Dragon Ball Super episode 5 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 5 Dubbed: “”


  • DanielaTheGreat

    I cringed at the crappy animation, but when Vegeta said, “Yeah, let’s go see Yamcha.” I was just like: OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!

    • Exerah

      That made no sense, they just do the voice over not the animation

      • djhdh

        they used the dvd re release where the animation was already better

        • Nathan


    • Nikk Robertson

      Yeah, the animation actually used to be a lot worse lol, this is the revised version.

    • Dick Gumshoe

      That killed me!!

    • SuperDelsen

      we’ve went through this on the japan one

  • Addzy K

    They should show all the Saiyans during the ending credits. Not just Goku and his sons.

  • Mitch

    Why don’t they show the preview of the next episode at the end?

  • thicc

    the dubs are shit, sub is better

    • Matthew

      At least they fixed the animation .Seriously glad we still get the DVD in sub as well

    • nazra7

      I disagree. When I watch sub I have to look at the bottom of the screen all the time and read then I miss all the action. Either you read extremely fast, can read out of your peripheral vision, or just don’t mind missing the actual anime. Plus Dragon Ball’s sub really sucks since Goku sounds like a little kid.

    • Andrey Dikit

      Even with the lifeless King Kai voice, and fem/childish Goku, you still prefer the subs? I honestly can’t take the subs seriously, after hearing the dubs.

    • diqus sucks


    • Bradley Wendling

      Clearly your not a db dbz fan……

  • nazra7

    The animation looks a lot better than it used to. Still not as good as DBZ, but passable.

  • Baphomet

    as someone watching the sub. you guys are in for a wild ride

  • KymateTheGod

    sad.. this is battle of goods extended edition. i spoiled myself with that movie ffs

    • KymateTheGod


  • Jamie Legends

    ”I swear you have brain damage”


  • Bradley Wendling

    You all act like dub is a horrible thing this is fucken awesome….. at least they came out with a dub.

  • Bradley Wendling

    Animations art that bad at all its to show texture and emotion……

  • Jay Coop

    Whis is my favorite Character in DBS

  • Sagar Dalvi

    One the my life First Anime DB I love to watch most.

  • Lee Walton