Dragon Ball Super episode 36 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 36 : “An Unexpectedly Tricky Opponent!? Vegeta’s Explosion of Rage!”




    • Christopher Carnell

      Been waiting an eternity for it to show back up. Hopefully it’ll be effective this time.

  • Christian Foster

    The fighting is so lack luster compared to dbz.

    • Maria Fuentes

      They are so fucking boring. I am really dissappointed.

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      true. but this one was still pretty good.

    • Deezy Upgrayedd Phillips

      True they haven’t thrown hands like they did fighting cell and buu and freeza

    • Anothis Flame

      I actually like how the fights are going in this. Sure slug fests are fun to watch but the way they are presenting the fights make them out to be more of a challenge/puzzle to be overcome.This lets the viewer in on the action going “oh what cool strategy will they use to get out of this?” I mean we’ve already got Goku fighting Beerus and Majin Buu THE strongest things in their universe and we’re already WAY past Buu at this point, so any more power ups would be pointless and detrimental to the story.

  • Christian Foster

    And the episodes are so short

  • Her Jun OK
  • asdasd adasdas

    Spoiler alert ********

    at 23:13 when cabba sees vegeta going ssj god blue his eyes are getting like a yellow aura?? or something weird

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    Things are about to get Real!! Still gonna be Monaka vs Hit in the finale.. However Vegeta time is to shine for now. Deserved!

    • Dredd

      monaka is a bluff, goku will fight with hit at last

      • Hannibal

        Monaka took a sucker punch from Goku and didn’t move, and you still think he is a bluff? damn man, you are such an idiot

        • Dredd

          damn man, you’re a piece of shit. move on

          • Sarthak

            Dredd is right, Monaka is a bluff. Beerus was so sfraid that others migjt find out. Whis himself says so and also says Monaka fainted after watching Goku do kamehameha.

          • Drastaro


          • Ed Wilson

            Nothing said in this series can be considered to be true, and is likely to change at any time. Toriyama has never been good with continuity.

          • Mayhem

            This guy is also correct????????

          • LegendaryVegeta

            when did he faint what episode

        • Drastaro

          Pls watch again dude…and see what Beerus and Whis hinting about Monaka, so its just BLUFF!!!! Its so obvious….

          • SSJ Dende

            Dude Krillin flew when Goku punched him Monaka didn’t even move so he must have some sort of power.

          • Kerry Bundy

            thats just toriyama fucking up as usual

          • Mayhem

            This guy has a point

        • คอรี แม็คกิลล์

          Monaka is obviously just a puppet of beerus. probably not even a real being. whiz most likely fabricated it for beerus to puppet in the final match

      • Zee

        when none of the glass hit monaka i’m just like he has telekinesis

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

          Completely agree! He has mental powers and abilities like Guldo

          • คอรี แม็คกิลล์

            hes a puppet. its so obvious

          • Aneesh Sudarshan

            ITs confirmed monaka is an amateur.

      • Zee


      • GogetaSSGSS

        no he is not a bluff

    • silencia

      i dont want hit to beat BOTH vegeta AND goku….shiiit i wanted vegeta to beat everyone in this tournament….but damn hit beating both goku and vegeta just makes them both look real weak and makes the super saiyan god form look really weak as well…and they JUST aquired the god ki….in my opinion i dont like it…..still enjoying the hell out of this tournament tho

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      yep. people were saying Cabba was gonna lame, but I know he kicks ass. when he saw goku transform, he never heard of SSJ. so he must be pretty though in base form, to fight just after magetta. My guess is he just didn’t know the secret to unlocking the form.

      • Swes

        If you look at the preview for the next episode, you can actually see that he does know about SSJ, maybe not under that name, but he is one too. The next fight is going to be even more intense.

        • Leo

          When goku transformed into ssj, cabba was surprised. So maybe he found the way to become ssj in the mid of battle with vegeta, or somehow vegeta teach or provoke cabba haha.. By the way, overall the characters in dbs look younger compared to the kid buu saga, especially vegeta, he just look like when he was in cell saga. Also, dbs take place after dbz right ? How come it started with goku farming ? He must be in uub’s village ?

          • Leo

            Ohh correction, of course dbs take place before the last tenkaichi in dbz. Since pan participate in that tournament.

          • Blaise

            Goku was farming because Chi Chi wanted him to get a job. She said Pan needs a hardworking grandfather, not a fighter.

          • Red

            Super takes place in between the end of the buu saga and the end of dbz so goku hasn’t met uub yet.

          • Anothis Flame

            They look younger because the animation in this is created with more digital methods and has a “Shiny skin” effect. As for the timeline Uub was JUST born, as in he’s a baby, so this is before the 10 year time skip at the end of DBZ. They mentioned this in the episode where they did a recap of events up until now(the one where Bulma goes to see the answers guy).

