Dragon Ball Super episode 41 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 41 : “Come, God of Dragons – And Pretty Please Grant My Wish!”


  • osirisorigin


    • Cabba

      Congratulation I’m not just mad guy 🙂

    • MadPlayer


    • SSJ-Mad

      Not long now, i am Mad

    • LittleMonkey

      what have you accomplish?

      • Michael Ashbrook

        clearly not the extinction of his virginity

    • Tron

      umad kid?

  • Cabba

    2nd comment

  • iLoveMathBecauseI’mHomosexual

    3rd Comment?!? Woohoo I’m finally a HoodNigga, just like Universe Ruler Zeno Sama, who is about to whip out his 3 giant laser 9 inch laser dicks to buttfuck beerus, champa and goku

    • Cabba


      • kogee snypa

        best looking saiyan ever

        • Madara_ Uchiha

          this saiyan is a bitch, but he is strong

  • MichaelSpaz Whitman

    4th hahaha

  • SSB Bardock

    It is I who will arrive in the episode

    • Cabba

      That my theory

  • Cabba

    Hopefully goku wish for get dad and mom get back

  • Cabba

    Theory: Goku wish for bardock and gine back to alive and meet goku. Prince Vegeta wish for King Vegeta back to alive.

    • Dustin

      I wish for your English to get better.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        If you understood what he said isn’t that the premise of language. Just my thoughts. Get your views across this isn’t a language course and a massive amount of people get auto corrected when posting or don’t speak English. Guess I wish for people to stop picking on irrelevant things is what I am getting at.

        • Sleepy Champuru

          I agree. People forget that others are watching from all over the world, and the fact they can even communicate from a country that isn’t predominately English should be impressive in itself. I speak three languages myself.

          • Felipe Salazar

            No comprendo

        • Cabba

          Well I am US, and my language is english. “I wish for your English to get better.” Doesn’t matter. But I agree with you.

        • Dustin


    • Nexx

      No if king vegeta is dead then why does vegeta say that he is the prince of the saiyans? he should be the king right?

      • Cabba

        Oh I forget

      • SaiyanNL

        He say’s that out of respect for his father.

        • Nexx


          • Darkoniser

            that’s cos prince vegeta was never crowned

    • Jdjjd

      He wished for Chamba’s earth to be recreated

    • _ askdaxbox _

      What bout vegetas mom?

      • Cabba

        I forget XD

  • SSB Bardock


  • pika chu

    pika pi

  • Aerisot

    Theory: Cappa is the son of Universe 6’s Vegeta.

  • Wiwin Sang Delegasi Gifted

    Pada ngamang apa yak… Ra reti nyonk….

  • Xeno Red

    Wait in the promo Monaka actually seemed strong…WTF

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      My Boy pink!!! The Pink Assassin Monaka. Just did a Monaka AMV it’s classic.

  • Wiwin Sang Delegasi Gifted

    Monaka is the best of satan

  • Al Sharpton

    anyone know Japanese tell me what they wished for ?

    • Bv

      They wished for Chamba’s earth to be recreated

      • Ryaku Hitachi

        That’s exactly what is was.

    • YuuOtosaka

      Based on my understanding they gave Universe 6 an Earth

      • Oliver

        we understand, smart one

    • jorwan Pratama

      He requested to rebuilt universe 6 earth for Champa. I guarantee legit translation.

    • Eric Ver Linden

      Not sure how you didn’t figure that out just by watching the episode.

    • Brandon McPherson

      God speak is just English backwards….

  • A guy

    If anyone what was they wish, beerus wished for a copy of earth for shampaa in his own universe. Because beerus is good bro.

  • Teezy Deletera

    why isnt there any english subtitles ;/

  • jafar khan

    Where are the subtitles man?

  • Ryaku Hitachi

    For those watching, you will enjoy the next episode.

  • http://about.me/ashleywilson Ashley

    Earth has been wished back to existence many times with ‘regular’ dragon balls. Seems like a waste of a wish from the Super Shenron…

    • Rudy Alvarez

      yes but since there is no earth in universe six, there are no dragon balls there and shenrons abilities only work in universe 7.

