Dragon Ball Super episode 38 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 38 : “Here’s Universe 6’s Final Warrior: Hit, Mightiest of Men!”


  • Cabba

    First Comment

    • SavageBOY

      to get beaten by vegeta good luck XD

  • whenduelingisn’tenough

    big nipples for the win

    • zakgokuvegeta

      Never will big rubbish do anything

      • whenduelingisn’tenough

        u must believe in big nipples, feel the big nipples, be the big nipples then they will

        • Sachin Gowda


    • Steve Bakewell

      I believe in Cr1TiKaL’s nipples!

    • Egg duck

      I already know who wins

      • Young Metro

        Who is gonna win????

        • Alex Teare

          goku kioken

          • Egg duck

            Yup but then Champa goes mad and tries to kill Everyone, but there is a mystery fighter that steps in and stops him, i hope its future trunks

          • darwin

            LOL please tell me how future trunks is gonna stop champa

          • no name no game

            it’s going to be king kai

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeMax1y6T3ACLoJ7Tnad5vA/feed Inertia Cinema

            retard its not trunks its supreme ruler

          • Kartikeya Gupta

            Did u forget about gohan . he is missing even in the audiences.

          • Egg duck

            No? Gohan is on Earth remember? plus if Gohan did some how travel trillions of light years to the tournament, i don’t really see how he could stop Champa lol.

    • Vincent Gnanaraj

      respect ponta plz

      • Shoumik


        • Vincent Gnanaraj

          im monaka fan

    • Lord Frieza

      i was rubbing my mouse on his nipples lol

    • Shabani Weird


  • zakgokuvegeta

    Vegeta and goku will win the fight they both are the true super saiyans and both have super saiyan god

  • Superman4Life

    Big nipples is a fake out so Vegeta and goku would try harder to get better.

  • Atanas Stoilov

    goku and vegeta are best in berrus’s team

  • Atanas Stoilov

    vegito will crush them all if its allowed fusion

    • Zalyn A Lightning

      it’s not unless they started out that way and it would only count as 4 fighters not 5 so it wouldn’t be a qualifying team

  • Abhimanyu

    i really think that hit is going to win the tournament..after that when he wins the cube he will start finding the seventh dragon ball..and in between both goku and vegeta will get stronger to beat him.

    • breezy swaqqa

      That isn’t what happens but I’m not going to spoil anything

      • Abhimanyu

        Plz mail me the story..plz I am exited..it will not spoil others exitment.. [email protected]

      • Blaise

        how do you find the story? I want to knoooww!!!

  • http://pornhub.com Umbrella Toasted

    universe 6 will win nerds

    • Cabba

      You’re will see, there universe 7 is win.

    • Zenexo

      nah, I read synopsis for the next few eps. Goku beats Hit.

      • gfgf

        Thanks for spoiling.

  • Uday Kiran Goud

    Well goku is more stronger than vegeta.. i think big nipple is like a joker in game of cards. Lord beerus is bluffing.

    • Zalyn A Lightning

      you can’t even type right xD and no I believe goku loses to

      • Cabba

        You’re will see he win

      • Ericck Garccia

        Your grammar is shit too. There is no room for you to make fun of him ????. Your grammar is more or less as bad as his. You

  • Choudhary Hamza

    ware is ep 38 dbs

  • Choudhary Hamza

    pleace tell me

  • zakgokuvegeta

    I think is time for goku and vegeta to fusion and show hit where he belongs or whose the champ

    • Handsome

      no need fusion to fight against hit

    • salindy13

      Fusion isn’t allowed in the tournament.

  • Cabba

    Goku is going to win tournament guys

  • Serge F. De Guzman

    or maybe big nipples will destroy all with 1 punch

    • Cabba

      trust me he weak for nothing.

  • Wilson Intha

    fuck you with your fake episode, don’t put the title as episode 38 If it’s not even the episode but the preview that everyone saw a week ago already!!! Damn you are giving us false hopes.

