Dragon Ball Super episode 46 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 46 : “Goku vs Copy-Vegeta! Who Will Prevail?”


  • fsjal Goku


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  • Qqawe

    First thing first I’m the realest

  • Zach Sixx Biersack

    hell yeah

  • Zach Sixx Biersack

    Can’t wait for new episode

  • Zach Sixx Biersack

    fuck 1 more day

  • Zach Sixx Biersack

    Fuck 2 more days

  • Boaz Matlack

    22 more hours????

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    6 more hours from this comment

    • William van Helsing

      How, you posted this 14 hours ago, and my timer now says 6.

      • SSJ-Mad

        it extends

        • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

          to almost any size

          • MyNameIsNotImportant

            To make sure it can handle his giant monkey..


  • Hdhdhdbdd

    These ads are impossible to get through

    • Bob the Builder

      Hdhdhdbdd IKR I can’t watch the episode because of the f****** ad

      • EzSkinzEzLifeBitch


  • Immortal Hidan


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    Gotta knock myself

    • Netanel Yosef

      what is this game ?:)

      • dip Yip

        gang beasts

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        gang beasts

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6vtcoLxBJla1ga7jfV7Cw/featured Spendings

    ChickenBlue: Time skip 2 hours

    Now u can watch raw

  • Immortal Hidan

    20 mins WOOP

    • The Rock

      No more accidents for now on. You get your Shxt together soilder.

  • Hit

    If I was there, I would tear Vegeta apart. After that tournament I have gotten stronger than Goku SSJBlue Kaioken x10. And I can control it without any strain which makes me superior.

    • Kaypain

      Shut up Hit lol

      • justinchao

        You got rekt by Hit bruh stop it lol

        • Vegeta

          hit is cheating!

          • Ali

            Goku had ability to win him but he just wanted to see him fight monoka xD
            the all knows goku can go kaioken X20 if he goes to it he can 1 shoot hit and even tho goku shouldnt use kaioken X20 cuz he would die You saw how was his musceles because of kaioken X10 it was like broly xD

        • Vegeta

          No, he TRICKED me!

      • LegendaryVegeta

        I AM TRUE legendary

      • Hit

        Oh is that so? Apparently “kakarot” in his kaioken x10 form easily surpassed you, and now I can easily use that power in my base while having clam mind and no strain at all. Face it Vegeta, you are outclassed by both me and goku.

    • MyNameIsNotImportant

      Tell me, Hit. They say some people, like you, can stop time for a fraction of a second. Yet Guldo of the Ginyu Force could stop time for as long as he can hold his breath. Does that make his time-stopping abilities superior to yours?

      • greg

        indeed it does

      • Hit

        Not exactly. His time skip is not exactly a time skip. There IS a way to counter that.. although I don’t have an idea how yet. Still my current speed compared to Guldo’s timeskip and his speed are nothing comared to mine. Time-stopping abilities might be better…I will say no, his time-stopping abilities are far inferior since he needs oxygen to move and punch properly while I can easily do about trillion punches in my time skip, no-one besides goku can counter my attack by predicting my moves, that didn’t work out in goku’s favor in the end though.

  • Hit

    This stream is laggy as Champa..

    • Sascha Bergsma

      You just went there O_O

      • Hit


  • Πολυχρονης Δριζος

    I’m getting exciting!!!!!!!

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      Same ^^

  • Hit

    Why can’t I watch the episode?! All I see is a black screen, nothing else.

    • Vegeta

      Because I, Prince of all Saiyans, made see fit you only see BLACK! I will destroy you at the next tournament!

      • Ste

        there is nothing more pathetic, than a guy on the internet pretending to be a manga character

        • Vegeta

          fuck outta here cac

      • LegendaryVegeta

        true words

      • Hit

        Hmph, I’d like to see your abilities after. Afterall I can just surpass your new strength while fighting you.

    • Dillon McGee

      you need to unfreeze time….

  • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns

    21 minuuuuuuutes :D!

