Dragon Ball Super episode 39 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 39 : “The attack against the sophisticated Tokitobashi! We will see! The new resistance against hits empire!”



    Damn, next week will be Goku’s transformation to a SSGSS2…

    • Cabba

      I think so.

    • Gabriel

      imho ss blue 2 is better

      • Billy Takahashi

        No that would be exagrating . Ssb kaoiken is just fine .

    • Cole Stewart

      SSGSS with Kaioken has been confirmed

  • Cabba

    First Comment


      Sorry Bruh, I was the First Comment

      • super sayian blue 4 vegeto

        bitch cabba was the first. you lying whore

        • no name no game

          change your name to super saiyan blue 4 gogeto

  • Blaise

    Is this coming out next week?

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

      nah next year.

      • Blaise

        Sometimes they take a week off. It’s been a while since the last break so I was just wondering.

        • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

          They took a week off once because it was a national holiday.

          • Blaise

            Ah I see. Thanks!

          • NASH GAMING

            Ok kaioken can not be used with ss forms they are forms on there own. If goku use kaioken it would use tons of stamina and he would lose to much but ssgss2 uses less cause less strain on body.

          • Blade

            Kaioken has been used with SSJ forms frieza Saga listen to what King Kai tells Yamacha

          • Grendel

            No he was using Kaioken before he achieved SSJ. It was when he was getting beaten badly by Frieza before the spirit bomb and Yamcha said that Goku hadn’t used the Kaioken yet and King Kai said that he had been using it all along. He didn’t use it once he because a SSJ.

          • JGdragon

            He used Kaioken in the otherworld torny while ssj

          • Juancarlos

            exactly, he used it against Pikkon while ssj

          • Xclusive Asn

            It was a filler episode…

          • JGdragon

            still did it

          • Sleepy Champuru

            Kaioken is a TECHNIQUE not a transformation. It can be applied to anything.

          • Sir Noir

            Correct, anyone can learn techniques like the Kamehameha, Instant Transmition and the Kaioken, and many more. The SSJ forms are transformations limited to Saiyans

          • Razer

            Indeed like others have now said, Super Kaioken is now canon 🙂

          • NASH GAMING

            Um in dragonball xenoverse its called a transformation. And dbxv is written and playable proof

          • Razer

            Unfortunately you just disproved your own reply. Dragon ball games are not considered as canon and as such are open to errors. Someone else correctly stated that Kaioken is a technique used to amplify a user’s base power level by certain factors. It is a technique all the Z fighters could have used if King Kai had tought it to anyone else other than Goku.

    • Cabba

      I think

  • zakgokuvegeta

    Goku has deafeted hit so he will feafet more ha ha ha take that hit loser

  • BeefChief

    IT’S COOLER!!!!!!

    • Sasuke

      IT IS COOLER ???? well matbhe????

      • BeefChief

        Cooler with a duster jacket :0

  • Vincent Gnanaraj

    dragon ball super is entirely fake as krillin has not died till now

    • Jedd Miranda

      He actually resurrected by dragon balls idiot

      • Alertredey239

        Shut the fuck up you don’t even get the joke nigga

        • RoyalR R.M

          Nigga why you get offended? LOL
          it’s just a joke. Chill my nigga.

          • Joshua Sumer

            You’re the one who’s offended.

    • Andrés Jacobowitz

      You can bet it’s gonna happen, its like gravity

    • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

      Lmbo oh shit ????????????????????

    • Steve Bakewell


    • Kashif Mugil

      really hope that does not happen they are strong everyone knows that hopefully now they start focusing on tactics

    • Guyver01

      I think you mean Yamcha.

      • Ryaku Hitachi

        Who is Yamcha?

        • ProudNL99

          Whatever it is, it sounds disappointing.

          • Brian Smith


          • Ryaku Hitachi


        • TREKKZ

          LOOOL ikr, he doesnt exist apparently

      • Vincent Gnanaraj

        he is not worth dying xD

    • GuiltyCrow65

      you just made cry out of laughter
      but it is true suprisingly he hasnt died or have his ass whooped

      • Vincent Gnanaraj


        • Cybotic

          noo, goku punched krillin once in the face. 😀

    • Jacob Alexander Yshmael

      you sir made my day

    • Maggie Jackson

      Krillin owned count… 0?

