Dragon Ball Super episode 50 English Dubbed

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  • Terry Rodrigues

    Did I see a pokemon there? 😀

    • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

      Nappa is going to catch that Pokemon

      • stealthy one

        try to get a critical

  • GodRaizeN

    is that pokemon ?

    • http://Shadowtails.deviantart.com Shadowtails Derol

      Yeah, Pikablu. 😀

    • vishnu

      Ya! It looked like Wooper 😀

  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    Give Gohan a more adult look like when he was fighting Buu. This is ridiculous

    • Kyle Missingno

      I prefer this art style better dbz was a eyesore

      • The Booty Warrior

        Super’s animation is superior to DBZ’s but DBZ’s art style runs circles around this new style. Sharper, more dynamic, everything was just cleaner.

        • NoX3D HD

          you gonna see that again in 122, because that animator came back to dragon ball, his name is Yuya Takaiashi and he is the one that done those things back in dbz. he also made 114 but he only had 3 weeks to do it… now he got 10 to make 122 (episode from the new year will be delayed + the one of 18.12 too). And if that’s the fight where Vegeta goes U.I vs Jiren, the it’s gonna be the best episode so far.
          *ep 114 is goku vs kefla, when goku takes her out with the rotative kamehameha.

        • Kyle Missingno

          Back then they hand drew everything. When you watch enough VHS anime as a kid you think different :]

  • Sark

    Dunno what happened to this site, but it’s removed from my bookmarks now

  • AsurasPath22

    This is shit, they really can’t deliver the fights like Z.

    • https://www.facebook.com/glenn.armstrong.56 Glenn Armstrong

      Sorry but I prefer fights to be simple and not drag on past their expiration date not that DBZ fights were bad but too often had needless monologue and dragged on for too long.

      • Gnostic Adept

        Absolutely agree. That was DBZ’s biggest problem.

      • http://pzuh.blogspot.com pzUH

        It’s not about the long dialogue or something else. But the intensity which is lacking here. Except Goku v Jiren and Goku v Kefla fight.
        See that other universe’s fighters are weak & badly designed. And U7 can simply wipe them all with ease. Now most of them are gone, and we haven’t see any meaningful fight from Vegeta, Gohan, and Frieza yet.
        Not really care about the androids, as they’ll most likely be eliminated anyway.

        • https://www.facebook.com/glenn.armstrong.56 Glenn Armstrong

          Hate to break it to you but ever since the Cell saga backlash Gohan is going to remain a secondary character. Now by backlash I’m referring to the fact that Toriyama wanted to permanently kill off Goku and have Gohan take up his mantle as Earth’s savior but that pissed fans off and we all know the rest.

          As for Frieza and Vegeta well Frieza is playing the long game avoiding conflict whenever possible while studying everyone in the tournament but primarily Goku so as to learn how to activate the UI form. Vegeta on the other hand has seen just as much action as Goku but much of that off screen and he is trying to conserve his stamina as much as possible so hes likely to make an impact later on.

          • IronicTwist

            That Gohan thing was never confirmed. It was just some internet rumor that spread like wildfire until the fandom started thinking of as true.

        • DBZ

          I feel as though the ToP is just development of main characters and because power levels are so high now they needed somewhere to keep going, and why not bring new universes and characters that are stronger than goku and most universe 7 fighters, Also at this point It honestly looks as though the two xeno’s have no idea what theyre doing when they erase a universe, its like a game to them. They’re having fun right now. And the grand priest is like, eh they wanted this. So i feel as though they’ll have some more development to him in future episodes once goku and vegeta and jiren are developed fully. So probably the next arc continuing from the ToP. But really jiren, goku and soon vegeta will be on the same level, hopefully the three of them can figure out how not to be erased, Jiren’s survived once. Although we still don’t know how. But it’d be cool to find out where they go with this Tournament ending soon.

          • http://pzuh.blogspot.com pzUH

            How they’re stronger but U7 fighters keep stomping on them? Even frieza army look more stronger than them.
            The last remaining 3 pride troopers must be a worthy fight. Otherwise, it would be another filler before Goku/Vegito vs Jiren fight.

          • Marcellkilla712

            its not confirmed that jiren is from an erased universe

        • FearTheSponge

          Don’t dick suck Gohan and down on 17, Gohan is trash compared to 17 in strength and character.

        • Steve

          You can’t be sure of that anymore. Gohan was far more powerful than 17 at the end of DBZ but now that we are in Super, where Frieza can bridge the gap between SSJ1 and SSG in three months, and krillin can still keep up with SSJ2 you can’t be sure of anyone’s power level anymore.

