Dragon Ball Super episode 37 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 37 : “Don’t Forget your Saiyan Pride! Vegeta vs the Saiyan of Universe 6”


  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    Wait Cabba does have a Transformation now. They better write this in well since he said he has never seen Super Saiyan before. He better be angered like Gohan and transform unless he is actually evil like Frost and Univers 6 has tons of evil people so he hid his true power.

    • Benji

      i think he got angry. he was promised something from champa if he wins and he wants it (i dont know what but i think it was something for children if i remember correctly) so he must winand gets angry and transforms

      • Eastwind

        no, that was what frost was saying as part of his act

      • Cameron Kirwan

        Vegeta tells Cabe that if he loses or surrenders he will destroy his planet and murder his family. For real, he says this; to get Cabe angry enough to transform.

  • MrMrRubic

    SSJGSJJ?!? shits about to get real!

  • https://soundcloud.com/young-sonic-official Sonic (FRESH BEATS ON MY LINK)

    Goten and Trunks look more muscular than Cabba…

  • Aaon

    I imagine that Cabba has some god powers as well since he was able to par against base form Vegeta, who has retained the power of Super Saiyan God, otherwise he could have just gotten flicked :/ but Cabba was chosen by Vados so maybe Cabba is just stupidly strong with regular Ki and trained hard like Frieza did in Revival of F, but either way, cant wait til episode 37, just under a week left! Hold tight my fellow Db Super fans ;p

    • no name no game

      you’re right. no saiyan can be that strong without being a god!

  • Deth_pup

    gonna be an intense fight, i think Cabba will lose the fight though either that or we will see Monakas power after Akira lets Vegeta finally fall. then Monaka and Cabba then Monaka and Hit or Heat i forget which one, then Goku and Hit and as always Goku will take the win… bastard always has to out shine everyone. By the way, can Vegeta seriously still not go Super Saiyan 3…… he achieved ssjgssj so he might as well go ssj3 like it aint shit

    • g arcia

      Im pretty sure Monaka goes last

      • Mihaica Alexandru

        I bet that Monaka is useless…

    • Sleepy Champuru

      Vegeta is on that bruce lee status. Retain what is useful discard all that is not. He doesnt need ssj3. lol He’s like.. “Fuck it.. ” -god mode- Even when goku goes ssj3 now, hes just showcasing it or trying to sandbag his opponents to keep a fight entertaining because hes a nut

  • Messiah

    Lol when I saw Vegeta powering up I thought he was going ssg3

  • Sleepy Champuru

    I just thought about something.. Is Vegeta actually stimulating Cabba’s power growth exponentially? Its a battle where Cabba doesn’t die. Saiyans after a near death battle drastically increase in power depending on their opponent. If he is going up against a Saiyan God, what does that mean for Cabba AFTER the battle? Where will Cabba’s strength be at after Vegeta stimulates his strength growth from being SSGSS? Think about it, just a little bit of Vegeta tossing Cabba around has Cabba going ssj1.

    • YoYo

      It doesn’t depend on the opponent krillen blasted vegeta and he almost died but he got a lot stronger plus if that was the case zenkai boosts would’ve made everyone in the buu saga a lot stronger as well but it didn’t.

  • Sasuke


  • Sasuke

    OMG CABBA PUT UP A FIGHT AGIENST BASE VEGETA THEN CABBA GOES SSJ AND VEGETA STILL TO WEAK THAT HE NEEDS TO GO SSJGSSJ????????????I wonder who’s gonna win????????????????????❓❓❓❓❓⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️???????

    • Hammad

      Vegeta is easily going to win this after transforming to ssgss as the next episode is titled as”Here comes universe 6 final warrior! Hit mightiest of men

    • Jacob Dement

      Actually vegeta ssj was stronger than cabba’s ssj, he faked it to make it look like he was being injured

      • Theo

        You’re replying to a two day old comment.