  • Haile DE Breezy

    When is episode 39 coming out

    • pmoore317

      do you not see the countdown in the upper right corner of the page? go kill yourself

      • JGdragon

        well i mean that last part was a bit unneeded there buddy. 5 year olds do watch this as well so maybe he just isnt smart enough yet

      • Dan Johnson (aka Hit’s Butler)

        you’re an amazing person

      • Lukas

        no hes just fucking lil cunt by he i mean pmoore317

      • no name no game

        fucking dumbass, the countdown doesnt appear on mobile devices or on macbooks

  • whenduelingisn’tenough

    Their beards would have made them kings

  • Razer

    It’s a shame vegeta got beat so easily by hit. Would have been good if it was vegeta who figured out the time leap but not until he had taken too much damage to win the fight, therefore evening the playing field for Goku.

  • jaycee arias

    its not on air?
    but the countdown already ended

  • Saitama

    Hit copied my hairstyle, :/

    • Cecilthedarknight_28

      I’l KILL HIM

    • Joshua Sumer

      Nice headdick

  • lq8y abood

    Is Goku gonna end This fight In ep39 or ep40 ?

  • Caleb Macdonnell

    Ready for another theory? No? Too bad. I’m doing this for me not you. Based on clear fact, Goku is not going to die. That is obvious. Because he is the king of cockblockers, he is going to win the fight, meaning Monaka and Hit won’t realise their love for each other. Sadly, I believe this is going to cancel the Majin Buu Saga (shame), and the Broly/Gohan thing might be pushed to later in the series. But aside from that, naturally, Champa is going to be pissed off. Hit has left in Champa’s cube, taking Frost and his precious organs (see earlier theory) to some far off planet. Therefore, Champa needs to get them back, so he sends Vados away to bring them. With Vados gone, Champa can let rip on Winnie the Pooh, Wimpy Robot Guy, and Cabba. The peashooter attacks, spicy meatballs, and whatever it is Cabba is good for (probably nothing) are no match for Champa. He demolishes them all, killing Cabba and Winnie the Pooh. Wimpy Robot Guy calls to Goku for help, but Champa swiftly forces water down his throat. Meanwhile, Vados has also had her organs stolen by Hit, and he plans to return to take the rest of the fighters’. Back at the arena, Champa is fighting the fighters from Universe 7. The episode ends with Hit smirking as he slowly removes the referee’s heart with a rusty spatula.

    • Dan Johnson (aka Hit’s Butler)

      Hit has a gorgeous forehead

      • Caleb Macdonnell


    • Ricky CallmeKing Bias


  • Jayen Kumar

    I hate how the countdown always ends, but there’s no episode. I wish they would just set the timer to end later, so that they wouldn’t get my hopes up ????

  • Suspect Neighbor

    Damn it’s official DB is back in all of its glory! Goku using kaioken in ssjgb hell yeah!

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    Monaka’s Great Nipples will save us all. Monaka will Time Freeze and put hit in a Psychic force field and beat him easy.

  • Danny Leung

    this episode had too much talking and no action at all

  • Gian Marco

    psyduck will apear and destry us all! but monaka defeated him with one punch!

    • DogeGaming


  • Thiago Bueno Garcia

    Bruh, Super Kaioken! I finally get to see Kaioken again

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      Yeah! At least kaioken was not forgotten!

  • Sleepy Champuru

    This episode turned up several notches. Damn good.

  • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

    Oh shit did GOKU just fused the Kio Ken with SSB God form

    • King Julius

      yes he did

  • Eric Mendez Lorenzo

    Ow my god!!! Best episode yet!!

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      I agree.

  • Kevin Martinez

    Where can I watch this with English subs? It says it has subs on here but It doesn’t 🙁

    • Storme Prince

      The subs aren’t out for another 8 hours.

      • Kevin Martinez

        Thank you so much. ☺️

  • Vishal Suvarna

    So goku is gonna be defeated by hit finally I guess even after using super kai ko Ken in God mode goku couldn’t win damn……

  • Kevin Martinez

    Am I the only one that hates when they just stand there and stare each other with intensity? Lol cmon that’s a perfect minute to add more dialog lol

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      It can be funny though

      • Kevin Martinez

        Agree! But still lol feel like it’s precious time that is wasted hahaha

        • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

          Do you remember when Vegeta and Goku were putting armor on in the Cell saga, they stared at each other for a while? That was…awkward. XD but yeah they could take the time to put dialogue in.

