Dragon Ball Super episode 4 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 4 : “Aim for the Dragon Balls! The Pilaf Gang’s Great Strategy!”


  • Hit

    What… Goku has grown that high from when he was so weak in such a short amount of time? He’s an exploiting toy of power..

  • Konan

    kaio’s voice actor is aweful… put some bloody emotion into it for gods sake!!

    • Sub to me

      he is 89 years old its hard

      • Larkspur94

        geez. that old?! shouldn’t he be retired.

        i think it would have been best to recast. the animation just doesn’t match with his acting.

        • JefferyMuterx13

          Japanese voice actors almost always die and are only replaced under extreme circumstances. For me age doesn’t matter much, it’s just that the quality has hit an unacceptable point because it doesn’t fit the animation at all. The visuals indicate screaming while his voice remains calm. I agree it’s awful, but I doubt there’s much we can do 😛

    • http://www.facebook.com/karrskorner Joshua

      I don’t care which language they speak – I can read subtitles just as quickly as I can process sound – but King Kai’s voice was bad enough in the English-dubbed-2 version. Far worse in this one, if you ask me. Goku’s is rather annoying as well. Hard to envision the most powerful being in the universe sounds like a little bitch.

    • http://www.facebook.com/karrskorner Joshua

      Seriously, Kaio’s voice actor – old or not – plainly doesn’t give a damn about his job anymore. You got the animation where Kaio is going ballistic, and yet his voice is utterly monotone. It’s almost unbearable.

  • black

    what the hell is wrong with everyone voices?

  • Kalag

    Kaio’s voice actor is a biggest lame ass..

  • Max

    in the beginning of this episode.. it’s the song from Lucky Star!

  • Jamie Legends

    They really fucked up kaio voice, totally no emotion

  • don’t hate on kaio

    stop hating on kaio’s voice actor because you don’t make the anime compare this to fandubs and you are all lucky kaio’s voice actor was there because without him they wouldn’t show kaio think about it it’s hard to find a person who has the same voice like him

  • Andrey Dikit

    Hold on, I forget, when did Pilaf and his crew become children?

  • Haricharan P

    It’s not working