Dragon Ball Super episode 44 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 44 : “Seal of Planet Potofu – Secret of the Superhuman Water is Unleashed”


  • Cabba

    “Legendary of Lucky”

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            …and whale sharks.

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  • https://www.roblox.com/users/10225923/profile Nirokatai

    I wonder how many episodes are gonna be played on DBS..

    • SONNOH


      • https://www.roblox.com/users/10225923/profile Nirokatai


      • Coffee Junkie

        Are you sure? 🙁

      • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

        How do you know this? Do you have a source? A reliable one?

    • hd2020

      I heard it was 100 and then possibly more if its a success

  • https://www.roblox.com/users/10225923/profile Nirokatai

    Last streak of comments, The King of All isn’t necessarily needed in DBS because that just makes a total ripoff of the multiverse, though the multiverse isn’t confirmed yet, and all of the people trying to go SSJ in real life (Trust me, my sister has tried) end up straining themselves… What is the entire climax of the universe… was it recently discovered that we’re in a multiverse? I’m sorry, just a little edged out about the real universe…

    • DJ

      And by your sister you mean you? 😛

  • MichaelSpaz Whitman


  • GodOfTheHolyHentai

    No more SSJ 3 my ass

    • SSJ-Mad

      Toriyama is a liar straight, i would never believe anything he says lol

    • SSJ-Mad

      actually my bad he said there goku and vegeta won’t

  • Hunter

    I got no subtitles how u watch this

    • Oliver

      me too

  • Margiela The 2nd

    That spelling error by the animators at 3:40 is so shameful “CAPSUELE CORP” Smh I love DBS but wow.

    • Martyn Duncan

      There has always been spelling errors by animators in DBZ so it kinda fits

  • Terry Nayman

    I just wanna watch the damn episode, but this gay ass advertisement is blocking me for 10 min now…… fuck your lawn care bull shit!

    • Nesh Baka

      download adblock no more ads

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      Lmao adverts are so annoying.

  • SSJ-Mad

    why is the vid so small!?

  • Clark44

    So far till episode 44. It is certain that this series lacks the intensity DBZ had, by intensity i am sure you know what i mean.. The way they made Goku look ridiculous is too much. He may be excessively innocent but far from an idiot they are making him in this DBS. I hate the whole idea of SS God whatever. The fight scenes are also joke compared to DBZ i am sure you all agree here. It maybe developed by the same animation company but i think the staff that made DBZ is no more considering how much time has passed. DBS feels like a work of bunch of amateurs.

    • Cooldudeachyut

      More like a work of dumbasses who hate DB series. Every weekend I watch a new episode only with the hope of it getting slightly better but nope, it gets shittier every time.

      • animeguyotaku


      • animeguyotaku

        “gets shittier everytime” lmao okay you’re a great comedian, i must admit

        • Cooldudeachyut

          I know right? It’s like I am the king of comedians and whatnot. Of course I can’t compete with the writers of this show.

          • Danno

            It’s funny. I really thought the movies DBZ Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F were awesome and great adaptations of what happens post Buu saga. The characters, fights scenes, and transformations are all done justice. But DBS keeps missing the mark 90% of the time. It has its moments and I do enjoy it, but I also feel slightly disappointed almost all the time. The story line they are trying to do is actually pretty great in my opinion (it is a neat concept), but the way they are depicting it with dialogue, fight scenes, etc, is just subpar and I feel like they need that slightly serious undertone that DBZ had. Like I said I think DBS has its moments that are spectacular, but we as fans deserve better. At least the animation got better since Goku first fought Beerus…

          • Cooldudeachyut

            I really don’t have much problems with the animations. I mean they are still not as good as I expected them to be but it’s the storyline that kinda ruins everything. I mean it’s stupid. It’s about few stupid overpowered food loving Gods and their gay servant/trainers who apparently wanna destroy everything if they don’t get delicious food. The whole tournament and BoG is based on that. Using Frieza again as a villain is redundant and boring. Not to mention his “Golden Frieza” transformation, which he acquired after just 6 months of training(How does that work? He became stronger than Super Saiyan Blue after such short amounts of training? Lol.), looks stupid and lazy. Goku is just too stupid. The fillers are also much worse than in DBZ. It’s like a much worse and stupid version of GT.

          • cchiu23

            A. this is DBS going back to its roots, dragonball>dbz

            B. he reached that form in such a short time because frieza had never trained in his life, is it really that hard to believe that frieza would be stronger by training?

