Dragon Ball Super episode 37 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 37 Dubbed: “”


  • Lo man

    This shit is so corny, it’s actually hard to watch. The new writers suck

    • Hillmor

      Put a sock in it you damn caveman..

    • gamergeeklxxv

      How else could you have scripted this?

    • PlusYaw

      says the guy not making millions off dragonball

      • ‏‏

        Just because something is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. 😉 Anything makes money as long as it is popular no matter how good or bad.

        • Jesse Tucker

          if is popular its good and always gets haters like one

      • ‏‏

        And? Both good things and bad things can make a lot of money. If a scam artist tricks people into giving them money does that mean it was worth the money?

        • Inactivity

          your reply is worthless. good day.

    • Shannon Funk

      Then don’t watch Super anymore, idiot.

      • ‏‏

        How is someone supposed to know something is bad if they don’t watch it in the first place? You’re clearly being the dumb one here.

    • Trubbish

      “New writers” lmao its toriyama buddy

    • Sarah Jane

      On the contrary, I thought this was one of the rare ones where they actually stuck closer to the original script instead of trying to put their own spin on it.

  • What?

    Still by far my favourite episode of the new series. Shame they botch so much of the rest of it.

  • 16Pains

    yamcha trynna be slick asking if vegeta turned evil in front of bulma, his old crush. Niggas always skeeming out here

  • SHADOW54312

    Still waiting for 39. Can’t wait

  • ‏‏

    Female Saiyans don’t need to be provoked to gain SSJ.

  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    Cabba’s voice is quite nice tbh. I think we have a new good voice actor in line.

  • asdasd adasdas

    why no HD?

  • Lee Walton