Dragon Ball Super episode 42 English Dubbed

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  • Vegeta


  • Sting Eucliffe


  • Misael Mendez Och

    puto dragon ball super from banned youtube live from GMBH!°

  • Misael Mendez Och

    1 Hours out live dragon ball super

  • Sting Eucliffe

    so no episode today? ;-;

    • stealthy one

      it will be subbed shortly, check in 2 hrs if u dont see it elsewhere

    • Boogieman

      Stop acting like a pussy. It bugs me, lmao.

      • stealthy one

        stop making up bullshit, it bugs me

  • TOxicHigh J


  • Beerus Sama

    http://ww2.dragonballway. biz/dragon-ball-super-127-english-subbed/

  • Tys0n

    ARGHHHHH! wish i could timeskip to next week!

  • xd

    Either Jiren is just lying about strength meaning everything, and he would really rather live as a weakling with his family and friends, or he has a terrible personality and is a monster that will never have enough strength like what android 17 is sorta saying.

    • Droidboy

      Exactly what it is. He is prideful in this strength. He’s what Vegeta is in terms of strength. Boasting about it, looking for more and more. All he wants to do is be able to defeat absolutely anything in this way.

      • https://www.youtube.com/user/TehDwelleR Moo

        You guys are missing the point. Jiren may seem obsessed and cocky about his strength, but throughout the entire episode after his enemy’s fall, he folds his arms and closes his eyes, he never fights to kill, even though I know you can’t kill in the TOP. Jirens painful past has led him to becoming obsessed with his past that he wants to protect the only friends he has, the pride trooper crew and Jiren also obsesses about strength that one day if a powerful enemy does arrive, he can beat him.

        • Aaron Soldier

          Thanks Moo, educate these kids! Jiren is a badass!

  • one punch man


    I thought there was no flying allowed?????????

    • Hikari Daruringen

      i like how you are pretending that you are surprised by the fact they were flying in this episode while witnesing in past episodes Toppo use god of destruction power and not getting disqualified. DBS writing stands on a level lower than most of fanfics. im just watching this to see how low can series – i liked as a teenager – fall and what ridiculous asspulls toei will try to shove our way. right now, i think that “Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo” manga makes more sense than this bs from :tournament of power: arc

      • Michael Sanchez

        lies your watching cuz u love this

      • Meaks

        There wasn’t any rule against using god like powers and Toppo isn’t a God.

        If that were the case Goku would have been dq’d for going ultra – another technique of the gods.
        Or even king kai fist.

    • Droidboy

      I can just assume that most rules have fallen apart.

    • disqus_xypVnmdALl

      At this point, I’m guessing that it’s probably because the arena is so badly damaged that it doesn’t affect them anymore. If not just be happy that toriyama is making a show to watch, no matter the mistakes they make.

      • Hayden Strangward

        They were jumping off debris not flying. And they were running along the side of the floating island, not flying again.

      • ‏‏

        So basically you are settling for less.

        • urmom

          They are jumping around, not flying. Open your eyes lmfao

          • ‏‏

            You just replied to the wrong post so you should open your eyes too, lol.

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      I had that same thought when Vegeta did his final flash on Jiren in episode 125 when Goku was holding him…

    • Parveer Johal

      Flying is allowed only if you have wings. If you are a normal fighter flying is damn near impossible at the time space they are at. However that depends on the fighter, Goku and Jiren were fighting mid air.

    • Aaron Soldier

      There has been plenty of flying.

  • Raag Joshi

    Are they keeping frieza for decoration now? lol

    • xd

      i feel like it’s gonna be just freiza, goku and jiren left. Goku is going to knock out jiren with him, leaving it so that freiza will be the last one left and win or something

    • Droidboy

      Not sure. Everyone keeps forgetting about him, which is funny.

      I like seeing his absolute rage. He would actually kill Jiren, if he was strong enough to even touch him lol.