          • cchiu23

            also golden frieza was never stronger than ssjb goku or vegeta

            what are you smoking? maybe actually watch it first

          • Cooldudeachyut

            Yes, Golden Frieza wasn’t strong enough to compete with SSB in RoF movie but this was later retconned in the actual DBS series. Golden Frieza was easily stronger than SSB Goku and Vegeta, but lost because his Golden form used a lot of his strength and eventually didn’t had much to spare. In DBS terms, his “time limit” was over. So, why don’t you watch it again as you clearly know nothing.

          • Max

            Cooldudeachyut Why don,t u just shut the fuck up and go to hell loser nobody want u here so get lost or I will kill u bitch

          • Cooldudeachyut

            Stop using the internet kid, and go back to your mommy’s lap.

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            Don’t be a troll, act like you’re older than 6.

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            Actually, in the movie AND the show, Frieza was stronger than SSB, but his “time limit” ran out on his Golden Form because he didn’t train enough, presumable out of pride. They convey this clearly in both movie and series.

          • Cooldudeachyut

            A. How is DBS going back to its roots again?
            B. Yes it is hard to believe that someone(Frieza) who is weaker than a Frieza Saga Super Saiyan(Goku) becomes stronger than a DBS Super Saiyan Blue(Goku), who has dedicated his life to training and getting better since then, after just 6 months of training. Frieza became stronger than Super Saiyan God in 6 months! It’s just lazy and stupid writing.

          • SuperChaosGears

            Frieza is a prodigy, meaning… he/she is talented beyond anything stupid goku (not to hate on goku) lol
            If frieza trained, and loved fighting as much as goku he would be stronger, basically he/she (lol) is all brains, and goku is all heart… thats at least what i get from toriyama’s characters from those two.

          • Cooldudeachyut

            You are right. IMO Gohan also has the potential to surpass Goku and Vegeta by several magnitudes, but no matter what, Frieza despite trying to train himself couldn’t possibly surpass a level like SSB in just 6 months. Goku and Vegeta had to train for like a decade to even remotely compare to that level. Training != Instant power boost. It allows better control over Ki and techniques, gradually unlocking one’s inner potential. The plot does explain how Frieza became that strong but the explanation is weak and stupid.

          • xxxxxxxx111111

            Agree 100%. Just because an “explanation” is given doesn’t mean it makes sense. It was extremely lazy writing. Toriyama was determined to bring back the best DBZ Villian of all time so he didn’t bother using his brain to make Friezes increased strength believable. Even when factoring in friezas natural/prodigy power. It was a stupidly excessive power up.

            I’m really enjoying DBS but I’m not a blind fan who refuses to acknowledge plot holes.

          • Cooldudeachyut

            You’re goddamn right!

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            I think you need to learn more about Frieza’s character and backstory… the prodigy explanation is totally believable. The main dispute for it is “Well if he could have become that powerful from training so quickly, why didn’t he just train and then exceed Beerus’ power altogether in the first place?” Back in those days, Frieza listened to his father, and he told Frieza that the only two fighters he must avoid at all costs were Majin Buu and Beerus. So he ignored them, and thus, never needed to train. Once he was revived and learned that Goku had beaten Majin Buu, he finally saw a need to train and assumed that 4 months would be enough (mistakenly, out of pride). He paid for that mistake. It’s simple and completely makes sense, even when you consider Frieza’s backstory, all the way back to when he was introduced.

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            Their explanation for Frieza’s power spike after training isn’t weak and stupid. It’s very consistent with Frieza’s backstory and character.

          • SuperChaosGears

            yes, yes… and yes, thank you i wish everyone felt the same.

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            1: You’re right, the animations continue to improve.
            2: Doesn’t the idea of Gods that crave worship and offering (in this case, in the form of food) speak volumes about the selfishness of alleged “gods” in real religion? I like the aspect for that reason. ALL gods are SELFISH! 🙂
            3: Frieza acquiring his immensely increased power after such a short amount of training (which was actually 4 months, not 6) is easily explainable. Frieza has always been a prodigy of the (naturally) strongest race in the universe. He has never HAD to train to be stronger than EVERYONE ELSE in the universe, so he never bothered. The only people that his father (who he listened to at the time) told him that were out of his reach and he shouldn’t bother with were Majin Buu and Beerus, so he didn’t have to train to dominate extensively (Goku is an exception, but Frieza underestimated him originally and didn’t know about Super Saiyan). So when Frieza came back and heard news that Goku had defeated Majin Buu, he finally saw a need to train, so (out of pride, arguably) assumed that 4 months would be plenty of time to exceed the power necessary to wipe the remaining Saiyans out. The dramatic increase in power to almost match Goku was not due to a form that he never had the chance to use originally (now THAT would be lazy writing) or anything of the sort, it was due to the prodigy of the strongest race in the universe FINALLY deciding to work on improving his strength because he saw the need to. The only reason he didn’t destroy Goku completely was because of his pride, thinking that he didn’t need any further training to destroy a “Saiyan monkey.” And, if you look back, Frieza easily destroyed Earth, even while he was dying. The only reason Earth survived is that Whis reversed time and gave him another opportunity to finish the battle before it got ugly (probably to teach Goku, his student, a lesson about finishing a fight properly or something along those lines). I’m not sure why Frieza’s power spike is so surprising to everyone–he has ALWAYS been one of the most fearsome foes of DB history, and now he has actually WORKED on improving his strength.
            4: As far as Goku being too stupid, I completely agree with you there. He has never been “dumb” before, he was just never “book smart.” He has always had common sense.
            5. Now for the fillers, that’s fair, but you have to remember that this series is probably nowhere near over, and they’re still building to the next climax (and one of the earlier ones in the series, I’m sure). You have to be patient and give them time to develop a proper plot. Remember that they’re trying to follow up Dragon Ball Z–that’s quite a high bar to meet and exceed. 🙂 They’re working on it. We can judge them fully in the end.