  • Hoang Huy Tran

    Nah. I think Vegeta tries to show Cabba how strong a Saiyan can become since Saiyans in the U6 are relatively weak like the old Saiyans of U7

  • Sam R S

    yeah, cabba is a saiyan child (looks not more than 20), whose races had
    lived in peace for so many years (not like Goku’s races that always
    fight) and sudenly can transforms into SSJ even SSGSS without training
    at all just by seeing vegeta did that, and maybe still stronger than
    him), i bet even broly who was a genius that appear once a thousand
    year can’t do that), how is that possible, if cabba really can do that,
    than if he trains for merely 1 year, maybe he can overpower champa, or 5
    years for vados…it is readiculous. If it is true in the next series,
    somehow it is disappointed, you know Goku and vegeta have trained so
    hard for so many years to do that..

    • Broli

      I don’t think he goes past ssj during the battle. Apparently Vegita guides him to become SSJ during their battle.

      • Sam R S

        if u see at the last preview, somehow i got the feeling cabba will transform into ssgss after seeing vegeta transform into that stage, look at his fired eyes.., but i kinda hope it will not be

        • Hoang Huy Tran

          You guys forgot that Cabba is among the chosen picked by the teacher of Champa. She is most likely the creator of U6, i.e God of Creation, in contrast to God of Destruction. Therefore, Cabba is a version of Broli who has high base power and can break through SSJ state with ease.

          • Hammad

            There is nothing about cabba he will be easily defeated in this episode as the next episode is titled as”Here comes universe 6 final warrior !Hit mightiest of men! And then the episodes will become epic

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

      Saiyans maintain their look throughout their lives so if he’s 20 he will always look that way.

    • Gideo

      After Resurrection F, are you really surprised by now?

    • Joshua Frias

      tsk..goten and trunks can do super saiyan….they’re just a child…its just normal…for saiyans…tsk tsk tsk … cabba is older than goten and trunks… goten and trunks can do super saiyan even stronger i think

      • SSJ Dende


  • Caleb Macdonnell

    Hit turns out to be Broly who kills everyone (including the spectators). Afterwards, he reveals himself to be Gohan. Majin Buu appears and squishes Gohan to death inside Champa’s cube.

    • Achilles

      How much Vodka did you drink again?

      • Caleb Macdonnell

        I’m more of a Guinness fan

    • Kumonphonics

      I call bullshit. Majin Buu never appeared in this episode.

      • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon

        majin buu is everywhere and nowhere at all times.

      • Caleb Macdonnell

        I suggest you listen to Rakcoon. He knows what he’s talking about….

        • Chris

          You’re a butt poo poo head

    • Daniel Kouakou

      why the fuck would u say that u just spoiled it dumbass

      • Caleb Macdonnell

        Then don’t look in the comments section if you don’t want spoilers…

        • no name no game

          lmfao ignore that dumbass

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      You made my day with this comment section. My eye is on you.

  • baba

    hox to watch the dbs?

  • baba


  • Hoang Huy Tran

    time’s up. Where is the episode? T_T

  • Broli

    It was a good episode.

  • Caleb

    Is this not subbed?

  • Chris Arwef Fitzgerald

    This isn’t subbed like the title says there are no subtitles on this.

    • Daniel Kouakou

      it will be here in five mun

  • reichtauchmal

    Is this for real?

    • Kumonphonics

      If you draw features on faces from a far away distance, it looks really fucked up. Try it for yourself, open MSpaint and draw Vegeta a face. Once you zoom out its going to look like shit.

      • reichtauchmal

        I only have this low quality distance Problem with Dragonball Super.
        One Piece Animation is TOP notch and I think even Dragonball Z animation 20 years ago was better than Super in 2016.

        • Kumonphonics

          This technique isn’t so much a “problem” as it is a “solution”. At certain angles and distances small details like facial features begin to meld together and create a mess. I’ve seen this done in countless anime, as well as manga.