      • Aaron Soldier

        Nope, Jiren murks his goofy butt

    • Jacques Jr Roux

      I’m disappointed at how Frieza regained the strength to attack, yet he gets ragdoll’d like this. Seeing get pissed and powering up to Golden form legit led me to believe he could actually contribute, either by distracting Jiren or maybe even damaging him a little buuuuut no … he charges and gets destroyed. So much for my favorite villain. 🙁

      • Wockhardt Reid

        Jacques I felt the exact same way

      • Aaron Soldier

        How the hell would he land a punch on Jiren, when he had his ass handed to him by Toppo a much weaker fighter who Jiren mocked?

  • http://kissanime.com/MyList/855025 zackros


    • Droidboy

      The blast was strong enough that it was dissolving the rock they were on.
      17 self destructed to neutralize it. And gave them a little bit of healing.

      They weren’t gonna die from that blast. It was just gonna make them fall out. None of them were strong enough to do anything about it, except 17’s suicide.

      • Malcolm Morin

        Still he would have been disqualified in that scenario for “killing” directly 3 ppl and if Zeno “did” say something about ti, i guess both universes would either be alive, or killed anyhow, there would theoretically be no winner, no super dragon ball prize, but hey, it’s Toei bro, writing is gone to TOTAL shit right now even tho theres lots of emothion and fighting/action, good music composer, it’s stil nothing compared to the good ol’ DB, DBZ…

        • Malcolm Morin

          Zeno would most likely be like “OHHHHHH so cool, dey all dead, OHHHHHHH!!! IT”S ALLOWED CUZ IT”S COOL DAT DEY DIED, LOLLOLLLLOLOLOLO!!

          • Aaron Soldier

            No Jiren is smart, he wasn’t gonna kill them

        • Droidboy

          You’re assuming he was going to kill them.
          He was going to make them fall from the stage. Eliminated that way. He wasn’t going to kill them.

  • Akaalis

    Anilaza vs Jiren… who would win….

  • Wyatt Woodcock

    How tf did he self destruct wasnt the bombs removed from the androids

    • Elroy

      Used Ki instead of bombs like evryone else.

  • Rafee Ali

    what time did they fly?

    • Hayden Strangward

      They didn’t, they were running along the walls and jumping from floating debris.

  • Elroy

    Damn, they are just wearing Frieza out every episode! He couldn’t even get a shield after being brutalized.

  • Droidboy

    I don’t want android 17 to be gone. His character development has been amazing.

    • Ankur

      I agree.

      • d3rd3vil

        I don’t

        • Carlos A. Carranco

          I’m agree

    • Aaron Soldier

      nah 17 is lame, glad hes dead

  • Chronos Chris

    Yo Jirens backstory is like super weak.. I know the writing sucks but they should of at least put some effort into this character.

    • BigzyMalone


      • Wockhardt Reid

        Lol super corny basic typical Shonen antagonist, sad to say coming from DB

        • Seushimare Jikaze

          farmer with a shotgun has better backstory

    • Ankur

      It was shit.

    • Omark

      I really liked it

      • Squishy matchbox

        you are free to like whatever you want, that doesnt change the lack of effort put into jiren. there is no character there. “my family was killed by strong dude, i lost second family to strong dude. in response im alone. therefore im op” if jiren were the protagonist he’d be the most boring hero ever. seriously 99% of anything that involves jiren is just people(or jiren himself) exclaiming just how strong he is or jiren just sitting there doing literally nothing. he has actually managed to be the least developed character in shonen style anime ever as far as im aware. i dont want the heroes to beat jiren, i want jiren to lose and then just get out of the series entirely. i want a villian that has more character than a blank sheet of paper.

        • Omark

          Jiren is a way better villian than black.

          • Born_to_hate_rg

            What are you smoking boi hahahaha

    • Ms.Unknown

      maybe it was the next arc ? cuz there is more powerful evil than Jiren ?

      • Grigorescu Tiberiu

        That evil guy was only more powerful than young Jiren. Current Jiren would kick his ass.