  • Caleb Macdonnell

    Here’s this week’s theory: Hit is just too powerful for Vegeta. He will dominate him with his muscular purple muslim physique and crystal meth galaxy attack. Goku will put up a good fight and almost take out Hit, leaving Monaka to finish him off. But as previously stated, Hit and Monaka fall in love and leave to live among the stars. After Majin Buu has destroyed everyone (including Broly (aka Gohan)), the new “Majin Buu Saga” (a new seres) begins, with the first episode being Majin Buu trying to track down his childhood sweetheart, Janemba.

    • Caleb Macdonnell

      Fun fact: Majin Buu’s favourite Janemba form is his first.

      • Turiaki

        You made my day dude!

        • Caleb Macdonnell

          Thanks! Means a lot to be appreciated

    • Cabba

      wrong there no way can do this

      • Caleb Macdonnell

        You got rekked by Vegeta who uses pasta to fight so shut up m8

        • Cabba

          Caleb, goku is going to beat hitto.

          Trust me

          [Watching 38-40]

          See told ya you will see.

          • Caleb Macdonnell

            I am aware of this I just want to provide entertainment don’t be so serious

          • Cabba

            I’m serious

          • hugerocstarDollar585


          • Caleb Macdonnell

            That’s why you’re the worst character

          • Dan Johnson (aka Hit’s Butler)

            A lot of people have seen the spoilers my saiyan comrade we know that Goku is going to kaioken the shit out of hit.

          • Cabba

            Yeah, keep secret.

          • Cabba

            Honestly, I did prediction then later I check spoiler, I finally right.

          • Young Metro

            Hopefully, Goku doesn’t win.

          • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

            he has to win or they lose Earth to Champa

          • Cabba

            I can not tell you, but you will see.

    • Hammad

      Liar monoca is just a spam he was brought up by beerus and said that he is strong to motivate goku and vegeta

      • Caleb Macdonnell

        I am aware of this I just want to provide entertainment don’t be so serious like Cabba

    • Shayan Asif

      “muscular purple muslim physique”
      I’m muslim and this made me laugh

      • Caleb Macdonnell

        Thanks that’s what I’m here to do 😀

      • Casey Jones

        Muslims are terrorists

        • Casey Jones

          So it makes perfect sense

          • some guy

            KRILLIN my friend don’t answer such a ( gay ) cause he doesn’t deserve to answer him 😀 😀

        • KRILLIN

          you are terrorist f**** sh****

        • Chatterjee Aniket

          and what are you? A racist?

          • Hunter

            Last I checked Muslim isn’t a race.

        • Ryinshin Engreso

          Im a christian and I would love to tell my muslim friends to execute you for being so disrespectful to them. You are out of your mind.

        • ground beef


    • Abdulrahem Mohamud


      • Caleb Macdonnell


    • Turiaki

      I wonder what Majin Buu and fat Janemba’s kid would look like.

      • Caleb Macdonnell

        God himself

    • Sora

      Broly aka Gohan? rip my life <3

      • Caleb Macdonnell

        Haha yes! Check out my theory in the comments of episode 37 for the details of why this is so 😛

    • Justin Cassard

      And then everyone rides on a rainbow to the sunset

  • Choudhary Hamza

    finly 2 har mor

  • Hit

    Hello there

    • Caleb Macdonnell

      Hello there you buff specimen

    • Cabba



      • Mustufa Bhavnagarwala


        • Cabba

          and i muslim

      • Ayush deshmukh

        What if the Namekians created their dragon balls by carving out from the seventh superdragonball? no super wish… D:

        • Cabba

          D: And i wonder if there any strongest than vados and whip?

    • Cabba


  • 1ny0f4c3

    2 min left!!!!!

  • Rock Lee

    This makes me moist

  • Gabriel Van Middelkoop

    where is the dragonball super episode?