            The time skip may be playing with your perception of events/ your mental image of the characters as well.

        • Sleepy Champuru

          I think Cabe still doesnt know about SSJ. It looks more like Vegeta had too much of an advantage over him so he trashed talked him basically saying hes not worth a fight unless he can reach an ssj form, and out of rage and determination, Cabe reaches a suprisingly unremarkable ssj form that ends up being too much for vegeta at vegeta’s level one form.

    • GregD474

      Monaka is a weakling

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        Yes weak in fighting powers. However the last match will be about Abilities like the one Hit used on Frost. This ability will beat Goku then Monaka will come in and use his pyschic power and special abilities to beat Hit.

        • GregD474

          Nah Monaka is shit, he isn’t gonna do anything impressive. Hit is actually powerful, he can probably fight Goku and Vegeta evenly as SSJ Blue.

    • TheMercy

      In the end it will be Goku not Monaka

    • Justin Gibson

      I believe Hit is going to be too strong that Goku and Gegeta will have to fuse to either Vegito or Gogeta, Since the Kais are there with the earrings My money is on Vegito will make an appearance. any takers?

    • Justin Gibson

      I believe Hit is going to be too strong that Goku and Vegeta will have to fuse to either Vegito or Gogeta, Since the Kais are there with the earrings My money is on Vegito will make an appearance. What do you think?

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

        That is a very interesting thought. Whis has always said that they are unbeatable together.

        • Ban バン

          Gotenk’s is pretty much useless now because even goku and vegeta is having a hard time fighting them when they have godly ki so gotenks can’t participate

      • Erik Torres

        They already said that fusion was not allowed otherwise Goten and Trunks would’ve taken Piccolo’s place as Gotenks.

      • fred

        To me that would cheapen everything Goku and Vegeta have achieved in ‘Super’ if they have to fuse just to take on Hit, I don’t see it. Besides I think there will be more God Of Destruction introduced in this series, just wait and watch.

      • Ed Wilson

        that is clearly illegal in the tournament.

      • Mayhem

        Nope the tournament forbids fusion that’s why goten and trunks couldn’t participate, because they were planning on using fusion.

    • คอรี แม็คกิลล์

      Monaka is obviously just a Puppet.

    • Awesome j Gaming

      monaka is a bluff…

    • Mathew Pocock

      Haha idiot

  • rem kaginuki

    finally!!!! I have been waiting for a while.

  • g arcia

    No subs?

    • ShonenJUMP Lover

      the ep aired in japan only 2 hours ago, and the fansubs usually take a day

  • Hayden Holmes

    why no subs
    any body know

    • Thomas TheBear Richardson

      The episode just got released two hours ago. It’s take a little bit. Chill.

  • Max

    no subs?

    • Masterbuzz

      says Raw in the Title, still asks for subs. Hold this L

  • Randy Kers

    Wtf cabbe ssj, and next week finaly super saiyan god vegeta

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      This is getting really good! you done know Hit will be a badass! I have a suspicion that Vegeta pissed him off on purpose to get him to transform.

      • Sleepy Champuru

        I completely agree!!

  • Thiago Bueno Garcia

    I feel like people get upset when subs aren’t out right away because of anime’s like One Piece. Subs are always out right away on One Piece.
    Finally, Vegeta’s time to shine is finally here!

    • Anothis Flame

      One Piece subs are released officially(for free no less) alongside the raw soooo…

  • Abdulah Khan

    this is awsome

  • Adam Colquitt

    Prediction. Vegeta said something to Cabba about taking over his planet (As a shock tactic) to make Cabba go Super Saiyan.
    Since Cabba knows the universe 7 saiyans took over planets.
    Vegeta (Like Goku) has pride and wants a tough match… Not an easy match.

    • Luis Garcia Barron

      That’s exactly what I thought. Vegeta will try to push the limits of Cabba to see if he can turn SSJ and will try to make him angry with something about destroying his planet or something like that. Then he will go SSJ Blue to beat the shit out of him and show him that he still has a lot of training to do to get on his level.

      • Anothis Flame

        Agreed. That would be completely in line with Vegeta’s character to do. Remember canonically him and Goku are the LAST of the pure blooded Sayians (Its a big part of his character arc in the buu saga) and now he’s finding out there’s a universe full of (in vegeta’s eyes) under trained Pure blooded sayians who haven’t even HEARD of SSJ? AND they were STILL being manipulated by that universes Freeza equivalent!?

        Ya He’s going to want to fix both those problems, right the hell now.

        It also doesn’t help that Cabba looks like a child which likely brings out the fathering instincts Trunks awoke.