  • Zack Anderson


  • Zack Anderson

    sup bruhs

  • Super Saiyan God


  • Abhimanyu

    was that future trunks in SSB form????

    • SSJ-Mad

      Youre joking right?

      • Vareno Zean


        • SSJ-Mad

          oh ok he was in SSB4 Kaikoken x1000

          • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

            He definitely was <<

      • Zeyamir

        that was a different universes trunks

        • SSJ-Mad

          are you sure because he said himself that, after he killed Cell it was peace. Pretty sure that’s the same Future Trunks, and he said hey its me Trunks Again.

        • ali

          well no it wasnt diffrent universe but diffrent future because none of what happened to trunks future happened to goku future

    • MonkeyBoy

      The hair threw me off too

  • Master Ricky Khang

    it does not even have english sub

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      Yes…it’s raw

      • Hit

        And yet it fucking says that it’s “subbed”

        • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

          Well, the subs aren’t released straight away. But it’s annoying that the title says that it’s subbed and it’s actually raw

        • SSJ-Mad

          Technically it is subbed with JP subs. it doesn’t say english subbed, ftw

          • Hit

            Now why would I need japanese subs again?

          • SSJ-Mad

            because krillen said so

          • Hit

            Best reason.

  • Krish Dubey

    While goku was fighting vegeta’s superhuman water copy why didn’t he turn super saiyain god merged with Kaio ken ??? He could have finished the fight in a fraction of second.

    • davor

      He already had problems after he used Kaioken. He can’t use it so soon.

    • Ted Henry

      It nearly killed him In the tournament. He said his body can’t do that again anytime soon.

  • dbz alter ego

    it says its subbed but its raw

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      Yeah because it doesn’t have subs immediately for this show.

  • dbz alter ego

    i love the look of the other vagetas hair

  • Ted Henry

    Who do you suppose that black shadow adversary trunks is facing? I think trunks should encounter boo and beerus, and in his timeline earth doesn’t have the food to appease him from blowing it up.

    • Ted Henry

      And how would as trunks handle buu alone unless he stopped babidi and dabora

      • SSJ-Mad

        Bobidi would of had no interest to go to earth since he couldn’t sense any great power. and in order for Buu to be created he would need fighters to fight to collect the energy, do you even DBZ?

        • Ted Henry

          Trunks is a great fighter with all the energy he needed. Not to mention thus far we’ve already seen Babidi attempt to get Trunks’ power. Do you DBZ? You need to brush up

    • Thaddeus berube

      Evil goku it’s already been confirmed

  • Outraged

    just b/c.

  • Szabó István

    where is the sub!!!!

    • Casey Paskel

      Nonexistent as of now 🙁

  • Mario Magnum

    Baby Vegeta confirmed.

    • Clark44

      I was nearly fainted when i saw this….

    • Vegeta


      • Dillon McGee

        yea that galactic patrol guy took that pic btw….

        • Ali

          He didn’t get a picture he tryed but his battery finished xD

          • goku

            LOL REALY VEGETA!
            jk i know what happend i went to gt stage

      • LegendaryVegeta


      • Hit

        You know Vegeta, I cannot believe you did not notice this little thing’s look. According to your earth’s episodes of recording your life, you have been with your family for quite a while outside of your house. How come you still have no idea what that thing was and just put it in your mouth. I am surprised. – Hit.

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeMax1y6T3ACLoJ7Tnad5vA/feed Inertia Cinema

          lol i thought that to

      • Max
    • William H. Buttlicker

      Yeah, that was definitely a wink to GT! XD

    • Super Space Marine

      So GT is canon confirmed? 😛

    • Trunks

      THATS NOT FUNNY (he he baby Vegeta)

    • Dakota

      I only saw the comment at first, And then I flashed back to Dragon Ball GT. Also, Vegeta was never a baby. He came into this world as an arrogant 4 year old.

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  • tom

    how much time is left till subbed version is online?

  • EnderSoul27

    2 hours ffs

  • Justin Reji

    future trunks is coming baby!!