  • Holy Genie

    Holy Genie [ Officially Cleared To Appear ] Dragon Ball Super Ep 44 , Results Recuited From Cherokee Irish [ Universe 2 ] [

    [ – Holy Genie- ] ]

  • Brandon Leaton

    I dont see these subs….

  • Gabriel Van Middelkoop

    it should be live now right?

  • Jayen Kumar

    When will it be up?

  • Jayen Kumar

    Every time the video is never up by the end of the countdown, so why can’t they just change the countdown to end in the morning and then post it early if they can

  • Handsome

    I hope U6 win because there will be so many saga to ended dragon ball super and so much episode too

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      **Spoilers** Unfortunately that won’t happen. Universe 6 losses going into the next Arc. A mystery person appears in the ring in episode 40.

  • A.A

    Majin Buu would Rek Hit,Turn his ass into candy 😛

    • Steve Bakewell

      Buu is retarded… he could lose to anyone by ringout.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        I think Goku and Hit get double eliminated this way leaving one fighter left for Universe 7 so they win by default. Write it in the books.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Well Buu doesn’t have any vital points lol.

      • A.A

        Just like Goku,Can’t Buu just Block Hit’s Attacks? Since Buu Regenerates Parts of His body From Weak and Heavy hits.

      • A.A

        He can also Multiply into small Buu’s Witch would be a good way to black Hits Time leap.

      • A.A


  • Kyle Smith

    This was episode 5-tier animation…

    • boneyboyx

      No. No it wasn’t. Lol. Go watch episode 5 again then watch this. Way more frames here, much better art here. This was actually one of the best animated episode this whole show. I’m worried their gonna go in quality of animation next episode though…

    • Christopher Carnell

      Try viewing it in higher resolution. For me it was automatically at 480 at the start.

  • MathMan

    gg izi, report for feeding

  • PercMastaFTW

    How does base form Goku take Hit’s attacks so much better than Vegeta in God form?…

    • MathMan

      The trick is the skills, not the strength. I’m assuming hit was using Vegeta’s own strength against hi. So Goku fighting in his normal mode is just as effective.

      • PercMastaFTW

        But if it was just as effective, he should have felt the same amount of pain and flinched just as much…

    • Tommy Try hard

      Plus vegeta must’ve been tired from all the fighting he has done also SAY SPOILER ALERT

      • boneyboyx

        Spoiler for what? This is the comments section for the actual episode. If you can talk current events on the current episode video where can you talk about them?…

    • boneyboyx

      Goku found out after vegeta fight that Hit uses a technique that lets him skip ahead in time by 0.1 second. Using this he tested out his moves and through what seems to be pure fighting instinct and luck he can predict where he will com from next

      • PercMastaFTW

        Yeah, but he still got hit by Hit and didn’t flinch as much before he learned Hit’s technique.

    • twirk313

      even though vegeta may be stronger than hit maintaining blue form costs a lot of stamina and since he can’t counter his opponents attacks to his vitals it costs him more energy to maintain than regular form.

      • PercMastaFTW

        But that makes no sense…. Why even power up to SSB in the first place if you’re going to hurt MORE when hit by the same attack??? That is contradictory to what SSJ is supposed to do.

        • Juancarlos

          vegeta’s stamina was already taxed after the fight with Magetta so his recovery wasn’t as great also SSB form takes stamina as well so his recovery was at a double disadvantage compared to Goku and Vegata was coming at HIT with more momentum. Goku was merely attacking to test HIT.

          • Juancarlos

            also Vegeta was hit hard multiple times and then HIT performed a Nasty combo on him. not so for Goku…

          • PercMastaFTW

            The first hit to vegeta knocked him on his ass in disbelief from a tap on the lip. Goku gets kneed in the stomach and laughs it off.

          • PercMastaFTW

            Again, why would he go to SSB if it’s just going to make him weaker?

            And Goku WAS testing him, but Hit still punched and kicked him with the same power as vs Vegeta. Goku’s “tests” have no bearing on Hit’s counters.