      • God Eneru

        thats because DBZ had filler. Kai is alot better, its the manga in truer anime form. on top of that, hes right. Super’s fights are either short as fuck, or shit and short as fuck. The only truly great fights this ToP were only Goku’s. the ToP has been pretty mediocore

        • https://www.facebook.com/glenn.armstrong.56 Glenn Armstrong

          yeah but Its kind of annoying to watch Kai because thats like having watched the original cut of star wars being a fan of that and then watching the re release with the newer special effects…I forget what that edition was called since there has been so many.

      • Akaalis

        The only thing that DBZ has over DBS is that classic raw and gritty artwork. Sure DBS has more up to date animation and much richer color, but the artwork in it seems a bit watered down and fuzzie(in a childish way) at times.

        But overall I appreciate the series for honoring the original DBZ timeline.

        • https://www.facebook.com/glenn.armstrong.56 Glenn Armstrong

          I never really cared much about the animation in the franchise to be honest because the show was fun to watch regardless if they made mistakes or it looked a bit off.

      • Kro

        yeah i LOVE watching two dudes playing fucking pattycake with lasers

      • Rece

        Right…with that fight..then talk…fight..then talk. 10 episodes later someone finally wins. It is better with DBS than DBZ.

    • Joel Andrews

      I dont completely agree, because the ultra instinct fight against tesla was awesome

      • Chris Tierney


        • Piet Lor

          Kefla for me stronger than Goku, Goku needed UI to beat her while she in Super Saiyan 2 mode. Goku Has SS2,3, 4, SS God Mode, SS Blue, too many power ups and he could not beat her. Goku is a weakling in DBS, I would like for Vegeta to win this tournament, cause he got stronger with just pure training, no shortcuts.

          • Brady Jonas

            But we don’t know as far as how the two saiyan girls were trained either. That’s like how Gohan at one point was the strongest fighter going against Cell. Plus, SS4 doesn’t follow the main story and like everybody been saying, everybody’s super saiyan form power is different.

          • Luke Linahan

            4 isn’t canon. Kelfa was also stronger MAINLY because Kale was the Legendary Super Saiyan. While Broly isn’t canon, that form of his, now is. You can say “They didn’t SAY IT WAS LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN, SO YOU’RE WRONG!” and you’d be half right, but i wouldn’t be proved wrong. Green hair, transforms from completely enraging (not Goku angry at Freiza, more than that) due to trauma/anger/stress, or in her case, jealousy and panic. Plus she buffs up massively like Broly did. But I digress.

            I’m sure we’ll get more development on Caulifla, Cabba had good development when he fought Vegeta in the first tournament and during the training session, Kale has had fairly decent development as to her character, her motives, her personality, etc, but Caulifla has really only been shown to love fighting stronger people and that’s it. Not explained her full past, her relatives, her blood line as too why she is that powerful other than being the same blood as the LSS.

          • https://www.facebook.com/glenn.armstrong.56 Glenn Armstrong

            SS4 isn’t canon because it was in GT(which itself isn’t canon), it isn’t in the manga, and it was something made up by one of the artists Toriyama works with who was one of the main guys creating GT.

          • andthebraindamage

            Kefla was a Potara Fusion of a SS2 and a Berserker SS which is almost equal in terms of power with SS Blue as shown in episode 114. Goku was recovering his stamina during the fight. His stamina was drained when the fight started. Just imagine what would have happend with Kefla is she was up against Jiren and after Jiren against Goku. Goku doesn’t even master UI propely. Goku is deffinetly not a weakling in DBS. i mean, for me Goku is much stronger than Kefla. And what you said about Vegeta and “no shortcuts”….no SS3 form, no SS God…XD

          • BruceWayne (Kaycee)

            Vegeta got ssg in manga though..manga and anime are differently going imo.

          • samm

            Kefla was a fusion of two beings. As proven before when two saiyans fuse their power multiplies. If vegito had popped up then it would of been no contest.

          • BruceWayne (Kaycee)

            nope, he already lost his stamina before the fight, so this all happened.

            also if you really thing like a nerd, then SSJ4>SSGSSJ and even UI.
            Bcz the timeline goes like Z,S,GT … He hasn’t unleashes his SSJ4 yet, so don’t put it up in the order u mentioned.