          • Christopher

            That’s because there has been no real villain up to this point. It seems we will be getting an actual villain that will bring back that seriousness soon with the Future Trunks Arc.

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            You have an excellent point there! After Beerus, no one has really threatened the earth.

          • Juan Gabriel Martinez Rodrique

            I’ll admit that DBS needs to get serious, but they are getting there. They just need to do a arc where things start to get really bad and everyone has to prepared for an epic fight like frieza, cell and majin buu. And they should not rush it because Goku and Vegeta are almost at the level of gods and the only thing limiting then is beerus and according to toriyama he’s holding the plot and doesn’t want them to surpass him for now. also it could get really ridiculous if they at this level keep encountering one formidable foe after another. Plus besides there are things DBZ never gave us, like the real Goku and Vegeta rematch and more trunks and goten, a female Saiyan etc. I personally want and arc focus around the old Dragon Ball cast like ten, yamcha and krillin in where they are stranded or goku and vegeta are training and can’t come to their help like in resurrection of F and they have to fend for their selfs.

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            Yes!!! Well put!

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            You are the first one to point out my main problem with DBS! They need to get more SERIOUS! I mean, they were fucking tweaking with Frieza came to earth! Now they’re fighting in the tournaments of gods and preparing to fight in the tournament of not only a god–not only the master of a universe–but a master of EVERY UNIVERSE THAT EXISTS!! Like, I get the whole ki sickness from Kaioken and the recovery period from it, but HOW ARE GOKU AND VEGETA NOT STOKED AND NOT MORE DEDICATED TO TRAINING?? I get that it’s a tournament for fun, but this should be a huge deal to them… Goku doesn’t even appear to be very curious about the power of the King of All.

          • Max

            Cooldudeachyut u are more like the king of stupid so stfu dumdass

          • Cooldudeachyut

            You want some balm for your butthurt-ness?

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            Someone needs to give their ass an ice bath, cause that posterior is in serious hurt mode.

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            LOL I don’t agree with you, but I must say, that response was gorgeously witty.

      • Xman321

        I actually feel like it’s getting better, even for a filler arc I think this is pretty good.

      • SSJ-Mad

        Could you do better? no? stfu then111111111111111111111

        • Cooldudeachyut

          Of course I can do better. Even a 10 year old can do better. Hell, even you can do better.

          • SSJ-Mad

            well the drawing is pretty advanced for me i couldn’t

          • Cooldudeachyut

            I was talking about the story. I can’t do that kind of animations and drawing. My drawing skills are horrible.

          • SSJ-Mad

            oh yeah true, the story line needs some tweaking

          • Cooldudeachyut

            I have heard rumors that the story might start getting interesting from episode 47 due to Future Trunks and Black Goku. I hope it’s true ’cause it’s disappointing until now.

          • HevtiG-Sama

            Ignorant bastard! DB anime is for all ages. So stop talking down to a cartoon for kids under 10 and db fans of all ages. This is not made for you only. DB has always been for verry young kids and older. RESPECT THAT ALREADY! IF YOU HAVE COMMENT STAY F ING RESPECTFULL UNLIKE ME GETTING FED UP WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU BIG MOUTING THE SERIES!

          • HevtiG-Sama

            You just only wanna see what you wanna see notsocooldudeachyut

          • Cooldudeachyut

            Poor kid, did I hurt your feelings? Here take a cookie. *gives a cookie over internet*

          • HevtiG-Sama

            You just don’t get it. I hope you will understand when you have childrens of your own.