          Also, One Piece animation is not top notch. Have you seen One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? They completely blow One Piece’s animation out of the water, no competition.

          • Scott Baker

            i agree luffy is closer to the scheen then doflamingo and if you have ever seen mingos awakening move the thick threads have detail in them up close.. but at far it looks like white tails.

          • reichtauchmal

            Yeah, he is really far away but its still better imo, and no, I only watch DB and OP as anime.

            Whatever, I hope the quality will improve.

        • Sleepy Champuru

          Yeah this was a really poor example, dude.

        • Asura Kintomi

          ^ That is not animation, that is artwork. Animation is the collection of artwork played in succession to one another, “ANI-MOTION” there’s a difference. Not too many anime’s frankly have stunning ANIMATION where as some bounce back and forth between artwork depending on the artist who penned the episode or scenes. Please everyone learn the difference -_-. Dragon Ball isn’t the most flashy when it comes to the animation, but it showcases the tension pretty well unlike some other anime’s out there.

    • piccolo

      actually, dragonball super looks amazing!! Animation = perfect, and story = perfect. I dont care about the picture that you showed…

  • emille mcmillan

    4 mins and counting to go yay

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    Great Episode can’t wait for the Sub so we can review the Dialog. Hit vs Monaka in the finals. The reason Vegeta went SSG is so Goku could see the reaction of Hit as well. Abilities > Fighting Power or God Ki. Monaka special abilities which I believe are Psychic powers will be needed to take down a fighter such as Hit.

    • Caleb Macdonnell

      He is Broly after all (aka Gohan)

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        Yea a real prodigy child. He learned Vegeta’s Galatic Gun technique from watching him and figured out Super Saiyan in the match. Truly gifted. He wasn’t a push over at all like people thought Cabba would be. Vegeta even said they were evenly matched in their base form and he is a child. Great episode!!

        • Scott Baker

          doubt it from what i can figure hes the vegeta of that universe but flip reverse thats why vegeta was mad.. its like he looked in a mirror of what he could be with out any pride at all

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

            Cabba figured out Super Saiyan in a matter of minutes. As a child he evenly matches Vegeta in base form. Also was able to figure out Vegeta’s fighting techniques. I think I will call him a Prodigy. Perhaps even more talented then Gohan.

          • Scott Baker

            your basing that he is a child on that fact? looking at his build and size hes same size as tarble vegetas brother

          • LegendaryVegeta

            yeah thats true

          • Ericck Garccia

            And no. Cabba didn’t “figure out” Super Saiyen in a matter of “minutes” first of all in the show time flows differently. A minute to us could be an hour or more to the Dbz world. Also vegeta taught him. Vegeta specifically got him mad by saying he would obliterate that which made him happy. Therefore leading Cabba into unlocking that specific power through hate.

            In order to achieve a Super Saiyen you have to have hate inside of you. The reason Goku and vegeta weren’t able to do so when they were younger was because of the lack of anger.
            Vegeta built anger into Cabba after he said he was going to destroy his family and the planet.

            Nothing new here. No prodigy here. Definitely not a successor of Gohan.

        • Ericck Garccia

          You can’t say that he learned vegeta’s galactic gun ????. We had no background check on the guy. For all we know that was something that he already knew.

  • Vlad

    great episode, vegeta the best to cabba, surpass me, so awesome.

    • LegendaryVegeta

      yeah that’s why im legendary

  • Kumonphonics

    “With the Cube, people can go to any place they want, including other universes!” – Champa

    Wow, that’s a huge plot development. Shit is about to go down.

    • Blaise

      That’s gonna be the next saga probably. Probably a war between gods of destruction or something, and Goku/Vegeta travel between universes to settle it. Maybe at the end they figure out the nature of Whis and Vados’s race and possibly match them.

      • Kumonphonics

        I think its more likely that Hit will win the tournament, gaining possession the cube as well. Whats going to be interesting is what he does after that!