          • Kevin Martinez

            Yes!!! Thank you ????????????????

          • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

            Thank you for what? I didn’t do anything!

  • Råzzäk Kïñg

    what the hell about goku!!!!!!!!!

  • FAN


  • gummadi sreeshman

    What the hell happend yarr, its looking next episode goku going to lose the fight even at super kailoken!!!!!!!!

  • Ayush Rathore

    its kaioken

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      Yeah, we haven’t seen it in a while. Good that it is back.

  • Ayush Rathore

    40th episode goku wins champa is mad and wanna kill them all but some 1 enters the ring,42nd episode wish from dragon of god

    • Leo Messi


      • H1ghRoll3r57 .

        Yeah, really! >:(
        Not everyone read/wanted to know upcoming spoilers thru recent scans but alright dope as hell!

    • Zlatko

      where did you read the facts till episode 42? ik only know what will happen till epsiode 40. just what you said. someone stepps the ring( maybe real Monaka? ) and then the episode ends( hit defeated and champa wants to destroy his fighters)

      • Zlatko

        It said btw the fight finaly come to a close. Doesn’t mean that both fighters end up losing.. but it must be because why would Champa destroy his fighters? He lost obivously..

    • Egg duck

      I hope its future trunks.

      • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

        May be, there has been speculation that Future Trunks will return. I wonder how Trunks would react.

        • Egg duck

          Yeah there is speculation, In Trunks Timeline i would assume there would be a Beerus and a Champa, but because there is no Goku or any of the other Z fighters, i just wonder why Future Trunks would go to the present timeline to begin with? To stop Champa? it doesn’t really make any sense to me, so i change my ‘I Bet’ to “I hope”, i just wanna see how strong Trunks has become.

          • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

            Hmm yeah. I don’t think Future Trunks will return though, right now anyway.

          • no name no game

            i think trunks will warn them that champa will destroy the universe with his rage

          • no name no game

            because in the descriptions of the next episodes it says that the guy will stop champa i think


    vegeta is trying to surpass goku and he fail another time and behind goku’s super kaioken

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      I thought they were friends at the end of the Buu saga.

      • mosdra

        they are and they are rivals

        • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

          So a friendly rivalry?

          • mosdra

            yes i think i was hinted at

          • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

            Oh OK, thanks.

    • Sleepy Champuru

      Yeah, it was like Vegeta completely forgot about Goku’s trump card.

  • Richvrd . Hxrnvndxz

    FAM. Where Tf was kao ken super saiyan 1 2 and 3????

    • http://google.com 月野 うさぎ 。 • 美少女戦士セーラームーン

      I don’t think SS forms will be used anymore.

    • Sūpā Saiyajin Goddo

      Did you not watch the episode? He said using it in normal Sayajin mode would be too rough on the body, but SSB form finally allows him to use it because of a calm mind and controlled KI.

      • Sleepy Champuru

        lol it was like they weren’t paying attention at all. lmao.

    • PistolPullerPikachu

      Exactly. Dis the same shit i been saying. dbz always do dumb shit.
      Ive been thinking this for years why didnt they make goku use kaioken during being super saiyan.
      And its only now they decide to bring it smh.

      • EastKing

        You stupid bruh. You must be 21.

      • Paweł Opalczewski

        Watch episode with subtitles you freaking idiot then you will understand

    • Ekant Chawla

      Elder kai stated it why…

      The reason is that Kio ken uses too much stamina and will reduce the duration of other transformations….

    • Ross Petersen

      There was a brief Super-Saiyan kaio-ken in DBZ: Goku vs Pikkon

      • spaceballsy

        that’s only because he was dead and didnt need to worry about his body being torn apart.

  • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

    720p And 1080p is processing.

    • http://paradigm-bastion.enjin.com/ Lifted

      Thanks so much for the quick ups and fantastic quality! Loving this show so much and you bring it in the best way!

