Dragon Ball Super episode 4 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 4 Dubbed: “”


  • DanielaTheGreat

    How come I can’t view episode 4 english dubbed?

    • Vasili Glushkov

      cause you have to wait a few minutes

  • DanielaTheGreat

    Oh thanks, you were right

  • dfgdfg

    are u kidding? pls dont tell me i spoiled myself for the next 50 episodes by watching battle of gods and resurrection F.

    • Veyzo

      Yeah I feel the same.


      you not spoiled all because the battle of god and resurrection of F are not canon any more, DBS now is the canon and appears scenes what you don’T look in the movies

      • faraz

        Are you fucking dumb? battle of gods and resurrection is canon

        • Akshit Kishore

          not anymore it aint… dbs ceceeded it if dbs started where RoF left off they would be cannon but since it did not they aint cannon anymore

          • Kyle Nason

            I like to think the movies are canon because they came out first.

          • Akshit Kishore

            I personally like the movies more, but correct me if I’m wrong the movies were based on the last two chapters of the manga. And DBS had Akira toriyama directly involved.

          • Ko Ki

            wow you are stupid hahahahahahaha dont embarrass yourself

          • Akshit Kishore

            You cant call me stupid, cuz you didn’t even give a reason for my stupidity. Pls tell me what was wrong in the statement I made.

          • Majin Squall

            ummmm DBS starts off with the two movies .. ya ya ya plus some bonus scenes… so how the hell can you say theyre not cannon? you’re fucking with us right

          • ShadowFrost

            Actually hes right…The movies were different from DBS. For example in the movies Goku fought on equal ground with Beerus where as in the anime Beerus man handled him. Movies should be considered non-canon because the story was changed for the sake of the movies. The story re-writen in the anime is the official canon one.

      • Ko Ki

        dont embarress yourself guys omg everything in super is canon so that means movies are too omg

        • Matthew

          Let’s just watch the show .No wonder why everyone Dragonball super is trash

    • Isaac

      First of all, literally every one who can be bothered to stay in the loop at all already knew this. Second of all, it is 26 episodes – 13 for each movie [might be 25 with 12 for one]. And it changs things.

    • Majin Squall

      if you’ve been waiting this long to watch DBS… fuck that sucks … because DBS really blows and is extremely disappointing.

      • Ardent

        Nah I don’t think it is at all. It’s worth the watch if you love dragon ball

    • Joe Keckley

      50? no. just shy of thirty. Each Movie is about 13 episodes. Trust me, the arc after Resurrection F is worth it.

      • Draqonelle Liz

        Ill be honest. The Fillers with Satan and The Humans are better then the tournament arc. But that is me

    • Omegus

      Pretty much. Only gets good around episode 30. That’s when Frieza arc is over.

  • superior/Tech/animie/man

    beerus sounds like trump

    • Dashen Govender

      What!!!!!!! I was thinking the exact same thing. :-l

    • Technocality

      Another reason why he’s a fan favorite.

  • ash

    what in episode three he allready met beerus and in this episode he hasnt im so confused

    • GuyWIthAHoody

      dvd addition has special added scenes new editing ect

      • ash

        i watched them both from the same site, if u watch episode 3 than this latest one it makes no damn sense

  • Minecraftlover

    goten is so shorth compare to trunks

    • Scott

      It’s because Trunks is about a year or two older than Goten

  • Minecraftlover

    i forgot how annoing those black lines are

  • LewisLJA

    they need to start double posting dubs, i really cant wait a week for one ep

    • Daniel Brewster

      Ok you start animating/voice acting/directing/music twice a week

      • LewisLJA

        They’d only have to really do the voice acting, it’s just if they keep putting out one ep a week, they won’t have even got to where the dub is now in a year..

      • Des

        You do realize they already have over 100 episodes of Super dubbed right? They are releasing them weekly to expand the length of the show (more profit)

    • realone504

      Like they did for dbz some days we had two episodes

      • Brandon Holland

        we had dbz mon through fri on toonami growing up. now its too violent apparently and get one epi a week at midnight

    • Matthew

      You know waiting it ain’t that bad

      • LewisLJA

        Oh it really is 🙁

        • Matthew

          For me wasn’t a big deal .Two years ago I didn’t bother to touch the anime series but now I watch it and now this anime on it’s 77 episode

    • Maxwell Bruder

      they could if you know toonami didn’t have sole rights to air the english verison and wanted to cancel another one of its shows to show 2 episodes a night.

    • Lee Walton

      click on “Video 2”

  • Sexual Predator #SUSgang

    feels good hearing the dub i cant stand little chinese men sounding like they’re getting their balls squeezed hard

  • Tyler “Stereotypicaldeathcorek

    next 2 arcs are pointless just watch the two newest movies and come back after 22 weeks.

  • D1craig

    video is not doing anything, loading buffering or even errors. just nothing is happening. 1-3 work fine but episode 4…

  • Ben Eklom

    Does anyone know if the dub is based on the original airing releases or the dvd releases with updated animation?

    • ShadowFrost

      We will be able to tell that by the next episode.

  • dsadsadw


    • The Chill m8


    • Jack Ford

      Suck a fuck you homophobic dickhead

      • Real Life OG

        Watch the South Park episode called “The F Word” its enlightening

      • Lee Walton

        Jack, toughen up, buttercup. It’s the 21st century, and you’re a protected species! Lighten up a bit

    • Lee Walton

      ^^Vegeta trying streaming sites for the first time

  • blogofchunt

    Why isn’t this episode working?

  • Angelo

    Krillin: “Really? Don’t you want the top prize?”
    18: “Something wrong with finishing 2nd??”
    oooooohhhh damn Krill better add kegel exercises to his daily training.

  • Serge Albers

    This 1 isnt loading.. as well as episode 3

  • Lee Walton

    Why is Chau Tzu still a child? He’s been alive for some time now lol He should be as tall as Tien!