    • SSJ-Mad

      Baby is from GT…. not DBS

      • SSVegetaZ

        He did not mean GT baby at all what he said flew over your head big time

        • Bunny Suction

          He was joking – it was a play on words. Flew over your head big time. 🙂

          • SSJ-Mad

            Haha i was, i knew what he meant, just bored

          • greg

            but baby vegeta is now cannon apperently :3

      • WhiteWolfLGD

        that means GT was awesome

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeMax1y6T3ACLoJ7Tnad5vA/feed Inertia Cinema

      yeah cant wait missed db super live ep 47 have to wait an extra 10 hours noooooooooo

      • Vegeta

        K….Kakarot?! And Kakarot?! And….. KAKAROT?!?!? TO MANY KAKAROT’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • GamerMax MC5/UT

          you mean the ka-ka- carrot? xD

  • endoplasmic

    so monaka saves the day again hhhh what a guye 😀

  • endoplasmic

    so monaka saved the day again hahaha what a guye

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Monaka is the Champion we all need.

    • Len Kagamine

      monaka is watching the match with 5 min and end that with just not even 1 min

  • Beelzebub

    next week our most strongest hero ever in dbz is here trunks in sbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with a sword 😀

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    Monaka is always the Champion we all need! Nothing to fear with our Hero Monaka around.

  • Andyjohn231

    when I’m reading through the comments as the video loads and i don’t realize my sound is at 100 so when it starts all i hear is ” BOW YAH, YAH YAH YAH YAH! I legit shit myself.

  • Ora Champ

    LOL Goku is just retarded…..

  • One Nation Rap Puppet

    Vegeta couldn’t fly last episode because he doesn’t have any energy. How is he flying in this episode?

    • Vegeta

      Because I can you weakling

      • LegendaryVegeta

        cos im LEGENDARY

        • Vegeta

          FOOLS! I AM THE TRUE VEGETA! Ugh… It’s that pacifier incident all over again. THAT’S IT KILLING YOU BOTH! GAAALLLICKKKK GUUUUUNNNN…… FIREEEEEEE!

    • Nesh Baka

      toei animation is so bad

      • Casey Paskel

        major plotholes aside, it’s a decent show.

        • 8bitretro 69

          no gt is way better

          • Casey Paskel

            What about the word decent do you not understand? And when have I said it was better than GT? When did I even compare it to GT? GT-FO

          • LegendaryVegeta


          • Yaaaaaaa

            What does GT mean in dbgt?

          • Blaze

            DBGT stands for Dragon Ball Grand Tour.

          • Yaaaaaaa


          • kfdoiisjiofjwiui

            dragon ball granny time

          • 8bitretro 69

            lol you’re mad

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            Yes it is better than GT. GT was garbage except for some of the character designs and overall character element. Other than that crap show.

    • SSJ-Mad

      the pacifier gave him some strength back

      • MonkeyBoy

        he flew even before he was given the pacifier

        • greg

          baby vegeta confirmed to be cannon XD

    • Sleepy Champuru

      The flying was by sheer spirit and the face that the other vegeta was getting weaker during the fight, it doesnt take much energy for a Saiyan to fly. Rage + Hurt Pride + clone losing strength

  • Tabraiz Hassan

    Can’t wait for next week episode ????✌
    Feelimg super excited ????????????
    Hope the black goku is goku’s other version in super saiyan 4 look ????

    • milleniumpotato


  • milleniumpotato

    new opening next week? that would be very cool

  • Maxime Cuillerier

    looks like vegeta is really even with goku (without kaioken obviously)

  • Munchies

    Smh monaka ???? That guy make me crack up every time goku thanks his so strong LOL????????

    • Munchies


  • http://youtube.com/chase1146 The_Totax

    its going to be weird for trunks to meet trunks

    • Casey Paskel

      Dude, it’s obviously Trunk’s older brother Pants that Bulma had with Kid Goku, duh! Why do you think his hair is blue? Geesh man

      • SSJ-Mad

        no his name shorts gezz Yamchas child, and he is in SSB4 kaioken x 1000

        • Casey Paskel

          Nah nah, it’s definitely Goku and Bulma’s love child.