          • Cooldudeachyut

            Nearly every cartoon/anime is made for children or teens and really I(or anybody) don’t need to have children to know that DBS is directed towards children/teens but guess what? I don’t like it(’cause it’s stupid not because it’s meant for a different age range) but adore the previous DBZ and DB series. Anyway, why don’t you try not to waste my and yours time with useless replies and just find another show for children because there are much better show meant for children than any of the DB series.

            PS: In case you think other DB series are also meant for children I dare you let any child watch the uncensored version of the original DB series.

          • HevtiG-Sama

            Uncensored right? So why dare me? Talking about useless replies, lol! . You finaly got it thou. DB is directed towards childrens. Now next time when make comment be a grown up about it.

          • Cooldudeachyut

            I don’t think you make any sense anymore and you obviously didn’t even fully read my reply while cherry picking and wrongly interpreting stuff only to come back at me. “Now next time when make comment be a grown up about it” *sees your reply*
            *rolls eyes* .

          • HevtiG-Sama

            Be a grown up when you put comment in disqus after a episodes. NVM. It’s useless to chat with you. I block you because you anoy my intelligent!

          • Cooldudeachyut

            Like you have any.
            Anyway, good riddance.

    • animeguyotaku

      lmao no, i don’t agree with you cuz you literally don’t know anything about DB, keep judging bro, i’m not stopping you

    • http://Raven.org/ Raven

      Can’t agree more mate.

    • Reaver

      If you don’t like it then don’t watch it.

      • Hasin Shahad

        chill bro, theres no need to be harsh. just because hes sharing his opinion doesnt mean hes trying to look down on your opinion

      • Noah Whitaker

        I agree. I mean, if you keep comparing it to DBZ, then of course it will most likely come out as the lower of the two, mainly because there is nostalgia and because there has been around a fifteen-year gap between the two series, so, of course, Akira Toriyama has somewhat changed his writing style and the animation company has improved/degraded. But, in the end, it isn’t DBZ, it’s DBS. It’s like comparing Dragon Ball to DBZ, MAJOR diffence.

        • no name no game

          this has to be the most perfect reply

          • JD

            Not at all. You are declaring that critical analysis is invalid, and it’s not.

        • joey

          but you have to understand that as of right now all we have are filler episodes till the real saga begins

        • BlackMobileOps

          I think it comparison similar to gt to dbz to dbz where many compare db to all 3 I wasn’t a fan of dragonball until Piccolo joined in as to most others I’ve talked too… comparing this to db but not to dbz or db gt is ironic to say the least and oxymoronic… personally it’s just filler junk at the moment I was all in during the tournament part so these episodes I compare to the filler between seasons in dbz similar to training for androids episodes or while Bulma developed the shuttle for namek… all this about comparison though I think dbz was better but America isn’t the targeted crowd js… most of all to anyone that says compare it to one and not the other clearly doesn’t understand criticism nor do they understand it’s people’s voice that is considered feedback to a creator specially veteran fans aka the reason another series was even created… so by saying this isn’t the same well this is the same creator same designer same root name so it’s just a branch from the franchise aka a multicorp aka a single business that runs different styles of the same icon.. to be brief… so yes this is the same show new era new humor… so who is the t argetted audience at this point… it’s the current fans obviously located in the founding country…but it’s fans there have even made similar arguments… again this is filler episodes which everyone usually ignors… kinda like gohans dream of Piccolo while goku was dead first time… so it’s easily understood why this sucks but not cause it’s being compared… it’s called climactic building… and every series is known for it

        • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle

          Even without Nostalgia this is TRASH.

          • Damon Albarn

            Your right, I watched Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z first time about year ago, and still DB Super doesn’t have intensity, atmosphere, naturalness of previous Dragon Balls (except Dragon Ball GT which was worse then Super for sure). First Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z world seems like it was living it’s own life. Characters seems alive and real. The world was consistent by itself and easy believeable in concept.

        • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle

          Even without Nostalgia this is TRASH.

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            I have an easy solution that will solve all of your problems…. If you don’t like it, stop fucking watching it. It’s that simple.

      • Shmiptonamo

        The fact remains; by comparison, DB & DBZ offered more than Super. It’s much worse if you ask me.

        • bryan wilbourn

          How many chapters/arcs were there for DB & DBZ and how many chapters/arcs has been released so far of DBS? People are so eager for instant gratification that they’re willing to just write off a series before it even has time to develop! If you’re that nostalgic about DBZ then go rewatch it and come back to DBS after it has time to supply MORE THAN FILLER episodes.

          • Elijah


        • Manored

          Super is having to continue a story whose possibilities have been stretched to the breaking point. Off course its not gonna be as smooth was what came before it. I mean, by the end of the Buu saga the Z-fighters are dealing with the gods themselves (the supreme Kais).