      • http://about.me/ashleywilson Ashley

        There are the Namekian ones, though? The original dragon balls are from Namek.

        • jlooo

          not sure there is still a namek, however yeah, if it is still there they could have just used those dragonballs lol

  • http://Sites.google.com/site/keithmyersproductions Keith Wayne Myers

    universe 6 has an earth now… that’s neat.. so who’s next? Mira and Towa a cannon version of Xicor (Which would be epic but impossible) introduction of universes 8-12 and 1-5 really theres still a ton of ways this series could go

  • Hovis

    happy ending 😀

  • Jay Gaglani

    Wasnt dat mch eciting but…. the golden dragon’s entry gave me goosebumps!!!

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      I agree I think they did a great job with that dramatic entrance and music.

      • Rudy Alvarez

        animation was horrible though, not nearly as detailed as shenron from dbz.. looks like a digimon

        • Thescreachingparrot

          I think that applies more to the design, rather than the animation. I liked it but it was a bit weird. Childhood has me use to that Shenron appearance…thought they might stick to that Chinese dragon inspiration and do an actual upgraded shenron.

        • Sagar Chansaulia

          exactly bro the animation isnt as good as expected

  • 24k

    i know a bit of japaense and im 99% sure goku wished for a bigger dick and some jordan shoes.

  • Daniel

    Why no sub

  • kogee snypa


    • Dajuan Lavondo


  • Serket Hamo

    Let me guess next week episode is a deam of either Goku or Hercule

  • Little_Master

    there going to be another goku in universe 6th lol

    • ac

      yes and champa will surely bring them for competition of 12 universe by zeno.that would be amazing

    • pizza.princess

      Would be so cool if it were an evil Gokuu

      • Emmanuel Bamidele John-paul

        Have you never heard of goku black

        • Richard Smith

          Are you retard or what? He wrote that a year before your comment.

    • Jose Gabriel Siles

      Considering that the saiyans in universe 6 were good and never had their planet blowup if there was a Goku he wouldn’t be evil but also wouldn’t know how to go super saiyan either.

      • Richi Jiménez

        nop…..Goku would be good. cuz the only reason Goku is good in universe 7 is cuz when he was a baby he got hit in the head realy hard.

        • Jose Gabriel Siles

          I know that. That’s why I said the he wouldn’t be evil.

          • KingShadow

            No, I think he’ll be evil. Because they’re polar opposites based on what’s current in the opposite universe. Even though our Goku woulda been evil, he’s not, therefore, I believe Universe Six Goku will be evil in order to keep the theme. I may be wrong though… (although judging by recent comments by Toriyama, I don’t think I am.)

          • Dark Goe’s

            That’s not necessarily true either. Universes Six and Seven are similar, not opposites and If you take a look at Freeza and Frost, they even said that they were similar, even though they came about it in different ways. Freeza Play’s the Bad guy, and is the Evil King, of course. Frost play’s the Good Guy, and is an evil business man. These two both take advantage of planets and the people of those planets. Fear not though, Since The Sayians home was not destroyed by Frost, Goku may still become evil. :/

          • Zexelrob master of the bird


          • Damon Albarn

            But Cabba told that Sayians in universe 6 are good… So it’s like inverted world. If Sayians are good and don’t serve Freeza but instead are guardians of peace then Goku also should be good.

      • Zexelrob master of the bird

        you have a point right there

      • Lavina Shaikh

        there would be an evil goku because in universe 7 goku is not a bad guy raised on other planet so in universe 6 goku can be raised on other planet full of evil

      • Alpha

        Akira actually confirmed in a interview that goku is actually neutral and more on the evil side. So in all reality, the goku in the other universe would actually be good.

        • Alejandro Raap

          Our Goku supposed to be bad because saiyens are bad race. dhuuu. so universe 6 is supposed te be good like chabba but turnt evil. dhuuuu!!