    • Donivan Biggs

      well this one is being shown to kids, unlike Z, so it has to be toned down a little bit, still though im surprised by some of the songs used, like this ED and the ultra instinct battle theme

      • IronicTwist

        Dragon Ball is a Shōnen. It was always meant for teens.

    • Kyle Missingno

      stop living in the past lol you guys wanted nostalgia they gave it to you wanted a new movie they gave it to you what else do you want go watch dbz then.

    • vishnu

      All the fans know the capability of Universe 7 Heroes. So we cannot keep dragging the fight like DBZ.
      Further logically speaking only 12 minutes is left for the tournament to get over.

      I feel the fights are really good. We cannot expect a powerful fight like what we saw against Freeza or Cell. That fight is to destroy the other one and this is just to defeat the opponent.

    • Lucian the Purifier

      They can, but this fight just wasn’t one of them.
      I would highly question if Z did this better, considering how useless the enemies were to begin with.

  • AsurasPath22

    They fucked Piccolo hard man. This shitty anime can’t even give him development

    • http://youtube.com/GamingWithJay1 NosajTheGamer

      why does piccolo need development? he already has kami and nail he had his spotlight in DBZ its not like anyone doesn’t know piccolo is a strong ass nigga you need to chill it aint that serious

      • God Eneru

        nigga YOU need to chill. hes just giving his opinion, and you’re acting like hes out of control. the fuck?

        • João Carmona

          Nosaj was also just giving his opinion

          • Gray Atreides

            The irony!

          • God Eneru

            …thats not what im saying. i was using his words against him, as he was saying he needs to chill and it wasnt that serious as asura was just giving his opinion on how he felt, what im asking is why did he say that extra stuff towards asura like asura was making it like it was a big deal when he wasnt

        • Tone The Great

          you just wanted to say or type nigga didn’t you?

          • God Eneru

            just like you? hypocrite ass, you cant stop me from saying it lol its a word anybody can use

          • Tone The Great

            im sure you only say it in these kinda forums.

          • Rece

            lol. yall niggaz crazy….lol

          • God Eneru

            im tellin you, these niggas bro…

          • God Eneru

            im sure you dont know shit about me lmfao. i use it in real life too so hold that L

      • charzelo

        I understand what he’s saying. Goku has been given at least 75% of screen time while the others have been dealing with side characters. Look at Vegeta as an example: from Toppo to this trashy character

        • fanboy

          Well Goku is the main character in dragon ball and have always been it, so of course he would get all the screen time, isn´t that quite obvious?

          • https://www.facebook.com/glenn.armstrong.56 Glenn Armstrong

            Most DBZ fans have probably never watched Dragon Ball so they don’t really understand that lol.

          • Shambles1980TRealOne

            dragon ball was the best dragon ball..
            Z was pretty damn good to but the original one was the best.
            and lets pretend GT never happened.,

          • Radical Vision

            Z is better then DB period..

  • LunaSol

    There’s a 99% chance that Roshi was thinking about Bulma’s (now sagging) melons..

  • wowlock

    I kinda want to see Gohan go God Mode before the end of the tournament. I mean it is the perfect place for it.

    • Brady Jonas

      Or something equivalent. That will be so BA for real.

  • Son Goku Sama

    The episode was Meh….

    • Akaalis


      But at least we saw a different application of 17’s force-field ability which he used to contain that bug, 17 could’ve knocked so much opponents off like that.

      • death taco

        how was this filler unvers 4 got erased

        • Akaalis

          They weren’t a very significant universe in terms of impressive warriors..

          • IronicTwist

            I don’t think you know the meaning of “filler”..

          • Akaalis

            When you took rubber.

          • Rapidsarcasm Punchlineboy

            cause you dont what an filler episode is get on a leash and suck dicks

          • Akaalis

            I’d rather enter the void in between your legs and expand it instead.

        • Lucian the Purifier

          If you look at how easily they went down, U4 was erased almost from the beginning, i can’t even remember which characters they had left other then these few. Filler universes, probably just like how U3 is gonna be filler and the remaining 10 or so episodes “minutes” will be a struggle with Jiren i guess..

          • https://www.facebook.com/glenn.armstrong.56 Glenn Armstrong

            It is interesting how they gave uni7 I think they called it mortality rating or whatever despite the fact its the only other universe with beings(Goku and Vegeta) who can fight on par with a god while the other universes could only fight them while they were weakened or distracted. Makes you wonder just how weak are the other gods of destruction lol.

          • ssj4gotenks

            Maybe the rating is average…. on average uni7 is shitty due to humans not being very powerful and all the other low races.
            But then some other universe might have more powerful native races.

