to a profit off something that’s not theirs to begin with.

        • BlackGenki

          Or try to grab a turd by the Clean end… Either way the outcome is the same polish a turd it is in fact still a turd

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        So let me get this straight, you little retarded sack of shit… This website is attempting to profit off of other people’s work and I’m the one in the wrong by calling them out on the shit? Let me guess… You’re some pansy little shill for this website who doesn’t have the balls to buck up in real life, so you became a pussy ass keyboard warrior. If you’re going to be a moronic sack of shit shill for a shitty website, you better come at me with some better logic than that. How about seriously fuck YOU, you down-syndrome looking drop of bird shit. Go kill yourself.

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        To be honest, I believe most ads contain viruses and the way they pop-up is so annoying, that’s why I installed adblock.

      • Candy Cane

        he probably a jew ?

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      document.getElementById(‘blockblockA’).style.display = ‘none’;
      document.getElementById(‘blockblockB’).style.display = ‘inherit’;
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      6. explicitly do not profit

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        Absolutely thank you for this. Cause the moment i turned off ads and hit play, my computer was bombarded with pop ups, not just an ad before the video, and one of them was the virus kind of pop ups that says you have a virus when you really don’t and tries to get you to click yes within it and download something it redirects you towards. I DON’T PLAY WIT DAT SHIT!

        • Ted A

          “We need to eat!!!”
          No, starve

  • rohan

    i miss the times when there were no useless theme songs.. just a badass music with name of episode..

    • Xman321

      …DB has always had theme songs. I’m confused what the fuck you’re talking about.

      • rohan

        name one dbz episode where there was 2 min song at the starting and ending of episode.. i don’t know why i said “theme songs” i meant just songs..

  • rave

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    A lot of people are talking about Black Goku and where he may have come from, but I think people are forgetting about the wish Beerus made after the tournament (the one we really never heard except when Whis said that was awfully nice of a god of destruction). I think he must have something to do with the wish Beerus made. But idk, there is so many avenues Black Goku story can go so it is exciting, this show keeps getting better and better every week. So glad they decided to start it back up again.

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    Plus black said he wanted to fight goku in this form so mabye since in trunks timeline when goku said dead he possess goku said body and when he seams in pain and started to hold his chest mabye when he took Hokusai body he took the heat virus with it

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      “What about what Whis said? That if we work together we wouldn’t have trouble with guys like that.”

      “Hmph…I’d rather DIE than do that again.”

    • Grendel

      What happened in this episode that would make them need to do that? Black didn’t challenge Goku at all…what would make him fuse with Vegeta something that neither of them want to do….

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    Come on now

    Goku still didn’t show future trunks ssj blue!

    Btw I find it hard to comprehend that black gets stronger through pain….so like if I get kicked in the nuts then I’ll become a super sayain? I’ll go try right now!

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  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

    Black True Power in episode 53, I guess. It’s leak on youtube.

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  • Super Saiyajin Android 13 Pat

    I have decided that Toriama has forgotten the rules of multiverse. It seems that they are making it out that future Trunks is from the current timeline and that time travel is forbidden even for the gods, for reasons such as but are not limited to, killing someone in the past so they don’t exist in the future (changing the past changes the future) but as we all know that is false. Future Trunks is not from the current timeline’s future. He is from his own timeline’s present and transported to another universe’s present which happens to be similar to his past. He said back in the cell games that his timeline was still the same and that he can’t change his past to fix his present because that’s impossible but he could try and change someone else’s present so they don’t have to suffer the same future as his present. Technically Trunks isn’t breaking any rules by going to another universe who’s timeline’s present happens to be Future Trunks’s past, unless jumping between universes is against the rules but that is another issue all together. Anything Future Trunks does, is technically unwritten so hes not really changing history….. my head hurts now….

    • JP Gagnon-Barry

      I totally agree.. theres been a couple of things I’ve been having trouble with and this is one of them… I just love DB sooo much that I ignore all of the discontinuities and believe me there are quite a few!!!

    • Rafael Barreto

      what I’m thinking is that trunks is from universe 6 and in a few episodes back the earth in universe 6 was no longer with humans, and they never said why that happened, in there world, so probably trunks traveled to universe 7 earth to prevent the same thing happening to earth in universe 7. So in other words he when back in time but in universe 7.

      • dpb

        I suppose the only problem with that is that Beerus used the super dragon balls to resurrect the Earth in Universe 6 for his brother a few episodes back. So trunks would have been on that planet? Unless thats precisely what happened and its been a year since they did that with the dragon balls and Goku Black was reborn through that wish?

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    Im assuming that this is the body of Goku who died of the heart virus, meaning he has Super Saiyan 1. Added with the power of whoever is controlling the body probably increases it to about equal to a Super Saiyan 2. In short, Black is just rediscovering Goku’s body full potential. The only thing that bugs me is Base Goku in this timeline is supposed to be super strong after God training, added with SS2 multiplier, so how did SS2 Future Trunks and Black is even able to equally match him, without God training, considering their Base form is nowhere near as strong.

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    I had really thought Bulma was going to get the Dragon Radar and tell them to have the Eternal Dragon wish the Time Machine fixed, but I was so happy they remembered Cell’s Time Machine, that’s the kind of detail and callback that makes me love this series so much!

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    I see people saying universe 6 and 7 well if you remember champa’s universe earth was completely destroyed and if this has no become a problem then it’s because of beerus’s wish and black could be just going back to destroy it again because it shouldn’t exist at least to him which in his mind is “justice”. Sorry for any misspelling, but there are only two earth’s that share traits 6 and 7 then the other 12 or whatever that may have earth but a different name or completely different race that also then share traits with one in another universe but only it’s opposite. Gonna, goku, vegeta are all dead in trunk’s universe and that was in the Android saga so goten never was even born or fucked into chi chi to begin with… I’m sorry again I’m sure this is confusing but if you just think and connect a few dots you’ll see that trunks keeps fucking with two different universes and two different timelines that aren’t even his own he just lands at a date he wants and assumes he’s in the right place it would also explain why the androids were different then what he expected in the Android saga and why he is dumbfounded as to why because your not just passing from 2016 to 2015 you going to a whole other existence..

    • It doesnt matter

      Gonna is ment to be Gohan I’m using my phone so auto-correct forgive me also this was a try to be quick explanation I’m sure it could just run in circles because there is way to much back and forth with this time shit in the DB series as a whole especially now

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    I do not think that Goku Black has ever faced off against or dealt with Goku. During their bout, he refers to Gokus body (as in the one Black uses) by saying “So THIS is the true power of a Saiyan?” : as if he could not fathom their power to begin with. He then says he is “honored” to have had a chance to fight against him. If Blacks knowledge of Goku and Saiyans were from first hand experience, i doubt he would have said these two things.

    Goku would have certainly been a household name among many martial artists and perhaps upon hearing this, the “entity” or whatever it may be, sought to take over Goku’s dead body from the parallel universe where he dies from a heart virus. As someone mentioned earlier in this thread, that may be why after their bout he was clutching his chest in pain; even though the fight was short lived and relatively low impact based upon Gokus potential energy. I suppose the body must still harbor the disease, or at least traces of it.

    As for the earring, i do not have much to add on that and therefore cannot speculate. I’d welcome some ideas that fit into the above theory regarding the earring? It COULD be a red herring, but i doubt it.

    Love the fusion splitting Goku and Vegeta into two idea!

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