        • Blaise

          I’d be surprised at that. If Hit just shows up and beats both Vegeta and Goku, it seems so anticlimactic for a main arc. That plot is more fitting for a filler arc like Pikkon vs Goku.

          In every other arc in DBS/DBZ, the main villain had a lot of gravitas, and their character was developed over many episodes to hype the climactic battle. I don’t think anyone in this saga has that presence. That’s why I kind of think they might end up fighting Champa somehow.

          • Kumonphonics

            All of the foreshadowing and clues in this arc point to universe 6 being victorious. Also, If Hit was to lose, all the foreshadowing that they’ve PURPOSEFULLY injected into the plot would be for nothing. That would be a terrible idea from both a business and writer’s standpoint.

          • Blaise

            What foreshadowing do you mean that universe 6 wins?

          • Kumonphonics

            Off the top of my head,

            – Beerus’ evil talk about wishing for the destruction of the universe was not written, animated, and voiced for no reason. There’s strong reason to believe he will not get his wish since that would be the end of dragon ball super.
            – They’ve gone through great effort showcasing the differences between universe 6 and 7, with universe 6 being much more interesting and potentially serving as the vessel of new story arcs. The earth being moved to universe 6 doesn’t hurt anyone but Beerus either.
            – Hit REALLY wants that cube, thats the only reason he is there in the first place. To ingrain this in your mind, and make sure this point gets across to everyone, they dedicate an entire scene to where Hit stops frost from stealing the cube.
            – Everything so far points to Monaka being weak. Some people have speculated that he is a psychic but that is complete guesswork. Everything points to him being useless.
            – The entire conversation between Champa and Vados regarding giving Hit the cube. This ones pretty self explanatory.

            If Hit loses, the plot goes nowhere. Also there’s more foreshadowing than what I’ve listed, you can watch all the episodes again if you want.

          • Blaise

            If Hit loses the plot doesn’t have to go nowhere. We don’t know Hit’s analog identity in universe 7. The stakes could easily be raised by revealing a twist in his background. Also Goku and Vegeta just trained for 3 years. There could be a SSB2 power up involved that leads to a climactic victory or a tie. There is more than one option than the two obvious outcomes laid out before us; the plot can easily end on a hype note.

            Also, we know Hit will involve the conclusion of this arc, because DBS is paced at 14 episodes per arc. This leaves us only 2 episodes for the fight with Hit (The final episode is a filler resolution like in other arcs).

            Hit winning breaks every precedent in Dragon Ball ever. Two things are consistent in every Dragon Ball plot since the start: 1) Goku always wins and 2) A new milestone in power is reached along with a climactic victory to demonstrate it. Regarding 1) The afterworld tournament filler saga in DBZ is the closest comparison to this arc. Goku battled, also in a tournament of unprecedented scale, also meeting only one strong opponent in Pikkon. Despite the fight seeming dire, it still ended in a draw, and notably even then Goku was still technically shown to be superior. Regarding 2) A main character reaching a new power level has only ever lost once to end an arc, and that was Goku to Beerus, which was only okay because Beerus was insanely far ahead as a deity, so it set up the rest of the series for Goku to match him. Sharing this exception with Hit is redundant and dilutes Beerus’s role.

            Complex cliffhangers over multiple arcs have never been a part of Dragon Ball. If Hit wins and bridges into a second arc, it will go against every precedent so far, ending the arc with Vegeta and Goku falling further in the totem pole behind Beerus/Whis and deflating a hype resolution.
            I don’t think the other points are so much foreshadowing as standard plot devices. The conflict is established by communicating the consequences of losing (earth switches universe, lose super dragon balls), tension is created by making the conclusion uncertain (Monaka weak, Hit strong), and every character requires a motive to be interesting (Hit wants the cube). That’s standard fare in every anime or any kind of plot ever.