            I bet uni7 would have higher rating if sayians and namekians were all still alive.

          • Lucian the Purifier

            I thought they rated that just inn overall power… and Vegeta and Goku just basically hold most of it for their entire universe .

    • KenKiri

      True but the pace was good, it knocked another universe out so stuff got done.

  • steary_eye

    I expected more from this episode. But I am humbly disappointed.

    • vishnu

      Do not write a negative comment for name sake. Its good that the director is showing all the universe’s participants and their powers, which needs appreciation.

  • DaHell

    Worst episode in awhile

    • vishnu

      A necessary episode for the fighter to realize power and strength alone is not sufficient to win a fight.

  • Divine Shadow

    I think this episode was meant to be bad in order to say “fuck you Quitela” after he hyped his universe up so much only for it to be rather weak and pathetic in the end.

  • Roel Collado Dasalla

    waiting for vegeta to became ultimate instict

    • vishnu

      Ultra instinct 🙂

    • Sai Vithal Valluri

      not gonna happen in ToP

  • http://www.gigatech.xyz Shivon

    Look Gohan and his father and fighting so good together.

  • Akshit Arora

    Fucking gold. Gohan and Piccolo best tag team ever.

  • SHADOW54312

    a necessary episode

    thank god the damn rat is gone

    • https://www.facebook.com/glenn.armstrong.56 Glenn Armstrong

      Was more of a comedy episode than anything else because of how his last 3 fighters were just creatures with gimmick abilities.

    • Scrobbel

      I don’t mind Quitela all that much really…

  • Parth

    Nice episode,I like the special abilities of opponents

  • Shawn Doiron

    all this happened in 1 min. dang lmao

  • muke

    wher the hell is freiza

    • Mohd Shuhada

      giggling somewhere.

    • Lucian the Purifier

      Frieza is gonna beat Jiren with Ultra Instinct before Vegeta knows how to. Most likely.

    • Rece

      Exactly…give the dude some screen time. He’s barely had a fight.

  • SSJ3MJ

    A decent episode. Nice to see the guys use there wits to win fight instead of brute strength

  • vasu108

    is maker of this episode different ?

  • Shalin Chitrakar

    Wow, this was a very disappointing episode.. They even took out Piccolo wtf

  • João Carmona

    I didn’t find this episode as good as the past few ones, don’t get me wrong, there were some really cool moments (roshi mentioning the blood from the nose thing was such a good reference) but there were also many eh situations (piccolo deciding it is a good idea to act retarded about the bug person and trying the same thing over and over until he gets thrown off, piccolo not using his fucking arms to just get back on the stage (i get that piccolo needed to fall off somehow since he already got his time to shine, but still that was pretty meh)), not to mention the lack of captivation to the audience this episode had. It kinda felt like a necessary episode, the anime episode version of doing chores, it isnt a particularly fun time, but you gotta do it.

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      Yeah you right. To be honest, I was waiting for Piccolo to stretch and come back on stage.

  • Ashley Jason

    Is it me or is only universe 7 doing all the fighting wtf. We need a count of how many ppl got kicked out of tournament from which universe .

  • Milan Babic

    No.17 with his sharp intelligence saves the day. His wits are unmatched.

  • d3rd3vil

    Man I hate these weak opponents….so what is this, a regular tournament or the tournament of power against the erasure of universes? All questionable 🙁 Next episode looks shit too. And Goku cant renegerate…..SS Blue again?

    And last episode was 2 minutes now its 1 minute….thats just bullshit!!!

  • Mohd Shuhada

    every god of destruction is a complete moron.

    they aimed for goku but left jiren fresh as he can be. after seeing that goku can’t beat jiren they should’ve made alliance and taking down jiren. but ofc to make U7 look like a threat they ganged on them.

    so far there’s no universe trying to cooperate with u7 other than u6 which is eliminated. a combo with other universe would be great as they can widen the fighting horizon rather than ”hey it’s U7 ! let’s beat them up!”

    anyway where the hell is frieza!! he can take anyone in the tournament other than jiren! da heck!

  • christos mokos

    damn i wish majin buu was in this turnament

  • mantazzo

    Not the episode we wanted, but the episode which was needed.

  • Anonymous

    Lol! If Roshi had been a little more specific, Vegeta would have killed him.

  • Bartek Włodarczyk

    I need Frieza vs Toppo real soon!