  • Dora Emon

    I knew it, black is a dark spirit who will take Real Goku as his host then vegeta will fight real goku and win it

    • Dora Emon

      Or black goku is bardock

      • Russell

        I don’t think your hypothesis are good at all.
        Why would it be bardock..?
        And why would they do another body possession when they just finished up an entire chapter on one…?

      • greg

        it was shown to have a potara earing on so idk what black goku could be but it seems to be a fusion user

    • signerleo snyder

      no he wont take over goku wont give him earing or chgine ha skin color

  • Michael Diaz Bangayciso

    hahaha.. MONACA!!

  • kirk

    good god, the animations just are not going to get better are they. ah well i still enjoy GT more than this. and frieza and kid buu saga probably my fav of all the arcs of dragon ball

    • Casey Paskel

      Cell saga was my favorite.

  • reigndez

    even tho I hate making theory about dbs cus it takes away the exciting fun out waiting for the next episode.. I’ll say this.. goku was already dead in trunks future correct.. so the Buu saga never went down..so My guess is this is Trunks Buu saga metaphorically speaking.. So it’s either goku or bardock body being taking by dabora or someone else from the demon dimension .. so If trunks goes only has enough juice for a one way trip to the past and dabora is already dead there it sets up perfect for the xenoverse villians don’t you agree..

    • reigndez

      by dabora henchmen* or soldier.

  • Jose Gabriel Siles

    This episode was hilarious! A lt of funny moments with Jacko and that pacifier. It’s also a rather interesting conflict Vegeta has where he doesn’t want Goku to defeat his copy because of his pride but needs him to do so or else he’ll die. Sort of a unique way of creating an enemy with copy abilities.

  • justinchao

    Future Trunks!!! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Ryaku Hitachi

    Hey, look! 5 minutes on Namek all over again.

  • JD

    Vegeta faded away after five minutes. The same five minutes it took Namek to blow up after Freeza blasted its core.

  • Justin Reji

    their eyes color’s were different in super saiyan god blue they were a bit dark blue inside of blue dots

  • Avigoku

    how the hell is the future trunks from cell saga still connected to this universe? did anyone watch back to the future movies ? bunch of crap .

    • SSJ-Mad

      The movies are not even Canon…

  • Bleacher

    Spoiler alert
    If you what to know who’s the Black

    People say the black will be a evil goku

  • Alan Valdez

    SPOILER ALERT Who was that girl future trucks saw. Was she his girlfriend or was she somehow future pan. Or just someone not relevant at all

    • SSJ-Mad

      Its Mai from the Pilaf gang.

      • tai

        what happened to her blue eyes

        • SSJ-Mad

          Good point!! i don’t think anyone noticed that. what is up with that? Is it that “Black” is tricking trunks? People say she plays a big part in the arc which confuses me even more!

          • tai

            I just watched BoG and they weren’t blue there either so I guess Toriyama just forgot or something

          • SSJ-Mad

            Yeah man, she had blue eyes in Dragon Ball but not DBZ and now not DBS so yeah he obviously did change things.

      • Alan Valdez

        Is that a theory or not

        • SSJ-Mad

          Well it was said by the producer of DBS, “that Mai will play a big part in this DBS arc”. so just connecting the dots, and its obvious that is Mai, nice try though.

          • Alan Valdez

            Ohh I didn’t read that because I kinda not want to spoil myself

    • MonkeyBoy

      pan never existed in his timeline

      • Alan Valdez

        It was was just a theory

  • Goodwork

    Is trunks in Super Saiyan Blue form?

    • SSJ-Mad

      His hair would be spikey tho

  • Margiela The 2nd

    My new theory is aslong as Trunks is alive the Future will always be fucked.