          • Kumonphonics

            Almost everything you’ve said is guesswork or assumptions as to where the show SHOULD go, instead of looking at what we’ve been shown and told in the available episodes.

          • Ericck Garccia

            Hit wouldn’t win. Inconsiderate fool lol. That’s by far the dumbest conclusion I’ve read. First of all hit wouldn’t win. What would to toriyama benefit from it? Also I doubt toriyama would have earth switched from universe 7 to universe 6. Think about it????

            I see why you would believe that though. But honestly do you think he’d switch earth?

          • Kumonphonics

            I actually backed up my opinion with reasons and evidence from the show itself, you’re just making unfounded claims backed up by nothing but your own baseless assumptions.

            “What would to toriyama benefit from it?”
            You really can’t figure this out on your own? Do I have to do the thinking for you?

            In all honesty the only inconsiderate fool here would be you.

          • LegendaryVegeta

            Agrees with you

          • Ericck Garccia

            ????. Hit won’t win. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see ????????

          • Kumonphonics

            It’s very possible Hit could lose, I never ruled that out. My point has been that all the evidence and foreshadowing currently available points to Hit winning and earth being moved to universe 6.

            Anything can change in just one episode though, maybe the tournament is interrupted and nobody wins, we’ll have to wait and see.

          • Ericck Garccia

            It is possible. Also i hadn’t thoroughly read through your discussion when I had posted the first comment. I take back what I said.

          • Ericck Garccia

            The thing that stumps me about you saying hit could win is that once planet earth has been exchanged GOKU and VEGETA will no longer have BEERUS to train them. Goku established a tie between Beerus and himself when they faught. Thus, allowing him to be trained by a god. Goku hasn’t established this tie with the other God of destruction. So it would be pointless to allow hit to win. It would be the end of goku’s and vegeta’s training.

          • Kumonphonics

            I’m pretty sure they’ve graduated from Whis’ tutelage, and they can improve without him now. Remember back on Beerus’ planet, Whis complained saying they should have just sparred back on earth instead of wasting time coming to Beerus’ planet, since he wasn’t really teaching them anymore. That’s how Goku and Vegeta have been making most of their recent progress, sparring each other instead of getting direct lessons from Whis.

            Also, maybe they are stronger than Champa now, that would be cool to see.

          • Ericck Garccia

            I feel like champa might be a joke ????. But they seem to keep going. You’re probably right about them growing in strength by themselves. But I figured toriyama would have them side by side until one day goku and vegeta become stronger than Beerus. And maybe even become stronger than whis. But then again if planet earth changed the Dbz story could continue with different characters. That’d be cool speaking about it now.

          • Kumonphonics

            “I feel like champa might be a joke” I kind of agree, not so much that he is a joke, but since he is weaker than Beerus, Goku and Vegeta might actually be able to beat him, especially when you consider all the progress they have made since Beerus first visited earth.

          • Noah Zere

            They didn’t really Graduate…. Whis was pointing out that they are not improving anymore, from the tone of his voice it more over suggests that they have room for improvement. The fact that 3 days before Whis and Beerus returned Goku and Vegeta trained without Whis was because Whis has to fly Beerus around.

          • Kumonphonics

            “Whis was pointing out that they are not improving anymore”

            Which episode was that?

          • Noah Zere

            I am Quoting you on this. “Beerus’ planet, Whis complained saying they should have just sparred back on earth instead of wasting time coming to Beerus’ planet, since he wasn’t really teaching them anymore”. Besides strength Goku and Vegeta had to work on themselves and personalities as well. Whis said Vegeta is too calculated and thinks to much, and also said Goku is too Carefree so he lets his guard down too quickly. Yes they were getting stronger, but he said there weakness was their personalities. Maybe they trained on there personalites while fighting for those (3 days) 3 years, but they have not officially been given Whis’s okay.