  • Mdot2158

    Omg the way that it ended. This was the best. Can’t wait till next week

  • Ichi-nii

    This episode was banana’s!! I screamed like a school girl when Goku used the Kaio-Ken, I freaking love that technique lol.

    • Kevin Martinez

      What’s new about it? The kaio- Ken itself or the force of it? Which is 10x stronger than a regular one ?

      • Joshua Sumer

        What’s new is using kaio-ken in SSG

        • Kevin Martinez

          Got cha! Thank you!

  • Kim Bens

    for the first time i felt Dragon ball back (this was original) and the commentary from berus-weis-vados-piccolo-vegeta made it as if we were back to these moments we all liked

    • Mags28

      The best thing about this is that it won’t take 3 whole episodes for us to see the kaio-ken X10!

      • Aldain Griffiths

        i know right he went straight for it…Goku may actually be somewhat smarter

      • B Wayne


    • Enmanuel Marte Pujols


    • Billy Takahashi

      Yeap you got it . Fuck off gt lolz .

    • James Wiliams

      Dragon Ball Super 2015– Full Movie

      movie online====>> BIT.LY/1SAkDeU

      clink blue link====>> BIT.LY/1SAkDeU

    • B Wayne

      for real, I love vegeta but its only natural for goku to be that much stronger

  • Zenexo

    Damn, this episode was really good. But the animation and art looks so bad for the next episode. Dammit, Super. Just be consistent for once.

    • Kim Bens

      do you think the art work of DBZ/DBZ Kai …. is better even though it was older than DBZ Super ? because i do

      • Zenexo

        it’s beyond better. But DBZ had some really bad animated and drawn episodes. Not as often as this though. It’s 2016, there’s no excuse for it now cause DB is so popular it deserves the best of the best.

  • Kevin Martinez

    Did anyone else go ape shit when Goku blasted that Kaio-Ken 10X ????????????????????????????????????????

    • http://handoncloud.com Matthew Returns

      I can’t remember k

      • Kevin Martinez

        I’ll take that as a yes ????????

      • Anwar Abadi


    • n1nj4

      heck yay bra

    • Kashif Mugil

      that is the reason i used to watch dragon ball z for the moments like that

      • Alex Bateman

        The nostalgia man, just flowed through my body and made me almost cry

    • GuiltyCrow65

      it was amazin

    • Joshua Crain

      I was expecting ss3 God but I was pleasantly surprised with this

      • B Wayne

        Same here, so glad they did that though havnt seen kaio-ken in so long i forgot about it and explained very well why he never used. this made the whole saga come together

    • Billy Takahashi


    • jack

      yeah total nostalgia boner lol. Except back in the old days he would have the conversation before he did kaio ken and not after during the limited time hes is using it

    • Celtic fag

      Nice pun there

  • Kevin Martinez

    Can someone please list me all the transformations from 1st to last please? Kinda confused. So the super saiyan blue gave him the ability of this new, “kaio-ken” ?

    • sami op

      Kaioken was taught to goku a long time ago actually he can apply it to any move, gokus first ever transformation was his ozaruu form but he cant use that anymore then you have from first to last super sayin, supersayin 2, super sayin 3, supersayin god, super sayin blue
      And remember that kaioken can be added to all of these and its a fairly old technique it was introduced at the beginning of dragonball z

      • Kevin Martinez

        So although it’s an old technique , it’s still very effective and powerful right? What’s after super saiyan blue?

        • http://paradigm-bastion.enjin.com/ Lifted

          well my guess is the “Super Saiyan God” that Beerus spoke of us in his prophecy. The Super Saiyan God transformation i dont feel is “complete” since it required drawing on the power of others saiyans. During the fight with Beerus, Beerus tells him that even though the “God” part had left he was still fighting at that level. My guess is it unlocked more potential in Goku and eventually he will be able to reach that plateau. His drive to improve, his strongest trait, is godly in itself and i think that Beerus sees that and thus they are grooming him.