        • d3rd3vil

          Or MAYBE Jiren hasnt beaten that evil being yet and thats why he wants to become even stronger…who knows? We will never know unless they continue the saga in a few years or centuries or sth.

      • Ankit Kohli

        well let’s not forget.. there were 4 universe that didn’t participate cuz their mortals were too strong..

    • Akaalis

      Superweak perhaps, but I’m curious to know if Jiren was now able to overcome that “enemy” which slaughtered his family, clan and teacher though….. !!

    • Aaron Soldier

      nah I actually liked it, he strives to be perfect in strength so he won’t ever feel hopeless and lose to someone again

    • Erhe R.

      “should of”
      Not a shit as your English, that’s for sure.

      • Chronos Chris

        Nah dude, I’m pretty sure the writing in DBS that is full of plot holes is way worse than my one grammar mistake. 🙂 But keep being triggered Mr. Grammar Nazi. It’s amusing.

      • Jack Danger

        I’m a grammar Nazi too, but when mocking the guy’s grammar is your only defense, that should tell you something about your argument.

        Also, *not as shit.

    • Seushimare Jikaze

      just think that jiren was brainwashed by that evil mofo to belive he was a victim and is actually his hidden disciple that killed his familly himself. hah

    • Jack Danger

      I bet TOEI was like:
      “Hey, the ToP’s ending, the fans are gonna love Jiren’s backstory!”
      “Yeah, I left it right– wait… shit, he doesn’t have a backstory!”
      “What? The script’s due in five minutes, man!”
      “It’s cool, I’ll just make him Toguro but he’s a team player. It’s not like they’ve been waiting almost a year for this or anything.”
      “Awesome. The fans put up with all our other crap, I’m sure they won’t notice!”

  • Son Goku Sama

    The fact that Jiren is fightng 3 people says for itself…. that guy is a monster .
    That Jiren’s backstory was EWWW… at best. Also, I’m proud of you ‎juunana go…

    • d3rd3vil

      I think it was more than ok considering time is running out….there cant be a longer better backstory in my opinion its too late for that. Sure they should’ve given him a better one months ago….

    • Aaron Soldier

      * 4 people at once
      Frieza, Android 17, Vegeta, Goku, now he only has to fight 3[Frieza, Goku and Vegeta], Dude is a fricken beast, favorite db character. Lol hes so badass, 17 had to kill himself just to hardly protect Goku and Vegeta from his attack

  • .enrique

    Jiren said strength forgives all so what about all you’re buddies that died did you forgive the killers ? hmmmm doesn’t look like you have or ever will
    Jiren the biggest hypocrite in 2018 lul

    • Aaron Soldier

      Stfu. Jiren is a badass!

      • Born_to_hate_rg

        Stfu dumbass

      • Dylan Siviglia

        Jiren ” Goku why do you fight”
        Goku “Uhhh IDK its fun
        Jiren “You are dumb you should fight to get your allies killed for your own goals”.

  • Simon

    can vegeta die next plz?

  • TruHell

    So it seems there’s gonna be Goku and Freeza left, WHY?- any ideas for the final? Anyone?

    • Omark

      frieza is fucking weak now. No way he can do anything

      • TruHell

        Well,thats exactly what I meant – Im asking WHY cuz Freeza sucks so far, then for what reason he lasts till now, I think there may be some kind of suprise in the end, I wanted to disscus crazy ideas about it, even if they are laughable xD Cause there must be a reason for Goku picking him to the team. And I think the creators wants to end series in something less predictable way than Goku’s another power up. Well, its only assumption tho…xD

        • Aaron Soldier

          Frieza was badass, but he don’t got NOTHING on my homie Jiren. Goku will probably win like always

          • TruHell

            it’s rather easy to say that, but Im still wondering how…and now, after reading the last chapter of manga Im sure Freeza is gonna be of some use, cuz what Whis said about Goku picking Freeza was- “maybe his unique way of thinking is gonna be the key to our victory”, now with completely insane ideas-what if Goku fuses with Freeza LOL

  • Ryan Nichols

    Dumbest writing ever. The whole arc focused on teamwork and all Goku and Vegeta had to do after 17 saved them was freaking get the potara earrings and mop the floor with Jiren. But nooooooo we gotta a$$ pull this whole thing and most likely get Vegeta knocked off so Goku can do his whole UI crap again.