  • Ayush Rathore

    goku vs hit is been promoted from the get go ..
    so monaka is really weak to get goku going he said he is the strongest thats what is all about

  • Ayush Rathore

    In japan big promotions for this match from starting

  • Ayush Rathore

    i dont think monaka will fight.. if he does fight monaka will go first after vegeta not goku.. i think tournament will end hit will be villian and universe 6&7 will all be against him

  • anmol choudhary

    I think Monaka would not get a chance to fight if goku beats Hit and then after the tournament goku will challenge Monaka somehow out of his curiosity AND that would be awesome Beerus trying to stop it somehow ????

  • ImStupid

    Frost > Goku
    Frost > Piccolo
    Vegeta > Frost
    Vegeta > Magetta
    Cabba > Vegeta
    Goku > Cabba
    Goku > Hit

    • Ali Jassam

      I think:
      Frost > Goku
      Frost > Piccolo
      Vegeta > Frost
      Vegeta > Magetta
      Vegeta >= Cabba –> Vegeta Hit

  • GregD474

    lol Cabbe is gonna force Vegeta to go SSJ Blue?! Haha! That’s embarrassing as hell, to have a kid force Vegeta to go all out, and he’s not even half human and half saiyan like Gohan so he wasn’t born with crazy potential.

    • #1 Espada a’k’a Storm 4 God

      We don’t know anything about the Saiyans of Universe 6 yet. Let’s wait and see what happens

      • GregD474

        So far it looks like they’re pretty much the same, they just aren’t evil. Either way, a kid forcing Vegeta into SSJ Blue is embarrassing.

        • Carter Carter Carter

          how do you know cabbe is a kid? and did you forget what “kid” buu did to the z-fighters and how far he pushed them? thats a pretty ignorant statement to make not knowing anything about U6 saiyans or what cabbe is capable of.

    • Luis Garcia Barron

      I doubt Cabba is strong enough as a SSJ to force Vegeta into SSJ Blue. I think Vegeta transforms to show him what Cabba could achieve if he trains enough and to finish the fight quickly. I honestly think Vegeta is happy to fight another saiyan and will be trying to help Cabba find his true potential, by beating the shit out of him of course.

      • GregD474

        Maybe, but it looks like Cabbe gets the upper hand when he goes SSJ. Also, i don’t think Vegeta would reveal SSJ Blue until he has to, but since the next fight is with Hit anyway, you might be right.

  • https://in.linkedin.com/in/devdipesh Dipesh Bhardwaj

    Love those faces of Beerus, Champa, Whis & Vados when Vegeta was about to unleash FINAL FLASH.

  • Blaise

    Hit looks like Pikkon. I wonder if there’s some relation. Can’t wait to find out how strong he is!

  • Ian Laster

    Yo im scared AF. Vegeta just went SSGSS thats too much

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories


  • Farhan Mirza

    Did Chabba became a super siyan i though universe 6 super siyans dont exist due to diffrent evelotion.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

      Well i saw the preview and am disappointed and this better be written dam well to go back on the fact Cabba said he never knew what the transformation is. He either better become enraged and change for the first time. Could be Epic. Or he is like Frost and actually Evil hiding his powers.

  • Vinny

    Im enjoying it but i just think dbz was done alot better, they shud have stayed with that set up it was darker an more intense

  • dbzfan

    can’t wait to see his SSGSS form against Kabe

  • Ali Jassam

    Hi, when does this get uploaded (on this site); in terms of a very HD quality raw? Also, please let me know the fastest site thtat uploads a HD 1080p raw for a shout out from 10k 😀

  • Steven Echevarria Nieves

    My guess is that Vegeta puts on an evil performance making Cabbage think that hes really evil. Threatening to kill him and take over the saiyans in their universe, in order to force Cabbage to go SSJ. Then vegeta notices that Cabbage SSJ form is stronger than his SSJ form and has to go to SSJB in order to defeat him. I says this because of how Vegeta hold him by his shirt and holds a energy sphere to his face and Goku is wondering what is going on with Vegeta in the preview.

    • Supreme Kai

      makes sense because goku said “are you going back to your old ways”

  • Robert Sneed

    is it bad that i’m not at all hype for this universe 6vs7 saiyan fight

  • Edward T Aponte

    Amazing episode keep it up im 24 and still love dragon ball cant get enough i hope you guys keep going stonger for years too come so that my children can watch

  • Adil

    I wont say monaka is a bluff but I really think that his power has something to do with his massive nipples.. And it’s embarrassing that’s why beerus dont want talk about it to goku and the others so he’s hidding it for the last and hopping that monaka doesn’t show up to fight cuz his fighting skills might be embarrassing to see .. Just a guess XD

    • Spencer Thagrandmaster Edey

      He lactates Ki

  • Justin Gibson

    I believe Hit is going to be too strong that Goku and Gegeta will have to fuse to either Vegito or Gogeta, Since the Kais are there with the earrings My money is on Vegito will make an appearance.