        • twirk313

          think of it this way if bulma kick vegeta in his balls in ssb mode do you think he will feel it any differently than if he was in normal mode?

        • twirk313

          it’s like bane in batman yeah he’s super strong but if you know where to hit him and take out his vitals what good is all that muscle if you can’t use it.

          think of it this way in reality you can be the strongest man in the world but one small cut to any of our veins and we are dead you can underestimate a child but if he knows how to kill you would you since you’re stronger?

        • twirk

          goki decided to see how strong hit hits are to his vitals so when he powered up he knew what to expect from them so he wouldn’t waste any unnecessary stamina or energy when defending or attacking. a hit to your vitals bypasses all your defences that why goku didn’t set up his defences yet so he knew what to expect when it happened in that form unlike vegeta who just kept getting mad and wasn’t calm. this is somewhat proven at the end when his body went crazy but that could mainly be blamed on kaio-ken and not the intense fight they had.

    • Christopher Carnell

      Remember! Vegeta has also been fighting other opponents this whole time and he isn’t a regenerater. Thankfully though neither is Hit. He’s been weakened from his other battles, so he will be taking more damage.

      • Freddy D.

        I doubt hit will be exhausted from the fight with vegeta. He didnt even try to fight him seriously lol

      • PercMastaFTW

        But base form is not even close to super saiyan. Super Saiyan is 50 times base power, while super saiyan 3 is 400 times base power… SSB should be 1600-3200 times stronger than base form.

        Vegeta never even went above SSJ in the previous fights. There’s no reason why a form that gives you 1600x strength than base form would be devastated by a flick vs a knee + other hits 1600x weaker.

        Which is exactly why in previous DBZ episodes when they’d take hits to the face without flinching in higher forms, and were getting slaughtered in lower forms.

  • Christian Paley

    Where are the subb titles?

    • DragonBallSAO

      Gotta wait 8 hours

  • Adi Pratama

    hit can read minds

  • Feroz Md

    when will the next manga chapter 11 release ?

  • Uday Kiran Goud

    Subs plz..

  • Kotaro Seta

    Are the english subs out yet?

  • Hammad

    Where are the subs

  • demonic shooter (Demonic shoot

    Im not getting sub titles where they at though

  • dan

    Thanks, but the deceptive ads on your site have made me go elsewhere to view dbs. I mean really….give it a rest dumbness

    • Ryaku Hitachi

      If you don’t like ads, use Adblock or Adblock Plus. Both are free. However, some sites disable everything until you turn it off. If you enjoy the site, you can enable non-intrusive ads that don’t pop in your face and still support sites that you visit.

  • jawad_jade767

    Fuckk! Wer is the English sub! ??

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    Subs are out guys. They load the video raw then add the Subs. Relax be patient its Dragon Ball Super. Give it a watch unsubbed enjoy it and then watch again with subs. I did it and totally worth it.

    • Israel Alves

      where can u watch the unsubbed episodes at?

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        Guess if you google Raw episodes should come up.

  • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

    480p, 720p and 1080p is processing.

    • joey

      thanks for doing this,,, when will episode 38 be up ?

  • boneyboyx

    So basically Hit is a 1000 year old assassin with a 100% hit rate who can skip 0.1 seconds through time. Goku seems to be predicting his moves through pure fighting instinct and luck. Time manipulation is a crime but Jaco won’t do anything because he doesn’t wanna die lol. Monaka isn’t that strong, Beerus lied about him being stronger to energize goku and vegeta to work harder and piccolo heard this taking the piss out of beerus for it.