          Also Super doesn’t drag out things into forever like Z does, and that alone is a huge improvement.

      • Super Space Marine

        He’s free to share his opinion of the show whenever he pleases, don’t be a fanboy.

      • RZK_2000

        Wow, how mature. You must be a 1st grader.

      • RZK_2000

        How could he say if he likes it or not without watching? I’m a big DB fan, so I’ll keep watching whether I like it or not. Because it’s fucking DRAGON BALL YO

    • fallacies

      ppl are complaining about the lame fillers/stories.

      true, they are lame (consistent w/ all anime; it’s a cultural thing, i think); but,

      it’s not really the filler/story IMO – it’s the fact that they wasted 20 minutes on it… actually, they could have consolidated the last 2-3 episodes into 15-17 minutes, and used the remaining 3 minutes to setup the next battle…

      if they insist on these boring, airy, PG 4-year-old fillers,

      they need to release 2 or 3 episodes per week… instead of just one…

      if not,

      people need to do what i’m about to do… stop watching this for 2-3 months, then come back and binge watch all the episodes.

      • Avishkar Malunjkar

        For your info.. this one is not a filler episode… This is a New story arch!
        This may eventually lead to Black Goku!

        • Casey Paskel

          Seeing as they said mid june was the next arc, it’s safe to say this is filler. Of course, I could be wrong, but Mr. Goop over here is lame as hell, and in no way deserves his own arch.

        • Marvin Diaz

          this wasn’t filler afterall. that liquid she made with monaka appears to be the new-age fuel eventually used to power the time machine in the future arc

    • Matticus

      Perfect time for bad subs…

      • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン


        • Sleepy Champuru

          i thought this sub was perfect

          • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

            Did you?

        • Sleepy Champuru

          i was hoping someone would screenshot this moment

          • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

            Someone did, there you go. Lol

    • SSJ-Mad

      Could you do better? no? stfu then

    • wdakl

      I mean when he was fighting hit the intensity was kinda there

    • nickn4

      i am running low on anime shows that i can still watch, i gave this a try to see what good dragon ball x had in store for me. but this is just plain dissapointing. to me who know nothing: it just had filler feels all over it. NO TY

    • Aaron Soldier

      You’re just being a mindless hater. STFU Clark44 and go back to playing shitfield.
      DBS is perfect! 🙂

    • Hentai Master

      Well dubbed has the thing you want
      But in this the trying to build a story there will be in the near future or you could watch the movie but right now you will have to wait

    • HevtiG-Sama

      dragonball series was never aiming to be the best ever but to entertain young childrens.

    • Zsnake Pliscon

      What do you mean goku was always an idiot when it came to figuring things out that were non fight related. he has the wisdom of an inocent 4 year old boy with his head in the clouds and just never grew up. this Goku seems on par with every other dbz cartoon ever made, just new story’s.not evey fight scean can be an epic battle, as it is when he does have an epic battle, i get the fealing of dejavoo. like every fight eventualy covers the same thing. he’s winning then he’s lossing then he discovers somthing about himself. then his oponent does too then he gets stronger, then his oponent get stronger too. this goes back and forth for about 20 more episodes till the final fight then yay he pulls off a win. then rinse and repeat the next ultra bad guy and the next version of super sayin yada yada yada…

    • Biteme

      Every episode is made in around 10 weeks… you realise that right?… they don’t have an entire year to work on seasons like shows such as OPM etc etc… that is why the animation is lacking, no matter how good of an animator you have, if you only have 10 weeks to make an episode you need to make cuts… and which is why some parts of the show is animated BEAUTIFULLY and others are animated terribly…. take up some research

    • god of distruction

      dont think so kid

  • Hassan Uchiha

    Why is the quality only up to 480p?

    • zaza

      how i can download it with sub pllzzzzz ??

  • Ora Champ

    So that is the amazing copy Vegeta?

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン


  • Taha Laachari

    why there is no HD i cqn twatch like that

  • Viggo T.

    I hate episodes with Goten and Trunks. They’re such idiots with juvenile behavior which leads them always to the same premise. They get in trouble and Goku or Vegeta has to save them. This is the definition of a set up Filler. A crutch as you will for dogshit writers to fall upon when they dont have anything new to come up with on the story boards.