          • B33rus

            DA! goku would be bad, if he wasnt adopted by Gohan his grand father [he just found goku].so it is correct that the goku in universe 6 is evil

          • Damon Albarn

            yep, Goku is only good because he was hit in the head badly (nearly died) while still was a child. Remember what Raditz said? He was suprised that Goku behave so peaceful and ask if he had some accident with head hit. So Goku was originally bad and driven by destruction. That said, if there is other Goku in but in inverted world he should be good following that logic.

          • Manored

            Well, we haven’t actually seen any individuals map 1:1 to Universe 6. Frost is different from Freeza for example, and he is the closest we see to a being that exists in both universes. It seems like the similarities end at the level of planets and races. So there probably isn’t an Universe 6 Goku, although there might be someone who fills a similar role… maybe Cabba?

            Also Goku would probably end up being set straight by his grandfather even without hitting his head. Vegeta gradually became good due to Earth’s influence, so presumably changing a child’s nature wouldn’t be impossible, although Goku might be less nice. Also this made me think that maybe Goku is an idiot because of that head hit haha. I guess Dragon Ball’s overarching lesson is that severe brain damage makes you into the universe’s greatest warrior.

    • Warrproductions

      Gohan* ? 😀

  • jmohy1

    the lazy dragon animation

  • sonny boy mansanal

    then, does that mean, there will also be another supersaiyan that landed on the other earth??? so is this what toriyama said about saving the white supersaiyan for the future story???

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      He didn’t say he was saving the white supersaiyan. Toriyama just said that he couldn’t do White at this moment cause it will clash with the upcoming villain. Who is mostly white or also has White hair. So who is that villain I guess is the question.

    • Hello

      He never said there was going to be a white super saiyan. He said that he wanted Super Saiyan Blue to be Super Saiyan white, but didn’t, because it would clash with the next enemy. He never said that the next enemy was a Saiyan. He only said that the next enemy has white hair.

      • sonny boy mansanal

        oh is that so??? hmmmm too bad…

  • GoroGoro no mi


  • Kendell Muhammad

    What happened to the Ki’s ?

  • wѕ pre$ιdenт cнrι$$$ #υ$a

    I see DBZ still coming up with some lame characters like the omni-King ???? They should have adopted the idea of Goku going against the 11 other Gods of destruction

  • Ora Champ

    Props for Beerus for shearing with it bro

  • Maxime Cuillerier

    another goku and another vegeta would be insane, a canon gogeta vs vegito, fan dream. Episode 42 looks like goku is DREAMING XD

  • Ryaku Hitachi

    I have a question for DragonBallTime. How many people work on the subs? If only one, have you ever thought about making a team? To everyone else: People think knowing the two languages means it should be out right as the timer stops, but some owners have to convert it to a playable source that works for most people, reword it to make sense (because direct translation can be confusing), make edits to mistakes in subs, re-upload, which could take hours depending the the internet provider, and sometimes there can be inconveniences (black outs, getting sick, etc).

  • JD

    So… no fallout from Whis and Vados badmouthing Beerus and Champa in front of Zeno? Seems like that ought not to be forgotten.

  • reese

    Just for anybody who doesnt know this there is a digital comic online that features a dragonball tournament between the different universes which if i remember is few 100pgs. I wont give up any spoilers but i will say since thats the direction the show is going then we are in for a real treat.

    • Luffy75

      Where is the link?


        He made it up.

        • csa

          he didnt make it up. its called dragon ball multiverse google it


            Dragon Ball Multiverse is not official, and has no connection to Dragon Ball Super at all.

  • DeltaRaven97

    I bet that Monaka in episode 42 is Beerus in disguise and that he’s going to knock around Goku a bit to motivate him to become stronger.

  • jaylen

    Did anyone else notice that Monaka’s lips were purple?

  • Gay for pay

    King of everything is so cute omg

  • Kodilichukwu Onuorah

    was Monaka sparring with Goku?