        • sami op

          Well not exactly lets say goku used the kaioken×10 when he could only go super sayin 3 it would only multiple his strength by 10 times more from that form but lets say he uses kaioken×10 in supersayin blue then it multuplys his current power in that form by 10×

    • sami op

      I recommend you watch dragon ball kai it has a english dub if you look it up as dragin ball z kai byt what it is is a shorter more to the point version of dragon ball z it skips all the filler, thats what i would do if i was really cut short on time but if you have a lot of time kn your hands watch dragon ball z, if you watch either kne you will have a way better understanding of dragon ball super

  • Kevin Martinez

    The moment this weeks episode ended and you already got a countdown for next weeks episode ????????????

  • Vegasss


  • Kirito_kun


    • Egg duck

      That would be really cool but it would clash with Trunks hair.

      • Simon

        Trunks is the true ssgss Kao Ken

  • rahul singh

    damn now have to wait 1 more week. really cant wait lol

  • H1ghRoll3r57 .

    Well that was a nice 3am surprise! One of the best episodes yet by far and lookin forward to next few! Well Done Akira Toriyama! =) <3

  • Onepiece4ever

    Since the fight of Vegeta and Cabbe, Dragon ball super is becoming amazing and this episode was by far the best, that ending was crazy

  • Hacker

    a whole fucking awseome episode loved it a new transformation FUCKK…..

  • Лука Паушак

    Holy shit goku!

  • Simon

    I’m I the only one that couldn’t stop smiling when Goku transformed

  • paul jones

    goku really lost

  • Giancarla Lorenzo-Dingle

    Dragon Ball is BACK!

  • Aizan Hasiman

    Goku’s Super Deadly Attack is to use instant transmission while in attack form.he cant defeat anyone because they cant see his attack. why not improve instant transmission? he can go anywhere at any time ! and the worst part is to use ENERGY BALL then after charging up Instant transmission ez kill beerus and whis. and he can caught enemy off guard!

  • Dbzfan4life

    Kaio-ken times 10 kamehameha in blue form should have obliterated Hit and half the universe._. But no Hit just casually blocks that shit without breaking as much as finger nail. Had me up shadow boxing for a bit with this ep! Bring on ep 40!!!!!

    • Nigami

      why would he blast him at full power XD?

      • Dbzfan4life

        Still should have done some damage tho. Even if its not full powerish, like a bit battle ware n tear on Hit’s fancy coat or lose a shoe at lest.

        • Nigami

          with his ability he probably nullified it, also dude time leaped anyways so it didn’t even touch him lol

    • One Punt Man

      well, if he used a full power blast he would kill hit.
      you get disqualified if you kill someone

      • TREKKZ


  • steve

    I wonder how long goku will be in the bed after this fight.

  • emille mcmillan

    Well goku has officially surpassed vegeta once again

    • Arya Rouzati

      They can’t leave vegeta in the dark for too long though. i’m sure that vegeta will also find a way to surpass goku somehow. possibly by bringing out his latent majin powers or something like that. Imagine if he could utilize the majin form on his own with ssjb

      • emille mcmillan

        Nahh bobidi is dead

      • One Punt Man

        who knows, he may ascend to super saiyan god super saiyan 2.
        that’d be dope

      • LegendaryVegeta

        that would be ultimately awesome and…. legendary
        (do you get the reference)

      • Matthew Minnich

        that would be awesome, but i doubt he would retain the majin power for that long, though, if he did… I MIGHT DIE!!!

  • Alex Carrillo

    I feel like akira toriyama sat down the writers and illustrators and said “I’m sick of your faggoty little bullshit. Children, I’m about to teach you what dragon ball is really about.” And from that came this beautiful episode.

    • Alex Carrillo

      Not gonna lie this episode brought me back to the good days and I may have teared up

  • The Rock

    It;s dam fu**ing osm………………….

    • Hagemaru :P


  • Hagemaru :P

    want next episode as soon as possible…cannt wait

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    Had a feeling that Goku wouldn’t beat Hit even after using the Kaioken Kamehameha. Hit is truly legendary and stronger then Goku. Sticking with Goku getting desperate and having to double eliminate himself and Hit at the same time so that way Universe 7 wins. Instant transmission up next and Goku eliminates himself and Hit. That has been my theory I am sticking too.

  • Freddy D.

    Finally a descent fight!

  • Wonderkarp

    This Episode Showed that Dragon Ball can still Surprise us after so many years.