  • FloydMoneymakerMayweather

    Vegeta is a OG Triple OG from the Set. That Nigga. 100

    • Deezy Upgrayedd Phillips


  • Deezy Upgrayedd Phillips

    I think beerus is trying to pull some slick stuff what idk really know yet because he can’t know that Goku and vegeta will lose the tournament…

  • rem kaginuki

    honestly, I dislike vegeta but it’s his time to show his real range.

  • Hekmet Dakemir

    It’s not the real Monaka you idiots… The real monaka is huger then Goku and has a crazy attitude like Hit and he got also big nipples cause he is from the same Planet…. Monaka couldn’t come in first place cause he still wants to train so they send a decoy!!!

    • Ali Jassam

      How do you [email protected]?

      • Anothis Flame

        A guess? It would be pretty funny if that were the case and Beerus just didn’t want to admit that he let someone refuse him.

  • Rizz

    He looks exactly like SS kid Trunks here

  • Ray Adnyana


  • Yamashita Taiki

    3 win. This tournament is as good as over isnt it.

    • FearTheSponge

      Based on? Vegeta is the 3rd figher in their team since buu and piccolo are out and the last two are the strongest on the team.

  • CMillion

    Fuck monaka. Cabe SSJ? Boss.

  • Raul Valverde

    What if monaka has another side to him. Like what if he is a villian like belly. In his regular form he was doscile but when he becomes enraged he loses all control.

  • Ed Wilson

    Caba specifically said there are no super sayajin’s in universe 6. dragon ball super can’t hold it”s own plot for even 5 episodes.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsKB_8kKOrtL0Q3h7VbFWg WhatIFTheories

    If you guys are interested I put out a Monaka powers revealed vid and a Cabba Transformations vid. Going to be doing them every week and talk about possible theories. Still think Monaka will be the most Unique fighter. However right now I am really excited about this Vegeta vs Cabba fight and think Cabba being a evolved saiyan has something unique in store for us with his transformation.

  • Diontay

    he unlock it OMGOSH SUNDAY COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zacharia

    some bitches titties be lookin like monaka’s

  • KokkaKilmejj Yamamura-Note

    All episodes end with very weird twist in the end so all ????????? From here I just wanna see the next one I have my prediction just not a spoiler that’s all.. Enjoy y’all and can someone pls speed that clock or I might have final flash my neighbor George

  • Pablo Ayala

    why does the live stream time keep changing????

  • RAF

    i was wishing that vegeta should go GALICK GUN on that Robot’s ass and then he DID :D. It had been a while since i got goosebumps while watching the recent dbz/s stuff.

  • Zake

    I’m still gonna watch DBS, but only because it’s Dragonball. Seriously why are they making all the characters that COULD be interesting and just throwing them away after one episode. Golden Frieza interesting idea, already dead, just stupid. Could have at least lived a little longer. Winnie the Pooh’s ability to absorb hits was cool, Frost was way too damn weak, and both are done already.. if this continues it’s just going to be Goku and Vegeta, while everyone else is shit, this is the same reason people hate the end of DBZ and GT, only it’s way worse. The transformations are pretty meaningless now as well.

    • Jorick

      There are some positives – I enjoy Beerus Whis and their universe 6 counterparts, as well as the universe 6 kais, but come on, don’t make all the other characters completely useless or no one’s going to want to continue watching, that is one of the reasons GT was criticized so heavily, only Goku and Vegeta mattered and no one else did ANYTHING significant. The only reason this isn’t complete garbage is because of the Beerus/Whis and their counterparts.

  • B Wayne

    yeah i think its goku and hit for final match, goku and vegeta still playin around they havnt even went god yet. Not sure whats up with monaka but I dont think beerus is depending on him for some reason

  • Ninja_Ghost_BO3

    who else thinks cabba looks liike gon bit with different hair

  • Gabriel


  • Shadow

    Am I the only one who feels bad for the robot

  • F Seiei

    vegeta fapping reaching his climax XD

  • Marius K. Athalakis

    I only wish I could have Faulconer’s music accompany this… Oh, wait! *opens tab*.

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Man that Universe 6 saiyan sounds just like minato namikaze xD

  • Sean

    Poor monaka. Beerus is using him

  • Lukas Quartier

    The video is Episode 37, not 36.

  • Noiprocs

    This is not episode 36

  • Damon Albarn

    This is episode 37…

  • Manored

    When the glass explosion happens, Cabba jumps in front of Valos to shield her from the blast, despite her being a god. Lil gentleman.

  • redruler

    all of the people here arguing that monaka is realy strong turned out to be so stupid XD XD XD he is such a bluff and u guys are all saying that who ever thinks hes weak are stupid its hillarious now that i see what happens already XD