  • Malidictus

    You know how animators come and go from the show, especially in filler episodes which need to pad for time? Feels like the writer from the last three or four episodes left the same way for this one. BOY was the drama and emotion just outright missing from this one. Piccolo dropped out and nobody cared. Universe 4 got erased and it wasn’t a big deal. A whole bunch of unique tricks got revealed and immediately discarded, and nobody got a push. This was a purely utilitarian episode. Need to whittle the universes down to just 3 and 7, we need to get rid of 4, let’s just get it over with.

  • Donquixote Rosinante

    So my bro Donquixote Doflamingo become Bug Boxer in DBS universe. No glasses

  • The Legend27

    I would have loved to see the invisible gamisaras and the bug to attack jiren i would love to see hoe that would turn out

  • Jens Ingels

    I don’t get it. They give the gag universe about 5 episodes. Yet they close the trick universe in just one episode. A lot more struggling could have happend. It was like they already knewn the answer just seconds after a problem apeared. I would rather have seen this as a Gohan/Piccolo episode where the take out universe 3 than everyone is getting involved. Come on this as the perfect episode for Goku to recover. Why the hell was he involved in this. Tricks are beaten by strategy. This was Gohan/Piccolo time to shine while 17 & 18 should just be the bodyguards of Goku.They didn’t handle the potentional of the episode very well.

  • Areeg Al-Sheikh

    They had to weaken the pokemon and capture it with a Pokeball

  • https://youtu.be/G787_r_y6GU Merged Zamasu #ŽŚqūàd

    Damn I didn’t mind that Piccolo got eliminated since he had his moments in the tournament but I just wish it was by a more “worthy opponent” and not some little bug that took him out. Like seriously show my nigga Piccolo some respect.

    • BruceWayne (Kaycee)

      been reading all comments and I give you the medal of honor for saying something great.

      • Radical Vision

        Drug addict and junkie…

    • https://www.facebook.com/glenn.armstrong.56 Glenn Armstrong

      While that would be nice I think its better if there is that sense of risk of having your favorite character being offed at any time like a Game of Thrones character.

  • Ender772

    No. 17 and Piccolo should have been switched. We all know piccolo has super hearing yet that is how No.17 beat it.

    • Icemuttkills

      My observation is, he isn’t so intelligent In close quarters combat. Piccolo is a distance fighter because he’s quiet, observant, and has stretching abilities (he’s much more inclined to understand and figure a way to have the upper hand when he’s given distance). But that was all thrown out the window when there was no opponent he can clearly see. The only sense he could trust was sensing for its energy because it was obvious Damom couldn’t hide his energy. That became everyone’s plan. However no one anticipated or thought that the invisible fighter wasn’t invisible and was actually really really small. Only 17 after piccolos elimation and obviously he had an moment to observe the situation. 17 said everyone is thinking too much on sensing it’s energy instead of listening for him. Also 17 would’ve been knocked off if Goku hadn’t saved him. If Damom COULD have been able to hide his energy then I’m sure piccolo would’ve listened to defeat him. All justified lol great episode for me

  • Alvis Lavrus

    Oh god i hope that last universe is gone next episode so we can get back to the good ones

  • ‏‏

    I thought Piccolo was smarter than that.

  • Eli Perez

    this episode was great!!

  • Eli Perez

    I just think its awesome how every universe has their own final stand.

  • Lucian the Purifier

    So basically only Univers 11 is left, after this excuse for picollo to drop out. Unless they find a way to get rid of every guy from univers 7 somehow. They’ll find a dumbass gimick for U3 even though it’s just dumbass robots. Sigh … Annoying.

  • pugmonkey

    oh come on just let goku and vegeta fuse already we already know it is going to happen #UltraInstinct

  • Jj

    Now Ik what beerus is gonna wish if universe 7 wins(to get back universe 6)

  • https://www.facebook.com/glenn.armstrong.56 Glenn Armstrong

    I think you mean Kami not Commie LOL

    Didn’t know that communist namekians existed =P

    • Shambles1980TRealOne

      nah hes a commie lol.
      You ever see him pay wages or sell something?
      100% commie
      All namecians are the same. communal farming. no other jobs no economy..

  • DJ Siddiki

    When is Vegeta getting his screentime in this arc???

  • KuroKaza

    This whole 30 minute episode took place of a minute. It was good to see that rat gone but seriously, make this shit go a little faster because now they are just dragging the hell out of these fights. I want to see some Jiren and more seriousness..

    • Calvin Fraser

      To be fair, they have to somehow include a period of Goku/other’s resting from their extreme stamina loss. Plus get rid of some of the other side characters for the final battles to even fit correctly. But I agree, it’s a dumb way to go about it.