  • Darien Peterson

    With the new tournament in our minds do you think there will be an alternate Goku?

  • Janalecace Joaquin

    love this

  • Janalecace Joaquin

    love it

  • Epic_Dude Gaming

    Damn, That dragon looked sick!

  • Steves Dspics

    The fuck. Could have just used regular Dragonballs for that wish like we’ve seen several times already in Universe 7. Thought they’d at least make a joke if not something worthy of the dragon’s power, but nope. Why make a display of how big and bad this new dragon seems if there is no demonstration of his power beyond regular, bitch-ass Shenlong? Would have been better if he actually did wish for the most comfortable bed in the multiverse or some stupid shit. At least that would have an older Dragonball vibe like the time Oolong wasted a wish on panties.

  • Steve Barranco

    Why are they the same episode 41 and 40

  • 0ZeroTolerence

    That was a stupid wish, honestly. They could have done that with regular Dragon Balls.

  • Dajuan Lavondo

    Goku would be evil because if he started out good and was hit in the head really hard as a baby he would forget what he was and be raised by a evil grandpa

  • Kalyan

    But the super dragon balls are supposed to grant more wishes
    That’s what champa said in his visit but they only gave one wish can anyone explain ????

    • Tyler Waalen

      No, he said they could grant any wish, not all the wishes. Any wish means the god of dragons isn’t limited in power like shenron or perunga are. For instance perunga can’t bring people back to life if they have been dead longer than a year, and shenron doesn’t have the power to search the entire universe, the god of dragons can pretty grant any one wish.

      PS-we learned it was only one wish when bulma and jaco went to the guy who knows everything, about 10 episodes ago.

  • Lento Hernandez

    I’m glad what he wishes was a good thing. it mad me smile.

  • Steven Justin Brañas

    Beerus’ wish for his brother was so sweet. 🙂

  • Jonathan King

    Really confused how so many people, many of whom are “fans” of this series and show… cant figure out they arent “speaking Japanese” when they make their wishes or earlier on when the King of All was saying whatever…. but its so obvious that the subtitles were ENGLISH, just written backwards. They wished for the Earth from Universe 6 to be restored. Pay attention people.

  • dannywow

    The god language is the reverse of English

  • iptv

    these hours are killing me

  • Vincent Gnanaraj

    Xeno guy says more SEE than any other words

  • Straw Hat

    Dramatic ending lol

  • Oliver

    Ha, the language of the gods is just spelled backwards! XD

  • Steellz

    i would of wished for Dragon Ball Super to be Dubbed

  • campking

    thats a nice reference to yugiohs slifer the sky dragon

  • Sir Liquidbadger

    Am I the only one who figured out that this “language of the Gods” was just English Backwards?!
    When I saw this I DIED of laughter. I just couldn’t stop!!
    I just paused at a really convenient time and saw that the subs looked really familiar. So I read it backwards…. like a nerd. BUT REALLY!? BACKWARDS!?!?!

  • David Oo

    YO dragon ball gt DOES make sense it’s timeline is not messed up and it’s not random (sometimes) It fits after the dragon ball super. it goes in this order, Dragon ball, Dragon ball z, Dragon ball kai, Dragon ball super and Dragon ball GT.

  • BobbytheFlash

    It’s just English Backwards

  • BobbytheFlash

    Really Bandai, Really

  • Manthan

    So I can read God’s language. Can any1 else too?

  • Kaka carrot cake

    14:46 saturn…. illuminati confirmed

  • HevtiG-Sama

    Hi all. DBS is super cool but do remember it is still a cartoon for all ages.

  • HevtiG-Sama

    No bad language please

  • SoldierTaehyung

    The language of the gods is English backwards ?

  • Damon Albarn

    What a crappy animation of ethernal dragon from super dragon balls…

  • Manored

    In order to be universe-sized in such a short time, that Dragon must have expanded much faster than the speed of light. And he will be visible for generations to come since the light he created will take aoens to finish reaching the entirety of the universe.

  • Ahmed

    No way