    Would have been so much better had they fused this episode at the end.

    • Ankur

      I agree. They are unnecessarily stretching the series. End it already. I don’t like how they always put Goku infront of all. Fuck UI and I want Gogeta.

      • Aaron Soldier

        You guys are full of BS. Vegeta absolutely hates the Fusion and promised Goku that he would never fuse with him again after the Goku Black arc, also they didn’t have the ear rings like Omark said.

        Jiren is a badass and 17 is absolutely weak and can’t do sh*t against a god like Jiren so ofc he was gonna die. This was a great episode and this arc is the best DB arc ever, stop hating!

    • Wockhardt Reid

      Exactly i was thinking “these lil bitches are not going to let 17 die right”? im pretty sure Jiren is stronger than Black and they even fused for him..

    • Omark

      dude wtf? They are no magicians. Nobody has the ear rings!

  • Vyom Jayaswal

    Now this is sad. They did a brilliant character development of 17 only to kill him off 🙁
    He could’ve played a huge role in other arcs as well. Was super strong and had brain as well

    • d3rd3vil

      ONLY to kill him off 😀 It was a sacrifice necessary for Vegeta and Goku to recover a bit. Thats the best 17 could do. Beating Jiren was a NO GO ofc

      • Aaron Soldier

        YEAH 17 is trash, glad hes dead

    • Born_to_hate_rg

      This show is about to end

  • Drezale

    Guys, you totally know that by the end of this 17 and all of the universes will get revived, right? Either that, or they pull a cliffhanger with Frieza getting the wish.

  • Roronoa Zoro

    where is freiza? yay he is here now !!

  • Rajat

    i am juist waiting to see vageta going on ULTRA INSTICT level

  • Rajat

    and where is episode 128 which was supposed to be here today

  • Christian Santos

    they give a hint about the upcoming movie..maybe the evildoer will be the enemy of the movie..jiren and gokou will face it

    • Omark

      are you serious? The evildoer must be insanely strong. I think Jiren already destroyed him

  • Ayush Lad

    the likes next episodes get for UI goku: 10000
    the likes next episodes get for GOGETA/VEGITO: 79789457849154642115494875454612434516243165745764

    • Bruno

      Yea, kept saying that since first UI omen, that fusion will get them a brief energy burst for a full UI (together with Vegeta attacking personality) to have both defense/offense

  • Novex

    The Small Jiren just look like a sperm with cloth. The baby sperm has grown become devil sperm head.

    • d3rd3vil

      Damn pig

  • grun

    oh my, is that the worst backstory or the worst way to insert an exposition into a plot ever? Probably both..

    • Omark

      I kinda like his story and wish we knew more

      • Aaron Soldier

        Agreed with Omark. I actually enjoy this backstory

  • IAmEddie

    Remember when Cell crushed Android 16’s head and the grief and rage drove Gohan to SSJ2? Now that was great writing for a character sacrifice. What a flaccid and senseless way to end Android 17. ‘the hell happened to my favorite show?

    • Miliukea

      He knew he can’t win over Jiren, so he tried to buy time for Goku and Vegeta to recover and also match to finish. So, he sacrificied himself for other people, because he knows that them are more powerful and have more chances to win. Also, they coudn’t move.
      Of course, he could just die by Jiren and the problem would been solved.

  • QTG

    Jiren’s Back Story?….BORING!