          • Kumonphonics

            Okay, no offense but you’re completely misinterpreting Whis here. He is stating that Goku and Vegeta could have reached their current level if they had chosen to spar together FROM THE START since they are very good rivals and push each other to the limit. The only real mentoring Whis has done besides stating their personal flaws, is that in order to get stronger they must continue to train in base form.

            None of this supports your previous claim that “Whis was pointing out that they are not improving anymore”. I don’t know if you’re watching a really bad translated version, but none of the episodes support your claims in the slightest.

          • Noah Zere

            Open your eyes…. oooohhh to all the possibilities. I think it would make more sense for Goku and Vegeta to train with Champa. Champa seems to follow the line of Goku’s teachers more, kind of reminds me of Roshi and King Kai.

          • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/iamangelinamascol Angelina Mascol

            Goku didn’t tie with Beerus. He lost flat out. Beerus even made him say “I give up”

          • Ericck Garccia

            You are by far the dumbest person I have encountered on here. By tie I meant set up a bond with beerus. Therefore, beerus let goku be because of the bond that was created. By “tie” this is what I meant.

          • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/iamangelinamascol Angelina Mascol

            Oh I see. your vocabulary is very limited and so you have to use words that can be mistaken for another meaning. Good job on the insults buddy. They are a real sign of intelligent dialogue ^.^

          • Ericck Garccia

            I didn’t mean for you to get butt hurt. I do however know you managed to comprehend a different meaning to what i said. I could care less honestly. Enjoy the series though ????

          • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/iamangelinamascol Angelina Mascol

            Butt hurt? Nope. Yes I am enjoying the series. It’s best enjoyed when the comment section is devoid of foolishness though but oh well such is to be expected. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

          • Heat

            Hit beats vegeta goku beats Hit, Hit steals the cube during the celebrations and Goku and Vegta have to get the cube back from a similar one that Whis makes. Oh yeah, spoilers.

          • Adam

            Kumonphonics — your theory is interesting, and I could honestly see that happening. The only argument I really don’t agree with is that it’s the only way to progress the plot, or even necessarily the best way.

            I would argue that hit losing and stealing the cube is a more likely scenario given all that we’ve seen so far. We know he is a legendary assassin, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that he isn’t above stealing the cube (and you said it yourself, he REALLY wants it). And it could easily be done during the ensuing argument that will come between Champa and Beerus once universe 6 loses. Whis and Vados will have their attention on keeping them from fighting.

            –While Earth being switched opens up universe 6 to exploration, Hit stealing the cube opens up all 12 universes. They made a point of mentioning there are 12 universes, implying they will play an integral part of the plot at some point. Further, the conversation between Vados and Champa was there entirely to mention that the cube can travel to all of these 12 universes.

            — If hit gains the cube through winning, well there’s no reason to stop him from whatever he is going to use the cube for, especially for the gods of destruction who only care about keeping the balance. But if he steals it, obviously, the gods will be pissed and will want to retrieve it, thus assigning goku and vegeta to take Whis’ cube to follow him.

            –Beerus’ “evil remarks” were there more for character development than anything else imo. That’s just his personality (everyone could die and he wouldn’t care), but I can’t imagine Whis would ever actually allow him to make such a wish.

            — While Hit winning would be a nice break from the heroes always win theme of DBZ and honestly a more surprising/better written outcome, I’m not convinced that’s the route they’re going to take. But it will be interesting to see how it progresses from here.

          • Ericck Garccia

            I told you we would have to see whether “hit” won against “goku” or not. As I was saying goku would win and it happened. Well not yet but there have been spoilers to where goku turns into a ssgss and at the same time unleashes the kaioken form and finishes hit with a kamehameha.
            (Sorry for the spoiler)

          • Kumonphonics

            I would have to agree with you, I also watched the latest episode previews.