    • Kira

      shut the hell up its twist like these in dragon ball super that lead on to the greater stories accept what they give you punk
      like if you could of come up with something better

    • no name no game

      this will actually lead to a pretty great arc where future trunks comes because an evil goku destroyed his planet

    • SuperChaosGears

      I use to think the same… but I think trunks is growing up, you saw how he could have just broke out of the truck, or he siad he could brake through the ropes… He chose not too, cause as a character he’s becoming more patient. (irony, future trunks)

  • ali

    trunks go kill freeza 😀

  • Raiden

    Lol, this subbing job was terrible.

    • SuperChaosGears

      Yea, but I rather have a clue than nothing at all… so i can watch it…

      • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン


  • Abbie Davy

    Whoever subbed this, it’s awful and I wish you’d stop subbing until you can do a decent job 🙁

    • no name no game

      they replace the subs with higher quality subs a day or two after the episode comes back… i think

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      Yep, grammar is horrible, honestly, but I guess that’s all until better subs are put up.

  • Victor Bodnariu

    everyone expresses there opinion and so far its been hate. I dont think theres anything wrong in that we are all going to continue watching it because well most of grew up with it and as shitty as it is sometimes it still hits that spot in our hearts we miss and dont want to lose. hopeful our words are all heard though and they guys making this for us pick there shit up and stop fucking around.

  • Victor Bodnariu

    but you can not deny that fight between goku and hit was on par and above with dbz series even though it was brief it was a sign they still got it.

  • Ken Adams

    I want to see future trunks and kid trunks together

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      That would be interesting to see

  • SanYohan

    After they make Vegeta silly and Goku more silly, they make a god of DESTRUCTION, “Beerus” wish for the apparition (a.k.a CONSTRUCTION) of a planet (EARTH). That whole episode on the Super dragon ball wish was #@^%? I had some hope when I heard dragonball series are coming back. The only reason why I still watch this is because I want to see where this storyline brings us, and I still hope till this point that they change the image quality and OMG! Am I the only one who thinks something is going wrong?

    • SSJ-Mad

      I see you complain on here but never appreciate anything. Typical

  • oriux

    My issue with people saying this series lacks intensity isn’t that they’re wrong, but the fact that vendors in the natural DBZ saga, there were the highs and the lows. I mean, does anyone remember that spoof episode where Buu did a Montage reflecting Hitler? Or what about those strings of episodes where goku ran snake way and didn’t advance the plot at all between Piccolo training Gohan and Goku finding that snake lady? DBZ wasn’t made to bethe serious, fight every episode like people want. There were always brief intermissions, as with all anime, to hype up the action of the series. Honestly, minor plot villains make the story. Those which can’t find agreeable aspects of the story should just YouTube the parts that they find sublime instead of finding that the story lacks creativity. There are tons of scenarios which people are unlikely to think about, and I believe that there is still hope to this plot, even now.

  • no name no game

    not sure how copy vegeta will be able to beat ssj 3 gotenks… unless copy vegeta can utilize god ki

    • no name no game

      goku is naive af tho, so i bet they’ll be able to turn into him too and that’s why trunks comes back to warn them of an evil goku that destroyed his universe in the timeline

      • Andrew Soo

        Woah that sounds trippy af ^ but makes a lot of sense tho

        • no name no game

          ayy lmao

  • fallacies

    ppl are complaining about the lame fillers/stories.
    true, they are lame (consistent w/ all anime; it’s a cultural thing, i think); but,

    it’s not really the filler/story IMO – it’s the fact that they wasted 20 minutes on it… actually, they could have consolidated the last 2-3 episodes into 15-17 minutes, and used the remaining 3 minutes to setup the next battle…

    if they insist on these boring, airy, PG 4-year-old fillers,
    they need to release 2 or 3 episodes per week… instead of just one…

    if not,
    people need to do what i’m about to do… stop watching this for 2-3 months, then come back and binge watch all the episodes..

    • SuperChaosGears

      so… basically you just want a movie. Fuck that man, lets see every characters point of view, I wanna see Goten and Trunks have some fun, let Vegeta play his roll as a dad, cmon let even Krillen and Piccolo get some input somewhere…. I like all the characters, I don’t wanna just see the main plot, I wanna see fillers as well.

  • Krishna Bissessar

    I hope we see original attitude of gotenks from the majin buu era…and damn vegeta will u ever beat a main villain. I’m really tired of goku finishing off all the villains and for a second I thought that sword trunks got was future trunks sword….unless it’s an Easter egg? Overall great episode full of questions….

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      ApparentlyFuture Trunks got his sword from Tapion. And I wish Vegeta would beat a villain for once too. Goku is. the main character and all, and should have the spotlight the most, but the other characters don’t ever shine out anymore. DBS is GT(Goku Time)!

  • Rec 101

    These fill up scenes are horrible! More action, less fill ups please.