  • Muhd Zulhilmie

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaa 6 day from now! Can’t wait

  • n1nj4

    wow i can’t believe goku didn’t die from so many “hits” and it would be pretty ddope to see goku learn time-leap

  • Лука Паушак

    Now that both Vegeta and goku know blue transformation they can try Fusion at some point.

    • Gavin Strommer

      Beerus-*heavy breathing*

  • Ashutosh Tripathi

    dragon ball forever…

  • AugustAPC

    First time in the entire series that I felt a shred of the spirit of the DBZ. Combining a transformation with Kaioken was pretty neat. Still think SSJ Blue is lame as fuck.
    Anyway, shouldn’t Goku be like… way fucking stronger than Beerus now? Beerus said he was fighting at 70% against SSJG Goku and SSJB Goku is stronger than that… now his power is multiplied by 10… Beerus shouldn’t be anywhere near that.

    • Tryggr

      SSJ Blue is lame as fuck.

      • AugustAPC

        I know.

        • Tryggr

          The series should’ve went further into the Saiyan/Warrior race like SSJ 4 or something better instead of giving us this bullshit.

          • AugustAPC

            The series should have taken the time to actually write for characters other than Vegeta and Goku. I mean, the writing for Vegeta isn’t even good… they pretty much ignored all of his development throughout DBZ and put him on par with Goku for the sake of appeasing fanboys.
            But worse than that is the handling of characters like Gohan and Buu. Gohan just ignores his training despite the fact that he’s had to fight for his planet his entire life. Brilliant. Oh… and why can’t Buu do anything? He’s asleep.
            It’s a fucking joke. It’s like they don’t care at all… and fans still eat it up.

          • Mukul Shende

            It’s not that buu,this one is the kami part of that buu who was kind hearted and lazy I guess

      • queso


    • euphemision

      You missed where Beerus looked scared and Whis looked concerned?..

    • aaassaeer .

      Well, SSJB is just SSJ1 with unlocked god ability (suppress your Ki during a fight), doesn’t mean it is more powerful than the original SSJG that Goku used against Beerus. But yes, Goku with Kaioken in SSJB is definitely powerful than Beerus i suppose but its limited, the only drawback.

      • AugustAPC

        SSJB’s foundation is SSJG, which is the stupidest transformation in the history of DBZ transformation. They should have called it “Ring Around the Rose Super Saiyan”, since that’s essentially what they did to achieve it.


    Hit is my favorite character now.

  • GregD474

    So i guess Hit wins next episode…..

  • Ab

    I thought the animation would have improved by now…

  • Sylfia Eden

    Next Chapter Goku got defeated by hit and earth now, probably next chapter will be in universe 6 goku train with hit and gain new SSGSS 3 mode

  • Christian Paley

    This was the best show since the movie!!!!!

  • Aldain Griffiths

    sobs,,,sobs…It didn’t take 5 episodes for him to get that strong….sobs..thank you..thank you…

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    Hmmmm. I find it interesting that the subs are different from gogoanime. I mean some of it kinda changes the feel of the fight completely. I watched it there first analyzed it and now watching it here its just different. I feel like these subs are just off.

  • Train Thumakorn Liberated

    I hope that Goku and Vegeta could learn 0.5 sec time leap technique from hit.

    They will have mini effect of Star platinum from Jojo serie and become almost unbeatable.

  • Meilssa Bema

    wow cant wait to see what’s next

  • JackMondelez

    Damn i feel like im watching another fight scene of jojo vs dio.

  • Caitlyn rapper

    lol tbh this is like one of the best episodes of dbz so far and ive watched it all

  • steve

    I wonder how long Goku will be in the bed after this fight.

  • Mező Ádám

    SO FUCKING AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cerko

    Prediction: goku gets takes the full force of Hits final blow, falls then.. then last minute instant transmission and kaio-ken X 100! He went 100 when he faced freza sama back in Z before the super saiyan transformation. Should be an exciting episode 40. Either way it plays out, Son goku always has an ace up his sleeve.

  • Cerko

    kaio-ken X 100 instant transmission will be a worthy end to this intense battle!

  • Guyver01


  • RAF

    I knew that goku was gonna use kioken the moment he said “if it fails,itll gonna completely mess up my body”. And when he said KIO KEN, I was like:

  • kd sw

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  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

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  • BobbytheFlash

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