    WTF is this!! How can Jiren be this weak?!! Remember how Jiren got hyped up from the beginning, just a fraction of his power trembled every contester. Now near the end this is the conclusion of his full power?? WTF, are you f.. kidding me??? And what a lame back story, you can just notice they’re rushing trough the end.. the backstory doesn’t even fit the character.. They could have just leave it open and keep it a mystery.. I’m so disappointed it has come to this.. smh

  • Shinra_Tensei

    Jiren’s backstory was like a nursery story told to kids, but I’m glad that they didn’t spend 2 whole episodes explaining Jiren’s past. So I guess that’s good thing.

    • Aaron Soldier

      if you want long emo backstories that take entire episodes, go watch naruto, meanwhile the REAL men will stick to Dragon Ball Super. Jiren is a badass, STOP HATING!

      • Jake Element

        You have to be like 12. Real men dont say one animes better then another because one has more backstory. Real men dont call people h8rs whilst going through comments because they dont agree with you. (Also pretty hypocritical to call people h8rs when thats all youve done here) Last of all real men have better things to do

        • Born_to_hate_rg

          Am i i the only one noticing that there are mutiple accounts with the same profile pic¿?

          • Seushimare Jikaze

            ssj goku pic is the default one you have on account, if you dont change it , mr sherlock lol

          • Roman Guzman

            Well thank you catain obvious but thats not what i meant…i havent seen this many people having the same one in one place

          • Dylan Siviglia

            pretty sure that’s Bardock dipshit…

      • Born_to_hate_rg

        Niggah stfu

  • Milan Babic

    Did Jiren kill the guy that killed his family? If not, does that mean there are someone even stronger?

    • George Voutsikidis

      that is a million dollar question

  • Sixx

    there’s a easy way to win this, completely lower your guard > die by one of jiren’s ki blast = win

    • Miliukea

      17 sacrificied himself but he should’ve made it like dying from Jiren’s attack… And then Universe 7 would be saved.

  • Dalibor Šepecan

    Always hated that spoilers in episode titles.. I mean wtf. Leave something for surprise!!!

  • S. Ford Lonchar

    Just like i said. 17, then Vegeta and Goku fires up and defeats him. This is entire DB universe repeat. Not even fun anymore..

  • Sanjivan Diwe

    No.17’s character development was amazing. but i wonder is frieza also gone since 17 didn’t shield him like goku and vegeta?

  • d3rd3vil

    Damn 17 killed himself? Nice surprise 🙂 But Frieza….so will it rly come to this, Goku and Jiren fall out and Frieza will be the last one standing? Plz no…..

    • pupu

      would be like mortal kombat. evil wins at the end of series.

  • Bruno

    Still thinking that Goku&Vegeta will fuse. Since they saw Jiren in action in prior episodes and UI omen i couldn’t help but think Goku-defense – Vegeta-offense part of UI + they’ll get enough energy to pull it off.
    This episode, was under impression Jiren is refugee from some deleted universe by Zeno or something, but this backstory story was kinda flaccid at best (only one thing there; there is someone stronger than Jiren?).

    • d3rd3vil

      No fusion

  • Grigorescu Tiberiu

    “Vegeta falls”…so he’s gonna be knocked off. Ouch. That means it’s gonna be Jiren and Goku. There are 2 possibilities.
    1. Goku wins by mastering Ultra Instinct
    2. Jiren wins, but he is so impressed that he brings back Universe 7 or, in the best case scenario, all universes.

    • Bort

      Don’t sleep on Frieza

  • JC

    This might have been one of the worst episodes of the season LOL but I’m used to the random quality.

    Jiren’s been basically untouchable to the point where they’ve been hyping up Goku needing a new form just to even remotely stand on par, Now everyone is pushing him back and No.17 (the best part of this arc so far) is stronger than Goku and Vegeta? I guess I should be grateful that another character is useful though. Also that “backstory” is the laziest bit of writing I think I’ve seen in a while, but to its credit, at least it was quick. Look out for “evil-doers” everyone, they could be anything. They couldn’t even be arsed to draw this evil-doer. he’s just purple stuff with evil googly eyes LOL.