    • SuperChaosGears

      straight up cliff hangers, i love’em but seriously your gonna make us wait… cmon!

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      IDK if this is filler, but these episodes are what you call”slice of life”. They add more character development which is great for plot. Dragon Ball is a fighting anime/manga, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be slice of life episodes/filler.

  • SuperChaosGears

    This Reminds me of Dragon Ball, it’s all about new adventures… I like that! Especially when it shows more of Vegeta, and what he is as a character besides just being pissed all the time… He’s a dad too, and he’s starting to grow more in depth as a character…, as are Trunks and Goten, like Trunks said he could just bust the trucks door in, (but Monaka would get in trouble) or how he could just bust out of the ropes (but didnt want to risk monkaka getting hurt). He’s becoming more mature by being patient (irony future trunks I believe lol)

  • Daniel Vigueras

    Fuck haters if you guys don’t like it don’t watch it! Easy! I love dragon ball super

    • SSJ-Mad

      Yeah man I liked many of the episodes, thank you Akira Toriyama for giving us some entertainment, I can’t hate on any episodes, i think people just need to be patient

  • Tabraiz Hassan

    Trunks arc is gonna be epic to watch.
    The story arcs of dragon ball super are good but animations aren’t improving as much as it should have.
    I think that instead of introducing ssgss with blue hair they should have ss4 instead. It looked waay awesome than ssgss.also i donot like that after becoming ssgss they still haven’t surpassed beerus or whis.

    • Tabraiz Hassan

      Also fight scenes are not that much full of suspence and too much powerful with mind blowing attacks.

      • Tabraiz Hassan

        Let’s hope for the best for upcoming dbs arc. I’m feeling so excited for upcoming dbs trunks arc.

  • Grisha Diachenko

    God i hate Monaka so much.

  • Xman321

    HOLY SHIT! This animation…damn. Can…can this just BE the Super animation? Pretty please? I want to keep this in the next arc, cause DAMN does that one sound exciting.

    Not that this isn’t bad. It’s a filler arc, but it’s not half bad for one, and I actually like the concept of this. Though it’s not exactly a water. Or superhuman…You know what, the title is a lie.

  • Oshabot

    The subs are wrong

  • ojojo



    (these in-between-arc episodes are killing me slowly i swear)

  • Irwan

    Black Goku will arise from superhuman water and Future Trunks will fight against him

  • Shen Long

    let’s not all forget the mistake that Dragon Ball GT was, even Akira Toriyama declared it was “fake”

  • mikexjewelz

    the animation was great with this one

  • Sleepy Champuru

    Um. Nah. The animation in this episode was greatly improved. The story development probably misses the mark sometimes but the content that its trying to deliver is impressive. They also thrown in easter eggs and try to keep as many characters (from both DB and DBZ) relevant as possible. I wouldn’t call this filler. In this episode you learn a lot about Trunks. Every time there’s an easy path, he won’t take it if the consequences are inconsiderate of others. I thought that was impressive coming from a Saiyan and relfects the personality of how future trunks came to be. The fight scenes in this episode had more frames per action and the animation increased its intensity with 3 or more layers of shading as opposed to the simple two layer garbage we see in almost all anime. Sorry, but how many times have we seen Goku blast himself at King Kai’s? I bring it up because none of them looked as intense as it did in this episode. Also, know that filler episodes give rules and dynamics to the environment of the series to make the world of the series appear more active and live than the linear superman story of Goku. Speaking of superman, Goku is ridiculous in the japanese version of dbz, he was always bit reckless and inconsiderate, funimation made him seem like some typical superhero to satisfy the American appeal by changing translations and cutting out mischief. You know with morals and justice and all that crap. Read the legend of the Monkey King and you will understand. I don’t think they are making him look like an idiot at all. He evaluates his battles and returned back to using more technique than just powering up all the time (like in dbz, which wasted way more episodes). Actually lets really be honest here.. What arc are we in? What episode are we at. Now if this was done the DBZ way. you would have to add a 0 to the end of that double digit because we would have 20 episodes every battle of people yelling and powering up in place. Finally I think the only animation that may surpass Super is the DBZ Movie animations, not the episodes. Which shouldnt be compared anyway because thats like oranges and apples. Not to mention that the movie animators of recent films actually did come back on board to assist after Toriyama felt the series was putting out poor production in the beginning.

  • jiorqejreioq


  • SSJ-Mad

    Maybe Black Goku is actually superhuman water Copy Goku.