  • Wong Yik Chun

    The black will be other universe goku

    • Wong Yik Chun

      Mr Satan will be the hero

  • Goku

    Hahahah see u later in the next episode 47 i was lucky out there. Hahahah

  • Len Kagamine

    i cant wait for next week dbz

  • cuntlord420

    great episode,jk kill yourself,two gods get beaten by water and monaka kills it by fucking stepping on it,i was very hyped about future trunks but know im not so sure because he seems to be hiding and if he is hiding then he is probably weak,and why is he weak because he stopped training,gohan syndrome confirmed. i mean its been what 10-13 years idk and if he doesnt have at least ssj2 i will be so fucking mad,toriyama loves to ruin great characters. 1 like=1 prayer for gohan to start training and stop being a pussy.

  • Ali

    YES FUTURE TRUNKS IS COMING AND after my reasearch that the black thing coming is GOKU!!! in their future he’ll be weaker than goku in the other future of course cuz in that future of trunks none of it happened to future of goku

  • 8bitretro 69

    why is trunks hair blue instead of purple

  • Isaiah

    Vegeta now you and your wife and your son all have the same color hair Blue.

  • goku

    vegeta this time ill win

  • UnlockedMind

    for some reason trunks Looks like he is ssg.

    • SSJ-Mad

      are you blind? his hair wasn’t spikey.

      • UnlockedMind

        I said “looks” know the meaning of words before u reply with ignorance. Yea this is 9months ago but i be busy an just seen this. Petty….

  • Jinzo Sloatch

    Knock it off everyone !
    these guys should get us some future upgrades to the show
    i’m sick of the long aaaaaaaaa and haaaaaa and waaaaa ! seriously
    The Graphics Kept 60% of the loyalty intact
    but 40% is still Waiting for some original perspective

  • SaiyanSenju

    It’s not going to be an alternate reality Goku. It’s going to be some enemy not unlike Baby that can take the form of other fighters. Hence why the title refers to the enemy as Black but not Goku directly. Along with why his appearance is so hidden despite the fact promotional material already shows Goku. This next story is literally a Baby saga rehash with Goku as the bad guy.

  • goku

    lets vs vegeta

  • Candy Cane

    how dare they make the prince looks cute !!
    fuck this episode !!

  • Mantas Martinkevicius


  • Ban バン

    Wow the views had sure jumped higher XD i remember when it was like 100,000+ views

  • Evan Buttpicking Thayer


  • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

    This was not 5 minutes before Vegeta would disappear. It was supposed to last 10 episodes longer like when goku had 5 minutes to defeat freeza

  • Gia


  • Hail Hydra

    I have been liking db super better than others bc they portrait vegeta as a guy that want to get better by his own strength and not being a jealous bitch, well he is back

  • Michael Leggz

    Did anyone else notice at 17:11 when vegeta was powering up he sounded just like goku in english dub form

  • jus

    Vegeta’s always fucked over no matter what

  • Alexander George Karandreas

    uummm I really hope everyone is joking when they say GT is better. I cant handle jokes like that. I cant. My soul break down.

    • Legendary Trolly

      The overall plot of GT is lame, but the older versions of Goku and Vegeta, with short hair is doper, and the SuperSaiyan 4 is way doper.

  • Ryan

    lol vegeta with a pacifier will be unforgettable

  • Vegeta


  • Micheal


  • Ninja_Ghost_BO3

    monaka is the new hurcle

  • Eric Barajas

    Vegeta is a baby

  • Andrew Ogbewe


  • Exkalibruh

    What would future trunks look like a super saiyan blue? He already has that hair. lol

  • Ainesh Borkar

    Wtf how can Vegeta fly, He couldn’t in the previous episode, Trunks gave him a hand in the previous one, But here, He can fly!!!

  • Manored

    Vegeta has super-powers of never noticing what babies have in their mouths ever.

  • DJ Siddiki

    I know most of you guys don’t like this and the previous two episode. But this was a good refreshment before the “Future Trunks saga”

  • GamerMax MC5/UT

    i cried and laughed like a retard for 1 hour xD