  • Julio Camacho

    Has anyone thought about, what would happen if goku was to have a change at wearing that suit from the guy that vegetal just knock off the stage.

  • Scrobbel

    When Roshi mentioned “speaking of an invisible person” and suggested using blood to cover it, that was a reference to when Yamcha fought an invisible person in Dragon Ball. Roshi got a nosebleed from seeing Bulma’s threepenny bits and it sprayed the invisible guy.

  • Ryan Nichols

    I can’t tell you how stupid this episode was. All throughout the show people use their energy blasts to avoid falling off the edge. Piccolo catches Gohan from falling off the edge with his stretch arms. A little PISS-ANT kicks Piccolo off and he doesn’t MOUTH BLAST or ARM STRETCH his way back? B.S. That’s literally the DUMBEST way to fall off the edge. I rate this episode a 2/10 but at least we got the stupid RAT out of the picture…which is no surprise to anyone because we know it will be one of two endings: Goku and Vegeta and Gohan/Android 17 are the last to take on the Jiren and his douche nozzles and Fusion wins because it is necessary to fight Jiren at his full power. OR Goku will lose, Vegeta or Gohan will be the only one left, and time will run out so that their universe survives but Jiren wishes everyone back.

  • levi

    What is the song at 7:44?

    • Darude

      Darude – Sandstorm

      • levi

        wow thanks

        • Captain Jelly

          @disqus_lX0HWMZFsa:disqus Thats not the song. Its just a stupid internet joke that lame people say whenever ANYONE asks the name of ANY song online. Its a really old and dumb played out joke.

          • Mr. Sand Storm

            not a song, really? are you twelve

          • Captain Jelly

            @Mr. Sand Storm,Can you read? I never once said its “Not a real song”. Everything I said is 100% true and @angeluspaul:disqus knows as well.

          • levi

            I know it’s not the song, since I got replied to with a joke that’s so old and reused i just replied sarcastically. Sarcasm really doesn’t work in text

          • Captain Jelly

            Oh my bad dude..I just think its such a stupid old joke that hasn’t been funny in like..5 years. Plus why do people gotta be jerks ALL THE TIME? Was just trying to help a brother out!

          • levi

            All good, thanks, you get used to it after a while

        • angelus paul

          didnt know people still fall for this XD

  • Wafflepiezz

    not bad

  • NevahLose

    I knew Master Roshi would give a Dragonball reference!

  • Grigorescu Tiberiu


  • Inactivity

    when you’re looking for your video but now you gotta read my dumbass comment instead.

  • justoboy13

    rlly they put webpage up and you go through all the adds to watch the video just to find out they havent uploaded it yet

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    • Rohit PS

      Gotchu fam

    • Christian Svendsen

      No problem

    • Tech ‘n’ Game

      Y not

  • Solaris_the_enlightener

    u guys should just watch the japanese version lol waiting all week for ths u will reach goku vs jiren in 2020

    • justoboy13

      and wait all week for the next episode of that? also having to listen to chipmunk Goku voice screaming all day in a different language when I can watch it in a language I understand, no thanks.

    • ‏‏

      Well I gave up and watched through the sub, but now I have to wait through the sub and that’s even more painful than waiting for the dub but at least it’s close to being finished.

  • Peaceful Refugee

    thought this was fuckin one piece for a second lol

  • lee

    I thought this was supposed to be English Dub?

    • Dekaisu

      i thought so too DX BUT!!! it says episode 50 english dub… and we get episode 127 english sub DX what the heck is wrong with this website @>@ they need to put the episodes right -_-

      • Nathan Roberts

        server 2 has the correct episode

        • The Chill m8

          dude you’re a legend thanks. i was wtf this is suppose to be 50 dubbed but its 127 subbed like ummm?! but thanks bro

  • ‏‏

    DBT, please fix server 1 or remove it because it’s spoiling episode 127 to the English dub watchers.

  • Tech ‘n’ Game

    Go for server 2

    • RedPandamonia

      Good shit, thanks dawg.

    • Valkraz

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    English Beerus is fucking savage

  • Martin2603

    Those morons display Ep 50 as a newest lol
    Dear kids 51 it’s newest and it is in the web, go DL that scene tracked, tag you name on it like you always do and drop to hosting filled with ads lol

  • Aman

    admin it’s not working for episode 49 onwards please do something..

  • eman

    not 50 episode

  • wayne

    Hey, this isn’t english dubbed ep 50