  • Mark McCants

    I won say dragon ball ever had a good story line, just good concepts. and decent fight scenes. It was somewhat of a pioneer is why we are all watchign it now. But dbs is not as good as dbz neither is the art. But dragon balls fillers has always been quite lame and the movies did not make sense. There are plenty of loop holes. I don;t watch this because its the best thing out, as it isn’t by far. However I watch it because I did since I was a kid. Its funny I think some of the games have better storyline then the anime. Like xenoverse and shin budokai. There is one thing that I do liek about Dragon ball super though. Is that they are fighting people with more and varied techniques. Even if they never get a sound strategy its at least better than “now I’m stronger than you”. Tactics are nice, it would be better if he could write better dialogue but hey thats them. Also I feel its more like Drag-on ball then dragon ball lol!!! Take care watch if you want, don;t if you don’t

  • Kanyon Entertainment

    This is crazy all the people complaining are the same ones to cry about GT and want another series and they get it. People just enjoy the show if I want your critical analysis of the show I ll watch your shitty youtube channel with 1k views.

  • Aaron Soldier

    Ok, i’m fucking tired of these fucking complainers in this fucking comment section. You whiners have officially made the biggest DB fanboy angry as hell and imma crush all you kids!
    First off, THIS ISN’T FUCKING FILLER. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! ALL OF YOU NEED TO STICK A SOCK DOWN YOUR FAT THROATS AND STOP SPEWING OUT COMPLETE NON SENSE! If AKIRA TORIYAMA DREW THE PICTURES AND WROTE THE STORY THEN ITS NOT FUCKING FILLER! Filler=non canon. How in the heck is this non canon? It relates to all the previous canon episodes and continues it, has the same characters, and follows the same logic, written by the same person[Akira Toriyama] etc. Therefore its canon. Therefore its not filler. You kids seem to think just because its not major/important to the storyline, its filler, but how does that even work? Filler=canon and this is canon so it can’t be filler.
    2nd off, you say every episode that doesn’t have major action or any action at all is boring….Why? You expect EVERY episode to just be fighting and no plot? Once again why? You try to say DBZ had all action…WRONG! TRY AGAIN! Go back and rewatch your precious DBZ, it had ACTUAL filler and tons of it, this show has NO filler at all… Every show NEEDS character development, and side stories for it to be a GOOD show, so we can see different view points and see characters develop other than the ”Goku and Vegeta show” lol. But of course you kids are idiots and expect fighting and screaming EVERY episode? Man the DB fanbase is full of mindless idiots like the kids complaining in this comment section. Everything NEEDS Character development, it can’t just be all action. Also have you kids grew up on original DB manga? It was so much more plot than action….This show is just sticking to its roots.
    Third of all, You say DBZ is better than DBS? How? Also what happened in 44 episodes of DBZ? What was even accomplished? In DBS, we have had like 3 major transformations in like only 30+ eps which is pretty incredible and we had a main character death[piccolo] etc. In DBZ we had nothing interesting happen in 30+ episodes…-.- You say the fight scenes are better? Um no not really, I see no difference. DBZ also had a HD version which hasn’t been released for Super yet, so we have to get it time for that to come out. You say DBZ has more action? Um yeah that is TRUE, but DBS has more plot. Plot>Action. You say DBZ was more brutal? Um yeah because it had more episodes….-.-, I could go on and on but imma stop right here.

    I just owned all you complainers in ONE ESSAY!

  • https://www.roblox.com/users/10225923/profile Nirokatai

    @Clark44 Dude, you have no taste in artwork. Does this look like trash to twelve million viewers? No, you’re just some closer looking for something to blame, and they have fights related to DBS. The team spent days working on this series dude, rate them fairly.

  • Naruto

    Dragon ball GT is much more better

  • Aaron Soldier

    Dragon Ball Super is an amazing show, any hater needs to eat a dick. Because its awesome! Also for all the IDIOTS that think this shit has filler, no it doesn’t. Filler is non canon. All this stuff is canon so….

  • CodeREd

    Goku has always been an idiot. Also DB Super has the charm and adventure that the original Dragonball had. It’s not just a series of battles one after the other like Z but that’s fine.

  • Itachi Uchiha

    how is the previous episode 51 if this is episode 44?

  • YooraBalls

    It isn’t dbz but it’s fine. I am enjoying it so far!

  • Jamie Legends

    this episode is offline

  • FriendsCallMeBatman

    Broken iFrame here too.

  • Virky

    People do realize there were also a shit load of fillers in DBZ as well, right ?

  • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle


  • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle


  • Average Nice Guy

    Just wanted to give a huge thank you to the people who translated this and posted this to this site for all of us to enjoy

  • Ainesh Borkar

    I don’t get the feeling of watching dbs everyday like the feeling when I used to watch Dragon ball, the normal one and the original. I would get so hyped to watch the next episode!!! But not for GT nor super :/