    • The Fallen Prince

      Jaco can’tdo anything Hit is from a different verse


    Spoiler: Goku turns SSGSS 2 or SSGSS 3

    • http://www.true-gaming.net/home/ Waleed El-Mhamal

      its called super saiyan blue not ssgss

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        Even though Toriyama revealed that in the recent interview you will forever have people say SSGSS

        • Sleepy Champuru

          The terms are interchangeable. A lot fans like the ridiculousness of saying SSGSS

      • BRZYBAPE

        Then it was called so. I prefer the SSGSS

  • Sylend

    Ah come on! Super Saiyan Red was able to fight Beerus. Beerus didn’t fought on full power but SSJ Blue should give him some trouble. They way Hit is fighting Vegeta, he should be as strong as Beerus. AND Goku isn’t that much stronger then Vegeta. He can’t possibly win this match…

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Abilities > Fighting Power or God Ki always. If you have the right abilities you can take down the strongest fighter if they have no counter. Hence Hit going after vital points with precise attacks skipping time. These aren’t fights anymore where Power Levels mean you win. They got away from that a long time ago.

      • Juancarlos

        that is partially true as when cabba hit vegeta in the head. Vegeta started to increase his power and Cabba couldn’t even hurt him no matter the technique. Power is still extremely relevant. Hit is just powerful I mean he is a 1000 yrs old so imagine the kind of power Goku would have it he could live that long.

      • Sylend

        Watched the new episode already? “No about power levels” my ass 😛

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

          Always Abilities > Fighting Power nothing has changed nor will it.

  • ashwin yadav


    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Yea called the Kaioken attack in Super Saiyan Blue Form. Not new but hasn’t used it in a long time.

      • ashwin yadav

        yep that might happern

  • ashwin yadav


  • ashwin yadav


    • Christopher Carnell

      That’s kind of the point. Someone sacrifices themselves so an ally can learn from it and take the win.

      • ashwin yadav


  • Slipknot [RUAP]

    Goku Balls. This is so fucked up. Vegeta cant land on punch in ssb and goku can hit him in basic form, and he takes the punches from hit like nothing never saw such bullshit. And yeah of course he learnd the ssb2 while vegeta didnt, and even didnt recognized that goku learnd the new form LOL. Go on Toriyama and fuck Goku in his Asshole

    • LegendaryVegeta

      agreed except for the last sentence its a bit too far

    • Christopher Carnell

      Vegeta has been hurt several times from his other fights. He doesn’t magically recover after every fight, so he’ll be getting hurt more easily.

    • ArkDragoon

      Goku has been getting his ass handed to him this entire series. It’s about time he got some real action in the show, and actually won something. Besides, Vegeta carried the tournament thus far. He won 3 freakin matches, and did a damn good job at it! So I don’t get what everyone’s problem is. It’s only natural that Goku will eventually take the spotlight because this is his series. Just like Naruto eventually gets the spotlight in his series, or how Luffy gets the spot in One Piece.

      Goku has always found ways to overcome his opponents. It’s a part of Dragon Ball, and it will continue to be that way. Besides, what happened here does have an explanation. Goku has always been a fighting genius. He’s always been better than Vegeta when it comes to combat and strategising, and Vegeta always let’s his pride get in the way. You could see that in this episode. Goku on the other hand tests his opponents, and watches their movements. On top of that, he watched Vegeta fight first, there’s that too. It’s not unexpected that Goku would find a way to battle Hit like this. Goku has also been proven to have more durability than Vegeta, even in base form. He’s always been a tank. More to the point, Vegeta had just fought THREE matches in a row, and he took quite a bit of punishment in the third match. Goku stated that SSB takes a lot of stamina. So top of fighting 3 matches, Vegeta had transformed TWICE. He was drained man.

      It’s best to let this kinda stuff go, and enjoy the show. I for one am hyped to see what Goku does next. This show is first and foremost about Goku, so in the end, he will always be the hero, even if he loses. Besides, him being the hero all the time isn’t really a problem. It’s about how the writers go about presenting him as the hero.

      Lastly, Goku wasn’t SSB2. His bangs were still SSJ shaped.

      • mwende

        Very well said!!!