    • d3rd3vil

      He certainly isnt stronger BUT he has unlimited stamina and that we can see. The fucker is unfuckable. But Jiren was a lot stronger ofc

    • Aaron Soldier

      17 IS TRASH, glad hes dead, he isn’t useful and he sure ain’t better than Goku and Vegeta and ”best part of this arc”? are you drunk? Jiren was easily the best part of this arc

      • Jake Element

        Yes you love jiren and hate 17 we get it you didnt have to reply to everyone to let them know.

      • Gag Master

        17 is trash… When he stalled Toppo, helped Goku and Vegeta fight Jiren, protected Goku and Vegeta while they were on the floor using his barriers so they didn’t become disqualified and sacrificed himself to save his universe. Still trash though right?

    • Jake Element

      How is everyone pushing him back? Slapped frieza out of golden with one hit. 17 had to sacrificially blow himself up to just stop his attack. Goku and vegeta continue to get punted around the place like its nothing . I feel like half of you dont watch whats actually going on screen and just complain. Jiren dispatched 4 people in one episode and only took a real hit from 17.

  • Crispoz

    You guys are incredible. You talk like losing your family because someone is evil is a cake and it’s boring. Those things happen, you know? If something similiar would happen to you, you would be so angry, don’t you? I know it’s not really original because, like I said, it happens a lot of times. But what else did you want? “Jiren wants to be strong because no real reason”? The backstory could be much more wide and deep but don’t you think that Belmod didn’t want to “waste” time by telling Jiren’s story in depth? It would had also been disrespectful to Jiren.
    Jiren is also human. He had feelings. “Boring” story but still an actual reason to be like he is.

  • Akaalis

    Something tells me that Frieza is going finish off either an exhausted Jiren or Goku…… !!

  • cepterk

    I dont think Toriyama san knows how long a minute is…unless this is an intentional running joke.

  • BraveKido

    No17 will be resurrected with the dragon balls, don’t worry.

  • BraveKido

    Why didn’t Vegita and Goku perform fusion?

  • Sherlokx

    Ultra Instinct Vegito defeated Jiren.


    There is very poor planning by everyone involved.

    I don’t see why 17 self destructed to buy some time… If he just let the attack kill him, he would still be dead but Jiren would be DQ. Worst case scenario, everyone gets wished back with the super dragonballs.

    I also have no clue why nobody has thought of a stalling strategy. Even outnumbering the other universe 4 to 1 with 2 minutes left, I would expect at least one person to try something like this. Vegeta and Goku may have too much pride, but i’m surprised Frieza or 17 didn’t try to stall more. They don’t have to eliminate Jiren, they just have to wait until time runs out. And for the clock being so short on time and his universe being outnumbered, Jiren seems to be pretty calm, passing up several opportunities to eliminate some universe 7 fighters.

  • casmar

    how are those rocks floating?

  • MrLogic

    Just knock vegeta out pls thank you mr jiren

  • Squishy matchbox

    i really hope this arc ends sooner rather than later so we can get to (hopefully) a big bad with some personality. there is nothing more boring than mr generic overpowered muscleman with the “all my friends and family died” “tragic” backstory super powers. everyone i ever heard talk about zamasu said they didnt like him cause he was a whiny character, but jiren doesnt even have that going for him.

    • Dylan Siviglia

      lol the series is over

  • Fan Lad

    So Jiren is like the Gohan of their universe, but he never quit training to become ‘successful’ or ‘smart’. Is it safe to say Jiren is a parallel of what gohan could’ve been? Its not like he has super weird alien abilities that Gohan couldn’t possibly use (maybe the stare thing)

  • Erhe R.

    Always make me cringe when is see 17/18 being referred as android.

    • Seushimare Jikaze

      yeah technically they are cyborgs

  • hendra kusanagi

    episode 128 is not released yet today?