          • Noah Zere

            Well you are forgetting they do not know where the 7th dragon ball is. I think they have built a lot of curiosity for the 6th universe with Vegeta saying ” I would like to meet your king someday.” even with just the people there at the match makes us curious to see the other universe and go there. As for the argument of unprecedented if Hit wins…. Good the show has been doing some unprecedented things recently, just take a moment to think, Goku hasn’t been with everyone for a fight since early android saga, and breifly in cell saga, and before that not since that party at Roshi’s where Raditz unexpectedly showed up. Other things as well such as, Vegeta training Cabba, Vegeta’s behavior since Buu, and also Vegeta being stronger then Goku (idk if that is the case at the moment). I know we do not know a lot about Hit, but this next episode could build that, as well as a brand new Universe if Goku loses, Just thinking of the choices the Saiyans on earth will have, as well as the encounters the earthlings will have. My imigination runs wild with that will be possible.

  • gokuminati

    why the fuckk did u guys removed the video quality selector form ur player interface?? idiots

  • FrostKuji .

    The way Vegeta is right now, I think he would have made a great King for the Saiyan race.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Yea no doubt really happy that Akira Toriyama finally took time to write up some major dialog and show one of the most loved Characters in Anime some love. Vegeta is the best!!!

      • Sleepy Champuru

        I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been waiting YEARS and YEARS for a moment like this, and to have Whis, who’s probably the most faithful over Vegeta, point out his consecutive wins. ;_; It brings me tears!

        • LegendaryVegeta

          yes i couldnt agree more

          • Chris

            They should put Uub or reincarnated human kid Buu in dragon ball super. If you have any relations with Akira Toriyama, Bandai Namco or any anime companies in relation to super, tell them and spread the word.

          • Chris

            They should put broly in super and have him live longer in the show. Everyone wants to see broly. If you have any relations with Akira Toriyama, tell him. Spread the word.

          • Darius Kwasi Adams

            Uub arrives when pan is a little toddler it’s still a little early for him to make an appearance he is actually canon to the series

          • LegendaryVegeta


          • Ricky Fontaine

            They would but he would only be like 4 at this point in time. There’s enough children on DBS as it is

          • Zarke

            They should make these new characters relevant for longer than an episode, or it’s going to get boring fast. I don’t think anyone wants to see Goku and Vegeta easily destroy any opponent, and the be the only ones who do anything in every fight, it will easily be 10x worse than GT, and I liked GT, but it deserves the criticism.

        • campking

          cough vegeta is literally the next generation of piccolo look at it a big bad enemy that almost destroyed the world turning into a good guy but still being super cocky as balls cough sorry really bad cold

        • B Wayne

          yeah finally get to see vegeta win battles like this, he always ran into the wrong person at the wrong time. my fav DB song is still vegetas theme haha. anyway too bad thats bout to end though hit looks like hes bout to smack vegeta. oh well nice run prince….

      • Richard Smith

        > Believing that Toriyama actually worked on this pathetic series

    • Madara_ Uchiha

      technically he is the king

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    Still looks like I am going to be right. Hit vs Monaka. Monaka is the only fighter that possesses the abilities to defeat the Legendary Assassin Hit. Remember Abilities > Fighting Power.

    • New guy

      Lol I personally think monaka is useless and for some reason beerus named him the strongest in the universe to like protect his planet or some weird situation like that.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        Anything is possible however don’t see Vegeta or Goku beating Hit. Next weeks episode should reveal hopefully a lot in some back story and Hit and Monaka’s powers.

        • New guy

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  • Zenexo

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    • Zarke

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      • Richard Smith

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    • New guy

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      • Kotaro Seta

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    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Hit will beat Vegeta easily but will reveal some of Hit’s Powers to Goku. Goku will do better but Hit will reveal the true nature of his powers and beat Goku. That leaves Monaka vs Hit which is where it gets funky. Not sure what will happen but do think Hit ends up with the Cube and stealing the Dragon Balls heading into another Universe. Then everyone is sent after Hit as he heads back to his Master.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

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