      • Dee Tha Barber

        people forget the fact that Goku gets stronger after every fight he wins or loses

  • emille mcmillan

    I wonder what’s goku new technique a ssjgssj2.0 lol

  • A.A

    I wonder What saga is Next after this Saga is finished.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    **Spoilers*** My prediction we all know Hit grows stronger since his Tokitobashi (time skip) technique isn’t working. Goku then pulls out his ace the Kaioken technique. We haven’t seen it in awhile maybe cause he couldn’t control it in Super Saiyan Blue form. He unleashes a Kamehameha and either wins. Or both of them are Double eliminated leaving 1 fighter left and Universe 7 wins by Default. Don’t want to go to far and ruin it. If you want more I have the 38-40 episode discussion on my channel

    • Shayan Asif

      universe 7 will win tho

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        Yes they will. I think by default Goku and Hit eliminate each other.

  • Egg duck

    Thanks for the fast Subbs!

  • Hector Mata

    Goku wins by using kao ken (however it’s spelled) x100 in his God form and beats hit.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      You know that is one thing I didn’t like about the Technique Kaioken. When it first came out it was like you used it but it burned up your own body if you did 2 or 3 and when he finally did Kaioken x4 vs Vegeta it was Epic but trashed Goku in the process. It should of stopped there or had some limit placed on it so it has more meaning.

      • Ultimate N

        its a god type move so its makes sense he is fusing it with ssb

  • Farhan Mirza

    wait… Didnt guldo from ginyu force had time powers also? If i remember he could stop time as long he can held his breath is still longer than hit.

    Goku new technique ssj blue 2 by look at prewiew.

    • Egg duck

      Looks like he also changed color completely. even his clothes

      • Monteiro

        This is Goku in the time dimension created by Hitto, the same technique that caught Frost when he was trying to escape.

        • Egg duck

          Ah really, Thanks for clearing that up, i was wondering why his clothes are not red anymore

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

      kaio ken

  • Ultimate N

    monaka is a fucking piece of shit but good episode


      FOR REAL!

  • Sleepy Champuru

    yes. finally were back to techniques over transformations.

  • Afshin Kiyaninasab

    Did everyone just forget about Guldo from the former Ginyu force?

  • Freddy D.

    Now the fight gets interesting! I cant wait!

  • Raviprakash Thakkar

    I predict Goku will transform into Super Saiyan God 2, like Super Saiyan 2

  • Young Metro

    I hate how Goku is always ahead of Vegeta. It’s like we always know that Goku will be the hero. They should give Vegeta or anyone else but Goku to be the hero, but Vegetabis preferred.

    • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

      Gohan has played the hero so has Vegeta but Goku is the main antagonist he’s been for like 30years if you haven’t liked that all this time you really shouldn’t be wasting your life. It’s like hoping Ash finally wins real league or becomes pokemon Champion. It’s just not happening

      • aidan

        protagonist. goku is the protagonist. antagonist = bad guy

        • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

          yeah i was half sleep when i wrote that lol sorry


    Goku will surrenders to watch the power of monaka the universe 7 will lose

    • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

      they would lose Earth to Champa and Universe 7 and Beerus would destroy half of everything so No!!

      • KRILLIN

        you will be see

        • Egg duck

          Its already been confirmed that Goku wins

          • KRILLIN

            I think Goku can beat hit but will be handed over because he wants to see the power of monaka

          • Egg duck

            That’s what i was thinking, Goku being Goku lately he would want to see Monakas power.

        • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

          I won’t because it’s not going to happen

  • mjames

    it already is @@disqus_tTkIpMmsFJ:disqus

  • mjames


  • Lord Supreme

    Vegeta is like so mad he is always the guinea pig lol

  • Egg duck

    I thought i’d never see blood in DBS, it was the only thing missing, now its complete and i love DBS

  • Ezra Samuel

    Goku will defeat hit.

