Dragon Ball Super episode 49 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 49 Dubbed: “”


  • ChaseGrimes

    man i love the show, hate waiting 2 weeks to see a fight go down

  • HustlerWolf

    wow what a bad time to stop

  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    Beerus: “Hey kid I seem to remember your name is Trunks too”
    Trunks: “Mhm mhm”
    Whis: “Quite the shocking term, this would suggest they’ve tempered with time”
    Beerus: “WHOULD THEY DARE?!” *Trunks looks scared as shit*

  • ‏‏

    Time doesn’t only go in one direction. Time is an illusion.

  • Mastr Sculpter

    oh silly pilaf…. our planets fate has been decided by sausage for the last 100000 years…

  • The Game

    smh files wont play from this to eps 54

  • Joseph Moore

    Error messages for both sources.