  • Diontay

    next sunday omg come on

  • Zacharia

    yung sonic

  • Vincent Hammons

    goku is a better fighter then vegeta he is a pure genius, and people who said goku was weaker are dead wrong

  • Winston Rod S. Fernandez

    we all know who will win its just fun to watch 😀 .. freaking nipples 😀

  • Syr Batata Druhý

    I do not get it!!! How is the ability of HIT soooo damn special and how could Whis be so suprised, that he is not the only one who could manipulate time, when there was GULDO of the freeza army in the past?!?! He could stop time for several seconds,, to be precise he could stop time as long as he was holding his breath!! 🙂 So WTF?? 😀

  • SaiyanSenju

    Here we go, back to Goku getting all the new forms and winning all major matches and Vegeta becoming the side bitch. Prick Toriyama.

  • EnisZ

    i cant wait for the next episode ty db time for translating this to us 😀

  • Tho Athome

    how is the intro and outro has much better animation drawn than the actual animation? LOL this is not cool at all…
    were they drawn by two different studio/animators?

  • Daniel Petrigala

    I guess it makes sense Goku would get a new move. Vegeta has the final flash and the Galick gun. Goku has the kamehameha only because Kaio ken puts his body at a risk greater than SSJ and spirit bomb takes 5 minutes to preform

  • Yousouf

    It got leaked like 5 days ago that Goku beats Hit. He combines the kaioken with ssgss and fires a kamehameha to beat Hit. Then Champagne wants to kill the universe six members. At first people thought that Monaka would step up to him but he is a weakling so we don’t know

  • Kashif Mugil

    just watched all the episodes what day does the new episodes get uploaded

  • Steves Dspics

    That fight choreography was terrible. Vegeta’s facial reactions were abysmal. I cut this show a lot of slack early on because I wouldn’t give it 100% when it comes to animating rehashed shit from the movies either, but this is just sad. Sad for the people that have wanted a continuation for the last 10-15 years, and you can’t blame the animators because you know they have the budget with a series like Dragonball. It’s the time constraints that are killing this series. Skip a week if you need to, and skip a week without making a filler episode. Break the mold. We could have the action scenes we deserve. Kids attention spans aren’t that short, and the adults don’t care because we understand the process, and we’re the ones with the money to buy the merchandise anyway. This is coming from a fanboy. I can not condone the sub mediocrity of this series, as much as I’d like to defend it, this series is garbage.

  • RAF

    Textures of Animation is a little bit different than before and also i Like the fact that they are making new versatile endings 🙂 The only thing missing is more different soundtracks and bgms.

  • Kartikeya Gupta

    Can somebody tell me where is gohan.

  • Lord Frieza

    fear me

  • Straw Hat

    Now thats just insane, somethings just never change no mater what dragon ball we watch..

  • Lol

    Omni King

  • Waiua04

    I love vegeta but we gotta admit that goku is THE fuckin man. Leave it to kakarot to bring these “invincible” fighters back to ground level. Too good kakarot… Goku 4 president yall ‘piece!

  • Ignacio

    It seems that SS3 form has become useless, kind of bothers me :/

  • MrSaporito

    At first I was kinda let down that some random assassin was beating a technical “god” but, he’s the best assassin *in the whole universe* I mean, he was brought by their god of destruction so he has to be OP.

  • Frisman Armando

    I just fall in love to HIT! anyone has the action figured of him yet?

  • Threegale


  • TheUltimateSaiyan

    The Voices for the characters in the native language is ridiculous! Wth !!! I had to come here since the episodes beyond 37 aren’t dubbed yet!! And this sounds so awful!! Ruins the whole thing man ! 🙁 like Goku’s voice is effed up!!! I wish they either come up with better voices or please ffs get the dubbing done already. I just can’t stop myself from watching DBS and i can’t watch one of the best anime sound like this!!!

  • GamerMax MC5/UT

    Hit:You forgot to transform
    they fight…
    Goku:Im all out!
    Me:You forgot to transform

    if he is all out he has to transform!

  • Neil Lam

    I think goku’s losing because he yells before every attack